Challenging The Everfree
IC date: Summer 80, 1007
OOC date: September 8, 2012
PCs: Dustdevil, Sodium-Fizz
GM: None

The clouds have been gathered just along the outskirts of town for a little project that Dustdevil has been scheming up. There are several buckets, and a wide looking wagon with a heavy looking rope harness attached to it. Dust gives Sodium-Fizz a wave, "Good morning" he shouts over to her, beckoning her in his direction. "Up for a bit of an umm, adventure?" he asks.

The only pegasus up and about in that part of the sky at the time beat her wings once and looked over at her friend, giving him a wave before dropping into a lazy turn in his direction. Another wing beat gave her enough momentum to reach one of the clouds nearby. "Hello Dustdevil," she said with a smile, folding her wings smoothly, "and an adventure? You're not going to try and pull some daredevil trick with a -wagon- are you?" She eyed the thing suspiciously for a moment. She'd never been quite sure what went on in his brain what with his infatuation with trick flying and aerobatic performance, and his seeming love for flight in large. True, she rather enjoyed flying herself but it had been focused more on endurance flight, getting as far as you possibly could with the least amount of effort.

Dustdevil smiles and looks up to his friend as she alight on a nearby cloud. The pegasus just laughs, "No, No trick flying for me this morning, more like a bit of a recovery effort if anything." He hurrrrrms some, "unless ya want me to do some trick flying, I'm always up for it, ya know," he notes then looks back to his project. "I was just thinking about your lack of ingredients that you mentioned last time we were out, and I found a bit of a solution to that problem.” He gets himself into the harness for his odd contraption, and lifts off. At first it seems to strain him excessively, but he settles out in a strong lift position and manages to lift the wagon arrangement up with relative ease. The second harness looks considerably smaller carrying only a few buckets and he indicates with the motion of his muzzle from the harness to Fizzy. "We can collect everything you need this way," he announces strongly.

Sodium-Fizz takes a moment to take in the whole setup. "That's an really good idea, Dust," she said with a smile, "and I'd really appreciate the help to secure a bit more. Though the wagon might just be a little bit overkill. Just a smidgen," she concluded with a giggle before swooping over and grabbing the other harness and struggling into it. A moment spent trotting around the cloud found it settling comfortably enough and she ruffled her wings. "Right then, oh fearless adventurer. Lead the onwards!"

Dustdevil laughs. "There's no such thing as Overkill," he mentions, "Just underdone," the pegasi notes as he strains upward making his way at an even pace towards the mountains looming in the distance. His pace isn't his usual pace by any means and its obvious he's either really slugging it, going slow so you can keep up, or just putting a lot of effort into keeping this whole thing in the air. He is climbing in altitude with strong wing-beats though. You can tell there's a lot of effort he's putting into this whole endeavor. "I figured this way, once we get into the Everfree, we can land and pull this along, I can unload some of my survival gear, rations and the like, and we'll be set for collecting any specimens of whatever plant you're after," he huffs out deeply pausing to catch his breath.

Sodium-Fizz takes to the air as well with a few swipes of her wings, settling in next to him as they traverse the sky towards the mountains, and the forest beyond. She scowls slightly at the mention of the Everfree however, that was a place she'd been to before and she -knew- there were monsters and nasties and creepies there. And it was creepy, unlike Wintersong. Or at least that's what she'd figured until a while ago anyway. True, she'd never encountered any creepy-crawlies in the Wintersong but she'd gotten seriously lost. She shivered slightly, to imagine these ponies lived this close to not one but two scary forests. Boggled the mind.

She shook her head, trying to clear her mind before glancing at Dustdevil, "You… said supplies and survival gear? Makes it sound like you've been thinking of going there for quite a while, and while the idea is kinda flatter, I can't believe this whole endeavour could possibly be intended for my benefit."

Dustdevil huffs some as he cruises along, its obvious this is at least somewhat a strain on him, but he muscles through. He knows he can do this, done heavy before after all. "Oh supplies n' survival gear is the norm for any expedition," he notes without really considering any thing else. "I always carry survival gear myself, just I know where we're going, and packed for two and some emergency gear, can never be too prepared," he huffhuffhuffs out as he strains. "Whyever not, not like I'd go there without a reason, figure this is a good enough reason, get you started in your potion making, n stuff," he huffs. "What are friends for, but to help each other out," the pegasus pants out as he flaps along getting slowly closer to the peaks

Sodium-Fizz smiles, "So you just enjoy going out on expeditions and adventure whenever you get the chance? And speaking of help, do you need help with the wagon by the way? It seems rather heavy, if I may say so myself."

Flying onwards she felt rather grateful for the flight jacket wrapped around her upper body, flying over mountain peaks always brought you up to rather chilly altitudes. As they neared she took a few strong beats of her wings and pushed herself even higher to looking over across the mountains and in the horizon. Trottingham was over there, she hadn't actually been home for almost half a year now she realised with a slight frown and a sigh. Even so, she gave the far away city a little wave, that made her feel better, and swooped back over to Dustdevil.

Dustdevil huffs as he trudges higher, his breathing going from huffing to nearly wheezing with the effort, "Just a little more," huff huff huff, "and we'll land briefly at the summit so I can rest a moment," he huffs loudly. "I got this, might need some help on the way back though," he actually admits truthfully. His hooves stretch as if reaching for that summit as he works towards it. "Adventure is what life's all about right?" he asks out loud, "I mean without adventure life would be boring, simple, n' dull," he comments through his labored breathing.

The other pegasus is silent for several long moment, deep in thought before nodding slowly. "True, to a point I'd say. Adventure is all good and fun but it can be nice to just sit back and relax a times too, anything you do all the time does lose it's charm and luster once you've repeated it enough times."

Sodium-Fizz smiles thinly before pointing downwards towards one of the mountains, "That place looks like a good place to set down for a while."

The wagon bearing pegasi finally alights upon the mountain where he temporarily un-tethers his burden and about collapses right there on the spot panting like crazy. He buries his muzzle in the snow a moment as he cools himself down. He just lies there panting trying to catch his breath. "Oy, heavier than I thought," he sheepishly admits. "Don't know how those earth-ponies can haul such things," he huff-huffs as he nearly passes out.

Sodium-Fizz settles down right nearby, trotting up to him with a smile. "Well, I imagine they stick to the ground firs of of all. And they are earth-ponies, at that. And don't go faint on me, I'm not going to fly both you and the wagon down all by myself," she finished, reaching down with a hoof and prodding the tip of his muzzle.

Dustdevil pants some but is managing to keep a steady breath by now. "Yeah, that would be easier, but this way we got to skip the nasty trails, and not too friendly for a small wagon mountain faces," he notes and gets that prodding upon his muzzle. "Ain't gonna faint on ya, I can handle myself just fine thank you very much, I've hauled heavier before," he admits though also adds quietly, "though not so far as this," the pegasi huffs a little easier, practically sounding normal except for the altitude, which is likely contributing to his strain. He waves a hoof in the direction of 'down' away from Horse Shoe Harbor, and into the midst the Everfree. "Almost there see!" he notes, "I can't glide with this thing on, but once we get down to the forest, I can just haul this wagon like the earthies do, wheels n' everything"

Sodium-Fizz tapped her muzzle with her hoof as she sat down, looking down into the Everfree forest herself. "Well, you've done a great job getting it this far I must say. As for the forest, I wasn't aware there were any paths or trails through it wide enough to take a wagon."

Dustdevil ponders some things. "Well there's a marsh on one of the edges nearby, we can fly in there, that would get us into the forest canopy itself, I might need some help with the landing, and guiding the wagon down to more solid ground thereafter," he notes. "Then we'll just push through I guess," he notes some. "I've er, I've never been into the Everfree, though I've heard about it in some detail," the flier notes. "We should be fine, and anyway, the wagon will leave some good ruts to follow if we loose our place," he offers. "Or if the foliage gets too thick, we can just use your harness and collect small samples, and return to the wagon and deliver the supplies, then go back for more. Use it as a base of operations somewhat, and a great place to setup camp."

Sodium-Fizz nods slowly, looking down at the forest with some trepidation. Still, she decided to keep her trap shut, it would just plain look bad if she'd spout her own worries of the forest considering how she disregarded his warnings about the Wintersong before. Shivering slightly she shrugged her shoulders, settling her jacket around her more comfortably. "Yeah… that does seem like a fairly sensible idea, that."

Dustdevil suits up with his harness again, stretches his wings and takes off, again it strains him, but yet again he forcibly breaks the wagon from gravity's pull for now. "Ok, lets get going," he strains out. His wings are like in turbo mode as he keeps it aloft, tips forward and starts his decent down the slope of the mountain keeping a bit of marshland in his foremost view. "To the Everfree Forest!" he shouts back as he strongly beats his wings to compensate for the weight of the wagon.

Sodium-Fizz smiles and shakes her head for a moment before kicking of into the air herself, flying down towards the forest bellow. "Do try to pace yourself Dust, no need to expend all your energy getting there quick with this load." She chuckled for a moment before dipping one of her wings and going into a lazy roll, enjoying the rush of air over her feathers.

The sound of flapping wings is heard, and you come across Dustdevil really trying to keep things slow. Its obvious by now that this particular pegasi is trying to impress her, or something. Obviously. He's not doing the best job of it as he strains to keep a good controlled decent going. Its controlled alright, by gravity and not so much by the work of one overtaxed pegasi. He's obviously doing his best though. He aims roughly for that swamp. "Gonna make this landing a bit soft," he mentions as he flutters, "Soft landing’ll make it easier," he announces as he is practically pulled down by the weight of the cart. "Going for the swamp, aiming for the mud!" he shouts as he tries to control his decent

Sodium-Fizz falters slightly, hovering in the air as she watches Dust drop towards the ground in an not-quite-controlled fashion with quite the sinking feeling. That particular sinking feeling one get when you're expecting something really bad to happen and you just can't look away.

Dustdevil tries and tries to keep things under control, but Gravity is playing against him, momentum is also winning, weight, balance, its all playing against the pegasi. He strains, no really strains as he drops down firstly into the tall Canopy. Thus far he's doing really well guiding it down, but below your sight you hear a loud 'CRASH!!!!' of broken branches, a quick squeak of surprise then thereafter you hear a very wet thick sounding 'SPLORSH!' as the wagon hits the surface right where he planned it to go in at by the sound of it, but the sound thereafter is a squeak of uncertainty, then his landing sounds equally wet and messy as the pegasi also crash lands, another 'Splorsh!'

Sodium-Fizz winces. And stays airborne where she where for several moments before she dared to pry one eye open to look down at the canopy through which Dustdevil disappeared. Then the other. Swooping down she aimed for one of the branches of an nearby tree, ruffling her wings nervously as she landed and took in the scene bellow. "Are you okay, Dust?"

Dustdevil has managed to at least right himself still with his harness on leading to the wagon which isn't particularly seen other than a slight indentation in the mud where it surely landed. Dust is more Mud than anything else, but manages to stick his head up more or less. He makes some effort and manages to 'stand' up in the stuff, and shakes his head sending mud this way and that, but it only merely clears his eyes mouth and ears, he snorts some to clear his nose. He looks back up to you, and extends his wings a little. Oh so muddy, this flier won't be flying looking like that, he'd need a bath first to get free of all that mud. First he'd have to get free that is. "Uhhhh its a bit wet down here, all good though, I think," he comments making an effort to lift a hoof. One hoof pulls free with a gross sounding 'slurp' noise

Sodium-Fizz cringes slightly, "Yeah, I can imagine… And I'll assume you can get ahold of any rope like that either, yes?" Not even taking a moment to really listen to the after she leaped of the branch, gliding across the muddy terrain, eyes scanning the foliage. "Maybe some wines? Most likely both of us will have to be on solid ground to liberate the wagon though, or have some serious mechanical advantage to throw around… Or maybe that wont' be enough…"

She bit her lower lip as she set down on mostly solid ground again, pacing. "I don't really know if any of these wines are long enough to drag you out with, and if I go looking for longer maybe the wagon'll shift and go even deeper… I could try to lift you out, but it would be tricky and I've never been good with precision flying…" The last few words come out more as a squeak than anything else and she's practically jumping from hoof to hoof in worry, "…maybe I could use an potion but… I'd have to make it, and that means go looking and that means leaving and that means I might not find my way back and-"

Dustdevil watches her land, and turn all skittish. He may be kinda in a wet position but he's looking to her with concern. "Don't worry about the rope, there some in the uhh, wagon," he notes, "I don't think its all thaaat deep, ya might be able to get to it still if I tug. Maybe I could get the wagon free a bit more since I'm still harnessed into it, that's why I crash landed, is cause of that line, and I just couldn't slow down with it on me," he offers. "Let me give it a go," he tucks his wings wetly to his sides, and shoulders the harness a little more, he strains strongly. Oh there's motion alright and a very startled sound is heard from the pegasi. "I think its gonna be just fineeeeee!" he squeaks out loud, as he manages to budge the buried wagon, but he finds himself now chest deep in the mud as it settles around him. Obviously he's stopped pulling though he looks a bit unsure of himself now. "Uhhhhh Fizzy?" he asks sounding way unsure of himself. "Fizzy calm down, you're scaring me," he mentions looking back to her as he settles in

The mare in question whips about as she hears her name, bounding right up to where the mostly-solid land gives way to the mud, eyes wide and worried. "Calm down? Calm down!? How! You're stuck in mud! A lot and lot of mud! We need somepony who knows how to get ponies out of this! Somepony that rescues other ponies! But our rescue pony's you and you're stuck in lots and lots of mud, so our rescue pony's also stuck in a lot and lot of mud and I don't know what to do!"

That leaves the mare breathless, panting loudly.

Dustdevil Is staring wide eyed at her, he extends his wings with a wet noise and flaps, strains flapflapflaps. it sounds so wet and heavy and downright painful, but he gives up on that. "Fizzy, come on, don't get like this, Please don't get like this. Its ok, really it is, I'm just a little stuck really. Its gonna be just fine," he offers trying his best to sound sure of himself while he continues to settle in. "Ok, ok, so we give up on the wagon for right now, doesn't matter much, but if ya fly out to where the wagon is, its like only sunk by a foot or so at the most, the ropes are hooked onto it pretty easy like, one swift tug, and they'll be free, than you can use the rope to help haul me out of this mess. Once ya help me get it free, then we can re attach the ropes to the ropes, and together get the wagon free," he mentions. The pegasi sounds like he's getting extremely awkward as he's 'settling in' make that 'sinking in slowly. "Or, or, or just get me free and I can get you some of your Remedy, I've got some whiskey in my vest pocket here,” he kinda indicates, though he really can't as you can see that perhaps he is starting to sink a bit.

Sodium-Fizz stares at Dusty blankly for several long moments, an stare only interrupted by the odd out of sync blink, before the rest of her brain seems to catch up on his words. "Oh! Oh! Right right… Fly there, pull rope… Right, fly there, pull rope. Fly there, pull rope…" She keeps mumbling for herself as she takes air again, and almost plants face first into the mud herself before she manages to get her wings to flap at the same time before hesitantly making her way over to where the mud-locked pegasus is and eyeing the wagon nervously untill she spots one of the ropes and swoops down, pulling it free.

Thusly armed with the power of rope she seems a bit more calm as she flies back over to Dusty, dropping one end down for him to bite a hold of or grab with his forehooves before returning to solid ground, fidgeting with her end of it and giving him a worried, and rather clueless, glance.

Dustdevil 's forehooves are stuck, but he manages to get his mouth around it and hook it over his head a bit, so it will wrest him out bodily. "Ya got the rope on your end, thats good," he mentions. "Fizzy, come on, stay with me, stay with me, Rescue the rescue pony," now he practically pleads, "Please, I, I can loosen this stuff up but ya gotta hurry, If I loosen it up too much I'll just sink right in and that will be it with me, but if I loosen it up and you're pulling with all ya got, than I'll be ok, Ok?" he begs now, he's not panicking yet, though its creeping into his voice as his cutie mark and flank is almost enveloped in the mud. He begs, pleads almost cries, he's close to that level of panic right about now. "Please Fizzy help me!" he asks

Sodium-Fizz fidgets for a moment before nodding and takes an quick look around. Right, rescue the rescue pony, rescue the rescue pony. She shuddered for herself, she didn't know anything about rescuing anypony. She knew herbs and plants and potions, and bits and pieces of magical theory and physics… Pull, right, pull the rope. She shook her head for herself. Pull the rope, nice and simple. Right?

Taking a moment she tucked the end of the robe into her own harness, tying it firmly to herself before turning about and leaping forward till it pulled taught, digging her hooves into the lose soil and pulling hard.

Dustdevil feels the rope go taught, and he kicks into gear on his end, struggling and really loosening up the mud around him, he sinks right in, but in turn he also manages to ease closer, and closer to you, He manages to get on top of it some, and kicks up some mud, wings out flapping HARD he manages to get up a bit with that technique enough that he's getting out of it. The joint efforts make it easier on the mare, while the colt is doing his very best not to give up. If he was panting hard before this he is rightly rasping now. He manages to get up to soft, but not a place where'd he'd sink into again before he is spent and practically falls over wetly. He's exhausted physically, but ok and safe from the clutches of the sinky mud, unstuck, and rescued by the non-rescue pony. "There, good, all better" he murmurs, and patpats a pocket, "Deres' a flask right there if ya need it, warm hot whiskey there," he mentions

Dustdevil finds himself almost immediately tightly wrapped in a pair of slate grey forelegs as Sodium-Fizz hugs him, "Thank sweet lady Luna you're alright…" Almost as fast she's pulled away, slapping him across the face with the tip of a wing as she glares at him, those pale yellow eyes full of furry and brimming with tears of worry. "Don't you, never ever again do ANYTHING that stupid, ever! Landing in a swamp, why did I ever let you… Stupid, stupid Fizz…" she sighed, a muddy hoof at her forehead.

With a groan she sat back, seeming completely and utterly spent, more so emotionally than physically mind, "You owe me a drink for this…" She pauses for a moment then blinks, a hoof snapping forward into his pocket and relieving him of the whisky bottle, from which she almost instantly takes a sip from.

Dustdevil is hugged, surprised, slapped with wings, confused and is still exhausted. "Swamp, soft landing though," he mentions, "No swamp, no soft landing, and pegasus go splat instead of splash,” he offers as an excuse. "And you did a great job at rescuing me," he murmurs sounding VERY awkward about that. He oh's regarding the drink, then feels as he's relieved of said alcohol, "Don't go and drink it all," he asks softly, "Please?" he asks again

Sodium-Fizz takes another sip of the whisky before sighing and passing the bottle back before letting herself slump to the ground, somewhat at the loss for words. She couldn't remember the last time she'd been this terrified… Possibly when she'd made her first few potions in her parents kitchen, possibly. With a thin smile she reached forward, patting Dust gently on a foreleg. "S'right, nopony's really hurt…"

Dustdevil looks to the flask slightly tempted, but caps it and puts it away in case its needed again. He mumbles, "Not hurt, yes, though I wouldn't mind finding some water, I can't fly like this and my wings are killing me from trying," he notes, with a little annoyance. "And you look like you could use a bath too," he grins lopsidedly to you as he just lays there for now. "Ya know I really wasn't worried all that much for myself, I was more worried for you, I've never seen you like that," the pegasus mentions. "That’s what scared me the most," he adds softly.

Sodium-Fizz felt a flush coming on and hoped that the curtain of purple hair and the dark grey of her coat would do well enough covering it up. She knew she was prone to panic when faced with really unusual situations and pressure, as did he, she'd told him. It felt kinda rude for him to point that out though, and for the moment she toyed with the idea of pushing him right back in the shallow end of the mud. With a sigh for herself she discarded that thought, that was just mean spirited on her own part, and it wasn't like she'd ever told him she didn't like thinking about it…

Sitting up once more she pushed her mane out of her eyes, leaving another muddy smear, and nodded slightly. "Yeah… That would be nice, though I wounder if we should try to get the wagon to safety first…"

Dustdevil blushes himself seeing that shade creep up a notch with her, she'd likely not notice his since his coverage is more encompassing. He glances slowly back to the mud, and starts to work on standing upright again. Really he looks kinda like a foal's first attempt at standing upright all wobbly kneed and awkward looking. He finally rights himself though with a bit of a lean going for him. He's not quite the strong pegasus he thought he was and he's looking so out of it. Dust actually glances from the swamp back to you. "Perhaps we can try this tomorrow maybe," he sounds disheartened by this, "I'm really exhausted, and the wagon's not going anywhere, I can't fly. Heck my wings hurt to move right now, so there's no way for me to get harnessed back up and fly that thing out, let alone move it myself, you couldn't lift it I don't think, not without help, and, and, and you did just have some of that whiskey too," he murmurs, and fidgets with his vest shaking if from his body. "There's some rations in the pockets, mud didn't get to em cause they're all protected, so we have /something/ to eat for the night, We can rescue the wagon tomorrow, then get on our way with the harvesting mission"

Sodium-Fizz sighed for herself, she supposed he was right when it came to that. After all, he was the pony that did this for a living. She shrugged out of her own harness, there were little point on having it on right now, besides her jacket would be more than enough to carry stuff in for now. After all that's what it was made for in part, to be both an comfortable and warm garment for long-distance courier fliers and as a place to carry packages and mail with it's integrated saddlebags. Speaking of which, she realised as she looked herself over and sighed, the garment was splattered with mud now. That was just… depressing, her siblings had given it to her.

"Right then, onwards to water. Might be possible to find some more provisions to if it becomes necessary, there's plenty of edible plant life if you know what to look for."

Dustdevil wanders more in a daze behind you. "If we skirt the swamp, watching where we walk, we'll likely find a clean source of water," he mentions, "streams lead into marshes, or flow from marshes, so if we keep our eyes peeled we should find something.” The former flier walks at a pretty erratic pace to the side of you or behind you more or less. His usual cheerful demeanor pretty much lost to tiredness soreness and just fatigue. Its easy to see he needs rest pretty darn badly right now, and even though it was his desire to find water, now its just his desire to lay down right here, and with that he flumps, and sprawls without any further care at this moment. "Fizzy, mmmsorry mmjust done," he gives up pretty much

Sodium-Fizz stops in mid step and looks over her shoulder at the collapsed pony, then up and around at their surroundings. Dark and ominous bog on one side, dark and ominous forest the other. Not to mention dark and ominous borderland in front and behind, the thick treeline thinning out slightly and the ground turning mushy. She shifted on her hooves for a moment, not really feeling particularly comfortable, they were just plain to exposed to whatever lived in the forest here.

Sighing for herself she walked back to Dustdevil, pushing her muzzle down at his side and buffing at him. "On your hooves for a moment, I'll bucking carry you if I have to, but we're not stopping here. I can practically feel everything in the forest wanting to come here and bite me in the flank."

Dustdevil grumble glares up at her and makes some effort at getting up, again with that foalish standing effort, its getting very challenging for him to keep doing this and he is faltering more with each effort. "Mmmmsory I got you into this Fizz," he murmurs out softly hoping for some support as he just isn't carrying himself quite like he way earlier, he's not used to being so pathetic either, and its not sitting well with him. His 'being brave' face is depleted too, now he's just worried

Sodium-Fizz walked onwards, keeping a slow and steady pace shoulder to shoulder with Dust. A shoulder to lean on as necessary really, as she kept nudging him onwards. "Don't worry about it," she replied finally, after several long moments of silence. Admittedly that wasn't entirely truthful, but the search and rescue pony seemed completely spent, it would just be more trouble than it would be worth to make him worry to much. She shot him a glance from the corner of her eye. Not that he didn't seem un-worried already.

Her ears perked up as a new sound filtered through the forest. The gloomy woods had been full of the rustling of leaves and snapping of twigs since they got here, and the occasional roar of some wild, unnatural animal. This was different, it sounded light, almost sparkly and joyful. Kinda like… "Water!" A wide grin plastered itself onto her muzzle as they rounded the last tree, revealing a very small little meadow next to an cheery little stream.

Dustdevil can't help but lean on the offered shoulder of his friend. He works with her every step to keep his own balance and not lean too much on her. He murmurs softly to himself 'be strong, be strong, be strong, gotta keep going, gotta keep going,' he chides to himself quietly. 'She wants me to keep going, gotta keep going, gotta keep going somewhere safe.’

The pegasus nods in seeming response to her 'don't worry about it' comment, though is worried more so now on actually recognizing sounds. Before now he was more concerned about getting out of that mucky swamp than he was of noticing all the other noises around. "Ok, fear gets you nothing, gotta get a grip," he murmurs a little louder, countered by a quieter murmur of 'oh but I'm so tired' that quiet voice trails off and the weary pony leans a little firmer to your side.

Sodium-Fizz smiles widely, picking up the pace just a little bit as she steers them down to the bubbling stream and the tall grass. This would be a good place for some rest some niggling part of her instincts told her, there were things to eat and water to drink and relatively clear sight lines. At least for a little bit. Stopping right by the water she helped Dust to lay down again, without planting his face right into the ground. "See here, a bit of water. Just drink up and relax for a bit, a'right?"

Giving him what she figured would be an comforting smile she took a few steps into the water, and making sure to stand downstream to Dustdevil, relishing in the feeling of it pouring around her hooves before plunging her own muzzle into the water, drinking eagerly.

Dustdevil paces alongside her and gratefully accepts the help that she offers him. He places his muzzle in the water and pretty much guzzles it, *snort* lift, guzzles yet more. "Oh thank Celestia," he huffs as he drinks great draughts of water, before lifting his muzzle away to simply relax, the pony is so relaxed though that you can soon hear sounds like that of him sleeping, its not like he's snoring just eyes closed making contented noises of sleep. He's checked out. He's not passed out, just asleep from all the continued exhaustion.

This pegasus may well be a bold colt full of pride, strength and vigor, but even he has his limits to his endurance and he's pretty much broken them all today, so he has every right to fall asleep right there and then. He didn't even wash down, he just went to sleep even!

Sodium-Fizz smiled and shock her head, Dusty truly had done a number on himself she had to admit and would most likely be best of sleeping it off. Not that it would help much when he woke up again she realised and cringed, his wings would most likely be as stiff as iron bars from straining with the wagon for so long and would most likely hurt like Tartarus itself. She chuckled softly, that reminded her of herself when she started traveling. After the first two days of flying she'd more or less been forced to stay grounded until the cramps in her wings eased.

Dustdevil can hear no difficulty, struggle nor challenge in his current state so there's no movement from this wiped out pony other than a slight shift of position wings out a little in a stretch, the tiny sound of a gasp is uttered from him though he's still sleeping. Thought confirmed, he's pretty much grounded, but don't let him know that just yet. He stirs in his sleep coming out of it for merely a fraction of a moment.

Dustdevil glances upward through evidently bleary eyes, fumbles with his pocket a moment before letting that flask fall free as if in case you need it for something. "Thank you Fizzy Rescue Pony," he murmurs softly and fades back out to sleep.

Sodium-Fizz blinks slightly before smiling, "No worries Dusty, no worries." This time her sentiment was actually genuine, sure there'd been a bit of a problem. A lot of a problem she admitted to herself as she scooped the bottle from the ground and took another slight sip before stuffing it in one of her own pockets. But it'd be alright in the end.

With that she turned and looked around, it'd be an okay place to set up cam she figured. She didn't know much about it, but she'd most likely manage to get a fireplace going, and if she was lucky maybe an lean-too or the likes. She found herself grinning widely, as terrified as she'd been before this was, well… adventurous! With a bounce in her step she set of to set up camp.