Date Jitters
IC date: Fall 70, 1007
OOC date: November 28, 2012
PCs: Sodium-Fizz, Winter-Solstice
GM: None

Did you know Iron Stock's shop has a back yard? It's true! Well, there is a back door to the shop leading out to a little patio of broken stones, fenced in by a rusted chain supported by small posts. There is a bench and a table out there. It's nice when one wants to step out for a bit, and offers a nice view of the harbor, a short ways from the boardwalk and overlooking the water. It's pretty chill out this morning, but Winter doesn't seem to mind, settled on the bench. Beside her sits a big mug of coffee she made for herself without destroying anything! And it apparently has yet to kick in because she is sitting mostly still and theoretically watching the water but in actuality just staring through the ground while certain parts of her wake up faster than others. It seems her legs and coffee-making bits got up early, but the rest of her ~cogitative functions~ are sleeping in a bit longer.

Sodium-Fizz seems to have taken on quite a different wake-up ritual to Winter for the day, or at least one would have to presume so since she's been nowhere to be found for a while now. At least untill a pair of wide, grey wings comes soaring in across the harbour with a equaly grey mare suspended between them. Bright yellow eyes flickered towards Iron Stock's shop, catching the hint of white and red.

Dipping a wing she banked towards the shop and dove down in a shallow arc till her hooves conected with the patio, leaving Fizzy to blead of the rest of her momentum with a few quick steps, bringing her up to Winter-Solstice. "Hello Winter," she said with a unsteady smile, "you look awfuly sleepy. This how you usualy are before you wake up properly?" While the answer was interesting, since Fizzy had wound up staying with Winter she'd always been the one last out of bed - something that came with not having any work to get up to she guessed - the question did ring somewhat hollow, especialy when one took in the porly hidden frustration on the Soda's face.

Winter-Solstice eventually looks up to see Soda coming in for a landing just before the pegasus reaches the shoreline, but her attention is pretty raptly on her after that, even if Winter still looks a little out of sorts. She doesn't respond at first, merely blinking slowly. "I think it's really cool that you can do that," she says, gesturing with a forehoof at one of Soda's wings. "That's… it's neat. Is what that is." Bliiiink. Slowly she turns towards her coffee. "I'm not sure my… sleep schedule has really sort of… been fixed? Since we got back. It feels like I think it's… midnight. I don't know. Maybe… well, it's midnight somewhere, so maybe I…" Bliiiiink. The big mare turns sluggishly back to Soda and squints at her. It is worth noting that Winter has bed hair, her already mussy mane pushed up on one side as if frozen in the midst of a breeze blowing in off the harbor. "… wait… you're mad. Uh oh. I didn't… sleep in past our anniversary or something, did I? I mean I know I'm having trouble thinking right now but I don't think I messed up my schedule THAT bad…"

Sodium-Fizz blinked at Winter, her fake smile evaporating. Only to be replaced with a small, genuine one as Fizz leaned in and nuzzled the white mare. "No, not at all. I'm just… I'm just so frustrated at Ruby right now!"

Soda huffed as she sat down. "She really need to stop joking around about things that… well, really shouldn't be joked around about! Stupid… marrige-gunk." The grey mare shudered, despite her ensamble. "I'm of half a mind just to stay at home Friday, really…"

Winter-Solstice leans gratefully into Soda's side as the pegasus settles in, although she has to catch herself lest she flop over entirely and decide that maybe sleeping in would be a good idea for the rest of her and not just her higher brain functions. A moment later, after listening to the conversation, said higher functions kick their way out of bed and start running around, screaming. Ruby! Friday! Double-date! Secrets! Winter sits up and glances about the patio hurriedly, checking under the table, lifting up her coffee mug, looking for something. She doesn't seem to find anything, but that also seems to be the desired outcome, if her sudden relaxation is any indication. The big mare smiles to Sodium, a bit more alert now. "Oh! She invited you! You- wait. Marriage?" Winter thinks. "Did she propose- no, no, that would be dumb. Her and Klu… no…" Winter glances up at the sky for a few moments. "Ohh, she thinks… you and I are getting married? I guess… she does like to comment about stuff like that…"

"She joked around about it, and… and… and I get -very- uncomfortable," mutterd Soidum-Fizz as she leaned up against Winter, in part to keep her upright and in part becaus, well… Why not? "I wouldn't be so annoyed if she'd dropped it when I told her… As much as I like her, she makes it very hard for me to stand being around her, always… Always mucking around with stuff and jabbing her grubby little hooves all over every little thing that makes me uncomfortable…"

"And yeah, I got an invitation…" The grey mare certainly don't sound to enthuseastic about it, though.

Winter-Solstice is quiet for a while, weighing all of this against what she knows about Ruby, and what she knows about the motivations behind Ruby's idea for Friday's double-date. Thinking, of course, is a full-time activity, at least in a sluggish morning such as this, and it gives Winter time to draw her coffee close and mull it over. The mug looks full, as though it has not yet actually been drawn from. The mug itself is blank and white, but someone has drawn a picture of a pirate ship on the side with a marker and written 'Horseshoe Harbor #1' beside it. "Is it… is it just because of the marriage jokes, is that the only reason you wouldn't want to go?" asks Winter, eventually, looking up. "Or is there something else she said? Or do you- I know you're kinda, you get kind of bashful about things, is it just not your thing to do a double date?" Winter settles in, moving to rest her chin atop Soda's head. Ahhhh. A purple curl of mane tickles her nose, and she *puffs* it out of the way. "We could just have our own, and have Ruby and Kludge do their own, and then some other time we could compare notes."

"It's… It's just Ruby being… all Ruby-like! She means well but… But some of her 'jokes' feels like a hot pokers in a open wound. And she doesn't listen when I tell her not to do it…" Sodium-Fizz sighed. "And… and now I don't want to go, becaus I'm worried she'll do something, again, and I'll get so angry over it that -I'll- do something stupid. And then I have to leave again 'cause nopony will want to have anything to do with me," Soda's ears pinned back against her head, "and… I'm worried that by then I'd be -happy- to leave, happy that I was right not to form any attatchemtns."

"And I don't want that to happen. So now I'm all worried over it and I don't want to go. And… and that's, really, all the wrong resons not to want to go…"

"Then if you don't want to go, then we won't go," says Winter, nudging her coffee back from the edge of the table and instead reaching up to loop both forelegs around the pegasus beside her. "Well, you don't have to go. I guess -I- could go but I don't think I'd have as much fun without you there. It'd be like a… like not a double date, but a one-point-five date." With her head still on top of Fizz's, Fizz can't see Winter's eyes darting about up above, and the little worried curl her brows knit into. "Do you… you're not gonna be totally mad at her forever, though, are you? I mean maybe we can do something else with her some other time? If not the date on friday, then, uh, uh, something else? … some other time?" Those encircling hooves tighten their hold. "Also you already formed an attachment, so there, so you can't go, because I say so. I get a vote in those things now, that's how it works, and I say you have to stay here in town."

"And that kinda scares me," came the whispered Sodium-Fizz. "'Cause now I can't run away when I get hurt, and I don't like being hurt 'cause I wind up hurting others when I do." Fizzy sighed heavily. "Not that I want to leave, no pony of sound minde would want too - I just know I can be very unsound at times. And I'd kinda would like to go on the date, really. It sounds like it could be fun, a lot of fun. And I get to spend it with my friends. And more importantly, I get to spend it with you. And I -want- that."

"So… I'm not certain, I shouldn't let fear get in the way of what I want… but it feels like my fear is very, very valid…" They grey mare bit into her lower lip as she leaned into Winter's embrace.

Winter-Solstice takes another short while to think before she responds. "Running away when you get hurt isn't really a very good response, anyway," she says. "So I guess I'm kind of glad you're stuck here. But the good news is, you're stuck with me!" She rocks back and forth a little bit, pulling Sodium along with. "We're stuck together~!" Eventually the rocking stops, and she sighs, and sits up a bit, peering down at the shorter pegasus. "Anyway, if you DO want to go, that's good. I think I want- actually I KNOW I want to go. An' I want you to go, too. I think you'll have fun, even if you're worried you won't. And…" Winter glances about the patio once more. "I know, uh, Ruby has something she wanted to tell you and Kludge, that she wanted me to be there when she said. So it's… she sort of has ulterior motives that way. But it's not a bad thing! But it is sort of a big thing for her. And maybe she's just… she's getting nervous and she's acting out because of it? Like, you know it is. But then she acts out all the time anyway without an excuse so maybe that's not it. But, uh… but… but I think if you were there, it would mean a lot to her. And if nothing else that'll give you leverage to tell her RUBY-" Winter shifts her grip to seize Soda by the shoulders and gently shake her, in demonstration, "QUIT BEIN' SO ANNOYING ABOUT STUFF YOU KNOW I HATE." Shaking concluded, Winter reels Sodium back in for another squeeze.

Sodium-Fizz blink-blinks as her mane settled back around her head in it's normal curls. She'd heard talk of the Royal Canterlot Voice, and while this wasn't it - Loudly Shouting Winter-Solstice was most likely as close as she'd get to hear it. And it did not dissapoint. A shake of her head, both to clear that line of thought as well as to buy herself some time for her ears to stop ringing, later she smiled softly. "I… Yeah, you have a point. I didn't know that Ruby was going to tell me anything… Hay, I didn't even know we were going to go on something… But, you're right. And when you're right, you're right."

Soda giggled softly, seeming rather a bit more relieved now compared to before. "I want to go with you too, Winter. Stuck together, after all. Nopony else I'd rather be stuck with than you." Fizz leaned back slightly, smiling up at Winter. Almost teasingly so. "After all, I get to be stuck with the pretties and bravest pony in the Harbour."

Winter-Solstice peeks downward as she feels Soda pulling back, to catch that teasing gaze and those flattering words. Winter's face splits with a lopsided grin, and she even blushes a bit- it shows clearly enough under the white coat of her cheeks. "Aww," she says. "You're so sweet, Fizz." She leans down to give the shorter pegasus a smooch on the lips. "And you're the prettiest and bravest pony in the harbor, too. Also the smartest." Winter thinks. "Also the best at being grey." She thinks… "And the cutest." She thinks. "Also you have the best backside." She thinks… then nods. Yep. That's it. Winter slowly starts picking herself up, pulling away from the bench, the untouched coffee, and the mare she was all the more happy to be touchin' instead. "Okay, I'm awake enough. I better head inside and start getting ready for the day. And, uh, thinking about, uh, what to wear for Friday. Don't got nothin'. I might need to run off with Boss sometime tonight after work and get something picked out!"

Sodium-Fizz nodded somewhat numbly. It was still weird to get complements like that, ones that wasn't just empty platitudes. Not that minded one bit, though from where she was stiting - watching Winter make her way back inside - the backside comment did seem a bit off the mark. She was watching the best right at the very moment. Blushing brightly she nodded. "You do that, and… And whatever you get, you'll look stunning so don't worry to much about it?"

Soda knew she'd still go about and worry, on her part. But certainly not as much as before.

Winter-Solstice pauses near the door to reach up and scratch her head with a hoof, peering back. "I'm sure I'll look fine! It's just a matter of deciding what to wear. I have a half-finished set of plate barding I was working on, maybe I can get that done. Maybe I'll be a traditionalist and just go with a big hat. Or maybe something more like… maybe corduroy is the answer." She considers for a moment, then shrugs and heads inside. "Oh well! We'll see!"