Date Night
IC date: Fall 73, 1007
OOC date: December 1, 2012
PCs: Ruby-Blossom, Kludge, Sodium-Fizz, Winter-Solstice
GM: None

A chilly Autumn (Fall?) Friday evening restaurant - an ideal choice for a double-date at the Harbor's fancy re coincidentally one of the few establishments to consistently avoid destruction at the hoofs of the numerous disasters that plague the Harbor! A fancy fair with cloth napkins, dinner by candle light, and over-priced wine.

Ruby informed each of the party members individually of the time and location - despite making all the arrangements Ruby is all but dragging her hoofs as she and Winter-Solstice make their way down Main Street. "Are you sure this is a good idea? I think maybe I should go home and change into something a tad more fitting. I feel so uncomfortable." The mare not bothered by the pretty gold earrings with brilliant inlaid rubies, or the sash worn loosely around her neck, or the fact she's groomed her mane into a delightful little bob. Heck, she even gave Winny a trim so the larger mare is stylin!

A winged silluet drifed across the evening sky, resolving into a pegasus in greys and purples and reds as it drew closer to the resturant. Flaring her wings Sodium-Fizz bleed off excess speed and touched down nimbly. And rather self-conciously to boot, her normal outfit forsaken for a wine-red dress - one of fairly simple design in and off itself with a double-layer of skirts cut to fall close around her hindquarters, a rather plunging neckline accentuated further by a high collar and puffed sleaves tied off around her upper legs with purple ribbons. Worn girded around her midsection was a corset of brighter rose red, decorated with soft purple floar broderies and laced up the back with purple ribbons terminating in a sublte if fetching bow.

Fizz scuffed her hooves nervously. All in all, she feelt kinda silly. Sure, the dress provided the same covering she'd been craving for since they got back - though it only made her more aware of the scars on her legs and the jagged bite in her ear. Craning her neck around she looked about, trying to pick out the rest of her company for the night. Hopefuly it would feel less stange with them about… Maybe… Well, if she was lucky…

Fizz sighed - no, she was pretty sure it wouldn't help at all. It'd make it just worse. Her hoof-shuffling redubled as parnaoid worry added to self-conciousness.

Kludge trots up, twitching his nose and occasionally looking cross-eyed at it. Instead of his usual tool vest, he's actually wearing a formal coat that adds a certain amount of class, but with such a cut that it is still easy to move around in. The hat that he is wearing is the high quality one Ruby gave to him when the Twins arrived in town, so not much difference from the usual for him in that regard… as opposed to his face.

The reason why his nose is twitching, and why he takes the occasional glance at his face, is due to a certain lack of something. Namely, his mustache.

"Yes, it is a good idea!" insists Winter, half-escorting, half-dragging Ruby along. "And even if you're having second thoughts I'm not and you should trust my judgment in this matter because I am totally convinced yours is not the best! Besides, I bet Kludge is dressed up like quite the dapper gent." She tucks herself behind the smaller mare and pushes. "Replaced that thing on his head with, like, a top hat, or something! Don't you want to see him in his dapper duds?!"

The big white mare is stylin' indeed. At least, above the neckline, her typically messy mane tamed into a reasonable mop, generally swept up and back rather than up and everywhere. Below the neckline, her stylishness depends on how outlandish one is willing to let the extent of fashion extend towards.

For one, she's wearing A DRESS. Not just any dress- a loose skirt evidently cobbled together from leather* aprons worn by the forge. The well-worn material has been stained a warm nut-brown by heat and soot and, as of late, soap and conditioning. It hangs in four broad strips, two down along Winter's flanks, two others to the side, all four bound together by loose straps. Iron stripping along the edges accentuates the obvious origins of the garment.

In front, she's wearing a loose, silky white shirt, with a broad collar, a plunging neckline and loose sleeves that terminate above her elbows. Lest the garment billow in the breeze like the sails of the ship on whose crew it would feel more at home, the shirt is bound to her chest by a leather* vest cinched by simple iron buttons. On her hind legs, matching leather* boots of a simple, clean design complete the ensemble. Neither of them are iron-plated, although this is likely because she ran out of time in preparing the outfit than because of some sudden concern for sartorial restraint.

With a grunt she gives another shove against Ruby's back end. "See, look, I can see him and Soda up ahead! And- and… okay, okay, no top hat, it looks like. But- ooh!" The big mare slips out from behind Ruby and hops up, waving a foreleg. "FIZZY!" she calls out, down the street. "HIIII!"

At the mention of Kludge and Fizzy ahead Winny finds it all the harder to push Ruby along - the mare quite uneasy about something, something indeed! The moment Winny slips out from behind her - Ruby's ducking behind the bigger mare to mostly conceal herself from Fizzy and Kludge; Winny always makes a great hiding spot! In addition to the jewelry and sash Ruby has adorned a simple dress of pink fabric: sleeveless with a rather poofy dress boistered by petticoats. She cowers behind Winny and whispers "Do I really have to do this?" tugging Winny's tail in a futile attempt to slow the other mare - finding her prorgress towards Kludge and Fizzy far more rapid when Winny's pulling and not pushing.

Sodium-Fizz cocked her head to the side. Was that Kludge over there? Oh yes. "Hello Klu-…" Soda never got further as Winter called out to her, wincing at the volume as she spun around. And gave the two mares a very odd look. Just what was Winter wearing? And why was Ruby hiding? And… Well, she could understand the later one she guessed. She kinda wanted to go and hide herself. Even more so now than before, it looked like it would be a -difficult- evening and that… That she didn't want to have anything to do with!

"Hey Winter… Ruby."

Winter-Solstice slows up, then stops. She stops her waving and turns to look back at Ruby, worried at first, then with a bright smile. "Yeah, you do. If not now, then some other time. But the sooner you do it, the more time you have to enjoy life not worrying about it anymore, so let's just get it done with, so we can get to the good stuff all the quicker."

She turns back towards the others, then, and resumes walking forward, and drags Ruby along with her short-cropped tail if necessary. "Heya, Fizz." Winter slips close enough to lean down and give the pegasus a smooch on the cheek. "You look smashing!" Leaning over, she flashes Kludge a grin. "Heya, Kludge, I see you-" She falls silent. Then stares at Kludge's upper lip, and says no more.

Kludge trots over to Ruby and gives her a formal bow. He might not be from Canterlot or any of the big cities, but he still has some idea on how to be classy. "Looking as lovely as ever, my beloved Ruby," he murmurs with a gentle smile. Walking up alongide her, he adds "Shall we?" with a tilt of his head.

Ruby-Blossom whines cutely as Winny pulls her all the way; despite this she finds herself pushed close and closer until there's really no backing out and Fizzy and Kludge are fully exposed to the source of Ruby's fretting.

Stark white. White mane, white coat; same Ruby red eyes - adverted away from the pair as she arrives by pony-drawn carriage…minus the carriage.

Sodium-Fizz blushed brightly and leand up against Winter. For a moment anyway. Pulling back she turned her attention to Ruby-Blossom and… Huh? Fizz cocked her head to the side again, curiously. "Ruby…? What's… this?" She motioned at Ruby, the whole of her, with a wave of her hoof.

Winter-Solstice continues to point at Kludge's upper lip. "OH MY GOSH, they got him!" she declares, looking back at Soda and Ruby. If the big mare is concerned with Ruby's stark whiteness, she isn't showing it. Then again, she already got her 'oh my goshes' for that out of the way a while ago.

While Kludge was not expecting Ruby to be pure white for the double date, it's also obvious that he's not surprised by the fact that she's pure white. "When the mare you're taking on a date requests that you shave and dress formally, it is usually a good idea to comply," he states simply.

Ruby-Blossom does her best to wrangle up a broad, stupid smile for Fizzy and Kludge - cause everythings TOTALLY okay, yup! All the while holding the biggest, fakest smile she can muster Ruby proclaims "Just thought I'd try a little something different, white's formal and all that." Shifting her weight nervously from one hoof to the other before nodding frantically "Yes! Kludge's lack of stache is a far more compelling topic!"

Sodium-Fizz cocks a brow at Ruby. No, she's not going to be falling for that one. Still it's not really her concern, she's more than happy to let Ruby keep her own secrets as long as she didn't go and poke around in Fizzy's own. The grey mare shook her head, shifting from hoof to hoof uneasily. "So… Here we are. What now?"

In truth, Fizz could take a gander at it - but guessing etiquet always made her nervous.

Winter-Solstice quiets, watching Kludge, then turns to look at Ruby. Oh! Oh, yeah. The white thing. On the one hand, the complete lack of a surprised reaction is… well, surprising. On the other, it's a little concerning. "The turquoise was a dye," says Winter, as she moves to settle in behind Ruby, and intercept her. "This is what she really looks like. And she looks just fine, because white is a great color! It's the color of knights and stars and snow and all sorts of cool stuff." Winter leans forward and pats Ruby on the head. "And you didn't need to worry, see? They are totally cool with it. Now then! Who's hungry?!"

Ruby-Blossom points "Inside, inside. Yes, lets all head inside." nudging Kludge firmly "In we go, can't be late." Offering another silly smile to Kludge and Fizzy; that smile takes a turn towards a nervous twitch as Winny says such things! Her smile melts into a rather nervous affair - particularly when she finds she's stuck between Kludge and a hardcase.

Kludge smiles and walks along with Ruby, just like any polite stallion would walk alongside his marefriend. Of course, he is keeping an eye open for any trouble, as he knows that Ruby could easily be "mistaken" for a much more notorious pony, and he might have to keep other at bay.

Sodium-Fizz nodded and fell in besides Winter-Solstice herself, throwing her own marefriend a curious glance. Settling on it being better to just not ask what's up with her attire she glanced past her towards Ruby. "And yes, it's not like it's a particularly big deal. You don't have to be nervous about -that-." Soda smiled softly, if looking a bit strained.

Winter-Solstice throws her hooves up. "Ugh! If you all aren't gonna go eat, then more for me!" She pushes past the rest and stomps her way up and inside, pushing the door open and letting it swing shut behind her A few moments later, her Loud Voice can be heard echoing back from inside. "Yes! Ruby Blossom, Party of four! We're here for a culinary dungeon dive!"

Ruby-Blossom offers Fizzy a nervous smile in return as she trots along side Kludge - following the boisterous Winny through the front door. Winny's entrance causing the maitre de raise a brow curiously. "Very well, madame?" a slight upwards inflection as the maitre de realizes just how large the mare is; leading the four to their table. "Your table.

Sodium-Fizz smiled softly and chuckled, following along behind Winter into the resturant and to their table, planting her flanks on one of the seats. After some struggling with the skirts of her dress, leaving her scowling. "Ugh… Why did I think it was a good idea to wear this thing, again?"

"Because all three of you look lovely in your dresses?" suggests Kludge, who takes a seat where he can keep an eye on the entrances and help screen Ruby from any prying gazes.

Ruby finds herself standing in front of her own suit as Kludge takes his own; this encites a little huff from the white mare whoe pulls out her own seat, sits, then looks over her shoulder at the imaginary well-mannered stallion known her date "Thank you for pulling out my chair." offering a smile before turning gaze to Kludge to give a little stare.

Winter-Solstice nods, as she settles in as well. She and the confines of Booths have never gotten along, so she's grateful to be at a proper table. She flashes Soda a grin and leans over to bump the pegasus's cheek with her nose. "What he said. Because you look great. And sometimes it's fun to dress up for a change, isn't it?" Settling back down, she picks up her menu, opens it, then closes it up and slaps it down on the table. "Grilled asparagus with raspberry sauce!" she declares. "What are YOU all getting?"

Another blush graced Sodium-Fizz's muzzle, or more like inconveneiented it if one were to ask her, as she turned her attention to the menue. "I think I'd like the…" began Soda and cocked her head to the side, ears pinning back in disstaste. "I don't actualy know to be honest, it's all… fancy-ish. The grilled vegetables in wine sauce, maybe?"

As Soda browes her menu, a shaggy white hoof reaches over from the side and starts pointing at various things in a clumsy enough manner said things cannot be seen. "That's good. THat's good. Get that, too, that's good. Don't get that, but do get that."

Kludge looks over at Ruby and gives a sheepish shrug. "I think I'll leave this to your discretion and have what you're having," he remarks to his beautiful marefriend.

The waiter, a suitably manicured looking fellow in a collar and tie, observes all of this, waiting patiently as he writes down Winter's order on a little notepad. His cutie mark is a boat and waiting on tables was not his first career decision, but hey, you take what you can get. At Kludge's remark, he glances up at Ruby briefly, waiting.

Ruby-Blossom hmms softly at Kludge "Typically the stallion orders for his marefriend. I do believe I'll have the Portobello Mushroom stuffed with red pepper and mozzarella with a caesar salad." she glances sideways at the waiter. "Typically one is offered the wine selection before having their order taken." Ruby-red eyes looking the waiter over in a critical fashion before returning to Kludge. "I suppose…

Sodium-Fizz flashed Ruby a smile across the table. "Well, typicaly neither I nor Winter, I think, visit fancy resturants. And I know that for myself I could care less about it." Her smile fell slightly. "I don't have any reson for wanting wine. Yet…"

Shaking her head to clear it of thoughts Soda leaned back, folding her hooves on the table.

Ruby has felt quite naked this evening despite wearing more clothes than any normal day; it's obvious she's begun to relax as she's both speaking and being rather snippy with the waiter. The waiter gives a small nod and a pleasant enough smile. "I would recommend the Dom Prignon or Sparkling Wine for your selections tonight." Ruby swiftly waves a hoof "Four glasses of sparkling cider." clearly she had no intention of ordering wine - but still couldn't let a stallion not do his job. "So..umn…

Winter-Solstice withdraws her hoof, as it seems Soda is having enough luck picking things out on her own without Winter's interferassistance. The big mare settles back into her seet and drums her hooves on the table, and smiles up at the waiter. "Extra big sparkling cider for me, I am PAAAAARCHED." She turns and watches Soda for a moment, still smiling, t hough it falters a bit in short order. She then turns and nods at the waiter. "What she said. Grilled veggies in wine sauce." Winter beams a smile across at Ruby afterwards, puffing her chest out. "There! I ordered for Soda! See?"

Sodium-Fizz cocked her head to the side, glancing at Winter for a moment. "So… you're the stallion in the relationship? Figuratively speaking, obviously!" Her imagination provided a literal interpration of the same sentance, making her shudder.

Kludge shrugs a little to Ruby. "I would rather defer to one who has more relevant knowledge than I, than to lead blindly just on tradition."

Ruby-Blossom offers Winny and Fizzy a warm smile as the waiter gives a polite little nod before trotting - left wondering if the management was so eager to hire him simply because all their customer's are this strange. Ruby softly pipes up "So..umn…" she decides better of it and just smiles stupidly for a long a moment. "I'm running out of secrets ya know…" she admits sheepishly.

Winter-Solstice is considering Soda's question, head tilted slightly, eyes narrowed in thought, but Ruby provides a welcome distraction. Winter pounds a hoof on the table, BONK. Plates and silverware alike dance out of their places. "Good! Secrets are meant to be uncovered," she says. "Nobody hides, like, a secret chamber in a cave if they don't intend someone else to find it."

Another little smile graced Sodium-Fizz's muzzle. "Good… You're doing much better than me on that part, then."

Soda fell silent for a moment. "Then again, I'd rather not go and poke around in mine. They're all… unsavory, and I don't like 'em." She shook her head and settled back down, staring at her hooves. A few moments later one was tracing a pattern back and forth across the table. "So… What are we suposed to do on this whole date thing? My reference matterial isn't directly quality stuff. Just some very trashy fiction. Very, very trashy."

Ruby-Blossom giggles softly as she seems to be relaxing despite being white as a ghost. "Fizzy. You should know that we accept you regardless of what has occured in the past - we're all different, but we're together. Even if some of us are more addorable than others." glancing at Kludge while leaning into her hoof. "I'm quite curious about this trash you speak off. Then again I've poor taste in reading material. Did you know I was featured in my own comic book at some point?

Kludge coughs in the way of one who was not expecting something to be said, and takes another glance at the exits. Nope, no sign of trouble.

Winter-Solstice fidgets in her seat, twisting this way and that. She glances up towards the exits as Kludge does, curious what he's waiting for. Does he have another date coming? Is this a surprise triple date? That could be exciting. The big mare smiles across to Soda. "What do you do on any date?" she asks. "Shucks, what do you do when you're normally out with friends? I guess this is sort of not really much of a double date since we already all sort of know eachother and hang o ut around eachother all the time anyway. Though maybe less now that, you know. We're not all trapped inside what is basically a big stinky closet for old snowsuits that need to be washed."

She then eyes Ruby. "You don't have any copies of that still, do you?"

Sodium-Fizz eyed Ruby curiously herself. "Actualy, now I'm currious too… I kinda feel out of the comics crowd when I moved from home and couldn't pilfer my brother's collection. Though I kinda wish I hadn't, but hindsight is rather a… Well, you know. Stupid science-related memetic disorder…" She sighed and rolled her eyes. "But no, I didn't know that."

Half turning she glanced at Winter for a moment, then shrugs. "I wouldn't know, I've kind of been trying to -avoid- having friends for the most part, you know."

Ruby-Blossom smiles warmly "I don't know. I still think I spend plenty of time with all you. Admittedly not nearly enough snuggly time." extending her hoofs in a grabby manner at the pair of mares across the table before being rudely interrupted by "Your Sparkling Cider, madame." the waiter gently placing three normal sized glasses and one stien before filling each with a freshly opened bottle of sparkling cider. "Your meals should be up shortly." Ruby places her hooves in her lap and smiles warmly at everypony involved. "I hear you on that Fizzy." she ohs realizing she has to answer Fizzy and Winny. "Yeah, I have a couple copies in my albums." She grins "Dream-Daze has a copy too. Dear even asked for a signature.

"Still have my wooden armor," Kludge says to nopony in particular in response to Winny question to Ruby.

Winter-Solstice offers Soda a crooked smile. "Aww. I don't think you're as naive as you think, Fizzy. And anyway, you can just make the date whatever you want. There isn't some kinda -date judge- that's gonna show up at the end and be all 'oh, you didn't do it right! you lose the date game!'" She reaches out to take her stein of cider and drain a good third of it in a few eager gulps. Ahhh! She licks her lips afterwards. "Though I guess you could always screw it up yourself and then everybody would feel like they lost." She considers. Mmm, apple… oh. "Well, not YOU you, Fizzy. Just, you know. The general you."

Winter is about to dive into her drink once more and then pauses, peering over the brim of her stein at Ruby. "You told Dream Daze? The, er, that mute kid?"

Ruby-Blossom squeeks softly "It kinda happened when I told Kludge…and not like Dream-Daze can /tell/ anypony else you know?

Sodium-Fizz winced. She could deffinatly do it herself. In fact it she was completely prepared to do it, should the need arise. She shot Ruby a nervous glance before tucking it away behind a well practiced small smile. "Well, I supose so… But with that said, my idea off it comes from trashy romance novels… More… Well, less romance and more bedroom, really…" Her muzzle scrunched up for a moment. "And… who is Dream-Daze?"

Ruby-Blossom pipes softly "Dream-Daze is an adorable little foal who's mute. Not as adorable as Maggie." her tone perking noteably as hse mentions Magpie.

Winter-Solstice shrugs absently. "Never really met her myself. All I know is she can't talk. Not sure if it's, like, like some kinda… physical thing, or she just never learned?" Winter quiets and peers across the restaurant. "I never learned how to swim. Then I found out I had the power to swim inside me all along; all I had to do was look inside, and believe." She nods once, then grins at Soda. "You read smut?!"

Kludge sips on his sparkling cider, listening to the conversation and keeping an eye on the exits.

Sodium-Fizz blushed brightly. "Yes, I do… I don't see why you're suprised though. Everypony's a pervert. And if you tell me you're not I don't belive you. Goes for all of you." The grey mare huffed and took a sip from her own cider while glancing around the table. "My point still stand, they're horrible date reference matterial."

"So for a date," she hazarded, "I don't really know. Just go out, eat something, talk, have fun. Give a gift? Kinda something like that."

Winter-Solstice throws her hooves up. "I didn't say anything about being judgmental about it!" she says, grinning broadly. "Just, you know. It's kind of surprising, I guess?" She quiets. "Well, maybe not THAT surprising." She peers at Soda sideways, eyes narrowed, a big smile on her face. "Anyway, I don't know if gift-giving is a thing. At least I hope not, since I didn't bring anything. Except, uh, myself? And money."

Sodium-Fizz blushed brightly, fixing her gace on her table-scratching hoof. Which is now much more energic! Did Winters really have to say that out loud? After a moment of silent fuming a small, if nervous, smile broke across Sodium-Fizz's muzzle. "Well.. I did kinda bring something, myself. You know how we… talked about me keeping you in mind, before? And I said…"

Winter-Solstice's smile spreads further. Fizzy sure is cute when she's blushing. Good thing Winter is generally clueless when it comes to embarassment and the causing thereof, otherwise Soda might find herself blushing quite a lot more. The big mare scratches her head at the thought of mementos. "No! Wait, yes. Yes! I can't remember the context. Something about a locket and an alligator in the snow." She considers. "No. At least two of those things I'm getting confused with something I read in a book." Her grin drops rapidly. "Oh! You didn't actually get me something, did you? I jsut told you I didn't bring anything! Oh no! Okay, okay- I'll pretend I didn't hear anything, and you can save it for the Week of Giving and then I can act surprised when you bust it out!"

Kludge chuckles and smiles, glancing over at Ruby. He knows that at some point he should get her a gift, but the hard part will be to figure out what she wants that wouldn't get him slapped for suggesting it.

Sodium-Fizz fidgeted, seeming more embarased than anything right now. There's a clear hint of dissapointment though, and relief. She needed… advice? Turning slightly she glanced towards Kludge and Ruby, biting her lower lip.

Winter-Solstice squirms in her seat, and mumbles under her breath. "I'm still super duper curious what it is."

Kludge looks over at Fizzy and tilts his head with a quizzical expression. It might just be him being denser than usual, but he's not sure what help Fizzy seems to be silently asking.

Sodium-Fizz's ears twitched and turned in Winter's direction. Followed a few moments by the grey mare's head, though it still looked quite redish to say the least. Soda's gaze dropped to her hooves on the table once more as she bit her lower lip. After a several drawn out seconds she straightened slightly and tucked a hoof into one of the pouches hanging from her belt. "W-well, I said I… kinda wanted to… give something, too… And," she giggled nervously, "it's kinda ironic that you said, you only brought yourself."

Soda cuped the object she pulled out of her bags in her hooves, holding it out for Winter. It seems to be a rather simple broche made out of silver, the metalwork showing clear sign of being Iron Stock's, and it seems to sport quite a few ways to be fastened - as a normal broche, a hairclip or possibly, just maybe, to fit on Winter's 'friendship braclet'. The most outstanding feature, though, is the trio of prestine slate-grey fethers aranged in a neat little plume.

Nab! The trinket is snatched from Soda's grasp fast enough her hooves might sting. Winter holds the broach up to the light, narrowing her eyes as she peers at it. She turns it about, then, slowly, carefully, inspecting it from various sides, then lets it dangle from one hoof as she reaches up and taps it with another. "Oh my gosh," she says, just under her breath. "This is the best treasure ever." Winter's face then splits into a grin and she surges over to throw her forelegs around Soda's shoulders and hug the pegasus from the side. "Eeee! Thank you, Fizzy! It's gooooorgeous!"

Sodium-Fizz shifted nervously from hoof to hoof, biting her lower lip as Winter took her time to inspect the trinket. As Winter lunged at her, the grey mare blushed brightly and wiggled in in Winter's grasp. After a few moments she managed to pull her own forehooves lose and reached, cuping Winter's cheek and turning her face to her own, kissing her. Pulling back she smiled, both happy and relieved. "I'm happy you like it, Winter-Solstice."

Winter-Solstice 'mmms' at the kiss, smiling, and mumbles something about 'tastes like feathers' under her breath as she pulls back. She lingers for a moment before sitting back upright and pulling the little charm close for another inspection, still grinning. "Of course I like it. Golly, Soda! Golly." The big mare roots about in the shaggy feathering around her left forehoof, eventually digging out the copper bracelet Magpie made for her, and hunkers over the table as she goes about affixing the charm to the bracelet. Her friendship punch gains a level! "M'gonna have to make you something even neater, though," she murmurs as she works. "When's your birthday?"

Still blushing, and smiling brightly, Sodium-Fizz's gaze dropped to her hooves as she thought for a moment. "Um… I'll be twenty seven this winter. So, the 41'st?"

Winter-Solstice's gaze swings upward as she thinks. "So that's a while yet. Good! Gives me a chance to prepare." She narrows her eyes as her clumsy hooves try and repeatedly fail to affix the charm to the woven wire bracelet. She glances across the table briefly. "What about you, Kludge? When's your birthday?"

"…sixty days ago?" Kludge admits sheepishly, giving Ruby (another) apologetic shrug. "We were still getting over the Foalpocalypse, so it kinda slipped my mind."

"That sucks, kinda," muttered Sodium-Fizz before glancing at Winter and sighing. If more an affectionate one rather than the depression laden ones she usualy heaves out. "Let me help you with that, Winny." Reaching out with a hoof, and the tips of her wings, she helped ease the feathery charm onto the bracelet, snapping it in place. If trapping the tip of her right wing in it for a few moments.

Winter-Solstice wrinkles up her nose. "I'll get you next pass," she says, to Kludge. "Sorry about that." She draws her hooves back as Soda goes to affix the charm for her- Soda's the best, you guys!- and smiles gratefully afterwards. "Thanks." She dons the augmented braclet once more and grins broadly, turning her foreleg this way and that. "Maaahvelous. I hope the feathers hold up well. I'd hate to have to keep pluckin' 'em off you to fix it."

Sodium-Fizz smiled and blushed. "Oh, um… No that won't be nececary. I cooked up a preservative for 'em… As long as you don't get them damaged, they're bound to last longer than either of us."

"Phew!" says Winter, who is enough of an optimist that she doesn't pick up on the dour impications of either her or her feathery friend not lasting past a certain point. She drops her hoof back to the table and leans over to give Fizz a smooch on the cheek. "You're the best." Sitting back up, she grins. "And I'm the hungriest! I think it's time to eat."

The grey mare blushed again, leaning up against Winter for a moment before nodding. "Yes, food does sound rather good."