Dine And Dash
IC date: Winter 6, 1007
OOC date: December 25, 2012
PCs: Sodium-Fizz, Nocturne, Winter, Magpie, Jellybean, Windrose, Zypher
GM: None

It's a well established fact that the Harbour never gets any breaks, ever, what with foalifications, flying pirate ships, paralel dimensions and the end of the world - or at least of the town. Still, even amongst the big, messy chaotic things… there's still room for smaller, more domestic messy, chaotic things. Such at a resounding explosion sounding from the second floor of the Fizzy Flask, the residence of the local alchemist. Explosions are kinda what everypony expects from a alchemist.

Most, though, don't quite expect a mad alchemist. Nor do they expect a big pot of spaghetti launching itself out of the window, sending hayballs and tomato sauce splattering onto the pavement. A few moments later the owner of the store, and most likely the pot of spaghetti, comes crashing out of the window herself. Though endowed with wings Sodium-Fizz didn't actualy crash down. Instead she franticaly looked about from where she hung in the air.

Walking through Main Street, Nocturne stops and jolts back as a plate of spaghetti lands a few yards in front of him. As he looks up, he eventually catches sight of the floating Soda. "This better not have to do with soda flavors," he shouts in her direction. He walks past the mess, and sits down at a bench, sipping some coffee in a paper cup.

Zypher Ooh's as he drags himself from the sidewalk where he had found himself formerly plastered from a night of drinking turned something else, things flying, meant game time, and game time meant him being so 'TOTALLY on this!' "thats Some kinda Ball, Whatcha Playing miss Sodum-Fizzy?" he shouts out as he sees the wayward pegasus mare

Windrose was just minding her business, standing 'guard' as it were, to make sure no more wayward storm elements come in from the bay. Because darn it, the last thing the Harbor needs is another holiday ruined by disaster, so it's weather pony holiday patrol time!

Or at least that was a few hours ago. Right now she was sneaking in a nap on a low cloud after being up all morning.

Or she was, until a strayward hayball bonks her on the nose. "Wha?" She blinks a few times, stares down at it…. and then gobbles it up. -Then- gets up and pulls out a weather map. "I don't recall cloudy with a chance of hayballs being on the forcast…"

Winter-Solstice has partially disconnected.

Jellybean, for his part, is surprised but not taken aback by the sudden food-weather. He was on his way to go caroling when noodles went flying passed him, and now he's heading towards the Fizzy Flask to see what, exactly, is going on.

NOT THE SPAGHETTI, NOOOOOOO! Winter Solstice kicks her way out of a business on the other side of the street and charges out, only to leap upward and try and catch the sailing pot of spaghetti. And she does! The pot is saved! Big pieplate hooves seize it from the sides as the mare vaults upward with rear legs kicking. It's not the most graceful maneuver, though, and she lands in an unbalanced fashion, tottering about on her hind legs in the manner of some freakish creature that doesn't have a nice, stable, quadrapedal stance. The spaghetti sloshes and slurps and spills up over the edge. The back edge, specifically, so the hot noodles dribble and slurp their way down Winter's backside. Soon her precarious teetering becomes a hot-hoofed dance as she runs circles about in the street. "Aaahhh! Spaghetti attack! Augh! Sodaaaaaaa!!!" She spots Jelly approaching on one of her circuits. "Jelly!!!!"

The sight of the sauce-splattered Winter might have been really interesteing to Soda, had it not been for the particular big pot of spaghetti the large white mare was handling. The pegasus dives down with all the speed her kind typicaly show though Sodium-Fizz herself normaly lacks and snaps up the pot before turning about in mid-air, smiling nervously. "No, no! It's allright, I got it! And, um… no? It's not a soda flavour! Or a game. I was just cooking, hehe… And, um, I maybe figured it was a bit slow. And maybe that it looked kinda bad, and… um…"

The pegasus alchemist fell silent for a moment before smiling. "Sill, nothing to worry about, I got it! So we can all just pretend this… never happened…" Soda's voice trailed off as she looked into the pot before upturning it, producing naught but a few drops of sauce. Her gaze dropped to the mess around Winter, and the long trail of sauce leaving the scene and cutting for a nearby alley. "Oh, frak…"

Jellybean blinks at the tableau. He wouldn't call it that, though, because he doesn't know what that word means or how to spell it. He flaps his wings uncertainly. "…do you need any help?"

Windrose POOF. Windrose pokes her head out of the bottom of her cloud at the noise below, because Winny stomping about and shouting is pretty hard for any pony to miss. "… Oh, that's where the hayball came from." It's almost sad that she's been around the Harbor long enough this doesn't even really strike her as out of the ordinary.

Zypher just jawdrops, at the show of such athletics, such grace, such poise, such potential! If only she were a Pegasus she'd be a top contender in the game! "OhmyGOSH!" he practically cheers having just watched such a dramatic rescue of a spagetti pot, well the rescue didn't go so well, but the angle, the arc of body, the successful interception, alas the inertia of the mass within the pot wasn't counted, but all the same. "Wow, Just Wow, Miss, Miss" he trots over to the big earth mare, "Miss, that was, was, Was just TOTALLY AWESOME!" He beams, "are you on any teams? like Soccer, for Earth Ponies? or something, cause I've not seen such moves since back home with the Seaddle Cloudbusters! I mean just Totally WOW!" he beams

Once the pot is liberated from her grasp, Winter's rapid circling drops back down to a proper four hooves and then picks up the sort of speed proper stability affords. Eventually it seems like she's running not because her backside is getting toasted by errant spaghetti and sauce but because whee, running! The red sauce blends in nicely with the red stripes in her mane and tail. After a few circling passes she screeches to a stop and stares at Zypher. "Sports?" The big mare stomp stomp stomps her hooves. "The only sport I play is JUSTICEBALL. You find an injustice and you smash it. It's a game that everybody wins- except for evil." Winter whirls and looks up towards Soda. "Soda! Your avant-garde cooking has crossed the line. It was pretty cool, though, so I hope you cross it again. Any leftover? Is it lunch time?" She looks at the door to the shop, then back up to Soda. "Can we do lunch?"

Magpie comes trotting down from upstairs. "Hey, what's goin' on?" she asks, then blinks. "Oh, hi there w— hi ther— HIWINNY! What's going on? Are we spinning? I can spin!"

Magpie rolls 1d10 (Spinning is a good trick) — Result: 10 | Sum: 10

Magpie is clearly a world class piruette-er.

Winter-Solstice turns to stare back at Magpie, watches her for a moment, then starts spinning in place. Spaghetti sauce smeared down her back is flung, flung!

Zypher is spattered with sauce from the now spin-cycle big mare whinny. "Oh my feathers?!" he actually squeaks and cowers some, somepony not used to getting dirty evidently "Getitoff Getitoff Getitoff!" he too now spins in place like he's trying to fling it off him too!

Jellybean manages to avoid being splattered with things by the simple expedient of being bitty. It's amazing how that works out for him.

"No, no leftovers…" came the muted mutter from Sodium-Fizz as she let the empty pot fall, "it's… it's scarpered! Girls… guys… Whatever! Hey!" The grey mare wringed her hooves together nervously. "We… might have a problem, a dinner related problem. A big dinner related problem…"

Zypher nodnods, "yeah, of course we do, no Garlic Bread!, and no rolled up napkins or wipes!"

Magpie finally stops spinning and staggers a few steps, giggling. "Wheeeeee," says the Queen of Spinning.

Windrose just rolls her eyes at all the ponies spinning in place, craning her head towards Soda. "What did you do this time, Fizzy?"

Winter-Solstice's spinning gradually slows, and she stops to stare at Fizzy, head circling slightly. "Uh? It's spaghetti and meatballs! It doesn't go anywhere! At least not before eating it! Did someone eat it? And then escape? Did they eat the spaghetti without permission? Do we need to find them?"

The big mare stomps her forelegs. "Do we need to PUNISH them!?"

Jellybean continues to blink. "Is this a magic thing?"

Sodium-Fizz ground her hooves together nervously. "No! No galic bread issues! Though, I supose somepony will have issues with garlic bread soon…" The alchemist gave Windrose a nervous look. "I… might have tried to make the greates dinner in town… exept I can't cook that well. So I, um, might have used a few alchemical tricks to help it along. And when I had my back turned, it… um, left, after pillaging my fridge. It -is- the greatest dinner in town. But I still can't cook."

Soda smilled nervously. "I think," she said faintly, "it's going to eat everything. There can be only one, the greatest dinner…"

Magpie blinks. "W-wait, you MADE a flying spaghetti monster?"

"Crawling, I think," said Sodium-Fizz, "but more or less correct."

"So you made a take-out meal?" Snicker. "Because it's going to take out every other… oh, nevermind." Windrose hops off her cloud and with wings aflutter takes off after the trail of sauce and destruction. "Com'n, we better find it before it gets somepony sauced and becomes their last supper."

Winter-Solstice tromps up to Soda, expression stern, and stops near her. Her disposition is sober as she eyes her marefriend critically. "Soda…" Winter narrows her eyes just a bit. "Did you set a monster loose on town?"

Magpie 's eyes widen. She runs upstairs in the boutique, then comes dashing back down with a colander on her head and a large ladel gripped in her teeth. She presents herself to Windrose and salutes.

Jellybean meeps. "M-monsters? Is it a big scary pony-gobbling monster?"

Sodium-Fizz bit her lower lip nervously, looking at Winter. "Um… do you mean a spaghetti and hayballs monstrostity Tartarus-bent on devouring every meal in town… Yes?"

Off in a distance came a crash, and a mare-like shriek.

Winter-Solstice stares at Soda for a few moments longer, still poker-faced, before hopping in place and grinning like a sunbeam. "Awesome! AWESOME! C'mon, Magpie!" Winter reaches over, scoops the colander-armored near-filly up onto her back, and charges off after Windrose and along the trail of sauce.

Magpie stands up on Winny's back, waving the ladle in the air with a warcry!

".. Shoot, I shoulda thought to grab a pan." Windrose muses at seeing the 'armored' Magpie. Ears flick up at the shout, and she takes off again. "Com'n guys, I heard screaming!" Not that the sauce trail is very hard to follow either.

Sodium-Fizz shifted from hoof to hoof nervously, her gaze darting from the direction of the shriek to the store, then back again. After a moment she put her hooves to her mouth, calling after them. "Stop it! I'll try to figure out if I can find a way to stop it…. But… But don't wait for it! If you get a chance, take it down!" With that the grey mare jumped into the air, diving back through her shattered window.

Jellybean starts chasing after everypony else. On the one hoof, monsters are scary. On the other hoof, monsters are scary and he doesn't want to be all alone when he runs into one. "Wait for me!"

The trail of sauce menders between the buildings alongst the alleys of the Harbour before cutting into one of the small and narrow back-streets, cutting a straight line down it in the direction down poartside and right up the wall at the very end and in through a shattered first-floor window.

"This way!" calls Winter, as she charges along, following the sound of screams and the trail of sauce alongside Windrose. She is not following the Pegasus, but nor is she attempting to take the lead. The party is ALREADY DIVIDED. "Can you smell it? The deliciousness- it went… it went this way!" Around a corner, down a street! Down to… a window! Winter screeches to a stop and stares at it, then stick her head out, calling inside. "Hello! Uh… monster! Delicious spaghetti monster!" The big mare stops for a moment. "… extermination services! Here to serve you!"

Magpie crouches low on Winny's neck, expecting a surge and a leap — and it doesn't happen. Blink. "What're you DOING?! You can't TALK to SPAGHETTI!" She swats Winny on the flank with her ladle.

Trail trail alley corner alley trashcan alley corner corner steps alley trail trail corner trail alley trash trail WALL!

Windrose rears back and thrusts her back legs out as her wings stiffen like paracutes to break off her speed, coming to a stop mere milimeters from smacking facefirst into the wall. "Now that's just rude. The color of sauce doesn't match the house paint at all!.. wait a minute." She follows the trail on the wall to the window. "There!" Wings limber again and give a flap to launch herself to the window, only to screech to a stop before crashing into Winter as she shoves her head in the window instead.

At the ladle swat, Winter hops in place and does a little circular dance, coming to rest facing the window once more and sticking her head back in.

Jellybean says "Can spaghetti talk? I don't think it can. I've never heard it talk to me, but maybe it was waiting for me to talk first?"

Behind the shattered window sat a stallion at a small table with a single seat and a depressingly empty plate. He looked suprisingly shellshocked, but then again most ponies don't expect a spaghetti monster to come barreling through the window. Upon seeing Winter he eeped and dove under the table, leaving only the plate behind with it's splattering of tomato sauce and the muffin crumbs - and a suspiciously red trail leading up to it, then away. Apperently the monster have already scarpered through the door at the far side an-…

Further crashes and calls of startled supprise sounded out up ahead.

"There it goes!" Windrose bolts into the air, over the house, and back down the other side in the direction of the crashing. Good thing she has most of the non-broken or burned parts of town memorized by this point.

Winter-Solstice lifts a hoof and knocks out the remaining shards of glass around the window frame- wouldn't want to get cut, after all!- and neatly brushes it away, before hauling up over the edge and into the kitchen. Nevermind that she could probably go around the house! Nevermind! The way is forward, forward, always! "Sorry!" says the big mare, very nearly toppling the table. "We have to put a stop to this before it's… TOO LATE!" She tromps through the kitchen and towards the door and hauls to a stop.

Across the room is some pottery. Everybody knows good things are kept in pottery and what you do is you go into someone's house and you ransack things looking for goodies.

With a great show of will, though, she whimpers and turns back towards the opposite door, bursting through it and resuming the chase. Presumably, Magpie is still astride, ready for ladle-jousting.

Jellybean, having trouble keeping up with Winter's unstoppable rampage, has taken to the air. Maybe this way he'll see the monster, too? But then he doesn't really WANT to see the monster.

The monster's saucy trail menders through the building, apperently some kind of appartment it seems, and leaving a trail of empty plates and stunned ponies behind. Before long though it spills onto the street through a broken down door. From there it waves around in a figure-eight for a moment in indecision before beelining straight for a small grocer - the large front window once having read 'Noodle's Food Emporium!' though the shattered remains only leaving a the 'N', a 'O' and the exclamation mark.

Within the store something moved, something suprisingly large and desidedly foody.

Windrose brakes to a hover and points towards the old store front. "It went in there, guys." She rears back for a moment, but then stops. Wait, what is she doing? She doesn't have anything to fight a monster with, food or otherwise. She's suppose to be the -sane- one around here. And would rather like to not get messed up on a holiday.

The pegasus touches down to the ground, and makes a flamboyant gesture to wave Winter towards the store. "After you." We'll just let the JUSTICE TANK do her job, instead.

Just when they thought it was safe to relax, the citizens of the apartment complex are left to yelp and shriek and wail and cry and gasp at the horror, the horror! once more as Winter charges through, hot on the noodles of the beast. "Sorry!" she says. "Important business! Monster fightin'!" Crash! "That was an awesome vase! You should get another just like it!" Wham! "That is a silly place for a bookshelf! I suggest you pick it up instead!"

With a scattering of chicken feathers and a yowl of a disrupted cat, Winter emerges from the building and stares around the street, a fork wound up in her mane and a striped sock wedged on one hoof. She looks left, looks right, follows the sauce trail, eyes the poor NO ! shop, and narrows her eyes. The big mare nods up at Windrose- sneaky pegasi, missing out on all of the excitement indoors!- and scrapes a big hoof against the ground. "DINNER…" She charges towards the door of the shop! "IS SERVED!"

And then she stops by the door, reaches out, opens it neatly, and slips inside. "Hello~?"

Dropping in for dinner unanaounced is just plain rude, and dinner agrees! The lumbering mass of no-longer-just-spaghetti turned about, though it was kind of hard to tell all things considering. Maybe it just looked like it did. And roared. Again, just a maybe, though it certainly made a roary kind of sound at the sight of Winter and Magpie. The mass rolled backwards. The mass rolled forwards. The thing split up, the bulk of it pulling towards the back of the store while the rest pulled itself up menacingly at the mare and the filly.

Magpie has been clinging to Winny's neck through the whole headlong flight, and consequently has added a garland of dried peppers to her outfit. She whips her jacket off (it's NEW!) and throws it back into a snowdrift. Then she readies her ladle and leaps from Winny's back into the fray with an overhead stroke!

Oh wait, there's just what she needed. Windrose grabs the fork in Winter's mane and pulls it out. There, now she has a weapon. Sort of. It IS spagetti, after all. With 'weapon' in hoof she bolts past the big mare and barrels through the shop, trying to intercept the second lump sneaking away and stab it mightily with said fork. "Yaaaaah! If you had eyes I'd totally be stabbing them out right now! Cuz yer gonna get forked up good!"

Guess Ms. One Sane Mare isn't quite above it all after all….

"That's the spirit, Magpie!" howls Winter with delight, hot on the heels of the ladlin' filly! "Time to let that beast know that DINNER…" She pauses! "is SERV- wait, I already used that one. Uh…" While she lets Maggie fling herself into certain doom, Winter considers. Windrose breezes past and takes the fork in Winter's mane with her. "Food is… served… no, no. Lunch is s- no! Uhh-" The big mare panics for amoment, before simply howling! "I'M HUNGRY!"

Winter barrels in towards the nearer mass of monster, and tries to shovel some into her mouth. Pie plate hooves? Great for shoveling.

Winter-Solstice rolls 1d20 (Wak Wak Wak Wak Wak Wak) — Result: 19 | Sum: 19

Magpie swings furiously with the ladle, smashing it into the monstrous spaghetti over and over! She sweeps the collander off her head and lays into the spaghetti monster with it, two weapon style! Three weapon, even! Ladle, collander, bite! Collander, ladle, bite bite bite!

The food monsters quiverad and shook before colapsing in on themselves. For two very different reason it seems though, the large bulk with the fork in the figurative forehead tensed up tight - putting preasure on its inards only to… have said, saucy inards exsplode outwards, spraying the inside of the store with a variety of fluids ranging from tomato sauce to milk to vanilla cream. Icky but tasty.

The one under assault from Winter and Magpie seemed to fare less well, seeing as the large mare and the filly was laying into it with vigor. The culinary creature definatly bit of more than it could chew with those two.

Winter-Solstice crams spaghetti and sauce and any other accumulated foodstuffs into her mouth. "Om, nom, nom," she enunciates, perhaps with a bit more slurping and gulping and open-mouth chewing. It isn't pretty, but hey, monster hunting is ugly business sometimes. "Mmmf. Nife tegnique," she compliments Maggie, WITHOUT FIRST SWALLOWING. "Go for thad li'l skinny noodly spot dere- yeah, thad's id! Ladle that thucker right in haff."

Looking up around a fistful of hayballs, she looks towards the back of the store. "Windrothe! You okay bag dere?"

KERSPLAT! Windrose just stands there, blinking, after being covered in spagetti monster inwards. Which, after licking it off her face, confirms, "That's.. actually not all that bad." Licks some more off, and stabs her fork into the remains again. "Just fine~" Winds the fork, pulls a chunk out of the sauce-and-muck and stuffs it in her mouth. Omnomnomnom indeed.

Magpie happily omnoms on the spaghetti monster. She's /covered/ in sauce, from nose to tail. Who cares what's IN it? She's had worse. Not squirming so muc, though.

Another food-monster not-quite shriek sounded through the store, it might have been described as meaty but considering the herbivore nature of ponies it's 100% guaranteed meat free, and the smaller of the culinary abominations colapsed - it's component dishes spiling out across the floor and adding to the already rather grose mess of vegetables, sauces and frozen prefabricated meals. Ick. The monster that Windrose is laying into trembled with terror and pulled back, once more spliting into a larger and smaller chunk - the smaller throwing itself at Windrose with abaddon while the larger bashed down the back door, making it's escape into the streets once more.

"Hey, it's trying to split and run away again!" Then the smaller portion leaps at her! Oof! Windrose topples over for a moment in surprise since, y'know, it's spagetting and assorted other food bits and not really that heavy. "I've heard of food fights but this is crazy!" Then after a moment of struggling grabs the lump in both of her hooves and takes a note from Winny's book — just trying to shove the whole thing in her mouth.

Winter-Solstice pushes upright and glances about, reaching up to wipe her mouth- ever so rudely!- on the back of a hoof. "Welp! Looks like there's more chasin' to do. C'mon, Mags! Our work here is mostly kinda done! Now for the work- over there!" The big mare romps through the mess, blundering past Windrose and the second smaller spaghetti beast, and towards the open back of the door. She shakes her head off as she charges along, bits of chomped-up noodles and veggies shaken loose, and out the back entrance. "HEY!" she calls out, after the beast. "Don't you know it's rude to dine and dash!? Get back here!"

Magpie looks up from her feast and yelps! She gallops after the larger remaining spaghettimonster portion, leaving her collander and ladle behind in her haste. "Come baaaaack!" she howls at the spaghett! She siezes the necklace of peppers in her magic and hurls it after the retreating creature!

Magpie rolls 1d10 (Pepper attack!) — Result: 10 | Sum: 10

Nothing quite kills a meal like bad seasoning, and peppers are just right out for this one! The creature slurps loudly as they take it in the back - assuming it have one - and topples over into a writhing mass of foodstuff on the street. And good thing Magpie's aim was true, just up ahead stood one of the swankiest eateries in the Harbour! The amount of crittical damage this abomination could have done after absorbing those crittically acalimed dishes… That's how it works right? Either way, the monster's down… if not quite done for yet!

After finishing off the end of the smaller lump Windrose flops on her back, forehooves on the slight cartoony bulge in her belly from all the foodstuffing she did for the safety of the Harbor! "*burp* I'm not gonna need to eat for a week…"

Winter-Solstice tucks her head low and charges in, aiming to take advantage of the opportunity Magpie's skillful pepper toss has afforded. "That's more like it! I've had enough fast food!" The big mare pounces after the looming beast and tries to land in its midst, and with a wide open mouth and looming hooves, start shoveling it into her mouth again. She hesitates after a moment, though, and rears up. "Five second rule! Blast!" Stomping and kicking ensues as Winter tries to smash and disperse the beast as best she can.

Magpie comes charging after the pastrosity and dives down after the monster. Omnomno— "Phfive sec'nd whoth?" She hasn't really heard of that one.

Despite her complains at being stuffed Windrose does manage to finally stagger out back and find the others. "Was that the end of it? No more splitting up? After all that eating I'm about ready to spagettiboutit."

It seems to be the end of it indeed as the heap of food quivers under the relentless assault before simply just sliding appart like the ones in the store did. The culinary horror is finaly destroyed after having left a trail of saucy chaos through town.

Winter-Solstice turns, looking about, studying the various smashed bits of wayward spaghetti made still and sticky in the dirt of the read. She lifts a hoof after a moment and peers at the assorted mashed foodstuffs underneath. "Is that it?" she asks, looking to Magpie, then Windrose. "Is that it?" The big mare turns back to the mass of foodstuffs and nudges it about. "Did it drop anything?" She frowns. "No." Sitting up, she glances about, then whirls away, romping back towards main street and back towards the Fizzy Flask.

Windrose lets out another small burp. "I'll meet you guys back at Fizzy's." She pumps her wings to take off, though more slowly than the haphazard gourmet race earlier. She's probably going to be out like a light when all those calories catch up to her.

Magpie sits up and slowly staggers down the street. She's covered in so much spaghetti sauce, she looks like the victim of a terrible battle. But her tummy is bulgy and full. Mmmm. Spaghetti. Evil, ambulatory spaghetti.

The trip back to the Flask is both swift and eventless - it might as well be glossed over had it been some kind of performance show or game, really. Of course, stepping inside is another matter entirely as a rather frantic looking Soda shuffled vials and flask back and forth on her counter - a solid oak thing halfway across the large bottom-floor room, seperating the front with it's tables and seats from the back with the shelves of alchemy and soda. "Oh no, no no! How do you kill that which have no life?!"

Judging from her dilated eyes and frizzy mane, somepony's gone just a smide loopy.

Winter catches this question as she enters, looking around slowly, then back across the shop. She beams a smile at the frantic Fizz. "You eat it!" she announces, as a bit of sauce drips off her chin and onto the floor.

The big earth pony then lumbers over to the counter and leans up against it, forelegs folded. "ANd it was delicious! Well, except for the parts that got scooped up along the way that weren't delicious at all. Brussel sprouts are tasty but mixed in with everything? Nooooo thanks. How'd you make that, anyway? Are you branching out? Are you gonna be making munchy minions now?" Winter sits up slightly and taps her hooves on the countertop. "Make the next one out of asparagus! I love asparagus."

"Just don't make it out of alfalfa," Windrose adds as she meanders in, still partially covered in sauce and other odds and ends. "We don't need alfalfa monsters running around. Though Winny's right, we just ate it." She holds up a hoof to the big mare. "High hoof for the CHOWDOWN OF JUSTICE." … Great, Winny is rubbing off on other ponies now. Or it's post stuffing your face delerium.

Winter-Solstice high-hoofs Windrose! Clop! "Yeah! Dinner and a show! And the show is justice! And the reward for justice… is dinner!" She grins brightly as she looks back to Soda.

Sodium-Fizz blinked at them as if they were completely mad. After a few moments though she shrugged and let herself slump over the counter. "Thank sweet Luna you got all of it… I was worried I'd have to leave town, again…" The grey mare smiled thinly at the two. "Thanks…"

And a few moments after Soda slumps over, she finds herslef scooped up as Winter leans closer and pulls the pegasus up to where Winter can give her a saucey smooch. She smiles as she draws back. "You won't have to leave, Fizzykins! Don't worry." Winter settles back down, forelegs folded neatly before her. "Just make sure all your rampant mishaps are delicious ones and they'll take care of themselves." The big mare pushes herself upright and glances about. "YOu should show me around the place! I haven't been here in a while."

Aaaw, that's cute. Abiet messy. "You two do that. I'm gonna go home and," pause, "actually, Ruby's place is closer, I'm just gonna go crash there and sleep this fiesty feast off. Later." She waves to the two as she turns to trot out of the shop.

Sodium-Fizz leaned into the kiss for a moment and smiled, if a bit awkwardly and embarasedly, and waved at Windrose. "Um… Sure, and… thanks for the help Windrose! Mucha appreciated… And everyone else. What happened with Jellybean and Magpie…?" She glanced at Winter. "And… I supose I could, not that it's much to see…"

Winter-Solstice glances about. "Jellybean and Magpie? Uhhh… Jellybean got scared and left, and Magpie…" Winter shrugs, and smiles. "I don't know. Saw some loose change and followed it elsewhere. She did a lot of eatin', though. She's got the makings of a great adventurer!" Winter vaults the counter, then, landingon the other side with a thunk, and starts making for the stairs. "Alright! Tour time! Let's start with the towels, I am guuuummed up! I got sauce where it shouldn't be! You can help with that, I think." Tromp tromp tromp. "On account of it being hard for me to reach, I think, and that's it."