Datenight - Daisy and Nocturne
IC date: Winter 45
OOC date: 2/2
PCs: Daisychain Nocturne

Before the household of Rising Chaos, Nocturne stands motionless. Despite being
in such a terrified state of mind, he at least appears to have tried his hoof
at grooming, as his mane appears to have been thoroughly brushed and

The unicorn raises a hoof to the door, but stops. Having spent very little
time trying to look nice, he knows the Queen will be displeased. Yet he knocks,
and waits, still seeming frozen.

Daisychain's ears perk up as she hears the knock at the front door. "H…Hold
on!" She calls down the stairs, still working on getting into the dress Queen
left for her. It doesn't take long before she's nervously trotting down to open
the door, her hair up in a rather fetching bun with her bangs hanging out.
After taking a deep breath, she opens the door…

Nocturne's stomach drops as the door opens, but after a moment takes his time
to glance at the mare. The dress and hairdo are both things he has rarely seen
on a mare before. "Hi, miss Daisy- I, um- Is the queen here?" His eyes peer
behind her in search of their presence.

Daisychain's eyes go wide. She was expecting her 'date' after all and certainly
not Nocturne. The fancied-up pegasus takes a few steps back, shaking her head
in disbelief with a bit of a scowl on her face, "She…she's not here! W…What
do…do you want?"

"I ha- um," Nocturne stammers, his eyes shifting around the mare, occasionally
onto her. "I… I have a date tonight." The unicorn scuffs a hoof and hangs his
head. "She… she isn't here, is she?" After a moment, he raises his head and
speaks. "And I'll take it you're expecting the same."

Daisychain 's eyes go even wider. Apparently her Queen has been doing some
ill-fated matchmaking. She backs up a few steps, though she doesn't seem to
want Nocturne to take a single step closer to her. Her eyes look past Nocturne
as if she's expecting to see another pony outside laughing at the two of them.
"I…I…" her face grows upset, "You must be joking…"

Nocturne bears an expression both puzzled and saddened. "Well… I don't know.
Did she… have any others planned?" His gaze shifts to the town around him,
and he stamps his hoof. "Who am I kidding? … Now what?" He finally turns to
make eye contact with the mare, bearing a helpless expression.

Daisychain looks a little queasy, one brow perked up high, "I…I
didn't…didn't even find out about it until…until just a little bit ago!"
She's really on edge. Knowing enough of Nocturne and Rising's story to know
that she can't tr…oh. Her expression drops completely. "Wow…"

Nocturne's expression turns to that of curiosity. He raises an eyebrow and
speaks in a more confident tone. "So what got you into this?" He knows that the
pegasus has every reason to not trust him, but can't help but wonder what she
could have done to deserve this. After all, she seems fairly innocent.

Daisychain gives the unicorn a bit of a stare-down. She's really not amused,
"A..apparently kissing Rising is…is a big no-no." As much as she'd love to
shut the door on him and get back to making the cake she'd started earlier,
this date was stamped 'unavoidable' by the Queen, so there isn't anything she
can do to get out of it right now. She sneers, "…Come in…"

Nocturne trots a step back as he is stared down… and immediately raises his
eyes and ears at her answer. "Seriously!? I mean… well… alright." The
unicorn trots past the mare, shivering as he accidentally brushes against her.
He turns around to glance over the pegasus once more. This is the first time
he's ever seen a mare dressed in such a easy, for him even - well, not exactly.
"That dress looks nice on you." His voice grows quiet, but not as blatantly
terrified as before.

Daisychain glares a bit at Nocturne as he compliments her. The hair on the back
of her neck stands on end for a second or two. Her evening has officially been
ruined. "I…I don't want to talk to you, " she remarks, "I…don't want
you…here. But, I'm under…orders…from…from the Queen…" She lets out a
deep sigh. Even with a clear sky, it's raining on her parade.

Nocturne trots closer to the mare, trembling harder with each step. "I didn't
want to do this either… but… that doesn't mean we can't make something out
of it." He nearly cringes at his choice of words, but he knows that there is no
way out of this. "Listen… I'm not the kind of stallion that you think I am."
He hides his face behind his mane, a tactic he hadn't used since he was a foal.
A few words can be distinguished as he quietly whimpers. "I'm sure you aren't
like that either."

For every step Nocturne takes forward, Daisy takes one backwards. As she gets
closer to a wall, she spreads her wings open, ready to take flight,
"The…the…only thing I want to…to make of this is…is…is you stayin'
away from me…" She throws another glare at him.

Nocturne trots away from the mare after wincing from her glare. "Fine… so
what's gonna happen when the queen finds out?" He stands still, cursing under
his breath for a moment. "Do you think Rising wanted us to kiss her any more
than we want this?" Apparently his prior argument with the sorceress paid off
in giving him some perspective.

Daisychain flaps her wings a few times, hovering up into the rafters where
Gravity tends to perch. He's not here at the moment, though. She peers down
with a frown, "She…she said I couldn't…I couldn't avoid it. I let you in,
din't I? She never…never said I had ta' enjoy it."

"Really?" Nocturne turns back to the mare with a spiteful glare towards the
hiding pegasus. "My terms were a little different. I suppose that's none of
your concern, though." The unicorn shakes his head as he makes his way to a
nearby couch, and looks around the room for a clock. Even without one, he's
certain that he has plenty of time to figure something out, and unfortunately
for him, gaining the pegasus' trust seems to have less risk than lying to the
queen. "So… how did it feel?"

Daisychain huffs, staring daggers down at the uninvited invited guest. She's
really not comfortable right now. "It…it doesn't matter, okay? It…it
happened…and…and now she's punishing me…with…with /you/…"

Nocturne puts his head into his hooves and groans. "That was /one/ time." He
looks up to the mare with a menacing glare. "Even that mare can stand to be
around me better than you, and she's the one who had to suffer that!" He pounds
his hoof against the couch cushion before once again scowling at Daisy. "What's
your deal? Jealousy?"

Daisychain 's tail twitches, smacking against one of the rafters. Her brows
both lift up, "Wait…what? Jealousy?" This really sets her back…he's rather
far off. "Jealous of what? You…you aren't much to be…to be jealous of." A
spark ignites in her eyes, "She don't like ya, Queen don't like ya, an' /I/
don't like ya. I…I can see why…why she chose /you/ as my punishment…"

Nocturne jumps off of the couch and begins to trot in Daisy's direction, but
pauses after a few steps, and takes a seat on the ground. "I don't get it. I
haven't done anything to you this whole night, and you can't even take a
compliment from me." He stares at the pegasus as his eyes glisten with what may
be a few tears. "If you have a problem with me, tell it to my face."

Daisychain sticks her tongue out from up in the rafters. Unless Nocturne casts a
flight spell he won't be getting to her any time soon as long as she's perched
where she is. "It ain't about ya doin' anything ta me." She takes in a deep
breath, "It's about Risin'."

"Of course," Nocturne mutters, apparently staring at a wall. "It goes without
saying that you care about her, right? Well I've tried my best to make it up to
her. I've tried my hardest to prove to that I'm not what she thinks I am… or
what you think I am." He finally looks back to Daisy, looking defeated and
helpless. "Very well then. By the time this is over, I can tell your queen that
I failed. Don't worry, I won't tell her that you didn't give me a chance. At
least you have ponies who care about you."

Daisychain lets out a sigh. She /has/ been a bit bitter towards the other pony.
Then again, this was all thrown at her unexpectedly and she had been having such
a good day ever since last night. She peers down more from the rafters,
"Look…I know I ain't bein' fair an' all. And…well…that ain't fair.
But…you also gotta see things from my end…"

Nocturne looks away as Daisy begins to speak, but looks back with curiosity
when she doesn't sound as harsh. Perhaps he wasn't being fair himself, not
seeing things from her perspective - then again, he never had an opportunity to
see in such a way. "I'm… willing to listen."

Daisychain stays up in the rafters…she's a little more comfortable there at
the moment, "I…I had a really…really…good night last night…and…and
today was goin' so well. I was in th' middle of makin' somethin' for…a
friend…an' next thing I know I'm bein' told that ain't happenin' an' I've got
a 'date' on the way."

Nocturne gives a very subtle nod as Daisy explains her side of the story.
"That's all understandable. See, I was told about this date a long time ago. I
spent a lot of time trying to get used to talking to ponies… and being
friendly, all because I thought that I'd get set up with somepony who didn't
know me. It would have been a clean slate, and nothing I did in the past would
have mattered… and instead I got you."

The unicorn shakes his head and stammers a bit. "Not to say it's a bad thing…
I just didn't get what I expected either." He finally stands up, but remains
where he sat. "That's no reason for me to be upset with you though. And I'm

Daisychain looks around the rafters a bit. She'd actually never really been up
in them before until just now, apart from when she collided with the ceiling
during a failed bounty attempt on the Queen. It's almost…cozy. "It…it don't
matter if you're upset with me. Thing is…the Queen an' Risin' come first and
foremost. If they don't trust somepony, I feel it's fer a good reason. It ain't
as personal as you might think."

Nocturne looks down at the ground as he tries to comprehend Daisy's answer.
Unfortunately, the kind of relationship that she has with the queen isn't a
kind he is familiar with. He at least knows enough to not recognize the queen
as evil or malicious. "Then what do you think it means when…" Parts of his
mind are fighting off any desire to continue. "When she makes you go on a date,
and…" He /really/ doesn't want to go any further, and it's made evident by
his muscles tightening. It's very unlikely that it will make the situation any
better. "And you have to get your date to kiss you. Is that for a good reason

Daisychain almost falls from the ceiling in surprise. She sputters, flapping
her wings to right herself and keep from going down. "She…she…really said
that…?" Her eyes narrow. "How do I know you ain't just tryin' ta sneak a kiss
in on me like you did Risin'…eh?"

Despite his sad and frustrated demeanor, Nocturne manages a small chuckle.
"Well… you can't know that for sure. I could go on and on about how I don't
understand why ponies love, and date, and kiss. It would still be taking my
word for it." He begins trotting around the front of the nearby couch, his
staggered footsteps making his anxiety rather visible. "So that's up to you."

Daisychain finally gets herself settled back in up above the other pony. "Well,
that may be what you say the Queen said, but she din't say nothin' about a kiss
t' me…" She hovers over to a different beam. "So…don't keep yer hopes up

"It's okay," Nocturne replies, in a quieter and lower voice. "That's just my
end of the deal anyway. Like I said, I can keep you out of this, because none
of this is fair. I kissed Rising because I knew it would be something that she
would hate me for. I was angry at her, frustrated at her, and… all sorts of
things, but I wasn't in love with her… not like you… right?"

Daisychain glares. That wasn't the best thing he could have said to save
himself tonight. "Look…first off, I like her…yeah. I like her a lot. But,
it don't matter because of her an' th' Queen. But, if you think tellin' me
about you kissin' her outta spite is gonna make me warm up to ya any more, you
got another thang comin'…"

Nocturne doesn't even move in response. "That's not the point. You have no
reason to warm up to me anyway. Your end of the deal is done, right?" He
returns to the couch where he sat and runs a hoof across his mane. "I'm sorry
that this night didn't go your way… and I'm sorry that you ended up with me
as a date."

Daisychain spreads her wings and glides down from the rafters. She lightly
stomps her way towards the kitchen after letting out a light snort. "I can't
believe she made me get all done up for /this/…"

Nocturne remains on the couch, waiting for the night to be over so that he can
receive his punishment; however, his ears perk up at what he overhears from the
kitchen. He hops off the couch and slowly trots up to the kitchen doorframe.
"If she put so much planning into it, do you think she expected it to end up
like this?" He leans against the doorway and tries his best to stare off
blankly. "I don't want to admit it any more than you do, but don't you think
this is all for a reason?"

Daisychain rolls her eyes before opening up the fridge and pulling out the bowl
of cake batter she had been working on before the so-called 'date'. She doesn't
really take into account the fact that she's still wearing the dress, but that
doesn't seem to be a major concern for her. "Yeah. She's punishin' ya fer
kissin' Risin'…an'…well…she's punishin' me fer th' same thing. I don't
see how yer th' one gettin' any punishment from this…"

"You have no idea," Nocturne scowls, not taking any effort to approach the
mare. "How would you like watching a chance like this slip away with every word
you speak?" He hangs his head in an attempt to hide the tears building on his
face, but in vain as a few fall to the ground. "A chance to make amends for
what happened and to move on with my life." The unicorn appears to be gripping
the doorframe rather tightly, shown by the tension in his foreleg. "I can't ask
you to give me that. Not with what it costs you."

Daisychain pffts, digging through drawers in the attempt to find a clean wooden
spoon. She still hasn't gotten used to the kitchen yet. Then again, with Rising
doing more of the cooking, it makes sense. She pulls it out and sticks it into
the batter bowl. "You really think gettin' me to kiss ya is gonna magically
make what you've done go away?" Daisy picks the spoon up in her mouth and stirs
the batter up a bit.

Nocturne slowly slides down the doorframe to sit on the ground. "Of course not.
At least I tried. Since that day, I've been trying to be a better pony. I did
everything I could, thinking that when this 'date' came around, I could prove
that I've changed." He clumsily picks himself back up and trots to the mare's
side, eying what appears to be cake mix that she's stirring. "That's why this
chance meant so much to me. It's not about undoing what I've done, or getting a
kiss from you. We both were put into this to show that we can be better. How is
this not letting your queen down?"

Hesitating with a hoof barely off the ground
at first, he raises it to Daisy's chin to face her in his direction. "I don't
care if you don't kiss me. Why can't we just get to know each other better?"
His eyes return to the bowl of cake mix. "Making that for a friend?" As much as
the unicorn is trying now, he has given up long ago.

Daisychain takes a step back from Nocturne when he turns her head. She glares a
bit at him, eyes narrow behind her goggles. "Provin' you've changed, or gettin'
better…it ain't somethin' that you can just…/do/. If there's anythin' I've
learned from the Queen is that it ain't about how hard or how little you try
showin' you can do somethin'. You either do it…or ya don't." She backs up a
little more, returning to tending the cake mix, "I s'pose it's somethin' like

Nocturne turns his head away as Daisy steps back. "Y'know what happened in this
room?" He looks over at the sword that hangs on the wall. "There was a stallion
who kept trying to prove something to a mare. He didn't have any luck changing
her mind… so eventually he gave up and took advantage of how weak and
helpless she was… and kissed her."

"That's a lot like what's happened now. I'm sure you've noticed something
different, though." After finally delivering his sappy spiel, the same frozen
feeling that he felt before entering this house returns to him as he awaits a
response from the mare.

Daisychain pulls a pair of cake pans out from one of the cabinets and carefully
pours the batter evenly into them. As they settle, she turns on the oven. "It
ain't about what's happened b'fore in this room. It's about what's happenin'
now. You wanna know what /I/ see? I see a pony feelin' a bit too sorry fer
himself…I'm in that same spot more often than I can count…so I know how
easy it is. I almost lost my temper last night because of it, an' that woke me
up more'n I could explain." She starts cleaning up the little bit of a mess
she's made on the counter, "You wanna prove you've gone and gotten better?
Don't try an' prove it. Jus' do it. Be better."

Nocturne's cold, terrified feelings remain with him after Daisy's response, and
after a moment, he finally speaks, sounding void of any enthusiasm or effort
that he carried before. "That's… that's what I'm saying. I'm telling you
what's happening now… it's… it's not what happened before. It's not what
/I/ did before." He could leave right now, oh so easily, but even with the
mare's stubborn attitude, something is holding him back.

"I didn't want to disappoint you, Daisy. Just because I was forced into this,
and because you're not who I expected… doesn't mean I just wanted to get what
I needed and run. I thought something more could have come out of it. Besides,
what's feeling sorry for yourself worth in the long run with nopony to talk
about it with? If you want to keep feeling sorry for yourself and lose your
temper, I won't stop you… but I would have… I wanted to help you."

The oven is just about at temperature. Daisy pulls it open and places the two
cake pans in. After she closes the door she sets a timer so she knows when it's
ready. Though she glares a bit more, she's /far/ from actually losing her
temper at the pony. There's only one resident of this town that knows what
she'll do and Nocturne is certainly not it.

"I don't think disappointed is th' word I'd use. More like surprised and
frustrated. Don't assume I think yer some sort of god-awful pony or nothin'…I
don't trust ya, is most of it. You've made bad choices…" she stares into the
oven, "We all have. But, th' difference between you an' me is when we kissed
Risin' as you well know. You did it outta spite. You did it with cruel
intentions. Me…I…I did it because I care for her…an' I wanted to show
that to her. You can't jus' come walkin' in expectin' after just one night I'm
gonna warm up to ya. If ya want my trust, it's gonna take a lot more earnin'
than that."

Nocturne nods - as best he can while feeling so weak and terrified. "Of course.
I told you that earlier so that you'd know why I'd let you go at the end of
this, and take the blame for it all. As far as I can tell, doing something for
love means a lot more than spite. Just… tell the queen that you tried your
best, and I'll tell her the same." He turns back to the doorframe, but turns
one last time. "I may not be able to undo what I've done, but I hope I can earn
your trust some day. I mean, I…" Despite his cold and emotionless tone from
before, his lips begin quivering, quite noticeably. "I like you, Daisy." He
doesn't know for sure what he means by it, and already regrets saying it, but
he the stallion found the words appropriate at the time.

Daisychain lets out a bit of a sigh before working on cleaning up the rest of
her mess. Miraculously she's managed to not dirty up the dress she's wearing,
"Don't worry so much 'bout the Queen. She gave you a task that ya couldn't
complete, an' it's not all yer fault. No sense in you takin' the blame jus'
cause ya think you should…"

Her ears flatten at those last words. Perhaps this is how Rising feels any
time somepony falls for her…especially now that Daisy's understanding more
and more how it feels to care for another. "In that case, maybe it's best you
be leavin' then…"

Nocturne nods his way through Daisy's words, too distracted by the millions of
thoughts questioning what he just said. "I- I- I don't even know what-" It's no
use. The stallion has spent all night trying, and now has the thought of what
he just said to end it with. "Goodbye, Daisy." He pauses at the door, as anger
and tears are evident on his face. All that can be heard after by Daisy is a
loud slam of the door.

As soon he hears the door slam shut behind him, Nocturne stamps and pounds the
dirt along his path, swearing under his breath. "What… what kind of sick joke
was that, Queen Pegasus?" A stone's throw down the path, the stallion stops in
his tracks and lets himself fall to the ground, dumbfounded by whatever it is
that compelled him to say what he did to Daisy. He eventually picks himself up,
and continues a slow trek to his home.

Daisychain lets out a deep sigh as Nocturne does just what she asks of him. She
knows he has it rough…she's been in his hooves before. But, she still doesn't
trust him, and after the previous night she's found herself falling for an
unlikely target. Her ears twitch as her over-sensitive hearing picks up him
muttering something to himself. It's hard to pick it up but she can imagine
what it is. After all, she's thinking pretty much the same thing. She sits
down, staring at the cake and hoping it's ready in time…