Building a House Part 3
IC date: Summer 70, 1007
OOC date: August 29, 2012
PCs: Ruby-Blossom, Kludge, Siyana, Dream-Daze, Sadaka, Mad-Mare, Pumpkin
GM: None

House building is no easy task as Ruby has learned; even with Kludge's help the past few days the building is still no more than four exterior walls with reinforcement and trim. Halfway through another day and not nearly as much progress as Ruby would like, even with Siyana handling refreshments and minor assisting. Ruby looks over the incomplete building with an exasperated sigh, realizing plenty of hard work lies ahead. A mildly devilish grin offered to the filly beside her. Care to be my little star?~o Her tone carries a hint of melody.

"Star?" Siyana asks curiously, after she drops the hammer that was in her teeth. "Whatcha need, Miss Ruby?"

Watchponies have, on occasion, stopped by to help with the construction, but it truly is no easy task to build a house! They've taken shifts, usually just a couple at a time, taking time away from otherwise busy schedules in patrolling for other non-Syndicolt criminals and whatnot to help build on Ruby's house. At least, if she's letting them.

This shift just happened to be Rock'em's turn at the hammer. For he does not mind foals, or anything cute, and is a hard worker nontheless. Despite last being seen rolling down the street like some ponified wheel, he seems just fine now, helping away with nails and hammers and bucks to the wood or whatnot. Such a helpful goon!

Kludge is making decent progress on the house, especially with the various assistance. It's still slow going, though, but it's hard to rush quality… especially when you're keeping an eye on the random henchponies to make sure their work meets your craftspony standards.

With a low hum, and subtle sway Ruby introduces Siyana to the intended rhythm - a little upbeat while not nearly as showy as the Lemonade Song. Quietly singing to her intended partner ~o Let me teach you a surefire trick, for when you need a resolution quick. A delightful upbeat melody to get us started. ~o Tapping Siyanas nose Just sing a little song. Everypony's sure to follow along. ~o

Siyana's ears perk, and suddenly she beams, bobbing a little to the beat as she catches on. "Yeah!" And now she tries to follow.

Singing… Well, Rock'em sure doesn't mind. He even finds himself humming along, making a game out of pounding his hammer to the tempo. Oh yeah, look at him go~

Just down the street, another pony shows up! Another of the local foals. Dream Daze, the littlest mute unicorn, no less, carting along the foals' collective treasure chest, so filled with bits it's practically bursting! Lavender would be so proud. They all should be proud. Surely she's out to take their haul somewhere safe for The Counting. But since she's passing by a singing Siyana and Ruby, pleasant tunes make the little unicorn smile, stop, and peek~

Ruby-Blossom trots closer to the street, a rhythm in her trot, and a zebra filly at her side. ‘~o Its a difficult task all alone, building a place to call my home. True shes really not all alone, but she rolls with it. A graceful sway, a little skip - all used to garner the attention of ponies and draw them. Its a well-known fact songs are infectious, and the perfect way to solicit help. A little help goes a long way, so please dont say neigh. hopping closer to a group of bystanders that seem to be digging the tune, unwittingly drawn into helping the unfamiliar pony build her home. Not ready to throw in the towel, even though I’m not handy with a trowel. Building my new home~~~o

Sadaka follows after Dream as best she's able while tugging along a small wagon, loaded with the rest of the lemonade and ingredients and cups and pitchers and stuff. If it's time for counting, it's time to close up shop for the day, and just leaving all of that sitting out unattended is just asking for trouble! She blinks and pauses when Dreamy stops, tilting an ear and following her gaze over to the constructions site.

As bystanders are roped in, Kludge offers them tools and gives guidance, shifting more to "forepony" instead of "construction worker." He hums along with the song as he passes along materials when and where they're needed.

How creative! A song to ask for help! And the bystanders don't even realize they're being put to manual labor. Nobody realizes this… Nobody, except the MAD MARE! She, too, happens to be trotting up the street, with her own bags full of bits and Sock'em carting along other supplies. In a cart, no less. She, too, pauses just short distance from the sight of Ruby and Siyana, singing a song. It's the effects of this song that are really interesting though. Don't any of them realize they're being pony-napped for work?

Needless to say, Maddie is amazed, her features twisted into confusion, willing to ignore the CUTE and the SONG to witness the horror of a Pied Piper effect. Even when Sock'em ends up abandoning his cart of supplies to join the crowd, it's all Maddie can do to blink, hold out a hoof as though wanting to stop him, and then…lowering it back down to the street again.

Dreamy really couldn't wish she had a voice any harder than at a time when there's song going on. She can't even hum. So she settles for dragging her treasure chest of bits out of the street and using it for a makeshift instrument~ Look! Bit Drums!

Nothing like a catchy rhythm to work to, and theres no better way to get the results you want than through song; the catching tune drawing ponies at an astounding rate. ~o Summer fading fast, how long can this weather last? Cooler weather is on the horizon, something Ive got keep my eyes on. looking skyward towards the Wintersong forest. I dont want to spend winter in a shed, so theres momentous task is ahead, So its time, to finish my new home~o

Pumpkin has been here for about an hour now, helping out in most of a 'run along, fetch this' sort of way, occasionally swishing her tail excitedly as she watches some pony do this or that bit of construction-related work. The singing, however, makes her look up and see her friends. Sadaka, Siyana and Dream-Daze all get a friendly wave from the filly.

Sadaka blinks and giggles a bit. "Huh. I… guess it's easier to work to a song…" she admits, glancing over at Dreamy. "But… I don't think I'd be a good singer, anyways."

Siyana sings along, swept up in the magic of it all. She bounces, dances, choreographs, and jazzhooves at all the appropriate times, even adding a verse of her own: "o/` When the world is dark and dreary, a home is great for the heart-weary! Build and saw and push and tie, help this building reach the sky! o/`"

Kludge whispers to Sadaka "When all else fails, hum." Giving the zebra filly a wink, he returns his focus to directing the (ever increasing) mass of "recruits".

Dreamy just kinda..stares at Sadaka, one eyebrow lifted. One does not complain about being a bad singer to a foal without a voice! She marches over, and hip-bumps the little zebra, shooting her a small vision of playing an instrument. A harp, to be exact. Because it was the first thing that came to mind.

Rock'em, Sock'em, and half the bloody Harbor Watch are now helping create this…house. Along with, it seems, half the harbor. It's like watching an army of ants march up to something to tear it apart, only they're building something instead. Maddie strokes her chin… Why's /she/ immune to the song? Is it because she's a natural party-crasher? What if she started singing? Could one sing a song, and end up queen of the world..?

Pumpkin joins in the song as she trots to and fro with hammers and saws and nails and things. Her voice is more enthusiastic than sweet, but certainly possessed of some charm.

Ruby-Blossom gracefully twirls between the conscripted crew of construction ponies unwittingly duped into building her new home No time to consider a little flair, when I'm not even halfway there. Its no time to be aloof, gotta move if I want to finish my new roof. The singing lifts Siyana onto a bale of hay and hops up beside her, riding the bale intended for thatching as its hefted skyward. Four walls a home does not make. I wonder if Ive got what it will take. To finish my new home~~~o

Siyana beams! Look at all this happening! And she's helping make it work!! As she's lifted up, she beams more, and points at Sadaka and Pumpkin and Dreamy, gesturing them swiftly up with her. "COME ON! Guys!!"

Sadaka blinks and blushes, fidgetting sheepishly. "I… d-dunno, I've never… tried, playing an instrument… heh, I don't even have one…" She rubbed the back of her head with one hoof. Yeah, Dreamy is probably not the best pony to talk to about vocal insecurities. Stupid, what was she thinking. "…Maybe I, er, better get this stuff on home…" but then Siyana's calling to them. She glances up, blushing and waving sheepishly.

Kludge knows that many hooves working together can get a lot done, but this is still one of the most impressive displays of teamwork he's seen in a long time.

It also helps that the singing is /very/ enjoyable.

If nothing else, Dreamy is a sort of opportunist. Siyana is totally riding a hay bale, and has totally invited the rest of her friends up to ride too! She's not about to miss a hay ride! And the way she pushes on Sadaka, she's totally expecting the lil' sheepish filly to join in too! Complete with excited bouncing. Get in the spirit! Then she's off, bouncing up to join Ruby and Siyana, forehooves in the air, mouth wide open like she's joining in the song!

Maddie tilts her head. So crazy. So odd. …Oh hey, look at that. Some silly filly left a bunch of bits unguarded. Maddie scoots across the street, brushing past several dancing/working ponies, to take a new seat. Just inches away from a certain treasure chest.

Pumpkin looks up from her work, a bucket of nails in her mouth. She drops it, giggling, and hops to join her friends on the haybale, still singing.

In typical song-montage fashion the home is built at an outstanding pace with numerous ponies hard at work. Ruby gracefully hopping off the bale of hay as it reaches the nearly finished roof; turning to help each of the fillies off the hay bale and onto the roof. ~o Thankful for every assist, no ponys efforts will go missed. What a sight - look at that, the work is going fast. Really its no exaggeration - what should have taken another week is all but completed during the course of a catchy song - and at a much higher quality than the assistance of Maddies goons could ever dream. Everyponys effort is a real boon, no surprise we'll be finished soon. Welcome to my new home~~~o Queue the camera cutting away to Ruby atop the finished roof of her new two story home - complete with a fresh coat of paint - songs, the ultimate pony cheat." The final upbeat note ending the song at which point Ruby blinks "How do we get off this roof?

Kludge opens the hatch he had installed in the roof and applauds the singing. "Lovely singing as usual, Ruby! And thank /you/ -" indicating all of the conscripted ponies "- for your help!"

Dreamy might have skipped off, but one filly hangs back with the supplies and coins. Maybe Sadaka's thought ahead far enough to think they shouldn't leave it alone! Or maybe she's just being mopey again. …Probably that second one. Either way, she sits on her haunches, attention not entirely on the coins — at least not enough to have noticed Maddie yet — but close enough to be a possible deterrent! Or at least to encourage extra sneakiness.

Ruby-Blossom offers a small grin to Kludge as he opens the small window built into the roof, taking extra care to guide each of the accompanying fillies inside before following suit. It appears progress can be bought for a song.

Siyana bounces! And — roof? "…wow, that was fast," she blinks, staring down. As Ruby ushers them down, she helps nudge her friends down first, before hopping in. "Man, Sadaka didn't come with. I'm gonna have to kick her butt when I get down there…"

It's too bad Sadaka didn't join all of the others on the roof, retrospect, this may not have been a bad decision. At least, from Dreamy's point of view,
which is now two stories higher than it used to be. It's a good thing she isn't afraid of heights! But.. Getting off of a roof isn't something that's come up often in books, so she doesn't have much of an idea how to remedy this. Luckily Ruby does though, Dreamy gratefully accepting the helping hoof to go through a window, through the freshly built house, and scampering cutely out the door~

Maddie…can't quite pull off a full-out bit heist. Not with Sadaka sitting there. Not that she doesn't entertain the thought regardless. In fact, it's not that hard to imagine reaching her hooves out, towards the chest, slooooowly…

"Hey Boss!" "What're you doin'?"

Maddie eeps! Her hooves go right behind her back at the voices of Rock'em and Sock'em trotting up now that they've done their part of building Ruby's house. "B..boys! Uh. Good work! With! I'm quite..proud of you. Yeah…"

Pumpkin gingerly eases herself off the roof and down through the window. "Well, this is a might fine house you've got here, miss Blossom. Ah'm happy fo have helped." She grins in a self-satisfied fashion and makes her way to the front door. "Now don't you be too hard on Sadaka, Siyana. She's just shy, that's all. We'll get her around eventually."

As he makes his way downstairs and out of the house, Kludge rechecks the sturdiness of the construction. The walls are nicely solid; the floor is likewise sturdy. You could have a stampede go by on the second floor and not hear more than a pitter-pat on the first floor, and all it took was making the walls and floor a bit thicker than usual. This is a house that will *last*.

Siyana huffs. "She didn't used to be shy," she mutters. "No, y'know what, I'm gonna kick /Mad's/ butt. It's /her/ fault Sadaka's not happy anymore. Just you
watch!!" And STOMP STOMP STOMP. She's stomping through the house to the front door. Testing its viability re: fillie hooves, perhaps!

Ruby slips in through the upstairs window after the fillies - seeing a room in her home - filled with fillies; it suddenly hits her, like a ton of bricks as she stares at the fillies trotting out of the room and downstairs. Her ears flatten out and she's left alone, upstairs in her new home - alone - she's alone, years spent touring Equestria heist after heist, avoiding meaningful relationships - she's alone. Thankfully nopony is around to see what happens next.

Sadaka eeps as well! The little filly jumps noticably at Maddie's yelp from beside her, springing straight-legged to her hooves and whirling around in alarm. O,O When did /she/ get there?! Her eyes flick from Maddie to the goons to the supplies to the bits (luckily, still there to look at!) and back to Maddie. Should she dive for the bits? Run away? Try to be casual and act like she doesn't notice her? Probably a little late for that last one.

Maddie sure looks guilty enough! A hoof runs through her mane as Rock'em and Sock'em approach, sitting to either side of the Watch captain. Whom blushes and gives an embarassed cough into a hoof, gaze tilting down to peer at Sadaka. "I'm only here to congratulate all of you. For building a house in record time." Her voice drops down to a low, low murmur. "…andwinningthebet SO! Congrats," she says, holding her arms out, "Now I'm going to take my boys, and go do that thing at the place we're supposed to be doing. Ciao~"

Dreamy prances out of the house, bouncing around like a foal on sugar, which may very well be accurate enough! Seeing so much Happy on all the ponies around does give her a certain charge of good feelings, after all! One she tries to share with an overeager bounce back to the bits and supplies Sadaka's so stoicly standing guard over, promptly applying a hug to the otherwise spooked zebra!


As if Maddie weren't off-kilter enough, Siyana's stomping toward her, mad as hay. Poor Ruby, left alone in her house. Siyana's busy though. STOMP STOMP STOMP. "Mad, I am TICKED OFF at you!" Great. Another tirade from another filly. And she's stomping right up to Mad, glaring at her.

Kludge is cleaning up what's left of the construction materials and is putting away the tools, but Siyana's accosting of Maddie has caught his attention. Slowing down a notch, he keeps an eye on things as they develop…

And Dreamy-hug to the rescue! At least, it's an excuse to do something other than stand there like an alarmed, striped statue. Sadaka relaxes slightly into the hug, blushing, but tenses back up when Siyana storms out to shout at Maddie. Her ears flatten and she squeaks in surprise. "S-siyana! Don't… wh-what are you… y-you'll get in t-trouble…"

Maddie had just started to turn around to make her escape, too, when Siyana's cry makes her both stop and duck her shoulders. "…Sigh." Why? Why can't she just walk away anymore? Why is she /compelled/ to stop and listen to a bunch of fillies that don't matter one lick to anything she's doing? Why did she even take this silly bet to begin with? None of these questions she has an answer to. All she knows, is that she can't move until she finds out just what the little zebra wants. So she turns back to the angry-looking Siyana, plants her rear back down on the cobblestone, and crosses her front arms over her chest.

"What do you want now?"

Wuh-oh! Dreamy senses hostility! She lets Sadaka go, but only so she can sit back and figure out what's going on with her foal friends. Why's everypony suddenly so angry? Just because the song ended?

Siyana STOMP STOMP STOMPs her way right up to Mad and sticks her face in the mare's face, glaring forehead-to-forehead, nose-to-nose. "NEVERMIND getting into trouble! You didn't used to care about getting into trouble!" she shouts at Sadaka, glaring at Mad. "And it's HER FAULT you're so sad all the time!" She plants her hooves and strains, trying to shove Mad back by sheer force of filly head-shove. "You are so MEAN! You did all these terrible things and now it's because of you that my friend's sad! And y'know what! I CHALLENGE YOU TO A DUEL. For her honor!!"

Pumpkin says "Now hold on there, Siyana. There's a time and a place for these sorts of things, and ah'd say that this is the kind of thing that maybe the grown-up ponies should be taking care of." She shoots Maddie a Look. "But you really oughtta be ashamed of yourself, you know that? Ah just knew you'd try to cheat us."

Kludge is drifting closer to the argument. The foals seem to have things well in hand, but having backup available if needed wouldn't hurt.

Sadaka wilts a bit at Siyana's response, ears drooping as she looks down shyly, gulping. She doesn't /mean/ to be sad all the time, or ruin all the fun. She tries to participate most of the time, really! And… and… droop.

But Siyana's words to Maddie perk her back up again, eyes widening in alarm. "A d-duel?! N-no, Siyana, you… y-you don't h-have to… you sh-shouldn't, I…

it's n-not…" she /wants/ to say it's not any big deal, but those are words she still can't quite get out. It feels too much like saying what Maddie did was okay. And it /was not okay/. But what seems even /less/ okay right now is Siyana going and getting herself hurt over it when she doesn't even really know all that happened!


Maddie sure didn't expect to end up with angry zebra /that/ close to her face. It'd be cute if Siyana wasn't yelling so much. As it is, the Mad Mare has a look of shock frozen on her features, her pupils rapidly shrinking in response to the odd..feelings welling up. That odd, choking sensation she's grown to /hate/ so very much.

But when Siyana demands a /duel/, the Mare sits upright, scooting a half step back. Even Rock'em and Sock'em look surprised by this, all three adults peering down at the almost-teenaged little filly. "H…hey now. That's going a little far, don't you think? I can't duel a kid…" No, really. The very thought of somehow inflicting physical harm upon another pony, /especially/ of a childlike persuasion, is making her feel a little green around the gills.

Both her goons nod their heads. Of course she can't duel a kid. That's just wrong. If only they knew the real reason why!

"No, no. No duels. I already told you that you won the bet. That's honor enough. You'll have a ton of bits to go spend on…whatever it is you spend bits on. Ice cream and candy or something." Maddie lifts her head. "But no duels. Out of the question." Pumpkin in particular earns a pointed look from the mare. "…I didn't /cheat/. In fact, I have to compliment you foals on teaching me a valuable lesson, thanks to all the outside support you had. If I don't cheat, I can't win. So just…" She stamps a hoof, voice raising. "Just take your bits, and be done with it!"

Soooooo much anger… Dreamy tips her ears back. She doesn't understand one bit about why everyone's angry at the crazy tin-legged mare. But if she's who put the Sad in Sadaka, then it's all Dreamy can do to throw her two bits in with her friends, and give Maddie such a glare! Grr! Glare! Don't mess with the foals, or they'll really CUTE you up!

Siyana isn't through yet though, stomping her hoof. She tips her chin up. "Kid or not! When pirates gotta settle to score, we duel, so that's what I'm doing to you! I challenge you to a duel! And if you won't do a fightin' duel— " She pauses, suddenly grinning, leaping forward to poke her in the chest. "Then I challenge you to a singing duel!"

Pumpkin blinks. Pauses. "Wait. A singin' duel? Is that some kind of pirate thing? A zebra thing? A zebra pirate thing?" She looks to Dreamy and Sadaka with a 'does this make any sense to you?' look.

Kludge watches from the sidelines of the conversation, impressed with Siyana's ferocity and determination… and to a certain extent, kind of hoping that the singing duel actually occurs.

Sadaka blinks and pauses. "A… singing duel?" Is that… even a thing? …Singing can't hurt anypony, right? (Well maybe Maddie's can, she's got no clue how good or bad she might be!)

It's too bad there's nopony with a camera around. The look of /sheer horror/ that's crossed Maddie's face when the words 'singing' and 'duel' are combined is probably the best scrapbook opportunity she's ever given. Right up there next to the one of her bursting into tears thanks to the last time a zebra yelled at her.

Rock'em and Sock'em scoot an extra foot back. They're both…grinning. It's a done deal now, there's no way their boss can refuse. It's a non-lethal duel. For honor! With a kid! By /singing/!

Maddie's horrified look goes from Siyana, to other foals, back to her ponyguards. By the time she looks back to Siyana, it's been exchanged with one of pure defeated resignation. "…Whatever. Fine. If that's what it's going to take to get you fillies off my dang back, then fine. Humiliate me one more time."

Dreamy can only shrug at Pumpkin and Sadaka. She's never heard of a singing duel. Now dancing duels… She's heard of those!

Siyana glares at the mare, as she looks horrified. "Well, it was either singing duel or insult sword-fightin', and since you didn't want to fight me, it's singing!" Stomp!! But when she agrees, she beams. "Then you and me! Duel! In a week! You better prepare!!"

Pumpkin nudges Siyana gently. "All right now, that's plenty. No need to get upset. You did good, Siyana. Now let's all go do somethin' nice, okay? You know, unwind with our friends?"

Kludge is effectively too impressed to say much, but is aware of how awesome this sing-off will be.

Sadaka tilts her head, looking very much as though she has no clue what to think about this. Maddie's hesitance at having a 'real' fight was somehow just as surprising as Siyana's 'solution' to it, and she can't help but take some small amount of pleasure in the look of horror that crosses the Mare's face. And a good deal /more/ pleasure in the hope that a 'singing duel' probably can't end up with somepony with a sword in their back.

The Mad Mare heaves the weariest sigh. "Can I change my mind? Insult sword-fighting doesn't sound that bad…" At least, until something about the thought makes her nearly double over. "…nrgh. O..on second thought nevermind. Singing duel is fine. It's great. Really. I love it." Oh the flat tone of voice!

Thankfully Maddie's goons have gotten over their moment of bemusement at watching their beloved boss be tortured, each of them propping Maddie up. "There there, boss. It won't be so bad. Just a little singing." "Yeah, you can handle that. No problem. It's much better'n stabbing ponies."

"But I used to /love/ stabbing ponies…" Maddie grumps quietly, easing herself to turn around, beginning a slow march off the streets. "I miss those days. Urp!" Another stumble, but Rock'em catches her. "Uh… Boss?"

"I'm fine, I'm fine." the Mare grumbles, pushing away the help. "Get the stuff. I got some..singing to go practice now.."

Well! Dreamy still doesn't understand just what happened, but she's happy her friends look at least a little more relaxed about the results of it all. So much so, that she scoots over to the treasure box of bits, and drags it over so she can make noise. The noise of falling bits. Their bits! Foal's money! All of it! Loooooook!

Siyana huffs, and grins. "The ancient art of the insult song duel," she says to Mad. "In a week, on the Destiny. Be there or be square." And with that, she nods to Pumpkin, drawing away with her proudly. She even grins at Sadaka. Look! I did good! And as for the bits? Her ears perk. "Whoa! Look at that!"

Pumpkin says "Ah don't think ah've ever seen that many bits in one place." She looks to the others. "What do y'all reckon we should do with it? Ah mean, this is a lot of money here. We should try to plan somethin'."

That much coin in one place is hard to miss, and Kludge lets out a low whistle. "That's how much you've made off of the lemonade stand? You certainly earned it," he comments.

Sadaka smiles shakily back at Siyana, scuffing a hoof shyly as she tried to figure out what to say. What /do/ you even say to that? How often does a friend challenge evil ponies to singing duels in your honor? She's got no clue. She glances down at the box of coin, blinking. "W-wow… we… really did m-make a lot, didn't we… I, uh, I think Dream and Lavender wanted to g-get hats?"

A plan? A /plan/? Dreamy grins at Pumpkin, and at Kludge too after he comments. She's got a plan! Well.. It's at least partly Lavender's plan too, but Lav's not around to explain it. That leaves Dreamy to try! She sticks her tonguetip out, putting some effort into crafting a vision to send to her friends… And Kludge too, just because.

A vision, of a veritable small army of foals. Dreamy, and Lavender, and Sadaka, and Siyana, and Pumpkin, and Spearmint, and even her little sister Star Daze too! All with fancy Daring Do style explorer hats, setting sail for an island. Made out of ice cream. One can even imagine the fanfare such an epic journey would invoke! Exploration!

The vision fades, and Dreamy huffs a breath. /That's/ her plan. Just don't ask her what they're going to do with the leftover bits…

Siyana blinks at the vision… and gives Dream a skeptical look. "I don't think they make islands out of ice cream," she comments. "….but I do like the hats."

Pumpkin says "Ah wouldn't mind a nice hat. Be handy to keep the sun outta mah eyes." She pauses. "An' maybe somethin' fancy. You know. For special occasions."

Kludge blinks from Dreamy's vision. "Wow," he says as he contemplates things. An idea or two has come to mind, and he decides to start with the simplest one. "Would you foals like a clubhouse? Since Ruby's house is finished, I have some spare time on my hooves…"

Sadaka giggles a bit. "An island made of ice cream… Mr. Blackbird would like that." Unfortunately she's not too comfortable with ships, but… a hat could be cool.

Siyana perks. "Clubhouse? That'd be really cool, sir!" She looks at the other foals, nodding quickly. "Right??"

Clubhouse! Dreamy's amber eyes widen! Ooooh yeah, they could /totally/ use a clubhouse. She bounces on her hooves, beaming up at Kludge and the other foals and everything. Clubhouse!

But…where would they put it?

Pumpkin says "A clubhouse, mister? Well that does sound like a fine thing to have. But you don't have to go out of your way to do somethin' lahk that for a bunch of little filles."

Sadaka blinks and tilts an ear. A clubhouse? But… they all already /have/ houses. Well, Siyana has a ship. "What would we use an extra house for? I mean… I almost never gotta go to my old place anymore, now that I stay with Papa Blackbird all the time…"

"Well, it would give you a place to keep your lemonade stand stuff," Kludge points out. An extra idea hits him. "In fact, it could be designed with part of it as a small shop, to sell lemonade or other things!" In a more bashful tone, he adds "Besides, I want to do something to thank you for today's help and to congratulate you on your lemonade stand."

Pumpkin says "Well that DOES sound like a good idea. But only if you let us help build it."

Siyana nods encouragingly.

Awwww! Dreamy immediately bounces up to hug one of Kludge's legs! Such a nice pony! Offering to give them free houses… Of course she loves the idea, and she's giving her friends the big filly eyes. Looks like they're all in agreement too!

Sadaka nods slowly, glancing around at the others. "Well… I g-guess that'd be kind of neat! Th-thank you, sir…"

Kludge hugs Dreamy back, smiling at the (generally) positive reactions. Looking at Pumpkin, but obviously saying it to everyone, he replies "Not only was I expecting to build the clubhouse alongside you, I was planning on you helping to design it."

Pumpkin's eyes go nice and wide at that little revelation. She leaps forward and hugs another leg. "Oh thank you, mister, thank you! This is gonna be great, ah just know it!"