Clean Er
IC date: DATE
OOC date: 4/8
Location: Old Talisman Factory
PCs: Clean-Sweep Grinder

*beep* *beep, beep beep* "Aww Dirt" the dirty unicorn stumbles back a few paces from a radioactive source landing firm on her flank. She gets up and wanders again looking for that 'turret' and the location of that has-mat pony and her scribe friend. "Hope Overhaul's program works and gets me past that thing" she grumbles as she continues poking through the debris. Her beeping subprogram reading potential threats in the area lights up in the distance, 'raiders, or no, Slavers?' she gulps and tucks in to corners and edges, she certainly doesn't need that kind of attention today, "Gotta find that yellow pony" she erks quietly to herself bringing out her own rather diminutive little gun, that of her Derringer Two Shot, and that old grenade she's got tucked in a saddlebag. She is just continuing to look for where they got to.

The old factory was once a center of talisman manufacture for all major military needs close to the water and ready for shipping to Hoofington before the core. After the core it was past its prime already and fell into disuse. Two hundred years later its impressive it is still standing. Its once massive smoke stacks rise into the air and stop suddenly having fell over in one of the harbors massive storms. Bricks and radio active canisters lay everywhere and are impossible to climb over for the most part, making a nice killing ground for the nasty little turrets … if they ever worked right. Which they don't because SOME SCRIBY PONY keeps taking the parts out and forgetting to put them back in.

"Grinder dear if you are going to sulk about my house you could at least tidy yourself up first." The said yellow mare seem to pop out of nowhere. Perhaps she is better at hiding in that bright yellow suit than you might think. Her massive sniper rifle swings loosely on her shoulder. "Now what is it you need help with dear?"

Grinder is outright terrified, as the yellow has-mat pony practically pops up next to her (Ruby-Blossom esque creepy right there!) She actually cowers spooked so, like she's gonna get hit or something. Odd instinct right there, but very hardwired in by the looks of things, she perks and practically cries out in joy, but keeps her muzzle clamped shut, She lifts up her pipbuck showing hostiles all over the place as if now asking for safe haven or protection. Her little gun is held over her horn-light just barely. (awww ain't it cute)

"Mm Miss CleanSweep" she whispers, "c c can I come in please" pleading filly eyes, "PLEASE" oh now she just sounds desperate. She does look over her own rather grubby form and mumbles, "tidy?" she dusts herself off looks back up to the Hazmat suited mare as if to ask, 'better?'

"Pipbucks." Clean Sweep rolls her eyes inside of her sealed environment. "They will show you all the evils in the world soon you will see nothing but red." turning she gestures with her head to indicate you should fallow. "You might as well give me a microscope so I can see all the … nasty … germs … crawling all over-you-oh-my-Luna!" you can see her shaking in her suit. "No. No, Sweep you have none of this. We have gone through that hay not again. Just sweet blissful ignorance." trying a moment to catch her breath and continues on toward the safe house. "Turn your EFS off for your own good. All the rad roaches out here will fill your vision with nothing but enemies." giving you a warm smile.

"err, Yesmaam, I'll make a filter for that" she murmurs a little totally forgetting the rad roach issue. "Its kept me safe this long" she murmurs "though I suppose I am still learning it I guess, only got it like a year or two ago" she informs you. From the look of her though she certainly doesn't look as if she's ever seen the artificial light of a stable, just where did she get a 'buck' from than. "Germs, Uhh, isn't that suit supposed to protect you from that er' them?" she mentions helpfully as she trots just behind you slightly. She does make a note that 'this is here, good place' in her pipbuck "Those turrets, they' broken again?" she asks "I thought Mr. Wings Fixed em for ya, he even gave me a bypass for em"

"It helps but in truth there are millions of the buggers everywhere. They get into everything on everything." HEr voice trends to the more mantic. You can see her pupils narrow and a eye twitch. "no hiding form them, they just multiply and grown and poison us." If it wasn't for you bringing up the Turrets she might never get out of a loop of thinking on germs. "Hrm? Oh the Turrets? Yes our poor scribe has issues with memory. Took all the computery bits out for his wretched wrist device. Then I do believe he would have forgotten to put them back like everything else. His memory seems to get worse and worse …" Giving you a look over eyes considering your Pipbuck and how you might have come across it. Nor does it look to Sweep as if Grinder has ever seen a thing known as a shower either. "First thing, we are getting you a bath."

Grinder kinda shirks back a little starting to see her little 'Twilight Twitch' going for herself, then not, she gives a little nod, "Well Mr Codex uhh, maybe he could use a pipbuck instead, they are one of the most uhh capable computers out there" she mentions and her voice gets a bit darker, "there's slavers out there with em, and" she shakes her head a little, "they don't need em, they should really give em to ponies that can use em' for good" the little filly kinda squeaks, "A bath, I, But thats expensive, I don't have the caps to waste on water thats not for drinking, good clean water" she offers sounding startled and a little worried really.

"Oh have I tried many a time. Please Codex, I said, Please let us just raid a stable and get you a functioning wrist computer and me a functioning shower and live our lives complete. No he loves his broken little thing. Don't tell anyone dear but I think he might be insane." giving the little pony beside her a smile that might indicate she doesn't have all her marbles either. "Was that way though, forgetful and obsessive that is ever since we met in the slave pits." the smile is less manic and more tired as she pushes open the door to her factory and leads you inside. It looks like any other hay hole in the waist dank and dreary. A pile of shop parts in a corner that must belong to Codex from all the scrap electronics. "No pony comes into my house without taking a bath." Sweep's eyes narrow at the little filly. A box of abraxo and tub of water being pulled over with her magic. "You can do it with your Pip-toy on or off your choice."

Grinder kinda giggles a little at the story but nods a little. She's dealt with less than sane ponies before but the mentioning of raiding a stable, that kinda makes her squeamish of all things. Taking pip-bucks from peaceful ponies vs killing a slaver for his are two different things in her book of wasteland morals. She blinks seeing the tub she gulps a little, but them's the rules, but that stuff. She gulps, "the pip-buck is fixed on, you'd have to kill me or remove my hoof to take it off, Its permanent once its applied the right way." the filly announces, "but the bindings on it will grow as I do, not that I've grown much" she grumbles still eyeing that box of Abraxo with a worried gaze, and changes the subjects, "You were a slave too?" she asks, "I err, I was, once, Me and my parents were all slaves" she nod some looking down more focused on her pipbuck. The styling of this particular pipbuck is something that one would start to note, its distinctly more a design that stallions would carry, but this one is applied to a filly…

If she noticed your balking at her methods she doesn't seem to notice. Perhaps more disturbing is the way she seems to consider way too long over you and your Pipbuck after mentioning how it is removed. "Hrm? Oh yes, yes I was. Codex too, thats how we met. Poor dear was a crying mess when he was brought in. I was rather messy too if I recall. Horrible." the smile straining a bit as she continues on. The perpetrations for the bath continue, hot clean water is brought from a large tank and she adds the soap. "Well I'm glad your free of it dear. Maybe some day you can contract us to hunt them down. We would even wave the consulting fee." her magic lifts you and sets you carefully into the water and she starts the free filth from your coat. "I'm sure they are glad you have something from your home." giving you a parental little nudge with her bubbled helm. "Once your clean you can sleep in the only proper bed in teh waists, and rest easy ok?"

The filly either is oblivious to your puzzling at her pipbuck, or just doesn't get it what you're thinking at. When she mentions hunting down the slavers that enslaved them she merely shakes her head, "Uhh, PipBucks only come from Stable-Born ponies, I'm not one of em" she murmurs quietly, "the Slavers that I came from, uhh they're dead" she murmurs softly as she kinda makes a motion with 'her' pipbuck, "I'm the best at scavenging n salvaging things" she hints rather bluntly. Grinder is set into the bath, and warm water applied, First look is terror, the second look relief, the last look is bliss. "Ohgosh that feels good" she admits sheepishly, she just, well its evidently been a /long/ time

"Sorry I assumed it was your parents, the pipbuck that is." Sweep uses her magic to start brushing your mane clean, the water is almost brown at this point. "You have never seen a Stable then?" asking curiously, bristling with pride as you seem to melt into the bath. "Well I am glad they met their end then dear." brush, brush, brush. All of the dirt and tangles and … well your not sure what some of this is comes out of you. "Most ponies inherit their pipbucks these days. Not many stables opening anymore."

The filly actually has a mane in the midst of those horribile dreadlocks. Long flowing with subtle streaks of red and grey mingled into the mix of her mane and tail. And she looks several shades brighter and not dingy looking! She might actually be considered attractive for a filly really!. She seriously enjoys the warm water and has evidently not had a good warm bath in… …its been a long time…