Burnt Rum
IC date: Winter 75, 1006
OOC date: March 2, 2012
PCs: Salty, Snowfield, Sadaka, Jellybean, Jettison, Lavender
NPCs: Mayani, Lavender's Parents, Almond
GM: Fluttershy

It's a lovely, crisp evening out in Horseshoe Harbor. The sun has only just set, and there's a gentle blanket of snow that's been scraped to either side of the walkways. Bright, colorful lights wink brilliantly from the eves of buildings around the square and outskirts of town, as beacons to guide the resident ponies through the dark winter.

Still, as dark as it may be, the town square is just a little bit brighter tonight. Because a building is on fire.

(OOC) Sadaka: Is it at all pertinent what building it is? XD

Jellybean has settled in for the day: sorting out the weather for even a small place like this is a lot of work when you're the only weatherpony in town. In fact, he had dozed off for a nap and woke up to an unusually bright light off to the east. Is it morning already? The colt rubs his eyes and looks out the window. No, there's just a building on fire: he settles back into his bed and tries to get back to…



That's bad. "Oh dear, oh dear oh dear oh dear." Within moments he's out the door and flying overhead, looking for a nice wet-looking cloud and trying to remember if he moved any today. "Fire! Everypony, there's a fire! Come help!"

(OOC) Salty: It's … wherever they sell the cider/rum/whathaveyou :3
(OOC) Jettison: noooooo

Snowfield tries not to come into the town center more often that strictly necessary, if only because this is where the most ponies tend to gather and the likelyhood of having to interact with someone greatly increases. Still, the great, billowing column of smoke that's blotting out the stars drew her attention like a beacon and the rest of the little pony soon followed.

The tiny mare hangs back a bit from the rapidly assembling group of ponies coming to watch the spectacle. It's… uncomfortably warm here.

And some fool of a pony ran into the burning building. Why, you may ask? Because he was kind of an idiot.

But rushing back on out of the burning bar was Jettison, a young and brash stallion that was trying to make a name for himself. And suspended in his magic field was a good number of casks of 'cider' and rum… which likely would have exploded in the heat. He coughs a bit, his gray-green mane streeked with soot.

"Everyone's out!" He coughs again, trotting into the cold night air, settling the booze down carefully, almost lovingly. "At least… didn't hear anyone…" He mutters to himself, glancing back over his shoulder to the house ablaze. "Who would /do/ such a thing?!"

Sadaka had wandered into the square as soon as she'd been woken by the odd, unfamiliar — though what ever was familiar? — scent of smoke in the air, curiously tracking it down to the source. She now gazed up at the building curiously, eyes wide and ears pricked, looking a bit awed at the spectacle. This was certainly new and different. And hot. And smelly.

She looked around at the small crowd that had gathered, flicking her tail curiously. "What's going on?"

As Jettison stumbles out with his alcoholic victims, it's not long after before the very singed, very wobbly sea-green unicorn known as Mayor Salty totters out after. She lets out a few coughs, then says hoarsely, "CITIZENS OF HORSESHOE HARBOR! … Everything is fine! I have it /under/ /control/." Something explodes be hind her, causing her to whip her head around and look, and then look back to the gathered gawkers. "Totally under control, I promise!" (How many times has she burnt the place down by now…?)

"What does it look like?" Snowfield says sassily to the little zebra wandering in half-asleep. "The distillery caught fire." She sighs forlornly as the mayor trundles out of the burning building as tipsy as ever. "/Again/."

Again? Does this happen often? Jellybean is going to need to keep more rainclouds handy if that's the case. The pegasus has found a likely-looking cloud and is laboriously pushing it over the distillery. You wouldn't think that it'd be hard but any cloud with enough moisture in it is actually pretty heavy, especially if you're moving it alone. It's like a mattress on castors. "I think this will have enough rain in it, everypony!" He flies up top and starts hopping up and down on it, trying to wring some rain out.

Lavender has no idea what's going on, but she sure is running in from somewhere! After all, where there's smoke, there's SOMEthing exciting going on! Except that it's a building on fire this time. "Oh no," she whines as she runs up to watch from around the same distance as other ponies. "The town's going to burn down AGAIN…"

Jettison, for his part, just blinks a few times, coughing out more smoke and soot. "Again… what do you mean… distilleries arn't meant to be set ablaze!" His jaw drops, looking throughly agast… "This.. this happens a lot, does it?"
Sadaka blinks and lowers her ears a bit, blushing. "Oh… uh, right…" She scuffed a hoof shyly; alright, so that should have been somewhat obvious. She knew what fire was, right? "I just… saw the smoke spire…"

Mayor Salty looks up, as there's a cloud dredged up over the burning building. "Oh! … Do we actually have weather ponies now?" she asks, blinking. "Right! Well. … Good. YOU UP THERE! KEEP UP THE GOOD" — crash! Part of the roof sinks in, with the crumbling structure. — "…WORK!"

A few ponies in the crowd don't seem too surprised. An older colt looks to Jettison, brow lifting. "You must be new here. It's going to be a miracle if the whole town doesn't go up. Again." Lavender's protest of course adds a bit of weight to his theory.

Lavender huffs! "And last time we were out of sugar for /months/!" She runs for the building, or at least a small storage shed near it. Must save the sugar! Prreeeow!

Boing boing boing. This part can be a lot of fun, but it's also hard work: Jellybean is jumping up and down on the cloud like some kind of giant sponge, or maybe a trampoline. The cloud responds by pouring out all the water it's carrying, drenching the building and incidently any ponies standing nearby. "Sorry!" As to whether or not this is enough to put out the fire, well, Jellybean works in weather, not firefighting.

The younger colt glances around, as he uses the back of his hoof to wipe away some of the soot and grime off of his face. "That's… wha… ye gods." Jettison sighs, glancing at the booze he saved. "Well… I'm claiming the barrels. Salvage. But if someone gets me some mugs, and I'll pass it out to everypony. If we're watching everything burn, we may as well /enjoy/ it…"

"The fire has been going for a while," Snowfield calls after Lavender with a degree of indifference in her voice. "It's probably all turned into caramel by now." She begins to walk forward and into the crowd, weaving between the legs of the taller ponies and emerging in the clearing between the crowd and the burning building where Jettison is staking his claim.

The tiny mare shakes her head, sending her ground-length mane cascading around her face. "We're not at sea, you can't claim salvage rights for this mess."

Lavender is now in the shed which is, fortunately, not in HUGE FLAMES thanks to that rain. The ponies outside hear "Sugaaaar!", then "Agh! It's wet and melted and sticky!"

The crowd all seems to lighten up a bit when Jettison offers booze, and one stocky mare pats a hoof on the nearest barrel. She's soot-singed and smells heavily of smoke, but she smiles. "Welp. Best make /something/ out of this tragedy. It's gonna take me /weeks/ to rebuild. I'd offer my mugs but, well." She looks back at the burning building, which is currently being soaked down with rainwater.

Most of the crowd has stepped back, out of the blast radius of raindrops, but Salty is still there, and now her hair hangs sopping around her head. "WELL. Nothing like an exciting night, right?" she says brightly. "Almond! I'll—"

"—send Polaris with the remuneration papers, yeah," the stocky mare finishes with a nod. "Fair enough."

Meanwhile, some other pony has appeared with a stock of mugs and a couple of taps. Alcohol for everypony!

Sadaka trots closer to the buildings, weaving in and around the legs of the full-sized Ponies and occasionally rearing up on her hind legs as she tried to get a better view. "What're they doing? Is it out? Is it gonna rain now? What's in the barrels?"

An older zebra bends down and lifts the little one up onto his shoulders. "It's going out, but it's up to the weatherpony, if it's going to rain. Where are your parents, little one?"

It's raining right now, in fact, or at least it is over the distillery and about ten feet around it on all sides. Jellybean finally stomps bouncing on the raincloud and wipes his forelock with a hoof. "I think that's all the rain it's got. How's it looking down there? Should I get another one?"

Lavender stalks out back out towards other ponies. She's drenched, her upper half is covered in wet sugar, and her lower half is covered in caramel. Sad trombones play from somewhere.

Jetti glances at Snowfield, and shrugs. "I don't hear the proprietor complainin'. 'Sides." He looks up at the cooling rain, and smiles. "It's been a hot night, and I need cool off. And what better way to meet everypony then with a drink?"

Sadaka blinks, gazing with interest over at what was left of the building. "Dunno," she responded to the older zebra, flicking an ear. "No one's ever told me, they all seem to think I should know." It wasn't really something she thought about often — she didn't really like the wonderings it led to.

"A hot ni—" Snowfield begins, about to point out that it's still the middle of winter and you just need to walk twenty feet away from the smoldering ruins to feel the chill. She thinks better of it, however, and just sighs again. "Whatever," she grumbles instead, glancing away and letting her mane fall over her face. It's adorable in a pouty sort of way.

Salty shakes herself off, but of course she's still in the spray so it doesn't help much. She clomps her way down onto the cobblestone, and, spying Snowfield and a PR opportunity, she sweeps up the little filly to give her a BIG KISS. "Now now, little filly! Don't worry! There will be booze for everyone again, soon enough!! Just not for you. Well, maybe a sip. Or a small glass. Can we get this little filly a small glass? Gotta start 'em early, huh?"

The zebra blinks at Sadaka. "Oh— are you orphaned? What's your name?"

Lavender trots up and twines around near Salty, still a mess. "Can I have one too~? I bet you're /way/ nicer than my parents."

Jellybean, not hearing from anypony, hops off the now much-thinner raincloud and has a look at the distillery. Well, it sure looks damp. There's a few fires left here and there, but they're small and sizzling. "Does anypony what started that? Does this usually happen? I'll need to know if it does so I can try to keep some extra rainclouds handy. But then I'll have to move them around so they don't drench things." He taps a hoof on the ground, still hovering off the ground. "Or I could keep them over the sea, I guess…" Evidently he's talking to himself.

Snowfield suddenly finds herself swept into Salty's inebriated grip and kissed as if she was a newborn foal. Though she remains silent, her eyes narrow and the mist in the air around her begins to turn into cloudstuff and sink to the ground as her plummeting mood makes the temperature immediately around her plummet as well.

Sadaka blinks and tilts her head, smiling. "Sadaka!" That was an answer she knew. She giggled faintly over at Snowfield and the Mayor; the little white Pony didn't look very happy.

The sea-living pony watched Snowfield walk on off, and shook his gray-green mane. "I … just ran into a burning building…" He mutters, but grins just the same. It /was/ cute, in a pouty sort of way. And then she's kissed by the Mayor. And then she starts to create clouds.

"Well… /that's/ new…" He mutters, rubbing the back of his neck with a hoof. He glances around, and grabs a mug of rum for himself. "Ye gods what have I gotten myself into…"
Lavender spares a moment skyward: "Thank you mister pegasus! I think you put out the fire okay, but you made the sugar all wet."

Salty blinks and looks down at Lavender. "Well sure! If you want some! If you're gonna be a, er, uh, /trader/, you should learn…what… Y'know, I got nothing. Have some booze." As clouds start to form, the mayor looks down, then gasps at Snowfield. "Oh look at /that/! You got your cutie mark already! I bet you're ahead of the class!"

As for the fires they are few and sputtering — Jellybean has saved the town from imminent destruction! A portion of the crowd even clomps on the ground in appreciation for him, and for Jetti's daring booze-rescue.

The zebra starts moving toward the mayor, gesturing to Jellybean to come too. "Come and cool off. Good job, weatherpony! You're suited for the job. Sadaka, I am Mayani, and I have a little foal just like you. Do you live here?"

Sadaka nods, smiling down at him. "Uh-huh! I guess so. They brought me here on the ship, but then the ship left, so I just stayed here." She hadn't wanted to go back on the ship anyway. It went on the water. And being on it made her feel all wobbly.

Jellybean blinks for a moment before realizing that he's getting an ovation and then waves happily to everyone. "You're welcome, everypony! Just remember to be careful about things like this!" He lands and trots over to the liquor, looking at the barrels curiously. "Do you have any safe cider? I don't drink the other kind usually."

Snowfield's narrowed gaze slowly shifts from an indeterminate point off in the distance which is most certainly not where the fourth wall is towards Salty. "Yeah. We'll say that," she says icily. "How long do you plan on carrying me around?"

Lavender leans up and grabs a mug! Not a small one. She downs it like it was soda! Well, she tries to down it like it was soda. She gets half a mouthful in then starts coughing all over the place, but maintains her grasp of the mug at least.

Jettison looked right up at Jellybean. "Kid, I did not risk my hide to save juice." Well, that was rather rude. He grunts, standing up again, and shrugs a little. "Sorry, but I just grabbed the booze first…"

Salty lifts her brows. "Oh, sass. I like that." Still, PR opportunity is getting, well… /put on ice/, so she drops Snowfield to the ground. "Well, uh, um, remember to vote when you're old enough, except we don't actually have elections, so how about you play-elect? That's a good thing to do. Yes."

Mayani watches Lavender chug all that, with wide eyes. "Whoooa there! That's a lot of — oh lordy, you're going to tell Siyana about this, aren't you." SIGH. Sadaka is gently lowered. "Well, stick with me, and I'll help you find your parents, okay?"

Lavender winces at Mayani. "Of course I am! This stuff is…Nng…Great." She makes a 'Bleh' face off to the side away from Salty, then takes another drink. Must keep up /appearances/.

Jellybean's ears droop a little. "Aww, that's too bad. Oh well. I'll just have some when I get home." He beams again, extending a hoof to the unicorn. "My name's Jellybean. I'm new in town: what's your name?"

No elections? This explains /so much/. "I'll do that," Snowfield says once she has her footing back, raising a hoof to push her mane out of her face and rubbing at her perpetually baggy eyes. She moves away from the mayor and pauses near poor Lavender, choking down alcohol as best she can. "Careful, you don't want to make a habit of that," she says with more aloofness than sincerety, desperately trying to put her facade back up now that she doesn't have Salty throwing her off her groove.

Sadaka nods happily. "Okay!" This pony was nice. She liked nice! She blinked and trotted over to Lavender curiously, sniffing at the mug a bit and wrinkling her nose. "What'cha drinking?"

Lavender stares at it, looks back and forth. "I…don't actually know! It's the stuff the pirates all drink." Ah yes, the P-word. "It's, koff, really something!" Almost all of it is still left. She offers it to Sadaka.

"They say that stuff'll grow a mane on your chest," Snowfield warns.

Jettison takes Jellybean's hoof and shakes it. "Jettison. 'm new here too!" he says, a shade more brightly after seeing Jellybean's ears droop. "I'm starting up my own buisness!" His voice grows louder still, so the still mostly-gathered crowd can hear. "Jettison's Salvage Inc. If you just saw me run into a building to get alcohol that wasn't mine, just think of what I'll do to recover /your/ stolen or lost goods!"

Sadaka blinks and pauses halfway to gulping down a mouthful, glancing down at her chest. "Really? That'd kinda be a mess." She cast a wary glance at the glass.

Jellybean says "I guess you WOULD work hard for it, wouldn't you?" He offers Jettison a smile. "It's nice to meet you, Jettison. And if you need help finding things you can always come ask me for help. I'm good at finding things. But actually you wouldn't be able to come to my house because it's a cloud. Maybe if you had a trampoline? I should get a bell put in." He looks around, "Does anypony know a silversmith or somepony who could make me a bell for my door?""

"Ahahaha pirates, what, no, such silly stories, little filly. Haha. Drink up." Salty eyes the filly then looks at the others. "Oh, new citizens! Excellent! I am the mayor of this town, Mayor Saltlick. Also known as Salty. Preferably Salty. Jettison and Jellybean, you say? Our heroes? You shall be commended! And I believe we have a silver smith around here, if he didn't get run out of town."
Lavender takes a step back from the glass at Snowfield's warning…but at Salty's imperative, she snatches it right back from the zebra filly and takes a long swig. This time she manages to not cough all over, but she does turn a little green herself.

Sadaka tilts an ear, looking a bit uncertain. "Uh… maybe I don't want to try any… thanks."

Jellybean waves a hoof to the mayor. "It's nice to meet you, Mayor Salty! I'm happy that you had an opening in your weather service for me but… maybe you could see about putting in a message to Cloudsdale for more Pegasi? You shouldn't have this many openings. I'm not saying that I can't do the work but it'll flow a lot easier if there's more of us and I won't be able to take any days off otherwise."

"Don't come crying when you get sick in the morning," Snowfield says to Lavender as she begins to head back towards the crowd. It's getting a little to jovial in this neck of the woods for her liking, she might be forced to actually socialize if she hangs around too long.

Lavender whines a little and looks up to Salty. "How much of this stuff do you ponies /drink/?"

Salty taps her chin. "Well…Uhhh. I'll requisition more weatherponies! Can't have you working too hard." She noogies Jellybean, and then looks over as Snowfield is plodding away. "Hey! Tell your parents I'm cool, okay? I'm a very hip mayor! Very!" Her head swings around to Lavender then, and she cants her head. "What do you mean how much? As much as we like!" /Duh/.

Lavender gawks, "But it's …" She cuts herself off, and that's probably a good thing because she's also starting to stagger a little. She reels back and starts backing into various ponies.

Snowfield whirls around at Salty's parting comment. "Oh, for the love of Celestia," she yells before stating very succinctly exactly how old she is.

(OOC) Snowfield: "I'm <REDACTED> years old!"
(OOC) Salty: XD XD
(OOC) Jellybean gigglefits.

Jettison, meanwhile, is muzzle down in his rum. At least the town is safe. "I shouldn't have gotten off the boat…"

Sadaka looks over at Lavender, a bit alarmed. "Hey, are you alright? What's wrong?"

Lavender staggers over to Sadaka. "I don't feel so good." And then she falls over: Covered in soggy sugar, caramel, snow and grass, and drunk. "Nooo, I don't think I'm going to get my cutie mark in rum." And then she passes out, cutely.

Salty blinks, and blinks again, and again, because this small child just told her she was <REDACTED> years old! And that's just ridiculous! "What? Is this a game? Well, I'm <REDACTED> years old too, see?" And whoops, there goes a drunken filly. "I…sure hope her parents don't see that."
Jellybean is noogied! By a pony in a position of authority! Now his mane's all ruffled. He takes it in good spirits, though. Lavender passing out gets his attention: "Oh no! You should be careful, my little pony. That's not really something for foals…"

Snowfield trots in place in frustration. Stop treating her like a little filly! Argh! The mare turns around again and storms out of the crowd to go sulk somewhere and carve ice ponies.

A couple of adult earth ponies canter over from somewhere! They look around. The mare says "Oh it's a good thing nothing else burned down this time," and the stallion says "I think Lavender must have come over here…Do you see her anywhere, dear?"

Sadaka gives a small whinny of surprise, looking rather concerned as she looked Lavender over. "Um… that's not good. Somepony… I think she's sick…"

And now let's take a quick trip into Jettison's mind, as he sips his mug and sits in the rapidly cooling puddle, his flank most likely frozen to the ground.

1) Everypony in this town is /crazy/.

2)The crazy ice girl was cute at least.

3)…he can't stand back up agian.

4)…why is the rum gone.

5) Never leaving the ship again.

Salty's talent for chaos is quite the unfortunate talent, because it means /things/ just happen around her. Things like the distillery burning down when all she did was try to lift her own mug. Things like a young filly getting drunk off her butt and passing out, right before her parents walk up. It means of course that she has to scramble over to the pair, practically bowling over poor Jettison and Jellybean in the process. "Oop — sorry — pardon me — HELLO THERE. How are you doing tonight?"

Mayani meanwhile steps over to Sadaka. "Ohh, dear," he grumbles, planting a hoof on his forehead.

Jellybean is, in fact, bowled onto his bottom by the bombastic barrage of the bmayor. Rolling to his hooves he shakes his head. "Anyway, I think I'm going to go back to sleep now. I'll see you later, everypony!" With that he leaps skyward and flies off towards his cozy little shack and his nice soft cirrus blanket. He feels toasty just thinking about it.

The mare looks annoyed, or at least a little huffy. "Well we're good but where is our /sweet/ little Lavender? She's not making any trouble for anyone, is she?" The stallion leeeans around Saltlick, this way and that, that way and this. "I think I see her," he says, pointedly ignoring the mayor. At which point they both trot over and lift up the unconscious filly and drag her off. "Must have had too much sugar again…Always trying to get into the sugar…"

Sadaka tilted her head in confusion, looking up at Mayani and then over at the two new Earth Ponies as they carried the other filly away. "But I thought the sugar was all wet… unless there's sugar in the drink."

"It was a /very sugary drink/," Salty says to Sadaka, which gets a flat look from Mayani. "Now, uh, run along home, little pony. There's uhh, nothing to see here anymore. Least of all the booze." She waves at Lavender's parents, and then eeeedges away, to make a break for it before she gets in trouble for more drunk fillies.