IC date: Winter 45
OOC date: 2/2/13
PCs: Rising Chaos, Queen Pegasus, Daisychain, Muzaji
GM: None

The sun is setting over Horseshoe harbor. The skies are a dull orange as the light filters through the clouds. In a certain abode belonging to a certain unicorn, a certain pegasus mare with goggles is up and about.

Daisy is in the kitchen and apparently she's working on trying to cook something up. There's a few ingredients splayed out on the counter and her head is in one of the lower in her quest to find the right size pan.

Rising-Chaos is rushing home, before she's late, late for a very important date! Her dress streams behind her, still not worn, but perfectly untarnished, and she carrying everything else besdie her in her telekinetic grasp. She rushes in through the door, a look of genuine worry on her face. It's obvious she's spent the day becoming prettied up. In a flash she's setting things down. Amongst them includes a jewelry box, her dress, and about a dozen books.

Daisychain lifts her head up just a little too fast as the door gets thrown open, hitting it on the top of the cabinet. "Ow!" she cries out, pulling her head out with a baking pan in tow. She sets it on the counter and rubs the back of her head…what a convenient time not to have her new flight cap on. "R…Risin'?"

Rising-Chaos looks over at Daisychain, and smiles nervously. "Hello there Daisychain, I'm just worried I'm late. I have a date for the Parade of Lights and got a bit carried away with work." for a moment she just stares at her dress, having absolutely no idea how to put it on. The unicorn seems stressed as she starts looking around for somewhere to get changed.

Daisychain walks over, pausing her work on whatever it is she's up to for the moment. There's a small bounce to her step. She looks at the dress, at Rising, then back to the dress. "Do…do you need…help…putting it on?" she asks.

Rising-Chaos sighs with relief. "Yes, help, yes! Do you mind terribly?" It's not even that complicated of a dress. Nothing more than a deep purple affair which you could almost imagine a pony wearing to work. Still, compared to her cloak, it's very formal wear. The unicorn just looks completely at a loss on how to put it on though, at least for the moment.

Daisychain gives a bit of a warm smile, "Hold on…let…let me wash up. I wouldn't want to…dirty…the dress." Indeed, she's got a bit of flour on her nose. She prances over to the kitchen sink where she starts to clean herself up.

Rising-Chaos nods and sets the dress aside for now. Instead she disappears upstairs and returns with her makeup kit and earrings, which have a permanent home in her bathroom. In fact, this is only the second time her earrings have seen the light of day! She starts putting the earrings on, they are just regular iron things, and not especially fancy. Still, it's almost weird to see her getting so dressed up, the mare's nervous energy is almost tangible.

Daisychain walks back out of the kitchen, noticeably cleaner than moments before. She watches Rising as the unicorn puts the earrings on, having of course never seeing it before. "It…it's weird…seeing you with…with earrings" she comments softly.

Rising-Chaos blinks, then pauses to consider this. "I don't do formal, I don't really do pretty either. I'm not really built for either. I generally regard anything other than my cloak and saddlebags nothing but a waste of time." A look of worry crosses her face. "Does it look okay though? I have no idea."

Daisychain shakes her head a bit, "No! I mean…yes! It…it looks…good…on you. It's just…different." She loses herself in thought for a moment, "Now…for the…the dress!"

Rising-Chaos sighs with relief again. "Thanks, I mean it. Could we do the dress? I had it made just for this, but I have no idea how to get it on, or if it will look okay, or anything." She unhooks her cloak, and let's it slide to the ground. The dress is brought around, and the unicorn just kinda, looks at it. "Why do the bloody things have to be so complicated? I only own one other dress, and that thing is just," she shudders, "No."

Daisychain circles around the dress a few times to see how it's thrown together. Her eyes reveal she might be a little envious of such an artifact. She uses her wings and front hooves to untie a cord in what one would assume is the back of the dress. "You…you have to…step…into it…from…from behind…" She states, pointing at the now spread-open top.

Rising-Chaos follows instructions, and steps in to it from behind. The things is stuffy, uncomfortable, but at the same time, she's getting a little glow of pride. The normally fussy, proper unicorn gets to be pretty tonight. She levitates the jewellery box over, just to keep it safe and nearly squeals with joy. "I'm rather excited, Daisychain. Perhaps once the crew makes a grand entrance, we'll have all of us mares decked out in finery. It wouldn't do to have the Queen's crew looking anything less than the best."

Daisychain stands behind Rising once she gets into the dress. If the unicorn thinks she's uncomfortable now, it gets even worse as Daisy starts lacing up the back and pulling it tight. Rising isn't the only one in a good mood, though. Daisy blushes a little at the though of wearing fancy clothing, "That…that would be…nice…"

Rising-Chaos squirms a bit, but accepts the discomfort for the greater good! "Indeed it would. I've never seen you dressed up either, I imagine it's quite the sight." Though really, Rising would just want to see her Queen in full beauty. The mare would probably melt. She starts to get impatient, the stupid thing seems to take forever to put on. "Am I done yet, can I go free?"

Daisychain finishes tightening the last of the laces, tying the strings together in a fancy double-bow. She hovers a few feet back now that her wings are free again. "There…it…it's done!" she claims. "I…I have…haven't been dressed up all fancy-like in…in a long, long time…" A blush forms over her face.

Rising-Chaos trots along a couple paces, trying to inspect herself. Only now does the lack of mirrors in her house become a problem. "I'm sure it could be arranged, if you like. I don't see the appeal outside of special occasions, but I've heard it can be good fun." The mare reattaches her cloak, as the dress was made specifically to go with the garment. Once that is secured, she puts on a pair of simple, black slippers, again, another alien piece of clothing. Once fully attired, she poses. "How do I look?" Everything is fine, if not stunningly pretty, it's the nervous face that gives away her inner emotions though.

Daisychain seems to have almost forgotten that she had been doing anything in the kitchen. She's rather distracted by Rising's dressing up. When the unicorn slips into the slippers and cape, Daisy's face glows a little, "It…you…you look…wonderful…"

Rising-Chaos looks down at herself, frowning. "I certainly hope so. I wouldn't want to embarrass my Queen tonight." She pulls out the box, and opens it, showing the fine silver necklace to Daisychain. Hanging from the necklace is a amethyst, which matches her coat almost perfectly. "Do you think she'll like it? I really need your feedback." Her eyes are pleading, and Chaos does a little nervous trots over to Daisychain, the mare is clearly in some distress. the necklace isn't even that nice, just a plain old thing. Unfortunately, it's all she could afford.

Daisychain smiles, walking up to Rising, a spring still in her step. She gives the unicorn a hug, "You look…you look very nice. You…you're beautiful." Daisy takes the necklace from Rising and puts it around the nervous mare's neck, "I…I think she…she'll love it."

Rising-Chaos seems to deflate for a while, setting her nervousness aside. She hugs Daisychain back, then watches as the necklace is put around her neck. "Thanks, I have just prepared so much for this day. I want everything to be perfect. Thank you Daisychain, I really mean it." The unicorn is ready to go, she even got the candles ready! Now she just needs the Queen!

Daisychain smiles at the unicorn, giving her another small hug. She takes a few steps back, "Well…I…I think everything is gonna…gonna be great…for you…an…an' the Queen." There's a bit of a longing in her eyes. She isn't as fortunate to have a date for such an evening. But, she still has work in the kitchen to get done. Her eyes go wide as she remembers. "Oh! My cake!" she says, trotting merrily into the kitchen.

Queen-Pegasus has been busy monopolizing Rising's bathroom for the better part of the afternoon, and the reasons why become apparent as Queen finally makes her way downstairs. Queen has been putting great care into her own appearance for this evening - every inch of her fur neatly brushed, her hooves fully pedicured and polished a light blue to match her eyes. A dash of lip-gloss, a light mascara, and eye-liner accentuating her eyes. Her mane done-up in a finely interwoven hair do, kept neatly in place by several shiny jewelled hair clips and of course her tiara. Her typical adornment of gold jewellery joined by a hand-woven shawl with a intricate hand stitched pattern on the back, clipped in place by a might impressive jewelled broach.

As Queen arrives she looks towards Rising and gives the mare a warm smile - staring at her for the longest while before chuckling softly. "Beautiful." her gaze drifts towards Daisychain "Why haven't you prepared? Your date will be here any minute now." the mare slowly trotting towards the door - no denying that she puts less weight onto her front right hoof.

Daisychain peers out of the kitchen, a rather confused look on her face. She opens her mouth to speak, but upon seeing the Queen she shuts it and blushes. After a second or two to get her brain back together, she inquires. "Wh…what do you mean? What…what date?" The poor pegasus has no idea what the Queen could be talking about. Her face already has flour and cake batter on it again.

"Why your date of course." Queen replies nonchalantly "I'm positive I told you. Well, regardless he'll be here any minute - and this is a date you're expected to go on." she emphasizes with a hint of wicked smile.

Rising-Chaos hugs back and calls out to Daisychain before she goes. "Don't you worry, you'll find somepony." She's about to offer more when her Queen arrives. The unicorn is left dumbstruck at the sight. The pegasus is just, amazing, in every respect. She joins her Queen in walking, and her horn lights up to relieve some of the pain the mare must be feeling. She's completely at a loss for words though, and just smiles.

There were two old sayings sharp in her mind right now: 'Learn from your mistakes.' and 'Never make the same mistake twice.' It was with that in mind that a certain trader had made use of some of the new connections she had been making to get an early departure from Silver Shallows with a zebra trade ship, that agreed to brave the supposed storm in exchange for directions northward towards the more recently rediscovered Crystal Empire in hopes of getting a jump on the new trade opportunity.

Needless to say, Muzaji was both surprised and relieved to find the Maelstrom neatly penned in, at least for the time being. Not that the cartel stuck around any longer than needed to drop their passenger off and get their 'payment'.

And now said certain zebra was headed swiftly towards a certain house on the outskirts of town, donned in cloak and hood to shrug off the returning to normal winter weather. Not make the same mistake twice, indeed. Like not telling anyone what Spindrift had said the night she left. Nope, not making that mistake again.

Muzaji knocks on the door to Chaos' house after all that self-expositioning.

Daisychain blinks a few times with a perplexed expression across her face. She never knew of any such date! After all, if she did, she would have been getting ready rather than making cake for…well, it doesn't matter. "I…I…" the pegasus looks down at herself, "I…don't…have any…anything…to…to wear." Judging by the way she swallows, she's not too fond of the idea.

Queen dismissively waves a hoof. "Simply gives the stallion more to look at - oh, well there is a dress upstairs. So go, prepare, and be ready. This date is not a choice, deary." Nopony will get away with kissing her Rising-Chaos, not even Daisychain!

Rising-Chaos looks just as confused about the date, but doesn't really care at this rate. There is a knock, however, and Rising goes to answer the door. She look out to see a familiar zebra. "Hello Muzaji, what gives us the pleasure of your company, tonight?" there's a subtle hint in her voice that /tonight/ was perhaps, not the best night.

Daisychain takes a few steps back, looking over her shoulder at the kitchen counter with ingredients sitting out on it. "But…I…but…but…my…my cake! I…I'm not…" She lets out a sigh. "I'm not done makin' the cake!" she blurts out.

Muzaji on the other hoof doesn't recognize who answers the door. She blinks twice, and starts to ask until Rising actually speaks up. Pauses. "I knew this was a holiday for ponykind, but you never really seemed to be the type to get all hot to trot." But she quickly shrugs it off. "I came back ahead of the crew, as I have a thing or three to do." Frowns slightly, getting the implication that this wasn't the best of nights. Better make this quick. "We have a lead that led us back home, to bring a end to the coming stone."

Then leans closer to lower her voice so only Chaos can hear her. "Spindrift may of been in over her fins, there's a darker conspiracy trying to bring ends."

Queen is clearly not in the mood to have a conversation with Muzaji or Daisychain! The taller pegasi nudging her way out the door after calling to Daisychain. "Then you'll just have to have a little indoors soiree - I'm sure your date wouldn't mind.." she chuckles "Frosting your cake." Her gaze snaps to Muzaji "We are busy - our business can wait until tomorrow." a few steps further before she stops to glance over her shoulder "I look forward to your company then. Rising come!" she beckons her dearest - not bothering to allow any of the mares a say in the conversation, and intent on being gone before Nocturne arrives.

Rising-Chaos rolls her eyes. "Muzaji, you may not know this, but I don't really care. Especially not when I have a date with my Queen, hmm?" Poor zebra must be so confused by all the things happening when she was away. Not to mention the confusion Daisychain is experiencing. She watches as her Queen starts to leave, and makes to go after her. "I hate to be rude, but if you'll excuse me…" Without waiting for a reply, she prances forwards to join the pegasus. Rising subtly support the mare so her right leg isn't badly strained, and they walk off.

Daisychain pouts, letting out a great big sigh as she faces the truth that this night won't be anywhere close to how she was expecting it. She throws on an apron to prevent from getting dirtier and gets the cake batter into a sealed container. It gets placed in the fridge and she rushes to get the kitchen cleaned up before dragging herself upstairs to get into the 'dress' Queen mentioned.

Muzaji is.. slightly taken aback by this. Oh, not the date thing, she saw those two coming a mile away. However, she takes it in her usual stride. "I guess it was true what we heard from the bard, that to this mess you have cut your cord." Bard? What bard? Eh, the unicorn probably doesn't care anymore. Shame. It would of been quite a story. The zebra steps back and half-bows. "Of course my friends and Queen, I did not mean to intervene. I shall be upon my way and leave you all to enjoy your day."

With a whirl of her cloak the zebra turned and departed. Though as she pulled up her hood, a frown creased her lips slightly. If Chaos no longer cared, and the soldiers still thought the 'sea witch' was to blame, where else was there to look for farther help?…