Completely Crazy
IC date: Autumn 44, 1007
OOC date: December 3, 2012
PCs: Sodium-Fizz, Windrose, Solar-Wind
NPCs: Ice-Spiral, Winter-Breeze
GM: None

Ice-Spiral is accompanied by Solar-Wind and Polar-Breeze is along for the trip to retrive the sticky goo'ed Sodium-Fizz and either bring her to her senses, or die trying so to speak.

Solar-Wind doesn't even knock on the door, he just storms right in, leaving his charges to remain. With Solar well into the room Polar-Breeze offers a little giggle and knocks on the door frame, 'common courtesy' she mentions to herself as she too enters and fans out with her on one side of the door way, and Ice-Spiral on the other side keeping a strong 'i'm gonna guard, the Door' presence going!

Solar announces himself, "Fizzy you're coming with us, we're gonna get you cleaned up and back in order" he announces with a no nonsense attitude that he's gotten particularly good at lately.

And behind the two of them Windrose was bringing up the rear. Not because she's actually a medic or anything, just because 1) she's concerned for her friends likewise stuck in this despote world they're trying to make better somehow and 2) since she's not really a fighty type helping manage things around the base is the best output of her energies.

She does look pretty tired out from chasing entranced foals around all night, but that's besides the point.

"…a little privacy, Solar. Is that to much to ask?" Sodium-Fizz glowered at him where she was seated on the floor, her one free forehoof dipped into a jar off… something. Pressumably something to disolve the goop, seeing as she seems to have managed to free her traped foreleg, the black gunk more or less disolved into just a plain big black smudge in her dark grey coat.

"You'd think you should know better than to barge in on a mare while she's doing her… thing."

Solar-Wind grunts softly, turning his head slightly in case she's busy with /that thing/ she mention's "Breezie could you umm" he head tilts. "Fizz, since when have you known me to utilize much forethought regarding matters of personal health or wellbeing" he notes with a little chuckle, "anyway, We care about you and want to make /sure/ that you are actually recovering" He notices Windrose pace into the room, "Oh Windy, could you perhaps help me coax Lt. Fizz here" (rile her up a bit, ok, maybe just a little) "into letting us help her, get her cleaned up some"

Windrose giggles a bit as she trots in. "Lieutenant Fizz? Are we giving ponies actual ranks now in this outfit? Looks like that stuff worked as well on you as it did on the foals, Fizzy." Pauses as she cants her head to the side a little. "Not that it was intended to use on yourself, by the looks of it."

"He's got it in his head… and I swear to Luna, if /anypony/ calls me Lieutenant Fizz I'll break their hooves off and stuff them up where the sun don't shine," the alchemist grumbled. Turning Sodium-Fizz gave Windrose a wide smile, though. "And yup! This thing is suprisingly good. A bit of thinking and you can use it for almost everything, traping foals, grounding pegasi, glueing pictures into your photo album /and/ preforming patchwork repairs on a building falling down around your ears!"

"As for you, mister," she emphasises the word as she glares at Solar, "I'm fine, I don't need any help!"

Solar-Wind looks over his shoulders, "Ice, Breeze, could you be kind and go get me the trank's, we have a stubborn patient on our hooves" he comments softly as he turns back to look to Sodium-Fizz, "we all need help from time to time, you helped me, now you need our help in getting all cleaned up and back to the pretty mare you aught to be. cause right now, you look (he cute's his voice and slants it /wills/ way) "Absoloutely hideous!, How could you possibily live with yourself looking so, so, so filthy, filth!" he returns his voice to normal coughing at that a few times blinking hard a few times (at the end his voice matched up PERFECTLY enough so that it would give Ruby a run for her money) He furrows his brow some blinking, then sitting down kinda hard just staring off into a corner.

"… Technically that's anywhere in this world, y'know. Eternal night and all." Though Windrose winces a little at the grounding part of the list. No pegasus really likes being stuck on the ground for very long. Having to stay indoors most of the time was bad enough, and she's not even the clausterphobic one. "No offense, but I think you might need a better delivery system though, if this," vage wave of a hoof at the half stuck pony, "can happen."

Then turns her head to look towards Solar. "What's a trank?"

"Tranquilizer. Something this place ran out of about six days after we got here, which I've restocked them with. Ironicaly, he intends to hoist me with my own petard, once more. A better delivery system, though… Windrose, you are brilliant!" Fizzy grinned widely practicaly lept across the room, her forehooves on Windrose's shoulder as she shook her animatedly. "Brilliant! I'm going to have to ask Kludge about an pony-adoapted crossbow with bolts for delivering the elixirs! Oh, maybe a variety of heads? One for powders and the like, one for liquids, one for gasseous ones… Maybe one for injecting it too? That'd open up possibilities…"

Sodium-Fizz rather unceremoniously droped Windrose, pacing across the floor. "If I could deliver it straight to the bloodstream I could develop a whole new range of potions for combat! Maybe start of with an numbing agent, work up to paralytic and tranquilizers… oh, wait, didn't I find that one that ruberize calcium structures?" She lept forward again, digging through her papers. She… appears oddly energetic. And weirder than usual. "Right then, I have work to do! Go tell Kludge I need that crossbow yesterday. Now run along you lot… And seriously, who cares what I look like?"

Solar-Wind hasn't moved from his spot where he sat down and hasn't said a word edgewize, he just continues to stare off into a corner, his eyes a blank slightly white irridecence added to them, not quite a glow, but there's something not right about his eyes, he doesn't blink, not a bit. That can't be healthy really, and his gaze looks as if he could look straight through the walls themselves. "Will?"

Windrose gets shaken around enough that it takes a few moments for after Fizz stops and drops her again for her to stop vibrating. "… You're welcome?" Pause. "Actually, that does sound kind of cool. You probably want to finish ungluing yourself so you don't stick to your work, though. Trust me, I've been covered in tree sap and pinecones enough times after mapping a forest out to know."

Well everything seems to be in relative order here now, so she turns to leave. But pauses when she notices Solar still staring at the corner, and flits over to poke his shoulder with a hoof. "Hey, Solar. You okay?"

Sodium-Fizz grins, waving a hoof dismissively. "Oh, I'll be fine! This is nothin', not even a prob-…" Fizz scowled at her hoof, or more likely the paper stuck to it.

"Right, maybe I do need a bit more un-stickiness I supose, but just a little!" Shaking the paper free she trotted over to Windrose and Solar-Wind, giving the later a midly annoyed glance before grabbing his head between her forehooves and shaking him. "And you, Solar. Would you kindly not freak out over how creepily much you sounded like Will that you find it dificult to trust yourself and what's going on in your little brain for a while? Don't worry, it's a lot easier when you're not worrying you're insane! I need Kludge! Freak out later. Or not at all, if that's what you want."

Solar-Wind 's eyes are completely white, no irises no nothing just white now. "Misteress Will?" he query's with a little voice. as he's swept up between her hooves slightly glowing eyes looking up through the other ponies skull boring straight through more or less. Did he even hear anything she just said? probably not.

Ice-Spiral steps in and can't help but watch the excitement, Breeze steps in aswell, "Right, ok, lets just watch this a moment" Ice mentions quietly, "we can trank em both if need be, right?" Polar-Breeze asks Ice

".. Uh." Windrose wings back a few steps, looks from Solar to Fizz and back again, then shakes her head and scoots back towards Breeze and Spiral. "I swear, all the ponies in this encampment are going -crazy-." Uh. Flusters a bit at the two locals. "No offense."

Sodium-Fizz shot Windrose a glance from the corner of her eye, a thin smile upturning the corner of her mouth. "Well, to be fair… of us, only Solar's the one that's -going- crazy. Or going mind controled really, I've seen him do this before. Though not without drinking plenty of booze first. Well, not normal booze obviously, but out of a bottle that's been a tad bit magiced up. Really interesting that, actualy, though I've not yet figured out how it works… I need a better unicorn for that, and some time. And less mind-controled pegasi on my hooves!" Fizz nods resolutely, turning her attention back to Solar, humming.

"Speaking of mind-controled pegasi, how do you un-control them? I'm not really good with the whole profound appeal to their true self thing, and I don't have any antidote or the likes… Forced mental recalibration?" A eyebrow shot up questioningly.

Solar-Wind pages: that works, Ice and breeze were gonna trank the lot of you. pull corks and lob the trank vials on in hope for the best ;-) set it and forget it!

Windrose just stares at Sodium. "…. I don't have a clue of -anything- that just came out of your mouth."

Ice-Spiral ahem's, "Pardon us, but we have the Trank's and are ready andwilling to use them if things don't just settle down, do you all understand me?" he motions for Windrose to get behind him and Breeze. "there's crazy, and then there is flat out nuts, I'd hate to think this could be somehow contagious?" he almost asks sounding worried. "Cause you lot, the whole lot of you are crazy!" he shouts at the clearly mad scientist type pony. He glances to Windrose, "none, taken, its all true, just look at em!"

"Don't worry, you don't have to!" the alchemist giggled. "Now, to deal with our little problem here…" Fizz turned to one of the tables, somehow managing to haul Solar-Wind along with her. And promptly slammed his head into it, making the glassware jump and shake. Seeming satisfied that no, he won't come back mind-controled from /that/ she turned with a smile. Considering what she just did, it's not a very comforting one. "Well then, problem solved! Breezey, would you kindly haul Solar back to the infirmary. If he get upity just, I don't know, grab something and twist it. You're a mare, figure it out. Ice-Spiral, you go and find cludge, tell him I need that crossbow. Actualy, tell him to look into making several, it would be useful to have!"

The mad-mare were already pacing again. "Windrose. Can you look into compiling maps for the surounding area, the Nightmare camp and the Hive? Ask if around if anypony know anything about old underground passages too, that might be useful." Fizz came to a stop right before the two local pegasi, scowling slightly at them. "Hmh… Also, ask about a bit of local legend and prophecy will you? No offence to our 'noble' fighting force here," she giggled at that. No offence indeed… "but while I can clearly imagine a lack of competence a factor I'm getting a feeling there's a lot more to it for queen meany and undead filly to pick a fight with each other rather than with us."

Turning she trotted back to her papers, only stopping to shoot them a glance over her shoulder. "Don't just stand there, chop-chop!"

Solar-Wind says "Little birdies flit around Solar-Wind's head"

Solar-Wind the big pegasus is now out like a light and rightly drops on the ground before fizzy. out cold. Polar-Breeze jawdrops looking from the passed out Solar, to Fizzy, and dodges in to /oh god he is HEAVY for a pegasus/ drag him away, from /that mare/ "Come here big guy, I'll take care of ya, I won't let her hurt you anymore, I'll take care of you" she drags him away and out the room really lugging him, "She's got no idea what she's missing anyway" Polar-Breeze giggles some as they leave the room.

Ice-Spiral just stares, and backs out of the room at a full tilt run then flight, "Yes Maam!" he squeaks totally afraid she'd twist his jiblets if she had the off chance!

"Well, that's one way to motivate folks," Windrose blinks a couple of times as the two ponies haul Solar out. Then turns back to Fizz as the chemist starts talking in things she can understand again. "Oh, maps, maps I've got. Maps I've been making since we got here and started exploring, because it's about the only thing I can do that's actually useful." Pauses, rubbing her chin. "I -did- destroy the map I'd made to the Hive because I didn't want any bad ponies to get a hold of it and find the foals, but that's a mute point now. Oh well, I've got it memorized anyways." She grins at Fizz. "I'll have to ask about the tunnels though. That's not a bad idea."

Sodium-Fizz scowled and shouted down the corridor after the retreating ponies. "Don't call me that, Ice-Spiral! Hoof, no sun!" A moment later the door smalled shut and she huffed. "And why the buck would I be interested in /Solar/ of all ponies. That stallion drives crazy… But yes, maps! As much as you can find, I want every nook and crany, every hidey-hole and hidey-outy. Every tunel, cave, crevice or hole. I want -everything-!"

Fizz smiled. "After all, stay out of sight, stay out of mind… Let the two big fishies fight it out. And if they don't we can always give a helping hoof…"

Windrose blinks twice, and then it starts to set in. To which she "Ooooohs" upon making the connection. "I get it. You want to get the two of them after each other, instead of them dogpiling on top of us."

"Yup! I mean, if either of them really wanted to they could most likely raze this place to the ground…" Fizz stated with a firm nod, then glancing around a tad bit sheepishly, "or well, raze us lower than the ground! Heck, no doubt Nightmare Moon and the Floaty Foal Zombie-Thing can do that by /themselves/. Their armies needs some preperation… Encurage them to fight each other and we win out. If you figure out any way to do that, I'm all ears. Same goes for anything useful geographicaly."

"I'll keep it in mind, then." Windrose bolts off on-wing to gather her stuff back up and double-check, because she's not about to let a mismeasurment or error go by if her maps are going to be used to help out the effort. It's the perfectionism, but at least it gets things done as good as possible!