Bouncing Balls
IC date: Autumn 91
OOC date: 19/12/12
PCs: Rising-Chaos Quintessent-Rune
NPCs: None
GM: None

Quintessent-Rune turned around as she heard Rising Chaos' hoofsteps coming down the street, a smile donning her muzzle as she inclined her head. "Good day, Miss Chaos. I'm happy you were able to show up, less the preparations would have been for naught." She nodded towards the small table next to herself, most likely one salvaged from the ruins up ahead judging by the way she's had to prop it up. Resting on top of it lies Servant, as well as two ornate spheres seeming to have been made out of wood, roughly bedpost knob sized - quite possibly, in fact, bedpost knobs - and covered in a mosaic of seashells and spindly lines of gold in odd patterns.

"I did promised you the availability of golems, and while they are not complete my Bouncy Accumulating Logic Latice units - as you see before you - are ready for a first field test," she continued proudly.

Rising-Chaos trots up to Rune. She gives her counterpart a smile. "I'm glad as well, miss Rune. I am excited to see what you have to show me." She looks at what Rube has brought her here to see. A salvaged table with her Servant and a couple of, what were they? BALLs? She checks them for magic, and is surprised. "Very impressive. I would love to see them in action."

Quintessent-Rune smiled demurely, it would be a bit inappropriate to grin like a madpony and bounce on her hooves. "I assure you, the pleasure is all mine," she said not entirely dishonestly, "as for seeing them in action, you most certainly will." Reaching down she scooped the BALLs into her hooves, holding them up for inspection. The minute gold line patterns on them seemed different, for one it spiralled evenly across the surface while for the other it seemed several patterns jumbling together. "They are both a variation of the same basic idea - both comes with their own set of primitive intelligence as well as with several strong geases woven into them to ensure loyalty to the wielder, who is designated by the thaumic frequency components of their architecture at the time of their activation. Once they are activated the BALL will scour the surrounding environment for non-living matter and add it to itself, growing a makeshift golem body around itself."

Rising-Chaos nods along, smiling. It's gratifying to see a pony love what they do so much. It's even better when what they love is magic! She watches the BALL carefully, processing the information. Portable golems who will build themselves on the spot and be loyal to whoever activates them? Chaos could use some of those. "Very impressive indeed. That's an excellent piece of work there miss Rune. Is one available for activation? I would like to see it work."

The midnight blue mare smiled, a smile that's brightened considerably actualy. "Of course, in fact! Both of the BALLs are ready for a field test. They most likely require some modification before they are finished though. If you would like, Miss Rune, I have no problem sharing the occasion. Would you care for the… hmh, lets designate them the Spinball and the Oddball," Quin said, proffering the BALLs to Rising Chaos. Named such it becomes rather obvious which is which considering their appearances. No doubt, she hoped, the gesture would be appreciated - that would help her get what she needed eventually.

Rising-Chaos practically giggles with glee. Golems are so cool. This is magic on a level she could learn one day, maybe. As such, Chaos is very eager to see them. She takes the balls gratefully. If Rune was looking to get on Chaos' side, mission accomplished. she holds the two BALLs in her telekinetic grasp. "How do I activate them?"

"Simplicity itself, in fact. Only focus and will them to activate, then throw them where you so desire. The sensorium would be able to even pick up the magical signature of earth ponies, if need be," said Quintessent and nodded at the ruins ahead of them. "I would caution, however, not to land them in somepony's living room. Having their coach and coffee table subsumed into a golem construct will most likely not put them in a good disposition to us."

Rising-Chaos chuckles, no it would not. Not that chaos would really care if a pony was mad at her right now, she has golems. She closes her eyes and focuses on both balls, willing them to come to life. She tosses them towards the ruins. She watches them land, beaming proudly. "How very exciting. What amazing creations." She snaps out of her entrancement for a moment, aware that she should probably be getting some business done. "If you would indulge a few question of mine, miss Rune?"

Quintessent-Rune seems to have no such qualms herself, her golden eyes locked on the magic of the golems as they start pulling together stone and wood - deforming it and breaking it apart to form suitable construction material for the golem bodies. After a few moments she turns, inclining her head at Rising Chaos ever so slightly. "Why of course, Miss Chaos."

Rising-Chaos watches the BALLs with fascination. Still, she retains the presence of mind to ask her questions. "How long do they last? How strong will they be? Is their strength variable depending on what they consume? What are their vulnerabilities? how fast can you make them?" She takes out a notebook, glancing at it for a moment. "Ah yes, and how much is this going to cost me?" She smiles. "That's all I need to know."

Quintessent-Rune nodded, all were reasonable questions indeed. "They would last approximately three hours by my reckon, if completely immobile. Most likely less than that when active, though they will recharge on ambient thaumic energies over time and can be recharged at will from an alternate power-source. Such as you or I. The strength of their bodies correlate to the material they have consumed, indeed, and the strength they can affect the environment at can be tweaked - though will impact the operational lifespan. I am not sure about weakness in the gross physical body, but the BALLs themselves are nigh on impervious curtsy of their creation. Their surface are covered in orichalium script!"

That would explain how the enchantment is made, most likely. For anypony in the know, such as Rising Chaos, orichalium is a rather uncommon - these days - material for affixing magic. In large part due to a large number of old spell-tomes written with orichalium ink having a tendency to cast the spells they recorded spontaneously and being a general menace.

"Of course, the orichalium is also the point where production will be difficult. I've yet to find anypony able to supply it, and I do not think I have the necessary founds to purchase it even if it was the case," said Quintessent, sighing. "For you see, I had not estimated the… level of wealth amongst ponies here and brought far insufficient funds. Which I have been forced to spend on lodgings and food for myself…" That hint would be obvious, surely?

Rising-Chaos considers the answers. The lifespan seems a little short, though the ability to be recharged nullifies this somewhat. As well as their variable strength is cause for some concern, but nothing that cannot be taken care of. The major feature, the indestructibility, is what makes Chaos' face split in to a dark grin. "That will do nicely, miss Rune. I am truly impressed by your work."

Rising Chaos considers the question of orichalium. Certainly, she has ways to get it, but why bother when she only needs a few of these. Especially when Rune's problem is so easily solved. "Well that is a problem I am readily equipped to solve. You can move in to my house tomorrow. I'll make the arrangements today. It will, of course be free of any kind of rent or food costs." She gives Rune a big grin. "If you plan on staying in town, I can organize to have a nice house constructed for you, but for now that's my only offer." She looks back to the BALLS, nodding to herself. Everything is coming together nicely. "I'll consider your appearance at my house tomorrow acceptance of my offer, we can discuss further terms there. I must be off, thank for you the truly amazing display miss Rune." She turns and trots back towards home, the wheels in her mind turning. For the first time, this is starting to look possible.