Boardwalk Bun Binge
IC date: Autumn 31, 1007
OOC date: Oktober 20, 2012
PCs: Ginger-Spice, Brume, Pumpkin, Rising-Chaos, Spearmint, Thunnini, Windsplitter
GM: None

Ginger-Spice rather liked the evenings, it was the time ponies got out and about again after a hard day of work to enjoy the rest of the day; rest up, spend time with loved ones, eat good food, flirt and play. She was all for the good food part, that's what paid the bills. Therfore, even this early, the smell of spicey food coiled through the air across the boardwalk, informing everypony of the little cheery red and yellow food cart set up right at the edge.

Spearmint trots down the path, humming to himself. It's a nice evening! He likes nice evenings. It's cool but not chilly, there's a little bit of a wind, it's starting to really smell like Fall - there's pumpkin on the air! And cinnamon! And nutmeg! And chestnuts! And… and… and /spice/. Ooooh. That's a spice. Sniffsniffsniff. Yes, that is definitely a spicey smell. He approves! He slows his pace, nose in the air as he tries to place the exact direction it's coming from.

Thunnini had been taking a nap - underneath the boardwalk, behind a piling, and just below the surface of the water. Earlier she had practiced slaloming around the pilings, but that does get tiring after a few dozen runs. Thus, a nap.

Sniff. Sniff sniff. Sniff sniff sniff…

Hey, something smells good. She slowly wakes up, trying to get a bearing on the scent.

Once a wanderer always a wanderer, although Windsplitter hasn't become bored enough to with Horseshoe Harbor to take his wanderings somewhere else just yet, oh no. But there's certainly quite a lot to see and do outside of the port town, though for some reason most of his wanderings have had him drifting dangerously close to edge of a certain perpetually chilled woods… ah, but that's neither here nor there. For now, the pony dressed in his usual rough brown cloak and straw hat makes his way along the street, pleasantly taking in the mood and chatter of the evening…

*sniff* *sniff*


…and even on familiar ground, discovers the promise of something new in the air! That scent has certainly gotten his attention, blinking beneath the brim of his hat as he looks this way and that, trying to track that promise-laden scent to its source.

Pumpkin also smells the delicious smell, having been in town on an errand now finished. She /also/ notices Spearmint and gives him a big, friendly wave before realizing that this is a wasted effort, so she trots up to join him instead. "Hey Spearmint!"

A tall green stallion in a dull brown cloak hangs out a fair ways from the cart, perched upon the weatherworn crown of one of the boardwalk's pilings as though it were a stool. It's Brume, and this is the third sweet chili-infused bun he's had in the last twenty minutes. The first was delicious; the second moreso. The third even better, although he's getting pretty full, and his eyes are getting pretty red and watery, and his nose is running, causing him to sniff in between bites. It hurts, but it hurts so good, and he just can't help himself, gazing tearfully out over the ocean as he savors that delectable mix of sweetness and burning. Blinking wetly, he peers back over his shoulder, noticing as others start to arrive, tempted by the delectable fragrances that drift along the salty boardwalk breeze. Good, good. Others should be suffering as wonderfully as he is right now.

Rising-Chaos is taking a stroll along the boardwalk, enjoying the evening air. She pauses a moment to look over the boardwalk. She spies Ginger's food cart, which catches her interest. She hasn't had supper yet, and is feeling quit ehungry, only accentuated by the delicious smells drifting towards her. She takes a couple bits from the addlebag beneath her cloak and approaches the cart.

Brume isn't the only one that's right enjoying those chili buns, though for completely different reasons. They dissapear like cakes in Canterlot Castle, if one belived the rumors about Princess Celestia anyway. Smiling cheerily she waved a goodbye to her latest customers, a trio of small colts, before turning to Rising-Chaos. Her kerchief, usualy tied around her neck, sits on her head to hold back her unruly red mane with a jaunty tilt covering her right eye.

"Hey there, name's Ginger-Spice. What can I do for ye? Bun?" She grinned and held on a aloft in her purple telekinetic field.

Spearmint pauses at the greeting, ears perking. "Hi, Pumpkin! …Do you smell that too? Something smells pretty good!" He looks a bit embarrassed, admittedly, to be caught with his nose in the air.

Pumpkin nodnods. "Ah smell it too! It's smells delicious, an' ah haven't had anythin' to eat since lunch. You wanna get somethin' with me? Mah treat."

Thunnini swims to where she can get a better view. Oh, that smells so good~! But she's down in the water, and climbing around on land is awkward without help. Besides, it's not like she has money. On the other hoof, if she could see one of her friends…

It doesn't take long for Windsplitter to more than one point dirfting along with heads canted airwards and interested looks on their faces, giving a brief grin beneath the shadow of his hatbrim as he realizes he's hardly the only one who's noticed this. Ginger's cart is certainly eyecatching enough, and soon finds him making his way down the stretch of boardwalk towards said location. Noting with a bit of regret (especially when getting closer means all those good smells are getting richer) that he's not the first there eager to try the wonderful agony that Brume is enjoying, and quietly slips into place to wait his turn….

Rising-Chaos nods to Ginger Spice. "A bun sounds lovely, thank you," she says. "How much do I owe you?"

Brume scans the crowd, spotting faces that are vaguely familiar but nobody he knows, then- ah! There's someone. He shifts about in his seat, finishing up his current bite, then lifts a hoof to wave at Rising… who is getting into line. Well, he wouldn't want to be rude, so he stays quiet so she can do her ordering in peace. He takes the opportunity to recover a bit, even if he's salivating at the prospect of those last few angry bites. Ahhh, we must wait, my dear, and the realization of our desires shall be all the sweeter for their delay. While he waits, and sniffles, and lets the spicey burning subside, he watches Pumpkin and Spearmint, thoughtful behind the sheet of tears that lingers in his eyes. Hmm… that little green one conducts himself differently than most.

Ginger-Spice smile. "Nae much, jus' a pair o' bits. Ye have nae idea how good these 'ave been selling. Just take care, the first bite's hit ye in the gob good." The tastetastic treat floated over as she turned her attention over at Windsplitter, "What can I get for ye, then? Bun?"

The mare could barely contain a giggle, at this rate she'd have to buy more chili even before the big rush later in the evening. Her eye flickered back to Rising-Chaos, "Say, ain't ye… Whats 'er name, Risin'? The mage pony?"

Spearmint nods eagerly. "S-sure! I like spicey stuff. I could go for some food." He trots happily towards the smell, slowing a bit as he neared the stall so as not to smack into anypony's legs until he figured out where the line was. "I didn't know there were food stalls down here by the docks. Is it new?" He's probably within view of anypony watching from the direction of the docks by now.

The wandering pony's face is completely hidden for view in a moment as Ginger calls upon him, turning his head to the saddlebags beneath his cloak and rummaging for a moment — coming out a moment later with a small coin poucn danging neatly from the drawstring by his teeth. "Yesh please." The purse is — sadly — light enough that his words are only -slightly- muffled, but there's certain to be two bits for a spicy treat, at the least.

Rising-Chaos places two bits on the surface of the cart, eagerly taking the bun wiht her magic. "I'll be sure to be careful, thanks." She grins to Ginger. As she's about to take a bite, she spies Brume. She gives him a small wave, recognizing the wanderer. She moves aside so other in line so others can take their turn. At Ginger's question, she pauses. "My name's Rising Chaos, I'm a student of magic and a mage of no little skill as well. A pleasure to make your acquaintance." Chaos takes a bite of the bun. Her previously happy expression takes on a glossy look, spicy indeed!

Hey, there's a pony that Thunnini knows - Spearmint! And what looks like a friend of his! Thunnini waves and calls out "Hi Spearmint! Hi Spearmint's friend!" Hey, anypony who's a friend of Spearmint is undoubtedly a friendly pony, right?

Pumpkin rubs her chin. "Ah don't think ah've seen it before mahself, but that's not surprisin'. Ah don't really come here into the city that often." Yes, this is 'the city' so far as she's concerned. She's about to get in line when she sees the wave and turns to look. Is that… "Hey Spearmint, is that a Seapo-" she says, before stopping. Right. Blind. "-ah mean, is that a friend of yours?"

Brume smiles that polished smile of his and returns Chaos's wave, although the red eyes might detract a bit from his usual image of crisp poise. He grins as he watches Rising take a bite, snickering to himself, and calls out. "Careful there! They're delicious, but they put up quite a fight!" Still grinning, he moves to take a bite of his own bun, and gets halfway through it before he hears Thunnini's voice sounding up from below the boardwalk and chokes with surprise. A fit of coughing ensues, interspersed with frantic chewing and swallowing, because he is not… about… to lose this last delicious morsel, dang you! Of course he whirls away from the crowd as he does this, still perched atop the piling, lest anybody see him in so compromised a state.

"Certainly, one bun for one mysterious wanderer! Watch it, the first bite bucks. Name's Ginger-Spice, by the way." The gingerbread brown mare smiled before turning her attention back to Rising Chaos. "Realy? Good, I was planin' on seeing if I could find ye, actualy! Had a bit of an' accident earlier, it seems I cannae work my magic the way I th-," she glanced up at Brume and called out. "Well, ye've already gobbled down three of 'em! One pony cannae handle much more o' this deliciousness, ye know!"

Spearmint perks his ears at the call, blushing but smiling a bit. "Thunnini! Hey!" He waves in the general direction of the water, nodding. "Yeah, we, uh, we met the other day. She's real nice!"

"A pleasure to meet you, miss! I am Windsplitter." Said mysterious pony bowing his head in greeting before depositing his two bits on the cart counter. Lightly picking up the bun in his mouth before stepping to the side, getting out of other customers' way before taking it properly in hoof. As far as her word of caution goes, he figures it probably not -that- bad — he does like wasabi, after all. And that's his line of reasoning as the hungry pony takes a nice, big chomp of the bun —

— and stands absolutely stock-still for a moment. While that cloak and hat cover a good deal of his body, one might make out a rather interesting flush starting to spread its way through the bits of white coat underneath…

Pumpkin grins. "Well any friend of Spearmint's is a friend of mine, so howdy, Thunnini!" She stumbles a bit on the pronunciation of an unfamiliar name, but gives her a wave. "You want a bun too?"

Rising-Chaos recovers with admirable speed from the spice. She turns to the spluttering Brume. "Come now," she says mockingly, "they aren't that spicy." She chuckles a bit, and waves to Thunnini whom she spies from the corner of her eye. She turns back to Ginger. "It seems my reputation precedes me, I can certainly help you with your magic." She nods sagely. "Magic can be very tricky, would you like to elaborate? Or even drop by my house some time, I am always available."

"Yes, please!" replies Thunnini, a cheerful smile on her face. She swims a bit closer - having some distance from the boardwalk is fine when you're watching the crowd, but it's much more polite to be closer in when talking with friends.

Brume coughs a few more times before waving back over his shoulder towards Ginger as if to say 'yeah, yeah, I know.' He keeps his back towards the others, needing longer to regain his composure- but so, too is he turning his attention to the water, looking for Thunnini. Ahh, there she is. Brume keeps an eye on her while trying not to look like he's staring, which would be rude, of course.

Ginger-Spice flashed Rising-Chaos a somewhat awkward smile, "I'm pretty certain I'll be droppin' by. It's all 'bout the finiky spatial awareness issues you get in animation spells. Cannae make stuff do thing's propperly without seein' them, ye know?" She does throw a glance over her shoulder and down into the water, and while Brume might be polite enough to stare the redhead mare certainly isn't. In fact, she's not even polite enough to pick her yaw of the boardwalk. "Ye… Um, ye're… Ah…"

She threw a beseaching glance at Rising Chaos and Windsplitter. Brume. Pumpkin and Spearmint, maybe? "Arn't… um… Legends?" She nodded towards the water.

Spearmint grins faintly at the other ponies' surprise. "I know, that's what I thought too," he offers to Ginger-Spice, "but I guess not! She's real. And real nice!" He edges a bit closer to the water, not wanting to have to shout either. "How've you been, Thunnini?"

Pumpkin smiles to the mare behind the counter. "Ah thought so too but I read about 'em in storybooks, an' those wouldn't lie, right? Do you think you could set aside three buns for me an' mah friends here? I'll pay for them momentarily, ah just want to talk to them for a bit." She then follows Spearming to approach Thunnini. "Mah name's Pumpkin. It's nice to meet you."

Windsplitter misses the beseeching look for a moment as he huffs out a pent-up breath that -feels- like it should be smoking, quickly sucking in blessedly cooler air — he really -should- have listened. But he pays Ginger's cooking a silent compliment as despite suddenly feeling like it's -way- too hot to be wearing his cloak and hat… and skin… he takes a second, eager bite. One has to wonder if he's going to end up looking like Brume before long….

…but then he notices that the chef of the evening seems to have a somewhat startled expression, looking questioningly over with a mouithful of food… then following her look towards the water… then back again, cocking his head puzzledly. It doesn't seem to have sunk in for him just what it is she's so concerned about — it might have something to do with a good few years of seeing plenty of things all around Equestria. Of course, it could also have to do with most of his brainpower going towards convincing himself he hasn't swallowed a cinder and somehow wnats to do it -again-.

Rising-Chaos smiles knowingly at Ginger. "Legends? Certainly, but that doesn't mean they aren't real." She watched the foals approach Thunnini. "As for your problem, I completely understand, drop by my house any time and we can work on a solution together." A glance glance at Brume makes her frown. "Hey, you, what's got you being so serious all of a sudden?" she says. She gives Brume a nudge.

"Nice to meet you, Pumpkin! And thanks for the bun. You can call me 'Thu' or 'Nini' for short," beams Thunnini. Shifting her focus to Spearmint, her smile becomes a bit more shy. "I've been having fun. You'd be surprised how much you can learn from listening in where others might not expect you to be. How about you - done anything fun lately?"

Brume starts at the nudge, turning in his seat to face Rising, blinking owlishly. "Mmmh? Oh, ah- a bit overwhelmed by legends, I guess you could say. I heard seaponies crawl out of the water at night to eat the wings off pegasi and the horns off unicorns. Scary, no?" He sniffles a few more times, clears his throat, and appears to be over the worst of dinner's effects. "And how are you doing this evening, miss Chaos?"

As he smiles to her, his gaze flicks past, towards a distant adjoining street, where Spindrift is turning a corner and approaching. There's a flicker of light from something she's holding in her mouth- off-white, a pale blue, fading in and out but carrying across the distance. She hesitates as she sees the crowd up ahead, takes a moment to return the object to a saddlebag at her side, then resumes her swift approach.

"Somepony, help!" a pony yells from the direction of the town square. "They've stolen it! How in Equestria could they steal it without anypony noticing!?" The source of the voice becomes clear as a stallion gallops down towards the port bellowing at the top of his lungs. "Please, anypony who can help, come to the square! Somepony has stolen the statue of Seafoam"

Pumpkin's eyes widen. "Wait. Somepony stole what? C'mon, Spearmint, we've gotta go check that out!" She blinks. "Uh, Thunini? You want a piggieback ride or somethin'?" She's strong, she can handle it.

Spearmint blinks and perks his ears. "They stole… what? The… the whole statue? …I always imagined it was… bigger than that." He tilts an ear towards Thunnini. "Maybe I can help you walk again? Though I dunno if we can move too quick like that."

The gingerbread brown mare seems… a tad bit out of it, to be honest. /Seaponies/ are real? So many wild thoughts, way to many! Ginger-Spice scrambled after them mentaly, the important ones. She blinked down at Tunnini. "Hello? I'm Ginger-Spice, nice to meet ye. Um, how does ye Seaponies do yer cooking?"

Right, important thoughts done. What else? She wasn't certain, there were plenty of shouting, but that wasn't really her concern. What else? Nothing? Right.

"Yes please, Pumpkin" replies Thunnini as she clambers out of the ocean. "Yeah, I'm not sure how fast I can walk sideways," she admits to Spearmint as she holds onto Pumpkin. "Ready when you are!"

Adding a glance to Ginger-Spice, she shrugs. "Bit of a long story, but mostly seapony secrets," she apologizes.

Brume turns to watch Rising go, then looks down at the abandoned bun. His eyes widen a bit, and his stomach groans. Glancing about hastily, to see if anybody else is watching, and then probably carrying on even if they are, he reaches down to nab the dropped treat, dust it off hastily, and stuff it in his mouth as he eases off his stool-like seat and moves to following Rising.

Spindrift draws close as he's getting ready to go, and he turns to flash her a smile from around the treat in his mouth, eyebrows arched expectantly. She frowns and shakes her head in a silent answer to his unspoken question, and he sighs slightly before tucking back into his pursuit, Spindrift falling into line behind him.

Continued in The Phantom Thief Strikes