Clues And Journals
IC date: Summer 51
OOC date: August 10
Location: Daybreak Village
PCs: Sunshine-Stormcloud Rising-Chaos Ruby-Blossom
Within Daybreak Village, an extra little tent has been set up. It has a flag bearing the current insignia of Horseshoe harbor, this must be where Sunshine has set up her 'base of operations' for the windigo case!

Within this tent, an off-white mare lays, a blanket covering her from the waist down. She has a pile of journal entries loosely bound together that she keeps flipping through. Next to it, she has..another journal, closed, with a lock on it. Perhaps her personal one. And next to that? …a book. Because it's so /boring/ waiting for the local blacksmithy-type pony, Heatsink, to finish working on her legs! Boooo-riiiing!

Not so suddenly Ruby - the turqoise mare has been there for the better part of Sunshine's tune-up. A small book resting on her lap at the moment as she keeps Sunshine quiet company, all quiet Ruby is rare. "What's in the book?" Ruby asks while eying the locked journal.

Thank goodness for that flag, or otherwise some ponies might have troubles finding this tent. As it is, having never been here before, Rising Chaos has had enough troubles finding her way. She picks her way towards it carefully, she seems a little jumpy today, but not enough to slow her down. Eventually reaching Sunshine's base of operations, she ponders briefly on how to knock on the door of a tent, eventually settling for a polite cough. "Sunshine Stormcloud, it's Rising Chaos, may I come in? I have important news."

Okay, so maybe it's not so quiet in or out of the tent right now. Sunshine flips another page…she's got one hoof probably unconsciously rested on her locked book. "Yep. My journal." she confirms, her ears flicking. Because she knows she really can't stop Ruby from finding out if she /really/ wants to. Just something about that mare… Her ears perk at the other voice though, prompting her to lift her head. "Hm? Ms. Chaos! I…didn't expect you to come all this way! By all means, come in."

Ruby glances up towards Rising's voice and begins to wave; she realizes Rising can't see her yet and holds the wave for when Rising arrives. She gives Sunshine a warm smile. "Can I read it?" Ruby asks, displaying a complete affinity for privacy!

Rising-Chaos noses her way in through the tent flap, making sure all the snow stays outside, if possible. Her face is the normal one, if a bit strained to keep up the calmness. "Ordinarily I wouldn't have, but the news is fairly important, and I've been given enough time to confirm it, oh hello Ruby Blossom." Her eyes shift between the two as Rising wonders if she's interrupting a meeting, or something.

The question shocks Sunshine! "Did you…" She sideways-glances towards Ruby. "Did you ask for permission?" Blink! Blink! But then Rising appears, and she can't answer the question right away. Rather her attention's turned more to the matter at hoof, folding her forelegs in front of her. "Important news! Well please, have a seat. I'd offer some tea or something but uhm…" She glances around. "…I think I left it all in Wishy's wagon, and that's not in /here/."

Ruby's wave which was put on hold is released with all it's fury, wave wave wave. "Hi Rising!" she beams warmly, seeming quite happy to see Rising. "I can always go get some tea, if need be."

Rising-Chaos spares a small, thin smile for Ruby. Always nice to be welcomed with such energy. "It's nice to see you again, Ruby." She goes to take that sets, finding a nice spot across the tent from everypony and back to the tent wall. "Oh, is Wishy helping out in this matter? She's quite…" Rising struggles to find the right word. "Capable, certainly. A nice mare. Though I'm not bothered about the lack of tea, thank you for the offer." She pulls out a clipboard, and a map, and a notebook. "I know where Snowfield is."

Sunshine bobs her head once, agreeably. "No tea then." She smiles up at Ruby, "Thank you for offering though." Back to Rising. Her ears perk up! Her eyes widen! "That…" She starts to squint at the items Rising is setting down. "…is very good news! How did you figure it out? Where is she? Did you find out how many windigos are with her?"

Ruby-Blossom listens with genuine interest while perhaps, pondering if it's time to get sneaky. "That's good news." She scootches to the edge of her seat for dramatic effect - glad she didn't pay for the whole seat.

Rising-Chaos flips open the notebooks idly as she speaks. "I was in the forest near Snwofield's cottage, when I picked up on ehr magical signature. Soon I found a trail leading deeper in to the forest where I found where she is. She is in an unnatural mountain fairly deep within the wintersong, this map will give you the general location, so long as you have me I cna find it again. I did not see any windigos, or anything dangerous, but I did not go near the mountain, so my scouting information is unreliable at best."

She floats the clipboard over, along with the notebook and map. "The clipboard contains all the magical signatures from her trail, if you need them for anything significant, the notebook has all of my obcservations about the mountain. Any unicorn well educated in magic should be able to get a lot out of them, I hope. The map gvie you a general area and a heading, as well as a rough path."

Sunshine studies the map curiously. "A magical mountain… I wonder if that has anything to do with the odd shortcuts and her misremembering of the forest." She taps her chin. "Well! This is definitely helpful! Once my legs are finished being repaired, I expect we'll put together a proper search and rescue party to go find our little friend." She beams up at Rising. "It'd be great if you could come along, seeing as how you found her hiding place and all." She spares Ruby a glance too, head tilting. "It would be nice to at least have a /little/ summer."

Ruby nods in agreement. "A little summer would be nice." she frowns "I haven't hardly a chance to lounge about in the sun. A mare needs her her summer weather."

Rising-Chaos shufts uncomfortably. She would be the one who could find it the easiest. "Er, yes. I suppose I could go along to help you find the mountain. It's the least I could do to help Snowfield after all." She clears her throat. "Also, there's one other matter. I don't suppose I could talk to you about recomending a pony for the watch?"

Sunshine pokes her hoof at the blankets next to the journals. "One other matter..?" She listens attentively, then tilts her head again. "I don't know that I'm the best one to be recommending anybody… But I suppose I can try. I'd like to meet whoever it is first, if you don't mind." She props her chin up with a hoof. "Who is it?"

Ruby listens all sorts of intently, after all it's her job to know all the little things going on - this is one of the most crucial skills of a stylist…and thief.
"She's new in town, goes by the name Moon Willow. She seems very brave, and." Rsiing Chaos takes a moment to reflect on their meeting, which went poorly in the same way burning down is considered a bonus in most towns. "Tenacious and loyal. She seems very eager to be a part of the watch, she is living with Nocturne, who's a friend of mine." she shrugs. "I am not well acquainted with most members of the watch, so I thought you would be my best option, even if you only pass it along to a higher up. Thank you." She floats the things for Sunshine over to the blankets, to keep them safe.

Sunshine nods thoughtfully. "Well they're always looking for good new blood…" she notes, shrugging. "Thank you for the consideration, Ms. Chaos. If she really wants to join the watch, I'll take a look, otherwise she's better off talking to the Mayor directly. Or one of her bodyguards. Or the sherrif."

She smiles, tucking the new objects into her little collection. "Hm… Yes… That was very helpful! I'll uh..let you know when we're ready to move on the information you just gave us." She glances back at her covered lower half. Talking about movement always makes her a little self-conscious.

Ruby leans towards Sunshine and gives her a gentle nudge, and a silly grin. Ruby doesn't seem to have anything to contribute at the moment.

Sunshine glances towards Ruby. She flicks her ear once, then sliiiides her locked book over to the quiet mare. Might as well give her something to look at.

Rising-Chaos pulls herself in to an upright sitting position. "Very well, I should be off, and find my way home. Have a nice day you two, until I see you again." The unicorn has to prepare herself, because she's going to be doing things she doesn't really want to do soon.

Sunny beams. "If you need to stick around for the night, there's space. Here, or with the Daybreakers I'm sure. They can be nice… But I understand if you want to rush home too. It's not comfortable camping in these woods." Her head bows. "Thank you sincerely for the work you put into this, Ms. Chaos."

Ruby aquires Sunshine's journal! The journal is held with one hoof while the other waves at Rising. "Don't be a stranger, Rising. You're always welcome at my place. Come by and we can like totally go shopping or go have a bite at a restaurant." she blinks "Well, more than one. We can have a whole mean." finished waving leaves Ruby with a free hoove which is already in possesion of a hair pin. Tiny little diary locks are no match for Ruby's lockpick skill! Sunshine might notice that Ruby isn't even /looking/ at the lock when she's picked it with ease.

Rising-Chaos nods. "Of course, I may take you up on that offer soon. As for my work, it's a nothing, I'm only glad to contribute. I have only the highest respect for Snwofield, and always want to protect the Harbour." She slips back out of the tent, leaving the two to whatever it was they were doing before.

With Risining her way Ruby glances down into the unlocked journal with curiousity; admittedly she'd have enjoyed the other mare's company - but that's just Rising. Quietly she flips through the journal, all sorts of curious about what Sunshine has written.

Sunshine may have noticed this! She's noticing a lot of things about the mane-stylist. Lock-picking skill just doesn't surprise her. She goes back to flipping through Snowfield's journal entries…

Meanwhile, the first page of her own journal reads:

Today I started a journal. This is…completely unlike me. I never cared much to write down thoughts. But something about this whole mess has me thinking maybe I should start. In case something happens and I need to remember things. Thoughts. Feelings.

Also it sounds like a great way to drive Ruby crazy with things she shouldn't be reading…

Sunshine may be smirking.

Ruby humms cutely. "I asked you know." she loudly objects. "Just for that I won't tell any of my really cool secrets." she harumphs before flipping to the next page.

Sunshine turns her head and sticks just the very tip of her tongue out. "You did ask! I wouldn't have written that part if I knew you were going to /ask/ to see it."

The next page reads:

What does a pony even put into these journals anyway? Daily events? It almost seems too much trouble for a little book.

Today we went to see the ol' gypsy. The last time I saw her was when I wished for a certain somepony's death. It was…not a pleasant experience going back in there, in my current state, and seeing evidence of that wish. I guess it all worked out in the end then, and it probably will again now, but… Some feelings just die hard, you know?

Ruby glances towards Sunshine and off-handedly comments. "I'm Scarlett O'Mare." She flips to the next page; spoken as casually as comment about going to buy bread or milk - like it's the most common thing in the world.

"Are you really?" Sunshine wonders, turning her attention away from the journal she's reading to squint up at Ruby. "…"

The next journal page…

The trip to Daybreak was uneventful and setting up Wishy Washy's dance stage was painful. These darn legs of mine have just about given up the ghost. I suppose that may have been the only good thing about staying with the Syndicolt. At least they would have kept my disability in check. Maybe I can learn a thing or two about metalcrafting from someone local… Keep this from being an issue for good.

Maybe, just maybe, metalcrafting will end up being my special talent. Wouldn't that be a riot? At least then I know I'd be able to keep those darn things forever in working order!

Ruby is all sorts of engrossed in the little journal, which admittedly isn't anything shocking. "Uh huh. I glue a horn onto my head and white-wash myself." breaming with playful sarcasm because what she does is very opposite of that. "Remember when we first met, and you said." her voice suddenly a perfect mimic of Sunshine's own. "Unless you're here to tell me you're some world-class criminal and you're about to rob everypony blind. Then? Sure. Introduce yourself." she turns to offer Sunshine that big silly grin of hers before adding, in her own voice. "That'd be a hoot if it was true, wouldn't it?"

Sunshine giggles at that. "You…I did say that, didn't I. Huh!" She turns back to Snowfield's journal thoughtfully. "You didn't actually go and rob everybody blind though, did you?" Her ears flick. "Have you gone on any crime sprees lately?"

There's yet another page! It reads:

That was interesting, getting to watch one of Wishy's dances. From the safety of Heatsink's workshop, no less, so I could see the effect it had on other ponies. Unsurprisingly most of the marefolk weren't too impressed. The ones that were…well they have their reasons. I think it was the after-show things that were most interesting. Between Glimmer's outburst and the odd behavior I'm definitely convinced something strange is going on here. I'm just not certain it has anything to do with windigos.

Anyway. My legs are getting fixed. Looks like I'll be spending a few nights here in Daybreak before I can fully continue investigating. Wonder if they'll lend me a heater…

Ruby "No, no crime sprees. I had some fun on the other side during that debacle, and took a little something during our trip to Canterlot. Thats about it." she continues to read and ponders. "I'll have to go bother Glimmer today, I did promise that much." indeed she did. Flipping the page she asks.s "You don't believe that one bit I imagine, and rightly so."

"I don't believe what?" Sunshine asks, quirking one eyebrow up. She studies the other mare, reading her personal journal. "I mean, which part? The part where you're a world-renown criminal? Or that if you /are/ a world-renown criminal, that you haven't done anything criminal-y lately?"

There's one more entry. It reads:

Daybreak is not very exciting when you're stuck in a tent. I heard foals outside. Some of them poked at the tent. None of them came inside. I heard Wishy put on another show. I hope she's earning a few bits for her troubles here. I heard Heatsink wander by, cussing about fancy-flank mechanical things. I hope that doesn't bode ill for my repairs… I'm left to think and wonder. That's something else journals are good for, right?

At least the nightmares have been fading somewhat. Maybe having an actual purpose again helps that… You know, sometimes, when nobody else is around, I swear I catch my shadow staring at me…

Ruby isn't entirely sure what to make of Sunshine's response, but she leans towards thinking Sunshine finds her claim too far fetched. She leans over to give Sunshine a gentle nuzzle after reading the last part. "You know, I care about you - even when you were not so nice, if not so nice you is still inside she needs to know that too."

Sunny is quiet for a moment, post-nuzzle, the once-malicious mare giving something of a nuzzling back in kind. "I know." she says softly. "I'm sure she knows it too. You're a very caring mare, Ruby, and it shows with the family you've got." She seems content to leave it at that, closing the makeshift cover she's made for Snowfield's journal entries and resting her head atop crossed hooves. Such a moody mare.

Ruby closes the journal and places it atop of Snowfield's journal. "I'll go get us some warm tea." she hops to her hooves and offers another smile before trotting out towards the bonfire.