Candy Making
IC date: Autumn 35, 1007
OOC date: October 24, 2012
PCs: Blackbird, Jellybean, Magpie, Manyara, Ruby-Blossom, Sky-Sparkler, Snowfield, Solar-Wind, Windrose
NPCs: Professor-Redmane
GM: None

A new day! Well. Sort of. A new cycle of the clock, at least. Another cycle closer to the forecoming raid, another day closer to the grim 'holiday' that is Nightmare Night. With so much unpleasant on the horizon, ponies may need something a bit cheering about.

It is with this thought in mind that Manyara has claimed a corner of the cafeteria, along with the chunks of honey brought back from the Hive. And a cauldron (where'd she even get that?), and a large spoon (that either?) and some trays, and… well, she's scrounged up supplies from who knows where! And something is going on in that corner. The rich, sweet scent beginning to waft through the base is hard to ignore! Anypony who looked into the cafeteria to investigate would find the Abada standing over the cauldron, horn glowing, spoon held in her mouth, humming to herself and occasionally stirring whatever it is she's working on. She's looking quite cheery indeed!

Jellybean's nose is certainly leading him into the cafeteria. When he sees Manyara and the cauldron he eagerly trots up to her and sits down, looking up in that way foals have which means 'See? I'm being polite. And you're making something delicious.' "What're you making, Miss Manyara?"

Solar-Wind is guided by his muzzle, nose drinking in a scent that is foreign yet sweet, "What isss that?" he murmurs as he trots loosely into the cafeteria. He was formerly scheming on plans for the raid, has even taken up a color of black fur and a grey mane for the event for better stealth on the mission, so Solar doesn't quite look like his usual red tone, but dark, and in preparation for the Raid.

In relatively close proximity to the cauldron Snowfield has her own makeshift boiler set up. Unlike the large cauldron that Manyara found Celestia only knows where, Snowfield's rig is made of some rounded scraps of metal that she had Heatsink weld together and some crude distillation equipment. It smells pretty foul, but thankfully is overpowered by the sweet scent of Manyara's sugar syrup unless one is right next to it.

Blackbird pokes his head into the area as well, ears and nose perked. "What a delicious smell," he comments, trotting hopefully toward Manyara's cauldron, before pausing and peering at Snowfield's. "That, on the other hoof…" he chuckles. "Brewing up some zombies?"

And in a different corner of the cafeteria Windrose has claimed a table, and spread what remaining parchments and ink she had of the supplies she got sucked into this alternate world with across the surface. Ever since Ruby told her about the impending raid she's been putting her mapmaking skills to work drawing up field layouts the raiders can use to set their battleplans out on.

Eventually the sweet aroma draws the pegasus out of her musings though, lifting her head to take a sniff. She must of been so into her work that she didn't even notice others setting up in here!

What with the limited food choices available, Sky Sparkler is drawn like a needle to a magnet by the smell of the cooking honey. She doesn't care where the cauldron and spoon came from, she just knows she's tired of these weird 'pump helmet' things for nearly every meal. "I hope she's brewing up something to eat," she comments, as she walks in near Blackbird.

Oh, and the pencil's back in her nose again.

"I'm trying to separate the poisonous elements from this herb," Snowfield explains to Blackbird. "Allegedly this particular blossom tastes very similar to cinnamon for several seconds before it kills you horribly." She taps one of her hooves against a glass bulb, causing some mysterious liquid to drip down it and out of the contraption. "I just need to figure out if this distillate is the cinnamon analogue or the poison. Do you know anypony who could find out for me?" She looks up at Blackbird through the bulb, her face distorted terrifically by the glassware.

Magpie trots into the cafeteria, following the trickle of other curious ponies — mostly foals. She grins a little. "Oooh, what's this?" she asks. Her mane is still wet, apparently fresh from a shower of what is laughably called hot water.

But then there are those whom the scent is so absolutely foreign to that they don't know what to do! Like… Kids! And old geezers. And curious mechanicponies. Several faces of base-members poke their heads around the corner of the cafeteria entrance, with lots of whispering about strange voodoo, and other mutterings. Admittedly most of these whispers and mutterings are actually coming from the ghosts hovering above the basedwellers…

Of course some foals are too curious for their own good, following Magpie and everybody inside. "That smells good~"

Manyara chuckles good-naturedly, smiling down at Jellybean and giving the cauldron another stir before releasing the spoon to answer. "Honey drops!" She motions to a tray of little golden half-spheres cooling on one of the trays. "I thought we should put this stuff to use, and nopony else seemed to have any idea what might be done with it. So I pulled out an old recipe I know. Had to tweak it a bit, of course, not everything available here, but I think it's turned out just fine." She grins faintly. "To tell the truth it's pretty hard to mess this one up."

Jellybean nodnods eagerly. "That sounds delicious. Oh! Hi Magpie!" he says upon seeing the filly, waving excitedly. "Manyara's making sweets!"

Solar-Wind gives Blackbird a little shoulder bump and nods a little, "good to see you up and looking healthy" he comments to him, "last I saw of you, you were a regular pony popsicle" he notes, then looks to Manyara with deep respect, "Maaam" he intones, "Oh goddess of sugary snacks, we bow before you" he bows to one knee before her, and looks to the gathered ponies, "Sugar!

Magpie nodnods. "I see that!" she replies with a huge grin, cantering over to stand beside Jellybean. She pauses, ear twitching. "Wait, did you say deadly poison?" she asks Snowfield, eyeing the distance between the treats and the toxins.

Windrose blinks a couple of times, and gets up to wander over herself. Boy she's relieved to see the kids and such okay, hearing about the undead in the Hive worried the crap out of her. "… Most of these ponies likely haven't -seen- honey in ages, they probably wouldn't of known what to do with it." .. Wait, that gives her an idea.

"Just how much of that can you make? We're going to need candy for the holiday after all."

» Blackbird rolls 1d10 (Amateur alchemist check, go!) — Result: 10 | Sum: 10

Blackbird chuckles and nods to Solar, before reaching for the vial Snowfield has produced. He sniffs it, swirls it, squints at it. "The poison, I'm pretty sure," he comments. "There's a stringent smell, and it has soapier bubbles, if that makes any sense. I could always try it and find out." He flashes her a weary grin.

"Honey drops? Oh, I haven't had those in years," Sky Sparkler says. "And… deadly poison? Is it really worth it for cinnamon flavor? I mean, if we were talking black pepper, maybe, but cinnamon?"

Solar-Wind looks from Blackbird to Snowfield and to the vial, "I'd give it a whirl, as I've got the biggest form here more or less, so if its gonna effect me it would probably just make me violently ill, not take me out" he notes, "But I've got to lead that Raid here in a few days, so I just can't risk it, taking enough of a risk anyway"

"Sadaka has lost enough parents, thank you," Snowfield says sternly as she pulls the phial away from Blackbird. Sky Sparkly also gets a stern look. "If it wasn't worth the time and effort, do you really think I'd be attempting to do this?" she says defensively as she gives the bulb a few more taps to drain some more probably-poison out of it. Solar Wind gets a strange look from the little unicorn. "No, I'm pretty sure it would still kill you. The question was a joke. The humor comes from how I was asking Blackbird if he knew anyone he wanted killed. Funny, yes? Ha ha?"

Windrose's ears perk up as she hears Solar-Wind mention he's leading the raid. "Oh, oh! I've got something for you and Ruby." She gives Solar a nudge with her hoof, then points towards the table she was working at. "I made some simple layouts you guys can use to map out your plans and stuff on. It's almost the end of the supplies I had with me, but if it helps it's worth it.

Magpie looks thoughtful. "Do you think we could sneak some of that into Nightmare Moon's dinner?" she asks with a sort of cold-blooded innocence.

Manyara looks over at Windrose, nodding. "That was precisely my line of thinking," she agrees, golden glow around her horn brightening a bit as she added some heat to the cauldron and gave it another stir. "Well, that and that I think everyone could use a sweet treat. I think I've got quite a bit here, I can make a few good batches at least!" She picks up the spoon, beginning to drip out the syrup onto another tray. Indeed, it didn't take much of the syrup to fill a tray with the drops! They weren't really large.

Eventually the sweet smells and curiosity and whatnot lures the Professor out of his own arcane lab, and into a pony-sized Wonkaville. His nose lifted, the red-and-grey-maned old pony ambles in to greet ponies and ponder the various goings on. "Well now. That's a smell I daresay I never thought I'd get to whiff again."

Blackbird smirks. "You're too kind," he says to Snowfield. "And here I thought you'd prefer a world without me in it." Again with the tired smile, before he moves away to peek into Manyara's cauldron, rather than putting Snowfield in the awkward position of having to say something nice.

"You are welcome to try," Snowfield says as she pulls out the welded together bowl and sniffs thoughtfully at the brown-black smear of… something… in the bottom. "I don't know if you'll have enough time to trek to Canterlot with it, and Celestia forbid you take the cinnamon by mistake." She is thankful that Blackbird decides to wander off after his awkward comment which she thinks is maybe him flirting? HOW DO YOU EVEN RESPOND TO THAT?

The big black pegasus smiles on hearing Windrose mention maps and planning. But before he starts on that subject he looks back to Snowfield, "Is the poison Contact, or Ingestion?" he asks, "either way, if you could brew several bottles of it, It may be of assistance during our raid, for one purpose or another" Solar mentions to her, "Magpie, now I normally don't like wishing death on anyone, that one I'd give ya' " he nods, "I'd gladly take that mission against that Dark Queen, if It meant getting all of you back home, and getting this place straight again." He bows a little to her then resumes his glance to Windrose's maps. "Those will Really come in handy for coordinating a strike

Sky Sparkler turns as she hears the Professor approach.

Still has a pencil in her nose.

"Again?" she asks. "Have you had changeling honey drops before?" Did she catch onto a critical point? Or has she missed it?

Magpie shifts a little and shrugs to Snowfield. "….I heard you can't eat a spoonful of cinnamon," she puts in idly. "'s not possible."

Windrose beams at Solar-Wind, the praise satisfying the perfectionism in her. "I may not be much of a fighter, but I promised Ruby I would help you guys in whatever way I could. And being organized is a -big- help."

Manyara glances over her shoulder to Magpie as she switches out trays. "It wouldn't have the desired effect, anyway." She admittedly seems to find the suggestion distasteful, but is fully aware she's probably the only pony here who'd think so. "A large risk for little effect, I'm afraid."

Snowfield shakes her head. "I only collected enough herb for the one batch," she said. "This plant isn't collected by our foragers because it's not edible, I had to make the trip special. If you want you can have the one phial when I'm done with it, but I wasn't intending on getting any more."

Magpie is given a searching look from the unicorn. Snowfield's horn glows as a small lump of the gross looking blob is magicked out of the bowl and hovered carefully into the little mare's mouth. She chews it deliberately. "You heard wrong."

The Professor perks an ear at Sky, his gaze lingering on the pencil stuck in her nose. But only for a moment, mind, he's a polite pony for an old geezer after all. "Not so much the scent of honey drops in particular as the scent of something sweet. I can't rightly remember the last time anything sweet was available to eat." The old pony sneaks his way closer to the cauldron. "Honey drops, you say..?"

Jellybean is looking at the cauldron with big, eager eyes. After a minute he decides instead to go visit with the crowd of foals, explaining to them what these sorts of things taste like.

Solar-Wind nods to Snowfield, "when you're finished with your experiments, Thank you" he smiles some. "I'm sure Will would enjoy this" he comments lightly as he turns his attention to Windrose. He trots over to her table looking over the plans figuring in his head, "Windrose, how's your skills on the Weather Team?

Magpie's looking thoughtfully at a phial of what Snowfield assures her is extremely deadly poison. "Oh, I just… y'know… it seems like a shame to just throw it out, is all." Cinnamon is nice, but that's just cooking.

Blackbird curves an ear out. "I wonder if we could make a sort of analogue to ice cream?" he comments thoughtfully. "Like…honey snow cones or something." Because it's always ice cream with Blackbird, really.

Jellybean thinks. "Ice cream? I don't know. I'd like some cocoa, though. Mmm, cocoa." More explanations ensue.

Manyara blinks and chuckles, looking genuinely surprised - and amused! - by Blackbird's plan. "It might work! You never know. I hadn't thought to try a snow cream, but there certainly is plenty of snow to go around." She looks back at the first tray, smiling. "I think these are just about cool enough to try, if anyone would like to test them for me?" she offers to the group at large. Because why make candy if not to share it!

"Manyara, could you give me some of that honey?" Snowfield says after spending a minute trying to work through the mouthful of cinnamon analogue— luckily it is the cinnamon-esque half of the plant, for she's pretty clearly not dead after eating a mouthful of it. She magics the bowl towards the abada for a dollop of sweetness."

Windrose shrugs her shoulders a little at Solar, making her wings flicker briefly. "I've had all the basic classes while I was still in Canterlot. But I've spent more time mapping where what needs to be made where than actually doing it, admittedly. So I'm prrrobably a little rusty."

Sky Sparkler nods to the Professor, then to Jellybean. "Maybe Cocoa on ice cream?" she suggests. "Those two mix together nicely." Mmmmm. "But what's this about a raid?" she asks.

Blackbird chuckles, reaching for a piece sheepishly. "May I? I know I'm not really the target demographic—" he glances at the foals around the area. "But I've certainly been craving something sweet."

Solar-Wind smiles to Windrose, "we'll need some cloud cover for the raid, something we can use to mask our approach some. perhaps a bit of ground fog or a haze we can bring in for a more stealthy approach" he comments, "That's why I need a weather team to fly with us" he notes then looks over to Sky-Sparkler "We're gonna give the Shadowbolt camp a little visit, and raid them for supplies. I'm on the lead for this mission as I was the one whom got Kludge from their captivity, I know the location, and the approximate strength of their force" he intones softly, "And I have to pay Captain Twist a little visit.

Ruby-Blossom trots into the Cafeteria - certainly curious about the smell; equally curious to see Manyara doling out sweets. "And here I thought I was the only pony who grabbed honey." she smiles and makes her way over to take a seat next to Windrose whom she playfully nudges.

Manyara chuckles, dropping a spoonful of the honey syrup into Snowfield's bowl before offering the tray to Blackbird. "Certainly! There's plenty for everypony. We could all use a little treat, I think."

Windrose ahs, bobbing her head a bit to Solar. "Oh, fog. Fog is simple enough, I can probably handle that." Then urps softly as she's nudged by Ruby. "Oh there you are Ruby! I was just telling Solar I finished making some general layout maps for you guys to plan battle strategy and stuff on." Points a hoof over at the table she was working at, covered in what remains of the paper and inks she had with her. "Told ya I'd find a way to help you."

Magpie oohs and grins at Manyara! "Oh! Oh! I want one!" she chirps, bouncing on her hooftips.

Snowfield floats the bowl back to herself with a quiet, "Thank you." She picks up a few other supplies she had nearby— some bright red flowers that she shreds in midair before dropping in, some flecks of tree bark, and a small rock. She picks up a short length of tree root in her mouth and begins stirring the concoction. "Blackbird, I've changed my mind," she grunts from around the root. "Come be my guinea pig."

Sky Sparkler nods to Solar Wind at the mention of a weather team. "I am a trained weather pony," she comments, "And I'd be glad to help you with cover. In fact…" she hums to herself. "How about a full-bore electrical storm? Complete with pounding rain and rolling thunder?"

Blackbird lights up and grabs a piece of honey candy, flicking it into his mouth. "Thanks, Manyara," he offers, "it's delicious. Mmmm." Of course, then the stallion is beckoned, and he trots back to Snowfield, mouth full of honey. "Hmrmm?" Nom nom.

» Snowfield rolls 1d10 (Rolling for invasion of personal space) — Result: 6 | Sum: 6

Ruby-Blossom offers Windrose a friendly smile before casually pointing out. "So you left these inks and papers untended in a cafeteria full of foals?" Hating to be the one to point this out, as there is a good likelihood things may transpire from simply entertaining the thought. She glances briefly at Solar-Wind before coughing into one hoof. "Lead, huh?" Really she's just curious no judgmental!

Luckily all the foals are busy ogling candy! Or trying to get a honeydrop, or comparing tastes with each other, or squealing Foals~

The Professor sneaks one of the honey drops himself, thoughtfully sucking on the sweet treat as he watches Manyara make more. "…This was awful sweet of you to do." he says around his honeydrop. Ahh, lost in memories. Meeeeemorieeeees.

Jellybean is in said crowd, albeit slightly more well-behaved than the others of his present peer group.

When Blackbird reaches Snowfield she has magicked a coin-sized lump of bright red goo out of the mixture and is in the process of cooling it. Upon seeing her victim walking into her trap so obliviously she lifts it higher so that it is right in front of his face. "Eat this," she orders.

Solar-Wind Hmm's some, "I think we should keep you in reserve as that lightening would be a good attack against that dragon" he mentions then shoots a glance to Ruby, "Leading, as pointing the way, but also more, as I am the only pegasus that knows how to get there" he offers. He gets up and trots over to the tray's for serving, retrieves some drops, and returns to the table with Windrose and Ruby setting the tray before them before reseating himself.

Manyara smiles, floating a drop over to Magpie obligingly before moving to distribute some amongst the other foals, looking quite happy about it. "Oh, not at all," she asides to the Professor. "I will admit I quite enjoy making little treats. I heard we had the ingredient and thought it would be a nice chance to do something enjoyable. I just hope everypony enjoys them. That's half the fun."

"They didn't show up until the smell started to spre" Windrose pauses as that actually sinks in properly. "Dangit!" Fortunately the kids are pretty well distracted. "Thanks." She pops the drop in her mouth and quickly scrambles over to clean up her stuff before the foals get into it. It was enough of a mess when she gave a few of them drawing lessons! A fun mess, but still a mess none the less.

Ruby-Blossom waves a hoof to graciously decline the candy "Give it to Maggie or somepony else who appreciate it." She perks at Solar's explanation. "I've been meaning to talk to the professor about the dragon. Fizzy and I have that one covered." she turns around and calls out "Yo Professor!" waving both hooves to get his attention.

Jellybean, one of said foals, pops the sweet into his mouth and sucks on it happily. "I didn't know you made candies too, Manyara. I thought you just made crazy potions and stuff, like that one that made me switch bodies with Sadaka." Pause. "This isn't a crazy candy, is it? Am I going to swap bodies with somepony again? Is it going to be Snowfield?"

"If you do the first thing I'm doing with you is brewing a Poison Joke cure," Snowfield says while waiting for Blackbird to finish his mouthful of honey and eat her candy.

Magpie snaps the honeydrop out of the air and giggles. Yay! She sighs and sits right down on the floor with a blissful smile.

Blackbird swallows his sweet, and then looks at Snowfield expectantly. "Alright, let me guinea this for you. It's not the poison, right? Pretty sure everyone involved was joking about that." Ahem.

Sky Sparkler nods to Solar Wind. "It's not how I like to use my powers," she admits, "But it may be one of our best weapons." Weapons. She never had to think about weapons before she came to this dark world.

Hm? Professor Redmane glances up, his silent reverie interrupted by wildly waving hooves. "Ah, Ruby." he says, maneuvering himself through the crowd of generally gleeful foals.

Snowfield waits expectantly. "As far as I am aware none of the ingredients are still poisonous, now stop dilly-dallying and put it in your mouth."

Manyara giggles a bit, shaking her head. "No, Jellybean. Nothing crazy here. Just candy. It's a hobby of mine, candymaking. Just something I like to do!" There probably aren't any of the ingredients she'd be used to around here to make silly fun potions anyways.

Ruby greats the professor with a big ol mischievous grin - it couldn't be more obvious she's hiding something; something very very good. "We ain't had a real chance to talk since this whole assault started to unfold. I was hoping to run a couple things by you when the settings proper." Motioning to the room full of foals to suggest talk of assaults and violence may not be the most appropriate topics with a room full of foals. She snickers. "I mean, you already know about the disguise - let's just say this plan's a lot bigger."

Magpie comes trotting over to Ruby. "oh!" She mumbles around the candy, "I have an idea!" She waves her hoof excitedly!

Solar-Wind looks absolutely in bliss as he sucks at his honey drop and gulps it down happily. He nods and looks from Commander Ruby to the Professor. He merely smiles.

NOMF. Blackbird takes a spoonful of Snowfield's dubious concoction. Brave soul.

SURPRISE! Blackbird's mouth is now on fire as if he ate a whole mouthful of cinnamon fireball candies at once!

Someone has awarded you karma! Keep being awesome!

The Professor glances around to the assorted foals, then nods his head. "Bigger, hm? How much bigger?" His gaze drops down to Magpie. "All ideas are welcome, of course."

"Mnf—NFFMMFFMF" Blackbird flails his hooves as tears spring to his eyes. FLAIL.

Snowfield watches Blackbird's reaction carefully. "…so is it good?"

Ruby-Blossom nods at Maggie "Let's hear your idea." she encourages the foal before glancing back to the professor "Oh, plenty big." a broad, and amused grin.

Windrose leans over to aside to the Professor. "Watch out. When she smiles like -that-…" Though she's mostly just teasing Ruby.

Blackbird abruptly wheels around, galloping out of the room, and straight out the tunnel, to exit the base. And stuff snow in his mouth. "Mnnffgghh!!!"ing the whole way.

Jellybean seems to relax when he realizes that nothing zany is going to happen to him, sitting and savoring the sweet.

Snowfield looks down at her bowl of cinnamon analogue proto-candy. She picks up a lump of it and puts it into her own mouth. "…maybe it's a little on the spicy side," she eventually agrees. "Perhaps I shouldn't have left that sparkstone in there so long." She plucks the small rock out of the mixture and licks some of the candy off of it, causing her mane to stand on end momentarily as she does so.

Magpie mmphs around her candy. "W-well, uhm. You can… look like that crazy dragon lady, right?" She shifts the drop to the other cheek and says, "And, uh… uh… Snowfield just invented some kinda poison, right..?" It's like she found a new toy and wants to play with it.

The things these ponies do. Redmane hops out of the way as Blackbird charges past, blinking back at Snowfield and her crazy candy concoction. …Sparkstone. Hah. He rubs his chin. "Never thought about using one of those for cooking…" he mutters, then turns his attention back to the two fillies. Well, fillies compared to him anyway. Wait, what? "Poison?"

Manyara watches Blackbird go, blinking. "Oh, dear." She glances at Snowfield. "You may have overdone the heat a bit there, dear, yes." She eyes the bowl thoughtfully. Spicy candies are good too! Just perhaps not that spicy. Not when you're hoping to give candy treats to foals, at least!

Ruby-Blossom places a hoof atop of Maggie's head before glancing towards the professor - hoping he'll catch her glance. "I think she's suggesting we use poison or other means." It doesn't sound like Ruby is thrilled about the idea. "I don't have the right to make that kind of call." she admits - again looking to the professor. "Personally…" she goes quiet before ruffling Maggie's hair with one hoof. "You scamp."

"I thought the jolt from it would mask the fact that it's not really cinnamon," Snowfield explains to Redmane as she carries her bowl to Manyara's cauldron and takes some more honey to dilute her inferno candy. "I guess I underestimated exactly how much it would amplify the flavor. I'll need to keep that in mind for when we return to our own world, it'll help keep foals from knocking on my door if word spreads that my Nightmare Night treats will burn for days." She pointedly ignores any disapproving look from Manyara for that comment.

Blackbird returns at a ragged trot, face dripping with wet. "Hrfflergghmff," he comments, before flopping over between Manyara and Snowfield's respective cauldrons. "Fmffnghg."

Magpie ums. "I don't mean like… kill 'em or anything! But just a little. Make 'em sick. Give 'em upset tummies. They can't fight then!"

Magpie looks hopefully up at Ruby. "…right?"

Windrose glances up from packing away what meager supplies she has left. "They've got a point. Make 'em too ill to fly or run properly."

Ruby-Blossom ohs softly - clearly she misunderstood; and she looks relieved to say the least. "Yeah, that wouldn't be half bad. Problem is getting them eat the candy - I get the feeling that Will isn't' the type to share, and if she proclaims." her voice suddenly that of Will. "I brought my dear troops treats!" Again back to Ruby "I get the feeling they'd either runaway on their own, or know I'm an imposter." she grins "But I'm sure somepony can come up with a better delivery method."

Manyara obligingly shoots Snowfield quite a look of disapproval, floating another one of the honey drops over to Blackbird. "I would think your locale alone would keep them from knocking on your door, dear."

Magpie gasps in horror. "YOU CAN'T GIVE THEM OUR CANDY!" she yelps. "Put it in their water or shoot darts at 'em or somethin'!"

"That hasn't stopped Jellybean from harassing me," Snowfield says to Manyara as she gives the new mixture a taste. "…blech, too sweet for me. Here, Jellybean, will you try this?"

Blackbird sticks out his tongue, where it is indeed a little swollen and a lot red. He accepts the new honey drop with a pathetic whimper. Mmfff.

Jellybean blinks, then trots up and opens his mouth obligingly. "Yes Miss Snowfield, thank you." Comments about him harassing her are met with a little wingtremble but no other reaction.

Windrose wing-spasms and falls over on her side from how loudly using the candy was objected to. @_@ At least she doesn't bleat like a goat.

Ruby-Blossom chuckles "I never implied we give them the good candy. Then again, I shouldn't have called that" motioning towards Snowfield's cauldron "Candy. Let alone imply it was for pony consumption." Offering Snowfield a big ol grin before hopping to her hoofs. "Hey Professor, I'll catch you later - someplace quiet like your office?" she reaches over to make a mess of Maggie's mane again.

"It's certainly an interesting idea." the Professor admits, stroking his chin. "Poison their food or water. Just a little. Except, do you know how potent your poison is?" He shakes his head slowly. "We'll have to think on it…" He waves a hoof to Ruby too, then dips his head. "Another time then."

Snowfield floats a new piece of candy into Jellybean's mouth. With the extra honey diluting the OH CELESTIA WHY heat of the candy, it now tastes more like a proper cinnamon candy! Spicy enough to make you think about what you've done, but not so spicy that you wouldn't eat a second one.

Blackbird flails his hooves in warning at Jellybean! Don't eat it! DON'T — he ate it.

Jellybean looks surprised for a second when the taste reaches him, but relaxes and indeed seems to be enjoying it. "This is really good, Snowfield! Thanks!"

Snowfield frowns at Jellybean's reaction. "Shoot, I added too much honey." And there's no way to take it back, she doesn't have any more poisonous herb to distill cinnamon essence from. "I guess I'll make drops out of it and let you do what you want with it, Manyara," she says despondently.

Manyara chuckles faintly. "You'll figure out a recipe next time, dear. For now, at least, you're getting to introduce the foals to a new flavor! Maybe they'll appreciate it nearly so much as you do." She turns back to stirring her cauldron. Yay, candy~