Dinner Time, Story Time
IC date: Summer 84, 1007
OOC date: September 12, 2012
PCs: Ruby-Blossom, Kludge, Dream-Daze, Magpie
GM: None

Ruby-Blossom did promise Kludge dinner - even if such a promise was simply an excuse to try and vacate in the presence of an individual that has it out for Ruby's alternate persona - Scarlett O'Mare. The weather has calmed a bit, and sitting on the cafe's patio isn't out of the question. So there Ruby is - waiting for Kludge to arrive while curiously watching ponies coming and going.

Kludge comes trotting up, not quite late, but not as early as he had originally planned. A few design ideas had ambushed him, and he had spent more time than expected on jotting down enough of the basics so they could be worked on later. Now, though, his thoughts were on enjoying food and friendship with Ruby, and to finish relaxing from the (mis)adventure of a few days prior.

And then there was Dreamy.

For today was the first day of Sun's Hibernation, and every unicorn (well, every pony more or less) has some kind of job to do! Her job? Colors! She's been busy all day, bounding about trees with her family, turning leaves into autumn colors! This was interesting, because some of them ended up sparkley. Or blue. Or polka-dotted. But for the most part, things went well, and she's happy with the results.

Which means the little blue unicorn of mute doom is happily bouncing down the street after her long day of 'work', still practicing her color-change spell on random objects. A tin can turns orange. A bottle turns yellow. A balloon turns brown! A pony turns…polka-dotted. …Dreamy scampers quickly away from that pony. Oops.

Ruby-Blossom gives a small wave to Kludge as the stallion approaches "Hey~" leaning against the fence surrounding the cafe patio in a rather lazy fashion. "Glad you could make it." a lightly teasing tone as she waits for Kludge to join her on the patio. Just then a scampering blue unicorn filly almost zips by! Ruby without hesitation leans over the fence a bit further to snatch the foal from the streets and pull her over the small fence "Look who's join us for dinner!" holding up the sacrifice triumphantly as Kludge arrives at the table. She beams "I'm sure Dreamy doesn't mind does she?" she ponders "We might even be able to enjoy story time.

Yoink! Suddenly Dream Daze goes from pleasantly bouncing along to being swiped over a fence! Eep! This remains the only really bad thing about being so small. Other ponies can pick you up so easily. At least it was a pony she knows, so when she gets her bearings on the diner-side of the fence, she peers up and spots…Ruby! And the approaching Kludge! Her two favorite no-horn unicorns. She bounces a couple times in excitement of being among friends, standing up on her hind legs to put her front hooves on the tabletop to peek over it.

Kludge chuckles. "An extra guest, eh? Well, food always tastes better with friends." He pulls over an extra chair so Dreamy doesn't have to work as hard to look over the table.

Ruby-Blossom helps Dreamy settle at the table before waving a waiter(ess) over to obtain a foal seat. She offers a friendly enough grin "I figured you should have at least one friend at dinner." Helping Dreamy get settled in her foal seat before nudging a menu Dreamy's direction. "I suppose I do owe you dinner, Kludge." she offers a hint of a smile. "Now, I recall owning somepony a story.

A soft hmm ensues "I just can't recall what the story was about it…" feigning ignorance as she settles into her seat.

Dreamy blinks at the foal seat. She always feels somewhat silly sitting in those… She's /almost/ too big for'em. Almost. Nontheless, the upgraded stack of cushions is comfy enough for the blue foal to curl up onto and still see the tabletop, peeking over the menu pushed her way. Hmm~ She's not about to object to a free goodie from friends. Why, if she had her coinpurse with her, she'd probably be doing the treating!

But she doesn't…so she peeks at the menu instead. And perks her ears further when the thought of storytime is marred by a possible forgetful memory. This earns a squinty look from the tiny filly, one of her eyes closing to study Ruby in an 'are you kidding?' sort of way. Then! She points at her horn. Which is glowing! Emphasis!

With a chuckle, Kludge tilts his head towards Ruby and says in a mock-serious stage whisper "I think your bluff's been called." He wouldn't volunteer to say it, but he's also looking forward to Ruby's tales - it should make for a bright spot before things come around to his own story.

Ruby-Blossom can't help but grin both at Dreamy's cushiony little seat, and her glowing emphasis of the story subject matter. "Yes yes, I know." a small giggle to be had as she leans into the table to rest her chin on one hoove - looking Dreamy's direction as the filly is the intended subject of the story; of course she isn't denying Kludg either. "Just understand this isn't a sob story, and I don't need any pity." a serious tough-girl tone to her voice. "I'll try to keep it simple." Despite knowing darn well the ponies would likely prefer juicy details. "I don't know my parents, and never have." said so matter of factly like it doesn't matter.

The waitress returns and Ruby orders some simple greens a glass of wine, allowing her guests to order before continuing. "I've never been rather chummy, and didn't exactly make friends." a ponderful look upon her face "I…" seeming to process exactly how to continue. "I met another filly a little younger than me, and we became friends - she was kind of like a little sister to me. She was utterly obsessed with magic, and wanted to get into a good school - kind of difficult for a couple of orphans and all…"

Storytime~ Dreamy almost forgets to order something in the influence of a story starting and all! Almost. She does point at a picture of a drink. Good enough for her! Hay smoothie! Then she curls back up in the cushions to listen intently, ears perked and eyes wide and everything. Orphans… Even if pity isn't desired, it's still /sad/ to know!

Kludge places an order for a simple yet robust salad, plus some soft cider, then resumes listening to the tale. Since Ruby is simply telling the facts of her past, he'll respect her wishes to not respond with pity.

Ruby-Blossom takes a sip of her water before setting the glass down; playfully poking at Dreamy - perhaps intending distract herself from her own story. "The place I grew up wasn't exactly orphan friend, money and status were important - and no pony had interest in sad little fillies without." a hint of bitterness despite no trace on her poke face. "I decided to work hard to help her out, being a big sis and all, you know? I busted my flanks doing odd jobs for all the socalites - cleaning houses, shining shoes, whatever paid a bit. I bought used books and helped her study in the afternoon while working in the morning and at night. I was happy to do it, and eventually she got accepted into a prestigeous magic school." tapping Dreamy on the nose, happy end to the story and all!

"I continued to bust my flanks even as I got older to ensure she had everything she needed; I could stand the cold stares and the insults behind my back - after all what kind of…" a very prim and proper voice "Respectable unicorn would perform such menial labor" accentuating the vowels for increased snootiness. "One day I received a letter stating my charity wasn't needed. Long of the short some rich fammily took notice, and decided to adopt her. She didn't want anything to do with me after that - after all I was just a filthy, low-class laborer, right?" Stiffling a yawn with one hoof - as if the whole thing doesn't bother in the slighest. "No pony respected the hard work I put in, I didn't have the right breeding, the wealth, or the prestigeous training to be accepted. So I left."

Dreamy blinks. That was an awfully sad story… Abandoned by a pony she'd taken care of? And for what? The foal's eyes squint, even when her drink arrives, taking a thoughtful sip. Another thoughtful sip. Mmm smoothie~

Then she stands on her cushions, leeeeeeeans over as far as she can, and hugs whatever part of Ruby happens to be within reach! Whether it was wanted or not. It just felt like something she should do. And even when she flails herself back into the cushions again, she lights her horn back up, pointing at it pointedly. That story didn't explain what's with the horn-hiding attitude!

"Ugh, socialites," grunts Kludge. "And unicorn socialites to boot. Of the upper-crust ponies I've ever met, only a very few were worth of the term 'class'. The rest?" He shakes his head. While his story is nowhere near as sad as Ruby's, hers still is a familiar tale.

Ruby-Blossom mutters softly "I'm getting there, I'm getting there." certainly not rejecting the hug from the filly, even patting her on the back all friendly like. The wine is a welcome guest at this point, and Ruby takes more than a healthy gulp. "Everypony kept telling me that I was a unicorn, and needed to learn magic, and no pony appreciated the hard work I put in - no matter how hard I worked I wasn't worth my salt unless I was good magic using unicorn." she pffts "Honestly I'm pretty good with magic, and learned alot while helping her study…I just felt more satsified working hard. It's like no pony could look past what was on my forehead, you know?" she shrugs "I grew sick of it, and frankly all the unicorns I knew in Ca…back home, were jerks." a smalle sage nod to be had.

She waves a hoof dismissingly "So I set out into the world to make a name for myself doing something worth while." a sudden look of panic on her face "But I haven't found what that is yet." she quickly corrects herself - questions about her worthwhile activities would be bad.

This part of the story seems to somewhat confuse Dreamy. She doesn't quite understand the whole 'upper crust' thing. Or why unicorns would reject hard work. She just did a bunch of hard work today! Or even that whole 'doing something worthwhile' comment's all about. Dreamy points at her mane. Isn't Ruby an awesome manestylist or something?

Yes, the woes of the world confuse Dreamy so. Even her books have generally happier endings. So she gets the smallest little frown, the light surrounding her horn dimming ever so slightly. She taps her chin with a hoof, looking this way and that, trying to make sense. Because all that story means is…that…

Dreamy hesitantly lifts her head, horn aglow, and shoots Ruby a tiiny vision of Ruby in an explorer's hat, dressed just like Daring Do. She /must/ be a ruins/treasure hunter! Because that's the /best/ globetrotting profession! And her current obsession.

Magpie looks extra-pathetic today, with her mane all stringy and damp from an earlier summer shower that cut the heat but only served to make it even more humid. She wanders through the modest crowd with a marked lack of enthusiasm, keeping her head down to hide the sidelong measuring glances she gives those that pass by her — nopony worth bothering with, really. She may have to find a legitimate way to get a meal today. Begging is legitimate, right?

Kludge nods in understanding. "Hard work never hurt, no matter how much the socialites complain about it." Looking off towards the side, he quietly adds "Especially when you /don't/ have reliable magic."

Ruby-Blossom leans way way in to whisper to Dreamy, quiet enough so no pony else can hear. "I'll tell you a secret, but you can't tell or show any pony. You know Scarlett O'Mare?" Ruby would certainly hope so, she's worked quiet diligently to make a name for herself pilfering all sorts of goodies from the upper crust - typically followed by generous anonymous donations to orphanages or other fillynthropic organizations - and has had several big news paper articles - even one front page story when she stole some royal jewels from a Canterlot museum. She leans way from Dreamy, waiting for a nod or head shake to confirm her knowledge of the thief. She catches Magpie out of the corner of her eye - namely because she's been /trying/ to find the filly since first seeing her the other day. Without hesitation she stands up and waves her hooves "Hey, over here." calling out loudly to get the filly's attention - meaning Dreamy has to wait for Ruby's attention!

Magpie tilts her head just a little at the shout — annnnd that mare is looking right at her. Annnnd it's that mare that was being weird at her the other day. She gives Ruby a suspicious look, and slowly walks that way. Running away is still an option at this point. "Who, me, miss?" she says, with her best little-filly voice, brushing her mane out of her eyes with a hoof.

Dreamy blinks again! Now that's just not fair! One can't start to tell a secret, and then stop at the last instant! That…that's the worst kind of teasing! It makes Dreamy pout. Even if it's because another foal showed up. She goes back to curling in the cushions, ears perked but a tiny blush in her blue cheeks. Hmph. She'll just…wait. And slurp her smoothie. And…and wave at the other filly too! Y'know, for good manners.

Magpie even slumps a little to help hide her increasing size.

Ruby-Blossom motions towards the table where she sits with Kludge and Dreamy who's settled in a foal seat comfortably beside Ruby. "Join us. It's my treat tonight." Yes, she's the weird stalkerish pony who seemed to know exactly what Magpie was upto the other day. She even reaches over the little fence seperating the patio from the street then blinks "I think Kludge actually might be the better one to help you over the fence, that is if you need help." offering a stupid little grin to the girl.

She glances back to Dreamy with a little smile, clearly expecting an answer from the filly at this point - even while attempting to lure Magpie into joining the trio.

Kludge offers Magpie a hoof to help her over the fence, then pulls over another chair for the newest arrival. After giving Dreamy a sympathetic ruffle of her mane, he takes the opportunity to make some serious inroads on his salad - good stories take precedence over good food, but good food does demand its own respect!

Magpie blinkblinks and looks around. It's … well, a crowded street and all, right in public… the earth pony can't really grab her and run off… She puts a hoof in his, and yelps as she's hauled right over the little fence! "I, uh, uh.. Hi?" she says to the ponies at the table. She doesn't feel too awkward about her awful mane and dirty coat. That's pretty normal really.

So much pout! At least until she's looked at. Huh? Dreamy tilts her head. Oh! Right. Scarlet O'Mare. The little foal racks her brain a moment to see if she remembers something. But…all she has is this one comic book with some master catburgler. Surely that can't be the same pony. So she hesitantly shakes her head. Nope, she doesn't know!

Ruby-Blossom puffs up her cheeks, feeling as if she needs to show her Scarlett O'Mare scrap book to the filly! she leans way in and whispers to Dreamy - quiet enough that nopony else could hear even if they tried. "She's Equestria's most famous thief, she's even stolen royal jewels from a Canterlot museum." she leans away and points to herself - sharing a very, very, very massive secret with Dreamy while everypony else just sees Ruby point at herself with a playful little grin.

Without hesitation Ruby lifts her plate and places the untouched plate of greens in front of the other filly. "Here you go, hon. I kinda lost my appetite. Did you want a drink?" glancing Magpie's direction then back to Dreamy.

Magpie 's eyes open wide. "W-what, all of it?" She gives a little hesitant nod at the mare's offer, then thrusts her nose into the bowl as if she hadn't eaten all day (she hasn't), and is worried somepony will take it away (she is).

Kludge smiles a bit at Magpie's reaction to the boost, and a bit more at Ruby's grin. Smiles look real good on Ruby's face, especially since they highlight the caring personality he knows her for.

Dreamy is staring. Right past Magpie, and at Ruby. A /thief/? What? But… She seems so nice… And friendly. And everything! Not that thieves are always bad in books or anything, but it seems a little hard to believe! Especially /that/ thief. So the little unicorn is stuck with a look between 'disbelief', 'awestruck' and 'horribly confused' at this deepest of deep secrets. Like her little mind just broke.

Ruby-Blossom shoots a little smile Magpie's direction "Slow down, sweeit. Don't worry, it's all yours. Take your time, and feel free to order something else; it's my treat tonight after all." her smile and tone very sincere - she even recalls a time when she was that ravinous; sure the little sob story early didn't get to her earlier but just looking at Magpie reminds Ruby of herself and her own trials as a youth. She manages to pull her gaze away from that filly, and to the other - afterall it's impolite to watch some pony while they eat. She shares the biggest, silliest grin with Dreamy and lifts one hoof in a 'shh' motion to emphasize the importance of keeping such a big secret; patting the girl on the head before turning towards Kludge and Magpie. "What's your name, sweetie?

Without thinking, and with a full mouth, the filly says, "Maggie." She swallows then and corrects, "Well… Magpie." About two seconds later she wonders if she should've made up a fake name…

Ruby-Blossom hoos softly from across the table while doing her best not to stare at the filly. "Maggies a cute name. I'm Ruby." she motions to Kludge "Kludge, and this little sweetie over here is Dream-Daze." Motioning to the smaller unicorn to her left. With a smile she adds "I own the salon on Main Street, Kludge is a builder, and well Dreamy is an explorer." Knowing the filly will enjoy being introduced as such. "Did you want something else?

Kludge gives Dreamy a quizzical look in response to the filly's confused expression, but lets it pass without comment. Facing Magpie, he gives the ravenous filly a nod and a smile. "Nice to meet you, Magpie."

Oh dear, now she's conflicted too! Dreamy's blush increases, the little foal picking her drink back up and slurping on it purely out of something to do but stare. She's quite the moral little filly. Books and stories don't often go into the same shades of grey that 'reality' does. She's struggling with the thought of such a nice mare being a world-class thief, and not..say…a big fan of a fictional master thief instead. But if /that's/ true, then she's lying, and that's just as bad. Either way, she does eventually smile back at Ruby, if only to show the good humor and all that.

Then the awkward moment passes, and focus is more on their new guest. Which Dreamy is happy to smile and nod at, especially with being introduced as an 'explorer'. That's her dream job anyway…

Magpie waves a hoof at Dreamy, and ums. "N-no, I don't… really… um. Lemonaide?" she asks hopefully.

Ruby-Blossom motions the waitress over; properly ordering the lemonade for the newest filly before glancing her direction "Are you suuure, you don't want anything else, sweetie? That goes for the lot of you." offering a smile to the fillys, and Kludge - why the hay not. She leans into one hoof and glances across the table at Kludge, even giving him a little wink - maybe just to brighten his day.

Kludge smiles back. "How about a round of pie?" Might as well have some dessert to cap off an excellent dinner~!

Dreamy shakes her head at the offer for dessert. The smoothie was more than enough for her! She's just a little pony after all. …She does, however, stare at her drink. And light her horn up. And… Suddenly her smoothie consists of a swirl of orange, red, and brown. Autumn colors!

Ruby-Blossom nods to the waitress "Two slices of apple pie ala mode for the gentlecolt, and our new friend." already haven given up dinner, she's certainly not in the mood for desert. The waitress nods and scurries off to retrieve the drink and pie. A quick glance Magpie's direction before letting her attention fall to Dreamy - she'd love to ask some questions of Maggie - but now certainly isn't the time or the place.

Magpie is still busily eating the salad. But once she's slowed down she eats with the determination of somepony who isn't planning on stopping any time soon…

The waitress returns with a tall glass of lemonade for Maggie, and a slice of pie for Maggie and Kludge. "There you two go. Enjoy." Stretching her legs out a with a soft yawn.