log:Cloud-Top Duel
IC date: Autumn 27, 1007
OOC date: October 16, 2012
PCs: Sky-Sparkler Plot-Twist
NPCs: None
GM: None

- > The Horseshoe Wastes <---------——

An endless ocean of frost and shadows.

A strange and alien landscape stretches before you. Snow flurries down from an endless night,

sculpting the world into unnatural shapes. Long, swooping ramps of snow curl down into scalloped

dewdrops and carve outward again like the trail of a wild animal. There's something vaguely peaceful

about this glittering landscape — a peace that belies frozen limbs and an undercurrent of


A small, dilapidated hut sits, buried almost entirely by the wintery landscape. The door hangs off

its hinges, the wood slicked in ice.

-- Contents ------------—-

Plot-Twist Purple, wearing modified Shadowbolt Uniform
Sky-Sparkler Unicorn mare, blue coat, yellow mane & tail

-- Main Grid ------------—-
Wintersong Forest <WS> White Saddle Mountains <WH> Base <BA>

It's amazing what you can find above the cloud cover, up where only the stars and the moon

rule. Even on the stormiest night, even in the brightest city, the cold air up above is perfect for

stargazing. Without any light polution, you can see the night sky in its glories.
You can also see a unicorn in a parka, improbably standing on one of those clouds, looking

up. Also improbable is the pencil in her nose. Sky Sparkler is doing what she does best, weather

work, and keeping an eye up here is valuable when so few pegasus ponies are available to the natives.

Another long day of searching. The hours have been grueling but the tracks that where found

have proven invaluable to narrowing the search! The vice grip of the nightmare tightens on the rebel

base and the misguided ponies within! Instead of the appropriate evil cackle Captain Plot twist

simply smiles, a cool grin that cuts her scared face. "Alright boys you get back to base." she turns

her head to her wingmen. "your both beat, and I'm going to get in one more pass before turning in."

The younger Shadow Bolts give a sigh of relief and break formation heading back as a pair of two.
The captain veers up into the clouds breaking through the top layer and landing on them. The

pillowy softness welcoming her feet and soar wings. A hoof goes to her face and pulls loose the

flight googles giving the full scope of her face injuries. Blinking still getting used to the moon

light up here her grey eyes find a pony a short trot away. A unicorn. A blank stare of impossibility

is focused on the horn. "Hey! You!" she points "Your under arrest!"

Arrested? That's not what Sky Sparkler was expecting to hear up here. She turns to face the

voice, not wanting to bolt too soon.

This turn reveals the pencil up her nose.

"Who are you, that's doing the arresting?" she asks, her four hooves spreading apart as she

looks at the pegasus appraoching. She doesn't have the best night vision, but up here there's enough

light for her to tell where the pony calling to her is.

"The fun police who do you think?" Captain Twist is rather disappointed nopony seems to

recognize her authority now days. All these ponies act like they have never been harassed by a shadow

bolt. Trotting forward on the tight cloud curton she moves close enough a beam of moon light hits her

face, casting a grizzly shadow over her scars. Her ears droop at the sight of the young mare. "Mam'

… why is there a pencil in your hose?" The need to face hoof rises once again. "Look I have no clue

who you are but there are rebels in the area, everyone without proper papers have to come back to our

base for … processing."

"Pencil?" Sky Sparkler's eyes cross as it's called out. She looks at it in her nose. "Huh.

There's a pencil in my nose." She pulls it out, using her magic, and moves it to behind one ear. "I

wonder how it got there this time. ANYWAY, you were saying something about papers?" she asks, seeming

to have lost the thread of the conversation. In truth, she's looking for a good cloud to teleport


Plot Twist simmers quietly, despite the need to buck ponies in the face rising. She takes

another step closer and pulls out a rope. "Well we can do this the easy way or the hard way." her

eyes moving to where yours look a few clouds away. "Oh I think you could make it. Question is can you

make it to the next cloud after that before I have you hog tied?" she smiles and raises an eyebrow.

"Hmmmm, easy way," Sky Sparkler replies, a grin on her face. See, the next cloud over, that

she was looking at, is FAR too far for a unicorn to jump to.

'cept Sky Sparkler jumps like lightning, complete with the flash. She does so now, briefly

turning into electric current as she jumps to that next cloud over.

Sky-Sparkler rolls 1d10 (And just how bright is that flash into Plot Twist's eyes?) — Result: 5

| Sum: 5

(OOC) Plot-Twist: no using my weakness against me xD
(OOC) Sky-Sparkler icly doesn't know about it! Just happens her powers make her well equiped to

exploit it. ;)
(OOC) Plot-Twist shakes hoof skyward!

Plot-Twist rolls 1d10 (Spot Check!) — Result: 9 | Sum: 9

Blue blazes! SO BRIGHT! "Ga-ram-unicorns!" Rubbing her eyes seeing nothing but stars. What a

fool she was for taking off her goggles! First thing first she slaps them back onto her eye and whips

back into the air. "Lighting is our shtick Unicorn." Head snapping back and forth searching for where

she has gone, but she had a solid ten seconds head start. If nothing is forthcoming above she dives

below the clouds trying to find her quary.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah," comes a voice from inside the clouds. Somewhere, inside the clouds.

"Tell it to a unicorn that isn't a trained weatherpony." Sky Sparkler is charging up for an attack of

some sort, she's got a sneaky ambush in mind. True, she isn't a trained fighter, but she does have

potent magic for a unicorn (if specalized).

Trained weather pony? Plot twist considers this carefully a change of tactics come to mind.

"I will admit though, you new ponies have been very fun. I haven't had this many surprises in a

mission in a long time. Keep my on my hooves." she zips up into the clouds, and bucks. With a poof a

large clouds vanishes. "But one by one I will take your ground from under you." another buck going

into a cloud, dissipating it into harmless mist.

"I can sit on clouds, if need be, and know how to make them," Sky Sparkler replies, before

zapping herself from one cloud to another. Sure, the shadowbolt may be able to follow her, but she's

allmost fully charged up. "And as for the ground, even in the air you can find yourself grounded,"

she taunts.

Despite this seemingly pointless endeavor she continues to buck those clouds. There doesn't

seem to be much rhyme or reason to it at first till you realize she is now high above you the only

clouds left are those closest to the ground. "All the charge in the world wont let you shoot lighting

up." she circles you now waiting like a vulture waiting for your next move.

Plot Twist just had to buck THAT cloud. You know, that one Sky Sparkler had been storing the

charge in for a powerful lightning bolt? Well, when bucked, it discharges. Zappy Zappy.

Sky-Sparkler rolls 1d10 (I know what went wrong, but how badly for Plot Twist?) — Result: 3 |

Sum: 3

(OOC) Plot-Twist: not bad at all xD
(OOC) Plot-Twist: or was it? o:
(OOC) Sky-Sparkler: Eh, your call. The dice are just an aid to our decisions.
(OOC) Plot-Twist: oh nono I just wasn't sure which was good or bad, low or high
(OOC) Sky-Sparkler: I was going to say: high would be more effect, low less effect

Poor plot must still have stars in her eyes, plans falling apart around her! Of course she

would hit the one cloud full of death lighting with a kick meant to break apart the cloud. Instead a

bolt of lighting goes lamely in one direction and singing the captain. Her poor uniform has about had

it with all the fighting and random lighting strikes. "Ok … ok." a bit of her dark purple mane

still on fire. "I think I'm just going to buck you this time." charging forward she leaps in with her

back legs only for a feint, and switches to a right hook with her forlegs.

If Sky Sparkler was intending to stay and fight, Plot Twist might have hit the weather

unicorn, but she teleported down to the ground, a few miles away. It takes multiple ports, but she

can cover good distance if there are still come clouds in the sky.

Poof! Another cloud is hit. "Wait …" blinking a few more stars out of her eyes the last of

the dazzle working their ways out. It was just a pony shaped cloud! "AURRRGEEG!" she growls tossing

her arms in fustraion. Its too late though Sky Sparkler is long gone by now teleporting like a champ

right out of sight. There isn't even a trail to fallow. "I'm off my game." she sighs and rubs her

temples. "Glad now pony saw that or I'm getting the gallows for breakfast."