IC date: Autumn 68
OOC date: November 26
Location: Town Square
PCs: Makuru Dream-Daze

A familiar brown townhome in Horseshoe Harbor stands before Makuru. He is not nearly as hesitant about approaching this time as he was on his last visit, striding confidently up to the front door and rapping his hoof upon it. His ever-present saddlebag looks more stuffed than normal, veritably bulging at the buckles with… something!

*CRASH!* comes a sound just after the colt starts knocking! "C-coming!" squeaks a voice from inside! The sound something swishing about, some tinkling, and then of hooves charging up and down a flight of stairs drift out, a good minute or two before the door itself opens up to show a slightly-frazzled filly face. Dream-Daze, pupils shrunk to tiny amber dots in her big filly eyes has to blink twice before she recognizes the figure. "O..oh! Maku! Hi! I wasn't.." She clears her throat, "I wasn't expecting visitors today. What brings you around, buddy?" At least she still has her friendly beam. Beam!

The zebra at the door smiles widely back at his mildly frazzled friend. "I wanted to thank you for the other night!" Makuru says with a happy little poing into the air. "It really means a lot that I have such a good friend looking out to me." In an instant he is invading the filly's personal space, wrapping his hooves around her in a tight hug. "I don't know what I'd do without you, Dreamy. Probably not sleep ever!"

"Thank me for… Eep!" Hugged! Dream-Daze makes a tiny squeak of sound, stumbling back a step, the door flinging open! She flails for a second, regains her balance, forelegs returning the hug. Because, hugs! "Um.. What are friends for?" she wonders, unable to help glancing towards the living room. "It's okay. I think…I'm winning. Or something. It won't be long now, I'll get this thing under control."

Makuru nods happily, still hugging the unicorn for a moment more before finally letting go. "I'm glad! It's really messing everypony up, I keep hearing all sorts of ponies in town talking about bad dreams." A sad look tugs at his features momentarily. "I wish there was something I could do to help you, it doesn't seem fair that you've gotta look out for everypony all on your lonesome…" Just as quickly as it fell his expression perks back up. "Oh, that reminds me! Can I come in? I got you a thank you gift!"

"Oh yeah, it sucks." the little blue filly notes, in a tone slightly flat, possibly sarcastic. Somehow she's sure it's not going to get noticed. "Really though, who else has the skills to put this thing to rest? I already sent word to the Princesses, so either they'll help out, or I'll get it taken care of myself. It's okay!" She beams. And then blinks! Surprised! "A gift..?" A hoof is lifted in front of herself, "For me?"

"Well, if anything comes to mind let me know," Makuru says hopefully. He wants to be able to help! "Even if it's just, like, magic refreshers or something. I can mix those up no problem." And then it's gift time! Black and white dreadlocks go flying about with the zebra's enthusiastic nod. "Uh-huh! Here, I'll show you." And then, seeing as he wasn't told 'no', he tries to step into the house~

"Magic refreshers..?" Dreamy licks her lips at the thought. "I might not mind one of /those/ y'know. All this dream-warrioring takes a lot out of a filly." she says, backing up further into the house. Can't really turn him away now, can she? As if she'd want to! She does, however, angle herself more towards the stairwell than the living room. Where a small pile in the hallway is being covered by a blanket. "So uhm. … Should I be..thinking of a gift to give back here?"

Makuru shakes his head and stops in the foyer. He reaches over his withers to unfasten his saddlebag, revealing a bag of something pale blue and stringy inside. "No way! It's a thank you gift! You can't send somepony a gift in exchange for a gift they gave to thank you for a thing you did. That'd put them into gift debt!"

Gift debt. "Ohhhhh…" Dreamy says, her head nodding slowly. Then cranes sideways, trying to peek at the thing Makuru's pulling out! "I guess that makes sense. I wouldn't want you to have to go into gift-debt, that would be unfriendly of me."

The mystery item from Makuru's bag is revealed as he reaches inside and draws it out. It's… cotton candy! Pastel blue with a white stick poking out of the end for easy mouth carrying and hoof holding, a clear sheet of plastic around it to keep it from becoming dirty and inedible. "I bought some fresh down at a candy stall on the boarfwalk!" he says cheerfully from around the stick in his mouth, gesturing that she should float the sweet treat from him.

Blink. Blink! Squeal! Dreamy does indeed wrap her magic around that bit of candy, floating it over to her and shucking the wrapper so she can begin to nibble daintily at it! Mmmmm, sugar~ "Oh, oh! This is the best gift! So sweet~" The filly seems so impressed by this that she breaks into dance! Hopping on two hooves, then the other two, spinning with the candy, getting a dot of it on her nose, and then bouncing forth to give Makuru a kiss on his grey cheek. "Thank you!" It leaves a little smear of the fluffy confection behind.
Makuru beams like the sun at Dreamy's happy dance. "I'm glad you like it! I thought it seemed perfect for you!" And then suddenly he's kissed!? That pale blue smear of sugar on his cheek stands out even more as his face darkens with a blush. "Oh, u-uh… you're welcome?" He scuffs a hoof on the floor awkwardly for a moment then shakes his head. "I mean, you're welcome!"

Dreamy grins for a moment longer, stepping back and turning to the tasty treat to nom another nip or two. Mm~ She spins once in place, balancing the cotton candy cone on the tip of her horn. With magic, of course. "I'll try extra hard to make sure you get a good dream tonight. I mean…not that all of my friends don't deserve good dreams.."

Makuru quickly shakes a hoof at his unicorn friend. "No, no, you don't have to go out of your way or anything! Just knowing you're in my head's enough for me, Dreamy." A gentle smile is offered to the filly. "You really are a good friend. Hey, you're not still working on your homework, are you? If you're done we should go play outside for a while!"

"Actually…" Dreamy spares a quick glance towards the living room. "…going outside would be really nice right about now." The front door opens, courtesy of a little more magic, and Dreamy starts to usher the striped colt outside. "Maybe you can show me the place you got this delicious stuff from~"

"Sure thing!" Makutu lilts cheerfully. "Mister Treat does all kinds of old timey candies. I like going there instead of Mister Rush's place 'cause Mister Rush's candy sets me on fire sometimes." He darn near prances out the front door, excited for the afternoon of fun awaiting him and his friend.