Business As Usual
IC date: Summer 61
OOC date: 8/20/2013
Location: Main Street - Nocturne's House
PCs: Blast-Beat Nocturne Rising-Chaos
NPCs: Equalizer

With Willow out of the house, Nocturne has taken it upon himself to invite some newfound friends over to discuss a few ideas. They sit on a few couches around a coffee table, situated before a fireplace. Among the unicorn are two earth ponies, one golden-brown and stocky, the other short and blue, with a green mane and round eyeglasses.

"Well, I've run some numbers," the blue pony says as he neatly stacks some papers, "And our investment in this building will require the sale of some 200 records. That's where your friend will come in, other than helping with your own project. We'll need all the promotion we can get."

"Of course, Equalizer," Nocturne responds, sipping some coffee, "She should be here any minute. I'm sure that if there's anything to know about promotion in town, she'll be of some help."

"Hmm, well," Blast Beat crosses his forelegs as he begins to speak, "With Hatekraft, Nocturne's thing, and Fuzzbox and Echo's band "Suns and Roses", we should have a few records to get started with pretty soon. When did you say that mare was coming?"

Right now, actually. There's a knock on the door from said mare, rising Chaos to be exact. She's looking fairly normal, not quite as strung out as before even if that anxiety is still there.

"That should be her!" Nocturne stands up and makes his way to the front door, opening it and stepping aside, gesturing the mare inside. "Thanks for coming, Rising! Can I get you some coffee? Oh yeah, I understand that you've met Blast Beat before. This is his band-mate, Equalizer. These two were gonna help with my show, but we've come up with an idea that you may be interested in hearing. If we're successful, it could mean a lot more business for the Harbor."

Rising-Chaos raises an eyebrow. "I am familiar with Blast Beat, yes. Let's hear your idea." She walks in, taking a few moments to eye up the house, and all the ponies inside it. Is she comfortable? Not even a little, and it kinda shows, but Rising's discomfort is really hard to spot at the worst of times. "Also, I'll pass on the coffee, thank you."

"Well you see, Miss Chaos", Equalizer begins, "I have recently received the sales figures for Hatekraft's first album in Baltimare and Manehattan. So far, they have well surpassed our expectations for being a self-pressed album. This has led to my proposition with these two to start a record label here in Horseshoe Harbor. We would sign bands, press their CD's, organize shows, and promote them."

Blast Beat nods. "Yeah, and right now we're just doin' it all in my basement. That's fine and all, but if we get more bands, we're really not gonna have room for all of it, so we have to sell a lot more records so we can buy this nearby warehouse and do our business there."

"This would do a lot of good for the whole Harbor," Nocturne chimes in. "We would be exporting our albums across Equestria, and would even be pressing albums for bands outside of the Harbor. So the warehouse would also be a record store of sorts. Records don't seem to be the most popular thing around here, and we could change that. Think of how much business the Harbor would get if we had bands coming /here/ to do their shows, and sell their records!"

Equalizer turns back to RC and nods. "And that is why we need your help. So far I am not very educated on handling a business within the Harbor, and could certainly use your help promoting our endeavor."

Rising-Chaos taps her hoof for a while, while she absorbs all that's being said. There's a couple of fairly large assumptions being made here. "You are aware that I am an ex student who's never started a business before, yes? What makes you want my help?"

"From what I understand," Equalizer says, "You are involved with the town office. We're not exactly looking for business consulting, but are simply wondering how to get it started, even if it means scheduling an appointment with the town hall. I imagine that with starting a business comes registration for tax purposes. I also believe that Nocturne wanted to explain his current project to you-"

"Yeah, but we can get to that later," Nocturne interrupts. "But we'll really need your help getting this record store going once we have the money."

Rising-Chaos ponders for a while, pulls out a clipboard and flips through some papers, then puts it away. "Very well, I cna do that. I'll schedule you a meeting for town hall at your convenience. I can also get and approve the paperwork." She turns a look on Nocturne. Does he really think he can avoid an interesting sounding subject when she wants to know what it is?

"As for the idea," Nocturne says, "Now that I got these guys on board, I thought of something you could really help out with. You'll get a good cut of the pay for it, too. /Lighting/."

"Yeah, lighting!" Blast Beat says, his tone going from serious to more excited. "It'll make the show a lot more cool looking. It's all stuff that'd be synced to the songs we do. Trust me, the crowds'll love it!"

"So what do you say? You know a bit about light magic, don't you?" Nocturne smiles to RC, and also gestures at a vacant recliner after realizing how long the mare has been standing.

Rising-Chaos stays standing, she likes standing, standing is comfortable and lets her run faster on shorter notice. "I know more about light magic than most living ponies, Nocturne. However, my ability to do lighting for any kind of extended show is limited, at best."

"Hmm." Nocturne takes another ship of coffee and thinks for a moment. "I suppose we'll have to figure out something in that regard, but now may not be the time for that."

Equalizer nods at the mare. "We are, however, very thankful for the appointment with the town hall. If we can be there tomorrow, that would be ideal, but we'll settle for whatever the closest time we can get is. We've just already set aside our time today to work on some music."

Rising-Chaos takes the clipboard out again and scribbles away for a while. "Tomorrow it is. That's not an issue at all." After a little more note taking, she puts the thing away again. "Nocturne, I am sorry to disappoint, but I really am not a showmare. Perhaps I could find you one, but that's the best I can do."

Nocturne only gives the mare a reassuring smile in response. "It's no problem, RC, I just wanted you to have something you could do in the show that you're familiar with if you wanted to be a part of it. We at least appreciate your consideration. I'm pretty sure EQ knows of somepony who can help us out in that regard."

Rising-Chaos waves a hoof dismissively. "Think nothing of it, I don't need to be in a show. I've learnt plenty from you already, the moment is yours. Thank you for the offer, though. Now, is that everything?"

"I think so." Nocturne turns to the other two, who only give nods and shrugs. "Yeah, looks like it. Thanks for coming by, RC. The meeting tomorrow will be a big help. I'm sure I'll see you again at some point."

"I'm sure it will. I will probably be there as well, to give you your paperwork and the like. See you around, colts." With a quick turn, she marches out the door. Business accomplished.