Don T Mess With The Fidget
IC date: Autumn 26
OOC date: October 15
PCs: Fidget
NPCs: Nightmare's Voice, Daffodil
GM: Gamble

Autumn days grow shorter and shorter… But this doesn't stop inquisitive foals from exploring new territory! Recent events had made the Ponies of Alternate-Harmony very wary about letting their littlest member roam free… But they're busy tonight, and little Daffodil hadn't planned on going /too/ far out of the way. Just to the outskirts. Maybe as far as the farms! There's ponies at the farms, it couldn't hurt to visit them!

Thus is he trotting the path like the merry maker he is, whistling a cheerful tune to the growing darkness. He sure ain't afraid of no moon /here/!

Fidget has moved herself out of the city and built her own little shack in the forest. It took her almost four months of work but she did it. A little retreat where she could hold up if thing got too hairy again. Maybe watch for that meany Snowfield, keep her from making too much trouble. Instead though she spots a foal! Peering through her binoculars she hums. "Is that … Daffy?" she squints and gets an evil smile. "Pranks time!" she giggles and grabs her bag of tricks and fluttering into the forest above. Tracking him on his journey.

Unfortunately, Fidget isn't the only one tracking the foal… Conveniently enough, just three trees down from the makeshift hut, a pair of steely eyes gazes out across the land, focused on the little trotting, whistling foal. They narrow, those eyes, an armored head lowering, a snort escaping flared nostrils. The figure steps out from the outskirts of the forest, starting down the path with apparent intent to intercept. She's slender, but not too much so, and the heavy armor she's clad in somewhat obscures this point. The armor is a dark purple, but her tail and mane are exposed, both coming in multiple shades of blue. She's also a unicorn, her helmet sporting an armored spike where the horn would be.

Daffy is totally oblivious to the approaching armored mare, just trotting along towards the closest farm, his eyes locked on a particularly /huge/ pumpkin! "Oh wow… I wonder what /that/ is…"

Stalking a pony without loosing her goldfish like focus is a hard feat indeed. Pacenice to execute her plots is likely the hardest thing to do. This hyper focus however leaves her oblivious to the fact she isn't the only pony on the hunt. Flitting silently above, hiding in the shadows of trees and clouds, not letting the moon light hit her she readies her weapon of choice. A bit of firework, lit and stuffed into a blow gun. A little marksponyship finds itself under a particular pumpkin. What Pumpkin? Instead there are pumkin guts EVERYWHERE. Seeds and cold ick on everything!

Suddenly there is no longer a pumpkin. There is only guts. A loud bang. And… A very surprised looking colt, /covered/ in pumpkin!

Not to mention a very startled looking armored mare, equally doused in pumpkin. Both of the ponies blink, dumbfounded, at the hole left behind by the firework.

Daffodil speaks first, wiping some of the mess off his face with a hoof. "I've heard of food allergies, but I've /never/ seen food that's allergic to me! That poor…thing! I'm sorry big orange thing! I didn't mean to get so close!"

Fidget lands looking quite distraught. "Oh my gosh Daffy you killed it!" hoofs covering her mouth in utter shack, maybe even a bit of horror! "He was going to be for Nightmare Night. Now the Nightmare is going to get us for sure!"
It is to be said no one ever called Fidget a nice pony.

She can't hold it for long though and falls back laughing and kicking her legs. "Oh man you should have seen the look on your faces." Wait what? "Faces? Whos that other pony?" she points at the armored mare who looks on in shock and maybe even horror at the drive by fruiting. "A FRiend of yours?"

Daffodil looks properly abashed! That's definitely one thing that'll put a slight dent in his happy-go-lucky self. Saying /he/ killed something. "B..but I was just going to touch it..! I didn't…didn't mean to…to…" Awwww! He's on the verge of tears! Tears! From Laughter! He plunks his plot down, sniffling, lip-quivering, the whole nine yards.

Then 'faces' is mentioned, and Daffy looks over his shoulder, up at the armored mare, who /still/ has this look of utter shock on her face. "…Ummmmmm…" He starts to scoot himself away.

Grrrr. The armored pony snorts… "What did you /do/ to me?" she snarls out, glaring absolutely evil looks at the two smaller ponies, "What is this /stuff/?" She points at the remains of the pumpkin. "Why did /that/ thing /explode/? Answer me! The Voice of the Queen demands answers or I swear you'll rue the day you were ever conceived!"

A flap of her wings and she is up off her plot and interposing herself between the sticking pumpkin covered Daffy and the pumpkin covered mare. "Queen?" she tilts her head in confusion. "Um … queens. I know of a queen of Fancy … Is Candace a queen or do they still call her a princess there?" she scratches her head and takes a step forward still looking utterly lost. "I'm totally not up on my Geography." Another step closer to the mare, becoming dangerouly close to breaching her personal space. "The real question is do you want to mess with a colt who just made a Pumpkin explode by looking at it?" a hoof goes out to wipe a pumpkin chunk from the gaurd and makes an icky face. "You know … your head looks awful lot like a pumpkin …"

Normally the armor-clad pony is cool-headed. Level, even. But being thrown into this strange new world, having to deal with a /sun/, and now getting covered in pumpkin guts is the last straw. "That's… Enough." she growls out, panting out of anger as much as anything. "You want to see those things explode?"

The mare whips her head around, her horn glowing bright! A streak of lightning arcs out to lance across the pumpkin field, making several more of the orange things pop open like so much ripe fruit! She turns her head back to /glare/ at Fidget…

…and catches sight of Daffodil hauling rear back up the path!

"No! He won't escape me again!" the mare roars, rearing back! Oh she's fully intent on stomping right past this winged menace to get to her /real/ prize if she must!

Fidgets eyes go wide as saucers reflecting the red glare from the spell in them. Its sooooo pretty! A pony who can just /cause/ explosions. Guts and seeds fly everywhere like a tidal wave over the ponies who are lost in the sight of it all. Some colts are smart enough to move … "Ohhhh wow! That is so AWESOME!" Her eyes swirl with the sheer possibilities! "You have to teach me how to do that!" Nothing some ponies are too busy roaring vengeance on a colt. A casual hoof comes out and … trip! Thats what ponies get for not paying attention Fidget! Not to mention all the guts on the ground now it might be hard to move. "I would make a joke about it being Fall and tripping … kinda played out at this point. Don't you think?"

Alas, the armored pony seems to have made things more difficult for herself than needed. She does trip…slippery pumpkin guts and whatnot aiding the heavy armor in taking her down, the unicorn ending up sprawled on her back, flailing angrily! "Grah! You! You little… I should have you drawn and quartered for this! You're impeding royal JUSTICE!" By the time she rights herself again, snorting with absolute fury through gritted teeth, those angry blue eyes of hers are locked on the pegasus!

She intended to run off laughing. The joke really had played itself out. That is until she said Royal Justice. Ears perking she turns back to the mare in time to meet her eye to eye. The small mare's eyes continuing to swirl like great pools. Breathing so hard she is snorting, teeth grating, jaw-locking ticked. "Royal … *eye twitch* Justice?" Wings splaying open wide, spraying pumkin everywhere again, making her seem so much bigger. Rage meet spit for spat. "Buck Royal Justice, Buck Celestia, and buck you!" she screams world twisting about her more and more like a spring ready to let loose.

On the one hoof, this armored pony is all sorts of ticked off. On the other hoof, there's an equally angry little pony meeting her eye to eye.

Little Daffodil is, by now, already halfway to town or more. Probably about to go summon help…

The mare closes her eyes, controlls her breath. Her snorts soften, her stance straightens, and she lifts her head high, glaring down with bright blue eyes. "…You're the second one to allude that Celestia is in charge." she states, words dripping anger despite the forced calm. "So it must be true. And /this/ is what her rule does. Drives ponies insane. Hmph."

Fidget snorts again, this time purple steam curls up from her nostrils. The surviving pumpkins make little popping noises as chunks plain fall out of them little faces some curled in rage others laughing are painted across them. Whats that coppery smell? The pumkin guts have turned to … real guts? Literal gore covering the guard and the young mare both. "What are you one of those space ponies? Of course Celestia is in charge! Her Iron hoof of terony ruining -huf- everything." a hoof comes down in frustration and the windmill at the edge of the field has its blades replaced with oversized feathers. She is calming down anger is not something she is prone to and the other pony seems to be calming too. Maybe there wont be another arrest of another poor little pony!

The armored pony wrinkles her nose… That's quite an impressive feat! jack-o-lanterns and real guts and all! She backs up a couple steps, wiping a hoof off on the ground where it isn't quite so…gross. "Hmph… I don't know what you mean by space ponies, but…" She toesses her head back, casting a gaze at the Harbor. "…No matter. I know where they're lurking now. It's just a matter of time…" Her gaze lowers down to the angry filly. "You are an odd little filly."

Fidget tilts her head. "Space ponies the ones form the world of darkness!" she chirps happyness returning and so too does the macob setting slowly fade here and there. "I don't know why do you even want to off them?" things start piecing together in her head and she wonders what she can get away with here. Hopping up next to the weird pony she raises and eyebrow. "Sure they are … I don't know what are they? Choosen ones? You know how hard it is to off a chosen one? Like fate screws it up. Noooo you should just toss a wrench at them so they can't get back silly!" giving the mare a smile "I'm Fidget by the way." a hoof goes out.

The armored pony eyes the offered hoof. But the recent gorey moment has her reluctant to go shaking hooves or anything at the moment. If anything she just backs up another step. "You…just interfered with my chances of finding a way out of this crazy sun-loving land. I don't think we're going to be friends." She starts to spin around. "…In fact you're lucky to be alive at all. If it had been Fury instead of me, you would be just another ghost in the wasteland now."

Fidget shrugs. "Oh! Well if you want out then all you have to do is stay close. Good Luck space pony! I have to give a colt a hug!" Giggling she shoots up into the air like lightening in a hum of buzzing wings the only hint she is out in the shadows. Somewhere a poor colt gets a wiff of blood as his only hint to a warm hug and an apology for a prank gone wrong. She may not be a nice pony but she no one gets to say she is also a poor sport dang it!