Chaos Chaos
IC date: Winter 44
OOC date: 2/1
PCs: Rising-Chaos, Queen-Pegasus, Gravity, Windrose, Sky-Sparkler, Daisychain
GM: None

Rising-Chaos nuzzles her Queen and chuckles. "That can be arranged, my Queen." Then intruder alert! Rising surges to her hooves in a panicked state, too many ponies break in as it is! Also, her new dress is still by the door, and that cannot be allowed to be damaged. Thankfully, it's somepony she recognizes. "Oh, hello Windrose. What brings you here? You look, exhausted, did something happen?"

Daisychain trots down the stairs after hearing the door kicked open. Considering the lack of shouting or sounds of fighting, she isn't completely on the defensive when she gets down stairs. Seeing Windrose, she smiles lightly.

Gravity slips around a rafter coming into view as he just hangs there creepily, this position is rather normal for this burd, perhaps he has something in common with a bat or something. He is visible though now, as he merely peers about without any other any other noise.

There is a squeaking, and rumbling, in the distance. As of a cart, loaded heavily, approaching. Come on, Sky isn't going to arrive RIGHT on Windrose's heels.

Queen's expression quickly deteriorates from content to mildly annoyed to just plain bothered; Windrose she can deal with, Daisychain sure, then the strange Griffon, and finally more noise from outside. Grumpily Queen reaches for her tea cup and takes a sip - she deserves far more privacy than this.

Daisychain 's entire demeanor drops upon the sight of the gryphon. She throws a 'Are you freakin' kidding me?' look at Rising. She starts backing slowly up the stairs…

Windrose stops to look tiredly Chaos. "I'll tell you what didn't happen after working my flanks off last night. Me, sleep." She gives it a dismissive wing wave. "So I'm just gonna get something to drink and then crash here for a while." She doesn't really wait for an answer before slothing off towards the kitchen,.

Rising-Chaos raises an eyebrow quizzically at windrose. "Very well, I told you my house was free for you to use. Try and get some rest." She sees Daisychain's look and mini freakout, and sighs. She followed the look to see Gravity. "Ah, hello Gravity." She thought they had a chat about Daisychain and the gryphon, oh well. Then noise in the distance, Rising starts to get the feeling that it's going to be one of those days again.

Queen shoots a sideways glance towards Daisychain. "Come here." patting the spot beside her that's not occupied by Rising-Chaos. "Come join me."

Gravity sees that his presence is disturbing others, though he is kind enough to bow before (in a gesture at least) to Queen Pegasus, and Rising-Chaos, the ladies of the house. And while he's still there, he's mostly hidden in shadow, less of a foreboding presence. In this position however he can more easily pounce on creatures down below, if that becomes /necessary/ He merely notes the presence of Daisychain marking it in his personal reference.

"Rising, you got anything stronger than wa-" Windrose stops as she half-steps back out of the kitchen, sees the growing gathering, and lets out a groan as she rolls her eyes back. "Great, first the feral brats, now this crowd." With an exhausted sigh she just turns and slinks back into the other room for a moment.

"Hey, Aresea!"
Nopony should be that energetic after the prior night, but Sky Sparkler found something NEW to be excited about. Excited enough that she's not coming in yet, just shouting from just outside the door.
"Come take a look at this!"

Daisychain glares towards Gravity for a moment, stopping in her tracks about halfway up the stairs when the Queen addresses her. She creeps slowly back down the stairs much in the way somepony might if they knew there was a giant spider waiting for them. Averting her gaze from the gryphon, she slinks over to the Queen and sits down. "What…what is…is…HE…doing here?" Daisy whispers harshly to the Queen.

Queen-Pegasus cringes softly as Sky-Sparkler begins yelling from outside - prompting queen to sigh and mutter to herself "I can't wait for the vanity to be repaired." fat good that will do considering the ship is land locked. "As far as the gryphon - I'm to understand he resides her." Not that she sounds excited about that. "I suppose it's good for preventing mice…" She gets to her hooves and shakily puts a little weight on the front right before deciding to go with - trotting to the door to swing it open. "It's rude to yell." she tells the weathercorn.

Windrose can be heard groaning from the kitchen when she hears Sparkler shouting. Since when did Rising not have ponies being scared away by his crazy?!

Gravity peers down at Daisychain, "I've lived here far longer than you Miss Daisychain, and I maintain the house, fixing anything that goes and gets broken, and control the rodent population" he smiles, "Though I seem to have missed a rat" the gryphon eyes Daisychain with perhaps its a predatory glance.

Rising-Chaos groans, this is just great. "One moment, my Queen, I should go see what Sky Sparkler wants. " Before she goes, she leans in to the kitchen to look at Windrose. "I have alcohol, I understand the need. Top left cupboard." Taking a few more steps to the door, before stopping. Did Gravity just say that? "Gravity! You will apologize for that comment. Daisychain is a valuable member of this house and you will treat her with the courtesy and respect you extend to me." With her warning given, she steps outside. the unicorn closes the door and looks over at the energetic unicorn. "Yes Sky, hello. What have you found?"

Daisychain gives a weighted glare to the gryphon, standing up as if she's about to do something. Rising interjected at just the right time, so she throws Gravity a 'consider yourself lucky' look.

Queen would not have caught Gravity's little remark were it not for Rising's little outburst; her attention drawn away from Sky-Sparkler and towards Gravity whom gets a far harsher glare from the Queen. Queen appears quite thoughtful while glaring at Gravity - perhaps considering how the things she /might/ do.

Well at least one thing is looking up in her favor. Windrose can be heard rattling around for a few moments as she gets a glass and mixes something. Hopefully it'll put her to sleep enough the gathering crowd won't wake her up every fifteen minutes or less like those brats tend to. She wouldn't be nearly as cranky if she'd gotten a decent night's rest after exhausting herself with the rest of the weather team.

Sky Sparkler is hitched to a cart, overloaded with broken seashell and metal parts. She's bouncing up and down on hooftip, like a foal on the night before Hearth's Warming. "Look! See! A Storm Shunt! Or at least as much of one as I could find! Isn't it AWESOME!" She even manages a 'squee' of happiness.

Rising-Chaos raises an eyebrow at the broken bits of seashell. Thankfully she knows just enough to recognize the name of the device, and so avoid looking like an idiot. "That's very interesting Sky Sparkler. How did you come by it? More importantly, why did you bring it here?" Rising clearly doesn't share her friend's enthusiasm, but will play along for now.

Gravity slips from the rafters, not even caring to flare wings or even untuck them at all landing with cat-like grace a pace away from Daisychain, he then paces in to make up the distance, snaps his beak darn close, but then does something else, he presents a formal bow, head twisted slightly to the side, wings slightly out. "Allow me to present my Deepest of apologies regarding my comment, and my previous concerns" The gryphon offers his regret to the pegasus before him not a pace away.

Queen's attention drifts back towards Sky-Sparkler and her new 'toy'. Queen gives the salvage a good look before leaning towards Rising to whisper. "I believe you should show a little more enthusiasm." a hint of a grin curling at the corner of her mouth. "Are you offering that to Rising?"

Daisychain narrows her eyes in disgust at at Gravity. Her tail flickers once or twice in irritation, "The…the only thing I'd like you to…to present is your flanks as…you walk away…gryphon…" She's mad.

Sky Sparkler takes a deep breath.
"WellLastNightWhenTheStormGotTooStrongTheSeaPoniesBroughtThisOutAndThatMeansIts ASEAPONYStormShuntAndWorksDifferentlyFromTheLandVersionAndIUsedItToHelpFightThe StormAndItSpitOutTheseLittleSilverThingsOfCrystalizedStormEnergyThatTheyPutInto HarpoonsToFightTheStormWithTheseLittleStormsButItBrokeAndWhenIAskedCaptainRill SaidICouldHaveThePiecesAndYouAreGreatWithMagicStuffLikeThisRightRightRight?SoI ThoughtWeCouldFixItUpAndFindOutHowItWorksAndMakeWeatherPonyScienceHistoryAndWe WouldHaveItNextTimeThereWasABigStormAndItWouldAllBeJustSoAWESOMEAndNiftyAndFun ToMakeItWorkPerfectlyAgain!"

Fortunately moving and carrying a glass at the same time isn't difficult when you're a pegasus that can just hover off the ground with little wing flaps. Eventually Windrose joins everypony else to peer at Sparkler's 'find', still looking tired and grumpy. "What did you keep that thing for Sparkle? Captain McLoudVoice said it was too broken to use again."

Windrose isn't even going to -try- and comprehend that spiel in her state of mind.

Too bad. Windrose's lack of understanding prompts Sky Sparkler to repeat herself. "WellLastNightWhenTheStormGotTooStrongTheSeaPoniesBroughtThisOutAndThatMeansIts ASEAPONYStormShuntAndWorksDifferentlyFromTheLandVersionAndIUsedItToHelpFightThe StormAndItSpitOutTheseLittleSilverThingsOfCrystalizedStormEnergyThatTheyPutInto HarpoonsToFightTheStormWithTheseLittleStormsButItBrokeAndWhenIAskedCaptainRill SaidICouldHaveThePiecesAndYouAreGreatWithMagicStuffLikeThisRightRightRight?SoI ThoughtWeCouldFixItUpAndFindOutHowItWorksAndMakeWeatherPonyScienceHistoryAndWe WouldHaveItNextTimeThereWasABigStormAndItWouldAllBeJustSoAWESOMEAndNiftyAndFun ToMakeItWorkPerfectlyAgain!"

About halfway through the second explanation Sky-sparkler's ramblings are ceased by a cookie shoved into her mouth by Queen. "Enough." she huffs and glances towards Rising-Chaos.

Sky-Sparkler murph!munchmunchmunch. Yeah, putting something in her mouth worked to shut her up.

Rising-Chaos doesn't need to be told twice, and starts to grin. Magic machinery that she's going to allowed to tinker with? Perfect, this is amazing! As she slowly translates that long string of words, the surly unicorn starts to become as excited as the weather unicorn. "That is really cool Sky! I would love to work on it, and study it. Think of all the applications this could have. Then we could create more of them and IMPROVE on the formula." Already plans start to form in her head for all sorts of devices, Sky knew Chaos' button to press. "When can we start?"

Windrose rolls her head back with a rigby moan as Sparkler just repeats the ramble of incomprehensible… until Queen takes the matter into her own hooves. "Thank you. Now maybe we ca" No such luck, as now Rising is actually getting into it. "Oh consarn it not you too. Give me a moment guys, I'm not drunk enough to deal with this." This is precluded by gulping down heavily from her glass of alcohol.

Gravity remains face to face with Daisychain, wings untucked slightly as he stares at her, "I offered my apology…" he states "And get disrespect in return" he states as he continues to stare at the pegasus before him, the feathers on his upper shoulders are starting to flare a little, and his tail keeps doing this 'flick-twitch, flick-twitch' motion to it. Agitated much?

Queen-Pegasus stifles a small yawn. "Good girl, Rising dearest." she trots back towards Rising and motions indoors. "Perhaps the one thing Rising gets more excited about than me." she chuckles while three-legged trotting back inside. "Rising." She stops and turns to glance out the door "I'll be upstairs if you need - do play nice with your friends." trotting towards then upstairs.

Daisychain loosens up her own wings a bit with her eyes still locked on Gravity's. Behind her goggles, a flame starts to grow. Clearly, she doesn't like him. Her tail flicks a few more times, this time a little more agitated than before. "I don't want…your apology" she huffs at the gryphon, "I want you…gone…"

Rising-Chaos deflates a little as her Queen leaves. "My Queen, I could never ge-" But she's already leaving. "VEry well my Queen, I will join you shortly." She was probably joking about the 'more excited' thing. Probably is a good word. Rising gets right back to business, the others are shut out except Sky Sparkler as the unicorn moves ot examine the ruined shunt. "It's certainly interesting technology! I think you and I could put this thing back together!" She's completely nerd sniped, and it would take a disaster to get her mind off of it.

"Murph murph murph murph *crumb spray* murph murph books." Sky Sparkler is so excited she's trying to talk with her mouth full, not caring that she's not understood, but finishing up the cookie enough to speak. "That should take a day or so. I think I know WHAT it does, but I want to be sure before we run any magic through it."

"Like, duh. It turns storm energy into those crystal rod things. That was explained last night." Windrose gets extra snarky when she's tired and crabby, don't mind her.

Rising-Chaos seems to understand well enough, at least in theory. The unicorns seems to be working on the same wavelength. "I can get the materials to repair it no problem, I think. But your plan seems solid." Windrose gets a little look. "Well maybe that's the result. Sky and I want to know how, and why it does it, so we can replicate and repair it." Rising hops on to the cart, and starts to inspect it further, completely lost in thought.

Instinct tells him should rip her throat out, and watch her squirm, pony society tells him to smile and take it like a stallion, this household tells him to act 'politely' to all tenants regardless of their 'evident mental issues' and he just wants to play with the rules. Gravity, splays his wings a little, and sits right down in-front of Daisychain "Ok, no apology, its gone, I'm not sorry in the slightest for my comment" he hmmmmm's, "How's this, I don't trust you, you don't trust me, and we call it good" he ponders, "Or, your choice, I can shred you right here, eat you for dinner, and save the rest for desert?" he Squaak's out-loud at her, right in her face, muzzle to beak.

Windrose emits another grunt after downing the rest of her drink. "Fine, whatever. I'll leave you two eggheads to be all," wobbles a hoof as she tries to think of something witty, but between tired and booze isn't coming up with much, "eggheady about it." The pegasus turns and drifts back inside.

Daisychain certainly can be a stubborn one in certain moments. This happens to be one of them. She actually bares her teeth at the gryphon before letting out a small confident laugh. Even standing face-to-face with Gravity, she doesn't budge and the fire in her eyes only grows larger, "Call…call it good? R…Really? How about…we just call you a…useless…waste of feathers." A sneer forms on her face, "It…it wouldn't be the first time…I took down…a stupid gryphon…"

Windrose trudges into the house, only to stop and peer at Daisychain and the griffon staring each other down in middle of the living room. Good to see the pegasus recovering from the state she found her and Rising in the other night, but still. Really. -Really-? "Buck this, I'm still not had enough booze to deal with it." Back to the kitchen she goes.

Sky Sparkler doesn't seem to hear the potential violence going on inside the house as she climbs into the cart. "The really interesting part isn't the basic function, its how it CRYSTALIZES the energy into a useable form. Storm Shunts normally just ground the excess energy out into the earth," she says, being just as nerdy.

Rising-Chaos would normally be nodding along, totally happy to nerd out. Unfortunately, she hears Gravity. With a heavy sigh, she turns to the other unicorn. "Sorry, I think this will have to wait. I have to go stop my house guests from tearing each other apart. Why are you the only one who doesn't get ponies killed?" with that musing out of the way, she jumps off the cart and heads back in the house. She floats her blades out, and watches for now, ready to intervene.
Windrose hasn't gotten anyone killed, don't group me with them!

"Uh, you're being sarcastic there, right?" Sky Sparkler says, as the word 'killed' enters her mind. "Sarcastic? Or is is hyperbolic? Some word like that. Anyway, want me to move the cart somewhere specific?"

Wings Flare wide, ok, he's had enough of this houseguest from hay. "Understand this, I came here first, pay rent on time, keep this house intact even help out where needed, assess damage elsewhere, inspect the ship where you pretend to crew with, offer assistance in its rebuilding, and still have to deal with the likes of you." he lunges forward and snaps his beak no greater than half an inch to her muzzle, jumps up from his sitting position shoulder feathers up, mane feathers flared, mohawk up in this look of pure hatred, feathers twisting revealing black streaks down his back and forewings. He still can't do anything else though, blood, oh he does want blood tonight. "How do you contribute?" he states coldly, "where is your order, rank, merit?" he practically spits "Worthlesssss

Rising-Chaos hears Sky out the door, and look over. "Neither, I am completely serious. Pull the cart around back, I'll secure it in a bit."
Sky Sparkler siiiiiighs. "Just when I thought the stories about this town were overblown," she says, moving the cart around back. She'll make sure that at least a tarp is put over the salvage.
The fire in Daisy's eyes burns brighter. Her wings flare up as the gryphon snaps in her face, though there's a certain fearlessness about her when she doesn't flinch otherwise. Every hair on her body stands on end when she lets out a small growl. "My…order? My…my rank?" The pegasus laughs in Gravity's face, "Oh…how…cute. The…the captain's parrot…is…is repeating fancy words…"

Yeah, that's just about enough. Rising Chaos storms in to the living room form her position by the door. With her magic, she seizes Daisychain's mane, pull her back, and she pulls Gravity's tail. "ALIGHT YOU TWO, THAT'S ENOUGH!" she roars, her voice deadly serious. "Normally, I would let you two tear each other to pieces. Unfortunately, I care about both of you. Not only that, but my Queen cares about you Daisychain. So I am putting an end to this RIGHT NOW!" She's practically steaming with anger.
Rising glares at Daisychain. "You, Daisychain, will not disrespect my tenants. Not while he did nothing to provoke your anger. I Do not CARE if you have a problem with gryphons, you will solve your issues like the mare you are, not like a filly." Her baleful gaze its turned on Gravity. "And YOU! You will give my crew respect. If you ever, and I mean EVER threaten a pony in my house again, I will END you. Do you understand?"

Windrose is pouring herself another glass of alcohol, straight this time. She's about to put the bottle back when her ears pick up at the continuing argument from the living room, and leans over to peek out the door. Siiigh. And now Chaos is in on the argument too. So much for thinking this place would be quiet. She looks back to her glass, then to the bottle in her hooves.

Then she covers the glass and puts it back in the cupboard, and takes the rest of the bottle with her. "Chaos, I owe you a bottle," pauses to squint at the label, "of whatever this is." She hovers over to the group, scowling. "Now. ALL of you. Lets see. Rising is being crazy, Daisy is being suicidally assertive, and this griffon looks ready to eat someone. You know what? NONE of you are as scary as the pile of horse doodoo I saw in that nightmare winter world, so don't bother trying. Now, I am going to take this, go up stairs, and drink myself into sleeping finally with no crazy savage foals to come screaming in my ears." She leans over from midair. "I swear, if any of you wake me up before I'm ready, Bone Mistress will be lucky to find enough to pick her teeth with? Got it! Good." Then her tone goes to somewhat fakey sweet town as she flutters for the stairs. "Goodnight~"

Gravity is firstly startled by the attack from behind, magic tail pull startles him to no end, breaking all focus he had on Daisychain. That causes him to first instinctually swipe around, whiffing air with foretallons, beak wide as if to attack, but there's nothing, nothing but air, and he's facing Rising-Chaos now.

Gravity's eyes go wide, and he actually gasps seeing just how far he has boiled over, and sees how miffed she is, he gulps, and rightly flattens himself before her, wings splayed flat, on his belly, foretallons down and wide, in a position of 'I give!' His voice falters, "Understood" is his only word

Daisychain flaps her wings a few times as Rising's magic take a hold of her, but fighting it is no use. She lets out an irritated sigh as her wings fold back in. After throwing a scowl in Gravity's direction, she looks at Rising, irked. "My issues…will be…be solved…when that…that /thing/…is gone…"

Rising-Chaos isn't impressed by Windrose's little tirade. "Goodnight Windrose, sweet dreams~" she responds in an equally dishonest, sweet tone. Then she turns the glare on Gravity and Daisychain again. Gravity is disregarded, he's being a good burd. Daisychain gets the full force of the glare. "In that case, your issues will only be solved once you get your own house. I cannot tell you how much Gravity helps around here. He is not a part of the crew, however, so you can set your mind at rest." Her eyes narrow and her horn starts glowing more brightly. "But if you think it is acceptable to almost start a brawl in my house? You are very sorely mistaken, Daisychain. I understand your dislike, but that doesn't give you the right to be unreasonable about it." The mare takes a step back. "Now, I am going to go look at the extremely cool, and interesting thing my friend has brought me. Can I go without you two tearing each other to pieces? I am not angry at you two, and there is nothing to apologize to ME for. So can I trust you two to tolerate each other as responsible adults?"

Gravity remains in his flat burd position, he merely acknowledges with a bob of his mohawk, and a simple statement, "No further issues shall occur between either of us Mistress Chaos" he states deeply though an exhaled breath.

Daisychain glares at Gravity one more time before making eye contact with the Unicorn. The fire in her eyes dies down while she flaps her wings a few times in disgust. "Fine. He…he may be your…your friend…but he's still just a…stupid gryphon to me." It's almost like she's turning her nose up at him, something a bit odd for the normally bashful pegasus. "If…if you insist though…I…I'll try to…to…be better…about it…"

Rising-Chaos nods. "good. I'm not asking you to like each other, just ignore each other. It won't be for long, Gravity keeps to himself anyways." With a stamp of her hoof, chaos walks out towards the back. That's where Sky Sparkler is, and Sky is cool. Sky brought Rising all sorts of cool magic things to look at and the unicorns can't wait to dig in to it.

Gravity lifts himself from his prone position glances over to Daisychain, bows his beak, then flat out runs up a beam and into the 'sanctuary' of his shadows up above in the rafters offering a soft "goodnight" to everypony.

Daisychain peers up into the rafters as the gryphon climbs up with a bit of a scowl in her eyes. She lets out a huff and flicks her tail in irritation before sitting down near the fireplace. Her wings ruffle as memories catch up to her.