Demanding Repartitions
IC date: Autumn 83
OOC date: 11/12/12
PCs: Plot-Twist Queen-Pegasus Solar-wind Rising-Chaos
NPCs: None
GM: None

A warm tavern, a cold drink, wild music? Why yes Plot Twist could get used to this. Taking a long sip from what they call whiskey here in this world. Of course though she is at a table in the back by herself enjoying the young night. The rest of the bar is alive and roaring being just the time of night all the fun happens in town, and foals have been put to bed.

Rising-Chaos has finally tracked down her quarry. The mare who had the audacity to insult her and apparently thought she could get away with it, is in this building. She noses her way into the tavern, the atmosphere alien to her with it's loud noises and boisterous ponies. She finally spots her prey, and shoves her way through the throng until she reaches the mare's table. "Hello there, you and I have much to discuss," she growls. Her face is a sneer, it's quite obvious this isn't about something fun.

Solar-Wind pushes through the front doors and more or less the seas of ponies part for the big ol' fireguard, more over if they don't part he parts them. They know better more or less, the ones that don't find themselves with a stocky guard pony staring them down. He makes it to he bar and orders a spiced cider, what non-alcoholic, must be on duty still or something.

RC's 'prey' seems sit rather chill in her seat. The poor lighting and drafty interior seeming to be her kind of environment. Like always she is in her shadowbolts uniform and you start to wonder if she has any other clothes. Head rising to the angry looking pony she barely gives any notice, as lackies tend to receive. "Oh hey its Stormchaser's little pony friend. Look with all these elementals on the loose I have half a mind to put you both on a long trip at sea." waving a hoof to get the pony to scram. "But I'm enjoying my night at the moment so beat it and help your boss with what ever it is you do." her attention quickly shifting as Solar enters the room and she manages a smile. "If you will excuse me~" she practically /skips/ to Solar wrapping a wing about the only stallion here that manages to be taller than her. "There you are! I'll buy you a drink!"

Rising-Chaos stands for a moment after Plot Twist leaves. She whirls about, furious now rather than just angry. She storms through the crowds again and comes up behind Plot Twist. She barely even notices Solar Wind. "You insufferable wretch, I will have your attention. You and I have an issue to resolve." She makes an effort to calm down, not wanting to cause a scene inside the tavern. "It would be a shame if our acquaintance got off on the wrong hoof."

Solar-Wind smiles as he special somepony slips aside him, and he didn't even see her before. On the approach of Rising-Chaos though he perks and turns his full attention to her. "Ma'am, Is there some /difficulty/ Here?" he slips his wings open just a notch to show that he's perhaps slightly armed if you will, the gleam of metal on the fore/inset of his wings is clear, though its merely a courtesy in this regard. The threat is there though he's not about to strike a mare unless she wishes poor intent upon this Guardpony. "I believe some discussion is in order, and I would gladly mediate such under terms of peace between both parties" he states as if trying to back the rather irate mare back down to calmer territories.

Twist groans as the pony doesn't leave her be and fallows her to the bar "Look. Um-" realizing she forgot your name if you ever gave it. "…yooou" she tries her best to roll with it but in social situations subtly is not her strong point. "I'm sure your boss has a very important message to deliver but can't this wait?" giving a little grown, knowing ponies never get the hint when you want them to bugger off. "Solar don't encourage her …" expecting a long over winded speech about indignities any moment.

Rising-Chaos finally notices Solar Wind, whom she recognizes. suddenly she wilts a bit, knowing she doesn't have much of a chance if there's a fight. "This mare has insulted me, I wanted to resolve the issue. I was hoping, that we could resolve this privately where I could explain my situation. She seems to be uninterested." She changes tack, anger not working. "She also seems to be under the delusion my ex assistant is my boss. If she wants to live in some fantasy world and not accept reality, that's her problem." She moves towards the door. "I would like a word, if she can spare a moment from her busy life of getting drunk."

Solar-Wind hmmmm's softly looking to Plot and sighing some, "Captain Twist?" he asks, "What of her accusations?" He states gently in more of a monotone/non-threatening diplomatic voice as he glances over to Twist and back to Rising Chaos. "I believe I should mediate this as I can see that tensions are a bit, heated, as it were" he states looking to Rising-Chaos as she makes to leave, he too stands as if to follow to properly mediate the discussion.

Twist rolls her eyes and eyes the alcohol at the bar with longing. "Urge fine. I stumbled upon her helping a shadowbolt that slipped over here to cause all the trouble with the elementals." pointing a hoof. "And as I recall at the time you told me she WAS your boss." giving a look to Solar with a 'oh come on' kinda look. "If you need to have words fine, but can we make this quick." waving a hoof expecting her to just say it here in the open.

Rising-Chaos moves to the middle of the street, turning to face the ponies following her. She snorts. "You hunted my then assistant down and interrupted us during my nightly magic practice. I had just told her about the dust elementals that had been troubling town, which I plan to stop. You then attacked us and insulted me baselessly." Her face contorts back into a sneer. "I will have you apologize for the disturbance, or you will learn your lesson."

Solar-Wind sighs and looks from Rising Chaos then looks back to Twist, his voice is a bit annoyed, "Captain" he intones then looks to Rising Chaos, "Is what Captain Twist mentioned true, regarding your involvement with the criminals whom were making ill actions against the Elements?" he asks first of all, "Just so I may gauge intents between the parties" he states, then states to Rising-Chaos, "I do agree that if she disturbed you while you were performing legal magic in your own establishment, that I would ask her to apologize, but if you were performing disruptive magic, than…" he pauses, "then perhaps such disruptions were perhaps warranted" he states, "I would like your statement regarding this" he asks.

"It was in the middle of the street." Twist adds to the conversation with a cool confidence. "And I didn't insult her I … actually kind of ignored her. I was too busy trying to get Stormchaser to spill the beans. I didn't even pull a weapon." at least she doesn't remember pulling a weapon. Its hard to remember some days it just happens so often. "You would have been proud. No ponies where stabbed. That has to be a record."

Rising-Chaos rolls her eyes. "Her name is Stormdancer you fool. She is from Stalliongrad, I've met parts of her family. You came in and made ridiculous accusations, ignored any logic and insulted me. All I was doing was juggling." She glares at Solar Wind. "Don't you even dare Solar, my associations have no relevance here. I was practising simple magic in front of my house as I am entitled to." She moves forward, staring him down. "I have seen you as a little colt, you slept in my house and I saw you run around pretending to be a wonderbolt. You don't fool me for one moment with that mediator act. If I was doing any serious magic, she wouldn't be here today."

A tall, slender shadow is cast over Twist as the mare steps behind the feisty Shadowbolt. "First you assault my home, and now my protégée? What right do you have to dictate the edict of others?" the tall, graceful mare asks with a hint of a growl. "Do you make a living sticking your nose where it doesn't belong? Perhaps we should simply remove it if it's going to continue being a problem?

Solar-Wind Looks to Rising-Chaos firstly with a hint of annoyance at her 'associations' then a blush of embarrassment as his foal-hood-dreams are brought to light. then there's a little growl-ish note in his voice as she denounces him in public. His wings slip out to full again with the gleam of metal in their fore/leading edge. "As Captain of the Royal Fireguard, I do have /some/ training in the Guard besides merely my firefighting skillset" he states with a near growl, "I'm trying to Balance this obvious Issue without coming to any conclusion of violence" he states, "I do not apologize for standing in front of my marefriend, I am only trying to resolve this issue, without it being a further Issue"

Solar-Wind hears a voice behind him now, which isn't that of Plot-Twist and he paces wide so that there is somewhat of a triangular position, so that he may see both sides of the confrontation, "Awww what the heck is it Now?"

"/Stromchaser/ is a master spy and saboteur who takes a fancy to stirring up nasty weather. Funny how somepony specializing in destructive weather magic is spotted the same week all this dust elemental junk is started." Two cynical and rather grumpy ponies stare down one another. Twist seems to be standing a little straighter slowly slipping back into captain mode as the booze from before sobers out of her. If this conversation didn't make her come to attention for voice of Queeny sure does. "No your Queenship." still not sounding sarcastic! Still thinking she is royalty of some kind or another she tries SUPER hard to sound polite. "Honestly its the other way around, she is poking her nose into a conflict with an old enemy of mine. I could care less about what she is up to." groaning, why does no pony get that, why can't this no-name pony go away! Leaning over though she whispers something into Solar's ear.

Rising-Chaos sighs, glaring at Solar Wind. "Put the wingblades away, you're impressing nopony. If you had any guarding experience you would know that trying to mediate in a conflict in which you have personal feelings for one party is frowned upon. Excuse me if I don't take you seriously. This isn't your business, colt." Chaos turns to growl and bark at Plot Twist. "You idiot, she's been my assistant for nearly a month now. She was a registered member of the Equestrian Exploratory Corps. This dust elemental nonsense is something I intend to resolve quickly, but StomDANCER is not at fault. At least not for the elementals, she doesn't have the power." She spots Queen Pegasus, and a wicked smile grows on her face. Suddenly, her odds are looking a lot better. "My Queen, I am honoured by your presence." She bows low.

Queen-Pegasus scoffs loudly as she trots forward then turns to stand beside her protégée. "Allow me to make myself clear." levelling a hoof at the would-be heroes. "You are being an annoyance - I strongly suggest you stop being so; because I really don't want to have to /deal/ with an annoyance in the proper manner." Single blue eye glancing towards to Rising. "If you've an issue with the actions of my Rising…" gaze shifting towards Twist and Solar. "Then you've an issue with me - and that won't end well for either of you.

Solar-Wind just glares at Rising Chaos, "I apologize if I've offended you, but when it comes to my Wife To Be, little things become my business" he states "As for Captain Twist" he somewhat grumbles to her and returns his glare to Rising Chaos, "I'm trying to see that she doesn't get hurt, I'm sure you can sympathize with that matter" he sighs as he tries to get in front of her, as if to protect her from whatever perceived threats or passing threats or whatever the hay is going on here. "There was obviously some 'Miscommunication regarding identities of assistants, and vice versa" he tersely states, then blinkblinks as Rising-Chaos regards her 'Queen' "Wait, Wait Wait a Minute here, Queen, what, what are you talking about?! I I wasn't informed that there'd be any visiting Royalty from any foreign delegation. He bows deeply, in the standard royal bow, wings wide splayed and down, head bowed, though he is in front of Plot-Twist still. He stands upright, looking directly to the presumed Queen type. "Milady I apologize for the evident disrespect of myself and my counterpart here, I was uninformed by my Queen of Equestria, that there would be a visiting emissary from foreign shores, My deepest of apologies for this urrr, incident" he gulps and turns to Plot-Twist with a swift glare, and a look of (oh fizzlesticks-we've stepped in it now) he kinda erks out, "Plot, dangit, Apologize please, dangit if this gets back to Celestia, I'm flippin dead" he chokes out.

"Its been about a month since we all came over from the Darkside." Plot Twist says in the most deadpan of ways. "Let me guess she was all too happy to find company with a Unicorn such as yourself, just 'itching' for an opportunity to learn from your skills. I honestly can't tell if your assisting her of if she is using you for your notes." Twist rubs her face with a hoof. Head turning to Solar she gives him a mildly pleading look for a little support here, especially since mediator shtick doesn't seem to be working. "Solar. I've worked with Stormchaser, she has infiltrated more rebel bases than I can count, and her talent isn't even espionage. Ponies I've talked with saw her come through the AU gate with us. I'm not making baseless accusations here."

"I'm saying I don't have any problem with her." still not getting poor Rising's name, what a thick headed mare! "She interrupted my drink and started insulting me your Queenship. I am more than happy to take my colt friend and return to it." a respectful (enough) bow is given in turn. Hoping (against reality) she will actually get back to her drink. Leaning in she whispers something to Solar again. So much secret chatter!

Queen-Pegasus certainly looks the part of royalty - tall, slender, elegant - demanding and haughty; even the way she looks down her nose at the bowing pegasi confers a very prestigious air. "Manners will get you everywhere." Something Rising, Stormdancer, and Plot-Twist have likely heard the Queen say in one form or another. She glances to Rising. "You'd think pegasi would naturally show more respect for considering." a small flap of her wings. "I'll overlook this transgression - but don't let me catch either of you meddling in MY business, or the affairs of MY Rising-Chaos." motioning to the smaller mare beside her while narrowing her gaze. "You'll find I'm quite approachable when shown proper respect." Certainly Rising can attest that Queen is quite cordial when given her dues.

Solar-Wind bows again and looks up, "yer' Majesty, My apologies for our intrusion" he glances to Rising-Chaos, "I'm sorry my Mate offended you, and that I had to get involved" he shakes his head some and bows to her as well, "My apologies" he sighs, and turns to his also bowing marefriend, with a steady glare, "We're going home now" he grumbles and turns to the others, "I will report back to my superiors about their mistake, I do apologize for the lack of civility in this community, had I known previously"