Camp Everfree
IC date: Summer 81, 1007
OOC date: September 10, 2012
PCs: Sodium-Fizz, Dustdevil
GM: None

Deep in the marshland surrounding the ever dreaded Everfree Forest

 Another morning dawned in the Everfree, though it did little to alleviate the perpetually oppressive gloom beneath the thick canopy of the forest. No, the gnarled and sinister trees remained as foreboding as always. However, off in one of the sparse clearings of the forest the dawning light was a rather welcome sight as a slate grey mare pushed her dusky purple mane out of her face and turned to face it. She'd always been partial towards silent comforts of night, but not this time. Sodium-Fizz let the sunlight sooth her for a moment before turning her attention back to the embers burning before her in the fire-pit, using the stick in her forehooves to move one of the small clay pots sitting in it further from the center.
With an explosive disaster thus averted she turned her attention to the only other occupant of the clearing, sleeping away yesterdays escapades under a very makeshift lean-to that looked like it was about to come down at a moments notice. It wouldn't. She hoped.
The snoozing pegasi was still sprawled out in pretty much the exact position that he had fallen over the preceding evening, still out like a light, though is obviously being challenged by a stray sunbeam that is doing its best to rouse him. The pegasi sniff sniff snorts and grumbles under his breath though is still not awake from this. Apparently he's a hard sleeper or very dense.
 With there being more 'morning light' the pegasi is starting to come out of his sleepful daze, starting with his usual morning rituals… Eyes slowly opening, then inevitably that full body stretch, legs slowly stretching out, then wings. Oh the wings. Everything comes to a screeching halt right then and there
 Dustdevil practically squeaks, there's a momentary noise of total agony, before he clamps his jaw shut, with this wide eyed, then Eyes locked shut quick blink as he practically writhes in agony from merely stretching his wings. The cumulative strain of the flight, the crash, and the escape literally burning into him now
Sodium-Fizz winces in sympathy at Dustdevil. The adolescent pegasus however soon find a dark grey hoof under his muzzle, lifting his head up to the worried, pale yellow eyes looking down at him. "You okay there, Dust? Oh well, I obviously not I guess. Just stay calm for a bit. I'm brewing up something that should help with the pain some. You should be able to get back into the air in a day or two."
"Assuming you don't even TRY to fly any right now, anyways."
Dustdevil looks up to the yellow eyes of his friend and blushes some with embarrassment, he's so not good with this right now, he stammers out, "n not go going to try flying today, wings, mmmmmm, wings, they hurtsobad" he admits through a quivering voice, and rapidly blinking eyes. So much for being brave and strong, he's just not good right now, feeling out of place a bit obviously he looks down and murmurs tightly, "Thankyou" you can see him then clench his eyes shut, as he continues to work with his wings, he knows that if he keeps them immobile that it will only be worse later on. His eyes may be shut, but you may even notice tears, never a good sign from one like him, oh that must hurt!

Sodium-Fizz looks him over worriedly again before giving an reluctant nod. Raising a foreleg she gently brushed the tears away before turning back the embers and the pots. "Right then… Just… take it easy, this should be done in a little while," she said as she sat down again, picking up the bottle of whisky next to her. It was noticeably lighter now than it had been last evening. She didn't drink from it though, merely holding it as if for comfort, her eyes locked on the pots. Stifling a yawn she flicked her mane out of her face.

Dustdevil 's eyes are tightly closed, oh gods I was crying?! not cool, not cool, not cool. He thinks to himself, so not cool. "thankyou" he gasps out again and stops flexing his wings for now just letting them remain streached out like that. He is breathing in this panting breath and as he tries to work through the pain on his own. "Mmmok, this just reallyhurts" he admits "nevercrashed like that before" he admits sheepishly in a strained voice.
 The pegasi patiently waits for anything to help with the pain, anything to help with this tenseness of his muscles, anything at all.

Sodium-Fizz waits, tossing her mane out of her eyes once more. "I can imagine… Sorta. I made an elixir that'd ease the pain and help restore your flight muscles after overexerting them when I was a bit younger. Wound up doing just that, ended up stuck in a little town called Mossmire for almost a week… A very eventful week, at that," she chuckled, shifting the whisky bottle from hoof to hoof. For a moment anyway before placing it back down and grabbing her stick again, pushing the clay pot out of embers.
"Lets just give it a few moments to cool down."
Dustdevil nods a little, as he just merely exists for right now "Everythingelse is stiff, but ok" he mentions lightly. "You overexerted yourself, why-ever for?" he asks, "Were ya like on a weather patrol or something?" he asks curiously then stops, "Wait, wait, wait, when did you collect these ingredients?" he gulps hard suddenly worried for her, "Did, Did you sleep last night, at all?"
Sodium-Fizz falls silent for a few long moments, her eyes darting around the forest edge. "Well… I fly long distance. And I mean long distance. Other ponies might take a train, I fly. I wasn't used flying that intensely back then…" She bit her lower lip for a moment, brushing her mane out of her eyes again. They looked surprisingly dull, and almost bruised.
"And well, I spent a little time looking around the clearing after I got the fire started… and built the shelter, um… yeah…" She gave the haphazard construction an dubious stare, a schoolfilly could have done better than that. Both when it came to building and diverting conversations.
Dustdevil looks up suddenly dumb as a rock, "Shelter, Oh, woah" he looks up to the make-shift creation that indeed would shelter him from inclement weather, "ya got me out of that muck, saved my tail, found me water, built a nifty shelter and now got" he inhales some, still working with his stiffness and pain, "and now got some brew going to help with my pain" he relates, "Just who's the rescue pony here? Trying to take my job away from me?" he smiles up at you, and murmurs, "talk about making a pony feel out of sorts" he murmurs.
 "You didn't sleep, you couldn't have had the chance to" he mentions lightly looking extremely guilty now, "you could have woken me in the night to have me take watch" he tries, though knows he probably would have been meaningless and helpless to do much more than strain to stay awake, not to mention the pain he was in even now. He lays his head to his outstretched hooves. so un-used to being the one in the 'rescued' position

Sodium-Fizz shook her head. "Yeah, I didn't sleep… Doubt I could even if I'd wanted to, to be honest," she said, eyeing the forest around them again and shivering. With that she reached down for the clay pot and picked it up between her hooves gingerly and bringing it up. Held in the light one could see it properly, it was roughly spherical with a portion of it cut away for an lid, enameled an soft pink. A lid which seemed to have been glued back on, sealing the little container. It also had an small metal hoop to make it easier to carry and lift, either by mouth or with something like the stick.
Giving the lid quick tap-and-twist the pony alchemist got it lose and held out the pot for Dustdevil. Whatever it was she had brewed together, it smelled absolutely FOUL. "Drink this, it'll help a bit… But as I said, don't think of flying. If you can, try to move your wings as little as you can even. You'll be as good as new in a day or two… I hope."
Dustdevil sighs some but nods, "Tradeya" he mentions as he hooves a small packet of something official looking, even has the royal seal on it. "Chew that, don't swallow it but just chew on that for a bit, it'll help with your tiredness, help ya through the day, some of the new night guards would take it to keep the night clear for em" he notes before watching you pull that cap off the vial.
 Dustdevil's entire muzzle practically shrank as he got a whiff of that vile stuff "Ohwoah?!" he gasps some winces, tucks his wings at his sides almost cries again in doing so, but they won't get moved about again anytime soon. "The smell alone would threaten to cure me" he gasps, taking the vial from her. "I'm sure I'll be just fine after this, If my wings were really messed up I'd probably be crying or something" he jokes trying to lighten the mood as he performs a 'bottoms up' on the vial of fowl smelling stuff, He hack hack hacks a few times, clenches his eyes shut and just Phwaaaas holding his mouth open all ewwsickly "thats like a deaththreat in a bottle right there" he finishes it off completely!

Sodium-Fizz smirks as she takes the offered object, studying it a few moments before popping it into her mouth. She can't help but to giggle at Dustdevil's expression as the smell hits him full on. "Yes, well. I said I figured out how to make it, not that I figured out how to make it smell good… Or taste good for that matter."
Dustdevil still looks like he's panting like a dog, eyes crossed and just has this confused look on his muzzle, he flexes his jaw a little here and there, flexes a shoulder, doesn't flex his wings. But looks genuinely out of sorts with himself, but at least he's not complaining of any pain right now. He makes an attempt at standing upright, and succeed's does some preliminary stretches and nods some.
(your packet has effectively no taste other than what the exterior was wrapped in, sweetgrass 'paper' wrapping meant to be chewed upon. the insides are both organic, and magical in origin created by both unicorn magic, and a hint of alicorn magic)
 Dustdevil works out kinks in his back, and legs and nods. "no, the taste umm, it can get better but, wow, some absorption rate I gotta say, feels like I got punched in the jaw when it hit me" he shakes his head some to clear his head. "Whew, ya make a mean brew but wow, thats just Awesome" (its approved right there)
Sodium-Fizz blinks, seeming rather surprised to be honest. "Well… THAT was a new reaction to it I must say. Almost everypony goes 'woe upon me' and spend the next fifteen minutes or so whimpering. Horseapples, I go 'woe upon me' and spend the next fifteen minutes or so whimpering!"
Dustdevil laughs and just strikes a grin, though it fails as his entire mouth is numb or something. "In survival training, I've been exposed to some more" he pauses some, "unique food substances, field medical training also gave me some more fascinating experiences, akin to this one," he notes, "I kantt feel my tongue right now, and I think I can't taste anything besides. Kinda feels like the time I swallowed a slug" he notes honestly. "but this go around, its doing other things to other places too" he just keeps shaking his head squinting his eyes closed. "Kinda does make ya dizzy though" he notes some

Sodium-Fizz smiles and shakes her head for herself. "Makes me happy I'm not you then. And don't go and be dizzy…" she grumbles, seemingly embarrassed, "I'm dizzy, you can't be dizzy when I am…"
Dustdevil furrows his brow, and sits down from standing up, better to be seated and dizzy than be standing up when so. "Yeah It is a little Dizzy feeling, whole head is like totally numb, but at-least that taste has cleared, wait, you are you dizzy, that stuff you had was Princess Luna's speciality its like sucking straight on a freeking teabag all loaded with caffeine, but also pumped up with both Unicorn, and Alicorn magic! so ya don't taste much of anything" he offers as he still shakes his head, "never heard of it causing any dizziness before"

Sodium-Fizz sat silent for a moment before reaching down and picking up the whisky bottle she's been nursing through the night, seeming rather embarrassed as she does. Right, so there's the alcohol too. Self-consciously she put it back down behind herself before brushing her curly mane out of her face and giving an discrete cough. "Right, well… We still need to figure out what to do now, we still have a wagon stuck in the mud. And right now we don't really got a easy way to get it unstuck from said mud so we're in a bit of a sticky situation as far as that's concerned…"

Dustdevil slowly rights himself, The world is still a bit off in his perception, slightly squed and tipsy, but the world is starting to solidify more or less. "Ok, right well, we've got a nice base of operations right here. Need to shore up a few things here and there so everything is nice and happy, and we can make this our base camp for right now." he nods eyes cross again and he holds Very still. "Ok, no swift motions, no swift motions" he mentions "Well, the wagon had the harness that led to me, you used that to get me out, but on the wagon itself is my spare rope, now I know that the wagon is sunk in a bit, but if I fly over to it and I urrrr.
 He trails off and sighs. "If you can fly over to it, I know the wagon didn't sink more than a foot or so into the mud, you can root around in the mud with your hooves and retrieve that rope from the top of the wagon, Then we could attach the harness to the both of us, and then to that rope, than maybe with our strength combined, we could get it free" he notes though is Extremely awkward about the thought of getting you involved in the mud, you can see that this thought is making him embarrassed

Sodium-Fizz sighs. Of course. "Right, back to playing in the mud then it seems… And I just got rid of all the mud from the last time!" Even so the mare picks herself up, if maybe just a bit unsteadily, and stretches. Neck, back, wings legs. Shaking herself awake she took a few tentative steps. "Well, everything seems to be working as it should… Lets go and have a look at that wagon then, shall we?"

Dustdevil gets upright again, "Wait Fizzy, if you're not feeling up for this, than no, If you're dizzy in the slightest, than this isn't safe" he adds, "you've said you're not the best flyer out there, I don't want you to take this kind of risk" he pleads with genuine caring in his voice. He reaches out a hoof to your shoulder both for his own balance and to add to the point. "you'd have to land in the mud on top of the wagon, and feel out for that rope, and, and, and you'll get pretty muddy too" he sighs some

Sodium-Fizz grumbles and looks down at her hooves for a moment, the mutters, "I just don't like mud… But, if you're not going to let me go out and grab that rope…" She raised her head and looked about their little campsite. It wasn't particularly much, but true it would suffice… Assuming there didn't come a stiff breeze to knock down the lean-to anyway.

Dustdevil sighs, "If you're feeling dizzy than I'm not gonna let you risk flying out there to retrieve the rope. And you aren't a fan of the mud, which I can't blame you for, I totally understand that one" he nods, "We'll wait on that for now, Its there, and sure as heck not going anywhere anytime soon."
 The dusty pegasi looks about this base-camp area. "Ok here's what we're gonna do. I can break down the harness rope so that it's its full length since I tied it, I can untie it, Next you're going to attach one end to yourself, and the other end to a tree at the edge of this clearing, and take your harness and buckets, and scout the local area around the camp" he states "Don't take the rope off, it will help you in more than one way. You won't get lost, and it will give you support incase you find yourself in a situation" The dirty pegasi continues. "Retrieve anything that can ward off critters that may think us tasty treats, or whatever you think would be useful around camp." He furrows his brow in thought. "I'll be here shoring up the encampment, and securing everything. I'm not quite travel ready yet, but once I feel up to it I'll track you down via the rope." he suggests

Sodium-Fizz blinks slightly in surprise. "R-right… Well, right then. Okay, we'll do that…" It felt decidedly weird, this, she thought. Someone who actually seems to know what they're doing. For the most part. Chuckling for herself she nodded and spread her wings, fluttering over to the lean-to. "Well, I left my harness back near the wagon, but I still have my jacket. And now that I've taken out my alchemy tools there should be plenty of room for other things. Not as much as with the buckets, but enough…" Smiling widely she reached out for the jacket in question, which by the looks of it had been left hanging to dry. Presumably she'd taken some time to wash that during the evening or night as well. Snapping it up she dropped back to the ground, strugglig it on. Only to stop midd-action, her ears perking at the sound of creaking wood.
Behind her the lean-to collapsed into an pile of wood barely better than kindling with a loud crash.
Dustdevil smiles, seeing his training pay off in this remote wilderness, almost everything is working out he thinks to himself, now if only I was in better shape. He smiles to her in his 'I know what I'm doing now' look "Sodium-Fizz, Its ok, we'll work through this, we're just fine, just gotta play with the situations a bit. He cranes his neck and turns around watching the lean to-lean over and collapse. He eyes it a bit, then smiles back to you. "For not having a lick' of survival training that I know of, ya did a dang good job, heck if I could wing ya back to Canterlot, I'd be sure to get a medal of bravery for ya from one o' da' Princesses, or at least the Captain of the Royal Guard" he comments. "Saved my tail, and for that I certainly owe ya one!" he smiles and gives her a salute as she flits above.
 The Grounded Pegasi removes his vest and dumps various pockets in the padded down clearing beside the fire-pit and gets to work on the selection of wood that you collected for the lean-to then looks about for smaller trees along the perimeter of the clearing. "I'll take care of all this, no Worries Fizzy, just do me one favor, please, Be safe out there and stay attached to that rope, please" he begs of her.
Sodium-Fizz blushed, and it only got deeper the more he talked. She could only hope her coat actually covered that up. The praise was she had to admit rather nice, though it felt like he was talking of someone else. It certainly wasn't her anyway, she'd done nothing to earn it. She'd panicked, like always, and then been on edge through the night with only the whisky to ease her nerves. A bit. She nodded, barely. "W-well, I'll go and have a look… around yes. Just hand me the end of a rope and I'll be off…"

Dustdevil takes the end of that rope and secures it to a tree at the edge, then comes back to you where he applies the rope to your saddlebags, rope in muzzle, hoof over, then under then around and tug! You barely saw him do anything but there's a prompt strong knot secured fast to your saddlebags, its not going anywhere. "Ok, there ya go" he smiled as he is effectively extremely good at that. He furrows his brow some and ponders. "Be careful out there, Fizzy" he asks/tells/pleads with her as he looks from her back to the encampment, "Give me a yell, if ya need me, and I'll be right there, can easily just track ya down via that rope" he nods and smiles.
Sodium-Fizz flashes him a smile and nods, giving him a small mock salute. This… was better, yes. Get something to do, would help clear her mind. "Will do, Captain Dust. I'll be back as soon as I find something useful." With that she spread her wings, flying of towards the tree-line before diving inside, after a few moments of studying it hesitantly and leaving Dust for himself.

Dustdevil kinda liked that salute effect even though it wasn't quite spot on, her smile was enough for him really. 'Captain, really?! awww thats just *BLUSH*' she was off and away by the time that shade set into his cheeks. He's practically prancing like a foal with a crush right now, but he sets to work quickly and wastes no time in his efforts of survival construction. Camp Everfree!