Cause For Celebration
IC date: Winter 53, 1007
OOC date: February 10, 2013
Location: Portside
PCs: Quintessent-Rune, Rising-Chaos, Spindrift, Nocturne, Gravity, Daisychain

Finaly the spire is gone, the storm is gone! A cover of snow is falling over Horseshoe Harbour in it's wake, the cold of Winter is creeping right back in after the unsesonable warmth. And the crackpots seems to have come out of hiding.

"They're gone! They're gone, Servant," shouted Quintessent-Rune as she happily bounded down the beach, heedless of the cold water and the splashes as the waves broke around her hooves. "They're gone!" she shouted again, somehow sweeping the fish-plushy golem, Servant, of her back and spinning him around, laughing happily before falling onto her back amidst the cold and damp sand and the waves breaking upon the beach. All in all, Quintessent is being -very- unlike herself.

"Who's gone?, I can clearly see that What, is gone, but Who?" the gryphon asks seemingly out of the blue, or grey in this matter. The big burd is tucked amongst one of the eaves of some random dockside building, staying just out of the wet, but still not out of the chill. "I must Say Miss Quintessent-Rune, that I've not seen you quite this, chipper" he openly admits

Not far from the 'earth pony', Nocturne can be seen near the edge of the portside, seeming to dance and jump with joy. Finally, a chance to give a normal life another try! "Yes! Hahah!" He appears far more ecstatic than anypony has seen him so far, and continues spinning about around the portside before finally winding up near Rune. "Isn't it great?" The unicorn finally sits down on his haunches and looks around. Having slept through the battle against the spire thanks to a strong sleeping potion, he has no idea what happened, but doesn't care at this point. "I can't believe it."

"Indeed, they're gone! No more seapony guards!" giggled Quintessent-Rune, a hoof comming up to cover her mouth being the only hint of properness at this moment. "No more hiding and skulking!"

Gravity gazes down at Rune, "Done something to earn their watch?" he asks with a polite little chuff, like she'd remotely tell him if she did. "I'm sure I could find some pony to discuss their return with if you feel the need to discuss something with them?" he laughs some under his breath then looks to Nocturne, "Indeed It is a time of happiness, with the Maelstrom gone, and the winds returning to normal, I finally won't have to continuously be repairing roofs around town.

Nocturne raises an eyebrow at Gravity as he questions the mare. He isn't in any mood for things to go back to being serious. "Doesn't matter. They're gone." Still, the thought provokes some curiousity, and he glances over the mare's figure for a moment. For an Earth Pony, she really is quite slender, but he can't put his hoof on why she would be in such a shape… and now his mind is stuck on that thought. "So, uh… You guys have any plans? We could…" Seriously. Who is she? "I got nothin'."

Quintessent-Rune smiled widely, far wider than ever bore. "We, I belive, should tottaly celebrate! I know of a fine eatery not far from here and I have relieved Miss Chaos of some discretonary funds for just such an ocation!" Still grining like a madmare Rune rolled onto her hooves and stood up, giving herself a shake to get rid of most of the sand. As she half-trotted, half-bounced past Servant her tail swept to the side, hoisting the golem onto her back.

Well, there are just some things you don't say out loud. Especially not when talking about 'relieving funds' from a pony who frequents the beach as much as Rising Chaos does. She's come to the beach, and made her way over thanks to Rune's little display, just in time to hear that. "Oh have you now, miss Rune? I'm sure I would love to hear how you did so, and why you thought I wouldn't take you out for a celebration on my own initiative."

Gravity Eyes Rune a momment, "Pardon me did you just say you stole some funds from Miss Rune?" he asks quietly, with not a hint of really anything in his voice, as he drops from the eaves of the house to land before the mare, then glance over to Chaos herself

Nocturne chuckles at Gravity and grins. However Rune got those funds from that mare, more power to her. "That sounds great!" He immediately hops back onto all fours and turns to the mysterious mare. "Where to? I've been here for four years and still get lost on the way to the grocery store."

And then there's Spindrift.

The seapony is in land form, and is making her way down the street towards the boardwalk and beach. She's moving at a slow pace, what with her right front leg wrapped up in thick bandages, and she favors it as she goes, her pace slow and hobbling.

She still looks pretty thin and malnourished, but her long, black mane is brushed and clean. And she doesn't have any missing limbs. Or a horrible Black Heart hanging around her neck. Or seapony soldiers trying to arrest her.

She slows a bit as she sees a crowd gathering at the beach, and narrows her eyes slightly, watching them from a distance.

Floating along side Rising is her usual task companion as of lately, Daisychain. She decides to occupy herself for a moment with a few crabs scuttling around.

Gravity awaits whatever verdict that Miss Chaos should offer of the theft of finances, when he notices a flyer he recognizes, whom is busily chasing crabs. He'll remain right here for right now, awaiting to see just what Rune has to say for herself.

Quintessent-Rune's smile fell into a much more demure, appologetic one. Though there's a hint of that wide grin in the corner of her mouth, despite her skill at keeping it in check. "Ah, hello Miss Chaos," she said, downright ignoring Gravity. "I do belive you promised me aid for completeing my own research, in exchange for sharing my findings with you, is such not the case? Did I, perhaps, misunderstand some of the neusanses?" And there came the wide, almost innocent eyes. Almost.

"I had intended to use these founds to purchase more fabric for my levitation device, though as oportunity presented itself I must have lost my head to the rush of relief," Quintessent said softly. "I would not belive you would not include me in your own celebration," exept she totaly did, Rune never took part in the goings of Chaos Manor, "and I only wished to spread the good cheer."

Nocturne retains is grin as he catches sight of Rising Chaos. No big deal, they're pretty much even at this point. And oh, hey, Daisy is with her, nearby. It's all good, the past week has been fairly introspective for him, and he is mostly over his emotional struggles. After some idle glancing about, he sees what appears to be an injured mare. Perhaps she could use some- "No way," he mutters under his breath. At this point, he would believe it to be a hallucination, and double-takes. Nope… that's real. The unicorn only takes a deep breath and awaits whatever comes next. Things get so unpredictable whenever he's around other ponies, it seems.

Rising-Chaos smirks, playing along with the little game here. "Why, of course you have access to funds for your research, miss Rune. You are absolutely correct in that assumption. Though, since I am here now, it would be my privilege to pay for your food, as a token of celebration. That way, you don't need to compromise your research." The money may or may not have come from city coffers, there's no guarantee. Rising gives a low bow. "Of course I would include you, miss Rune. You are my most honoured guest, and I do love to see you in high spirits." It's true too, seeing Rune so happy is a pleasant surprise. the pretty mare needs to be in high spirits more often, Chaos already enjoys her company.

Nocutrne's presence is noted, but, well, the spire is gone. If there's a time to celebrate, it's now. "I'll even pay for yours, colt, if you're willing to accompany us. I've no wish to worsen our quarrel." She notices Gravity glancing Daisychain's way, and her grin widens in to somethign a bit more genuine. "Why don't you keep Daisychain comapny, Gravity? I'm sure she would love to see you."

Gravity blinkblinks at the 'invitation' and bows graciously, jumping to flight briefly, glides a moment and alights beside Daisychain where he promptly gives her a little peck on the cheek and one of his infamous mohawk flared grins, then glances back to Miss Chaos with the slightlest note of a question upon his form, "All of us at a fancy pony restraunt?" he asks, then flares his wings, "I can pay for myself and Miss Daisychain" he offers politely

Daisychain trots into the water, following a pair of the crabs. Her goggles, being air-tight, allow her to stick her face into the water and look down without getting any water into her eyes. As she walks a little further into the water, her tail flickers curiously. She lifts her head up for a moment and it's met by a kiss on her cheek. It only takes a second for her face to turn bright red.

Spindrift looks back over her shoulder at the street behind her, then back to the beach, then back and forth a few times, obviously- to anybody who sees her, that is- a bit conflicted. She doesn't look like she was expecting such a big group to be down here when she approached. But, well, she does at least see one familiar face there, and another to whom she likely owes an apology. She owes a lot of ponies a lot of apologies- might as well start somewhere. With an eventual sigh, she turns back towards the beach and hobbles her way over until she's in clearer view.

And then she stands there, trying to think of what to say, and not having much luck. Being sociable, how do? The seapony is soon frowning at her own suddenly tied tongue and forces the matter with a graceless call to get someone's attention: "Rising Chaos."

Nocturne's grin widens a bit as the mare offers him an invitation herself. "That would be wonderful, Rising Chaos." This is going to surprisingly smoothly to him that he has almost forgotten about Spindrift's presence. That is, until he hears her voice address Rising, whom he's certain has a quarrel with the seapony. With a displeased groan, he hangs his head and waits for the worst.

Quintessent-Rune smiled demurely, looking rather pleased by the invitation indeed. She really didn't get to interact with most ponies much, not that she -wanted- to obviously… After all, dirt-ponies, right? Right! "I'd be honoured, Miss Cha-… -os?" Rune's head turned around, peering up at Spindrift.

Rising-Chaos normally wouldn't have invited Nocturne, but it's a special occasion. She can afford to take them all out for a bite to eat, what with getting a new job and all. She's just about to reply to them, tell them to come, get soemthing to eat. That place Rune mentioned sounded nice.

And then there's Spindrift

Rising Chaos freezes at the sound of that voice. Her smile growing, she whirls around. "Spindrift, you're alright!" The unciorn dashes across the sands and wraps Spindrift up in a hug, big hugs for freinds! "I was so worried, when I saw the spire fall. I came out here to look for you, but hadn't seen you, I was starting to fear the worst." She pulls back for a second, and takes a more critical look at the seapony. "I'm so happy you''re alive, though I'll have to take care of you a while before you're back to full strength." She retightens the hug, smiling wide at seeing Spindrift walking, and at least breathing. It isn't even a question at this point that the seapony witch is being brought along for celebrations.

Gravity smiles and chuffs lightly to himself, "Another resident, I'll have to get to fixing a room for her" he offers, looks over to Daisychain, "If Daisychain would be kind enough, She could stay up in the loft with me, and offer Miss Spindrift her room perhaps?" he asks around of both Daisychain and Rising-Chaos. "If such things would be permissible that is?"

Spindrift's eyes widen as she sees Rising running her way. The seapony is nearly bowled over by the hug, staggering about adjusting her stance to stay upright. Rising might just be a weak little wizard pony, but Spindrift isn't much better in her current state. At first she seems a bit bothered, but relents after a moment to reach up with her bandaged foreleg to return the hug. "Yes… it's over. And I made it after all- you were right," she says. She doesn't SMILE, but she looks less like she's frowning, so at least there's that. She lowers her hoof and draws back to regard Rising evenly, or at least as evenly as she can, what with the seapony being fairly tall in leg mode. "You do not need to take care of me, though. I simply wished to let you know it worked out…" She trails off as Gravity speaks up, and looks up towards the griffon for the moment, eyebrows arched. "Particularly if it means displacing your current guests."

She quiets slightly as she looks past Gravity and towards Quintessent Rune, staring at her for a few moments. With a little 'hm' she turns her attention back to Rising Chaos.

Daisychain blushes a bit more at the notion of temporarily, but officially, sharing space with the gryphon. She moves around so she's standing infront of him, back facing the rest of the ponies. Her voice is pretty hush-hush as she looks at him a bit concerned, "Are…are you sure…about that…Gravity…?"

Gravity smiles, and brings his large wings around her to make the conference more private, "I have plenty of room for a friend like you Daisychain" he smiles and leans in for a quick peck/kiss then nods, "Only if your comfortable with it though" he queries, to make sure such things are allowable with her and that she'd be comfortable.

Quintessent-Rune glanced at Daisychain and Gravity for a few moments before looking over towards Spindrift. "I do not, truly, belive it would be a problem. And if you have no place to stay, I do belive I insist that you take Miss Chaos upon her offer." After all, Rising-Chaos had done well by this seapony. So why not Spindrift? Most might have missed the signs, if they lack the knowledge, but there are some odd similiarities between the two ponies.

Nocturne sighs and turns to Rune. "I guess that's our cue to go." He glances over Spindrift for a moment, overall confused over the entire situation, but at this point feels guilt for his behavior. "If it's any consolation, I'll give you the same offer. Won't be as busy of a place to stay in, in the least."

Daisychain takes a step or two forward, leaning in to bury her face for a second or two into Gravity's neck as she nuzzles him. She looks up at the gryphon and nods, "I…I'm fine…with it." After turning back around to face the others, she gives a nod to Rising and Spindrift, "I…I'll stay with…with Gravity…" She blushes again.

Rising-Chaos let's go, and takes a step back, her hug quota fileld for probably the next year or so. "Nonesense, I would love to help you recover. You are more than welcome in my house as well, at least until you feel better." She pokes her in the chest, a determined expression on her face. "You are my friend, Spindrift, and you need help whether you'll admit it or not." She looks around, then coughs, this has all gotten rather awkward. "With that decided, perhaps you will join us for a celebration meal? My treat." The unicorn is staying protectively close to Spindrift. She's gone back at elast a little to her previous calm demeanour, but it's pretty clear she's ecstatic

Spindrift's expression grows a bit cloudier as ponies start speaking up. Didn't she just decline the offer? Why is this town so WELCOMING?! You blasted ponies and your… your… your FRIENDSHIP! She sighs, and looks away, past Rising and towards the ocean. That empty ocean, calm and quiet and so pleasantly devoid of storms. "I… admittedly have few options right now." The seapony frowns and looks back to Rising. "But I know some of the other guests you have in your residence may not approve. I have no intention to act upon old grudges, but I do not wish to…" She licks her lips and considers her words. "Present an upsetting influence."

The seapony shakes her head. "But it's something we can discuss over a meal, in any case. And I'd be grateful for a chance to learn the names of your other friends, here, as well."

"Forgive me for saying such, but if they find themselves at odds with you… Miss Spindrift, was it?… I do belive they will find themselves up to their ears with trouble," said… Quintessent-Rune? Why the 'earth pony' would be all fire and flames at this is anypony's guess. The idea of letting a fellow seapony walk into trouble without help did, though, not sit well with Quintessent. If she had to do… unplesant… things to some dirt-pony to make sure of that, so be it.

Nocturne looks around, no longer overwhelmed with the sudden accompaniment. "Well, she's got a point. Let's get going!" With some of his manic energy left in his system, he retains his excited demeanor. "I mean, I'm ready when you guys are."

Rising-Chaos nods at Rune's statement. "It is MY house, after all. I'm sure I can bring my Queen around, at least. I'm willing to work towards making it work." She certainly sounds like she means it! Turning to go back in to town, she motions the others to follow. "Now, I'm hungry, who's going to join me?" At least some of them seem ready to come eat. "Gravity, don't worry about paying, it's my treat. Though if you and Daisychain want to spend some time alone, I won't blame you. You can get your own meal a bit later, maybe." Smirk, oh she is such a nice jerk sometimes.

Gravity looks to Daisychain, "I like Miss Chaos's idea regarding that" he bows to Chaos, "I think we'll take something to go, and opt for a nice picnic up above the clouds I think" he looks back to Daisychain, "Doesn't that sound a bit more pleasant than down here in the snow?" he churrs out curiously

Spindrift narrows her eyes slightly as she considers Rune and Rising's assurances, obviously considering them. As Rising moves to leave, the tall seapony settles in to follow in that ginger, hoof-favoring gait. "Very well. So long as the situation is not immediately explosive, we can negotiate a peaceable arrangement." She turns to glance back over her shoulder at the others, curious to see who is coming.

Nocturne is spacing out for a few moments, but eventually catches Spindrift's glance and snaps back to reality. "Right, right. Let's go." Another member of Chaos Manor? This should be interesting. "And I suppose I should introduce myself… Nocturne." He extends a hoof in Spindrift's direction.

Daisychain leans up against the Gryphon lightly, blushing again. Rising, you sly devil you. Her tail gives a bit of a flick and though she seems to take a moment to answer the question, her mind has been made up already, "A…a picnic…sounds…lovely…"

Quintessent-Rune shot Daisychain and Gravity another small glance before bounding forward to join Chaos, Spindrift and Nocturne. "Indeed he is, and I am la-… Miss… Quintessent-Rune." Rune's face fell slightly at the near miss, taking on that genericly plesant and well-practiced expression. "And I must say, it is good to see you, Miss Spindrift, being… mostly well."

Gravity stalks after the Chaos party, to atleast aquire the picnic foods, he'll tip the waiter for take out. He announces himself softly to the battered looking mare, "I go by the name Gravity, I'm the resident maintenance and construction gryphon of Chaos Manor, If you have any needs for your room, please don't hesitate to ask" he offers, "I can be found readily if you tap on your ceiling" he suggests oddly enough.

Spindrift shifts her stands to lift her own hoof- the non-injured one- and give Nocturne a little bump and shake. Which is what you do with hooves. You can't, like, clasp fingers and shake like that, since fingers aren't even a thing. "Spindrift. We've met, after a fashion- I remember seeing you on the mountain slopes." She regards Nocturne coolly. "And regardless of what transpired there, I owe you an apology all the same. If nothing else, than for being needlessly threatening." She twirls her hoof in the air. "Plus, if you have any flooding or property damage as a result of the storm… that too. I suppose I'm going to have a lot of cleaning up to help with…"

She turns away from Nocturne to look to Rune, quirking an eyebrow. She studies the other seapony once more, the nods. "You, though, I don't believe I've seen before. In any case, hello- it's a pleasure." AND a curiousity- though that much is implied with a searching gaze rather than a spoken word.

Rising-Chaos chuckles to herself, everything is going so well! She stops, and considers the awkward movements of the mare, frowning. Her horn lights up, and she gets to work on healing the hoof, it's a spell she's used so often the effort is almost non-existant. Whatever else, this place is great for practicing healing magic. She'll stay silent for now, not needing any introductions, since the ponies seem content to do their own. For now she'll keep smiling, and staying protectively close to Spindrift, just in case.

Daisychain hovers along rather closely at Gravity's side, leaving just enough room to keep wings from bumping. She floats around until she's facing Spindrift, going backwards. "I…I'm Daisy. Its…a pleasure to meet you…"

Nocturne shrugs after bumping hooves with Spindrift. "No worries. It's a small place, I had it pretty well protected from flooding. Just missed the outdoors after a while. Water under the bridge- err, it's all in the past."

Spindrift lifts her bandaged hoof with a little narrowing of her eyes as she feels the magic working- not just noting the healing, but sensing the flows of magic themselves. The limb feels as though it's been burned, not just singed on the surface but throughout the core, and the magic has a definite effect, soothing raw nerves and mending singed muscles. Spindrift sighs softly and closes her eyes, lifting her hoof and giving it a little flex. "Well done. I suppose I should have simply asked someone to do that from the beginning."

Opening her eyes once more, she offers Nocturne a slight smile at his pun, then looks up to Daisychain. After a moment's observation, the seapony bows her head. "Greetings, Daisy. I'm Spindrift."

Gravity gives Daisy a little peck again and issues a wide yawn "Seems all my roofing work has been catching up with me" he glances to Chaos, "replaced most of the pulled shingles up on the roof" he looks to Daisy again, "I think this time I'm going to have to let you go on with Miss Chaos, I'm just really a bit beat" he offers softly hoping she'll understand

Rising-Chaos seems extremely pleased that the healing effect worked so well, especially on such a wound. She must be improving, which is further cause for celebration. "I've been healing many hurt hooves recently, it's not a problem." She turns to look at Daisy realizing that the pegasus probably doesn't know the story here. It may just be for the best. "Spindrift is a good friend of mine, Daisychain." With Grawvity's yawning, she gives him a nod. "Very well, see you later Gravity. I appreciate all your hard work." She'll match Spindrift's pace, to monitor that hoof. Maybe now, life will start to settle down again, Rising would like that.

Quintessent-Rune smiled softly for herself, faling in next to Spindrift and Rising-Chaos, though throwing the seapony mare a curious glance. "Truly, Miss Chaos? I am curious to hear the tale behind that, from both of you."

Daisychain makes a bit of a pouty face at the gryphon at the announcement of his departure. She nuzzles his neck one more time before bashfully giving him a small peck of her own. Her face glows red a little bit with the othes being around. "Okay…I…I'll see you when I get back…I'll…get something for you…"

Spindrift can move a bit more quickly than before, but the healing doesn't apear to be complete, and she doesn't move to remove the bandages. She glances between Daisy and Gravity, but makes no commentary on the obvious affection. She does scoff slightly at Rune's mention of a 'tale,' though, even if she doesn't elaborate just yet.

Gravity nuzzles Daisychain a little before taking wing, and cruising for home.

Nocturne gives Rising a glance. Seeing such an unexpectedly pleasant turnout to this situation is much more than he expected. Whatever caused Spindrift's turnaround is beyond him, but work how pleasantly things are going, it doesn't matter. He keeps a steady pace behind the two, relishing in the positive energy.

Rising-Chaos didn't expect the healing to be complete, she's not the most powerful of unicorns, after all. Not to mention it's a fairly serious wound. Quintessent Rune's question raises an eyebrow, isn't this the mare that liked to play word games? "It's a long, and interesting story. I'm sure Spindrift could tell it better, though. She has far more insight in to it." Daisy and Gravity's affections are ignored, Rising helped start them off, after all.

Quintessent-Rune flashed Rising-Chaos a demure smile. "Of course, I'll gladly do so. I am curious bout the circumstances by which Miss Spindrift have found her way here, it is not often I see a mare of such… distinction here in the Harbour." Turning slightly she glanced at Nocturne. "And, Mr. Nocturne, I must say it is a refreshing change of pace to see you in high spirits, as well," not really, but it sounded polite to say and was the first thing that came to mind as a change of subject.

Spindrift follows along, keeping her head held high. Though her gait may be hobbled, she maintains a crisp enough posture. "A seapony, you mean?" she says, across to Rune, one eyebrow raised. She turns back to the path ahead in short enough order. "I came to the Harbor with a friend several months ago in search of someone who was important to us. Family, after a fashion. They had come here two years ago on a research project." The seapony shakes her head slightly. "She perished here, as did my other friend. But I know they are now at peace, so I need not worry about that matter any longer."

Her stoic expression has softened during the course of the efficiently reduced story, and though she keeps her gaze forward, it's abstracted, not really watching the road.

Daisychain lets out a bit of a forelorn sigh as she watches the gryphon fly off. She hovers near Rising, mind lost in thought.

"Oh! Well," Nocturne turns to Rune enthusiastically, "Things have changed for the better around here. Just… trying to start some things over. There's a lot to be happy about." His expression fades to dullness as he listens intently to Spindrift's story. "Well, um… my condolences to you, Spindrift. I'm very sorry to hear that."

Rising-Chaos didn't actually know Spindrift's original goal. That's rather a lot to take in all at once, and she's not sure how to respond. Her exporession falls slightly, as she rethinks some of the actions she took in regards to Spindrift's original visit to the Harbour. She sure is a jerk, isn't she? Rising looks a bit lost in thoguht as well, but this si entirely normal

Daisychain 's eyes are locked almost completely on the ground. Her brow is a bit low as a frown hangs from her face. As she hovers along, her legs just sort of…dangle. Even her ears are a little droopy. Her eyes dart back and forth slowly as she gets lost deeper in her own mind.

Quintessent-Rune scowled darkly for herself, almost visibly bristling at the news. "Two of ou-… Two seaponies, lost to a place like -this-!? That's… that's just…" The noblepony sighed for herself, her face bertaying a moment of struggle as she reined in her feelings.

Spindrift stirs after a moment, lifting her head to glance about. Well, that brought the mood down a bit. She frowns at seeing EVERYBODY looking glum. Again, she turns to glance at Quintessent Rune. "As I said, they are both at peace. I have had the luxury of hearing from them even after they had gone to the stars." She shakes her head. "But enough of that, please. I do not mean to leaden the mood with matters so resolved." The seapony glances to Rising. "Where is this restaurant we're headed to?"

Rising-Chaos snaps out of it at being addressed. She wasn't being moody, jsut thoughtful! "miss Rune mentioned having somewhere in mind, I just wanted to get us moving, or we may never have gotten off the beach." She grins, knowing how ponies can get lost in conversation. "I haven't had much opportunity to get out an about, with one or two rare exceptions. Being in charge of construction and nursing ponies back to helth consumes most of my time." She looks over to Daisychain and nudges the pegasus. "Hey, are you okay Daisy?"

Nocturne slows his pace slightly to fall behind somewhat, feeling awkward as the only stallion in the group; that, and he wants to get away from the gloomy energy apparently circling around the group. As if that weren't enough, finally noticing Daisy's suddenly sad demeanor strikes a bit of a chord with him, since he would be lying to say that he's completely over what happened between them, and that he's taking the obvious development between her and Gravity well. Still, now is not the time to make a scene, and there is still fun to be had. The stallion keeps quiet, and continues his mosey, keeping his gaze ahead in light of so many aloof ponies.

"My appologies, Miss Spindrift, Miss Chaos," said Quintessent-Rune, the placement of names in her structure a rather odd thing from normal. "As for the resturant I was speaking about, it should not be far. Let us be off." With that the midnight blue mare set off, the fish plushy golem bouncing along on her back.

Daisychain blinks her eyes a few times as she snaps out of her daze, shaking her head as she tries to re-focus and re-group her thoughts. A light blush forms on her face. "Oh…sorry…I…I was just…thinking about…well…" Her gaze turns towards the direction Gravity had taken off in. In fact, lately she might seem a little out of in general whenever the gryphon isn't nearby. Her cheeks glow a little more.

Spindrift remains quiet for now, not wanting to interrupt. She does keep her ears perked, though, following the conversation as it circles about and settles on Daisy. The seapony glances over her shoulder, watching the pegasus for a moment, and when she looks back forward, it's with the faintest hint of a smile. Not so much of one you can actually see it if you look at her, though, before she has a chance to knock it off.

Quintessent-Rune sighed ever so softly and rolled her eyes for herself, these ponies with their friendship and love gunk.

Rising-Chaos smiles and nudges Daisychain again, in a more friendly way. "I uderstand, you'll be getting back home soon." With a nod, she leaves the pegasus alone to her thoughts, fully understanding the feeling. Rising picks up the pace, to join Rune. "Yes, let us be off. I haven't had anything to eat yet, and we have cause for celebration!"

"Indeed… celebration," says Spindrift, in a… cheerful fashion?

Nocturne shrugs and eventually catches up with the tail-end of the group. Finally having a grasp on these lubby-dubby emotions kinda changes one's perspective on things… a lot. "Eh, what can you do," he mumbles inaudibly. He'll find somepony of his own eventually, just like Ruby told him. "Exactly! Celebration!" His voice becomes much more loud and clear as he tries to shift his thoughts back to the upcoming meal.

Daisychain smiles a bit bashfully at the rest of the group. Ever since…him…she's had a slightly different outlook on things. Most of the time there's a bit more of a spring in her step then before. She looks around a little, "So…where…where are we going to eat?