Cold Hooves
IC date: Winter 15
OOC date: 1/3
PCs: Nocturne Zypher
NPCs: None
GM: None

Zypher leads Nocturne out from Rising Chaos's establishment after doning his team jacket, he keeps his wings untucked and usable, even if it means getting his feathers wet with this torrential monsoon like weather. He even offers the former unicorn rival a unique way of staying free of the weather that he has to endure, even if its only upon his rainjacket. Zypher extends a wing high in an arc so the Unicorn may keep dry on their way to the Rusty Bucket for a round of drinks. "So, uhh, I'll get us a round of drinks"

Nocturne is at first taken by surprise that the pegasus has been so friendly with him, but it started to make sense, considering they're both doomed to the same fate. As they finally reach the tavern, he returns the favor, openening the door with his magic and gesturing Zypher inside. "Second round's on me, then. I'm sure we have a lot to talk about."

Zypher tucks his wing away as he steps inside, and makes his way to the barkeep. Whom nods, gives a glance to Nocturne and nods. The Pegasus slips up to a bar stool and looks to you for your order, "Feel free to get anything, I can easily afford it" he offers politely

Nocturne takes his seat and eyes the place, amused at how the situation is the polar opposite of what he will be facing in the future. "In that case, a Bloody Mare, please." He puts his head onto his hoof on the table, and turns to Zypher. "So, how do you think it's gonna go for you? I'm not a sports guy, but I'll bet a soccer player would get all the mares."

Zypher waves to the barkeep for two of thoes, figuring he'll try one out, too, "Uhh. I'm not sure really, I uhh, I'm not really that up on dating really" he admits, "Oh sure there are plenty o' mares wanting to score a rich pony, but thats so, so, not me, I mean I got the money n stuff, but, I'm not into em' mares lke that are only intrested in the bits, not the pony behind em'" he slouches some and drinks at the freshly mixed concoction., "What about yourself, How do ya think you'll do?

Nocturne bursts into a brief 'Ha!' to Zypher's answer. "It's true." His expression goes cold when the question is turned to him, and his reply is nothing short of pessimistic. "I'm as good as dead. Frankly, I'm scared to death of dating. It's not because of rejection or anything, but, well…" He taps his hoof on the counter a bit. "It's just a strange concept to me. It's all so… procedural. I get stuff like hugging, kissing, and spending time together, but it's weird when the rest is just… expected of you."

Zypher just meh's some and shrugs, he lifts his glass in a cheers pose, "to being screwed, and not knowing how to get out of this" he lifts his glass with a little laugh. "I'm in so many towns, and places all over Equestria, I rarely have a chance to stop and think, only during the off season when all the responsible pegasi are up doing weather stuff, do I get a chance to sit back and chill" he comments, "then I'm just not up for that kinda stuff." he nods

Nocturne had forgotten entirely about the drink he ordered, and turned back to see an unexpectedly tall glass containing a thick red beverage. He raises it and clinks it with Zypher's glass, then takes a hearty gulp. His expressions becomes grim. "It's only fair, though. I think she just wants us to know how to properly treat a mare. What we did isn't right, under any circumstances."

Zypher ponders some, and furrows his brow, "I was properly treating a mare, with a friendly jesture in close company, and at the time she seemed to both surprised by it, and shy, but I only thought it because she seems to think that nopony could like her" he sighs some and finishes his glass. wing tips though tucked do this little twitch twitch twitch.

Nocturne raises an eyebrow with interest as Zypher explains his reasoning. "Guess I wasn't much of a help with that," he replies in regards to that last bit. "I just didn't get her, y'know? She seemed so depressed and apathetic, and I couldn't get any answers out of her. It frustrated me… so that was my retaliation. I knew she wouldn't like it, and I knew she'd resent me for it. I just didn't expect this."

Zypher nods some, "Its all good on her end, its her 'friend' we have to worry about" he heh heh's softly then shakes his head some, tightly closing his eyes, and opening them some, "whew" he comments softly, "about that uhh night of our 'uhh encounter" he murmurs, "Listen I'm really sory about that, I uhh" he squints again, waves a hoof at the bartender and orders an IrishCream Whiskey. he continues, "I uhh, I'm not usally that vicious" he states

Nocturne puts a hoof to Zypher's shoulder. "Don't worry about it. If I had heard about that happening to one of my friends, I'd be pretty upset, too." He takes another swig from his glass and sets it down. "Besides, at least you didn't set me up on a date." A shudder takes over him before he continues. "I can't believe they have to kiss us, too. Do I seem like the kinda guy mares want to kiss?"

Zypher takes that second drink, you can tell the first one is likely hammering him, as a pegasus' metabolisim is so much faster than either earth ponies or unicorns, all built for speed and turbo and keeping airborne. but he goes after that glass without a concern. He is truely a featherweight in physical form, and in alcoholic consumption as well. He sighs some, "We'll get through this jussfine" he nods "itss juss a a, umm, jussa kiss riiight? Imean wha could it hurt?" he asks as he half downs that second glass.

"I dunno," Nocturne replies. "I just don't like that I'm forced to get a mare to like me. I don't want to get their hopes up by being somepony I'm not, but I feel as though if I'm really just myself… it won't go well." He sighs and finishes off his drink. "One more bloody mare," he says to the barkeeper.

Zypher drains his second cup with ease, and waves at the bartender for a third. Bar-tender knows better and sets down a glass of milk and ice cubes, its plainly just milk. The pegasus sips at that, and shoots a glare at the bar tender, "Heynowwww wwwhatss thiss ssstuff?" he stands up has to lean against the bar solidly, "I Orrrrrderrred another of what I wuz drnking" he looks to the barkeep. as his wings slowly untuck of their own accord. Oh man, he's plastered. He turns to Nocturne, is forced to sit back down grabs that glass and drinks it down almost choking on the ice cubes, but he spits them back into the cup, "Jussss look nice, brush out your mane, have it done niiiiiiice, I canna pay ya fur uhhhhha a salon if you need it" he offers politely

Nocturne is slightly tipsy from his first drink, but nowhere close to Zypher's level. He shakes his head in response to his offer. "I really appreciate it, but I can do it myself." In truth, he may consider going to the salon, but he doesn't want to accept the pegasus' offer while he's drunk. Relaxed from his own inebriation, the thought of a date doesn't seem too bad now. The unicorn has barely given friendship a chance, and that didn't turn out so bad when he did. "Y'know, maybe it will go just fine after all."

Zypher gets to his hooves, maybe he shouldn't do that, "Yeah, we TOTALLY got this!" he states with a buld grin, as he plunks down bits to pay the bartender, holy feathers, he put down enough to buy everyone here a round. dude wasn't kidding when he said he had money… "Goodnight everypony!" he calls out and turns to Nocturne, "I think I'm gonna head for home!" he states as he starts to walk unsteadily towards the door. He doesn't get that far before passing out, and slumping to the floor.

Nocturne grins as Zypher agrees with him, and waves as he leaves. "Best of luck!" A frown meets his face as the pegasus collapses, and he tosses a few more bits to the table, turning to the barkeeper. "He's a good guy, don't let 'em mess with him too bad." With that, he hops onto the ground, drags Zypher off to the side, and goes out the door.