Crash Landing
IC date: Spring 7, 1007
OOC date: 3/28/12
PCs: Jellybean, Snowfield, Sadaka, Bosstone, Blackbird, Manyara
NPCs: Nurse Kindness
GM: None

Night has fallen, and the moon is up and bright. Though many ponies are heading for sleep, a good chunk of the citizenry has found something to occupy their time, here in the center square. Some are chatting, some are wandering. Some, like Blackbird, is moving frenetically as he tries to figure out what to do about this little zebra filly attached to his hip. Well, not actually attached. Just, y'know. In his care. He's not fit to be a parent! "I'm sorry, I'm /so sorry/ I forgot about dinner again," he apologizes profusely, as they're on their way to Sunset's daisy restaurant. "I just got caught up — I'm /so sorry/."

Sadaka smiles up at him, not seeming too put off by the whole thing — a little exasperated if anything, but only a teensy bit. "That's why I reminded you! It's okay, Mr. Blackbird. I know you're busy. I don't mean to be a bother or anything, but I figured you were probably hungry too."

Jellybean is also having a late night. For a change from how things have been lately he's actually feeling pretty okay. The weather still won't listen to him and that's pretty awful, but he's taking it easy tonight and going for a flight out under the stars. He likes stars. They're pretty. But who's that below? "Hi Sadaka! Hi Blackbird! How're you two tonight?" He flies in lower to properly say hello.

Nightfall is usually Snowfield's favorite time of day. Most ponies have gone to bed and the only ones out and about are usually more content to mind their own business. It's why she tries to save her own trips into town until after the sun sets— less ponies to risk having a conversation with.

Except tonight, for some reason. There are inexplicably tons of ponies out and about, and the little unicorn in the white cloak pauses upon entering the square when she sees the great big mass of them. Second thoughts pass through her mind about coming into town after all, but— no, she needs to be here, she's out of nightshade. Well, hopefully they won't notice her passing through the square…

Such a quaint little town. In the moonlight, 'peaceful' seemed fitting. The sound of the waves was nice. The slightly salty air. Occasional seagull cry. And if this brewing crowd was any indication it had the feel of a place plenty of diverse, interesting ponies might call home. Yes, this seems like just the place.

A tall, slim creature trots from door to door, hoofbeats surprisingly soft clicks on the cobblestone. It wore a cloak of such a deep blue as to nearly blend with the night sky, hood drawn up, nose and horn just poking out from beneath it. It stopped at every door, mailbox, or porch, sliding… something, into each box, under every door, before moving on to the next, not paying anypony much heed. In fact, it hardly seemed to notice them.

It's a bright, nice night over the harbor, but off in the distance, clouds rumble sullenly over the White Saddle mountain range. The weatherponies had to shoo the bad weather somewhere, right? It's quite far from town, and hardly worth a thought.
At least, hardly worth a thought if you're not in the thick of it. Something flew out from the range, bobbing and weaving through the air in a drunken walk. It glinted in the moonlight as it lurched through the clear sky, a tiny speck of light that slowly grew as it neared the town. The stars above and behind it vanished briefly, flickering more than stars normally do: smoke rising, obscuring.
About a mile out of town, the squeal of metal on metal erupted in the night air, and the drunken metal object took a sharp turn downward, cartwheeling and spinning in wide lazy circles as it headed down, down, down, into the deep woods of Wintersong. And barely, just barely, especially as it got nearer to the ground, alert ponies in town might well be able to hear another sound:

"I know, and— and you did good!" Blackbird harriedly tries to reassure Sadaka. He's balancing his own panic spiral versus her potential self-esteem spiral — because, FOALS — and he's not doing a great job of it. But he's sure trying. "You did, you did very good, and — I'm proud of you for … uhh for speaking up, yes, speaking your mind. But now we can get some dinner and I won't be an absent parent. Nope. Not me." He's totally an absent parent.

In his panic, he's totally misses the strange /blue/ cloaked creature right off, but he does in fact notice Snowfield, because foal-sized creatures are on his radar right now. "I— oh! Snowfield, uh, hello. Have you eaten?" Because he must feed ALL the foals. Even the ones that aren't, strictly speaking, foals. But it's really the ear-rending crash that gets his attention, as his eyes snap wide open and his posture straightens like a board. "Holy Celestia, what in the everloving gods was /that/??"

Sadaka brightens somewhat at the idea of him being proud of her — though she wasn't /entirely/ sure she'd done something to be proud of. It still was a pleasant idea. And hey, late dinner was no problem to her; it meant she could be out late! She still had very much not gotten used to the idea of 'bedtime' yet.

She waved up at Jellybean cheerily at his greeting. "Hello, Mr. Jellybean! Oh, and hi Ms. Snowfield!" she called over to the little unicorn cheerily, waving again.

Jellybean waves a hoof to Snowfield as well as the Sadaka and Blackbird, landing. He tenses up when he sees the blue figure. "D-did anypony else see that?" Apparently he's more than a bit of a scaredypony. But then, who's surprised?

Curses! Snowfield winces as Blackbird calls her out by name, the expression hopefully hidden by the hood of her cloak. And once one person recognizes her, it's only a matter of time until… yep, there goes the foal and the pegasus. Sigh. "Good evening, all," the unicorn says in resignation. "I am not hungry," she says to dodge Blackbird's inquiry.

Any further conversation is cut short by the sudden CRASH from the direction of the forst. With an impatient click of her tongue Snowfield growls, "Not again…!" and takes off in that direction. The nightshade will have to wait, if her luck this last week has been any indication something terrible probably just happened to her home again.

Lucky Snowfield! The only damage to her house is a metal spear poking straight out of the roof! The real horror is about fifty yards deeper into the forest.
The scene is a gruesome one. One wing lays on the ground, the other half-torn and hanging limply off the body. Bits are scattered here and there, as well as some unidentifiable internals. The body itself had gotten caught in the branches of the sturdy trees, the larger ones digging deep furrows in the skin. The propellors, to be sure, look quite mangled, their housings wrenched all out of position. One has four blades, the other only three. Smoke rose from the wreckage, because that's what happens in wreckages. One might as well try to stop a wheel from bouncing out of a collision.
No question about it: The aircraft is a goner. The -pilot-, on the other hand, sways in the air. A loose cable had gotten wrapped around one hind leg, and now he hung suspended from the aircraft, upside down, hooves folded, and an unamused expression on his face. At least, it's probably unamused. Hard to tell when one's upside down.

Blackbird blinks widely, as Snowfield goes tearing off. He looks over at Jellybean. "What? Oh! Hi, Jellybean. I…did see that and I don't even… We should probably, erm, go and see…if they're okay. And, um…" He waves a hoof at Manyara. "Hello, uhh, I'm sorry, you in the cloak? Do you think you could get Nurse Kindness? Please?"

The creature pauses at the wave, turning towards the voice. After a moment's stillness it nods, deposits another item in the mailbox it was standing by, and trots off, presumably after the aforementioned Nurse.
Sadaka jumps at the sudden LOUD NOISES, ears perking as she whirls to face the forest and trots a few steps towards it, mind worriedly wondering after the fate of 'her' tree. "What was that? I've never heard anything like that before! …Is that smoke? It looks kinda like the time the Mayor set a building on fire…"

That was a loud noise! Jellybean sees the crash and his wings flutter worriedly. "Why is everything happening all at once? What should I do, Blackbird?" Not one for heavy decision-making, is Jellybean.

It doesn't take long for Snowfield to track the source of the smoke, since sure enough it seems to be rising from right near her little cottage at the forest's edge. As she and the other ponies approach she seems to calm slightly— she can see from this angle that the smoke isn't DIRECTLY from her home, which means that it didn't… hit…

There's debris in her roof.

There is DEBRIS in her ROOF!

The little unicorn marches through the woods towards the source of the smoke and sees a red pony hanging from the twisted wreckage overhead. "You!" she says sharply. "What have you done!?" A hoof stamps the ground for emphasis.

Meep. Blackbird gives Jellybean a big-eyed look. "What, you're asking me?" His hooves dance, and he tries to get his thoughts under him. But finally, all he says is… "We— we go to the wreck!!" And off he gallops, assuming the others will follow!

Sadaka blinks and bounds off after him, doing her best to keep up on her somewhat shorter legs.

Jellybean nods to Blackbird and takes off, making a circle around the wreckage and looking for anypony she can find. His intuition being what he is he spots Bosstone fairly quickly, flying down to him and trying to pull him out gingerly. He's not terribly strong, mind you. "Are you all right?"

By the time Snowfield reaches the wreckage, the red pony had begun poking at the air with one hoof. When she gets there, she can hear him muttering, "Fifty-one…fifty-two…" He cuts off and brightens up as he sees another pony. Oh good, this -isn't- desolate wilderness after all! He raises…er, lowers…a hoof and waves cheerfully, but draws both hooves back to his chest in surprise when yelling happens. He blinks at the little pony, twisting around to look at the scrap metal around him, and asks blankly, "What, you can't tell?"
Whup! Hello pegasus! At least this pony asked a proper question, and BossTone smiles gratefully at him. "Yeah, could be w- hey hey HEY WAAAAAAH" As it turns out, the cable hadn't been wrapped -that- loosely around his hind leg, and Jellybean's tugging pulls him free. The solidly-built earth pony prooooobably outweighs Jellybean's lift capacity, and his hooves flail as the ground comes rushing up to say hello too.

Blackbird races through town, through the outskirts, to the edge of the forest, to… oh, hey, /what in everloving Tartarus is that thing/. The inventor skids to a halt behind Snowfield, eyes widening, first in fear for any innocents involved, but secondly out of sheer professional appreciation. "That's some whirlygig," he comments in awe, before he shakes his head and looks up, up, up — no wait, down, down, down at the plummeting pony. "Oh! Jeez. Are you two okay? Listen, a nurse is on the way…"

Only a moment or two after the rest of the ponies begin arriving, the cloaked figure appears again, leading the Nurse along behind. Silvery eyes cast an appraising glance from beneath the hood over the wreck and all the gathered ponies, taking in the scene with interest.

"You dropped a… a whatever on my roof!" Snowfield says angrily, gesturing with her horn in the direction of her cottage. One can just barely make it out through the trees from here, but certainly not see the spike that currently has turned it into a house kebab. She steps to the side as BossTone makes a quick trip to the ground, not bothering herself to help him to his hooves. She's far too annoyed, and the others have that handled, anyway. "What is wrong with you?"

Sadaka scampers up after Blackbird, panting a bit from the gallop as she slowed to a trot and made her way over to the group. She started to ask what was going on, but trailed off to stare in awed interest up at the wreck of… whatever it was, eyes wide. "…Woah…"

Jellybean lets out a surprised little yelp when he realizes that Bosstone is a leetle heavier than he's really capable of lifting. Wings flap frantically in an effort to slow descent but the pegasus doesn't let go until they've reached the ground. He flies in little circles around Boss Tone, nosing him a little as he looks for injuries.

"Uh…" BT reaches up, rubbing at his head with a wince. He lay flat on his back now, groggy from walloping his head on the ground. He peers up at Snowfield, the angry little pony upside down in his view. "What's wrong with me? Head kinda hurts, I guess…" His hoof waves vaguely in the air, bumping against the pegasus lightly. "Look, kids, can ya maybe go find an adult or something? Doctor'd be even better." He stares up at the wreckage in the trees, letting out a gusty sigh. "I suppose a genius mechanic's outta the question…"

Nurse Kindness, a yellow pony with white hair, rushes from Manyara's side to BossTone with first-aid kit in teeth. "Do you remember your name?" she asks him.

Blackbird, meanwhile, shifts from hoof to hoof. "Genius?" he echoes. "I'm not a genius but I do…invent. Maybe I could help out. But this looks like a fair work of master craftsmanship. What about you?" The last is directed to Manyara, hopeful that she has some experience here. Whatever she is.

Manyara turns to look at Blackbird, quiet for a moment before nodding slowly. "Perhaps." She, for the soft voice was rather feminine, looked over at the wreck, nodding again before giving her head a light toss to shake the hood down. "I am no mechanic. But I may be able to… assist."

Kids!? That is the last straw for Snowfield. She 'harumphs!' indignantly (which is, unfortunately, an incredibly cute gesture) and marches off deeper into the forest. She isn't in the mood for such disrespect and… and silliness! Clearly what the mare needs is some time to cool off.

…except that she's not using her magic right now until she figures out what happened to that storm over New Year's, which means she's probably going to just stew in her anger instead of work it off. D'oh!

BossTone grins loopily up at the nurse. "Gosh, service sure's speedy 'round here." He salutes, then winces again as his hoof brushes a tender spot on his temple. "Name? Uh. Cap'n?" He frowns and shakes his head. "S'not it…Boss?" He groans and rolls over, managing to, if not get to his feet, then at least get the world right-side up again. "Yeah, s'right. Boss Cap'n." He blinks at the audience he's managed to collect, and grins weakly. "Um. Hi?" And with that mighty expenditure of effort, he flops back down on the ground, quite unconscious.

Nurse Kindness lifts a brow at BossTone there. "Boss Cap'n?" she echoes with a sigh. And when he collapses, she rolls her eyes. "Another dang pirate. I'll go get reinforcements." Mutter mutter. MUTTER. Off she stomps.

Jellybean blinks, looking first at the collapsed Captain Boss Pony Person, then at everypony else. "Well, I guess he's all right." He stretches and yawns loudly. "I think I need to get some sleep. I can help more tomorrow." With that, Jellybean away!

Sadaka blinks over at the fallen 'Cap'n', tilting an ear worriedly. "Um… is… he okay? …Did he fall out of that… metal thingie?"