Cheering Up
IC date: Winter 14
OOC date: 1/2
PCs: Frolic Nocturne Quintessent-Rune Rising-Chaos Swift-Wind
NPCs: None
GM: None

The beach is a mess. Not many ponies come here these days, and for good reason. Debris is constantly being washed ashore, and the proximity to the storm is, to some ponies, intimidating. The refuse of the sea may be of some interest to the right kind of pony.

Rising Chaos looks, to all intents and pruposes, just like a piece of debris washed up on the beach. Sleeping on her side in the sand, as if she had just fallen over while walking. That's actually exactly what happened, funnily enough. Other than the occaisional shiver, the unicorn is completely still.

Quintessent-Rune is one pony not scared of the sea nor the floatsam and debries, even if the debries is her meal ticked and somewhat deranged hostess. At least, she doesn't feel worried about it after her sixth cup of coffee. Nursing her seventh and eight, the capacity of the thermos she carries with her, Rune strolls across the beach with narry a care in the world - such things is left to the ever watchful Servant splayed on her back and bouncing along with her every step. How the plushy manages to look grumpy at the prospect is anypony's idea.

The Servant flopped a moment, then again - this time drawing it's mistress attention with a firm tail-slap to the back of her head, rousing her from her daydreams (or posibly early-morning dreams) and making her turn to spot… "Miss Chaos? Oh dear, what are you doing out here?" The seapony in disguise bounded forward, in a stately and sedate fashion befiting nobility - certainly not at all worried - before reaching down and giving Rising a tenative shake. As a attempt to rouse her, it's rather pathetic.

Nocturne wakes up under a tree near the portside, his guitar case by his side. He inspects it to make sure nothing is missing, locks it, and straps it to his saddlebag, dragging it as he trots about. As he gets close to the beach, he sees the Rising Chaos, and stops. As much as he is frustrated with the spellcaster, he is still in fear of what may have happened to her.

He has no idea what may have caused this, and as far as he knows, the mare has ended her pursuit of Spindrift. He remains entranced in deep thought for a moment, and approaches her, also spotting the Earth Pony, whom he helped during the last encounter with Spindrift. Being too afraid to address the unicorn, he turns to Rune. "What happened to her?"

Rising-Chaos seems to stir, even from the weak shaking Quintessent Rune gives her. Lazily, her eyes open, staring blankly out before her. She recognizes the voices, at least. "Hello miss Rune, Nocturne." Her voice has an odd, flat quality. She shivers again, despite the heavy coat she's wearing.

"Wheeeee, Ha, ha, ha, Weeeeeeee!
a insane laughing is heard from down the beach and there's a big bright neon green kite seen bobbing in the wind, and being pulled about along the matching strings is a tiny /foal?!/ she's got it under control, her own style of control mind you but she sure is having fun, litterally kiting along with her kite and what looks like a skateboard with huge fat tires, that she seems to be partially strapped to. This earth pony's got some serious guts, and is getting some serious airtime too! The aptly named Swift-Wind is wind chasing yet again!
Quintessent-Rune shot Nocturne a glance and shurged. "I have to profess to having no idea, mister. I've merely encountered miss Chaos on the beach, which I do not belive is her natural habitat, I might add. She also appears to be," the seapony stopped for a moment, peering down at Chaos, "quite… berefth of her typical vibrant character as of right now. Most worrying, I'd say."

"I think," she hazarded, "that we have to bring miss Chaos to a more hospitable setting for her." Reaching down she hooked a hoof around Arcee, trying to haul her upright. After a moment she pulled it back, depositing Servant on the sand next to the magical mare. With a flop, flopety-flip the golem managed to get under the groggy mare before wiggling of down the beach behind Rune, who indicated such a course of action with a pointed hoof and a scandalsously cheery and loud, "Forward!"

Nocturne is still for a moment. "You said my name," he mutters, barely audibly, under his breath. He quickly shakes his head. Now is not the time to be emotional. Giving her a slow once-over to check for any sort of wound, or even a clue, he sighs. As she is carried, he follows with a solemn demeanor. He wants to ask the sorcerer what happened, but he fears that he is the last person she would want to hear from.

After a brief battle with his thoughts, he finally looks up. "Everything's gonna be okay," he says quietly, still looking onward and following the servant.

Rising-Chaos blinks at the sudden jolt of movement. This was unpleasant, and also embarrasssing. She just gets to her hoovs, because there's nothing actually stopping her from doing that. Looking down at Servant for a moment as if to say 'don't do that agin' she speaks again. "I'm fine." She sets off, passing right by the others and heading back towards town.

Quintessent-Rune stopped, throwing Nocturne a glance before shrugging before picking Servant up once more, a quick snap shook most of the sound of his fabric side as she placed the golem back on her back. Falling in beside Chaos she eyed the mare for a moment. "Are you certain? You did not quite appear to have full access to your faculties, and you were sleeping on a wet beach. I was under the impression that it was not healthy for po-… you," said Rune. A moment later she proofed her thermos. "Coffee, miss Chaos?"

Swift-Wind rapidly approaches from the far side of the beach, wind taking one way then the other, coming right to the waters edge, then lifting up flying over the surface, then back to shore and landing oh so close to the other gathered ponies, "Hey, Hey, Hey, Hi!" she squeaks, "Ponies Ok?" she calls as she pulls one of her cords and colapses the kite right then and there, pulling in the cord as she rolls to a stop before the gathered ponies full of curiousity and questions

Nocturne is quick to follow Rising Chaos. Any trace of his distinct anger and frustration is gone. Still, part of him is demanding that he confront the mare about her problems in his vile demeanor. "Rising Chaos… what happened to giving up on the fight. What's going on?" His tone isn't the typical angry tone that the sorcerer is familar with, rather, a tone of worry.

Rising-Chaos contues trotting, ignoring the two ponies following her. "I'm fine, really, I just need some… Rest. I just can't use my magic right now, it's been a rough couple weeks." Somehow she finds herself believing the words as she says them. Certainly, she has a safety net, Queen Pegasus, she has a friend in Zypher. Maybe everything isn't so bleak as it's starting to look. "I am done, with the fight, over with fighting. No more doom and gloom for Rising Chaos. I just came down to the beach to think some things over, got more than I bargained for." She manages a smile as Swift Wind joins them. "Hello there, we're quite fine. And who are you?" Her voice seems to have regained a bit of emotion, even if it's still not her. Unfortunately, her looks are her own undoing, her mane's a mess and sand covers her coat. She's also wearing a soaking wet jacket, and is drenched herself.

Quintessent-Rune shot a glance at Nocturne behind Arcee's back, on that conveyed a rather a bit of 'yeah, right' sentiment. Still, she figures it's no point in arguing with her free meal ticket and shrugs, taking a sip from her coffee. And comes to a stop with the restof them, peering down at Swift-Wind. "Salutations?"

Swift-Wind just grins as she's acknolodged by the pony for whom she was concerned about, "Oh, Uhh I'm Swift-Wind" the little thing looks about "Cantcha tell" she giggles as she pulls in her kite fully while stuffing it into her saddlebags with obvious practice, "Love these windy windy days yupyup" she looks to Rune, and oooh's pondering her words, "Oh Yeah, Saaalaute!" she whips a pose together and salutes her like some military pony or something, right forehoof to her forehead in a bold pose, "Rright?" she grins then looks back to Rising-Chaos, "Uhh Maam, would ya like a ride?" she asks as she presents her fat-tired skateboard, "I, I can pull ya along!"

Nocturne frowns at Rising, retaining his calm demeanor. "That's what you said last time. And look at you now!" He is briefly distracted by the foal, whom he just now noticed. "Hi there. My name's Nocturne." Turning back to Chaos, his demeanor seems even more calm, perhaps even sad.

"I know things have been rough for you, and I know that part of it is my fault." He looks down at the ground, scuffing his hoof at the ground for a few moments before looking back at the mare. "So for whatever it's worth, I'm sorry. You have every reason to hate me." He turns back just in time to hide the tears building up in his eyes.

And the weather here is /still/ terrible! Surely this is the thought going through the young red unicorn's head as she tromps down the path. At least, it would sure seem to be, she's glaring up at the cloudy sky right enough! Apparently Frolic does not approve of this weather. Why she's glaring at the /sky/ and not the /giant freaking whirlpool/ out over thataway is anypony's guess! But there you go. She shakes herself off as if trying to shake the last bits of swiftly-melting snow from her cloak, giving a faint snort and muttering to herself. Then freezing and drawing up short as she finally looks down and notices - ponies! Ponies she's very nearly gone and walked smack into! She backpedals quickly. "Oh! Sorry!"

Rising-Chaos waves away Nocturne. "It's fine, just don't worry about it." He really seems so melodramatic sometimes. These new ponies are far more interesting, and miss Rune can wait for a more private conversation. "Indeed, you seem like you adore speed. I, on the other hand, prefer to take things a bit slower, thank you for the offer though." Then more ponies! Is this good? Because it doesn't feel like it should be good, but then again, Rising is learning new things everyday. Turning to the young mare, she offers another smile. "That's quite alright, not a problem at all." She turns so she can address both newcomers at once. Bowing low to the sand, she introduces herself. "My name is Rising Chaos, pleased to make your acquaintance."

Swift-Wind bobbobbobs her head, "Speeed is what it aaalll about, n'd wind, n airtime, Yeah, But, I wanted to give you a ride, not go fast, you ummm" she looks to Nocturne, "Noc,? said you look like you're not feeling good, I wanted to help" she still offers as she hops off her skateboard and looks up to her with concern obviously seen upon her muzzle, "Speed don't matter if somepony's not feeling good" she offers then glances at the stuffie on Rune's back, "OohOoh thats like my goldfish, Thats COOL, whats her name? She got a name right, or is it a he, him, it, it maybe?" she turns again still in a blur of motion to the new mare of the pack Frolic, "OH Hi, to you too!"
Quintessent-Rune frowned at Arcee, a hoof half-lifted towards the mare but halted hesitantly. Chaos was, Rune figured, acting very strange. Or rather, just a tiny bit off in a very strange and disturbing fashion. "I find that hard to belive, miss Rune. But I shall not rise my concern, shared by mister Nocturne, if you incist."

Only then does she turn to aknowledge Frolic with a slight nod. "Greetings," she started before turning her head just to to encompase Swift-Wind as well, "I am Quintessent-Rune and… What?" Her muzzle scrunched up at Wind as she frowned. "No! It's Servant. Servant is a it, most definately."

Nocturne is dumbfounded by Rising's behavior. He's almost suspicious of what may be causing it, but he's still somewhat pleased by it. "Alright, well, uh…" He stammers for a moment, feeling it may be best to leave her alone. Besides, now that their rivalry seems to have toned down, he feels as though a burden has been lifted off his shoulders.

He turns to Rune with a puzzled look, as if to say 'Something's not right'. He trots over to her and speaks very quietly. "I'm worried. Not just for her, but the town. There has to be something that did this to her."

Frolic clears her throat, nodding in response to the bow, if rather awkwardly. "I wasn't… looking where I was going." She blinks and tilts her head, looking the gathered group over. "…What's up? …Er, no. Sorry, nevermind. None of my business, is it? Just everypony looks kind of upset." She clears her throat again. "Gee I'm just butting right on in everywhere."

Rising-Chaos frowns, it seems some ponies are getting all upset. Whirls around to face the two who had found her first, she whispers. "Listen, I was hit by the black heart again, so I'm not exactly in a good mood." She points a hoof at quintessent Rune. "You, I will tell you all about it later. There's some very important things we have to discuss. You are very clsoe to me, and I fully intend to share things with you." The hoof moves to point at Nocturne. "You, I no longer hate you, stop freaking out." Her business with that finished, she turns back to the new ponies, the nice ponies. "I've been having a rough week, but I will be fine. I do need to get home soon though." A smile is shot Frolic's way. "As I said, don't worry about it. Join us miss..?" She just wnats to make some friends, apparently that's 'strange' and 'worrying'.

Swift-Wind nods some, "Ok Maaam" she nods to Rising-Chaos, a slow 'yeah right' kinda nod then jerks her head around to Rune, "Uhh, thats your name, Umm, that first word sounds like the words my daddy uses and says I'm not suposed to use, the Rune one, sounds neat though!" she squeaks a little, "It, Servant, umm, ok thats not nice to call somebody, unless they're like gettin' paid good for it, He'err It's got a good job being a servant fishy plushie" the filly bumbles some looking confused a bit then nodding, "right"

Nocturne gives a wide grin and a light chuckle. "Alright, alright." He thinks back to the Black Heart, and his own magic, trying to formulate some solution. Unfortunately for him, he has no knowledge of the Black Heart, and his magic is limited to sound frequencies at the moment. Still, he feels determined to find something out. Rising is likely not going to talk, but the mysterious Earth Pony seems like a valuable prospect.

He goes back to her and speaks in the same whisper. "Listen, I don't even know your name, but…" He looks back at the maelstrom for a mometn and turns back. "I'm willing to help in any way I can. I have some ideas… maybe we could work together." He looks back again, this time at Rising for a brief moment. "Please."

Quintessent-Rune shifted from hoof to hoof, a bit uncertainly. After a few moment she gave up trying to sort things with a shake of her head. She had priorities, darn it! First off, make sure Arcee was happy and conten and second, milk that for all it's worth. She's just about to offer some form of comforting platitude when Swift-Wind speaks up, making the seapony in disguise turn to her. "The first word…? Of my name? Quintessent? It is a variant of quintessential, which is either a perfect representative of a state or type or group, for example; Sir Tidesheer was the quintessential noblepony. It can also be used as a replacement for fundamental or essential, something that is nececary."

"As for Rune, while it is of great importance and signifies my lineage it have less personal value as such, all members of my house are Runes. Stalwart-Rune, for example, and Lustreous-Rune. And Lord-Rune," that name was loaded with not a small amount of spite. "As for Servant, it is a servant and was made for such."
Frolic blinks, looking a bit surprised at the warm invitation - especially after seeing the other two ponies get somewhat chewed out. She tilts a tattered ear at her. "Oh. I'm sorry to hear that. About the… rough week, I mean. Oh, right, I'm… Frolic. Shoulda said that earlier."

Rising-Chaos sits down, she's tired and not feeling too well, so sitting down seems like a great idea. After listening intently to Rune describe her name, such things should be remmebered, she looks back to Frolic. The younger mare seems to be the only pony who is accepting of her friendship, so that's something. "Oh, I ahve them all the time, I do rough work. I live though, learnt to deal with it. What is it you do, miss Frolic?".

Swift-Wind listens to Qsomethingorother Rune for a bit, and evidently each big word she uses makes the mini-filly twist her head some, "Umm, Okay? I umm, Miss Big Word Pony-Rune, umm do you have a short, umm simple name uhhh nickname?, cause thats some big words there, big words" she nodnod's looking with obvious confusion. Her teacher doesn't even use such big words even!, she then looks around to the other gathered ponies, and back to Rune. and Rising Chaos, then Nocturne and again to Frolic, "Like Miss Frolic there, thats a short easy to say and remember her name kind of name-name thing" she grins to her, "Hi Miss Frolic, "and Rising-Chaos pony, oh, and musicflank Nocturne" she sings, "laadeeedeee!" and then just giggles
Quintessent-Rune gave Swift-Wind a deadpan stare, not seeming amused. "I supose you could call me Rune, like some others. But I do rather prefere if you did not. Quintessent will do fine." Turning slightly she eyed Nocturne. "As for you, I do offer my aid to miss Chaos in recompence for her assistance. I am not overly concerned by," she glanced at the spire and the malestorm, "calamity such as this. It does not concern me personaly, you understand."

Nocturne looks down at the ground and scuffs a hoof. "Fair enough." The mysterious mare's reasoning was justified. Chaos is a virtuoso of magic compared to him. After some thought, he looks up with a subtle grin. "We'll meet again, though. I promise that."

He turns back to the foal who called his name and flashes a wide grin. Seeing her youthful energy brought about a more positive mood. "Nocturne will do. Or Noc, I guess. My parents always called me that." The sudden shift in the overall mood has certainly affected him. He turns to Frolic with a smile, expecting an answer to Rising's question.

For whatever reason, this question seems to momentarily throw Frolic for a loop. She blinks, ears laying back, opening and closing her mouth a few times. "…Do? Oh. Oh, well, I… er…" Blinkblink. "I travel." Well that seems simple enough, for such a long pause before an answer. She blinks and looks down to the foal, smiling faintly for the first time since running into the group. "Hello there."

Rising-Chaos is glad the attention seems to be away from her for a while, and slumps down. Being tired and in the company of four ponies is kinda awful. She takes a few moments to breathe and rest before perking back up. "Travelling? Sounds exciting. I'm sure I would love to hear some stories from all the places you've been." Slowly, Chaos gets to her hooves, thinking it may just about be time to go.

Swift-Wind nods a little, then rolls her skateboard right smack dab in front of Qsomething or other Rune, hops off her skateboard, jams its 'tail' into the sand right into the trucks of the wheels, and so its firmly jammed into the sand. she then gracefully and quite gymnastically vaults up so that she's standing at a precarious balance upon the front trucks and its nose so she can stare muzzle to muzzle with the uppity other scrawny other earth pony. (seapony) "Yesss Maaam, Miss I'm gonna get my mouth washed out with soap by daddy if he hears me try to say this word, Rune" She Pbbbbbbts at the mare eye to eye like she's all tough like, then waves a hoof at Frolic!

Nocturne's ears perk up with interest in hearing a story from the filly, but he's clearly uncomfortable with the awkward silence. Suddenly, he jolts for a moment as he has an epiphany, and opens up his guitar case. He places his guitar in front of him, and sits on the case after closing it. A calm melody begins to crescendo from near silence, to a subtle volume, quiet enough to not drown out or distract the conversation. He appears to be in his own world for the most part, but he turns back to Frolic. "I'd love to hear a story as well."

As he notices Rising standing up, he turns to her with a frown. "Don't wanna stick around for a story?" No harm in a casual question, right? Hopefully not.

Quintessent-Rune reaches up, rather casualy, and nudges Swift on the nose to unbalance her. "It is, I must underline, not a naughty word but rather a refined one. And my name."
You paged Quintessent-Rune with 'Also, don't take Noc's last

Engage Foal self defense measures:
1. Point blame: The foal lands flat on her tailside in the sand unbalanced by Rune, She gasps, lifts her hoof and points squarely at Rune
2. Waterworks activated! Swift-Wind belts out a cry, and starts to ball like a coal, well, DUH
3. call out her blame: "SHE HIT ME!!!!!!

Rising-Chaos sighs, music is starting and foals are crying. Now is the opportune time for her to be elsewhere. Knowing Rune, this will only get hectic if she's left here as well. "Miss Rune, I am feeling unwell. May I ask you to walk me home, please?" She should really be going, Nocturne can entertain the others on the beach for now. "It was a pleasure meeting you all, but I should take my leave. Any of you should feel free to visit me any time."

Frolic blinks and perks her ears. "Story? Now?" Oh dear, what has she gotten herself into? "Well, er… I don't have anything so interesting as… as what seems to be going on in town right now. I mean, I've never seen anything like…" she glances sideways out at the Maelstrom, "…that." Whatever 'that' is.

Her attention is, however, rather quickly diverted by means of wailing foal. Her ears flatten and she steps over quickly. "What happened? …You what?" She shoots Quintessent a suspicious look, frowning.

"I did not, I prodded, the lack of balance are purely your problem I assure you," commented Rune smuggly before turning towards Arcee. After a moment of hesitation, and glancing at Swift-Wind and back - huh, Chaos is her normal callous selfe it would seem. Good to know her 'gracious' host doesn't mind her giving in to taking out some of her frustration of the land-pony stupidity on, well, the land-ponies. Even if it was a foal… Quintessent wrested down the little spark of guild, it wasn't a seapony foal. No harm done.

"Of course miss Chaos, I'd be happy too," she said before stepping forward next to her. Ready to offer any assitance should it be required but decidedly pretending that's not the case. It could be cause for offence.

Frolic frowns uncertainly, glancing between the foal to the skateboard to the larger pony to the foal again. She gives a small sigh, dipping her head to nudge the little pony back to her feet. "You okay?" She glances over her shoulder back to Rising, nodding slightly. "Oh, right. Er… feel better," she offers, not entirely sure that was the proper thing to say, but it sounded about right. "…Nice to meet you," she adds after a beat, nodding again.

Nocturne is trying his hardest to retain his mood, between the crying foal and the only two people with a clue of what's going on leaving him behind. Still, he gives the two mares a wave and a smile as they prepare to leave, and turns back to Swift, setting his guitar down to trot in her direction. "There, there," he says, putting a hoof to her cheek. "I'm sure she didn't mean it. She's a good pony, really." There is uncertainty in his mind, but he tries to maintain a soothing voice. He gives her a great, big smile, and heads back to his guitar to continue playing.
Rising-Chaos smiles, leaning against Rune for support. "The pleasure was mine, I assure you. I just need some rest." The play at weakness is just that, something of an act, but it's necessary for now. "Come miss Rune, let's get home." Using the seapony for support, she trots off in to town.

Swift-Wind quiets up some, still a sniff here and there and is gently put back to her hooves by Frolic she streaches out "t th Thanks Miss Frolic" she smiles a little as she pushes her skateboard a little pulling it from its place where she firmly placed it, then looks up to Nocturne at his caring for her to and she nods a little, "She meant it, she's Mean" she murmurs with a sniffle, and a wipe of her eyes "Mean to kids even" she hrumphs as she just grumps a little.

Nocturne shrugs at the filly, and finishes up his song. He packs up his guitar, locks the case, and gives the fillies a friendly wave. "It was really nice meeting you guys. I'm sure I'll see you around town some time." He ponders for a moment, and abandons his sense of shame to advertise. "By the way… if you're looking to learn, say, guitar… mandolin, flute… or piano… look for one of my fliers in town. First lesson's free! I'd love to teach you guys!" He straps his case to his saddlebag and trots off into town.

Swift-Wind straps herself back into her stakeboard, and unslings her saddlebags, holding out a section of kite to the wind. She performs a silent count down, then grins to Nocturne, "Later Nocturne!" she smiles "Ooh a flute, really, those sound really cool!" she furrows her brow some "Seeya round" she says as she angles her forehooves in a slight fashion, while all around her you all hear this giant, WOOOOSH! The filly actually is flung skyward while she 'yip, Yip, Yip, Wahooooo!'s some as she makes it into the air, only to drop back down and 'kite across both water and sand.