Bottle Ponies
IC date: Winter 18, 1007
OOC date: Januari 6, 2013
PCs: Sodium-Fizz, Rising-Chaos, Winter-Solstice, Crescent
GM: None

Well, look at that for small miracles! Sodium-Fizz trudged down the street heading roughly in the direction of the Rusty Bucket - showing her face in the open for the first time since the spaghetti monster accident - in defiance of both the weather and common sence, two things that have driven most ponies to stay indoors. The grey mare was in a 'sulk over a glass of whiskey' mood, at the moment. What she got for talking to Dustdevil at her lonesome right early in the morning.

Soda's brows furrowed, she'd not been able to do a right proper sulking at the Flask - the place was just a bit to nice for that, another one of those weird things that keept bothering her the whole time - and had wound up writing a note for Winter as to her absence, left with breakfust on the counter.

The weather is not very pleasant. If one is in the mood to sulk, it shall provide ample cause. The rain is constant, sometimes lightening to a mere misting drizzle, othertimes building to a steady downpour Everything is wet, and the wind cutting through the town adds a chilly edge otherwise lost to the unseasonable, spring-like conditions. All of this can, of course, be attributed to the maelstrom, and at its heart, the Spire, looming still in the harbor, a little taller and a little more intricate with each day. Several Syndicolt shipwrecks are bound to its sides, now, and one can almost imagine someone lingers behind their open portholes and gaping, silt-scoured decks as one might occupy a tower, looking out over the town below.

Still, some ponies are set in their ways and booze is an important part of th eir daily routine. While increasingly, shops along the port are boarded up closed for good until the storm abates, the Rusty Bucket is still a busy place. It's easy not to worry about the deteriorating weather when you're sauced up to the eyeballs in some good ol' rotgut.

It may come as a surprise that the alchemist isn't the only mare heading towards the disrupetable tavern. Rising Chaos can be seen ahead, she seems to have had the idea first. Her cloak is keeping the worst of the rain off, but the unicorn doesn't seem to care.

Sodium-Fizz frowned up at the Spire as she walked, more annoyed than anything else. It was imposing, yes, but didn't quite meassure up to Nightmare Moon blasting open the cealing of a Changeling hive and descending with wrath and vengance into a already tomulteous fight with a restless specter. "I wounder," muttered Soda, "if I shouldn't just try to blow it up one of these days…"

The alchemist's voice faded off as her gaze refocused forward and she picked up her step. "Chaos… Nice weather we're having?"

Rising-Chaos seems to be in a foul, contemplative mood today. "It's a perfect storm, yes." At first she doesn't seem to offer anything else, and the two walk in silence. Finally, the unicorn sighs. "I'm off to sulk in the worst tavern in town, what brings you out and about, Sodium Fizz?"

As if in response to Sodium's irritable wonderings, the swirling cloud ceiling above the harbor rumbles with thunder, muffled like the throaty growling of a beast. So, too, does the sound shudder, stopping and starting fitfully, giving it the cadence of breathless sobbing.

It's very cheerful.

The sobbing thunder isn't loud, but it nevertheless does something to drown out the sound of a voice calling out from up towards the center of town: "SOOOOOODAAAAAAAaaaaaaa!"

"The same, in fact," said Sodium-Fizz. Her head turned slightly, ears perking at the voice. "Seems we'll have company too."

Rising Chaos' ears perk up at the sound. "You will, at least. I assume that's Winter? Not many ponies I know can be heard from that far away." Secretly she's quite pleased that the larger mare will be joining them. Winter Solstice is cheery, happy, a good friend. Also it will give her an excuse to run off and sulk by herself if they're distracted by each other. Outwardly she looks just as frustrated as ever, of course.

No sign of Winter yet, at least visually. After a minute another bellowing call rolls its way through the streets, closer this time. "FIIIIIIIiizzzzzyyykiiiiins!"

Sodium-Fizz opened her mouth, just about to answer and… Her mouth snapped closed and her ears pinned back against her head, a blush rising onto her cheek. "Winter…" she groaned. "And indeed, seems Winer will be joining us… I was kind of hoping she wouldn't… I hate for her to have to deal me when I'm like this."

Rising-Chaos just keeps moving, winter will catch up eventually. "so it would appear, I welcome her. Perhaps it's her choice to deal with you like this. I know if I love somepony I want to be around them no matter what mood they are in, yes?" By now they are rather close to the bar, Rising makes to enter. "you are welcome to wait for her, I would suggest it."

Not much waiting is required. The big white mare turns a corner up the street and heads in the direction of the bar soon enough. It is, however, an adjoining street that leads off in a direction completely opposite the Fizzy Flask. How she got from there to there and now to here is anybody's guess. A ratty brown scarf tossed loosely about her neck is the big earth pony's only concession to the weather, and its tattered ends flutter in the air behind her as she charges down the port towards the Rusty Bucket and the two familiar faces standing outside. "SOOODDAAAAAAAA and, ah-" Charge charge charge! "RISINNNNGGGG!"

The big mare skids to a stop near the gangplank and pants lightly as she looks up towards the pair. "… hi."

"Ponies keep dragging love into this," groaned Soda. "We… We've never said anything to that effect, and I'm fine with it," the grey mare shifted uneasily, " I don't really trust lo-…" Her voice drops as Winter pulls up right next to them, a small smile spreading on her muzzle as a wing fluttered invitingly. "Hey Winter… I didn't want to wake you up…"

Rising-Chaos rolls her eyes. "Call it affectoion then, whatever makes you happy." Then suddenly Winter, lot's of winter. though to be fair 'lots' is the only quantity the mare comes in. "hay Winter, nice to see you again." A smile flashes across her face. "I was about to have a drink, feel free to join me." With that she trots up the gangplank and disappears in to the tavern.

Crescent soon comes following next. Is it coincidental that she happens to be coming alot at the same time or not? The world will never know! Well, it might…but that's beside the point. It looks like she's been working hard, regardless of the current weather conditions. There's a few soot marks on her here and there and she's soaked half-through. "Hey Winter!" she calls out as she spots (with ease, mind you) the larger pony.

Winter-Solstice stomps her hooves in sequence, stomp stomp stomp stomp, rocking in a vaguely circular motion as she does. "Didn't want to wake me? Didn't want to wake me! You should always want to wake me!" she insists, before grinning and marching up the gangplank. "Sleep is boring! You're much better. C'mon, let's go in." Winter is about to tromp inside, and bump Soda along before her as a bulldozer might take a golf cart along for the ride, when she hears someone calling her name. People usually do that when they want to give her something or pick a fight! Either way, this is going to be exciting! Winter grins and turns about to identify the source. "Oh! Crescent!" she calls, because that is surprisingly who addressed her. "We're drinkin'! Come along!"

Sodium-Fizz's ears pinned back against her head as she looked down at Winter, kinda worried she'd managed to offend the mare for a few moments untill she set up the ramp. With a startled eep the alchemist fell back, much thanks to being forced to do so. She only gets a moment to breath as Crescent shows up. "Sorry Winter… I'll keep that in mind," she mutterd before looking over at the latest addition to the group of mares. "Hello again, Crescent."

Rising-Chaos doesn't even notice the new comer. She's already at the bar, ordering 'something simple' for herself. She watses no time finding a table to sulk at, though she does take care to find a table with four spots available. Just in case anypony wants to join her.

Crescent smiles and waves a hoof at Winter, "Right!" and follows the ponies up the ramp, "I was workin' more…figured I could use a break and I saw you headin' up this way." She looks down at her soaking-wet self for a second or two, but shrugs it off. With all the dock-workers and ship workers, the bar's likely used to ponies in much worse condition than herself.

Winter-Solstice continues on onto the bar, bustling Soda before her. To Winter's credit, she doesn't jsut shove the smaller pegasus entirely, but there is sort of a pushy insistence there nonetheless. "In you go! In, in! Look, Rising got a table for us. Over we go! Over, over!"

Soon the mare can drop down onto a seat beside the big table, flashing Rising a smile, then turns to gesture Crescent and Soda over. And then she waves over a disgruntled-looking server who is not here to make your day better, he's here to ferry drinks back and forth. He grunts inquisitively. Winter grins at him. "Beer! Without bits in it. Soda, what about you?"

As Crescent, Winter and Sodium-Fizz descends into the bowls of the Rusty Bucket to join Chaos they find out that, yes, they are. Since the stroom picked up the bar had picked up a rather unmistackable odour of wet pony, mold and… regurgitated greenery - most likely due to the tavern rocking much more noticably in the water than is normal. Hay, half of the lights seems to have gone out by the sheer dampness of the place.

On her part Soda gets shuffled along, a pout growing on her face. She can't even manage to go and sulk at her own it seems. Taking a seat heavily she brushed her wet mane - up till now plastered to her face - out of her eyes before taking her glasses of, placing them on the table. Rain-wet glass wasn't that good for looking through anyway. "I'll take the usual…" she muttered before realising who she was talking to. "That is, um, whisky."

Rising-Chaos nurses her drinks and watches the others, she isn't here to talk, after all. The presence of Crescent is a mild surprise, good thing there's a fourth spot open. "feel free to join, always a pleasure to have you ponies," she mumbles. She reshuffles her cloak so she's more comfortable and watches the others, today could be interesting.

Crescent shakes off a tad bit as she steps inside, making her way over to the table of other ponies. When the waiter asks her for a drink, she simply responds, "A good local brew…surprise me." While waiting for the drink to arrive, she peers around the bar at the decor and other attendants.

The server snorts quietly at the mention of good local brews, then trundles off to go get everything.

Winter follows him with a grin, then turns to gesture to Crescent. "Rising, this is Crescent. She's new in town. She fixes things, like houses! You two could probably talk fixin'. Crescent, this is Rising." Winter gestures to a hatrack. Adjsuts, gestures to Rising. "She's a WIZARD." The big mare drops her forehooves to the table, shifts slightly so one of them isn't sitting in a sticky little ring of spilled beer, then turns to grin at Soda. "Your usual, huh? C'mon, Fizz. If you're gonna -drown your sorrows- you should at least go someplace nicer like the Champagne Bay to do it."

"I'd just be in the way there… Here, most don't really notice or care if there's another pony drowning her sorrows. Fewer ponies to bother me, then," muttered Sodium-Fizz. Yup, she's decided to be sulky and nothing was going to change that. A good, long bout of self-loathin. Just to wringe her out for a few days…

Rising-Chaos gives a nod to acknowledge Crescent's existance. "Pleasure to meet you." The description of 'wizard' while not technically accurate, is good enough. While she's here to sulk, she's not very good at it. "You come here often Fizz?"

Crescent gives a slight nod towards Rising, "Howdy. Pleasure to me you too." She looks at Fizzy with a perked brow, tring to figure out the problem. That's what she's usually good at! After a moment or two she turns back to Rising, "I guess I'm one of the only ponies who bothered respondin' to the flyers about all the fire damage. Got 2 places built back up, workin' on some of the real bad ones now."

Sodium-Fizz nodded at Chaos. "Yes, every few days when I've built up enough… awful… and just need to get rid of it."

The booze arrives and is set out without much fanfare. This is not a place where presentation is prioritized, it's where people want their alcohol and they want it quickly. Winter says "thank you!" and is ignored, at least beyond her capacity to pay, and she fishes out a few bits for the drinks in short order at which point the server surls off to surl someplace else.

The big earth pony turns to eye Soda critically, and listens to her answer for Rising with a little squint.

Rising-Chaos watches the server evily. this si the first time she's been in here that she can remember, so she's unused to how things work. If she had her magic there would be repercussions, but… "I understand you Fizz, though I tend to more destructive tendencies." She raises an eyebrow at Crescent, what she said just now sinking in. "You actually responded to the flyer? You make one, I'm surprised you didn't turn around and go home after seeing the town. I suggest not bothering to build houses, the town will be flattened in a week or two anyways, get the supplies in to the hills, that's what I am doing."

Crescent takes a sip of her newly-arrived beer and gives a nod of approval as she licks a foam moustache from her upper lip. She shrugs in return to the raised brow, "I was lookin' for a way to get out of where I was, and saw it as an opportunity. I like fixin' things, and the town was in need of my services. From the impression I get so far, I have a heap o' work in front of me, but I don't mind. It'll be good once I set up my business"

"So do I, Chaos… Well, it's more like redicelous notions that leads to destruction but still…" Sodium-Fizz glanced at Crescent and nodded. "Indeed, seems like the way things are going. And if the town survive this, somepony will come around and blow it up after that in short order… I'm bound to blow my lid sooner or later. Especialy with all this talk of marrige and l-…" Fizz bit down on her lower lip, cutting herself off, before kicking back a messure of her whisky and slumping on the table with a over-exagerated sigh. Or a sight that would have been it, had it not actualy been for real.

Thump, thump, thump. Winter drags her clunky stool over so she can settle in beside Soda and reach out, hooking a foreleg around her for a brief hug. She doesn't stick around too long, though, sitting back up, then dragging her big ol' pint of generic beer without bits over. "You think it's really gonna get wrecked?" she asks, of Rising. "S'kinda pessimistic."

Rising-Chaos shrugs, not looking up. "well we're glad to have you, come talk to me more if you wnat tog et more involved, I'll make sure your name gets out there." The mare deserves some compensation beyond ehr pay, after all. As for Winter's question, she pauses for a while, thinking on exactly how to answer that. "I don't see a way to stop it. Even if ther eis one, I prefer to play it safe, I'm not saying the harbour has lsot, but i'm not playing."

"I'm not sure why nopony's bothered just tearing the bloody thing," muttered Sodium-Fizz. "I mean, propperly without any faffing about. A few bombs in the fundaments would topple the thing before we know it… Maybe." Turning slightly she gave Winter a half-hearthed smile.

Crescent nods at Rising, "Well, I'm thinkin' it'll be a bit before I've got time for anythin' more than puttin' the buildin's back together first. Gotta finish what I'm startin'…" She takes another sip of beer, looking at Winter, "From what I've heard from a few ponies, this isn't exactly the kind of place that likes to stay standin' up for too long."

Winter-Solstice drums the tip of a hoof on her glass. "Really?" she muses, in response to Rising. The big mare considers it for a moment, then shrugs. "Well, you're the wizard. You know more about this sort of stuff than I do. You got the right idea, though, I think." This last bit she says to Soda. "Blow it up! Maybe arm a ship and take it out there to shoot the thing down." She considers for a moment, gaze distant as a totally killer naval battle plays out in her head, then giggles and nods to Crescent. "Yeah, I think I told you that last night! Here, watch this."

She then downs the whole pint of terrible beer in one go. Bam! A bit of it is dribbling down her chin as she finishes. She reaches up to wipe it off with a pastern.

Rising-Chaos watches and is no less confused than before. She'd forgotten how weird Winter could be. "I honestly have no idea what I'm doing anymore Winter. If you ponies think blowing it up is a good idea, then by all means try." A grim chuckle follows. "I eman, when I tried to stop her I had an opportunistic trader, a overly emotional clingy unicorn stallion and me. So you are already starting out better equipped than I was."

Sodium-Fizz raised an eyebrow at Rising Chaos. "I doubt it, she'd be stuck with me… I don't think I'd trust anypony else to handle the kind of explosives I can cook up. The Pre-Pop-Corn Special is no joke…"

Crescent headtilts before taking another gulp of beer. She's new in town and seems a little lost in the conversation. After all, she has NO idea what they're talking about at this point. Silence seems like a good way to listen and try to figure out the other ponies.

Winter-Solstice drums the glass around and around on the table. She quirks a brow at Soda's suggestion, then turns to frown at her. "Soda, promise me you're not gonna do a suicide explosive run on that thing, okay? At least take someone along with."

"Why? I'm bound to survive it even if I try, not the same for anypony else," said the grey mare with a frown directed at Winter. "And before you say anything 'bout it," muttered Sodium-Fizz, "I have a twelve point long case history to prove it."

Falling silent again the pegasus peered into her drink for several long moments. "Rats arse… I can't even drink my sorrows away propperly, now…"

Rising-Chaos nods along with winter. "I'm no expert, but you doing that is bound to do nopony any good." She takes another sip before continuing. "Besides, the place wouldn't be the same without you." With a hint of satisfaction she hears Fizz complaining about having friends. Rising is drowning her sorrows quite nicely over here, she signals the server for another drink.

Crescent figures it would be the best time to order another drink, though hers is only half-down. Of course, she solves this by slamming the rest of the beer back. "You gotta stop bein' so hard on yourself. I don't know you more than just a day, but so far from what I've seen, you don't have much to be down about. "

"Gotta find a different way to deal with them sometime, Fizz," advises Winter, ruefully. She reaches over to dink the side of the whiskey with her hoof. "Maybe this is as good a place to start as any, huh? Also, I don't think that's Rat's Arse. I think that's Goat Crust brand. I didn't see the bottle."

Sodium-Fizz's head dropped to the table, her hooves comming to rest on her head. "Great… another thing… I can't run away, I'm not all by myself, I have to take more care than ever not to slip up… I have to just sit and wait for ponies to come after me when I screw up. I have to put up with all this stupid… relationship manure everpony keeps throwing at me," she sighed, "and now I can't even get drunk quick and efficently…" Soda's voice faltered in the end, quivering with barely contained emotion. She sniffled, running a pastern across her eyes.

Rising-Chaos isn't swayed by the tears, she's in a terrible enough mood as is. Still, she can recognizxe a social disaster when she sees one, and keep quiet. In the eman time, she just simmers in her seat. It was a GOOD idea to come here, she should do it more foten.

Crescent frowns and lets out a long sigh. It takes her a little to think of what to say, but eventually she speaks. "Why do you go and let everpony else have this kind of control over you? I mean, I can understand if Winter does somethin' against you…but you shouldn't let any of this affect you like it's doin'," she says before trying to get the last few drops from her glass, "I mean, so what if other ponies are goin' on about their relationships. That's /their/ relationships, not yours. You don't gotta listen to them."

Winter-Solstice is looking down at her empty glass. "Well," she says, in the muted sort of tone of someone who doesn't really have anything to follow it up with. That she's quiet afterwards indicates this may well be the case. "I, uh…" The big mare slumps back a bit. "I'm gonna head back," she says at last, pushing up from her seat and making for the exit. She is expeditions in her retreat. She doesn't even look back, like a cool guy doesn't look back when things are exploding behind him, which is kind of similar in a way except this is much less rad.

Sodium-Fizz sighed once more, it was just one of those night where sighing seemed like a good thing. "Sorry Winter… This is why I left the note," she muttered, though suprisingly enough it cut through the room to be heard. "You shouldn't have to deal with my problems like this… I just feel so… much not like myself I don't know how to deal with it. I'm just confused, and scared…" She lifted a hoof of her head, looking after Winter as she walked, halfway about to call for her but seeming to think better about it.

"I wish it was that simple, really…" said Soda, her gaze flaking over to Crescent, "but I can't help it. It's not what anypony say, its just… past experiences."

Rising-Chaos takes another sip of her new drink, which was delivered with commendable quickness. She raises an eyebrow at winter's leaving. "Hey Winter, you still available for those blacksmithing lessons?" she calls out. Switcing to a lower tone she continues. "Welcome to life, miss Fizz. It's not fun. You cna either not care, and become a monster, or you can care too much, and lsoe all sanity. I don't know how ponies like Winter do it, but they earn my respect many times over for it."

Crescent seems to get a little upset at the way things are going. Before Winter can get out the door, she gets up and barricades herself infront of the much larger mare as if she'd be strong enough to stop her. "Listen up now…don't be just walkin' out like this. You don't wanna do that. If that pony means anything near what I think she does to you, stay by her. The last thing she needs is for you to be leavin' her side." She stomps down one of her rear legs, "I know it's not quite my business what's goin' on right now, but I'm not gonna sit here an' not try to help. All I ask you is please, don't leave…"

Winter-Solstice is out of earshot before she can hear most of Soda's explanation, and Rising's question, and so offers a reply to neither. With her back turned to the group, it's hard to tell what her reaction is, though her body language is assuredly more muted than usual. Crescent manages to intercept her, though, and finds the lumbering earth pony with a plainly worried look. Winter seems a bit surprised, drawing up short, then watching Crescent with wide eyes. She doesn't say anything, but she does turn her head, flicking and ear, looking back at that sad little table with that sad little couple sitting at it. She then furrows her brow, puffs out her cheeks, looks back to Crescent, looks back over her shoulder once more, and then turns back towards the group. And then stomps her way back over, approaches the side of the table, reaches out to snatch up Soda's remaining whiskey, and then toss it back.

Winter wobbles on her hooves for a moment as she slaps the glass back down on the table. "I don't know what that accomplished, but, that stuff was gross, so I'm sparing you the trouble of drinking it," she says, to the pegasus. Winter then turns to frown at her, visibly considering what to say.

Sodium-Fizz frowned at Chaos, and for the first time it's a truly angry one. "You presume to lecture me," hissed Fizz across the table, "on life?! I got at least half a decade on you living it, and it's -never- been a bloody dance on roses! Frankly, I'm suprised I'm not more of a wreck than I currently am…"

Soda never did get a chance to finish speaking her point, neither the origional one or the tangental one. Shwosh! went her glass. Gulp! went Winter and Bang! went the glass back on the table leaving the alchemist blinking somewhat confusedly, her gaze drifting from Winter to the glass and back again. "Thanks…?"

Rising-Chaos shrugs, not fazed at all by Fizz's rant. "Not a lecture, just my observation, sorry if saying my piece is so insulting to you." She doesn't look so much sad as frustrated, and is actively trying to not let it show. "Welcome back Winter." Rising looks down at her own empty glass, but decides agaist ordering another, with a scowl she pushes it away and gets to her hooves.

Crescent huffs a little bit (partially in relief) as Winter turns around and goes back to the table. She soon follows suit and sits back down, "See…it doesn't matter what others say, or do, or think. It doesn't matter what the past did or didn't do for ya. You ponies have got each other, and that's all you need to be worryin' about."

Winter-Solstice's gaze darts over to Rising for a moment, then returns to Sodium, who has the majority of Winter's concern at the moment. The big mare draws up and frowns mightily. "Soda, you know I really like you and you know I know about all your issues. And I'm not gonna hold them against you as much as you think. And I'm not gonna run away from them or hide or anything even if I don't know what I can do to help YOU help yourself about them." She looks down at the floor, then at the door, then at the ceiling, then at the table, then back at Sodium. "So you should know that I don't -care- if this is how you are sometimes. Well, I mean, I do care! I care a lot. But I don't want to hide from it or avoid it. It comes with the package! So you don't- you have to trust me when I say I like you and I don't want you to feel like you have to hide this. Because I don't think you'll ever be able to get over it by yourself, and I want to help you get over it, and I need to be here for that. If… if you want me to, that is."

Looking down, she shuffles her big hooves, and adopts a self-consciousness she never otherwise displays. "Because if you DON'T, then, then, I can… I mean I don't want to stick around and get in the way."

Sodium-Fizz sat up straighter as Winter spoke, her expression turning slowly from worried to resigned - nothing good could come from this surely - to downright baffeled, to the point where her wings hung slackly around her and leaving the still-moist pegasus looking rather sorry indeed. "Winter…" she said softly, a slate grey hoof rising up and comming to rest against the white earth pony's muzzle, "is… that what got you in a huff…? That I try to spare you the… uggly part of me?"

A weak smile brushed over her muzzle. "I… I don't really want you to… but I'm bitter and angry and… and I really don't want to hurt you by being me, really. You're the most woundeful mare there is, I don't think anypony else would put up with me. The least I can do, I figured, was to spare you the worst of it…"

Rising-Chaos frowns, it appears she was wrong, this has been a bad idea. Instead of a nice quiet evening, she's being reminded of things she doesn't want be reminded of, this isn't why she drinks. "I'm going home. Feel better Sodium fizz." Is all she says before storming off for the door, her tone accepting no argument.

Crescent 's expression isn't quite a smile yet, but her expression is still brighter than the frown she'd been wearing just a moment before. "See…when somepony is your special somepony, they want to be there for you. They want to help, even if they don't really know how. I wish I was as lucky as either of you to have a special somepony like you two have each other"

Winter-Solstice is about to reply to Soda, when Rising turns to storm off herself. Winter watches, demeanor muted. "Thanks, Rising." She watches the unicorn for a moment more before looking back to Soda. Winter drops back into the stool beside the Pegasus and watches her as Crescent speaks her piece, and nods in agreement. More to the first part than the latter. Winter's expression is a mix of frustration and plaintiveness as she looks to Soda once more. "Yes, it does bother mew hen you try and spare me anything. I can take it, Soda. It's what I -do.- I-" She hesitates a moment as she considers her words. "It's my job, okay? I mean not just foundry work. I mean what I REALLY do." She reaches back and slaps her cutie mark. "I'm supposed to be there for my friends and family and help them, and to help them stand up against things they might need help standing up against. So when you tell me you don't want me there for that, or you think I don't want to be there to help, it's- it's-"

The big mare throws her hooves up. "It's aauugh!"

Sodium-Fizz flinched away slightly, just in case. Pieplate hooves can be hazardous! As Winter settles down again Soda sits up straight, peering up into her face for several long moments. "I… you ponies are just… strange," she mutterd. "I know I'd never put up with me…" The grey mares voice trailed off as she ran a pastern across her eyes. She was absolutely not tearing up or anything, nope.

"I remember… you said you'd let me tell you about everything in the past, in my own time…" She turned slightly, eyeing Crescent for a moment in thought before waving for the mare to sit down with them. "You know how I said I don't like the whole… relationship talk being thrown at me? Winter isn't my first special somepony… even if she's the one of the two I've ever liked…"

Winter-Solstice steadily relaxes, her frustration giving way to a certain glumness. She reaches out and hooks a foreleg around Soda's middle, then looks across to Crescent.

Crescent gives an understanding nod to Fizzy, "I had a special somepony once…but it didn't matter much how much I could fix anythin'…things grew apart between us an that was one thing I wasn't able to fix. I know how it hurts to feel betrayed, or alone. It's no fun. I don't know your situation, but I know I can sympathize with you. Like I said…it don't matter what happened in your past. It's about what you do with yourself for the future."

Winter-Solstice is nodding in agreement with Crescent once more, looking back to Soda. The big mare smiles crookedly and leans over to bump Fizz's cheek with her nose. "I knew what I was getting into, Soda, and I wanted to be with you anyway. And maybe you wouldn't put up with you, but you're gonna need someone who wants to, so there."

"Maybe you do, Winter… maybe you don't…" A rather sardonic, mirthless smile grew on Fizzy's muzzle as she looked at Crescent once more. "Well… I was married to my 'special somepony', and for a few months he made me the happiest mare… He didn't make me happy. He -made- me happy quit litteraly, its a wonder what alchemy and unicorn magic can do, isn't it? You can imagine I wasn't particularly happy when I actualy figured it out and broke through the whole mess, cutesy of the fact I was already broken enough when we meet…"

Sodium-Fizz leaned up against Winter gently. "I don't think you have problems imagining I might have a few… issues, especialy considering he needed me for his stupid ritual… Feeling betrayed and hurt would be a bit of a understament. And every time somepony talks about… stuff…"

Crescent lets out a light sigh, "It's hard…I won't deny you that. But, you can't let what happened then get in the way of bein' happy now. It takes time, and patience, and all that other stuff…but don't think you can't do it. If you think you can't do it, then you won't."

Winter-Solstice keeps her foreleg hooked around Soda, and gives the pegasus a Look when she suggests that maybe Winter doesn't. Winter isn't sure what she might not do but she's sure that in any case she's the one to decide whether or not she will do it, so she just shakes her head and looks back to Crescent once more.

"A nice sentiment, though one I seem for the most part to be unable to partake in due to my worthless head," said Sodium-Fizz and bopped herself in the side of the head. "It's like my brain is dead set on gathering as many neuroses and phobias it can… Sufice to say, I don't trust easily… Not others, certainly not myself…" The alchemist leaned up firmer against Winter. "Hay, my friends practicaly had to -froce- me to aknolwedge that I like Winter… and they earned death threats for it…"

Fizz shook herself. "So no, I don't like the idea… I get all kinds of paranoid whenever somepony brings it up, they just have to be out to get me… or make me feel uncomfortable or…" The slate grey mare peered up at Winter under her dusky purple bangs. "And… especialy stallions. Why else do you think I gave Dustdevil enough sleeping dust to put a hoof-full of ponies out like a light… I know he's my friend, but I can't help but to be scared he… or Jellybean… or Kludge. Maybe not against me, but… Ruby? Typhoon? There's only one pony I can really trust… and that's Winter."

Winter-Solstice looks to Fizz with a furrowed brow and drawn lips. "Fizzy… Jellybean is scared of open closet doors," she says. "Typhoon can take care of him if he gets rowdy, don't worry."

Crescent hrms and puts a hoof up to her chin in thought. She orderes another beer, which is eventually brought out to her. In the process though, she continues to try and help ease the pony, "Just because they're stallions doesn't mean they're all gonna be the same. I can understand not trustin' them, but you gotta remember that no two ponies are alike. I can't say I know what happened…it sounds even worse than I had been imaginin'. Not everyone's out to get us mares, though. But, you're goin' to love who you're goin' to love, and that's all that matters in the end."

"I know!" cried Sodium-Fizz, throwing her hooves in the air with frustration. "But I can't help it, it's like if rationality is some kind of grumpy uncle that lives on the bloody house on the hill outside town. The next town over! I don't know what to do! Go and snogg a stallion? Dig out that old recepie for the gender-bending elixir? And… and… you're doing it again!" said Soda, pointing a dishartedly accusing hoof at Crescent. "Talking about it…"

Winter-Solstice wrinkles up her nose, and turns to squint at Soda. "Wait, you can make an elixir that does that?" She taps her chin. "Do you think if we made Kludge drink one, he'd keep the mustache? If he regrew it before then…" The big mare shakes her head, then smiles a bit at Crescent. "You're pretty chipper. I think it's good that you came to this town. Too many grumps, I think. It's kinda… there's a lot. Sort of happens when you have a town full of misfits and wanderers."

Crescent sets her forhead on the table for a moment, working out the right words to say, "I never said that you had to go runnin' out to try an' find a stallion for yourself. You don't need one when you've got Winter here at your side. All I'm sayin' is that I know it's hard for you to trust them…you don't have to tell me why or anythin'…that's up to you…but don't let a few bad apples ruin the rest of the bunch"

"I know, and I don't want one… I've never wanted one, my barndoor strictly swing the other way thank you very much. As for your apple analogy, it's not easy… You should see my psychological profile. But yes, I have Winter…" Sodium-Fizz turned slightly, nuzzling up to the taller mare, "and I couldn't be happier about it… and kinda terrified, but that's a completely different can of worms…"

"And yes, Winter, I do. You have no idea what kind of weird stuff you find in old alchemical tomes…" Soda fell silent, her eyes tracing from Winter to Crescent. "…Chipper… True, I don't think there's many ponies here that are in a good mood, really. I hope you can keep it, our particular brand of neurosis seems to be contagious…"

Winter-Solstice nuzzles back when nuzzled. Aww. She does scoff at the mention of contagion, though. "I'm fine, aren't I?" The big mare sits up and glances about the room. "Though I think I'm gonna get a terminal case of yuck if I have to be around here much longer. Let's go out and get some fresh air, huh? And if we still need booze find a classier joint, or at least a less barfy one."

Crescent smiles a little, "See. You've got Winter. That's all that should matter anymore to you now." She takes a big swig of her second beer and dows it, "Sounds like a good idea to me."

"I… I think I'm done with the whisky for now," said Sodium-Fizz softly. "I could go for a lemon soda, though, so lets go." The lithe pegasus mare leaned up against Winter, a small smile on her muzzle. One that seems a bit lighter than before. "And yes, Winter Solstice, you're just fine. Far better than fine." She leaned in, placing a soft kiss on Winter's muzzle.

Winter-Solstice smiles at that kiss- a big ol' crooked clumsy smile. "I'll be out in a moment, won't be long." As Sodium slips out, the big mare turns towards Crescent. "Thanks for- you know. For intercepting. Normally I'm the one that has to do that when people are all leavin' but I guess I wasn't thinking clearly this time."

Crescent grins and shrugs lightly, "I like to fix things. Sometimes, that includes situations. I do whatever I can when I think there's somethin' I can do about somethin'. It doesn't always work, but that doesn't mean I'll give up on it that easy. Sometimes we all just need a push in the right direction…or someone to stand in our way when it'd be best to turn around"

"Yeah…" says Winter, thinking. "Yeah, I think you're right." The big earth pony thinks for a few moments more, then shakes her head with another crooked grin. "I better not leave her waiting. Night, Crescent!" And then she turns and romps off in pursuit of Sodium.