Darkest Before Dawn, Pt. 2
IC date: Winter 224, 1007 AN
OOC date: November 2, 2012
PCs: Heartsong, Jellybean, Kludge, Magpie, Manyara, Ruby-Blossom, Sky-Sparkler, Snowfield, Sodium-Fizz, Solar-Wind, Windrose, Winter-Solstice
NPCs: Nightmare Moon
GM: Applejack, Trixie

The little unicorn, unstopped by any of the larger adults, gets to the top of the tunnel and wriggles through the hole in Manyara's shield. Now that Snowfield is aware of the glamourous spell being cast by the Queen she won't be taken by it a second time! At least not without a concentrated effort to enthrall her, anyway. Her eyes track up to the silhouette against the moon with a swear under her breath as she begins to craft her lens on the spot from the snow underhoof.

Kludge takes the foals Manyara caught and shepherds them back to safety, making sure they're secured before heading back out.

Jellybean manages to squeeze through Winter's otherwise admirable attempts at defense (If Horseshoe Harbor had a football team she'd do well to try out) and is soon out in the open. She looks up and sees the source of that beautiful music, Nightmare Moon. "Your song is beautiful, miss Queen." Even now he has some sense of self-awareness. "Can I show you something? I think you'd like it."

As the foals keep trying to get out, and the Queen of the Night makes an appearance, Sky Sparkler grows frantic. She can't solve the problem at the source, but she can't address the result of the problem, so what can she do? WHAT CAN SHE-

Wait. The foals all mention music.

Sky Sparkler closes her eyes, horn glowing brightly, incandescently, but there's no effect to be seen.

Oh, and it wasn't visible before, but the pencil has managed to return to Sky Sparkler's nostril. The foal that had pulled it from the trash was one of the ones she was attempting to keep from going through the door, and in the struggle… well.

On the other hand, there's a loud, HOWLING, wail coming from the mistress of electric effects, as she attempts to drown out the charming music with her own, fear inducing screeches.

Winter-Solstice is still trapped in her stupid stove costume, still on its side and wedged in the door, and she's still not very happy about it. Three feet are stuck out of their holes in the bottom; her fourth leg is protruding from the open grill on the front of the stove. It proves utterly ineffective at stopping Jellybean as he scrambles over the stove, through the hole in the barrier beyond, and out into the outer world. Winter twists about to watch him go, Magpie's tail caught in her mouth, her eyes wide and fearful.

Reaching up, she sezies Magpie with her free hoof, lets go of the young unicorn's tail, and with a mighty throw, tosses her back into the base to be manhandled by someone else. She's a big girl, she can take a bit of tumbling.

It frees her mouth for more important things, like shouting. "JELLYBEAN!" she wails after the colt. "GET BACK HERE RIGHT NOW PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!" He doesn't seem to be complying, though, and that only brings more anguish to her face. Thrashing about in her stove, she starts to kick at the sides of it- loud, ringing *BANGS* sounding as she drives her powerful hooves into the inner curves of the stupid thing. Still, she doesn't have much room to wind up a good, solid thump… so her triumphant escape doesn't get much farther than several hoof-shaped dents in the side of the thing. But the bolts that keep it cinched shut around her are rattling in their fittings, flakes of rust falling from them with every shock.

A moment or two later, another sound joins the… howling. A much less discordant sound. A pretty sound, in fact! An off-white Pegasus is running - careening might be more appropriate - up the hallway, ears perked alertly, eyes wide, singing at the top of her lungs. And the melody? A mimic of the song from outside! Heartsong's looking scared out of her wits, frantic as all get-out, but she's singing clear and strong, her own version of the luring siren song. Not that way, foals! This way! Back this way! /Please/! She's just as interesting, and she's so much closer!

Solar-Wind wanders into the room blinking hard at the sound of foals, aww there's tooo many of em' then the panic of the door being open, everyone running, everyone panicing, everyone reacting but what the heck is happening?! "What the Heck?" he shouts out spreading his wings, noticing a bottleneck of foals at the door, a shield effect, a stove on its side makes him wonder just wha hay is going on right now, then that noise?!,

Solar-Wind clutches one hoof to his head, "Ohgoodgods thats some racket, wake the dead, no offense" he glowers, "how's a pony suposed to sleep through this?!

With so many foals present it took time to notice them wandering off. And several more to try and herd as many of them as possible into another room where they could be closed in or something to keep them from heading outside. But that also means that there's more than just one or two ponies can stop from getting all at once.

"Get back here you little squirts!" To which Windrose eventually comes barreling out of deeper in the base after having helped with such ushering, and was just now getting here to help try and retrieve Jellybean and whatever other kids are still trying to wander out.

By now the strangeness seems to have permiated most of the now not-so-secret hideout, drawing more adults towards the door. Many to take care of the foals, though a few fools seems dead set on tackling the problem by means of a more heads-on approach. Including Sodium-Fizz, apperently, as the mare barrels into the hall, her ragged cloak streaming out behind her translucent and faintly luminescent flesh and fur. All in all a very good Nightmare Night costume, just a pitty it had to come out during a situation like this.

"Sweet Celestia's fiery fl-…" Fizz cringed loudly as a particluarly strong kick from Winter-Solstice sent the stove ringing louder than before. "What's going on out here…? One moment I'm telling playing a spook, the next… this…"

Chaos, intrigue, and evil! More than enough to spur Ruby into action from the depths of the secret underground hideout - really it all sounds more dramatic than it really is. The white mare bolting out of the base with the assistance of the a large stove as a springboard. The mare tumbling into the snow to quickly look about and see what the all the fuss is about. "Crikey." she gasps staring at Nightmare Moon and the surrounding Chaos. The mare trots her way towards Queen and Jelly - afterall she /looks/ like Will - maybe this will help, doubtful but…

Kludge is pursuing the remaining escaped foals, keeping an eye out for any threats actively approaching. So far there's only the singing alicorn, but you never know when another foe might appear.

Manyara has already scrambled off after the last of the first escaped foals, grabbing it by the nape and scooping it up mid-gallop. She's looking a bit winded! But triumphant. Until she spins around and sees that somehow /more/ got out past her barrier. DANGIT. How… Wha… /dangit/. She tossed the foal onto her back and made a beeline back for the /next/ group of escapees. Talk about getting one's excersize!

Jellybean, meanwhile, is listening to the music. But even as it's happening he seems to be slowly shaking his head, as if waking up from a dozy reverie. He's looking up at the Queen of the Night, his tail swishes this way and that. "Miss Queen," he says, "can I ask you a question, please?" He kneels, politely, as one does in the presence of royalty.

Tons of foals inside… A few still outside. Kludge and Manyara have done a great job in getting what foals they could catch (all four of them even!) thrown back to the tunnel leading back into the base, but that hole in the Winter Barricade is still a problem. Foals can still escape! They don't seem to be /trying/ as hard, after Sky's wretched noise fills the air coupled with Heartsong's melody, the combined tune having an impact for sure. Some foals stop and shake their head! A few others huddle under something. Other ponies mostly. A few of the more determined ones are wont to hop out and run amock though, certainly giving Manyara a workout!

Through all this, Nightmare Moon sings. She's been doing this for years, she's not about to let some do-gooding stop her now! If anything the song intensifies… It can now be felt as much as heard, like waves of song rolling across the landscape, disturbing the snow in puffs. So much magic poured into the musical efforts, now the tune lingers at the edges of all the more grown-up ponies perceptions, giving them just a hint of what the children felt.

As amusing as the foal roundup is to behold, the Queen does have a purpose. Where Jellybean is the closest 'foal' to where she hovers, Nightmare Moon swoops down, leaving a trail of shadow behind, her horn aglow with a dark purple magic. She doesn't touch down…instead scooping the young pegasus up, darting back into the skies. Now Jellybean can see: Nightmare Moon doesn't have to sing. It's all a spell now. "Of course you may ask a question, young foal… You may ask me anything you like as long as you come with me!"

Ruby-Blossom is totally too late to do anything about the abuction of Jellyean aside from angrily wave her front hoofs in the air as if she were to going catch the Queen or the like. "Hey get back here! I have something to say to you!" cheeks puffing up in frustration before she yells at the top of her lungs - in Will's voice. "I SHANT BE IGNORED!" The mare flailing angrily at a whole lotta nothing.

Windrose's ears flick back as the faint hint of what's going on toys at the edge of her senses, but shoves it aside. The kids are more important! The next generation, the future of this world however bleak and cold it may be. Half-flying, half-pouncing, the pegasus snatchs up two more foals under her forelegs and quickly whiskes back into the base, passing them off to one of the locals to lock back up. "Group, group! Keep them between you, work together so they have nowhere to sneak past!" she helpfully blares before zooming off after some more. And right now rather thankfully there are -not- a lot of pegasus around. You know how hard a pegasus foal that's learned how to fly can be to catch?!

*BANG!* *BANG!* *BANG!* Winter's thrashing and kicking reaches a fever pitch; she squints her eyes shut and lashes out blindly, madly, jaw clenched and teeth bared against the pain of the repeated kicks. The poor old stove- once her only friend in a world god mad (at least until everybody could stop hiding from Nightmare's Will in the old dead village), is battered and broken more and more by the moment. The seams that cinch it shut around the mare are coming loose; bolts are splitting and shooting across the room. BAM! The pipe rattles free and bounces against the side of the tunnel. BAM! The old grill on the front fractures and skitters away in pieces.

CRASH! The whole thing bursts, and Winter, wobbly and covered in soot, spills onto the floor. She wastes no time, blinking her eyes open and surging upright, and whirls about to charge up the tunnel and into the biting cold outside. It stings, but it's of such minor concern right now it doesn't slow her steps for a moment.

Her gaze locks onto Jellybean, and Nightmare Moon above, frantic, furious, focused. Pity she's all the way up there by now- curse this Earth Pony lack of wings! The big mare tears a path through the snow in vain pursuit and runs about in circles underneath. "GET BACK HERE!" she howls. "GET BACK HERE!" With a noise that is a cross between a whimper and a snarl, she looks back towards the base. Ideas, ideas! Distractions! One rambunctions foal finds himself tackled, rolled into a ball and thrown back towards the door. "GET BACK THERE. GET BACK THERE."

Chaos, its plain to see, now hear just what is happening. The big stallion bounds from one end of the room to the door dodging foals, misplaced stoves, and a stray shield with a wing assisted bound over the foal defensive barrier. Solar-Wind is on the hunt now, bounding for the escape tunnel and the chaos that lays beyond.

Kludge watches as Jellybean is lifted off of the ground. The wood-covered pony contemplates his options, and redoubles his efforts to corral the remaining foes. The idea of lobbing a snowball or worse at the dark alicorn did cross his mind, but he doesn't think things are at that desperate a stage yet.

Sodium-Fizz bounds forwards herself, trailing after both Winter-Solstice and Solar-Wind. Though the mare takes a moment to pull out one ofher many vials, pouring the black, sticky goop it contains on the floor on the way out, trusting the unbelivable stickiness of the stuff to keep any more escaping foals in check long enough for somepony to catch them. Easily enough cleared by an adult leaping, not so much by a foal. Hot on their hooves she burst into the cold night, almost running into Solar-Wind, almost instantly shivering due to the lack of anything 'neath her cloak.

Peering upwards at the dark alicorn certainly didn't help with the shivering deparment. "Sweet Luna's lovely backside… Bucking great."

At least the ones inside are staying inside! For now! Heartsong casts them a blance and droops in releif, but doesn't pause, leaping over Winter and, with a good amount of wriggling, squeezing through the barrier - which admittedly has weakened a good bit by now. After all, the concern for the ones inside is less than the ones /already outside/ and in danger! She's clearly got no real /plan/ here, but she's gonna sing as loud as she can and hope it draws some back to her!

Manyara, currently, has other concerns! Because a shadow has swooped, and swept up one of their little denizens! She freezes, mind whirling for an idea, because she's got a sneaking suspicion she'd /not/ be a match for Nightmare Moon right now in a magic fight! With nothing else coming to mind, she snatches the amulet from around her neck, takes a second to activate it - easy enough, luckily - and FLING! Magically aided and guided, of course. "Jellybean!" …At the very least if he isn't coherent enough to notice, maybe it will be a distraction enough to give someone else time to come up with a bright idea.

Snowfield rolls 1d10 (Bad idea? Bad idea!) — Result: 9 | Sum: 9

(OOC) Snowfield: bad idea

Sky Sparkler can now hear the music that Nightmare Moon is using to lure the foals… And this could be good, it could be bad, or it could be very very bad indeed. You see, she has an idea. She also has a good degree of musical ability with her horn magic. So she alters the music she is making so that the pitches of the notes she makes are not whole number ratios of the music Nightmare Moon is making, and pours more of her magic into the song designed to merge with the lure into something horrible.

In short, Sky Sparkler invokes one of the most dangerous things in Equestria.


Oh, and she still has the pencil up her nose, and still hasn't noticed it's return.

"Of course, miss Queen." Jellybean sees the charm coming his way and manages to catch it: in fact, having it right now is incredibly handy for what he had to say next. He holds out the charm that bathes the surrounding area in a warm golden glow. "Did your sister teach you to sing? My big sister taught me to sing. She taught me a lot of things. I haven't seen her in a while, since I moved away from home, and I miss her. I bet you miss yours, too, because I miss mine real bad and I've only been away from her for months and you've been away from yours for a thousand years."

"Manyara, what are you /doing/!?" Snowfield yells, half-crafted lens still floating in front of her. "I can't magnify the darn thing if you throw it at her!" She chases after the arc of the amulet along the ground for several meters, realizes that she's not going to be able to catch the darn thing and just hucks the darn lens right at Nightmare Moon. That's a good five, ten pounds of solid ice right there! It might sting a bit.

Snowfield rolls 1d10 (Accuracy? Accuracy!) — Result: 7 | Sum: 7

"Good indeaFizz!" Windrose capitalizes on the alchemist's cleverness with the fact that she doesn't have to travel on the ground at all, buzzing over the pool of adhesive with little trouble. Some days it pays to not have to run on the ground. She wings over and goes after a foal that must have speed as a talent or something, because the other adults are having trouble catching him on hoof, and herd him into the sticky trap.

Winter-Solstice continues to churn up the snow below Nightmare Moon with all her fitful prancing about. She's like a shark. That is actually a pony. In the snow and not out in the water. Who kicks instead of bites, although with that snarl on her face she looks pretty bitey, too.

The Queen's eyes flick from the foal in her arms to the flying object being tossed his way, the bright glare of a /sun/ object forcing her to avert her eyes! "What is /this/?!" her voice hisses out, ears flicking back! Sun!? What!?

She doesn't have time to reflect on this, on why a foal seems to have the sun on his side. For suddenly a half-formed disk of icy doom smashes into the Queen! The impact is enough for her to let Jellybean go, knocking her out of her spell, the music fading into a magical screech of sound, and then to nothing. Leaving behind just the sounds of a breeze.

She doesn't exactly fall, no, but Nightmare Moon is, for a single moment in time, stunned at what, exactly, this curious group of ponies has at their disposal!

With the immediate foal problem resolved, Kludge keeps an eye on Nightmare Moon and Jellybean. While Jellybean is a pegasus and can usually fly, you never know when you might have to catch a stunned or K.O.'ed pegasus, and being ready is usually a good idea.

Distraction, perfect, with that Solar-Wind is up and flying as fast as his form can carry him in. Jellybean may well be a pegasus, but he's still foalish and Solar wants him to be safe, so he's gonna go get him and bring him back as soon as he can.

Jellybean flaps his wings and manages to land more or less okay. He's still holding out the sun charm. "I'm lucky. My sisters and I get along, and I know that you and your sister had an argument. But don't you think you can forgive each other?"

Heartsong isn't about to let this opportunity go by! She hovers by the entrance to the base, singing a bit more softly but still well enough to carry, trying to pull all the hopefully-freed foals back home. And, you know, not look absolutely terrified. And /not look up/. She's not exactly succeeding at the former, but may be pulling off the latter.

Sodium-Fizz keeps bounding forward, her wings spread to give her some air-time, persuing the large white mare. Even with wings it turns out trickier than she'd expect. "Winter! Winter…" Panting she folded her wings, only for her right one to unfurl from under her cloak, a small vial stuck between her primaries, held out towards Winter-Solstice.

"I…" Fizz threw the tall mare a glance and shivered. Angry Winter is something you're happy you have on your side, for certain. "I want you to be ready to pound that one into the snow… or at least distract her while we figure something out. If we need too…"

Well that seemed to work! Manyara gives a sigh of relief. "Jellybean! Get back inside, quickly!" She'd run towards him and make him do so, but there are other foals to deal with! Plus it looks like a few other ponies are on that already. Still she keeps a close eye on him.

"Keep it up, now's our best chance!" Windrose shouts encouragingly to Heartsong, even as she swoops in to help try and usher whatever lingering foals there still are back into the base while the oppritunity is best during Nightmare Moon's brief distraction. The bigger, fightery ponies can deal with her directly.

Winter-Solstice alters the course of her running to scamper about underneath Jellybean, readying to catch him, even if he has wings. Which see him safely to the ground. Winter is about to dote on him like a mother hen when she sees he's still trying to Flashlight Tank the boss. In a rare show of restraint, she resists the urge to sweep him up and carry him inside… but she does hover near, looming just behind the foal, as she looks up at Nightmare Moon.

A goddess, they called her. Winter narrows her eyes, panting softly under her breath, winded even if every inward huff stings her lungs with chill. The Queen is impressive… more so than Winter had anticipated. It's a lot different, imagining punching her in the nose, then actually seeing her.

Thankfully, Sodium offers a welcome distraction, and Winter shakes her head, looking back at the pegasus, then the offered vial. She reaches out with her mouth to take it and keeps it tucked in the corner of her lips like a cigarette, and flashes Fizz a grin. "Thanks, Soda. What does it do? Does it give me eye lasers?" She glances back at Jelly, then up at Nightmare Moon, then back to Sodium, and then back around all three two more times.

Okay, the music has stopped for the moment. Yay. Sky Sparkler stops her music as well, and helps Heartsong to gether in the foals, making sure they get in, out of the cold, and preferably deeper inside the base. Jellybean may just have the right idea, in his untactful little mind… who would dare ask a question like that to the queen of the night? As for the weather unicorn, she needs to recover a little before she does anything else heroic.

Ruby-Blossom just glares at Queen from her spot on the cold, cold ground - ruby red eyes attempting to drill a hole in the Queen's flank - sadly she has nothing better to do than this; glare and be angry! The mare idly makes her way towards Jelly, Winny, and Fizzy - all the while glaring up a the dark queen.

Snowfield is already crafting a new lens to replace the one she just whanged Nightmare Moon in the head with. "Do we have a new plan?" she hisses to the other ponies. "Last I checked plan A didn't involve a showdown."

Thankfully, Sodium offers a welcome distraction, and Winter shakes her head, looking back at the pegasus, then the offered vial. She reaches out with her mouth to take it and keeps it tucked in the corner of her lips like a cigarette, and flashes Fizz a grin. "Thanks, Soda. What does it do? Does it give me eye lasers?" She glances back at Jelly, then up at Nightmare Moon, then back to Sodium, and then back around all three two more times.

"We had decided on a plan A?" snorts Kludge. With Jellybean doing okay, the craftspony is ready to be a shield wall for other ponies that might come under attack. Of course, that's just for ponies that aren't already plainly tougher than he is, so it narrows down the list somewhat: Snowfield, Manyara, and Ruby. Protect the ice mage, protect the other notable caster, protect his marefriend.

Solar-Wind is hovering just above Jellybean and the other protecting ponies from harborside. He's just staring up at the distracted queen. he is making a motion with his fore hooves pointing back to base, he whispers loud enough for everyone to hear him though, "back to base, Back to base" he motions and says, "fore she comes to her senses and does some punnishing" he motions still, "Shields anyone, we could use a big shield over us" he tries to ask of any unicorn in proximity, anyone!

Shield! Manyara can shield. She nabs one of the last straggler foals and hurried back towards the base, horn already starting to gleam. She's not entirely sure how well this all will work, but if they need something, she's ready! She hopes.

Magpie comes staggering out of the storage room with a dazed expression. "Who just hit me with a cabbage cart?" she asks nopony in particular.

And yet! A showdown is just what has been invoked. Nightmare Moon hangs in the air for one more moment, bright eyes glittering as they glare down into the assorted mess of ponies. A swirl of her ever-flowing, purple mane of twilight and stars envelops the Queen, turning her into a mist that streaks down to settle onto the permafrost, coalescing back into the form of the imposing alicorn. Tall and proud she stands, a gaze like ice sweeping over the wasteland, glaring at each of those who glare back at her.

One can feel the power radiating from the Queen, an ominous glow surrounding her horn. She's gauging them, certainly, her gaze falling finally back to Jellybean and his shining trinket. Perhaps, just perhaps, for the briefest of instants, those blue eyes of hers soften.

But then it's gone like a snowflake in a fire, Nightmare Moon rearing back with a laugh that echoes throughout the wastes. "Hahahahahahahaha! Finally! After all these years, the foal of prophecy has arrived! And on a night where my powers are greatest!" Her smile is not a pleasant one, focused on the only foal that talks of friendship and forgiveness. "We had an arguement, true, but she's the one that decided to resort to violence! There's nothing to forgive… She's banished, and will remain so until I deem otherwise. Maybe after a few thousand more years she'll be humble enough to acknowledge /my/ power!" She stomps a single hoof, a crack in the permafrost forming underneath it.

"You who would bring back the sun! You who would /destroy/ me! Prepare yourselves, for I shall send you to your eternal rest…"

The only good thing about this? There's no song. So the foals are, at least, more than happy to escape the presence of the Queen and dart back down into the base for safety! Yeep!

(OOC) Jellybean: Wait. Jellybean is the chosen one?
(OOC) Jellybean: I'm so sorry, everypony. We're doomed.
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Kludge rolls 1d10 (Just for early knowledge, how well does Kludge's "disguise" work as armor?) — Result: 6 | Sum: 6

(OOC) Kludge: Modestly well. Hopefully I won't have to use this info!

Ruby-Blossom huffs softly all the while glaring at Nightmare Moon - her body doing everything it can to tell the mare to flee or hide or both, legs visibly shaking under the intense power of the alicorn. "Banishing your own sister? I don't know if I should be angry or feel sorry for you!" the mare managing to stomp a hoof - doing little other than making a little hoof mark; not nearly as impressive as Moon. "There isn't a day that goes by that I don't miss my little sister after she threw me out of her life! I can hardly imagine how Celestia feels." another hoof stomp and a very firm glare. "You're just too afraid to face your sister, because you know what you did was wrong!" The mare clearly a little upset, and certainly over-welmed.

That… could have gone better.
Jellybean's wings, which had been flapping eagerly when he saw her responding to the charm at first, flap shut tight against his sides and he steps back to be level with Winter, which really means more or less behind her. "I… I mean, I didn't, I don't want t-" he stammers. He doesn't understand. Isn't friendship supposed to be magic?

Winter-Solstice's legs twitch. Her hooves gnaw at the snow and slush, HUNGRY for JUSTICE. She lowers her head and hunches her shoulders, ears flicking back. If not for those that surround her, she'd already be charging in, swinging and kicking, biting and headbutting, bringing the mountains down.

As Jelly retreats, she glances down to him, then looks up. "Someone who's better at this sort of thing than I am tell her about how it totally works better in our world and the two get along and everybody, like… like lots of people even like Luna more than Celestia, even." She stomps a few times. "Because I'm REALLY NOT GOOD at being DIPLOMATIC."

Solar-Wind continues to hover above Jellybean and the other ponies surrounding him. "We all acknolodge your power, Queen, nor do we dispute it, we rather would just be pleasantly happy to continue our lives in peace. We didn't come here by choise, but here we are" he states. "We don't wish you harm, and we ask the same in return" he mentions simply.

Sodium-Fizz chuckeled softly at Winny's question, shaking her head. "Not really… You could most likely bounce yourself to the clouds though… and bounce a hoof into her f-face…" She shivered one more as Nightmare Moon touched down. This… this was /way/ to close for comfort. Moving away from the meany alicron might very well be a good idea. Or a very good one. In the spirit of /staying/ away a quick fold of her wings brought another vial between her primaries. Another sticky one.

Shooting a glnace around she groaned. Of course, everypony else wasn't. Gritting her teeth she took a step forward, not backwards. This was a BAD idea. Her other wing unfurled, buffing Ruby lightly in the side as she pulled up next to her beofre turning slightly, keeping an eye out for Jellybean.

Magpie stumbles out into the snow and stands there, taking in the scene. That's… uh… wow. That's Queen Meanie herself, isn't it? Um.

And now Heartsong looks absolutely petrified. She's standing stock-still, eyes wide, wings locked up, staring. Oh bad oh bad oh bad bad /bad/ /BAD/. Her eyes flick back and forth between Jellybean, his amulet, the Queen, the base. Maybe she's planning something! Maybe she's just panicking. Who knows?

Well, so much for the nice approach. Solar Wind is calling for a shield, and Jellybean is in danger. SKY SPARKLER TO THE RESCUE! Well, kinda. She's had some time to breath, and is now running out of the base. She summons up her magic again, creating a sheet of flashing lightning to protect Jellybean against any solid projectiles. It should also ground any hostile electrical blasts away from the temporary foal. Let others do diplomacy, Sky Sparkler will just try and protect her friend.

Snowfield gives Ruby an incredulous look. "Why are you still trying to guilt her about sisterly love? She just said she's planning to kill us!" Solar-Wind also gets a stare. Does he really think that saying they don't want to hurt her is actually going to save them? The queen of the night? Clearly the little unicorn is the only sane pony here. Except maybe for Winter Solstice

Naturally this leads Snowfield to do the only sane thing, which is to kick up some snow threateningly and begin picking up icicles in preparation for combat with a living god. "You all get ready to run," she says to the others without taking her eyes off of Nightmare Moon. "She doesn't look all that tough."

Kludge rummages a hoof around under his "costume" of lumber, wiping a bit of sweat away from his forehead - or maybe adjusting his hat; it's kinda hard to tell through the lumber. He cautiously watches Nightmare Moon, but also keeps an eye on the other Harborites so he can react to what they do.

One second Manyara is running towards the scene, the next she's appeared in front of Jellybean, a small golden ripple the only indication of what caused the sudden change of location. She keeps a bit ahead of Sky-Sparkler's lightning spell, own horn gleaming, posture defensive. She casts Winter a sideways glance, then Snowfield, then back at Jellybean. One way or another, they're getting the foal in safe!

Nightmare Moon doesn't seem awful surprised that there's suddenly a wall of ponies between her and the Foal of Prophecy. There's always obstacles to changing ones fate.

"Hahahahahaha! Little /foals/! Do you really think you can stand up to the might that banished the sun? Do you really think you have a chance against the most powerful creature to walk the earth?" She takes a step forth, the permafrost cracking again beneath the sheer power contained within that evil shell. "I've banished goddesses! I've beaten the Elements of Harmony, twice! Do you think a little guilt trip, or a few frozen toothpicks are going to do what they could not?"

Her horned head dips, that horn aglow with a fierce light now, little arcs of power connecting from the tip to other places on the horn. She digs one forehoof into the permafrost, bracing for a charge. "Tonight! Tonight I conquer fate! And no pony is going to stand in my way!"

"Hey, idiot!"

As battle-cries go, it's really… not the best one ever, but this is really, really spur of the moment. A snowball comes sailing in from the side, aimed at Nightmare Moon's face. Yes. Yes, really. "You've got the wrong foal!" Magpie yells.

Jellybean is afraid. This is sensible. There's an angry Goddess-Queen looking in his direction with her horn lowered. Few things merit fear in quite the way which this does. He takes to the air, doing everything he can with his adult self to override the foal-brain telling him to start panicking.

Sodium-Fizz bit her lip, still trembling. This… was a bad idea, she concluded with a sigh, her hoof darting under her cloak and throwing a vial, any vial, and tossing it at Nightmare Moon. It didn't matter much what, it really. Fight an a pony with a horn with throwing stuff is usualy a bad idea, 'less you can draw their eyes to something else. The vial of sticky goop followed a second later, aimed at her face. "Hit the deck!"

A really, /really/ bad idea…

Ruby-Blossom huffs softly then lowers her own stance as if ready for a fight - but really her legs are just giving out from the unrelenting pressure of the far more powerful queen - after all what is a good for nothing unicorn going to do? "How about we just play a game instead? Winner takes all? Doesn't that sound way more fun?" rambling a tad as she's clearly intimidated and justifiably so. "I'll even gift wrap him for you if you win, and I mean you're a goddess not like you can lose, right?

Windrose is mostly hanging back at the entrance, as much to keep any foals that may still be curious even without the enchanting music to stay -inside- as she is to help everypony else guard the -outside-. So she's not exactly on the frontline, but she's not exactly hiding, either. "Go blow it out your pie hole, Black Snooty. That you rule this darkened world with a frozen hoof doesn't change the fact that you're nothing but a big grumpy meanie-flank bully!" Despite trying to keep a brave face her wings constantly twitch and ruffle, a clear sign of aggitation and anxiety in a pegasus.

Solar-Wind drops before Jellybean and the other 'guarding' ponies and kicks up his wings in a right flutter causing the snow behind him to kick up and create quite a distraction, a 'shield of wind blown snow more or less. best he can do for the moment, it provides a visible cover for them to run/hide/ whatever

Heartsong squeaks. And… squeaks. And squeaks again! Squeak. But suddenly she moves! Dashing forward. Towards the ponies. Towards Jellybean! "Stay down!" she hisses at him, though whether she's /trying/ to keep her voice low or is just too terrified to talk any louder is anypony's guess! "We g-gotta get you inside!"

Manyara lowers her head slightly as well, giving a small snort. She's tense, eyes narrowed, looking… thoughtful? Thoughtful is a good word. "Get the foal inside. Everyone else too," she states to Winter, eyes never leaving Nightmare Moon. "I'll distract her as long as I can, but we need to fortify the base. Once she's past us, she'll go for the base, and we can't let her get any of the foals."

Whooboy. Not fun. Sky Sparkler looks at Nightmare Moon.

"It doesn't matter if we can beat you. That doesn't change the fact that we have… to… TRY!" See, Sky Sparkler is going for what is known as the "Han Solo defense" to everyone but George Lucas. She's not waiting for Nightmare Moon to completely charg up, and is instead blasting away with small, but rapid fire, bolts of electric pain, her horn flashing like a strobe light.

Winter-Solstice stomps her front hooves a few times, JAW CLENCHED, and then drops down, mirroring Nightmare Moon's stance. No horn on Winter, though she does have her skull, which is thick as a brick. If Nightmare is going to charge, she's going to find that charge met.

… at least until Solar gets in the way, and Manyara charges Winter with getting everyone inside. Winter glances at the abada, unsure, frowning, before shaking her head and turning towards the others. "Get in, Jelly. Get inside now, please," she says, reaching up to swat at the flitting foal. "Magpie!" she calls out, seeing the adolescent over yonder, calling out insults. "You too! Get inside, now! Kludge, Sodium- no, don't throw- argh!" Winter stomps a few times. "UNLESS YOU ARE TOTALLY GOING TO SACRIFICE YOURSELF HEROICALLY RIGHT NOW, GET INSIDE THE BASE RIGHT NOW PLEASE THANK YOU, EVERYBODY, OR I WILL CARRY YOU IN MYSELF."

Sky-Sparkler's drama is perhaps ruined by the pencil in her nose.

Kludge heads towards the foal-like ponies, ready to guard them against a direct attack. It's about the only thing he can think of doing given the current situation, but it beats doing nothing.

(OOC) Rumble-Riot: Right! Maggie, Sky, Fizz, could y'all roll a d10 for me~

Sky-Sparkler rolls 1d10 (Whee! I'm doing something Heroic! Or Stupid! Or Both!) — Result: 4 | Sum: 4
Sodium-Fizz rolls 1d10 (Please Don't Die!) — Result: 4 | Sum: 4
Magpie rolls 1d10 (What're we rolling for? :D) — Result: 8 | Sum: 8

"We can't all be shields," Snowfield calls over her shoulder. Mumble grumble can't do a proper heroic sacrifice when half a dozen other ponies also want to be the hero. She turns her attention back to the princess. "Oh no, I'm quaking in my shoes," she says. "It's not like living in your ice-blasted wasteland gives me a huge power boost or anything."

When Solar Wind kicks up the wall of snow to mask their escape the littlest unicorn drops into the snow like she did in the encampment raid. She begins swimming through the permafrost towards the alicorn, unseen to mortal eyes… of course, her for is no mortal.

Snowfield rolls 1d10 (they see me rollin', they hatin') — Result: 5 | Sum: 5

The trio of attacks are cute! Really, cute! Lightning zaps? Hah! Nightmare Moon laughs them off with a hearty chuckle, lifting her head just to prove how laughable it is! Vials of sticky things? The Queen is more than capable of making thrown objects levitate in the air in front of her, swirling the vial of stuff around and flinging it right back at the pony whom tossed it her way in the first place! This warrants more laughing! "Hahahahahaha! You have no power compared to mine!"

*PAF* Snowball to the face! This stops Nightmare Moon's laughing dead in her throat, the snow dripping from her cheek. Blue eyes blink in surprise, and then turn to regard the one who sent said snowball her way.

The glowing horn intensifies…dark purple energies swirling in front of her, seeping into the cracks in the permafrost…coming back out with a /chunk/ of landscape! "You desire a snowball fight with the Queen of the Night, little one? Catch THIS!" Fling! A huge chunk of snowy ice, lobbed magically to she who would dare to snowball royalty!

That's a mighty big chunk of frozen too…

Magpie 's eyes get huge. "Eep." She turns to run. It's not gonna help, that thing is the size of a cabbage cart!

As the Nightmare begins to retaliate against her would-be aggressors the land itself seems to roil with fury. A murmur echoes across the plains that slowly builds into an persistant chorus of angry groans. Those ponies who witnessed the events in the Wintersong Forest may have a moment to realize what's coming before it hits.

From the quaking snow hooves begin to reach up, trying to grab onto any body they can get a hold of, though they are most heavily focused on those standing their ground against Nightmare Moon. Solar Wind will find it very hard to keep that snow cover up when he can't get a good grip on the ground. Sodium's aim may be a little bit off as something tries to drag her to her knees. Maybe Manyara will be able to keep her wits about her as the snow beneath her begins to give like quicksand.

The frozen hooves are cold as the ice itself, but this is no trick of the snow— those limbs are made of flesh. Here there be the restless souls of dead ponies.

Winter-Solstice rolls 1d20 (Ice Pong) — Result: 19 | Sum: 19

Solar-Wind watches wide eyed as attacks are thrown the queen's way then the land beneath his hooves goes all freaky, he leaps up into a hover praying that the others have made it to base side. To heck with this. He charges up a high speed pass and blazes his flight for right beside the Queen aiming a roostertail of snow right her way!

Sodium-Fizz eek's at the touch of icy cold hooves, her wings spreading wide to lift her into a moderate version of safety… with some very limited success, in large due to the vial of goop returned to sender which takes her in the side, right between her forelegs and right wing and bursting appart. Which leaves rather a mess. With a yelp she fell foreward, a foreleg glued to her body and one wing stuck uselessly to her cloak.



So much for the Greedo treatment.

Sky Sparkler looks behind herself, seeing Jellybean approach safety.. then the land rises up against them. "Buck this noise," Sky decides, looking up into the dark sky for a cloud. If there is one, she'll teleport up to it as a stroke of lightning. If not, she'll hoof it for the base.

Ruby-Blossom rolls 1d10 (Stealth Check?) — Result: 8 | Sum: 8

Sky-Sparkler rolls 1d2 (2 means there is a suitable cloud) — Result: 2 | Sum: 2

Winter-Solstice is waving her forelegs about, trying to herd people inside. She just admitted she is bad at diplomacy and they're like, oh, Winter, you go and get everyone inside while WE protect them. Okay. This makes sense. Her face works into a smirk somewhere between frustration and terror and confusion and that little part of her brain that hasn't been numbed by ALL THE EXCITEMENT from this past month that still enjoys this. "Maggie! Don't do… argh… RUBY! Go over to the… the…." She stomps a hoof and whirls around. "Why does everybody always have to be so heroic?! LEAVE THAT TO THE PRO-"

She falls silent as she notices that massive ice chunk lobbed in the direction of Magpie. Winter doesn't think, she acts- charging forward, building up as much momentum as she can in a short time, then hopping up with a spin and a twist. Her aim is all but perfect- it's 19 out of 20 on the scale of perfection, even- and as she brings her rear legs in and lashes out with them, they connect with the ice chunk, striking it solidly. Most of it fractures, bursting into slush and debris around her, though a good-sized piece is shot back towards the Queen, whistling over the heads of the gathered ponies.

And, following her mid-air interception buck, Winter drops to the ground on her stomach, grunting gracefully. She's facing towards the base, hooves outward towards Nightmare Moon and the others. Lifting a hoof, she waves it at Magpie. "Inside! Inside!"

And when a ghost hoof pops up nearby and starts fondling her face, she headbutts it with a sneeze. Cold!

Ruby-Blossom is strangely enough not involved in the sudden and odd turn of events - is this perhaps because she didn't take an aggressive stance and only offered to play a game? Who knows! The mare looks worriedly at the large chunk of ice hurling through the air, and the tundra threatening to swallow all the other ponies! So there she is with Queen Moon focused on sorts of evil doings at hand. The mare taking a dainty step closer to the Queen - glancing sideways before attempting to do something /really/ /really/ stupid among all the chaos.

Ruby-Blossom rolls 1d10 (Pointy bits attack?) — Result: 2 | Sum: 2

Windrose on the other hoof is doing exactly that, standing guardat the doors to keep ponies inside and going down rather than charge into battle in blind heroics. She's trying to help, not she's not that crazy!… She's not been around the Harbor long enough tob e that crazy

Jellybean finally starts screaming again when the frozen hooves start waving about, trying to keep as far away from them a possible while he makes his way to the base door.

Ruby while stealthy is full of fail - which comes to fruition when she attempts to stab Luna in the neck - but realizes once again, her blade is not deployed; this leaves the mare gently tapping on Luna's neck. A small gasp escape's as the mare realizes her folly. "Miss Moon, I was wondering if you wanted to play that game now?" not only is she next to the evil Queen of Plaent Evil - she's touching her. Bad Choice Pony - is this your last choice?

Manyara's horn flashes as she spins to try to capture the ice chunk, with any luck hoping to fling it back at its original thrower. 'Fling' is appropriate, as once the ground starts doing its thing, the ice would become much less of a guided missile so much as a no-longer-controlled ice bomb. She's got other worries! There is no real way to describe that reaction besides prancing, as she tries to keep her hooves above the snow and get enough footing to spring away. Luckily she's an agile creature, light on her hooves! But this is still not a good situation. "…Oh dear. Everypony in the base! NOW!"

Heartsong gives another squeak. And then curses. Loudly. She springs into the air, wings flitting practically hummingbird style as she snatches up Jellybean and careens back towards the base as fast as her panicked flight can manage.

Kludge trots along with Jellybean and Magpie, keeping himself between the younger(-looking) ponies and Nightmare Moon. He might not be able to provide a magic shield, but a physical one is something he can do.

Magpie charges for the door of the base, leaping over clutching hands and scrambling through the snow that's too deep for her. She keeps looking back at Nightmare Moon. She just did that. She just DID that! WHAT WAS SHE THINKING?!

Poor luck for Sodium Fizz! Hoisted by her own petard! Or should we say doused by her own concoction? Somepony had better save her real quickly because the undead are climbing out of the ground around her, and boy, do they look /hungry/.

The other pegasi seem to have, by and large, taken to the air. They are safe from the zombie attacks for now. Not the good ol' earth ponies and unicorns, though. They don't have such an option at their disposal and so the various fleeing ponies get to play 'Dodge the Forelimb' as they flee back into the metal-enclosed safety of Horseshoe Base.

As for Ruby Blossom? Poor, foolish Ruby Blossom who decided to be heroic and single-handedly engage in melee with Nightmare Moon herself? She might notice zombies bursting out of the surface all around her and her would-be quarry like daisies, hissing maliciously.

As the first group finishes freeing themselves of their icy cage the murderous undead charge at the two mares without a second thought! They try to dogpile the thief and the queen, slowly followed by their less-intact brethren.

Ruby-Blossom rolls 1d10 (Ninja like reflexes?) — Result: 9 | Sum: 9

"Pick her up!!!" howls Winter, up at the pegasi. She tries to flag Solar Wind down. "Ruby!! Pick her up and bring her back!!" Winter struggles as the frozen dead emerge around her. She's big, she's mad, and she's tough enough she has 'toughness' stamped on her flank, so the zombies are going to have to try harder if they want to take her down. A few solid kicks keep them back; she rears up and stomps the ones that approach from the front. Thick hide and a thicker skull- plus the numbness brought on by cold exposure she's too hopped up on adrenaline to worry about- help protect her from passing grabs.

… but she can't do much more than hold her own, and struggle, gradually, towards Ruby. If those feather-brained pegasi won't save Ruby, then Winter will do her dangdest, although there are going to be many many opportunities to beat her to the punch while she worries instead about beating and punching. Zombies, that is. She beats and punches them. In the face.

Sky Sparkler is WAAAAY up in the sky. On a cloud. Hiding. Also charging up the cloud, if an opening to strike presents itself. But with Ruby and Winter still in the middle of things, does she dare call down the thunder?

Okay, the two foal-like Harborites have made it to safety. That's some worry off of Kludge's mind. Of course, now there's trouble going for Fizzy and Ruby. With Winny going after Ruby, he focuses on charging towards the alchemist, aiming to bodycheck any zombie in the way.

When Kludge finds her Sodium-Fizz squirms on the ground, franticaly kicking, hitting and even biting at the limbs of the zombies (and in one case the better part of one). By the look on her tear-streaked face she's panicing, with all due rights. Nopony wants to find themself stuck amongst a horde of ravenous monsters, let alone with the mobility of a fish on land.

"Kludge…?" she gasped in between heavy breats, blinking up at the stallion.

Nightmare Moon is caught by total surprise by the sudden presence of undead hooves and limbs rising up from the disturbed permafrost. She steps back, skips even, then shrieks as she's covered in undeath and decay! "AUGH! What are THESE THINGS doing here!? Get off me! I command you!"

She melts, the Queen of Nightmares, into that misty form of hers, seeping through the many clawing hooves to zip into the skies, reforming into her majesty once again, a shadow on the moon. "You don't belong in my kingdom! Who are you to defile my night!?" she shouts to the rising corpses. That's right, she's yelling at corpses!

Ruby? What about Ruby!? She's right there /on/ the Queen's back - ninja like reflexes putting her in quite possibly the safest yet most dangerous place. "Can we be friends now?" she asks the queen in a total dead-pan manner - practically latched onto the bigger mare.

Solar-Wind flies around a wide arc behind the queen and dips down to catch Ruby twixt his forehoves lifting with all his might and aiming her back towards the entrance of the base. "And away we go!" he calls out airlifting her

Kludge takes careful aim and bodychecks Sodium Fizz with moderate force - enough for the sticky stuff to connect with the wooden costume, and angles so Fizzy can keep ahold of him as he carefully retreats to the base. Yes, this means he has an alchemist stuck to his costume, but he can *take the costume off* and be free of the load.

Solar-Wind whiffs and misses his quarry as the queen does her queen vapor thingy with Ruby there all the same, 'dang, how'd she do that?!' he thinks to himself

Manyara skitters about on the snow, kicking at the grasping hooves as she looks around. Most ponies? In base. The alchemist? Accounted for, now, however comically. The foals? Safe. Winter? Rampaging. She scampers after, horn gleaming as she blasts a couple zombies away. "We have to get inside!" Is that a flicker of relief on her features as the Queen vapors herself out of the zombies' grasp? Perhaps, but it's gone too fast to be sure. She kicks away another zombie. "Who are we missing?"

From out of the ice two forms burst out with amazing speed. Both appear to be filly sized, and both are coated in the familiar glow of unicorn magic as they cast spells upon themselves. That's where the similarities end, however.

The first is Snowfield, who made the mistake of diving underground when it turned out the ground was /full of zombies/. She's got more than a few cuts, scratches and bite marks on her. Here's hoping these aren't contagious zombies or she might have some trouble in the near future. She dragged herself bodily out from underground and is currently hoisting herself a few feet in the air

The other? Another undead but one who has clearly put the brains in her head instead of in her mouth. Her magical aura is a sickening acid green. Her eyes have long since rotted away, replaced by flames that burn with the same green light. The skin on her body is a patchwork of mismatched flesh roughly sewn together and rimed with frost. The only thing that can surely be hers is the cutie mark branded onto her flank: a broken hourglass.

"I'm so sorry," she lilts to Nightmare Moon. "I thought we had an unspoken agreement! I mean, since you haven't been throwing us up into the sky I figured that meant we were welcome here on the ground." She rolls over lazily in the air like a playful kitten, eye flames glowing brightly in an effect not unlike widened eyes. "Please, accept my apologies! It was never my intention to offend. Really and truly!" What little skin is left stretched over her rictus grin pulls back to make it look a little bit more smiley. "This next part, though, this is supposed to be offensive."

The talking unicorn corpse's horn begins to glow brighter and the zombies on the ground start to rise up towards the bellowing Nightmare, giving Ruby and Sodium a pass in favor of more deific prey. "Run run run, little queen!" the unicorn sings joyously. "You're no more immortal than we are! Just leave these lands to us, you have plenty of other places you can rule~"

Solar-Wind rightly airlifts Ruby Blossom back to the entryway to the base

Winter-Solstice grits her teeth and tucks her head low and plows her way towards Ruby. Zombies can't touch her. Well, actually, yes, they can! And they do. Often. In unpleasant ways. They promptly earn hooves to the face for it. Winter maintains a circle of death around herself- even in the midst of all the undeath. She is much, much too stubborn, and much too tough, to be taken down by mere cannon fodder. But, again, she's slow. Maybe if Ruby is particularly clever she can work something out. If she doesn't, though… Winter will be by shortly to give her a lift back to the base.

Oh, and all that nonsense with the creepy undead Snowfield? Winter just shakes her head in between fearsome bites to nip off inconveniently close zombie bits. (The ice makes them crunchy.) "Alternate Universes are dumb as crumbs. I'm totally gonna go to a better one next time. RUBBBYYYYYY!"

… but then Solar takes care of everything. Winter grunts. "FINALLY. UGH." She turns around, then, and starts making her way back to the base. "Outta my way, stinky!" *Thump* "You there, with the eyeball hanging out- that's gross! Stop it!" *Whomp*

Sky-Sparkler teleports back to the base right after Solar Wind enters. "Is it over?" And yeah, pencil in nose. IT IS CURSED I SAY!

This new appearance actually gives Manyara pause. "…Well. That cannot be good." But then she notices Snowfield, and quickly starts moving again! That's one pony unaccounted for, who needs to become accounted for /quickly/. "Snowfield!" Because it is proper to alert ponies before you snatch them up magically, and she'd like to get a bit closer before doing so anyway, for accuracy's sake.

See Nightmare Moon's features twist with rage! Her blue eyes narrowed, glaring at the twin witches. Particularly that…undead one. That's just creepy. "Ugh… Vermin in my kingdom! This must be addressed!" That same narrowed gaze sweeps out across the other assorted ponies. "…You who dare to bring sunlight into my realm, you're no better! Filthy creatures! My lands must be purged! PURGED!"

With that she darts off! Presumably to plan for the destruction of…everything. At least everything in the wastelands. Darn zombies, ruining her best night ever!

By the time Kludge hauls both himself, his costume and Sodium-Fizz back to the relative safety of the base the mare is half laughing and half sobbing with relief. And still very much stuck to the wood, though she doesn't seem to much bothered with that at the moment what with the giddy smile on her face. Yes! She stood her ground against an evil goddess and lived to tell the tale! Even if she seriously doubted it there for several long moments.

Magpie stops just inside the door and stares at her hooves. "D-did I just do that?" she asks in a tiny voice. W-well. Maybe nopony /noticed/ her snowballing the most powerful being in Equestria.

Solar-Wind deposits Ruby gently and alights beside her, He looks to Magpie, "nice Shot kid!" he intones before heading back up the tunnel to collect any stragglers and if necessary drag them back to saftey!

Winter-Solstice stomps her way back to the tunnel and back down in. She gives Magpie a high-five on her way inside, and waits in the doorway to make sure nothing kickable follows.

Solar-Wind right dodges/flies over top of Winter's head as he gets back out to the topside looking after the two others. He maintains a constant hover so his hooves don't get caught up in anything not of the living.

Magpie blushes a little and hugs Winter tightly. "That was amazing," she says, and nuzzles… "Thank you."

Snowfield looks towards Manyara when the abada calls out to her. She's humming under her breath and her eyes are glowing that ice blue 'i am in the magical zone' glow again. "Did you know we had zombies underground?" she asks with forced nonchalance. "They weren't there the last time I swam under the snow." She sets herself awkwardly on the ground and begins a limping run back towards the entrance of the base. "Let's talk somewhere warmer about it, yes?"

The undead witch waves cheerfully as Nightmare Moon bolts away. "Don't you worry about us," she says with much more honest serenity. "We have greener pastures to go to!" The undead unicorn giggles. "Heehee, greener pastures… I don't think I remember ever seeing those before. How novel!"

With the pretty princess out of the picture the lich floats back near ground level. "Alright, all of you, I'm done with you now! You were an excellent distraction. Thank you so much for your help!" She waves cheerfully at the retreating backs of the last few ponies bolting into the base. "See you never!"

A few moments later Magpie finds herself sooped up in a hug, though how Sodium-Fizz managed that while still being stuck to Kludge's costume is anypony's guess. "That was truly awesome Magie. Thank you."

A quick kiss, placed on the unicorn filly's forehead, followed a moment after.

Winter-Solstice wearily elbows Magpie in an affectionate manner, at least once Sodium is out of the way. "Don't mention it, short stuff! And yeah, like Solar said, nice shot. You got the right idea!" She sighs and turns back towards the exit. "Too bad, like, nothing works. Why couldn't they have accidentally teleported in a big cannon or something instead of, I don't know. Instead of Snowfield. Since I bet if she wasn't here we wouldn't have her evil twin. That's how these things work, right?"

Magpie blushes, and squirms a little. She rubs at her forehead with the back of a hoof.

Manyara nods in agreement, finally getting close enough to scoop the smallish unicorn up. Faster that way! "This night did not go exactly as planned, no!" She whirls to head back to the base. Boy she's been doing a lot of running tonight! Tiring, this is. At least it seems both the threats have disappeared for now.

Solar-Wind hovers at the entrance flitting aside for Manyara, and follows them slowly into the tunnel to close the door behind himself as the last pony in.

It helps when Kludge is climbing out of said costume. He's still slightly chuckling at Fizzy's reaction while being rescued, but he gives Magpie a nudge and a smile. "Good job out there," he smiles, ruffling her mane in a friendly gesture.

Solar-Wind slinks his way from the big door looking over everyone gathered here he can only sigh contentedly, happy that everyone made it back safely, happy that this night is finally over. just contented that we all exist for right now. Soon though plans will have to be made for an escape, or something. "Pleasant Dreams everypony" he offers softly as he wanders off to seek food or a well earned nap.