Can T You See You Re Tearing Us Apart
IC date: Winter 40
OOC date: 28/01/13
Location: Rising Chaos' house
PCs: Stormdancer Queen-Pegasus, Rising-Chaos

From the North, she comes. From the wilds and the woods, she comes. 'Cross storm-swept skies… She comes. Jaw set, saddlebags loaded- Stormdancer has the look of a mare on a mission of grim importance… As she lands at the front door of Rising's Home for Wayward Mares. A hoof is raised! And is brought down to knock on the door politely. Rap-rap-rap!

Rising-Chaos looks over from where she lays beside her Queen. "One moment, I'll see who it is, my Queen." She gets to her hooves and resets her cloak. The unicorn opens the door and look out, her expression one of total confusion when she sees her guest. "Stormdancer? Um, would you like to come in?"

Queen glances to the door when somepony comes knocking - but her interest wanes and she resumes lazing in front of the fire on her bed of pillows - which have some how gotten far less comfortable now that Rising has wandered away.

"'eya, Arcee." Stormdancer gives her a weak smile. "'s Patch in? Been thinkin' 'bout our talk a lil' while back, an' reckon I oughta try settlin' things 'tween me an' 'er." She ruffles her feathers briefly, giving a glance down the street and shifting about uncomfortably. Something clunks about in her saddlebags.

Rising-Chaos eyes Stormdancer, but decides to trust the mare. "She's here, yes. Why don'[t you come in?" The unicorn makes way for her friend. "I did mention that she's kinda important to me, yes? I don't want any harm to come to either of you."

(OOC) Stormdancer: That her subtle 'No trying to assassinate my marefriend right in front of me -again-' hint? >_>
(OOC) Rising-Chaos: yes
(OOC) Rising-Chaos: and yes, AGAIN

Queen rolls into a sitting position long enough to take a sip of hot tea. Her wings are in far better shape then the last time Stormdancer saw her - but her right, front hoof is wrapped up snuggly in what appears to be a cast - seems that /somehow/ got broken.

Stormdancer crosses the threshhold into the warm- and dry!- interior. "Don' plan on nopony gettin' 'urt, though a lotta that depends'n 'er. But th' idea's solid!" she hurries to reassure Rising, probably achieving quite the opposite effect.

Rising-Chaos frowns at that. "Because I have so much precedent to trust your plans Stormdancer," she sighs. "Come in, let's see your idea." The mare goes and stands near her Queen, but is too worried to lay down.

Queen glances over her shoulder at Stormdancer but says nothing before taking a sip of her tea. Her gaze is neither hostile nor condescending - simply curious. It's obvious from her little bed, and warm tea that Queen is well pampered by Rising or another could simply interpert this as 'Queen taking advantage of Rising'.

"'ey now, Arcee- 'bout -'alf- m' ideas work jus' fine!" Stormdancer protests as she follows Rising to her Queen. (Not that she's hard to miss.) A frown crosses her face as she looks at the pink pegasus, but she sternly squashes it back down into a carefully neutral mask, standing just out of hoove's reach. She takes a breath to start- and another- before the words tumble on out.

"I know we got bad blood 'tween us, Patch. Reckon e'en -if- ya didn'- if we didn' git off ta a bad start, we ain't ne'er gonna be close pals. But Arcee, she cares 'bout ya, an' says yer tryin' ta change." Another breath, before she finishes up in a flurry. "- Sa if yer willing I'm willin' ta set things clear 'tween us sa our fussin' ain't gonna 'urt 'er none. Deal?"

Rising-Chaos frowns at the 'about half' comment, but otherwsie stays silent. Her frown does turn in to a smile at Stormdancer's speech. That's really, sweet, actually. Rising gets a little emotional, that's not something ponies have really ever done for her.

Queen sips her tea then again before setting the cup down as Stormdancer finishes her little speech. Slowly she turns to half-face Stormdancer - looking at the mare with her good eye. "You're mistaken if you think /I/ hold any ill feelings towards you." In reality Queen simply considers the other mare 'insignifigant'. "I understand you want to keep an eye on Rising, and that is commendable. I simply hope you're doing it because you care about her, and not because you mistrust me." Words are so easily manipulated. She waves a hoof dismissively. "I will consider things settled if you can at least manage to refer to me by name." Prideful as ever - but hey she is being nice on a scale of Queenie.

Stormdancer's feathers fluff up for a moment again- What, she can't even hold up her side of a feud properly?! - No, calm, calm. "I ain't still addin' th' 'Creepy'," she offers, unhooking the clasps of her saddlebags with her wings. "An' I'm willing ta go's far as 'Kewpie', but ya ain't gettin' me ta call ya Queen." And out of those bags? A pair of pies from each one, now being held balanced. "- Then there's th' matter've these."

Rising-Chaos almost lets out a groan. Why does she have to love two of the most headstrong, prideful mares ever? Why does she have to love them so much? She eyes the pies warily. "Please tell me that's desert."

"Two've 'em are," Stormdancer tosses as an aside to Rising, not taking her eyes off of Queenie.

Rising-Chaos sits down, rolling her eyes and dreading what will happen next.

Queen quietly watches Stormdancer. "Kewpie is not my name." she emphasizes. "Queen Pegasus is." If that's her Celestia given name - no pony knows. She briefly eyes the pies cautiously. "Ahh. An attempt at humor, how quaint." Her blue eye darts towards Rising oh so briefly before returning to Stormdancer. "Respect goes along way with me, RainPrancer. You would also find it recopicated were you to show any."

If Stormdancer's telling a joke, she's got the best danged poker face west of Prance. Patiently, she explains. "Queen's a title I ain't callin' nopony, an' just callin' ya Pegasus'd be a bit demeanin', don't ya think? Like callin' fer Arcee b' shoutin' 'Unicorn. Ya got somethin' else, I'll call ya that." Speaking of Unicorn, she gestures at her with one hoof, the pies staying perfectly balanced. "An' ask 'er- Yer gettin' just's much respect's I give anypony. Mebbe't ain't fancy, but it's honest."

Rising-Chaos nods. "It's true. Stormdancer is a bit, rough around the edges, manners wise. She is very honest about what she says, but I know that she's doing her best to be pleasant right now." The mare winces at the gesture. "Would you like me to take those pies to the kitchen, Stormdancer?"

Queen quietly watches Stormdancer for the longest time - enduring the mare's silly little explination. "Then perhaps you should confer with Rising, and find something far more respectful than 'patches'. I'm certain you wouldn't want somepony poking at any of your…heh…blemishes."

Stormdancer shakes her head at Rising. "Nah thanks- They're 'portant. Ye'll see." Then, back to Queen: "Ain't anythin' ta do with yer coat. What else'm I gonna call somepony wearin' a eyepatch? Water Wings? Pinkie's ta obvious, an' more'n a bit silly. Leadflanks, mebbe! Works well fer ya shootin' iron -an'- sounds right fer yer last job." She leaves the third, most obvious reason unsaid, though she finishes with a satisfied grin.

Queen-Pegasus slowly stands up right - the mare of well-above average height. Her gaze slowly hardening as she peers at Stormdancer. "If you haven't anything nice to say, then don't say anything at all. It's clear you were never taught any manners." the pegasi says now standing tall - on three hooves, but still tall! "Allow me to impart on you some friendly advice - consider your words before you speak. Shooting your mouth about ponies and things you don't know will only get you into trouble." The tall pegasi glaring down at Stormdancer - still not being /mean/ by Queen standards!

Rising-Chaos sinks to the floor. Oh no, everything has gone wrong again. This time, she has no idea what the outcome is except she'll probably be left friendless. Why does everything have to explode?

"An' there ya go 'gain, findin' offense where there weren't none meant- An' don' kid yerself, Kewpie- We -both- know ya ain't some dainty featherweight." Stormdancer returns Queen's glare with one of her own. "'cause Celestia save anypony what don't stick their nose clear up yer plot an' might say somethin' ya don' wanna hear!" She paces towards the other pegasus, wings cocked back- pie tins still balancing there, somehow. "Of -course- th' right r'sponse ta somepony -complimentin'- ya is ta start talkin' 'bout cuttin' their -buckin' wings off-, an' when they call ya out'n actin' crazy, ya just -prove 'em right- e'ry single time-!"

Queen-Pegasus scoffs loudly. "Oh heavens yes - that is what this is all about; me and my demanding personality. It has /absolutely/ nothing to do with your inability to parse thoughts before speaking, now does it? Then again - I do believe you just proved me right again by shooting off your mouth without understanding a single thing about the situation or the pony you speak with." She leans forward to all but bring her nose to RainPrancer's. "I've no interest in having your nose anywhere near my plot - the only thing I'm concerned with here is the happiness of my Rising-Chaos." she plants her flank suddenly. "So by all means be disrespectful if that's what is required for Rising to maintain your friendship." she mvoes to turn away from RainPrancer. "I'll endure your hardheadness and disrespect to make MY Rising-Chaos happy."

Rising-Chaos winces, and winces again. Things are only getting worse. She can't speak out against this, because there's no sense here. Just two stubborn amres butting heads.

And then Queen Pegasus starts being cute. That makes her blush, and feel like she wants to just melt in to a puddle on the floor. Could she just not be here right now, would that be okay?

Stormdancer twists about to bring one wing back, trembling and holding the pies- Just a hair away from launching a point-blank volley at Queen's back! "Ya got a hay've a way've showin' it, -Patch-. One've yer new mooks's -already- tried killin' Arcee, an' when -that- didn' work-" She snaps her mouth shut, growling, before she continues. "Sa after ya git 'er killed, ye'll what, slap 'round 'ooever did't fer breakin' yer toy an' go find somepony else ta take 'vantage of?"

Queen half-glances over her shoulder at Stormdancer. "You'd make an excellent politician - always shooting your mouth off like you know everything. If you knew anything then you'd know Rising-Chaos is my special somepony and not some toy I'd allow harm to come too. Then again, you wouldn't know that as you've clearly been too busy thinking of way to get even with me instead of watching out for your friend." the mare shooting to /all/ four hooves despite the tremendous pain shooting through the front right hoof. Her wings splayed wide and single blue eye narrowed in a deadily gaze. "You're too thick headed to undrstand that Rising-Chaos values your friendship! You're not here for her - you're here because of me. Because you despise and mistrust me - and justifibly so. I can at least say I am here because I love Rising-Chaos and intend to spend my life with with her." The mare perhaps looks far more intimidating than ever - strange how that happens when you actually have something to protect! "I was a fool to think that I could ever ask you join my new crew. I attempted to look past your bull-headedness and loud mouth - but I will not stand for you insinuating I would ever let harm come to Rising-Chaos." No seriously - she looks dangerous on a whole new level - not just a mean mare, but a viscious mare with something worth protecting.

Rising-Chaos opens her mouth, half getting up. Then as Queen Pegasus goes on her little rant, the unicorn blushes again. IS she really worth that much to the mare? Is that really… Oh… The unicorn sinks down again, no longer even sure what she's going to do.

"Rising's friendship is the -only- reason I'm here," Stormdancer counters, snapping her wings down into striking positions. Yes, Queen is looking properly dangerous! Which makes the smaller mare focused. If the ponies had heavy industry, it'd be like tightening up an acetylene flame, but they don't, so the analogy would be lost on them. Unheeding of the now-fallen pies (Banana Cremes, Pear, you shall be missed! Apple shall avenge you!), she steps in closer, mirroring Queen's action from earlier and putting her face right all up in her business.

"I'm trying to make -peace- with you so she doesn't have to -worry- about having to -choose-. But if -you- can't keep your crew under control, you -will- get her hurt! It's nearly happened already! If Gravity hadn't been there to catch her, I'd have been -burying- her instead of comforting her!" If she were more of a weather pony, lightning would be crackling between her and Queenie- instead, it'll have to remain merely an artistic effect.

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Queen-Pegasus stares down into Stormdancer's eyes with frightening intensity. "If you were truely here for Rising's sake then you'd realize that I had no part in that debacle nor would I have condoned it. If you haven't noticed I'm a tad a homebound at the moment. She points towards Rising with her good hoof (unknowingly putting additional weight on the bad). "I do not know what Rising was thinking nor Daisychain when such events occured! Surely you will blame me for every mishap that befalls Rising, won't you!?" Her lone eye darts towards Rising then snaps back to Stormdancer. "I don't care if you call me Kewpie, but don't you dare pretend to understand our relationship. Because if I recall /you/ haven't been around US long enough to understand. You ran off leaving her with a psychotic, murderous pirate. You DO understand that, don't you?"'

Rising-Chaos finally works up the courage to stand up for /something/. "Umm, Stormdancer didn't run off. I fired her, for what she did, and I'm not proud of it. Stormdancer was the best assistant I ever had. I value and trust her as a friend and she offered me support that I was unsure I would get elsewhere. The fact that she even came here today to do this shows just how much she values this friendship of ours." She turns a look on Stormdancer. "And My Que- no, my Love, has sworn to protect me. Daisychain's action that day were her own initiative, and I was foolish to trust her. I let my guard down, it was NOT my Love's fault." Having said her piece, she slumps back down to the ground. Chance sof her being ignored? Pretty high.

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Stormdancer is about to set the record straight when- Hey! Rising does it for her! And breaks up the flow of the arguement enough for the blue pegasus to start cooling down. One breath, two- Wings out of attack position- three… "I'll keep ya at yer word then, Kewpie." There's still a glare, but it's more of a scowl or a passing irritation compared to just moments again. "But'f I catch ya makin' Arcee cry…" Both of them have enough experience with threats that the rest of the sentence really doesn't need to be said, surely.

Queen-Pegasus huffs softly "I've no intent on making Rising cry tears of pain or sorrow, I assure you that. I fully expect you to keep a vigilant eye on her." That's something the pair can agree - as Queen's temper cools she suddenly collapasses as her rage-powered endurance and focus fades. This brings about the realization of intense pain as she has been putting tremendous weight on her broken leg.

Rising-Chaos rushes over to her Queen's side. "My Queen, elt me help you." Her horn flares to life as she tries to numb the pain and help the pegasus with her wounds. While she does this, the unicorn looks over at Stormdancer. "Look, I really appreciate everything you've said here. I have never had a friend as good as you, and I've never loved a mare as much as you." That last comment is directed to Queen Pegasus. "Thank you, I love you both, as a friend and as… something more. You both want to help, and for that I am so thankful." She stammers off in to silence, and just goes back to tending Queenie's leg.

Queen appears to have fainted - it would appear she was so focused on situation, so focused on proclaiming her intent to protect and love Rising that she was completely blind to the amount of pain and damage done to her own leg. But at least she's asleep and not yelling at Stormdancer!

Stormdancer can't help but wince as Queen takes her tumble, stepping out of Rising's way to let her help the fallen mare. She rests one wing across her friend's back briefly, before she goes to salvage the one surviving pie. (The other three are -so- going to attract ants.) Afterwards, she brings it over to the two, setting it down in front of them. "'course th' one fer bein' neighborly's th' one what -ain't- face down'n th' floor." A look at Queen, sleeping there. "- Ya two should 'ave it 'n she wakes up."

Rising-Chaos appreciates the gesture. Seeing her Queen be out cold, she moves away. "Thank you Stormdancer, really. I've never had anypony who cares for me like you, so…" She throws her forelegs around the mares neck nd just hugs for all she's worth. It's been a very emotional night. "Just know that I feel the same for you, okay? I won't see you hurt or sad, you can always come to me. Even if we have to sneak off and spend some time together to find the peace, okay?"

Stormdancer hugs Rising back, resting her head on the other mare's neck. Hey, being angry and shouty is exhausting! "Thanks, Arcee." A pause, silence just for the hug. Then: "I'll try ta come 'round more, see'f I kin na rile 'er up sa much." She looks back up and over at the spoiled pies, making a face. "- Though I -was- 'opin' ta mush th' banana creme inta 'er face… Still! 't mostly all worked!" Not a full-force grin, but at least it's a smile!

Rising-Chaos keeps the hugs for a couple moments longer before letting go. "I know how hard it must have been for you Stormdancer, I really do. I really just think you two are very silly mares sometimes. I'll let you figure it out, just remember I love you two okay? I WILL stop you from tearing each other apart, no matter how bad you think you wnat it." She nudges the amre playfully. "Now, instead of sending you home form this empty hooved, why don't you let me buy you a drink? I've done all I cna for the Queen until she wakes up, and she'll be asleep for at least a cuple hours, I have made sure of it. I should compensate you for the pies, at least." She rolls her eyes. "And if you are that devastated about it, you can throw a pie at MY face."

Stormdancer's smile slowly turns into a smirk as she takes a couple of steps backwards… and stomps on the edge of one of the pie tins to flip it up. Ruined to eat, sure- Ruined to squish? No such thing! She catches it in her wing, and pushes it at Rising's muzzle! "'kay!"

Rising-Chaos is caught entirely off guard as she is pied. The thing slowly falls of her face and she stares forwards for a bit. The unicorn licks her lips, and there's a couple moments of silence. "Oh," is all she can really say. Pie's not bad though, to be fair. "Well."

Stormdancer leans in to nuzzle Rising, sharing in mess. "- Fun, b' na nearly as satisfyin'," she chirps up with a grin, before cantering around to be side-by-side with the unicorn. "Time fer th' bar!"

Rising-Chaos nuzzles back, chuckling. "Well i'm glad you had some fun, but I'm not going ANYWHERE until I'm cleaned up." the unicorn starts to trot to the kitchen, to get a towel. "It would not do well for my appearance."

Stormdancer chuckles as Rising heads out, before looking down at Queen. She's quiet… then reaches over for a pillow, slipping it under the unconscious pegasus's head, before following after.