Bottles On The Beach
IC date: Autumn 24, 1007
OOC date: Oktober 14, 2012
PCs: Carronade, Moonshine, Ginger-Spice
GM: None

The tide is out this morning and out on the beach Moonshine has drug her little cart out onto the flats. She's setup an array of moonshine bottles in a wide circle almost surrounding her and she's got all the corks off on the bottles. The mare is /humming/ to herself some odd little nonsensical tunes, that make no sense, only to her mind I guess. Something about birds and fish and seaponies or something silly like that. She just is minding her bottles. She takes one of her bottles and sips (no she practically downs the thing with ease but not quite) and continues about her business upon the beach.

Ah, "Ahem" she intones and bows to a pair of gathered crabs, some rocks that have been placed here and there, and a pile of discarded wood. Her audience perhaps… "Let us begin." Us? Really, its just her there, nobody but her and her made up audience. The lone mare bends and blows across the top of one of the jug's and it makes a note, then she moves to the next and so on, all the way up in a perfect chord, then she practically dances in the center making a wonderful bit of music from the blown 'instruments' music!

And then abruptly the serene moment is shattered by the dull THOOM of… was that a cannon? Sounded like it came from the far end of the boardwalk. Is Horseshoe Harbor under attack again? Could it be pirates? Or worse?


…. Or it could just be the resident cannon enthusiast practicing by using his cannon to skip large stones across the calm low tides. As the stone sinks out of view Carronade pumps a hoof in the air. "THREE SKIPS! A NEW PERSONAL BEST!"

Only, Moonshine is not alone out along the docks as another voice cuts across the open space, a voice humming cheerily for itself and accompanied by the sound of tip-toeing hooves and the squeak of wheels. The source is an unicorn mare, the unicorn part obvious from the dull purple glow levitating a spread map right before her face and her own cart, painted in a warm shade of hot red and with a spicy yellow top, one tilted slightly in a fashion resembling a shallowly sloped roof in fact. She seems rather oblivious to the goings on around her as she comes closer, turning her map ninety degrees and cocking her head.

That is, at least, until Carronade fires of his near-namesake, startling her so badly she sends her map shooting skywards as her limbs get all tangled into each others and promptly plants her face on the boards. She groans. "What was tha'?"

The only mare on the beach suddenly flattens with her forehooves over her ears and a quick gasp of "Oh heavens?!" she squeaks out finding herself in a circle of unicorn magic induced fire, (its not actual fire or all this alcohol would have gone BOOM) but it looks the part. An odd self defense mechanism it seems, as she peeks through the flames on hearing something about skipping stones. She hops up to her hooves and shouts, "Can't ya just throw the rocks or something, like with your hooves? Like a normal pony?!" she practically squeals, the looks over to the now crashed mare on the docks. Moonshine looks up to her and perks a brow. "Ahhh, Miss, ya lost your map, or was it supposed to go all zoom, up and away like some big paper airplane?" the unicorn asks looking puzzled.

Carronade looks out towards the beach when somepony shouts at him. "WHY DO IT THE SAME WAY AS EVERYPONY ELSE DOES?" he shouts back. Well it's shouting to anyone else present. It's only slightly louder than his normal voice for Carronade.

Ginger-Spice groans as she slowly picks herself up from the ground again, seeming to have more than a little problem getting each leg to go where it's supposed to be. "No, tha' blasted map's not supposed to do any flyin'." Craning her neck the gingerbread brown mare peered skywards searchingly before shaking her head. Couldn't have happened to a better map, that.

At Carronade's shout she dropped her gaze and looked over in his direction before glancing at Moonshine with a wide grin, "You know, 'e does 'ave a point. Where's the fun in doing the same as everypony else, eh? Now, luv, can ya tell me… This 'ere is Horseshoe Harbour?"

Moonshine furrows her brow and tips her head sitting straight down in the sand, rebuffed by not one, but two other ponies at that. "Hmm, ya got a good point there," she offers politely, looks skyward for the errand map then back down to Ginger, and cracks a big grin. "Ya got the place, I mean you're practically in the harbor itself too, I think the bit ol’ X on that map is in the water, at least that’s what I saw of the last map I saw." She points out to the water, "That's the place rrrrrright there." She nodnods. Then looks back to Carronade, "Could ave' least sent a warning shot across the bow though, give a pony some warning, ya right startled us!"

"SORRY!" Carronade booms back. Then pauses. Then looks confused as that settles in through his fairly thick skull. "Wait a minute." Turns back to the two mares down on the sands. "WHERE'S THE BEACH HAVE A BOW?"

Ginger-Spice raises an eyebrow as well at Moonshine. At least until Carronade's voice comes rolling back over them like another cannonball. "Oh for the love o' Luna, get your behind over 'ere will you and stop that infernal shoutin'!" she shouts right back, and throws a glare in after it just to add emphasis.

The gingerbread brown mare rolls her eyes and shoots Moonshine a smirk before she looks around the harbour idly. The smirk grows into a full on grin as she gets moving again, pulling her own cart up right next to Moonshine's. "Ya know, I recon' this is is a pretty good spot for settin' up shop, innit?"

Moonshine rightly busts into a fit of giggling at Carronade's question to her. "Oh silly, The bow is the front part of a ship! and, and the stern is the tail side of a ship, and, uhh, the other two I always get confused," she offers softly with a hint of confusion. "Why would ya want to know about ships anyway?" she wonders aloud, then looks to the other unicorn approaching. "Uhh, well yeah, for now, at least until the tide comes in." she nodnod's. "Then umm, no, Oh, Oh, you're one of those sea ponies, than its all cool, right?" she asks or tells, or something. Furrows her brows and then just grins as she grabs one of her jugs and tips it back sounding like she's got a bit of a guzzle going for her. She then looks down, "ooh, wouldja' like some? Got more just where that came from!"

"Who's SHOUTING?" Carronade replies. Followed by the clomp clomp clomp of heavy hooves as he heads down from the station on the boardwalk he was shooting from all the same…. and oddly the sound of his hoofsteps doesn't get much quieter even when he's walking on soft sand instead. Looks at Moonshine, at the bottles, then at Moonshine again. Comes to the logical conclusion. "That's a lotta messages to throw in the water."

Ginger-Spice seems to suffer from an case of upwards shooting eyebrows today as they both in unison rise together at the two of them. Sea ponies? Messages in a bottle? Spice put a hoof to her throbbing forehead. "A'right, let me see if I can get this straight, eh? Yer shoutin, bigun. Next, what's this 'bout sea ponies, first of all!? They're myths. Second, you got a big ol' wagon of spirits all the way down 'ere and… what, yer not sellin' it? That is a merchants cart, innit?"

One of her eyebrows dropped back down. "And no thanks, I dun' drink."

Moonshine trots over to her cart up the gangplank in back and rummages around. She comes back with cotton padding in her ears, which she promptly offers to Ginger-Spice, then shouts (its at his level at least) back to Carronade, "I guess, you can call it that, Its for making music n stuff!" and with that she dances in the center of that circle and blows on the tops of the jugs each one making a neat musical note till she's gotten herself a happy little melody! then she picks up the pace sounding quite intricate even given her inebreatied state, its obviously the only state she knows, beside the state of insanity. She ends her musical number by setting an arc of bright light at the front of her horn and arcing back to breath a massive column of FIRE! FHWOOOOOM! and she holds that flame there moment. before letting it go out. The mare circles a gain, then curtsies boldly

Moonshine then bows some to Ginger-Spice "Oh, I sell it n stuff, just well, I'm kinda saying "Welcome to Horseshoe Harbor" she cheers some with a bottle, thats not the type she was using before, this time offering it to Ginger, "don't worry, this stuff isn't alcoholic, gotta have some uhh, foal friendly drinks on me too afterall" she smiles to them each. "Oh, yeah, and I'm Moonshine, but folks just call me Shiner, or Moon, or uhhh, Hey You!"

"I'll have her share then if yer offering!" Carronade chimes in. More like booms in, really. Followed by a "WHOA!" at the display of pyrotechnics. "You did that WITHOUT A CANNON too! Awesome!" He considers still offering to have the unwanted share even after it's explained its not alcoholic, but by that point the conversation has shifted into introductions instead. "MY name is CARRONADE, PLEASED to meetCHA." … Kinda explains a few things.

Ginger-Spice gives the cotton a rather perplexed look, though it dissapears within moments ast Moonshine takes her place amongst the ring of bottles and begins her routine. By the end of it she's stomping her approval, despite the sand not offering much in the way of sound. "Tha' was awesome! Good performance. An', if there's no alcohole, I guess I'm up for a sip o' tw-"

She never gets further as Carronade offers his own opinion, very loudly indeed, making her flinch and scramble for the cotton wads, stuffing them into her ears. Thusly protected she chuckled, her cocky grin returning to her muzzle. "Name's Ginger-Spice. Best chef you'll ever be layin' your eyes upon."

Moonshine bows again for the audience, now an actual audience, instead of Mr. Board, the crab couple, and the twins. She happily offers a small bottle to Ginger-Spice that with the mark of grapes and a foal on the bottle, grape juice, and then a small bottle with forboding markings upon it of a ponyskull and a drunk pony image marked on it. The mare smiles as she curtsies again with each time she makes issues a drink. "anyway, how would ya know how something tastes if yerv' never tried something ,right?" she asks softly. then eyes Ginger Spice ,looking her up and down, as if inspecting her, walking around her fully. "Well, I guess you are the pretty one" she aknowledges with a nod, then looks over to Carronade, "She Is pretty isn't she?" looking from Carronade to Ginger-Spice and back. your comment of best chef we'd ever lay our eyes upon seems to be squed in the other mares head. "yeah she is" she nods some looking puzzled, but eventually shrugs.

Carronade blinks a couple of times, snapping out of a daze. "She's WHAT? I lost track after COOK." One has to wonder if the colt's stomach was bigger than his brain with how easily he got sidetracked like that. Then again, he is a pretty big fella in the first place. "… Oh, right. PRETTY." Nods his head euthusiastically, making his spikey mane shake about. "DEFINATELY." See, he's not yelling at all.

No, seriously, that's his -normal- voice.

"That's not what I ment!" she shoted at them, her face redening. "I'm th' best cook, period. Or will be when I'm done!" With that she lifted the bottle of grape juice to her lips and threw back a mouthfull, giving the much more forboding one an worried glance. Just touching it looked like it might induce an state of inebriation and she didn't want to risk /that/.

Moonshine just smiles at her reaction, "Its, ok, pretty mare" she grins as she watches you lift your own bottle, "I'm Sure you're a plenty good cook, I look forward to sampling your wares" she adds softly with a little pat of her hoof to yours. just a little bump. "If ya ever need any spirits or even fine whines" she giggles, "for your recipies, be sure to look me up, I know where some of equestria's Finest can be obtained. Or we could work together to mix up some special brew or something" she offers politely, then looks over to Carronade, and taps her horn, "dis unicorn thing gives me all sorts of Cool powers, like Fire stuff, but the booze, that ~Hic~ helps too" she laughs some and pats him on the shoulder roughly, "Tiz a right pleasure to meet ya both" she offers up kindly as she hops back into her circle of bottles and starts into another melody, even using her hooves here and there to place little kicks to certain bottles here and there for a sort of percussion tone.

Carronade cocks his head to the side as Moonshine goes about playing music on the bottles again. "You can MAKE BOTTLES be LOUD too?" He's watching her play mostly out of idle curiosity now.

The gingerbread coloured mare chuckles brightly, though still seems somewhat embarased. Ginger-Spice does return the hoof-bump though before turning her attention to her cart, giving it a firm kick with a hindleg, making the spring-loaded supports on the front end pop down before unhitching herself using her magic. Sitting down she took another swig from her grape juice bottle, watching the show much like Carronade. "I'll be keepin' that at mind, next time I'm needin' to stock up. As for tryin' it out, that's why I brought my kitchen' with me."

Ginger-Spice chuckled and reached over, tapping her red and yellow little wagon. After several moments she glanced up at Carronade. "So, whatcha doin', yourself?"

Moonshine finishes her melody with yet another bit of a light show. but this one is FAR more eleaborate, far more concentrated as the unicorn mare rightly puts alot of concentration into this one. She sculpts the flames that she issues Its a Unicorn! of all things, another blast of flame, and its a cannon! and oh so much more concentration and Ginger may even recognize some chilli's like that of her cutie-mark! With the end of her show, the mare rightly sits down with a plop right in the sand. She's rightly panting there at that effort

"I LIKE THAT ONE!" Of course Carronade would. "I THINK You need a DRINK of your own after THAT though," he notes of Moonshine's panting. Then turns his head so he can answer Ginger's inquiry. "I SHOOT ROCKS to SKIP across the WATER to practice AIM and CONTROL with my CANNON, s'what I was DOING."

Ginger-Spice smirks and draws out her next few words, "So… you're doin' cannons?" She chuckles and turns her attention back to fiery display, offering another approving round of stomps. "Tha' is really impressive, innit? Never 'ad any luck tinkerin' with fire based spells m'self, which is a bit strange considerin' how involved heat is with cookin'… Thou' I agree with Carronade! You're needin' a drink yourself. An' maybe a break."

Moonshine curtsies a little before grabbing one of her random uncorked bottles from her musical line up, gives a little blow on the top and tips it back. this one is listed with three pony skulls and a drunk pony. Adult, and potent, not the tame one she issued to Carronade earlier. A few sips of that, and a teltale hiccup, and she blows into the bottle again for a differint note, and sets that bottle into the sequence moving other bottles to make room. "Oy, yeah, I thinks yours right a breaks sounds right wonderful" she mentions. "yeah aye, fire sculpting really takes alot of playing with, but once yer breath n'd stuff is mostly alcohol, then its like, simple as pie" she offers up a little advice, "just gotta be carefullll not to get to, err, um" she furrows her brows some as she stands up, "gotta be careful not to get durnk, drunk, yes" she nods some knowingly.
Carronade … almost forgot about his own drink, too busy watching the mare do her thing. "YEA! If it's CANNONS, I'm yer PONY." But now that he's been reminded of the matter he grabs the bottle by the top with his mouth (equines have very tactile lips, you know) and cocks his head back to chug it down in several gulps… yes, he drinks loudly even. So naturally the "*BRRRRRAAAAAUP*" that comes afterwards is pretty volumenous too! Thankfully he does have the manners to issue an "EXCUSE ME" afterwards.

Ginger-Spice giggles at Carronade's loud burp and flops onto her back, taking another sip from her grape juice as she looks skywards. "I was thinkin' more in t' way of ignitin' things, o' cooking it. Fire sculpting seems a rather briliant use fo' it though, I must say!" Spice falls silent for several moments, taking a sip once more. "You know, I think I'll rather enjoy this place!"

Moonshine giggles some to herself just laying there and just grins at Carronade's attempt she shoots him a mischivious grin the swigs another shot of that bottle. blowing on the top again and realigining it in the order again. she then lets out a mighty belch the likes of which is hardly comprehensible to have slipped from a mare of her rather dimunitive stature. Its a thing of beauty in comparision downright musical in form. *BEEEaaaalllllch!* it rightly echo's across the harbor, followed by a cute little high pitched, "pardon me" and a fit of giggles. Yup, the mare indeed has had a few too many, but she's none the worse for ware for it. She rolls to her side and looks over to da Spice. "Its a fun place, I love it here" she smiles and hiccups.

Carronade laughs rauceously when the small mare produces such a big burp for her size. "GOOD ONE MOONIE!" There's a half-muffled thump as he sets his big rump down on the sands to sit, laughter dying down into a bit of snickering. "Learn a TRICK like THAT and you'd be able to cook AND put on a SHOW at the SAME TIME."

Ginger-Spice burst into another bout of giggeling at Moonshine, covering her mouth with a hoof. "Mi'lady, I doth belive thou art thuroughly smashed!" she exclaims, putting on her closest approximation of Princess Luna's speach, smirking. "And, I already have cookin' with a show! As I told… Moonie, what's the fun in doin' it the same as everypony else, eh? I cook my way!"

Moonshine Oooooh's at the princess speach, "Ooh, Oohh, its Princess Luna, Wow, you really do good with that" she giggles, "Had me fooled" she giggles laying flat out propping herself up with one of her empty jugs. then she bounces to her feet, a might unsteadily, but she's still upright, "I've got an Idea Miss Spice, Ooh, I've got such an Idea!" she giggles looking over to Ginger-Spice, "weeeee" she urrr, "we can open up a little shop or something, or well just put our carts together n stuff and I can serve, you can cook, and then I can put on a show with music n stuff" she announces, "invite the whole harbor to come by even!" she grins, "what better way than to make new customers, n meet the town" she asks with that big grin of hers. She looks over to Carronade, with a little squeak, "I urr, I had to set a good example, I've got younger Brothers" she offers with little hickup.

Carronade laughs again at that. Prehaps moreso that she's calling it setting a good example than anything else. "That WAS good drinkin' though." Not that he seems to be all that buzzed up from it. But the guy also has more body mass to absorb it than the two of them combined, so it's unlikely he'd ever get sloshed off just one bottle of even something strong. "Sounds LIKE A PLAN…. Though maybe WORK on it more when YOU'RE NOT getting DRUNK…."

Ginger-Spice girns widely, "Oh, I'd be all for that, I would! Maybe a good ol' Trottingham pub, whi' food an' drink. Don't 'ave the money for that, thou'. Least not yet." The gingerbread brown mare rolls onto her belly facing them, flicking her mane out of her eyes with a forehoof. "Thou' I would agree with Carronade, 'ere. Best do it when you're all 'ere, innit?"

Moonshine perks a brow, "aww, Its ok we don't have to go all out just yet, don't got nothing much to either o' us, I mean I do have bits n all, but nothing for that kinda output" she bobs her head and unsteadily makes her way over to her cart, pushes it some so that its roughly beside yours, then she unfurls that sailcloth 'tent that she has fixed to the side. she pulls it this way and that, seemingly lost in the canvas before you see a bright light of unicorn magic. and with a great show of lights there appears a tent like awning fit for a place to eat. In another few momments she's pulled a long section of her cart out so it forms somewhat of a bar and that buts roughly up against your cart. "this could work out like so" she announces then rightly keels over behind that bar hidden from view, not long there after you hear a snort, and a fit of giggles, and she's back up again more or less. trotting around to the front of a bar where she produces a serving tray with three wide frothy looking mugs. 2 look caustic, the third looks like more of that juice, "Business Partners right?" she asks "theeee cook, theee server, and the salespony loud voice to tell one and all of our beachside business" she grins. for being unsteady on her hooves she certainly seems to be able to keep the serving tray upright.

Carronade has to stop and consider this for a few moments. Did somepony actually find a use for his rediculously loud at normal volume voice? The hulk of a colt would probably make a good bouncer too. Or at least look the part. He doesn't seem to be the type to throw that size around, but just appearances can be enough a lot of the time. "….. can I use my CANNON too? I can stuff FIREWORKS in it instead of CANNONBALLS."

Ginger-Spice grins widely as she picks herself up from the sand, noding. "Go right ahead, I thin'! After all, it'll be a dinner an' drinks whi' a show!" The final part comes with the adolescent mare rearing up on her hindlegs, a forehoof thrust skywards and her horn bursting into briliant purple life. Something in her own cart issues an soft 'clink', then a 'whirr' and several 'thunk's as it's curry yellow top rise on it's spring-loaded pistons to reveal that, indeed, Spice seems to have brought her own kitchen. The whole lot of it, everything from the two gass stoves folded into the polished oak counter to the multitudes of pans, pots, whisks, tongs, knives and what-nots. As the little roof reaches it's full extension it too unfurls it's own little awings, striped yellow and orange.

Moonshine actually Oooooh's at the sights as she sets the tray down before her two new friends. she points to the beautiful colorful tent and awning design, "Oh My" she churrs out sitting down to watch the show in and of itself, "thats mighty impressive" she intones with a big silly grin on her muzzle. She rubs her forehooves toegether, "Yes, Yes this will do" she giggles, as she takes her mug into her magic, offers a long straw to Carronade, and levitates the third glace over to Ginger, "Cheers" ~hic~ "To Business!" she presents her drink

"That's COOL and CONVENIENT" Carronade chuckles at the cart deploys itself. Sounds like they've got a real thing going here. "To FUN!" He hooks one of his large forehooves around the mug to clink it to the others. "CHEERS!" Followed by a few loud slurps on the straw to start drinking afterwards.

"To fun an' profit, rather! Cheers!" Ginger-Spice counters and smiles, rising her own glass, tossing it back.

Moonshine does the little clink of the glass and downs that frothy stuff setting the glass aside she turns towards the water and fires off another raw belch so uncharastic of someone of her size, turns and offers a cute little squeak of "scuse' me" and then keels over giggling like a madpony.

Carronade finishes off the drink in fairly quick order. "Oooooh." Then flops down on his belly next to the other two ponies. "Now THAT one I CAN FEEL going right to MY HEAD," he chortles, not sounding the least bit upset about it. Good thing he's not actually firing cannons or anything right now.

Ginger-Spice giggles playfully and shakes her head at her two companions, an eyebrow raised as she polishes of the rest of the contens of her glass. "I think I'll /really/ be likin' this place."

Moonshine just giggles, "one little think, Carronade, think you could get my cart off the beach, don't wanna drown really" she giggles, "I'm sure you're strong enough

Carronade lifts his head up to look towards the carts, and snorts softly before nodding. "Just lemme have A MOMENT to settle, and I'll get RIGHT TO IT." Need to let his head clear a little, though he's clearly not as far gone as the two mares are. After a few deep breaths to compose himself the stallion hunk gets to his hooves and plods off to move the carts up onto the boardwalk where they will be safe from the tides coming in.