Bombing Of Queenie Bay
IC date: Autumn 81
OOC date: 09/12/12
PCs: Rising-Chaos Queen-Pegasus Stormdancer
NPCs: None
GM: None

Ah, another- Well, less than perfect day in the Harbor. Scuddy grey clouds dot the skies, drifting overhead peacefully, generally heading out towards the sea. One, though, seems to have drifted somewhat lower to the ground- Perhaps on account of the blue pegasus who's dug herself into it, giving it little nudges to mirror the path of a certain temperamental unicorn, on the way to a very important meeting.

Rising-Chaos trots along the dock towards the Vanity. Her saddlebags are filled with notes ,research papers and equipment. She affects an air of nonchalance. though there are subtle hints showing that inside she's rather nervous. She hopes that none of her now returned friends see her. Being Queenie's minion isn't easy if you want to look like a good guy. She looks around, seeing nopony she recognizes, and walks up to the gangplank.

Queen-Pegasus quietly trots along the deck of the Vanity. Single blue eyes intently scouring the deck. "Ugh… I almost think I'm getting tired of being a pirate. Would a luxurious mansion be too much to ask for?" her attention snapping towards Rising as the other mare boards her ship. "Rising. Darling." turning to trot towards the unicorn.

The low-hanging cloud slows wayyyyy down, very nearly parked over the Vanity. Just as Stormdancer'd hoped! Sticking her tongue off to the side, she pulls herself further into the cloud, -confident- in her cover. Despite her oh-so-bright tail hanging over the edge, plain as day. Step one… recon. Need to find a good approach- And more importantly, plot an escape route!

Rising-Chaos spots her Queen and smiles. It seems she is in good humour, less scary that way. Even now, The Vanity is one of the few places Chaos is absolutely safe in town, where she can work freely. She's facing the wrong way to see Stormdancer's tail, so she doesn't seem the troublesome assistant, so she has no idea what's going to happen. "My Queen, I am glad to be here." She walks forward and bows deeply.

Queen-Pegasus simply can't resist smiling as Rising shows proper respect - this brings much delight to the taller pegasi. "You're always welcome here, naturally. You've no idea what it's like being surrounded by incompetence." her lone blue eye darting to the awkwardly placed cloud before returning to Rising. "Perhaps you do." not offering further insight to her observation. "You mentioned a topic of discussion during our last passing?

Too bad the blue pegasus isn't low enough to actually -hear- the two master villains exchanging pleasantries. It might have saved what would surely be a great deal of anguish in the near, middle, and far futures. But, no- <Minion pegasi, there… unicorns… one there. Need ta break their line've sight- low tide, yes! Under th' boardwalk, alleys, home, then go campin' fer a couple've days.>

The pegasus inside grinning, she sends the cloud drifting slowly towards the aft of the ship. <Now, just need 'er to not go inside…!>

Rising-Chaos doubts Queenie's intentions, but trusts her words. "Incompetence is a constant companion, of course my Queen. I manage, however." She nods, pulling out a small notebook. "We do indeed have something to discuss. I am starting a rather ambitious project, and would like your blessing."

Queen-Pegasus hoos curiously while intently watching Rising. "You've always my attention. So please do tell." The mare quite aware of the rogue cloud - it wouldn't be the first time a would-be assailant attempted such a ploy. Admittedly she is quite curious as to the nature of the assailant - were she not this little ploy would have ended already.

Distance achieved- Target stationary! Clear flight path… Stormdancer hoofs the dye-bomb melon out of her saddlebag, holding it ready. <A'right, Creepypatch- Time for a new name for ya. Green Meanie, ya ain't gonna see this comin'!> - If only she was right. The cloud arcs back- Then swoops across the ship, diving for the Queen! Once it's up to speed, the payload is -hucked- at the target for maximum velocity and great justice!

The wonderful about minions is their expendable nature - without hesitation Queen pulls Rising close and hefts her slightly upwards; the unicorn transformed into a pony-shield that is used to absorb the impact. Admittedly were this assault serious Queen might find herself regretting the decision to use her precious Rising as a least for a few brief moments. The melon splattering against Rising - the poor minion forced to endure the brunt of the assault. Without hesitation Queen drops the mare and shoots upwards - her powerful wings sending her sharply upwards with clear intent to knock the assailant off her cloud, and onto the deck of the vanity.

Rising-Chaos smiles, this is going somewhere. "I have begun research and gathering materials to create a-" She catches wind of the incoming projectile just in time to be used as a shield for it. The melon bursts against her, blinding her with the burst of dye. She is left spluttering when she is dropped to the planks of the ship. "What is this outrage?" she demands, a blush rising in her cheeks. She stands and inspects herself, her coat now a horrible dark green. Her eyes widen in shock, and she whips her head to inspect her tail, the once vibrant blue and white is replaced with filthy yellow and salmon pink. Chaos stamps her hooves on the deck of the ship, screaming in frustration. Once she settles down a bit she glares the direction Stormdancer flew. "I am going to kill whoever did that."

So, the -plan- had been, to escape in the chaos of the attack. Which means, no waiting around to see the results- Just launch and -go-! So really, Stormie's lucky she saw Queen Pegasus coming with as little time as she did- the larger mare knocking her clear out of her cloudcover, and into an unintended wingover, that makes her dive -far- too soon and clip a mast, spinning and pingponging around until she winds up somewhere on the forecastle, dazed and just a little bit achy. "- wuzzah-?"

Mission Failed.

Queen lands on deck with a loud thump and one hoof firmly pressed into the feathers Stormdancer's right wing. "Clearly I've no choice to but teach you manners." leaning in to peer at the would-be assailant with her single blue eye. "You'll learn to fear and respect me or die trying." free hoof motioning towards a burly earth pony, and the sleek extremely handsome pegasi known as Heart-Break. The pair trot towards the queen and Heart-Break speaks up "Quite the catch there Queenie. Want I should take her down below, and well…" Wide crazed eyes staring down at the captured mare while he runs his tongue along the side of a extremely sharp looking blade.

Queenie glances to her first mate and scoffs. "Take her to the brig, shackle her." single eye darting back to Storm. "Don't make me break your wings." is all she tells the mare before releasing her to the custody of Heart-Break and the burly earth pony.

Stormdancer's arrival answers a very important question. Before she can be taken away Rising Chaos is storming across the ship. "And to think I trusted you," she hisses, her face flushed and furious. She glares at her assistant for a few moments, breathing heavily. Somehow, she seemingly regains her composure. "We can discuss this later, my lovely assistant, enjoy your time here." Her horn flashes to life for a moment, and a handful of Stormdancer's feathers fall from her wings. "You won't be going anywhere soon," she says, her voice ice cold. A smile spreads across her face as Chaos turns away, back towards her Queen. She bows deeply. "My sincerest apologies my Queen, I am glad I could block the treacherous attack."

Stormdancer glares defiance at the Queen, pointedly ignoring the… pointy minion. "Na a drop," she mutters, slowly getting up once released. And no, not making any moves to escape. "Was sure tha' was gonna-" Oh, that's where it went. "- hit." She kicks a hoof against the deck. "Ya got'n th' way've my 'pology gift, Arc-EE!" The magic kicking in? -That- gets her to look like she's actually hurt, breaking through her shell of rebellion.

Without another word from Queenie the foolish pegasi mare is escorted off deck, and into a ship full of rough and tumble handsome ponies - which wouldn't be all that bad if the situation were different! Queen scoffs loudly "I want the lot of you to clean this deck! You're all going to be punished for allowing this assault!" she sounds rather livid. "As for you Rising. Get off my ship, and don't come back until you're properly cleaned up. You better bring me something nice as an apology for this ex-minion of yours." The tall pegasi turning to trot up the stairs leading to the Captain's Quarters.

Rising-Chaos winces at the harsh rebuke from Queen Pegasus. Still, it's better than what she expected, so she got off light. "At once my Queen." She somehow keeps her tone free of rage. She trots off the ship slowly, fuming. She picks up her fallen notebook for a moment, and considers leaving it behind for the Queen to read. She flicks through the pages as she walks away and sees dye rendering most of them unreadable. The notebook hits the deck of the ship as Chaos sneers in disgust. "Worthless," is her final comment as she trots down the gangplank and off for home.