Cutie Mark Chronicles Part 3
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Tinker Town is a busy place, and for good reason! It's not a very big place, but the amount of creativity, industry, and trade going on is enough to fill it twice over. Naturally, it being so compact and busy, it's also very loud, with ponies arguing and talking, each trying to be heard over the crowd.

Only one pony is truly succeeding though, his voice booming in to the afternoon air in such a way as to cut through all the other noise. It's a well trained voice, smooth and confident, trained by decades of experience to be heard by all. In deference to this superior sound, many ponies have quieted down, making Tinker Town actually calmer than usual. It is the voice of Hemlock, and he is a very happy hero indeed because he's found a storyteller. Not just a storyteller, but one who wants to learn some new stories.

And my goodness but does Hemlock have stories to tell.

The storyteller, hereafter referred to as the Scrivener, is a young pony fresh out of bard school. He's sitting, slightly stunned, against a wall while Hemlock, the larger olive green stallion, wearing his distinctive burgundy red shirt and vial about his neck, paces in front of the poor lad. Pacing isn't the right word for his movement, more like prancing, there are few things that amke this hero happier than to find a pony who will listen to their stories.

"So you want to hear the tale of old Hemlock eh? You're in for a treat young buck, I could entertain you for days." They've just finished working out the business details, so the storytelling is about to begin. What timing! "Now, where to begin, there certainly is a lot to tell. Perhaps you would like to hear of some of the tyrants I have overthrown? Or of one of the many monsters I have tamed?" Hemlock stops in place and rubs his chin, deep in thought. "Perhaps I could tell you of the towns I have saved, or the places I have been. There are so many, it's hard to choose." He chuckles to himself. "I'd start with my most recent accomplishments, but it's been far too long since I've accomplished anything of note, hah! I've found that the ponies in my new home are just as strong and clever as I am, if not more."

"You could always just start with how you conqured yourself, in that case," came a voice with a distinct Trottingham drawl to it. It came from up on one of the wood avings where the dusky grey and purple pegasus alighted, her wings folding after giving her long purple coat and quick brush down. "After all, if I were to tell an epic it would certainly be where I would begin if I were to tell a tale," continued Sodium Fizz as she folded her legs, taking a seat upon the aving.

Noise, odd at first, but recognizable as the sound of wheels, no, lots of wheels would be more the sound of it, wheels and an odd pace, definately odd. that of something, rolling, but not the sound of a lead. The sound reverbrates through the myrid of streets, and alleyways untill the sound can be identified as that of a pony on rollerskates.

Yes, rollerskates. Roll Roll Roll and Woosh, as wings engage and a buzzing of wings is heard as the airbrakes are fiercely applied so that the mare coasts through to change to a tiptoe/hoof-ing upon the very brakes of her skates. She appears to watch the various ponies here and there, spying the alighting pegasi, and the Earth pony lecture-er. More tiptoing of hind hooves and rolling of forehoves takes her in range.

Palette-Splash had been taking a break from working on her recently inspired piece of art and just happened to wander past the window of her studio while sipping a cup of hot cocoa to see the gathering ponies outside.

Moreso than usual considering Tinker Town's usual busy business.

Curiosity perked, the unicorn magically tosses on a scarf and trots outside to take a look.

Hemlock stops and, somehow, smiles even wider when ponies come. Now he has an audience, today is shaping up to be pretty amazing. He whirls around to face Sodium Fizz and gives her a big old wave. "Whatever do you mean by conquering myself, my dear?"

The scrivener raises a hoof. "Sir, I believe she might mean the story of how you got your cutie mark. That would be a good place to start, if you're going to tell the story of your life. It would certainly be good background for me to hear, yes?" Clever colt, and he proves this by continuing with praise. "After all, a mighty hero such as yourself must have quite a tale to tell."

Having had things explained to him, Hemlock laughs. "You might find yourself surprised, my friend, but I suppose you're right. Cutie marks are important things, and I may as well share my story. Such as it is."

Roll, Pause, flump. "Story time, Oh this sounds good!" mentions the roller-mare as she finds a good place thats out of the way of general traffic. Soda-Pop, makes glances to Scrivner and Hemlock each, then to Fizz as well, for whom she offers a little wingtip wave to the fellow flyer.

Oooh stories. Those are always good for inspiration.

And certainly can't be any stranger than the last adventure she had. Hoo boy.

Palette finds herself a spot to sit down…. then runs back into her shop. Comes back out moments later with the pot of cocoa and some plastic cups held in her magic. "Anypony want something warm to drink? I happened to have a pot ready."

Sodium-Fizz noded. "Quite as the srivener say, yeah. How you got your cutie mark is… often a very good starting point I'd say. It's usualy helps to open up with 'my cutie mark is for mad alchemical science' early rather than let them find out after the cataclysm has passed." Turning slightly Fizzy gave Soda Pop a small nod.

Hemlock looks at the new arrivals, and nods. Looks like it is story time. "Thank you, my dear, I will have a cup for once I am finished my tale. Perhaps we could hear yours next? after all, if the denizens of the town are proving to be my equal, it would be best to hear about them as well? Perhaps the fine scrivener here woud like to hear your tales after I'm done with him." The stallion tosses his mane, because he must be gorgeous at all times, and clears his throat.

"Let us begin, the tale of Hemlock. A very long time ago, likely before many of you were born, I was a young colt. My family lived in a small town that was very near a forest, it was just my mother, father, brother and I. It may come as a surprise, but I was always an adventurous youth, and my brother was the same." What a surprise, who could ever have guessed. Hemlock continues before anypony can call him out on that.

"Thankfully, the forest was safe and large, so we would never tire of exploring it's depths. During those rare times when I was not out exploring, I would read. Tales of valour and heroism were, of course, my favourite, but I also read books to learn. Of the many books I read, maths, seafaring, metalcraft and the like, the ones that caught my eye the most were the books about nature." His smile shifts in to a more gentle one, as he reminisces about tomes long ago. "I used to collect flowers, my father kept a garden, terrible at gardening mind you, btu he tried. I used to take care of it while he wasn't looking so he wouldn't get disheartened."

Sodium-Fizz put a hoof over her muzzle, stiffling a snicker. "Why, Hemlock… You didn't quite strike me as the type that collects flowers but… Knowing you, I supose it makes sense."

Palette-Splash pfff. "Me? Surely some of these ponies have much more interesting stories." None the less she pours a cup of cocoa for Hemlock as he starts his tale, and for any pony else that wants one. "Flowers are pretty. A lot of ponies grow flowers even if it isn't their greatest ability. All those colors~"

Soda-Pop ooooh's, "Pretty Hobby Mr, uhh, Hemlock, Oh, Hemlock, isn't that like a tree, oh it is, it Is a tree!" she seems to be in awe or something.

Hemlock feigns a hurt expression. "Whyever not, miss fizz? I am a great appreciator of beauty in all its forms." Palette earns an approving nod. "Not only were they beautiful, but I soon began to learn that these flowers had uses of their own."

"In fact, I was soon to learn that these flowers were important ingredients in a special drink that helps guard against the cold. Despite the information being in the town library, nopony had taken advantage of them." He shrugs, as if he never really understood why. Put it down to chance. "So one day I tried the recipe, and it worked. My brother and I were exploring the forest during the winter of my tenth year, and we drank some of the potion when we got tired, and felt revitalized. By the time we got home I had my cutie mark." The stallion sits down, and beams at the appreciative audience.

That wasn't very exciting. Hemlock can feel the anticlimax, so is compelled to add a little more. "I tired selling some in town, and got somewhat popular. Then I worked at the local inn for a while before leaving to go on adventures."

"Oh and yes, you are correct, Hemlock is a tree. I think the name rather suits my talent." It's a name he is very proud of.

Soda-Pop Oooooooh's some as she's up on her hooves again, standing easily upon the brakes of her skates, right on the tips, as she leans back a little and rolls a little bit forward as if to inspect the mighty earthpony and his mark a little closer.

Sodium-Fizz noded for herself. "That… is rather a much more sedate fashion to get your mark in the finer parts of alchemy and brewing than my own I must say…"

Palette-Splash huhs. Here she was expecting some sort of grand adventure by the way he started.

The scrivener looks just as vauely disappointed as everypony else. Which is making Hemlock a little less enthusiastic. "Well, not everything in my life has been grand adventure and heroism. I did all that later, as I will share later today. Perhaps Sodium fizz woudl like to share her story, since it's so much more exciting." He frowns, those words didn't sound very nice. "I would love nothing more than to hear it, my dear." Now he takes his drink and sits down beside the scrivener, to listen, and watch.

Soda-Pop rolls herself around so that she may sit next to Hemlock where she inspects his cutie mark, she vaugely shakes her head and mumbles 'I don't get it' or something like that, shrugs then looks over to Sodium-Fizz

"You want to hear the story of how I got my cutie mark then? It's also the first act of…" Sodium Fizz fell silent for a moment, then shook her head. "Well, you'll know it when you hear it I supose… Many years ago - though not nearly as many as we're talking for Hemlock - I had already descovered wounders big and small, I was taking my first steps into alchemy, I had managed to loot my brothers collection of pulp superhero comics - something which seems perhaps a bit innane a thing to mention though it's important."

Sodium Fizz raised a hoof, sweeping it across as if to paint a picture. "Either way, the day - or evening rather - was the day of the great Trottingham School Science Fair, and I was rather stoked for it. I had worked for weeks, collecting scraps of alchemical knowledge for my presentation upon Pipette's Theorem of Composit Alchemical Amplification. So you can imagine my dissapointment when by far most of the many visitors to the fair passed my work over to… look at such 'marvels' as lemon batteries and baking-soda vulcanos…" The last few words were uttered with a tone of uther loathing.

"It didn't help that those three - my long standing artsy rivals - came with their usual taunts and jeers. Nor that it turned out that they had brought their own project… A project which towered above the makeshift walls with their banners covered as it was with a big white sheet though still suspiciously vulcano-shaped and decidedly the big crowd-favorite…"

Palette-Splash snorts, rolling her eyes. "Soda volcanos are like -so- last decade." Then sips at her cocao while listening.

Hemlock nods to himself as he watches the mare begin her story. He's a surprisingly good listener for such a loud, almost obnoxious pony. It's a special pelasure of his to learn more about others.

Sodium-Fizz's forehooves tapped together slowly, and keept going tap-tap-tap slowly. "So… being me, I woundered what I could do to top THAT… and… as I woundered it came to me, from the comics. And you might surmise it would be doing something heroic for the spreading of knowledge, but… Lets just say I never did like the heroes - it was the villains, those brilliant interlects constantly twarthed by those 'forces of good' (pah!) that I turned too. So there I was, with my formula for amplifying the powers of alchemical and chemical prowes in direct proportion to the number of simmilar variant components… and I was in a big room full of lemons and limes and vinegar and that orange juice they served in the cafeteria… and…"

Sodium Fizz fell silent for a moment, her gaze drifting of elsewhere as a little grin creased the corner of her mouth. "Well, I supose I might as well admiting to swiping it. A lot of it… After all, if I were to enlighten these buffoons to the wounderous powers of SCIENCE I needed to do so spectacular… By the time of the unveiling of the vulcano - and it was a pretty vulcano - I were upon the rafters above looking down…" The hooves stopped their tapping, comming together with finnality.

"All it would take was a drop into the mouth of the vulcano. One drop… I poured it all in, and as those trio of… of… good for nothing goody-four-hooves panicked I finaly got a reason to gloat in turn, haha!" Sodium Fizz cackled, for a moment. "Of course, that didn't last too long before the vulcano ruptured as the baking soda - slow to wake to the chemical reaction… reacted. I do belive the damage through the roof ammounted to several hundreds of bits, and the doctor said I was lucky to have sufferd nothing more than a sprained wing from being hit by the vulcano-explosion. Some had gotten hurt a bit worse from the debries, though. Afterwards the psychiatrists diagnosed me with science-related memetic dissorder and I had a brand new cutie mark…" Soda's voice trailed off for a good several minutes. "That… could really have gone better…"

"I guess you could say your cutie mark event," Palette pauses to adjust her glasses with her free hoof, "had explosive potential."

Hemlock blinks, and the blinks again. That story was certainly something! Then Palette goes and breaks the silence and Hemlock chuckles. "Talk about earning it with a bang, eh? I suppose you showed them what science can do. I may have to ask you for the recipe of the amplifier you used, I can see it being useful in my line of work." No judgement here, it happened ages ago! "I hope you learned your lesson though, my dear." He winks. "Always stand far away form the explosion."

Soda-Pop thump's her hoof, in a rough sound of "ba dump bump tish!!!" at Palette's little joke.

Soda-Pop looks about a little, and uhhh's some, lifting one skateclad hoof to her chest, and then shrugs, and points at Pallette, "Me or Her? next?" she asks aloud

Sodium-Fizz gives both Palete and Soda Pop a very unamused stare. "Har… har… The whole ordeal have seen me getting sporadic therapy for a decade as well as leaving a string of disaster (mostly minor-to-medium, mind) across Equestria and me with a conscience that's so burdened it needs a concrete foundation else it'll collapse…" She glanced at Hemlock. "And… you'd figure I'd manage that, but… I've been blown up by my own, hair-brained and deranged schemes more than once by now, actually."

Soda-Pop calls out laughingly, "MEDIC!" then giggles, pauses looking to Fizz then deadpans, "Oh uhh you weren't foaling around were you?" *Gulp*

Sodium-Fizz keeps giving Soda Pop a flat stare. "I don't when it comes to this, no… Why don't you tell a tale then, miss 'comedy'?"

Hemlock doesn't break the look and doesn't let his smile fade. "Accidents happen, I've been hurt by my own devices as well. It does you good to laugh at past mistakes though, or so I've found. Thank you, for sharing the story miss Fizz."

Soda-Pop Uhhhh's some and ducks her head, "S, Sorry" she murmurs softly then perks a little, "you want My Cutie Mark tale, I errr, Okay I guess, she ponders, as she's back up on her skates again, rolling more of a figure 8 pattern before everypony, in what could be her version of pacing.

Soda-Pop says "me Oh my" she begins, flips out wings of a rather dainty nature, hardly a set that would atain much of a commanding presence, more tuned to being a thing to look at, not actually use for much, "I had some challenges growing up you could say, My life never really got off the ground" she mentions in both jest and literal sense. "Stuck groundbound with parrents that were of mixed natures, one a pegasus, one a Unicorn, I got the pegasus end of the stick and the flightlessness of the Unicorn" *shrug* "but well hmm, I learned to make due on the ground, got by quick with a good pair of skates, and took up with the family business, took to serving up the food and drinks that my mother made as part of her job, So I became a good waitress, serving up fun to ponies all about" the Roller-Mare grins as she twirls about splaying out a wing here and there in which to lift a serving platter, and some cups upon for which she balances perfectly there while she whirls about"

Hemlock smiles at the filly, and to him she is a filly so he can use the term if he wants to. "That's a lovely story, miss, you certainly seem to be quite agile on your skates." Those are some things that you couldn't persuade Hemlock to do unless you got a very pretty pony to ask him. They're downright dangerous. "Seems you've made good use of what you have."

Palette-Splash just blinks a couple of times. "You… can't fly?" This is something she's never heard of before.

Soda-Pop gives a little bow, and smiles, "Oh yes, they do work well for other stuff, don't matter that I can't fly, not one bit" She looks over to Pallete, "I can jump and buzz, but thats about it, takes too much effort after that, and everything gets Really sore" she admits with a litle bit of envy showing towards pegasi in general, but blows it off. "Got other skills to lean on" she mentions even though about anypony can see that she's still saddened by the fact, she makes due. "Oh, and I'm Soda-Pop, by the way" she mentions "Work over at Back-Alley Music"

Palette-Splash ohs. But then smiles. "Well you've made good with what skills you have, so that's the important part!" And they're doing introductions now? Wow, she must of really spaced out. It's an artist thing. "My name is Palette-Splash. That's my shop and home right behind us." Points at her studio. "… Is it my turn now?" Rubs her head. "I kinda lost track in all the stories, heh."

Hemlock laughs again. "I'll have to check out Back Alley Music come time, I really will." He means it too, he'll probably be there later today. "As for you, Palette Splash, such a beautiful name which suits you very well. I would love to hear your story, should you wish to share it."

Palette-Splash achrms, possibly blushing for a moment at the compliment on her name, which she fusses past by adjusting her glasses. "Actually, jokes aside, I can relate to Fizz's story. Just without the supervillian angle." Right. That was kind of odd. But at least she'd been honest in admitting it. That counts, right? Anyways, back to my own story. "Art as you know is full of opinions. Because everypony has their own idea what is pretty and such. But some ponies feel like they should impress what they thing art should be like on others. These ponies typically become one of two things: art critics, or really bad art teachers. The kind that try to force young foals to do art their way instead of encouraging their own creativity. And by golly, let's just say pun aside Miss Bristleback was very aptly named. You did things her way, or you did nothing." Palette snorted into her bangs. "And she had those little suck-ups that did everything her way, that she thought she was going to groom into the next Pintosso or something." She pauses a moment to drink her cocoa, and let that settle in before continuing.

The not subtle at all hint of venom in Palette's voice does not escape Hemlock's notice. It doesn't surprise him either, artists tend to have lots of emotion, they are awesome like that. He settles in for what will hopefully be a very interesting story indeed.

Soda-Pop rolls to a halt at the effort of wings a-buzz a moment while she listens to this tale too, "Wow, Miss Bristleback, just brings out the dark and brooding feels right there, sounds like a hardflank

"Oh, she was a mean old crone. Because she had missed her opportunity as a young mare, so she took up teaching to try and find a pony or two she could 'take under her wings' not that she was a pegasus and maybe find the dreams she lost through them. In all the wrong ways." There's a sour tone in her voice, but Palette is doing her best to not just turn all ranty on the matter. "So she wanted to show off her 'prize' students, but the only way she could get a professional critic to visit the school was for the entire art class. So she made everypony do a project. Her way. I had a great idea, but she insisted it had to be her way, her style, her impression. Finally I just, I hate to admit it, threw a tantrum and just splashed a bunch of colors on a canvas, swirled them around with my hooves, and made sure the flick some 'accidentally' on her little suck-ups. The only reason Bristleback included it was because she was going to make it out to be everything wrong with an untalented pony. Hmph." And then the unicorn grins. "I swear, she nearly had a heart-attack when my 'splash' was the one project the critic -did- like, because he could see the passion and emotion in it, instead of the cut and dried rehashes of a hasbeen style she made everypony else follow. And that," Palette leans over a little to show the brushes of red blue and yellow splotches on her flank, "is how I got this. And I knew that if I was going to be a great artist, I had to be one my way and no pony else's."

Soda-Pop giggles and grins, absoloutely beaming, "Awesome! That;s the way to show er!" a hop skip and pirriute atop one skate and wings abuzzing sends the roller-mare into a twirl and quick hop, "That's just Awesome!"

Hemlock lets himself smile more and more as the story continues, until at the very end where he applauds. "Well done, madam! You certainly did the right thing, and since you now seem to have a business, I'd say you've done well enough for yourself." The stallion sits up, and stretches. "Maybe even Miss Britsleback learnt a lesson or two that day. It's never too late to learn, yes?"

Palette-Splash shrugs her shoulders. "That was the last year I had her as a teacher because my family moved here during the summer, so I don't know. I'd hoped she learned something." Magically picks up her pot. "More cocoa for anyone?"

Soda-Pop nods some to Palette both on account of her tale, and for that cocoa for which she extends a wing as she rolls up to her artfully, and slides to a stop upon her skates hooftip brakes.

Hemlock waves away the offer, and stands up to return the cup to its rightful owner. "Thank you, my dear, but I really should be off. The scrivener here is only in town for a couple of days and he has shown interest in hearing me speak. It wouldn't do to keep him waiting." He looks back to the scribe in question. "Shall we return to my place? I've some excellent wine we can share while I regale you with my many adventures." The scrivener nods, and gathers up his things to go. Hemlock looks back at the gathered ponies as he trots off. "Have a wonderful night, and thank you for sharing."

Palette-Splash nods. "You too, take care." She does refill Soda's cup though. Then gives the kid a light ruffle of the mane before walking back towards her studio. "And you try to not get into too much trouble."