Double Trouble
IC date: Winter 55, 1066
OOC date: February 12, 2012
PCs: Honey, Magnet
NPCs: Rocksalt
GM: None

The chilly Winter air means that the farms on the countryside are mostly quiet. … Mostly. At the Seed family barn — owned by Hayseed and Greenseed — a spindly young pegasus colt sprawls in the snow, with an annoyed sigh.

Honey hates the winter, and so she's got a cute little red and white scarf around her yellow neck. Still, she doesn't appear pleased. Either way, she has to come and pick up some ingredients for her parents since her stupid older sister is refusing to do it. Older sisters are awful. With a basket clenched in her teeth, the little, curly maned earth pony trudges through the snow, and occasionally kicks clods of it. Stupid Jelly.

One such clod lands on the red colt's nose, and he sneezes, lifting his white-maned head. "Hey! What're you—" He halts, eyeing the filly and totters up to all fours with the aid of buzzy, yet-undeveloped wings. "You go around kicking ice at everyone you meet?" he mutters.

Honey frowns, and spits out her basket, shaking off her back hooves. "I didn't do it on PURPOSE. It's this stupid SNOW." She tells the colt in an exasperated manner, looking just. Less than pleased to be all wet. She also doesn't have long enough legs to move through the snow very efficiently. "I'm SORRY." she says, and she is, but she's looking at the snow with disgust.

The colt looks at the other young pony and huffs under his breath, kicking the snow a little too. "Well you're not alone there. This snow sucks. I was gonna get into the barn and do some stuff but it's all locked up. So." He pauses. "What's your name, anyway?"

Honey blushes a little bit. Not because she's like LET'S BE ROMANTIC OKAY, but because she's sort of embarassed of her name. In the real world, she would feel like she'd been given a stripper name. In this one it just seems overly girly and weird. "Honey." she mumbles, and kicks some more snow with her back feet so as not to hit the pegasus. "What's in the barn?" She asks, and then remembers her manners. "Er. What's your name?"

"Honey, huh?" The colt repeats. "I'm Magnet. And most of my hobby stuff is in the barn, but I'm supposed to be breaking up the ice in the well and stuff. I don't feel like it." He shakes off his damp, cold coat and then blinks amber eyes for a moment, canting his head at the other foal. "What're you even doing here?"

Honey picks up her basket, and then sets it down in front of her feet, rather than off to the side. "My stupid sister is supposed to be buying stuff from the people who own the farm, but apparently seeing her fat boyfriend is more important than doing chores, so she made me do it instead." huffs the little pony in a manner that speaks volumes. Volumes that say that bit sisters are stupid.

"Oh. That sucks. … Uh, what stuff? I can probably take you to it." The sullen Magnet nudges at the snow with one hoof, before turning to clomp back toward the main house down the road a ways. "C'mon. My sister's a jerk too. Breaking up the ice in the well is s'pposed to be her job, since she's a unicorn and all. But she made me do it instead."

Honey shrugs. "There's, there's a whole list. I don't have it memorized. It's not really…they aren't MY chores." Sisters. Are. Dumb. "Like dried fruit, milk, eggs…uh…flour." She mumbles, and leans down, rooting through the basket, and pulling it out with her mouth. Frick, being a unicorn would be really useful at this point. "Sisters are terrible. Mine's like me, but her fat boyfriend is a unicorn and he's terrible too." She mumbles around the paper, and sets it down face up in the basket. "Yeah. Dried fruits, that stuff."

Magnet leans in to look more closely at the list. "Mmm, I don't think our chickens are producing many eggs right now but we can check. C'mon then." He departs from his original house-bound trajectory and instead heads toward the coop at a quick clip. His longer legs let him get through the snow a bit easier. He looks back at her. "I think older siblings just suck in general," he adds bitterly. "Just cause I don't have a cutie mark doesn't make it okay to boss me around. Jerks."

Honey struggles after the taller pony, basket in her mouth. She mumbles something, and it sounds like agreement. "Horn-boy calls me Squirt. That's not my name." She says and just. WHY WITH THE NICKNAMES. WHY?! She skids to a halt in front of the coop, and spits out her basket. "Wait, how is your sister a Unicorn?"

Magnet shoves his hooves against the door of the chicken coop and pushes, grunting irritably. He's blushing now, and frustrated because of it. "Because. Stuff. Things. Family stuff." The ice on the door cracks and it finally bows open under his hooves, sending him ass over teakettle into the coop, to the surprised squawking and clucking of the chickens. "Bucking son of a horse-apple-eating—" he swears loudly.

Honey blinks, surprised for a moment…but then she follows the skinny colt into the coop and shuts the door. "Er…are you okay?" she asks, moving closer, and trying to…find somewhere to grab onto with her teeth so that she can help him up. I mean he's bigger, but…she can help A LITTLE. She's not going to push about family stuff. Family stuff is always a little weird.

Magnet scrabbles against the hay, but Honey's help does get him to all hooves. "I'm fine," he breathes, ears pinned back and blushing in embarrassment. "It's just a stupid door and Whitethrush didn't oil the bucking hinges again." He stamps a hoof, and the chickens bkawk! and scatter again. But at least Honey shut the door: there's nowhere for them to run. He noses over to the nests and starts plucking eggs up with his teeth and depositing them in her basket. She gets a whole 11 of them at least! "Um. Flour, and dried fruits, and stuff…That's in the barn. Maybe with your help I can actually get /in/ there…"

Honey nods, and offers a smile. Honey is actually pretty strong. It's not an inherent talent; it's just working in a bakery, lifting those pans, and frozen bread dough and all of that…I mean it's hard work. It doesn't make her some kind of she-hulk, but she's strong enough for her size, so at least she's not going to be perfectly pathetic at it. "I'm game." She offers, and picks up her basket delicately. "Dzo yu hab any broverth?"

Magnet stamps his hooves a few more times, trying to get the feeling back in them from laying in the snow earlier like a proper dejected teen. He pushes the door open, at least aware enough to hold it open for her as well, and then tromps down the ramp back into the snow. "Yeah. Three of them. They do most of the work in the Spring though, so… What about you? Brothers?"

Honey follows him, shaking out her tail which has gotten a little wet. "One. His name is Butter. He does a lot of the work, and usually helps me when Jelly is being a stupid flake, but he's busy today because we have this huge order, and he's big enough to carry it all…He's bigger than Dad even." She says with a shrug, because sometimes, she envies her brother. And her sister, come to think of it. They're both tall enough that their stupid tails don't drag in the snow.

"My brother Rocksalt is like that. He's good at all the real tough manual labor stuff around the farm. Same with Carrot-Seed. But Jackdaw? He's younger than me by like two years? And /he/ just got his cutie mark /last week/. Which isn't fair if you ask me." Magnet snorts and stalks over to the barn, heading over to the side of the building instead. "Help me stack things. See that window?" High up above is, indeed, a window!

Honey blinks those golden eyes, and peers up at the window. She has just. This horrible suspicion that he's going to try and make something to climb on. In light of that, she sets her eggs far to the side where they won't get obliterated if he falls on his butt. "What do you want me to stack?" She asks uncertainly, moving toward…something that looks promising, and taking it in her mouth. She's too small to be fantabulous, but she's stronger than she looks, by god.

"Umm…crates," Magnet replies, and he starts brushing snow off of boxes littered around. Half of them seem to be broken, but he doesn't much care. He helps her drag a few and then starts pushing a few up on top. And as soon as a stack wobbles high above them, he starts climbing up. "Come up here! I need to stand on your shoulders."

Honey eyes the stack of crates dubiously, and common sense is kicking her in the face, make no mistake. Be that as it may, she starts climbing the tower, slipping only once or twice, but regaining her hooves, and finally ascending to his level. "Couldn't you like…fly up there?" She asks tentatively, although maybe he's not that good at flying. It's hard to say, really.

Magnet gives Honey an irritated look. "Not all the way up," he grumbles. "I have asthma. But this should get me up high enough to fly the last few feet." One hoof rests against her back, before the pegasus flaps his wings a little clumsily to help haul himself completely onto her back. The crate stack teeters dangerously, and his wings spread out and flutter in an effort for balance. But as soon as he feels like he has a good footing (hoofing?) he leaps up and flaps his wings furiously, hovering for the moment as he tries to gain altitude.

Asthma? Who ever heard of a pegasus with asthma? Honey never has, but she smiles politely, and lets him step on her, all the while being distantly certain that this entire thing is going to fall, and she's going to break her back because she doesn't have any damn wings like he does. Wobble wobble wobble. It only gets worse when he takes off, and Honey has to struggle to keep balanced on that stupid tower. She should have said something. "If I die, I'm going to haunt you forever!"

"Don't be a baby! You're not gonna /die/," Magnet snaps, and he flaps a little harder to scramble up to the window. His nose bumps against the glass and he pushes, as he clutches the sill and flaps awkwardly. But the window tilts in, and he tumbles in! Hooray! … but what about her?

Well hell. The wobbling gets worse, and bang, down she goes. Fortunately, she lands in a pile of frozen straw that is, nevertheless, still softer than the frozen ground. She is going to have a lot of bruising, but at least she isn't dead.

There's a similar crash from inside the barn, as the pegasus takes a nosedive into some equipment. But within a minute or two, the door to the barn creaks open and Magnet has managed to finnagle the key into the padlock. The young pegasus trots toward the toppled crates, and pauses, wincing. "Uh. … Door's open," he mumbles.

Honey gives him a look. She doesn't say anything out loud, but that look is caustic enough to put a full grown field horse in his damn place. She shakes out her body which is already showing red marks, and pulls a bit of hay from her tail before sauntering proudly into the barn. The effect is somewhat ruined by the fact that she still has hay in her mane.

Magnet bridles at that look, and narrows his eyes, returning that look. He's got grease-spots and his own collection of soon-to-be bruises on his coat, and the young colt hasn't learned how to temper emotional reactions just yet. Aw, such a little jerk. He stalks after her, muttering, and finally leads her over to the storage cabinet, where he pushes the door open. "There! Fruits and flour and all that stupid stuff."

Whatever. This entire thing had ultimately been his fault. It wasn't she who had suggested climbing up on a damn tower of crates, or flying in a window, or any of that. So he can take the blame. Honey takes a bag of flower in her mouth, but it's too big. Another reason why it's usually Jelly that does this. She drops it, and stomps a hoof, trying to decide what to do. She could ask for help…but she isn't sure her pride could handle it.

Magnet just stands back and watches, not helping at all, because she is /sooooo/ rude, gawd, and she can just get her own stupid sacks and he won't help her at all! She's not the only one with pride. But he does turn to go and unearth some things from the pile of tools that have been thrown all over the ground. HARUMPH.

Honey stares down at the sack as if it has personally offended her. That pegasus is a total jerk. She spends several minutes trying to finagle the damn thing onto her back, but it's not working. That's okay though. She'll stay here until it does work, or until she freezes to death, or until her stupid sister and her stupid sister's fat boyfriend come looking for her.

Magnet gathers up a small pile of things and then sits to watch. And he lets her struggle for a little bit, before he finally breathes out in exasperation. Okay, his pride just can't win out against this display. He saunters moodily over and lifts the sack in his teeth, draping it over her shoulders. "What else did you need again?" he mutters.

Honey nearly buckles under the weight. It's a big bag, but even though her legs shake, she ignores them. "Dried fruit. Cranberries, cherries, and mullberries." she tells him, jerkily walking over to her basket, and taking it in her teeth.

"Uhhh, you want like… a sled for that or something?" Magnet eyes her skeptically, and then trots over to nose through the stores before coming out with a few small bags of fruits. "I could probably get my brother to help. Where do you live?"

Honey blinks at the other pony, and holds out her basket. "I'll…I'll be fine." She says. She probably won't but now she's embarassed that she's apparently too little to do this sort of stuff. Her sister is such a damn twit. "I like at the bakery." she tells him, shifting her back legs, and leaning forward a little bit because she's worried about the bag sliding off of her butt.

"I don't think you look fine, but sure, okay," Magnet shrugs, and then turns to head out the door again. "Follow me. I'll go get Rocksalt. He's not doing anything today."

Honey hesitates for a moment, but even her monumental pride can't stand up to the fact that she's probably going to get herself squished on the way home by this damn stupid flour bag. She is SO putting something slimy in Jelly's bed tonight. "Er…thank you." She mumbles, as she struggles along after him, basket in mouth, snow clumped in her tail.

Magnet shakes his mane out and then drops a bunch of tools into saddlebags for himself, lowering that onto his back as well. "Okay! I'll go get Rocksalt. You want to leave that bag here or something?"

Honey ponders for a moment. "Uh…sure…" and then the easiest thing makes itself evident, and she…sits down. The bag slides off of her back, and she stands up, yanking her tail in the process. She eventually gets it out from under the bag, but it's all wet, and has lost most of its curl, and even has a bit of dirt in it.

Magnet peers at Honey's tail for a moment then flips his own maddeningly undrenched one. (Though it's completely untidy.) "Sorry about your tail. I—"
"Magnet, what're you doing in the barn?" A huge grey pony sharing Magnet's amber eyes peers at the two foals. "And who is this?"
"Uhhh… This is Honey. She came to buy some supplies… Honey, this is Rocksalt. She can't carry the flour. Can you get her back to the bakery?"

Honey stares at Rocksalt with an absent sort of intensity. You can't read it from her expression, but inside she's contemplating how someone so skinny and mean can be related to such a handsome pony. She flicks her tail, and after a few passes it bounces back to its cloudy appearance. "Um…hello." She says, a flush on her cheeks that is totally from the cold. Because it's really cold, you know. So cold. "I'm…Honey."

The strapping colt flicks his dark mane from his eyes — it's like something out of a romance novel. With his butterscotch eyes, his strong and masculine jaw… It's enough to make any filly flutter. Magnet looks downright scrawny next to his brother. "Huh? Oh. Uh sure, I guess. Nice to meet you, Honey." He straps on a saddle bag with ease, plucks up the flour bag as if it were a bag of feathers, and then even takes her basket too. "Lead the way…"

Honey is fluttering. Ever so slightly. You can't tell from the outside though. Outside she is fumbling with her basket. "Okay then. It was…nice to meet you, Magnet. Maybe I'll come visit again." She totally is. She will force him to be her friend so that she can gawk at his brother. Watch it happen, dude. She takes her basket of eggs and fruit, and loops it over her neck, making her way through the horrible snow D<

"Um. Nice to meet you, too, Honey. Good luck." Magnet stands awkwardly and resignedly at the door, ears splayed as he watches the UMPTEENTH FILLY fawn over his big brother. Goodness gracious. But he leaves off and turns, disappearing back into the barn, and leaving the pair to their snow-hampered travel.