Clubhouse Concepts
IC date: Summer 88, 1007
OOC date: September 16, 2012
PCs: Kludge, Dream-Daze, Lavender, Sadaka, Siyana, Rising-Chaos, Pumpkin, Ruby-Blossom
NPCs: None
GM: None

It's a lovely late summer day, and things are going well enough for Sun's Hibernation that most Harborites find themselves with some spare time in the afternoon. Several are out enjoying the sights of the upcoming season, or otherwise making the most of the unexpected downtime.

Over near Kludge's crate-wagon, though, there's a flurry of activity. He's laying out a sturdy sheet of polished plywood, plus several sheets of paper and various writing implements. The brigade of fillies had been invited over so they could discuss what they want for a clubhouse, and that means notes and sketches!

If there was one thing in all of Equestria that could have distracted Dream Daze from her craaaaazy plans, it would be the introduction of something as awesome as a clubhouse. A clubhouse! Why is this so awesome? Because… In the foal's mind, it's a symbol. It means they officially have a /group/. Not just friends, but friends with a place away from home to hang out. It's just… Awesome!

So of course she shows up. Finding Kludge's wagon is never difficult, and Dreamy's had enough interaction with the craftspony to know a few places he parks his wagon. Thus does she come bouncing up the street, favorite hat and saddlebags and everything, to show up for this oh-so-important appointment of planning! She even gives one of Kludge's legs a hug in greeting~

From her home somewhere across town, a little Lavender filly gallops wagonwards. Rounding sparse houses and trees, she bounds left and right and always fast, awfully excited. She's left all hats at home today. Once she spots the wagon she makes a beeline, running straight for Kludge and Dreamy and not paying so much attention to all the carefully arranged stuff. "Hiiii!" she yells from a distance.

Suddenly, Lav notices the presence of that handy writing surface and all its /things/, and finding herself not able to stop in time, instead elects to jump clear over it. Whoooosh! Landing safe, she still obeys the laws of motion…and winds up plowing into the wagon.

A little zebra is also making her way down the path from the homes, trudging along towards the wagon. Not her usual slow, sad trudge, though — enlivened a bit by seeing an old friend the day before, and having an /adventure/, Sadaka is walking a bit taller, not looking quite so scared. But she's still trudging, and in fact, looking something else entirely — /confused/.

She's also left her hat at home, but is wearing her saddlebag, stuffed with a book or three as usual, and with one of the two plush pegasus dolls hanging out the side — the other's probably in there somewhere! Papa Blackbird must have gotten her a new one, because she really had no clue where the orange one had come from. That's presumably not what she's looking so confused about, however. Because there's something else new! The zebra's previously blank flank is now sporting a mark! A big circle, made up of red and white rings. A… bullseye? Hm. Yes, that might well be more what she's confused about!

Siyana is trotting happily, not far behind Sadaka, humming happily — only to stop dead in awe. "SADAKA!" she shouts, with far too much enthusiasm. She leaps on the smaller zebra and tackles her with joy, beaming. "You got your cutie mark! In… in archery!" Or something? Her own flank is no longer blank, bearing a glyph mark of a zig-zaggy music note, with lines emanating from the right side.

Kludge hugs Dreamy back, a smile on his face. Lav's initial arrival is nodded at, but her approach leaves him wincing. "You okay?" he asks the energetic earth pony, checking to make sure she wasn't hurt too badly. A glance at the zebra fillies turns into a double-take when he sees Sadaka's new cutie mark. It's unusual, but she might be able to shed some light onto its appearance.

Dreamy winces when Lav comes careening into the wagon. Ouch! She bounces over to go lend a hoof and see if the happy purple filly is okay~ Though when more foals arrive, she spares a moment to turn and wave happily at them too! Yay zebra squad! Zebras with… Cutie Marks! Ooh… So many good things have happened lately!

Lavender flops onto the ground, shakes her head a few times, ears ringing. "Yeah, I'm okay. Think your wagon is too." Fillies are resilient. "But hey…what? Whoa, I must be seeing things, it looks like you two got your cutie marks or something! Wait…" She rolls over. "You got your cutie marks while I was /grounded/? Oh that is so not fair!" She runs around the newly cutimarkified girls and inspects. "Wow, those are really cool! Zebra marks are awesome. Where'd you get those? I was all stuck inside after my parents were scared I'd get into kelpie trouble…and, um, I might have said a few things to them."

Sadaka blinks and squeaks as she's suddenly bowled over, hooves flailing. "Yah! Oh… h-hi, Siyana. Oh, er… …Archery? Is that what it means? Well I guess that'd be okay… only I've never done archery before. That's… that's the thing with the arrows, right?"

She blushes and glances over at Lavender, clearing her throat slightly. "Oh, well, uh, we went back to the forest last night! And I m-met my old Kelpie friend, and we played and stuff, and then we got chased out of town, but it's okay 'cause I think the Griffon worked everything out so they weren't mad at us or Szera anymore." And she went along because she's good at adventure! And not boring! Clearly. …Not that that has anything to do with where the mark came from, that she knows of, but… she doesn't know /where/ the mark came from!

Siyana scrambles up as ponies approach, and she beams. "I got my mark when I insult song-fought Mad-Mare into submission! I'm apparently real good at singing!" BEAM. She's so proud. And prancy. And proud! Though she blinks, and looks at Sadaka. "You never done archery before? … Maybe it's… umm… Darts? what about darts?"

Kludge clears his throat discretely. "So, anypony ready to brainstorm ideas for the clubhouse?" Might as well get this design session started! He notices that Pumpkin hasn't arrived yet, but figures that the filly is simply running a little late.

Bounce, bounce~

It's /always/ a cause for celebration when someone discovers their cutie mark. While discussion about what Sadaka's cutie mark actually means is going on, Dreamy sneaks away to a nearby prop store, zipping back hats. One already strapped to the top of her explorer's hat. A hat, on a hat! The rest of a little stack she sets next to Kludge's workspace, then bounces into the foal group with a noisemaker in mouth! Fweeeeee! She even has a little bit of confetti to magically toss up in the air in celebration!

Hurrah cutie marks!

She even floats a hat and noisemaker up to Kludge. Cuz' he's the most awesome craftspony ever for coming up with a clubhouse idea. So he should celebrate with them!

Lavender sits down, rather surprised that the little mute filly can put her in sensory overload even without using magic. She gets over it right quick, though, and puts a hat on herself. "Oh wow, we're really getting quite the collection, huh girls?" She grabs Dreamy and noogies her playfully, carefully though, don't want to damage the hats~.

"So, uhm. First off I guess." Lavender ponders. "How many of us are there gonna be? We've kinda got every filly in town by now! We have to make sure it's big enough. And that prooobably means…two stories!" Scratches her head under the hat. "Which is kinda weird since we don't even have any pegasi…"

Lavender looks between her becutiemarked friends, "I reeeeally do wanna hear more! Right after we do this, because I dunno how long Kludge is gonna put up with us."

"Oh! Right! A clubhouse." Siyana blinks a little, and then squeaks and laughs as Dream noisemakers at them, and she bounds back over toward Kludge. "Right! Um, two stories sounds good! What kind of rooms do we need? We need a meeting room…maybe a kitchen? Can we get an oven or something?" Big dreams, this one.

Sadaka rubs the back of her head with one hoof. "…No, I don't think I've ever played darts, either. Some of the ponies on the ship used to sometimes, but Mama…" she trailed off, glancing down and clearing her throat, shaking her head. "…I don't think I've ever played darts."

She blinks but moves to put on the hat, giving a small chuckle. "Right… clubhouse. Well, uh, there's you and me and Siyana and Dream, and… and Pumpkin, and there's that colt who comes along with Dream sometimes, and… and…" She tilted an ear, feeling like she was forgetting somepony or three.

Kludge accepts the hat and noisemaker from Dreamy with a cheerful mock-solemness, treating the party items as if they were the keys to a city. He sticks the noisemaker in the corner of his mouth and the party hat on top of his regular hat - hey, with where he has the party hat, he almost looks like a unicorn~

"I don't mind listening to you girls," he remarks to Lav, then grins. "I'm just looking forward to designing this~!" He jots down the ideas as they're mentioned, not worrying at this stage about how all of this will go together.

Ooh a…pony role call. Dreamy squints at Sadaka, postiively bouncing at every idea given. She starts flashing images, maybe a little rapid-fire what with her excitement and all.

Like a quick picture slideshow, there's a picture of..Siyana, Lavender, Dreamy, Sadaka, Star Daze, Spearmint, Pumpkin… Dreamy scratches her chin. Was that it? She throws in a shadow or two for good measure. Because the 'club' could always find more members, right?

Ooh ohh, then there's rooms! A kitchen in a clubhouse sounds fun. And an image of a game room (with a pool table and a couple arcade games. Because.) and…and a room with cots… And oh geez. There's so much they can add in!

Lav stands up on her hindlegs and shades her eyes, "There needs to be some kind'a watchtower, so we can see when there's evil pirates coming and get the drop on them! And…Well I guess there needs to be places to sleep."

Siyana fits her party hat on, and grins. "Oh! Yes! A watch tower! And I like all those ideas, Dream-Daze!" She claps her hooves together gleefully. "Mister Kludge, do you think this can work well?"

Sadaka smiles faintly, nodding. Right! Star is who she'd forgotten. "Well… that's kind of big, though! I mean… where're we gonna put this all? …And how much will it cost?" she asked, looking up at Kludge. They have a lot of bits! But… maybe not enough bits for something this /big/.

After a minute or two of quick sketching (to jot down some of the images Dreamy sent), Kludge takes a quick pause. "I'm pretty sure I can make this work in some way or another," he states confidently. "As for costs, I intend to only charge for materials, and maybe a lunch or two - after all, you're helping to build this." Sliding some paper and pencils over to each of the fillies, he adds "Now, what ideas do you have for what it will look like?"

Look..? Dreamy's first response to that, the one that makes her bounce the highest yet, is a castle. Yes. A /castle/.

Hey, if you're gonna Dream, Dream big!

"A castle!!" Siyana agrees, with a big grin.

The bushes on the side of town rustle and part, revealing a dishveled mare, her mane dirty and her cape in rough shape. Her face wears a proud expression though, her happiness is obvious. She gazes around, and spots Kludge and the fillies! She prances over, always happy to see ponies she recognizes. "Hey fillies, Kludge!" She sayd once she's close enough, "what are you up to?"

Lavender scratches behind an ear, "A castle? Like, a real castle like they have in Canterlot?" She seems puzzled by this out-of-place architecture in a place like this…then gets a huge, huge grin. "And that would make us all princesses, wouldn't it… The princesses of Horseshoe Harbor!"

Sadaka blinks and tilts an ear. Ever the voice of reason, she asks after a moment, "…Where would we /put/ a castle?"

"We would put it…um…over there!" Siyana points to the beach. Beam! And then she waves at Chaos. "Hi, miss!"

Dreamy blinks too. A castle? On the beach? A curious vision pops up from Dreamy, the castle made..out of sand.

A sandcastle clubhouse!

Kludge absentmindedly waves to Rising, contemplating the logistics of a beachside castle. "So, a castle that touches the beach, and at least *looks* like it's made of sand?" Part of the job of designing a building is matching the feasible with the desired. Long-term sandcastle in the middle of the beach? Not quite feasible. Sand-textured castle-like clubhouse right next to the beach, with a solid foundation? Could be done, and might still have the right feel to it.

Sadaka blinks and rubs the back of her head with one hoof. The closest thing she'd known to a 'clubhouse' was her old lean-to… and it was nowhere /near/ the beach. She isn't sure how okay she is with being somewhere so near the water. "Well, uh… w-wouldn't we… I mean, um, nopony builds there already, would w-we need some sorta… permission?"

"Oh. Uh, I guess?" Siyana says thoughtfully to Sadaka. "Might be good to get permission…I guess. We could also probably find a place here. Maybe over on the boardwalk! Are there permits or somethin'?"

Lavender considers this, and taps a hoof to her chin. "So kind of a fortress, more than a castle. That could work." She narrows her eyes. "You…probably won't let us put cannons in it, will you."

Siyana's eyes light up. "CANNONS."

Seeing as they're going over possible designs, Dreamy flashes a few more images of locations. Like… A gothic castle on the outskirts of the forest. Or even a creepy mansion near all the farms! Or or…. Her eyes widen. A castle. In the /sky/. OR underground base! Oh dear, so many thoughts.

Kludge keeps jotting down the comments and images, his eyebrows furled in thought. "So, a defendable fort-castle? That gives a decent base to work off of - no pun intended." Contemplating Dreamy's design ideas for a moment, he adds "If things are built right, we might be able to expand the castle with an underground base."

Leaning in conspirationally, he whispers "I'm not sure we can get away with cannons, but I can try my hoof at making defenses for the clubhouse."

Sadaka blinks and chuckles. "This… is gonna be kind of crazy. And I thought my lean-to was fancy…"

Siyana's eyes widen. "A /cloud castle/," she gasps. "That'd be /so cool/!! Can we have it in the air? Can that work? Like— like a tree house, or a tower or something!"

Dreamy's bouncing all over the place, once in a while blowing her noisemaker. Because, it's still in her mouth. Of /course/ this is going to be crazy. It's a supernifty clubhouse! Tree houses sound neat too… Everything sounds neat!

Eventually she stops bouncing so she can climb atop Kludge's back and peer over his shoudler at all the notes he's jotting down. Hey, she's a curious foal~

Lavender just squee's to Kludge. Someone believes her about the importance of real defenses! It's so good to be taken seriously by grown-ups who aren't trying to stab you. "Well, I trust that you know what's right to build!"

From Dreamy's standpoint, Kludge's notes are a whirl of fast scrawls, quick sketches, and bizzare symbols. One symbol cluster features a castle and two circles, one with an "RB" inside and the other with "MM". An arrow from the castle to the MM circle is X'ed out, while another set of arrows goes from the castle to RB, then from RB to MM, and finally an arrow (with a small rectangle next to it) from MM that goes to RB before bending and going to the castle.

"I think I can do some things with towers for a 'sky' floor, but I can't guarantee pegasus architecture," Kludge admits. "At best, it'd be a couple of rooms over the main building." Another part of designing is knowing your limits, after all.

Sadaka sits back on her haunches, blinking over at Siyana. "I like tree houses…" Though this sounds like much more than a simple treehouse! They're gonna have the fanciest place in the Harbor at this rate.

It never quite occurs to Dreamy that they might be asking for a lot more than can be delivered. Such things are details to be taken care of later, obviously. She does, however, squint at all of Kludge's designs, in particular pointing at the things that have the RB and MM in them, directing a little mental question mark his way!

Lavender leans over the schematics a bit. These things are more than a little bit beyond her, she just stares and peers and tries to make sense of it for a bit before giving up and looking to Dreamy instead.

Siyana noses the papers curiously. "Looks neat! This is all so cool! Are we gonna have, like, secret meetings? And stuff?" Of course, how secret can it be with a GIANT SKY FORTRESS or whatever? "What should we do to help?"

Kludge gives a small chuckle at Dreamy's reaction. "It's an idea for handling some pre-construction stuff," he explains, a small smile hinting that the details are a secret. Facing Siyana, he continues. "For now, deciding on where and what style for the clubhouse is the important part. A seaside castle-fort, a treehouse complex, or…?"

Dream-Daze, in kind, shrugs down at Lavender, patting Kludge on the shoulder. She doesn't exactly understand all the chickenscratch either. Last time, with the lemonade stand, she got Adult Help for drawing up schematics!

As for the choice of what/where, the little blue unicorn ponders. Treehouses are cool. The castle fort would be /awesome/. But… She peeks at Siyana. Secret meetings require a secret place, and a seaside fort is not secret. So she offers a vision of the treehouse. Because~

Sadaka blinks and tilts an ear, nodding. Her vote is for the treehouse! 'Cause it's away from the water. But… "The only place with real good trees around here really is near the forest."

Lavender's ears go back and she concedes, "Secrecy really would be nice, you're right…and somewhere to just, well, get away from people anyway. But…It'd get cold if we were always out by the FOREST forest…"

Pumpkin is a hard worker and not a lazy layabout who takes naps that end up lasting multiple hours, but the curious thing is that either one would involve her not being around until now, only in this case it also means that she's a mite dusty. But! Look! Here she comes, and here are her fellow foals philosophizing on the most felicitous features of future forts. "Howdy everypony! Sorry ah'm late, ah was helpin' out at the farm. What've y'all come up with for the clubhouse?" She has yet to notice Sadaka's new Cutie Mark, due to angles and placement of ponies. It's very mathematical.

"Well, so far there's lots of suggestions on what to have in the clubhouse, plus a couple of ideas on what the clubhouse itself should look like," remarks Kludge. "So far it seems to be a tossup between a treehouse complex or a seaside castle-fort, with advantages and disadvantages for both."

It's Pumpkin! Dream Daze hops! Right off Kludge's back even, bounding over to give the newly arriving pony a greeting vision, big 'Hello!' and everything. She bounces between foals and fillies, so thrilled with the prospect of a treehouse, a real treehouse, that she can hardly contain herself. Then something flicks in the young unicorn's mind, and she glances at Pumpkin, sending her an image of a treehouse…but a big question mark on a map. Does she have any idea where they could /put/ a treehouse? There's more trees than those at the Wintersong Forest, aren't there?

Lavender tilts her head and follows Dream. "Oh! Oh, hi Pumpkin! I have no idea what she's asking you but probably if you have any ideas for what you want to go in there…what you want it to be like, what kinda stuff you need it to have, yanno, strategy."

Rising-Chaos seems to have dazed off, and desptie her previous excitement, she is showing signs of tiredness. But even being sleepy cannot forever cloud her form the fillies' enthusiasm! "Oh, you're building a clubhouse? that's cool. Would you like some help?" She offers. Chaos never had a tree house as a filly, though she did once make a bookfort, the general idea is the same, right?

Sadaka tilts an ear thoughtfully. "The only trees I've seen around town are at the farms… but, uh, yeah, it's not too cold around the outer parts of the forest. Only when you start getting in deeper."

Pumpkin hmms. "Ah'd rather not have the treehouse at the family farm if'n we can avoid it: ah'd like the clubhouse to be a way to get AWAY from mah brothers. The edge of the forest seems like it might not be a bad idea, mind." She pauses, looking down. "Wait. Sadaka, you got your Cutie Mark too? That's just amazin'!" she exclaims, hugging the bitty zebra and ruffling her mohawk. "How'd you get it?"

Kludge contemplates this for a bit. "Might not need a permit to build on the edge of the Forest… or at least, not a permit from the *Harbor*," he muses out loud. "Given the nature of the Forest, though, it might be a good idea to ask /it/ if you could build a treehouse." Glancing at Rising, he gives a tilt of his head to indicate that the decision for more help is up to the filly horde.

Lavender can't help sidling over to listen in on the explananations to Pumpkin. Then looks a little confused as her attention is once again nabbed by Kludge. "Ask the forest? That seems silly. What's a tree gonna say?"

Well… Dreamy actually likes the forest, and its spooky nature, and the fact that all the other adult ponies are good and scared of the place. That makes it /perfect/ for a little filly base, in her eyes. Especially if it's just the outskirts where none of the dangerous critters will come out to bother them. Kludge's warning makes her curious though… How /does/ one ask a tree if it's okay to build on them? They didn't exactly ask permission to cut down trees when they built their lemonade stand, and that turned out okay!

Sadaka blinks and tilts an ear. "…Ask… the forest? I didn't… ask, when I lived there…" Admittedly she hadn't thought to! She blinks and blushes at Pumpkin's words, glancing back at her flank. "Oh… well, uh… I… I don't really… /know/, to tell the truth, it just kind of… showed up?" Which seemed kind of inappropriate for a Cutie Mark story. But there it is.

Pumpkin says "Ah've never much tried to talk to trees, but I figure it can't be much harder'n talkin' to the fields." She rubs her chin. "Might take a bit longer, ah suppose."

Rising-Chaos nods, and slyly shoots a glance Kludge's way. "You sure should ask the trees, it's not as weird as you think." She says, a small smile on her face, "you wouldn't want a bunch of cute little fillies building a house around your head and living in it, would you?"

Siyana squints thoughtfully. "…Depends on how cute they are, I suppose," she replies slowly.

Lavender furrows her brow. "Is that forest /really/ alive? Because if it is, then it's a lot creepier to think about going for walks there."

Pumpkin says "Ah'm up to try if'n you folks are. Ah do like the idea of a treehouse, though a fort by one of the streams also sounds like it might be fun."

Kludge chuckles. "Not quite what I meant, Rising. I've heard tales that uncanny forests sometimes have a mind of their own, and while they're not as alive as Lavender is thinking, they don't like being mistreated. Chopping down the occasional tree for lumber is fine, as is interacting without major impact. Building something that works with the terrain is undoubtedly fine, but would work better with permission."

Dreamy tilts her head. Ooh, a stream. That sounds neat too. Dreamy fully approves of water. She even says so, with an image of a little fort built /on/ the river, with a waterwheel. Because waterwheels are awesome. But… Treehouses are cool too. Why does there have to be so many great options?

A breeze seems to blow from the direction of the Forest; it seems to be calm and pleasantly cool.

Sadaka blinks and rubs the back of her head with one hoof. "I'm… not sure about streams. Or beaches." Or water in general. But then, she's probably the only pony here who'd mind that, so… "…B-but I guess, y'know, anything works."

Pumpkin tilts her head a little, then pats Sadaka on the shoulder fondly. "Ah'm sorry, ah plum forgot. It's all right, darlin', we don't have to do it." The breeze does get her attention. "Well lookee here. Ah bet the forest heard us talkin' about it. Maybe its ears are burnin'." Pause. "Do forests have ears? Ah reckon they must if'n they can hear us."

Dreamy gives a skeptic look to Pumpkin and Sadaka, but hesitantly offers the image of a treehouse again, to all concerned parties. With a circle marked around it. That's her vote, and she's stickin' to it now! She bounces~ As far as she's concerned the hard decisions have been made, and now it's time to…make it happen. Which is up to bigger ponies, right? She looks up at Kludge, curious about all this talk of asking the forest and all that.

Lost in thought Ruby has accidently taken the long-way back home - easy to be lost in thought considering the odd events that just occured. It's not until she almost runs into somepony does she realize she's gone the completely wrong direction! "Ah..oh.." startled by the group of ponies (At least they didnt' show up earlier, I would have never lived that down.)

Kludge looks around at the fillies. "So, a treehouse, then? I think I can come up with a few design options…" Noticing Ruby's arrival, he smiles and waves. "Hello, Ruby! How are you today?"

Pumpkin gives Ruby a big friendly wave. "Well howdy there, Miss Blossom! Thank you kindly for helping me with mah tail the other day." She swishes it happily. "What's got you out this way? It's a bit off the beaten path, don't you think?"

In a most startled fashion and with quite the blush Ruby yells "I don't know what you're talking about!" covering her own mouth with both hooves - clearly startled by the fact she ran into anypony; she shakes her head "Oh huh. I'm fine." eyes shooting to Pumpkin "You're welcome sweetie." shaking her head again to try and clear the unusual blush - darndest when a super sercetive pony is all flustered. She clears her throat, and stands up straight - trying to regain some sembleance of diginity after her ackward outburst.

Sadaka blinks and chuckles sheepishly, smiling over at Pumpkin and Dreamy. "I'll be fine… I mean, n-near the water isn't… /in/ the water. …But I do like the idea of a treehouse." She perks up, smiling over at Ruby as she approaches. "H-hi, Ms. Ruby!"

Dreamy also smiles at Ruby, flashing her a quick, if blurry, montage of all the things they've been discussing. Which, with as fast as the little unicorn flashes them, probably looks very confusing, and ends with just an image of the treehouse they're intending to build. There was something in there about a talking forest. And some weird schematics. And a lemonade stand, for no good apparent reason.

She can't help it… Her dream visions tend to stutter a bit when she's super excited!

Pumpkin tilts her head. "Hold on, everypony, ah'm wonderin' if the forest is gonna try to say anythin'." It's a misnomer, of course, but as an Earth Pony she IS sensitive to the moods of plants. She's just not used to anything that big.

Rising-Chaos nods to the newcomer. "Hello, I'm Rising Chaos, pleasure to meet you." She says pleasantly, then continues, unaware of Dream's power. "The fillies were going to build a treehouse." She smile warmly, "I was going to help them, if they'll have me." At Pumpkin's statement she cocks her head, and turns to the filly. Her face takes on a deadly serious expression. "Oh dear, I'll keep an ear out."

Kludge gives that a moment's thought. "Well, if we're able to get across the type of treehouse you want to make, then that might help." He already has a few concepts in mind, most of which involve using the trees as they are as a sort of scaffolding. "Tell you what - give me a few days to draw up some concepts, and then we can go to the forest together?"

Pumpkin turns around, looking vaguely distracted. "Huh? Sure, Kludge, that sounds like a great idea. Just lemme know when you wanna start so ah can make sure to let mah folks know. Don't wanna end up doing things when ah'll be busy helpin' with the harvests." Mmm, corn.

Dream-Daze bounces her agreement with the plans. Just give notice, and she's all in!

Sadaka nods. "That works for me." She's in no real hurry! As cool as a clubhouse would be.

Rising-Chaos is showing how tired she is. "Sure, that sounds like a good plan. I had an exciting night, I need to get some sleep. Nice seeing you all." With that she trudges off into town, back to her house.

Ruby-Blossom is relieved to find Kludge and the fillies distrated by their grandeous plans - her unusual behavior goes unnoticed which is all for the best considering she wouldn't want anypony to know what transpired earlier!