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"You should just be thanking Luna that I can't move my hooves right now," Windrose retorts as they're carried off.

Zula does not appear amused - the heavyset mare trotting along and carrying a load that even Bomani would struggle with - with ease. "…" this is one spirit companion she would prefer /not/ to call. "I'll expect a full report from the two of you in the morning - although I am curious to hear our guests point of view as well."

Starchild rolls his eyes at Windrose, but perks his ears up as Zula speaks. "Yes, milady. Would you happen to know… how to undo this goo?"

Windrose hmphs, turning her head in the other direction as much as she can in this position. "Not my fault you didn't take the mare that's actually a magic scientist."

"Are we there yet?" Okay now Windrose is just trying to be annoying. "Are we there -yet-?" Pause. "No, really. Are we? I can't see where we're going, just a view full of moron." Ouch.

Once content the group is far enough from danger Zula drops Windrose and Starchild - ensuring the mare stays ontop. "Anypony know how to remove this goop?" she asks - glancing from one side to another - naturally Hemlock wouldn't be around at the moment.

I guess we are!

Windrose huffs into her bangs as nopony here is of any use. "Don't you zebras have some sort of tribal voodoo whatever to use?" The pegasus squirms a bit. "Com'n, I've got glue chaffing in places I don't even want to think of it being in. Or maybe tubby there can make like a kindergarten foal with a tub of paste and eat it." Her player apologizes, Windrose gets snarky when she gets aggrivated. It's a necessary defense mechanism because the majority of this town is CRAZY.

Starchild sighs as the discomfort of being stuck to the mare is getting to him. "Listen, dear, I'm terribly sorry for my behavior. It's just been… an odd experience. I'd love more than anything to get out of here, but it looks as though we'll be stuck for some time until we figure it out." He remains motionless for a moment. "Just assume I'm extending my hoof to you. My name is Starchild."

The pegasus lets out an exasperated sigh, turning her head as much in the other direction as she can without discomfort. Because she's kind of tired of staring at the same stallion's face for as long as it has been already! Ugh, but if they're going to be stuck like this, suppose he's right about… well not making the best of it, but at least passing the time. "Windrose."

Bomani just sits back and works on some improvised bandages. He no longer feels quite as dizzy, but he can tell that he'll have to do a more thorough job before he can get better.

Hemlock trots down the street, doing a last patrol around town. the stallion isn't stupid, and knows exactly where queen Pegasus lives, so is staying away form it. He can't help but worry though, baout his companions. That is, until he sees them near the town square. With a heavy sigh, he trots towards them. "Tell me what happened."

"Sit down, Hemlock, it's a long story." Starchild sighs… as he lies on his side, Windrose by his side - more like on his side, really. "I thought Bomani was in danger and panicked… and charmed this mare. She fought by our side… but followed my directions a little too well. One thing led to another, and that wretched Queen Pegasus shot us with… what was apparently a glue gun. Now, here we are."

"I swear, like worse unintentional kidnapping -ever-." Talk about being in the wrong place at the wrong time, which has wound up with Windrose coccoon in glue to one of the would be attackers. Thus is her chiming in to the matter. Then shifts just enough to bonk her head against Starchild's since she doesn't have a hoof to bop him with. "Though it serves you right for what you tried to pull."
Hemlock doesn't sit down, he's becoming angry. "So you failed to capture Queen Pegasus. Actually succeeding would have been bad enough, but you failed." He's frowning, looking positively stormy. "Not only that, but you violated this beautiful mare's free will, and got yourself in a position that is no doubt making her uncomfortable." He reaches in to his packs and retrives an anti solvent, which he applies to the two. He treats Windrose with every bit of respect and gentlecoltliness possible, while Starchild is treated rather roughly. "I am so, so sorry miss, for what my associates have done to you. There is no excuse for it, and I hope Starchild and Bomani know I am NOT PLEASED."

He gets back up and takes a few steps away, rounding on them. "Now, tell me what happened, carefully."

Starchild's expression is now that of shame and disappointment. "I didn't want to do it, Hemlock. I really didn't. I'll never forgive myself for it." A few tears well up in his eyes, but he preserves some dignity by not wiping them on Windrose. "I tried to get it to look like she caught me, then we'd pounce on Queenie when she found us. Instead, she repeated exactly how she entered the house… which entailed falling down the stairs. As she did so, she fell on me. Then the Queen shot us with the glue gun. I couldn't see anything after that… I just heard a lot. Bomani took a pretty bad head injury, but I think he'll be OK." The unicorn sniffles a bit and tries to turn his gaze towards Hemlock. "Please forgive me, Hemlock."

As soon as the glue dissolves enough for her to move around Windrose pulls free, and spreads her wings to help break the strands of crumbling glue apart. "That's more like it. Finally, a pony with some brains about him." Once she's able to hover off the ground as usual she dips a bow towards Hemlock. "Thank you very much for your assistance."

"As for you." Windrose sets down next to Starchild. She winds back to slap him with her wing now that she can…. but stops when he starts to sniffle as he reaccounts the events, and folds her wing back up. "Bah, you're actually sorry about it, now I can't smack you without feeling like a jerk myself."

Hemlock bows low, in his most formal bow in return to Windrose. "I really must beg forgiveness on their behalf. Is there some way I can amke this up to you, miss..?" He rounds again on Starchild. "I'm very disappointed in you, colt. I'll forgive you, but don't bet on me trusting you with anything serious." There's no trace of anything Starchild would recognize as Hemlock there, just disapointment and frustration. "The blame's not all yours, but I mean seriously. You couldn't get a wounded mare? What did you even do?" He just wants information, is that so hard?

Any trace of the Starchild that Hemlock knows is gone as well. The unicorn's typical cheer and confidence is gone. "There were three of them. The Queen, a unicorn sorceress, and another pegasus. They seemed to have been expecting us. Bomani and I snuck in through the windows, but when they all finally ganged up on us, we…" He begins sobbing, and hurls himself into the Earth Pony for a strong embrace. "This isn't what heroes should be doing. Heroes don't sneak and fight the way we had to. Heroes don't fight dishonestly."

The colt finally pulls away to look Hemlock in the eyes, and whispers so that Windrose can't hear. "When I… when I charmed that mare, and looked into her eyes… I saw somepony who cared about me, who cared about what I thought, what I did, what I said. It almost felt like…" He begins sobbing even harder. "It felt like love. That's what I want in my life, Hemlock. Not fighting and treasure. Love." The unicorn puts a hoof on Hemlock's shoulder, which trembles as he reaches for it. "I don't know if I can do this."

Windrose just shakes her head a bit and spreads her wings to take off, all for leaving this behind…. At least until the colt starts crying too? Oi. She lingers in midair for a moment, fortunately out of earshot range of what he's saying, or she'd probably take that wrong on top of everything else that's been in poor context tonight. She does glance back for a moment thought. "I know this town is full of crazy ponies, but you guys are just taking the cake right now."

Hemlock stand there dispassionately, growling to himself. "I am starting to think similairly, miss. Which is rather unfortunate, because I have the luck of being associated with these ponies." He breaks the hug, which he never returned. "Starchild, I told you it would be hard, didn't I? This is why I suggested you be a bard, because that's easier work. And you're wrong, heroes do whatever it takes to win." He stamps a hoof, clearly indicating further hugging will not be welcomed. "I am so sorry, miss, that you have to see this. I never did catch your name, I have to make it up to you."

"Trust me, I found out the hard way high adventure ain't all it's cracked up to be. You might want to reconsider that bard thing." Windrose twitchs a little as she says that, because it just reminds her of the whole Nightmare World ordeal. Ugh. Adventure is fine and all in doses, but being stuck in an evil overrun alternate dimension like that for a few months? Or however long it was, it felt like months.

Oh, wait, the other pony is talking to her now. "Windrose." Waves her forehooves a bit. "But don't worry about it, you got me out of that adhesive predicament, that's more than enough. We might of been stuck all night otherwise, and I've got other beds I'd rather be warming."

Starchild shakes his head and wipes the tears from his face. He addresses the mare as he turns to her. "Windrose," He trots closer to her, but still keeps a safe distance. "I'm indebted to you for my actions. If there's anything I can do… perhaps treat you to a dinner? Just as friends." The colt has seen his older cohort make such an offer several times, and is tired of standing in the sidelines. "I promise, I'll never bestow such a… curse," he says the word as though it's the most vile thing in the planet, "on you ever again. I can't tell you how sorry I am."

Hemlock doesn't quite look at her, but watches Starchild carefully. "Charmed, my name is Hemlock, hero for hire. I know exactly what you mean, by warming a bed. I suggest you do that, if you don't have anything else to discuss with us, this might get a little personal. As for the assist, it's the very, very least I can do. I hope you'll at least accept a small gift, in the future." He sits down, not happy at all with Starchild's melodrama. "You certainly sound like a bard, with all your words."

Windrose catchs the hint in Hemlock's words. Or at least what she thinks is a hint, which may or may not be there. "Whoooah now, I didn't mean like that. We just share the bed on cold nights to keep each other warm, that's all. Feathers are an excellent insulator." Because the last thing we need spreading around this town is -more- rumors. Hfff. "See. Should totally consider the bard thing, you already talk like one." She almost objects, but he does say 'just as friends', which seems to smooth her ruffled feathers some. "… Well, okay, buying a mare a meal some time is a pretty decent apology."

"Just because I speak differently doesn't mean I can't fight," he retorts to Hemlock. "And I will continue to, but I will not be your responsibility." He wants so hard to make a good impression on the mare, and make amends with Hemlock, but he can't stand that the earth pony doesn't know what they were up against. "Even if you did show up, there were still enough swords to slit all of our throats at once. There was a mare that nearly broke Bomani's skull. Don't you /dare/ criticize my failure when you don't know what I was up against."
Hemlock chuckles. "I meant nothing of the kind, miss Windrose. I have spent the night with others in the pursuit of warmth before, it's rather more pleasant than sleeping alone." He round on Starchild, suddenly furious. "Rising Chaos, aged 22, student at Canterlot university with a below average power level, she is also wounded, theat level, negligible. Queen Pegasus, fully grown and combat ready, but severely wounded to the point of crippled, threat level, medium." It sounds like he's reading off of a mental list. "I have heard reports of a Daisychain character who, may I add, is nearly blind. You, however, are going in with Bomani, a capable and crafty fighter, Zula, and yourself, who I have been assured is able to hold your own. You also forced Windrose to aid you. Excuse me if I am not impressed that you lost the target thanks to your own incompetence!" He takes a step back, looking a little guilty about the harsh words. "My apologies, inexperience."

Windrose points a hoof at Hemlock, though not in an accusing fashion. "See, see, there's your problem. You didn't take into account that the ponies in this town are CRAZY. Nothing goes as planned around this folks. Trust me. I've found -that- out the hard way to." Then folds her forelegs across her chest as she hovers overhead. "Plus, I just happened to be there. Unknown factor. That…" She pauses for a moment, looks confused, then looks at Starchild. "What -did- I do, anyways?" It's all still fuzzy to her.

Starchild hangs his head and takes a few deep breaths. "Inexperience… sounds about right." He lifts his head up to address Hemlock. "I'm sorry, dearest Hemlock. I'm young, and my emotions get the best of me, this time being pride. I could take drift widows just fine… and I deliberately acted wrongly. That is not incompetence, that is stupidity." He scuffs a hoof on the ground and turns back to Windrose. "Everything that befell you today was my fault. As for what you did… I tried to get you to look like you had me captured, so that we both could pounce and disarm whoever approached us." Suddenly, a laugh escapes him as he remembers the rest of what he could see, as he turns back to Hemlock. "And I should mention that their plans didn't quite work either." More hearty laughter escapes him. "You should have seen that mare, blind as a bat, taking a swing as Rising Chaos."

"Alas," he continues, his expression growing somewhat cold, "I did fail. Windrose, Bomani and I are expected to give a full report to Zula. I will take full responsibility for my actions… and I have much to learn."

Hemlock looks about unimpressed as one could expect. "That's part of my job, rolling with the crazy. It's a bit like tapdancing on a landslide, thankfully, I'm a dancer." He doesn't join in on the laughter. "I am not impressed Starchild. You do have much to learn. for now, I suggest you cease with the flowery language in exchange for being succinct. Now leave the mare alone, you can apologise later. " He looks up at her, a smile springing to life. "we wouldn't want to keep you from your bed, hmm? I'll handle this and make sure compensation is assigned appropriately." He's so embarrassed right now

"Rolling doesn't do much good when you weren't there. But whatevs." A dismissive waving off also becomes a wave goodbye. "I'll leave you odd ponies to work out whatever. I should go tell the others I'm not being kept for ransom or some silly notion like that. Later!" A beat of her wings and off she goes.

Starchild glares at Hemlock. "You have every reason to be disappointed in my performance, but I don't appreciate you bringing down the tongue of my mother and father. I can't simply take back my six years in Canterlot and seven years in Trottingham. Perhaps I'll spend a few years in the slums of Baltimare. I hear they're very succinct there." He begins walking in the direction of his home, which is in the mare's direction. "I'm sorry for both of our pompous attitudes. Don't worry, you won't have to see me again. I would simply advise staying away from that wretched household." The colt walks a fair distance down his path, but turns back to look at Hemlock. The distance can't show the Earth Pony the guilt and sadness in his face, but he feels that at this point it wouldn't matter to the older stallion, and so he continues his trek.

Hemlock watches him calmly, he doesn't even look bothered. "I just wanted information, not flattery. It's not like I cut his tongue out." With a shrug he pulls Bomani along with him towards the forest, they'll find Zula tomorrow.