Candy Sale
IC date: Winter 64
OOC date: February 21
Location: Horseshoe Harbor - Town Square
PCs: Sugar-Rush Sugar-Dart Blackbird Snowfield Jellybean Toybox Magpie Tick-Tock Ruby-Blossom Frolic

Everypony loves a little something sweet, right? And everypony loves saving bits on things they like! So what's better than putting both of those ideas together? Nothing, that's what. Nothing at all.

Needless to say, there's a bit of a crowd in the Town Square. A small shack of a candy stand has been set up, in front of a much larger spot that has big 'Under Construction' signs hanging here and there, with a great sign next to it that reads: New Store Coming Soon!

The candy shack itself is like a chuck wagon. Big enough for the two pegasi inside and an assortment of supplies spread out where they can all be seen from the service window. The wagon has a wooden sign propped up atop it, with glittery gold lettering: 'Sweet Dreams Candy Shop', and underneath that sign is a smaller one done up in pink! With lots of hearts framing it: 'All Candy Half Off! (Or Best Offer)'

Inside the wagon, the two candymakers are busy. Taking orders, filling orders, giving out candy, having a good ol' time of it. Plenty of sweets left to go around, it seems, and not just of the chocolate variety! There's suckers, and hard candies, and taffy, and other chewy things. Most of them done up in various shades of pink, red, hearts, or general affection type themes.

Sugar Rush is, of course, all smiles as he helps satisfy pony cravings for sweets. "Yes, yes! Have some candy! It's all on sale! If we run out, I'll just make more to put on sale, no worries there! Oh but everything /must/ go, we can't have anything left over! Mustn't let this candy go stale! Bad things happen when candy goes stale, believe me!"

When sweets are half-off, who will be there but Blackbird: he of the not-so-secret sweet tooth! The stallion stands a bit back, letting some of the more eager patrons in first; he's in no rush.

Snowfield is in town once more to patrol the roads and make sure that Whistlestop hasn't plowed the snow from all of them. There needs to be /some/ white mess on the road, after all. It is through sheer coincidence that she passes through the Town Square as there is a sale on candy going on. Luckily she is not a fan of sweets or she might be caught up in the post-holiday sale like all of the other ponies. No, this little unicorn is just pony watching today.

Tick-Tock Buys some salt water taffy and walks away thinking that selling sweets must be the best job in the world.

Jellybean prances down the street with his bit-pouch in his mouth. Candy? Cheap candy? Count him in. He ends up coming to a stop next to Blackbird, giving the other stallion a big friendly wave, wings eagerly a-flap.
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The snow that /is/ still left goes to use, as Toybox makes her way towards the square. She's bouncing from snowpile to snowpile in little while coulds of bouncy fun. Word gets around fast to foals when there's candy and other sweets involved.

Blackbird blinks, and waves to Jellybean. "Hey there, 'Bean! How's things? Taking advantage of the after-holiday sale?" He watches other ponies come and go, and offers a wave to Snowfield with a slight smile. Another friend in town, eh?

Sugar-Dart is bustling about inside the cart, humming cheerily to herself as she gathers together orders and stacks them on the counter in the the order they'd been… ordered! She is a pony of /order/ today. And she looks quite happy to be so! Busy is good, and there is /nothing/ sadder than candy gone stale. So all the candy must go, and she is quite content to assist it on its way! And let her uncle do most of the talking, for he is clearly the more animated of the pair. She's content with her humming.

Tick-Tock decides not just to get taffy so heads back towards the shop with his heart set on some really chewy toffee.

Snowfield would be mildly offended at the implication that she is 'friends' with anyone were Blackbird to actually voice such an outlandish concept. Luckily he did not voice his terrible accusation and as such has no problem responding to his friendly wave with her own half-hearted lift of the hoof before trotting over to him. "Blackbird, Jellybean," she greets in a tone which is almost cordial.

Plenty of patrons, and they're all getting something they want. That's good! Sugar Rush is pleased. So pleased that he's been giving away extra little samples to go with the orders. A little bag of jellybeans with a sucker here, a couple extra dots of taffy to go with the chocolates there… Tick Tock's first order came with a small piece of chocolate, even, and when the unicorn comes back for another something, Rush is ready to offer him a caramel. "Here you go! Repeat customers get extra goodies!"

"In fact…" The candymaker puts a hoof next to his mouth, "The next twenty ponies that come up here get double their order! And samples for the kids!"

Jellybean nodnods. He starts to say something but, well, mouth full of bitpouch. He fiddles it back into one of the pockets of his tunic and tries again. "Hi Blackbird! I'm doing great! Typhoon and I are still trying to decide when to set the wedding and everything. How're you?" Ooh! And then there's Snowfield! Snowfield gets a hug! "Hi Snowfield! I haven't seen you in a while!" Huuuuug!

Tick-Tock buys his toffee, puts some in his mouth and walks towards Jellybean, Snowfield and Blackbird.

Toybox 's ears perk up at the mention of the double orders. Double the candy, double the fun! She sproings out of another snowpile and trots merrily up to the wagon with wide candy-seeking eyes. Her horn glows and opens up a pouch on her little saddle bags. A small sack full of bits slides out and gets placed up on the counter, "I'll take as much of evewything as that will buy!"

Blackbird is nodding along — only to double-take. No, triple-take. "Wedding? Who…who's getting married?" Because surely it's not Jellybean. As Tick-Tock approaches, the schoolteacher waves. "Enjoying the spoils?"

Tick-Tock tries to reply but finds that his mouth is glued shut by the toffee.
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Magpie 's horn flickers out, and the top of a candy jar that nopony should have been getting into at the moment drops with a quiet clack. "Did you say free samples?!" she says excitedly. There's a subtle shift of stance, a slight slump of the shoulders and a tiny bending of the knees, making the filly seem shorter than she is, so she's just barely peeking over the edge of the counter.

The mini unicorn finds herself viciously hugged by Jellybean when she makes the mistake of saying hello. She fumes quietly for several moments but does not actually fight back against the pegasus' affront. "It most certainly is this featherhead," Snowfield says to Blackbird when the schoolteacher voices his disbelief. "I was there when he proposed and everything. He was plotting it out while he was under the effects of the Poison Joke."

The mini unicorn finds herself viciously hugged by Jellybean when she makes the mistake of saying hello. She fumes quietly for several moments but does not actually fight back against the pegasus' affront. "It's this featherhead," Snowfield says to Blackbird when the schoolteacher voices his disbelief. "I was there when he proposed and everything. He was plotting it out while he was under the effects of the Poison Joke."

Jellybean decides he's done hugging Snowfield and sets her down, nod-nodding. "Yep! I'm so excited: I can't wait! It's going to be soooo great!" And now he's hopping around in circles.

Well the town square sure is crowded today! A slim, cloaked unicorn mare blinks and pauses on the path, looking over at all the commotion. What's all this then? Oh. New shop. More construction! This town seems to have /lots/ of that. For a moment, she looks as though she might just walk on by, but then curiosity gets the better of her, and instead she edges closer. Something smells… chocolatey. Mmmm… chocolate. Nopony can resist /chocolate/.

Blackbird stares. And stares /even more/. "What?? My god, Jelly, congrats!" He grabs the pegasus up in a back-pounding embrace and a squeeze, and then releases him. "How great! Man, I should take you out to celebrate or something." He looks to Snowfield with a grin. "And how're you doing of late, Snowfield? Enjoying the winter?" Tick-Tock is offered a chuckle. "I see you have your mouth full there. Tasty?"

Tick-Tock still can't open his mouth so he just nods.

Sugar Rush has to lean over the counter to spy Toybox, and having Magpie like /right there/ next to her shows two such foals apparently in need of samples. "Yes! Free samples! Totally absolutely one-hundred-and-twenty-five-percent free!" The older pegasus is practically bouncing. "Look Dart! Kids! I /knew/ this was a good place to set up shop!" He turns to the side, pulling a tray topped with assorted fruit-scented gummis. Hearts, the lot of them, but each one's easily as big as a foal's hoofprint. "Here," he says to Magpie and Toybox, "You two split this while I um…" He eyes Toybox's small bag of bits. "…See how much this is going to get. A little of /everything/ you said?"

Toybox nods her head in the excitement of all the candy. There's roughly 40 bits or so in the sack she had tossed up to the counter…hopefully it's worth /something/ as far as candy goes!

Snowfield lands lightly on the ground when released from Jelly's grip. "I've been well. Just biding my time, as it were. The season was much more stressful than it had to be thanks to that whole tower… thing." She gestures vaguely. "I spent most of my time on the beach fighting the ocean. And then do you know what happens the moment it starts finally snowing?" She hardly gives Blackbird a moment to respond before continuing, "Some great big lug of a stallion started plowing the roads! The nerve!"

Sugar-Dart blinks and chuckles, standing up on hind-hoof for a moment to peer over the counter. Yup, those are kids! She gives a cheery little wave. "Hello!" She nods over to her Uncle good-naturedly. "Can't have kids without a candy shop. Or a candy shop without kids!" That would just be boring, after all. "Are we running low on anything?" She asks over her shoulder as she ducks behind the counter again to replace the sample tray, this time with some caramels and chocolates.

Magpie gives Sugar Rush a slightly confused look. A hundred and twenty five percent free… doesn't that mean he'd be paying them to eat candy..? Blast. Math is hard. She shakes her head. Then blinks and stretches up to peer over the counter. Math is hard, but she can estimate coinage really well. And that bag is /way/ too much for a little filly. She blinks at Toybox. "Where'd you GET all that?!" she demands.

Toybox looks up at Maggie with those innocent little foal eyes of hers. Indeed, it's a good amount of money but there's certainly an explanation for it. She slowly floats one of the caramel samples over and puts in in her mouth. After finishing it off she finally answers, "I've been saving up my allowance fow a weally long time!"

Tick-Tock finally finishes his toffee and says "Did I hear somepony mention a wedding?"

"Well it's a new experience for me. Allow me to relish in it." Rush asides to Dart, sticking his tongue out in the most unprofessional bout of playfulness. "Why don't you take some treats out and throw them at the crowd? Ooh, try out our new marshmallows! The ones with the non-stick surfaces so they don't get dirty when they land in mud."

Then Rush swipes up the bit bag and gets to work! The countertop in front of the two fillies begins to get piled up with small trays, boxes, and things. A couple tins of fudge… Two bags of jawbreakers. A couple more bags of suckers! Chocolates, more gummis, some caramels, an interesting rainbow-colored sucker the size of the little filly's head… Easily a pile of goodies about as big as Toybox herself. Around this small mountain Rush peers. "Hmm… Do you think this is enough? Or should I throw on a couple candy icicles too? Oh what the hay." Two multi-colored icicle-shaped suckers top the pile. "There! That seems like just about enough."

Snowfield rolls her eyes at Tick-Tock. "No, you heard us talking about sledding." She pauses and frowns at the newcomer. "Who are you, anyway? I don't recognize you." Not that she knows many of the ponies in town, granted, but if somepony is going to ask questions she'd like to know who it is.

Tick-Tock says "I'm Tick-Tock and I just moved here from Manechester."
Magpie stares up at Rush. Then down at the filly. "You can't /eat/ all that," she says to Toybox. "Just a quarter of that would be a really big bag of candy!"

Blackbird laughs. "Oh, no. Is that big Whistle-fellow putting you through your snow paces, then? A shame. I bet if you carved up a nice ice sculpture you might distract him for a bit." To Tick-Tock, he bows his head. "Pleasure to meet you!" the earth pony offers. "I'm Blackbird. I'm the local schoolteacher. And that's Snowfield, the town grump, and this is Jellybean, the town sunshine. It's Jelly who's getting married." He ribs Snowfield. "Speaking of grumpy. Want any candy, Snowfield? I'm supposed to pick some up. I'll grab a box for you too." Because his kindness is involuntary.

Jellybean nods eagerly. "Sometime later this year! We don't know when yet, or what kind of ceremony we're having, or how big it's going to be, or…" he blinks. "Actually, there's lots of stuff we have to decide, I guess. But right now I'm trying to decide what kind of candy I want."

The unicorn quirks an eyebrow again. "Oh, a /foreigner/," Snowfield drawls. She gives Tick-Tock a poke in the shoulder with her hoof to see if the Manecunian does anything interesting. "That explains a bit." She scowls for a moment at Blackbird as the teacher calls her out for what she is, interrupting her grumping at Tick-Tock. Her expression settles into something less abrassive quickly enough, though. "I don't really care for sweets. They're too… sweet." A shrug from the unicorn.

The cloaked unicorn pauses near the cart, staring a bit wide-eyed at the growing pile of candy on the counter. That is… that is a /lot/ of candy. She might be past her filly years, but even teenagers have to enjoy candy! She fidgets in place for a moment before twisting around to dig in a pocket of her vest, trying to fish out a few bits. Spare leaves? No. Metal flask? No. Pouch of… what's in here? Nope, not bits. No, that's… that's a twig. Why is there a twig in her pocket? That gets dropped on the ground.

Tick-Tock says "I love wedding. What with all the cake, the decorations, the music the cake…"

Tick-Tock glare at Snowfield and says with an icy edge "What was that for?"

Toybox gives a great big toothy(-1) grin at Tick-Tock, and as often, a quality side of her really comes out, "It's not all fow me, though. Ima gonna give some of it to Miss Ginger…and some of it to Miss Zula…and too Hemlock too!" She puts a hoof on her chin as she thinks, "And I bet the funny foals would like some too!" Of course, the little filly is referring to Unknown and Stray, the feral foals.

Tick-Tock can't help but grin back at Toybox.

Magpie huhs. "Ginger? Zula? …funny foals?" She knows who Hemlock is… "Wouldn't you still rather have some money left?" asks Big Sister Mode Magpie.

Snowfield is about to respond to Tick-Tock when the other unicorn is suddenly distracted by small children grinning at him. She pauses in confusion at how the stallion can switch from angry to amused at the drop of a hat, shrugs and returns to her conversation with Blackbird and Jellybean.

Tick-Tock says "This probably isn't very helpful but when I was that age I would have spent all of my money on sweets in a heart beat and it never did anything bad to me."

Sugar Rush nods to each of the names Toybox lists off. "Hmm! So you're a filly with friends in many places, are you? Of course, someone as adorable as you probably melts everyone's heart like chocolate in the sun! …Oh right!" Rush disappears behind the counter again, putting together a /second/ mountain of candy. "I forgot to double your order! Here you go!" The elder candymaker pokes his head up from over the twin piles of sugary goodness. "…Did you need a bag for this?"

Toybox tilts her head a bit at Maggie as if she's perhaps a little crazy. "I…still have mowe bits…lots mowe…" Her head turns to the pile of candy and her jaw drops as the second pile is added on. After all, she had assumed the first pile /was/ the double-size of what she bought. The foals eyes go wide. So. Much. Candy. "Yeah…I'm gonna need a bag…"

Tick-Tock looks back towards Jellybean and company, still grinning and says "I wonder if kid's going to eat all of those sweets himself."

Sugar-Dart chuckles, already moving to get a bag. That much candy, how else would the little foal carry it all? …Maybe two bags. Maybe three! Maybe… She pauses to stick one of the caramel samples in her mouth. What? She likes samples too! Nomnom. And then she begins loading the candy into the bags.

Jellybean shrugs a little. "Maybe? Sometimes little foals do that. Though they shouldn't," he adds in a gently chiding tone.

"Sounds like she's going to be sharing with a lot of ponies," Blackbird adds with a chuckle as he gets in line. He pauses to look at the strange unicorn who's been searching her pockets. "Miss? Do you need some help?" he asks.
Tick-Tock says "talking of sweets, I fancy something sour. I'll be right back." and he walks back towards the sweet shop.

Snowfield looks in the direction of the stranger in the cloak when Blackbird draws attention to her. She squints and tries to recall why the mare looks so familiar. "You… you're one of the ponies who came looking for Riddleweed with us, yes?" She gets in line behind the schoolteacher despite her previous protest that there was nothing she liked here.

The cloaked unicorn blinks and glances up, flask looped around her neck by a cord and pouch still hovering in the air, held by a fiery orange aura matching her horn's glow. "Huh? Oh. Oh! Um, w-well, I… I'm fine. Thank you. Just, er, looking for my… coinpurse." She blinks down at the little unicorn. "Riddleweed?" Ponder ponder. "…Oh! Oh, that… that thing with the troll, yes? I… remember that. Yes. Um, that was me."

Tick-Tock pulls a pouch out of his pocket and asks Sugar-Dart "Can I have twenty bits worth of your sourest sweets please?"

When Sugar Dart goes to begin bagging, Rush nods his approval. "That's a dear, helping the wee ones~ But you forgot to pass out the marshmallow samples." The candymaker scoots sideways, leaving Dart to handle the boxing of Toybox's order, though he flashes the fillies on the other side a bright smile. "Enjoy the treats, dear little ones! Come back for the grand opening!"

Then the candymaker gaze casts out to the next ponies in line, pulling out a tray of different colored marshmallows. They look just like…normal-sized marshmallows. Just shiny with red or blue or green coatings. "Next! Here, have one of our newest inventions of confectionary delights! They don't stick to /anything/ except this tin! …Which means if you want one, you better eat it off the tray, lest it slip right through your hooves!"

Toybox peers at the marshmallows. Won't stick to anything? This certainly raises some concerns with the foal. But, there's no harm in asking just to be sure! "Um…Mistah…if they don't stick to anything, does that mean they won't stick to magic?" Nothing gets past this little one!

Jellybean hops! Frolic gets a wave, too! "Oh hi! I remember you! Thank you for your help! I'm really glad to be big again."

Sugar-Dart blinks. "Oh! Sorry, Uncle." She blushes faintly, giving her wings a sheepish flutter, but continues bagging up candies, casting a glance over to Tick-Tock. "Ah! Of course. …Now, did you want our sourest sweets, or our sweetest sours? Because we have some sours that are just sour! I wouldn't advise eating more than one of those at a time, though. Not without something to follow them! But we have some sweeter sours. Or some sour sweets!"

Tick-Tock says "You'd be surprised. I'll have the sour sours please."

"That's the one. The riddling troll with the Riddleweed." Snowfield takes a step to the side as Jellybean begins hopping to avoid being accidentally trampled in the pegasus' excitement. Not so far that she loses her place in line, of course! "I can't recall your riddle for the life of me. Most of them were pretty rote, though."

Sugar Rush considers Toybox's question, glancing down at the tray of marshmallows, all sitting in no particular order but in a very uniform style. "That is an /excellent/ question, my little dear. Maybe you should try to grab one and find out! I couldn't test magic." He does turn the tray upside down though, and all the marshmallows don't budge. They stick to the tray, regardless of gravity. "Just to be safe, maybe you best stand beneath the marshmallow you pick! That way you can catch it in case your magic can't!"

Magpie giggles a bit at the challenge. She tromps over and plants herself under the tray, mouth open and upturned under the blue marshmallow thingy she picks, giving it a little tug with her magic.

"Ah! Right, of course. A pleasure to see you again," Blackbird offers with a smile, before he takes a spot at the counter and drops some bits. "I would like a couple of boxes of assorted candies please. And an extra for Snowfield and Jellybean and this young lady each."

"Oh," Snowfield says when Blackbird gets to the front of the line and buys her a sweet. "No, really, don't do that. I don't care for them at all." She frowns as her gaze passes over the shelves of the candy wagon. Now that she's at the front of the crowd she can actually see what all is for sale and it all looks like sickeningly sweet chocolate and those weird candy hearts and taffy. Nothing that suits her palate— "Wait, wait, Blackbird, look, they have red hot hearts. Get me one of those." It is not a request.

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The cloaked unicorn blinks. "Oh. You're welcome. I… I'm glad I could help." She blinks again at Blackbird's offer, looking a bit… well, startled. "Oh! You… you don't have to do that… I mean, um, thank you, that's… nice." She looks at him almost as if she's not really sure what to do with this nicety. "I… can pay you back."

Sugar-Dart blinks and chuckles, shrugging a bit. "If you say so! Customer's always right." She ducks under the counter, pulling out a sizable sack of sours. They /look/ sour. Bright neon greens and yellows swirled on small chewy balls of mouth-puckering… 'goodness'. She counts them out into a smaller bag - although 'smaller' is relative, it's still a pretty big sack of sour! - and pushes it across the counter to Tick-Tock.

Jellybean is now waiting in line, bouncing up and down softly, tail swish-swishing. There's candy in his near future and so he's happy. Happy hoppy pony.

Tick-Tock puts three of them in his mouth at once and is thankful for all of his years of practice eating sour sweets.

Along comes Ruby - no surpsises here; maybe the surprise is the fact she's not surprising anypony at the moment! Certainly no denying one's curiousity at the gathering of ponies around the unfamiliar cart. The turqoise mare wanders right upto the line and pipes at Jellybean. "Cart-full of choice confectionary for cheerful chewing?" she plants her flank while watching Jelly's reaction.

Toybox eyes Maggie very intently, waiting to see the results of the apparently non-stick marshmallows.

As the sours go into Tick-Tock's mouth they begin their terrible assault upon his taste buds. Sugar-Dart wasn't kidding when she warned that they weren't to be eaten lightly: the sourness is nigh unbearable. So much sour in one place could pucker the lips of even the strongest of draft horses, sending tears streaming down their faces and making them cry uncle. These are not just sour. They are the sourest of sours. They feel like they could rot your teeth and burn a hole in your tongue on contact. One does not simply stuff three of the sourest sours into one's mouth and expect it to be a walk in the park!

Sure enough, the marshmallow Magpie's magic tugs on doesn't budge! Even when Rush gives the tray a little shake. "Hm… Oh! Right!" He reaches his other hoof out, taps the back of the tray once-

-And all of the marshmallows fall off the tray, showring Magpie and Toybox both with colorful little blobs of goodness! Most of which probably end up on the ground to start sliding around as though the world were made of ice! Rush grimaces. "Well! Hopefully someone will be able to tell me how they taste. Never could get one in my mouth either."

The empty tray is set aside, for Sugar Rush has more customers! More smiles, more grins greet Blackbird, Snowflake, Jellybean, and the mysterious cloaked pony alike. "Welcome to Sweet Dreams! …Ah, you already know what you want. Excellent!" He begins to arrange Blackbird's order, several assorted boxes of various candies, certainly a good mixture of everything the shop has to offer. None of the ultra-'weird' candies. Simple assortments.

Until Snowfield points out the 'hot hearts'. Rush eyes said red-hot candies, and places a bag of them on the counter. "Careful with those… I've started fires with them before. Very useful when I'm all out of matches! Oh, but totally safe to eat, as long as you don't mind breathing fire for a few minutes." He nods.

Tick-Tock has been eating sour sweets for years so the worst these do is makes his eyes water and his face scrunch up.

Toybox lets out a squeal and a giggle as the marshmallows rain down upon her and the other pony. It becomes a little game as Toybox jumps about, trying to herd all the 'slippery' marshmallows all back into one little area. Try as she might, she just can't get them all together without using any magic.

Magpie aughs! She runs after the sliding marshmallow treats. "Come back, marshmallow!" she cries, trying to snatch it up with her magic as she runs with her mouth open close to the ground.

Snowfield doesn't even wait for Blackbird to offer her the hot hearts. She takes the bag off of the counter with a glimmer of magic around her horn and a gleam of determination in her eye. "That sounds like a challenge," the little unicorn declares as she opens her mouth and pours not one, not two, but /five/ hot hearts onto her tongue. She chews them defiantly at Sugar-Rush.

Blackbird opens his mouth to say something. Anything. But he's stalled by first Tick-Tock emptying Superest Sours into his mouth, and then Snowfi dropping /five/ hot hearts into hers. He decides perhaps it would be wise instead to grab up his boxes and back away. "Hey Ruby!" he offers in a nervous, quick greeting, on his way away. "And don't worry about paying me back!" he calls to Frolic. Her and Jelly's assortments have been left on the counter.

Jellybean turns around, smiles, and gives Ruby a great big hug. "I just can't decide. It all looks so yummy! What are you going to have?"

Tick-Tock decides to be stupid and tips the whole bag of sours into his mouth at once and he instantly regrets it.

Sugar Rush's reaction is an immediate "Don't aim this way!" and a frantic waving of his hooves! "Point away! Point /away!/"

For those hearts will indeed induce a rather tongue-tingling reaction, a cinnamon spice that tickles from the moment Snowfield ingests them, to the next moment her breaths would be blowing a very cinna-scented sort of steam. Or maybe it's smoke? And where there's smoke…

Snowfield keeps chewing the red hots as she trots after Blackbird. She is most certainly not crying from the unnatural heat of the candies. That mistiness about her eyes is merely liquid determination seeping out from her.

Tick-Tock finds himself choking on the sweets but can't get any of them out.

Tick-Tock goes from his normal blue colour to a worrying shade of purple.

Phew! Rush peeks over the countertop as Snowfield leaves. Surely he's expecting a great fireball to rise up in the distance. Or an explosion. Or…something. He even holds a hoof out to the next pony customer to wait an extra moment or two. Not much more than that though, for there are more customers! Including a…purple pony. "…Uh. Someone give him a swift slap on the back! Or some water! Yes, water! Someone fetch that pony some water!"

The entire bag? Well, okay. Dart stares over at him for a second, head cocked quizzically, because clearly this pony must lack taste buds. If three were sour - and they /were/ - the entire 40-bit, order-doubled bag is like opening a fel portal to the sour dimension. Welcome to not being able to feel your mouth for a week!

Tick-Tock begins to stop moving.

Happily, this is a solution that seems to be best solved with hugs. And Jellybean is nothing if not a champion hugger. And here it comes: huuuuug! Tick Tock given a great big life-affirming esophagus-emptying hug.

The sweets shoot out of Tick-Tock's mouth and smash a window across the street.

Magpie comes trotting back, downcast. She flops against Ruby heavily. "Hi," she says in a dejected voice.

From the direction of the port there is a sudden burst of heat and light which streaks several stories into the sky like a phoenix. When it reaches the apex of its arch it bursts like a firework into a vaguely heart-shaped conflagration.

Ruby-Blossom hmms cutely and throws a leg around Maggie to give the mare big hug. "What's the matter? You lost something?" having only seen /part/ of the hilarious action. She does stare quietly at Tick-Tock - she'd be more concerned if strange things like this didn't happen all the time.

Sugar Rush watches all this with a great curiosity. "…So that's what happens if you eat a whole bag of our Super Sours at once. Interesting. Well now that /that's/ over with. Who's next?"

And then there's the explosion he was waiting for! Rush blinks, peering out of his cart towards the skies above the port. "…Aha! I told her so!"
Tick-Tock pulls out some more money, walks to the shop and asks "Can I have another twenty bits worth of the same sweets?"

Sugar-Dart blinks and pokes her head out of the cart, giving a low whistle at the fireball. "Whoo. …Well, you /did/ warn her, Uncle, didn't you? At least it's quite a show!"

The cloaked unicorn looks up from trying to find a pocket to fit her new box of treats into. Ooooh. That… that was neat. "…Can I have some of those fire-candy things?"

Magpie gives Ruby a little nod… "I didn't get a marshmallow."

Ruby-Blossom hmms loudly then throws both front legs around Maggie and gives her a BIG hug while rubbing cheek to cheek. "You'll just have to settle for being my little marshmellow then." It couldn't be more clear that she's being over-affectionate at the moment - and enjoying the fact she is.

Toybox lets out a little bit of a squeal at the fire, abandoning the marshmallow quest for the moment. She takes a few steps back as an honestly worried look forms on her face. "Is…is the town gonna catch fire again?" the foal asks in almost a whimper, very concerned.

Magpie aughs and tries to get loose, waving her hooves.

Jellybean prances up to the counter of the wagon, smiling at the two ponies selling confections. Swish-swish goes his tail. "Can I have some chocolate-covered marshmallows, please? Those sound really good right now."

Ruby-Blossom releases Maggie and hmms curiously at Toybox. "I get the feeling the town isn't scheduled to burn down for another month or two." she offers the foal a broad smile before scrambling after Jellybean "Don't forget me~~~" she whines.

Spindrift starts lurking around at the edge of the crowd, having seeped up from the shadows or slunk in from an alleyway or just… just approached from down the street. The tall seapony, garbed in stylish legs as well as a fabulous cloak, arches up onto the tips of her hooves to try and peer over the crowd, getting a gander of the delectable delights on display and available for prompt purchase by peckish ponies.

Tick-Tock wonders if asking for more of the sour sweets is a bad Idea or not.

Sugar Rush can't answer Toybox, because he's got another customer! Two of them, even. Rush happily fishes out two bags of the Fire Hearts to plop in front of the cloaked pony! And two boxes of chocolate covered marshmallows for Jellybean. Double orders and all that! There's even an extra little small box of chocolates thrown in, for good measure. "Here you both go! Free of charge, in light of the fireworks we just witnessed."

Tick-Tock says to Sugar-Rush"Can I have some more of those sour sweets?"

Jellybean puts his bits on the counter. "Thank you! It looks yummy! I mean," he says, realizing that they're in packages, "they smell yummy!" With that he bounces back over to Ruby and Magpie. "Would you two like to share these with me?"

Tick-Tock passes Sugar-Rush another twenty bits.

Magpie scoots away from Ruby and gives Toybox a hug. "Hey.. it's okay. No fire. I promise."

Upon hearing the fact that Jellybean intends to share, Ruby drags Jellybean towards Toybox and Maggie so she may hug both the foals at once! Friends, foals, and fresh sweets! She grins broadly "Yes, Jellybean. Yes we would!"
Someone has awarded you karma! Keep being awesome!

The cloaked unicorn looks again quite surprised at the freebie, but she certainly isn't going to argue it! The bags of Fire Hearts are tucked safely away in a pocket. The box of chocolates is stuck in another pocket - it doesn't quite fit, and sticks out quite noticably, but it will do. "Thank you," she offers towards the candyseller, even throwing in a small smile to go with it.

Toybox smiles brightly, releived of the news. It's been a while since the town caught fire, so it seems inevitable that it'll happen soon. She lets out a foalish squeal and giggles as she's hugged by Ruby.

And more customers! Sugar Rush certainly can't get enough of those. He shrugs and accepts Jellybean's bits, since he isn't going to argue with bits, and flashes the cloaked unicorn a grin. "Have a sweet day!" he calls out to both his prior customers, then turns his head back to Tick Tock. "Hm..? More sours? But you had a whole bag ful! And you spit most of them out! That's a total waste of candy." He has a stern look on his face. Stern! "…Tell you what. I'll give you one, and if you finish that one /maybe/ I'll sell you another." With that, one of the Super Sours is placed on the countertop in front of Tick Tock.

Tick-Tock takes it happily and is glad that he isn't given a chance to make the same mistake as last time.

Jellybean opens up a box of the chocolate-covered marshmallows, holding it out to Ruby and Magpie. "Here, go ahead! Have some!"

Magpie leans up and delicately takes a marshmallow with her lips. Then sinks back down out of sight, like the most polite shark in the world.

While the proprietors of the estabilshment are concering themselves with a certain sour-resistant unicorn, Spindrift approaches closer and starts suveying the selection from a… from… well, more closely. This is the advantage being closer provides. She frowns thoughtfully as her eyes dart from treat to sweet to sugary confection, taking them all in at once. Sometimes she narrows her eyes a bit, and then she spots something that makes them widen. SUCH FABULOUS CANDY at such INCREDIBLE BARGAINS! What wonders this surface world provides.

Ruby-Blossom swiftly plucks a marshmellow and hands it to Maggie before snagging one of your own. "Thank you, Jelly~ Your fiance is SOOOO lucky, you're such a sweetie~ Not to mention adorably when we play dress up."

Tick-Tock says "I know what'll go perfectly with this!" and he runs into a shop across the street.

Magpie pauses, staring off into space. "…I… wonder how Tale Chaser would look… in a dress," she says softly, eyes distant.

Spindrift sits bolt upright as she catches mention of her young colleague and putting him in a dress, one ear swiveling back towards Magpie. The older seapony frowns and goes back to her calculations.

Tick-Tock returns with a cup full of custard and says "Ah, custard. The perfect thing to drink on a cold day.

Jellybean blinks at Magpie. "Who's Tale Chaser? Are they a friend of yours?" Jellybean, of course, wasn't there for all of that excitement, being back home taking care of the weather and such. He flaps his wings. "You should ask them if they'd like to go shopping or something sometime."

Magpie says "Oh! He's my.. uh… my, well. We're… He's a… friend.""

Maggie's dreamy thought brings a broad, broad grin to Ruby's face, ear to ear in fact. "Need to wonder." her grind can't get and borader as she playfully pipes "Tale-Chaser is Maggie's boyfriend." she corrects the younger mare.

Magpie blushes. "Yeah. …that."

Toybox looks around. HER CANDY! It's perhaps getting a bit in the way, being that the bags of it are still sitting at the candy wagon. She's one smart cookie though. One by one, she floats the bags until they're all in front of her. After inspecting every single one, the foal ties them all and places them all in the snow so the sun won't melt them.

Tick-Tock swallows his sweet, drinks some of his custard, walks back over to the sweet shop and says to Sugar-Rush "Selling sweets must be the best job in the world."

Ruby-Blossom pops the Marshmellow into Maggie's mouth. "Complains about losing a marshmellow then don't take one when offered.' she teases before nomming on her own chocolate covered marshmellow. "Rocky road would be the best ice cream if weren't for the stupid nuts."

"It's definitely a sweet living." Sugar Rush agrees, watching the various ponies, and still serving up a few more candilicious items to others. Spindrift is, of course, noticed, Rush sliding over to the counter nearly in front of the seapony, all smiles. "Welcome to Sweet Dreams! What sort of confectionary delight may I tempt you with? Chocolates? Candies? Fudge? Toffee? Taffy? Toofee?"

"We haven't made the Toofee yet, Uncle," Sugar-Dart speaks up from where she's rifling under the counter.

Spindrift shakes her head slowly, looking away from her inspection and down to a saddlebag, as she hauls it open and rifles about inside. She draws closer to the cart and speaks up, glancing to Sugar Rush. "Hello." Pause. "I'd like one of those boxes of chocolates, two of the super sour balls, three of the fireballs, half a dozen salted caramels, one of the lollipops that looks like pegasus sitting on a heart cloud, two of the lollipops that look like hearts eating changelings- clever, by the way- three boxes of the little chalky hearts with messages on them- for research, of course- one of those peppermint sticks, and one of each color of the taffy hearts."

The seapony reaches up and deposits EXACT CHANGE on the counter top, the little stacks of bits rattling in the way collections of money jingle by necessity when handled as a group. She then stares at Sugar Rush, expression stoic. "… please."

Jellybean beams happily and gives the filly a hug. "You have a special somepony? That's great!" He blinks. "Do you think he'd like to wear a dress? Have you asked him?"

Toybox glances around…there's an aweful lot of ponies around and it seems more keep on coming. She'd rather not risk anything with her gifts for her friends so she squeezes her eyes tightly. It's quite a haul and thus she's only able to lift the bags an inch or so off the ground with her magic, but the foal is able to start dragging the enormous bags of candies with her back towards the dock.

Tick-Tock sees Toybox and uses his magic to give him a hoof.

"No toofee? That's a pity… I was looking forward to selling that. Why'd you let me have a candy sale without toofee?" Rush asks of Dart, leaning upon the counter. At least until Spindrift starts reciting her shopping list of deliciousness! "Oho~" Sugar Rush begins piling up the order, neatly arranged one after another upon the countertop. Each in its own little group. "I can tell you're a filly who's serious about her sweets! Marvellous."

A second stack of each candy item is placed behind the first, what with his promotion still going and all that, and when it's all said and done, not to mention properly boxed up, Rush places one last sucker on top of the box. It looks like a rainbow-colored icicle. "Have a bonus. Evercold Icicles! They never melt in the sun and stay cold until the last lick!" He looks proud of explaining it this time, given that he'd added the same sort of prize to Toybox's order. A moment later he looks a touch pensive, drumming a hoof on the countertop. "I know they're a little…early, but I figured I'd start testing them now."

Ruby overhears the sale pitch on Evercold Icicles and dryly remarks "Reminds me of a certain pony from the Wintersong…"

Magpie ums. She shrugs at Jelly. "I, uh… that didn't really come up." Come to that she's never seen him wearing /any/ clothes.

"Yes," says Spindrift. "I take my sweets very seriously." Her tone is a black void into which humor falls and thrashes and gets sucked under and goes still and gets fossilized and gets dug up in a million years and picked apart by space ponies studying the failed jokes of the past.

Her keen, sea-green eyes study the goodies as they're trotted out and lined up and bagged and presented, making sure everything is just so. Which it is. There's even a bonus. She arches her eyebrows in surprise as she peers down at the icicle. "Fascinating…" Leaning in, she narrows her eyes and studies it more closely. "Is it an enchantment? Hmm, perhaps low-reactivity anchors. But what would make an edible base? Hmmm… essence of pearl, perhaps? Or perhaps pearl-augmented iron flakes- it'd be gritty but pass harmlessly though…" She trails off, glances up at Sugar Dart and Rush, sits up with a frown, collects her bags, and bobs her head. "Ahem. Thank you. Good day." And then she's weaving back through the crowd, tail switch-switching excitedly under her cloak and in spite of her otherwise composed appearance.

Suddenly Ruby! Right at the cart and pointing. "Soft candies. I'd like some soft candies safe for foals. But not too much - they don't need to be anymore hyper." it suddenly occurs to her "Actually, I'll take some with extra sugar too - for when I leave them with Windrose."

Magpie slips up beside Spindrift. "Hey. You." She trots alongside the onetime sea-witch, wearing a Very Serious Face.

Spindrift slows and then stops, turning to look down at Magpie. She stares at her for a moment before remembering that this is something she needs to work on and her expression relaxes a bit. "Hello…" She pauses, then offers a hoof to the young pony. "It's Spindrift. You're the unicorn Tale Chaser is in love with. Magpie, was it?"

Jellybean smiles. "Well, I bet he'll look very pretty." He nuzzles Ruby and gives Magpie a hug. "I think I need to get going now: I was going to share these with Typhoon." He hands Ruby one of the boxes. "Here. You all have these." With that he takes wing and flies lazily homeward.


Magpie stares up at Spinny. "L-l-love? Did he say that?!" She leaps up and grabs Spindrift by the lapels, shaking her. "DID HE SAY LOVE?!" she demands, chest heaving!

Ruby grins at Jelly and snugs the stallion back. "You have a good night, and tell Typhoon I said hi~" Her attention snaps to Spindrift and Maggie's conversation and she GRINS in amusement while holding the box of sweets passed to her by Jellybean.

Spindrift's eyes widen as she is seized! Curses! Who knew fashionable cloaks- this one is purple on the outside and lined with black- had such an obvious and exploitable flaw! The skinny seapony, who still looks a bit underfed as she did on the spire two weeks ago but definitely appears to be on the mend, rattles around in Magpie's grip and tries to tug free. "Ahem!" Stand! She stands, and looks down at the unicorn with a furrowed brow. "He did, though not without a lot of worrying and doubt on the subject. You're his first romantic interest, you realize. He is desperate to make sure he gets it right."

Magpie drops off and sits in a heap. "Oh man. This is heavy." She holds her head.

Spindrift watches for a moment, then pauses, tilting her head slightly. "You find this distressing?"

Ruby-Blossom feels more than a little triumph at Maggie's first victory in love; selfishly wondering if the clever gift helped any. She trots away from the sugar shack and stops to nuzzle Maggie before whispering "We'll talk about this later." Sounding excited, not as excited as Maggie but still…

Magpie huh? She ohs. "Um… no, no, I mean, it's fine, I just… wow."

Spindrift glances towards Ruby, then looks to Magpie. "Mm." She rustles about in her bag. "If you find it intimidating, just rememmber: He is far more scared of you than you are of him." She draws out a peppermint stick and offers it to Magpie. "Candy?"

It looks like things are slowing down, finally. Which is good, because it seems the candy cart is just about out. Just as planned. Sugar Rush passes out the last lollipop, and grins out at the ponies still lurking about. "Well! That went well. Very well. Got rid of everything. A nice, clean slate to start the next season with."

Magpie ohs. She stuffs the end of the peppermint in her mouth. "Huh. Like a cat, huh? …Or a squid." She pauses, then asks, "So… how're you doin'? I haven't really seen you since, y'know, the thing."

Sugar-Dart nods, looking rather pleased with the results of the sale as well. "It seems so, Uncle. I daresay we've gotten the name out and around. And maybe sweetened a few ponies' days~" she adds cheerily, looking around the cleared-out cart.

Spindrift turns her head slightly, watching the crowd disperse, before looking back to Magpie. She considers the question for a moment before nodding. "I'm doing much better, thank you. I simply don't get out very often."

Magpie gives the mare a hug. "I hope they don't blame you for everything."
Spindrift stiffens at the hug. AAGH AFFECTION- She calms herself in short order, though, and reaches down with a spindly leg to pat Magpie on the back. "No, nobody has. That this town has been as welcoming as it has is further indication of how wrong I was, and how happy I am to have failed. Thank you again for interceding as you and the others did."

Magpie blushes a little. "Yeah… well… we wanted our home to stay, too, y'know…

"Of course," says Spindrift, patting once more, before carefully extricating herself oner step at a time. "You had your own reasons. I am appreciative all the same." She turns and makes ready to depart. "I will let Tale Chaser know he should stop hiding and come see you more often."

Magpie nodnods! "Tell him Kludge says come over for dinner sometime!"

Spindrift nods to Magpie, does a little half-curtsey, and resumes her amblin'. candy candy candy candy gotta get home and eat this candy