Building a House
IC date: Summer 67, 1007
OOC date: August 26, 2012
PCs: Ruby-Blossom, Kludge, Rumble-Riot

On Main street, Ruby-Blossom can be found near a new foundation, and sturdy looking frame of an average two story home. The pony hard at work with a hammer in mouth as she struggels to put up a wall all by her lonesome - one of the many downsides of being an apparent loner.

Kludge has spent his day in his wagon, working on various designs and other idle ideas. After having spent the past half hour fruitlessly debating between whether a second-story ramp should fold out or slide out, he decides that he needs to take a break.

Stepping out of his wagon, he notices Ruby striving to work on the new structure. Figuring a bit of exercise and manual labor will help clear his mind, Kludge walks over. "Need some help?"

Ruby-Blossom glances over her shoulder as the semi-familiar voice calls out to her; the momentarily distraction coupled with the existing difficulty task at hand results in the very plyboard she was attempting to fix into place falling atop of her. Fortunately plyboard isn't incredibly heavy, and it's unlikely she's harmed; no sooner than the plyboard is on the ground it begins to wiggle and shake as Ruby makes her way out from under the assulting material. Profanity muffled by the hammer handle in her mouth which she promptly drops to the ground in front of her. She takes a deep breath to calm herself, clearly frustrated with the ordeal. "Hello there…" she ponders a moment "Kludge was it? I suppose I certainly could use some help." she glances over her shoulder at the baren stucture. "I'm afraid I haven't place to stay since my ship blew up." a dead pan expression "How is it the harbor watch allows my ship to be stolen, and exploded one day after arrival anyways?"

Kludge looks over the framework, getting a sense of the basic design. "Got blueprints?" he inquires as he mulls concepts in his head. Explosion-resistant house? That's not too hard; the trick is keeping the house usable once it's reinforced.

Ruby-Blossom shakes her head causing her curly main to bob about. "I'm not worried about explosions" Not unless she has particular company. She trots over to a small work table where the basic blueprints for the home can be found; it's really like any other home in ponyville or horshoe harbor; a basic two story cottage with a thatched roof. "I don't need a vault." She thinks to hersef (That's under the foundation).

Kludge looks over the blueprints. Indeed, the plans are for a simple, straightforward design; one that calls for plain construction work.

This is going to be a challenge for Kludge.

"So, no heavy fortifying?" he checks, making a few mental notes. If that part there gets slightly reinforced, then place panels over it to hide the roughness…

Ruby-Blossom shakes her head again "I'm afraid not." seeming well aware this may not be Kludge's specialty. She trots back to her previous position where she proceeds to push her nose under the fallen plyboard and lift it upwards until she can press more of her body against it, and eventually leaning against the wall she was attempting to make. "I understand if this isn't your thing." scootching her hammer back over with one hoof so she can lean down and pick up - proceding to putt her weight against the board and resume building the wall - seems she may be the independent type.

Kludge lends a hoof in bracing the plywood. "I can still assist, and I think I can keep the reinforcing down to tolerable slimness. Sound good?"

Ruby-Blossom offers a small smile from around the hammer in her mouth, and encouragable little nod. She gracefully sets the hammer down on the ground. "I reckon I'll supervise and assist…as I judge this is your speciality." a glance at the stallion's cutiemark. she rears up to better press her front hooves against the board - figuring she'll hold the plyboard in place while letting Kludge do the hammering. "You building your own place?"

After hammering a few nails into place, Kludge takes the hammer out of his mouth. "Not yet; haven't finalized a design," he admits. Before he puts the hammer back in his mouth, he adds "Nice singing the other day," then resumes hammering in the nails.

Ruby-Blossom cheeks flush lightly at the compliment, and she quickly glances away from the stallion. "It was nothing, I just wanted to help out the children. That Mad-mare is a nasty piece of work she is." Moving a bit this way and that to ensure Kludge is able to get nails into all the studs. "Thanks again…for the help I mean."

"You're welcome," Kludge responds, a faint blush flitting across his cheek as well. He resolutely returns his focus to the work at hoof, driving nails and putting up some light reinforcement (read: narrow lengths of plywood instead of two-by-four constructions) over the seams between the panels of base plywood.

After a minute or two, he asks "I'm still fairly new - how rough is this town? Saw some crazy pony named… Butter-something yesterday, and I don't like him."

Ruby-Blossom hmms as she glances back towards the stallion now that her light blush has faded. "I've only been here a few weeks myself. Seems I arrived before a large number of new-comers. The town doesn't seem too rough, but I understand the Mad-mare and her goons are organized crime - the Syndicolt. So I'd be careful." She ponders about this Butter-something pony, the name doesn't ring a bell. "I've found Amber-shot mixes a stiff drink though." praising the barkeep.

Kludge nods. "Good to hear - although if the spectacle at their lemonade stand was any indication, they seem more like /dis/organized crime," he chuckles, relieved that the pyromanic crazy from yesterday appears to be an exception rather than the rule.

A thought crosses Kludge's mind, and he gives voice to it. "Why would a Syndicoltist be that interested in a simple lemonade stand?"

Ruby-Blossom drops to all fours when the plyboard is secure, moving to lift the next one - which will give her home one solid exterior wall. "I'm not entirely sure, but I heard something about a bet or a wager; I'm assuming Mad-Mare is just a rotten apple and took strife with the Filly's success." suddenly recalling Siyana and all but dropping the plyboard on herself again as she melts.

Kludge helps catch the plywood and leans it back upright. "You okay?" he asks, genuine concern in his voice.

Ruby-Blossom ahs loudly! A bright blush across her cheeks accomponied by a look of embarrassment. She quickly turns away and puts all her weight into the plyboard "L..let's just secure this wall." flushing quite madly; if there's one thing that gets to her it's children…and there's plenty of reason to that.

"S..sure," stammers Kludge, another blush dancing across his face as he reaches for the hammer and nails again. More time passes as more of the wall is put up; being flustered can be rather productive when both parties are trying to avoid thinking about what's on their minds.

The pair of working ponies /almost/ cover the front door with plywood as they work at a flusttered pace; Ruby works too hard to hide her feelings from everyone (save children) and uses the task at hand as a great excuse to avoid further conversation. She is quite amazed to realize the pair have managed to put up the exterior walls at a rather brisk pace. She glances to Kludge "That went quicker than expected."

Kludge nods. "Two ponies together can do more than two working apart," he agrees. At the rate this is going, it shouldn't take too long to get the house into a roughly usable condition. It's still not ready to be fully moved into, but it currently would make a passable shelter.

Ruby-Blossom quietly digs at the ground with one hoof. "I wouldn't be against paying you to help finish the job." a firm little glance "As long as you manage to mostly stick to the plans. My place needs to look very presentable." pondering "I'm sure the roofing and exterior molding shouldn't be too hard.

A thought dances through Kludge's mind, bringing a slight smile to his face. "I would be honored to take this job," he says with a slight bow. "I trust my light reinforcing is within tolerances?" The locations with a second layer of plywood are fairly subtle, and once the house is complete it would likely take a trained eye to tell that it's slightly thicker in the framework.

Ruby-Blossom gives a small nod in return. "That's fine. I was already planning on doing touch up and design after the structure is finished." She trots around the building to give it a proper inspection. "Just be warned, I can be a rather tough customer to please."

Kludge smiles. "I pride myself on my carpentry and construction, and I'm confident that I can build to fit your standards."

Ruby-Blossom offers a friendly enough smile. "I'm glad to hear." a little oh following. "The rest of the supplies should be here tomorrow, if that's not too short of a notice."

Kludge gasps melodramatically. "Tomorrow? Oh, my full schedule! Whatever shall I… yeah, that sounds good," he says, his voice going from facetious melodrama to an attempted plain deadpan. Other than a slight tug at one corner of his mouth, Kludge delivered those last four words with a straight face.

Ruby-Blossom quietly stares back at Kludge; a very unamused look on her face, and Ruby red eyes just peering back at the stallion and his 'sarcasm'. The look is kind of scary…

Kludge does have the good grace to look abashed. "Sorry; the previous lack of things to do was starting to get to me," he apologizes, idly scuffing the dirt.

Ruby-Blossom chuckles softly "I'm not serious." she lifts the hammer, and drops it into a tool box which she proceeds to gingerly nudge inside as it's clearly too heavy for the mare to carry.

Kludge notices this. "Where would you like the tool box placed?" he asks gallantly.

Rumble-Riot arrives from the beach.
Rumble-Riot has arrived.

Ruby and Kuldge are near new building which currently consists of four plywood walls; no roof, no doors - clearly under construction. The turquoise colored mare in the middle of nudging a heavy looking toolbox towards the front door. Glancing up at Kludge "I imagine it's safest indoors for the night, and I've got it." despite the fact it's clearly to heavy and she can move it but a inch at a time.

Kludge gently places a hoof on top of the tool box, and looks Ruby in the eye. "Please - may I?" he asks in a tender tone.

Ruby-Blossom manages to restrain herself as Kludge insists on helping; stepping away with a rather huffy little "Fine." Trying to not let the kindness of the stallion get to her; favors and kindness equal commitment - and that's one thing she's spent years avoiding. Admittedly years of working hard to go unnoticed, and unfriended have started to catch up to her; and that little encounter with Siyana was almost enough to break her.

Behold! A new pony! There have been so many to the Harbor lately. As though some kind of pony migration were occurring to this rural little place. In this case, it's a cheerful, if somewhat buff unicorn, a dufflebag slung across his back, looking around the main street with the biggest eyes ever on a big ol' grown stallion. He hums, practically zipping from place to place in starry-eyed wonder. "Oh man… It's so… So…" He stamps a hoof. "Rustic! Out in nowhere! This is great…"

Kludge gives Ruby a slight bow, then hauls the tool box indoors, putting it under cover and out of any walkways. A faint smile slides across his face, happy to help someone who cares for foals like Ruby does. After all, anyone that truly nice to foals can't be a bad person at heart, right?

Ruby-Blossom 's mild tantrum is interrupted by yet another new pony which sparks a new tantrum. She mummers underbreath, speaking to herself as she often does. "You'd think I was freaking Christohoover Columbus leading everypony to the danged new world." Clearly a large number of ponys /have/ shown up shortly after her arrival; a blink of her brilliant ruby colored eyes as she continues her conversation "That just makes my arrival less conspicious." she'll let it slide this time!

Ruby-Blossom eventually forces a warm smile towards the stranger on the steet "Evening." she chimes out before shooting a smile to Kludge too "Thank you." sounding genuine - even if she's not being so at the moment.

"Evening!" the newcomer calls out on his way by the…not-quite completely constructed building. It's so different that it makes the too-curious pony pause and stare. "Um. Did you know this place doesn't have a roof yet?"

"It's on the to-do list," remarks Kludge, who offers a hoof to the newcomer. "Name's Kludge, and you are…?"

Ruby-Blossom trots a tad to one side, to get a good look at the new comer. That's not a bad-looking stallion by any means, but like all others - not her type. She gives a friendly little nod and tosses her name in along with Kludge's greeting. "Ruby-Blossom."

The orange pony flashes a big grin, one hoof raised in a wave. "Rumble Riot. Or just, Rumble." He stands tall, proud, pushing his chest out. "I'm an adventurer!"

A small nod of acknowledgement accompanies Ruby's reply "Pleasure. Adventurer, huh? Sounds…adventurous." A hint of a grin gracing the corner of her mouth.

"So, what kind of adventure did you have in mind when you came here?" inquires Kludge, curiosity getting the better of him.

"Doesn't it?" Rumble's eyes practically glitter just from saying the word Adventure. Er. Adventurer. "Hey, uh… Did you want help with that whole roof thing? I just got here so I haven't started any adventures yet." …Then Kludge actually /asks/ about adventures, and Rumble's grin gets /that much wider/. "Whatever I could find! I heard this place was right next to all sorts of unexplored land. So I'm here to start exploring!"

Ruby-Blossom glances behind her to the unroofed two-story dwelling. "The supplies for the roof and exterior should be arriving tomorrow." she motions towards Kludge with one hoof. "This is my acting forepony, I believe he'd be the one to speak to about labor needs."

Taking his cue from Ruby, Kludge nods. "Have any construction experience, Rumble?"

Experience? Rumble is quick to shake his head, still nothing but happy grins. "It can't be that hard, can it? I've got my hooves and some awesome magical powers, I'm sure I can manage!"

Ruby-Blossom glances sideways towards Kludge then back to the unicorn "Hooves are sufficient. My home is going to be hoof-built with care; I don't think magic is neccessary." Taking a deep breathe to push down her opnions regarding magic-dependant ponies.

Kludge nods. "Strength and skill will work just fine for this house. You've obviously got the strength; I've got the skill."

Rumble bobs his head agreeably. "Well alright then!" Apparently the idea of not using magic isn't exactly offensive. It really /isn't/ necessary. Just fun! The orance unicorn eyes the roof-less building again. "I'll come back bright and early tomorrow and put these hooves to work."

Ruby-Blossom claps her front hooves together "That sounds wonderful. The sooner I'm able to settle in, the better." offering another smile before glancing to Kludge "I think it's about time for a drink."

"That does sound like a good way to celebrate a productive day," Kludge agrees.

A drink! Rumble looks tempted to ask if he can join them. But… He hefts his dufflebag, starting to turn. "I'll see you both tomorrow then! I need to figure out where I'm sleeping tonight. I figure I can find a good place to pitch a tent just out of town, right?"

Ruby-Blossom motions towards the outskirts of town "Most ponies live just outside of town, I imagine that'd be a good place to settle down for the night. After enjoying a nice drink of course." scratching at the ground in front of her withe one hoof. "Unless you can't hold your liquor?

"I should be good for a drink or two," remarks Kludge. "Besides, given the good word you said about Amber-Shot, you have me intrigued."

Well /that/ certainly makes the orange unicorn stop in his tracks. Nothing like challenging a new pony to drink to make them feel welcome. "I guess when you put it that way, there's plenty of time for a drink or two, sure." Accuse him of being a lightweight, will you?

Ruby-Blossom gracefully trots by the stallions with a rather dignified air, a bit of a flaunt to her step - nothing like a little feminine charm to up the gambit after all~

The three ponies head toward Portside…