Conversational Pigeon
IC date: Autumn 47, 1008
OOC date: November 5, 2013
Location: Portside
PCs: Midnight-Sun Jellybean Dream-Daze
GM: Fluttershy

Feathers are not a rarity in the Harbor — there are pegasi and griffons around after all. Except now… there are a lot of feathers around. Like, a lot. And they're all small and white. A pony can walk through Portside, but there's the strangest feeling of being watched…

Salty, it seems, is feeling the burn of eyes staring into her as she walks toward the Bucket, then turns around in confusion, glaring around her. "…Freaking … What's going on here?" she mutters.

Jellybean loves fall. He loves the way it's starting to get cooler and he loves working with fall weather. So he's out and about a lot and has likewise noticed the oddity of the day. He decides that maybe it's time to take a break, running into Salty in the process. He flies down from the cloud he was giving a pat-down to (a simple moisture-check, perfectly normal) and waves. "Hi there Salty! It's nice to see you again!"

Salty spins around with a glare for Jellybean— only to realize who it is. "Oh! Hello, Weatherhead. Sorry— I'm just feeling a little out of sorts today. Is it Monday? It must be Monday. I can't even remember what day it is. It's something to do with…" She trails off. And then points. "Chicken."

Indeed there's a chicken just… lurking. Beside a crate. It's not pecking; it's not even walking. It's just watching.
Midnight-Sun has arrived.
(OOC) Salty: Hi!
(OOC) Midnight-Sun: Hihi!
Jellybean blinks a little, then sees the chicken being pointed out. There's a long pause, and then he gives a wave of the wing to the chicken. "Hello there!" Another pause, then he looks to Salty and stage-whispers. "I don't actually speak chicken, but I speak pigeon. Do you think they're alike? I don't want to be rude."
A moment after Salty says that, a cerulean pegasus comes into view from around the crate. He's wearing a bright red scarf today, as is the passenger on his head, and he looks at Salty with some puzzlement. "What? Me?" He fluffs his wings, starts looking indignant. "Jelly — why is your friend insulting me?" He hasn't spotted the watchful bird beside him yet.
(OOC) Midnight-Sun: Doh. Umm. Strike that, I'll try again.
Midnight-Sun is sniggering at something when he, passing, overhears what Jellybean has to say. He speaks *what*? Trot, trot, trot. He waits to speak until he's just behind the pair, apparently having picked up something about the mood from the stage whispering. "You speak what? Wait. And don't speak *what*?" He peers between the other ponies. "So… why are you staring at a chicken?"
(OOC) Salty (will be slow posing, a bit; sorry! I'm a-jugglin)

"Because the chicken is staring back," Salty says, narrowing her eyes at the fowl. "You might as well try, Jellybean. If they don't like it, to heck with 'em." She points at her eyes, and then at the chicken. The chicken narrows its eyes in response, and does the same with its wing, back at her.
(OOC) Jellybean: There was a foreign language requirement for his degree.
Dream-Daze has arrived.
(OOC) Salty: Woo, Dreamy~
(OOC) Dream-Daze :D
(OOC) Midnight-Sun: Speak thinks at it! :)
(OOC) Dream-Daze :|
(OOC) Midnight-Sun hides!
Jellybean trots closer to the chicken. He thinks for a moment: it's been a while since he's practiced. He coos, in decent imitation of the liquid warbling of pigeons, bobs his head twice, coos again and ruffles his feather. (Good day, fellow avian! My friend is unsettled by the manner in which you stare at her: may I ask why you have given her such attention?)
(OOC) Midnight-Sun: It's a really efficient language!
(OOC) Midnight-Sun: Dreamy wanna pose in?
(OOC) Salty grins.
(OOC) Dream-Daze nod~

Rustle…rustle… Poing! Suddenly Midnight has a passenger. A little blue unicorn foal, peeking over his shoulder at what's going on. She may as well have 'Curious Pony' painted on her face. Oh look! A chicken! And a pegasus talking like a bird! Looks like her cute-radar found something potentially cute to watch.

Oh, and Midnight gets a quick hug too, since y'know. She just sorta lept up onto his back without asking and all.
Midnight-Sun does not leap three feet into the air. It's only the one foot. There's a moment of uncertainty as he fights to keep from dropping his unexpected passenger, another while his brain awaits the message that she is hugging and not strangling — then he sets down again with a weak laugh. "Ah. Hi, Dream Daze," he says, still quietly and keeping his eye on the chicken to see how it will react. "Before you ask, I have no idea what's going on." Sophie only winces a little bit at the muteness faux pas, resumes waving three of her legs at the blue unicorn from atop his head.

The chicken stares at Jellybean, and squints… and then starts speaking pigeon right back! Pidgin pigeon, unfortunately: it bobs its head, croaks out a few coos, twitches right and left, and wingfluffs. (All attention, good talk. Make good. Learn to speak how?)

Salty, meanwhile, turns to look at Midnight and Dreamy, and JUMPS!! She points behind them, to where a semicircle of chickens have gathered to stare like the terrifying creatures they are. "Bukawk," one says, as though it had just said 'make my day'.

Dreamy only gets a little jostled then by Midnight's reaction! Not quite to the point of losing balance, thankfully, and for that he gets another hug. And a smile. And then a blink when he explains that he has no idea what's going on either. Aw. She waves a hoof at the small spider companion too, squints again at Jellybean, and… Whoa! Again nearly falls back off of Midnight when Salty jumps! She flails, like a turtle toppled on the back of its shell, getting up after a moment and peering where the ex-mayor was pointing. At a whole half-ring of chickens. Staring.

She blinks. Again. And slowly hides herself in Midnight's mane…
Jellybean eagerly wingflaps, then contains himself and replies: headbob, headbob, coo, fluff up, tapping an imaginary breadcrumb with his nose, coo, headbob, wingflutter. (I took two semesters of Pigeon at weather school. Are you new here? I don't remember seeing so many chickens around town before.) He looks up and spots Dreamy and Midnight, giving the two a wave! "I'm talking to a chicken in pigeon!" he says, by way of explanation and possibly greeting.
Dream-Daze totally throws in a wave at Jelly too! She'd bounce over and give him a hug, but there's chickens to be scared of…
(OOC) Jellybean: Incidentally, the fact that Jellybean speaks Pigeon might be my favorite off-the-cuff canon ever.
(OOC) Salty: I love it XD
(OOC) Midnight-Sun: Well, there's *some* reason I've got this huge grin on my face.
(OOC) Dream-Daze: It's awesome. XD
Midnight-Sun is confronted by a jumping stranger. The thing to do is to look over his shoulder, see the menacing crowd with their menacing gazes and taptaptap Jellybean on the shoulder. "Hey. Hey, Jelly. Umm. Could you talk to these, too? I think that would be a *great* idea."
(OOC) Jellybean: It has a somewhat limited vocabulary: most nouns end up translating best as 'bread crumb.'

The chicken takes a few steps towards Jellybean. It looks a little threatening! Peck ground, peck ground, wingruffle scratch scratch peck ground. Wingruffle headbob, peck ground! (Look, look. Moving here, look. Stop, look!)

The other chickens start weaving their heads back and forth a little in a sort of weird…gesture? It might be threatening if it weren't so goofy.
(OOC) Midnight-Sun: I have faith in its ability to be both! I believe!
Jellybean blinks a few times, then offers a curt bob of the head. (I see. You are attempting to intimidate my friends and I, possibly for the purpose of extortion?) He pecks at another imaginary breadcrumb ('This is my breadcrumb and I am going to eat it,' although he PROBABLY meant 'You should understand that though I do not intend to surrender to your poor behavior my faith in the Equestrian princple of Friendship means that I bear you no ill-will and hope that we can live as family one day.') Finally, he bobs his head again, coos, fluffs up twice, bobs his head, gives his wings two good flaps, coos and does his best approximation of a tailfeather-display dance. (Bye) "We should probably try to leave," he says, to everypony else.
(OOC) Dream-Daze: Lovely kung-fu subtitling.
(OOC) Midnight-Sun: So good.
(OOC) Salty: omg yes
(OOC) Jellybean: Pigeon compresses weirdly.

Dreamy peeks down at Jellybean. She just got here, and already she's seen enough. She's pretty much clinging to the back of Midnight's head at this point, watching the chickens watching them watching the chickens. Last thing she wants to do is run afowl of a bunch of ruffled-feather ruffians, ending up henpecked and chickenscratched just for being in the wrong coop!
From afar, Jellybean realizes something.
You paged Jellybean with 'Yis? XD'.
Jellybean pages: At some point during this crisis, an expert on avian behavior will need to show up for a town hall meeting. With a slideshow.
You paged Jellybean with 'Oh my god yes.'.
Midnight-Sun says slowly, "Yeeeeeah. Yeah, how about we do that." He sidles away, keeping his face towards the semi-circle, trusting his passengers to watch his rear. Not watching where he's going, he of course bumps into Salty. "Himynameismidnight!"
Salty rears in surprise when Midnight bumps into her and she jumps! "They're after me! I know it! I knew I shouldn't have screwed over the Rooster Lord in Cainen!" She bolts without another word! The chickens all flap and consolidate in their little knot, although one of them appears to be holding a baseball bat in its wing and whapping it soundly against its other wing. Whap. Whap.
(OOC) Midnight-Sun: Home Run is that you?!
(OOC) Salty XD
Jellybean starts trotting away as casually as he can before remembering that he is, in fact, dealing with chickens. He starts flying instead. "Don't worry, Midnight, just keep moving. I'm sure if we're respectful they won't do anything too brash. Right?"
Dream-Daze peeks out from where she's somewhat nested herself into Midnight's mane. Watching the chickens behind them. One has a bat. That's… She crouches lower. Like a lion cub trying to hide in tall grass. Only without the grass and with more horse mane.
(OOC) Salty snrks.
Midnight-Sun's ears go straight up and he looks astonished at Salty. "You did *what*? I think you should run!" Hey, flying. Good idea. Midnight joins Jellybean in the air. Too bad about Salty. "Respectful. Right. Umm." He addresses a bright smile at Bat Chicken. "My name's Midnight Sun, and I'm just this pony. I'm sure we can talk about this? I mean, do you have a ball? Cause we could get you a ball and you could totally play your little game." Sophie by now has switched manes, hiding on Dream Daze hiding on Midnight.
(OOC) Jellybean: I am vengeance. I am the night. I am BAT-CHICKEN!
(OOC) Salty: Everyone +roll/skilled for me please!
GAME: Dream-Daze made a skilled roll with an outcome of Bad.
GAME: Jellybean made a skilled roll with an outcome of Bad.
(OOC) Jellybean ;.;
(OOC) Salty cackles.
GAME: Midnight-Sun made a skilled roll with an outcome of Fantastic.
(OOC) Midnight-Sun: Yisssss. I assume I'm the first to die.

Bat chicken glares at Midnight. Whap. Keep movin' son.

Then again, as they do get moving, they pass some lovely stalls along the boardwalk! One for coffee, and one for trinkets, and gosh that pony behind the counter sure looks funny, all cloaked like that! With a funny colored snout… held on by a string … Ponies have waddles, right? They totally have waddles!

Midnight would be the only one to realize that those beady little eyes hide a CRIMINAL MASTERMIND. That is, a chicken. Or a stack of chickens, under a cloak, masquerading as a pony, with a shop full of more baseball bats.
(OOC) Jellybean: What would the Cutie Mark of a pony whose special purpose is to die first in a horror movie be? Or last, for that matter?
(OOC) Salty: a red shirt
(OOC) Dream-Daze: Would that appear before or after their death? :o
(OOC) Dream-Daze: Post-mortem cutiemark?
(OOC) Salty: Tragically after
(OOC) Salty XD
(OOC) Jellybean: …you're blowing my mind here, Dreamy.
(OOC) Salty: Or they had it all their lives and never knew what it meant.
(OOC) Dream-Daze specializes in that. :D
(OOC) Jellybean: Well, no, because you only get your Cutie Mark when you find out what makes you special.
(OOC) Dream-Daze: The last thing they see is their cutiemark. :o SO TRAGIC!
(OOC) Dream-Daze: 'but at least he died knowing he found his talent!'
(OOC) Midnight-Sun: *thwack* *appear* Bone Mistress: "And now you know."
(OOC) Dream-Daze: so that's why my name was robert paulson.
(OOC) Jellybean snortgiggles.
Jellybean relaxes. "Well, at least that's over with. I wonder what those chickens wanted, anyway?" He smiles to Dreamy and to Midnight. "I have some paperwork to go finish: the bureau needs to know how fluffy the clouds are here. But you two have a nice day, okay?"
(OOC) Jellybean: Sorry to bug out like this but I've got a transcript in the morning and I'm getting sleepy.
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Someone has awarded you karma! Keep being awesome!
(OOC) Salty giggles.
(OOC) Salty: Nah it's okay!
(OOC) Salty: It's pretty much winding down anyway!
(OOC) Jellybean: Thank you for the scene and for giving me an excuse to establish something new and silly about Jellybean.
(OOC) Salty: No problem! It was fun :D
Dream-Daze waves a hoof at Jellybean as he starts to zip away! Byeeeee! …And then she realizes something. She's flying! Whoa! Woo! And other sounds she can't really make! Yes, leave the silly ground behind and all those chickens to their fowl ways!
(OOC) Midnight-Sun: Thank you so much for playing! That was hilarious.
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(OOC) Jellybean hugs around!
Jellybean has left.
Midnight-Sun can't help laughing at Dream Daze's enthusiasm, voiced or not. So. Sure. Give the filly a treat. A couple of swoops. Some dives. Have Sophie ride on her head and cover her eyes while the *just* miss the ground. He laughs at the end of that one. It's almost enough to make a stallion forget Don Henley. Almost.

Lucky for Midnight and Dreamy, they seem to have escaped the chickens! … FOR NOW … (dun dun dunnnnn)]