Blueyed In The Everfree
IC date: Summer 81, 1007
OOC date: September 21, 2012
PCs: Dustdevil, Sodium-Fizz
GM: None

When we last encountered our heroes they were surrounded on all sides by pony eating TIMBERWOLVES!!! Both ponies have taken up positions near the fire each bearing skunk cabbage tipped flaming torches to help ward off the encroaching wolves. Six wolves fan out to surround each looking for a weakness, a point where they can reach in and grab somepony, some point undefended.

Weakness, there's a scent in the air that the wolves are unsure of, that of the skunk cabbages, and that of something cooking, its not a pleasant smell to them, but they maintain themselves in their stalking of these pony trespassers. This forest belonged to the Timberwolves, not to these interlopers, the ponies had no place here… They would leave, or perhaps they could stay for an enjoyable meal with the Pack…

The last two days could have gone a bit better, as far as Sodium-Fizz was concerned. It had started out well enough, an adventure, though it hadn't lasted. Which was a bit disappointing Actualy, she rather wished she was only 'a bit dissapointed'. 'A but disappointed' wasn't 'terrified for her life'. Twitching around she waved her stick at one of the timber wolves as it took an experimental step forward, driving it back a few steps once more. For now.

Turning her head the dusky pegasus glanced over at her companion, a redish-tan pegasus colt with a brown and blue mane. While she was terrified, it was him she worried over. If bad came to worst she might still have a chance of escape, able to fly away from the small clearing they had made camp in. With his hurt wings, Dustdevil couldn't. Squaring her shoulders she whipped her head around, waving the burning stick at the approaching Timberwolves again.

Over by the fire five small clay pots, enameled in cheery pastel hues bubbled. With some luck they, together with the skunk cabbage, would see them through this. The problem was, they needed a bit more time still.

Adventure, Check

Wild Animals, Check!

Dramatic Rescues, Check

Survival, Not quite checked!

While certainly Dustdevil was in his element out here in the wilds facing the unknown and in a search-and-rescue capacity, it wasn't him that was doing any of the search and rescuing, more like the other way around. Now he was the one in need of rescue, though he's never going to admit his faltering issues with flight right now. Right now its just the both of them vs these wild Timberwolves. He was touch, trained, and not gonna back down for nothing. No mere wolves were gonna stop this pony in protecting his pretty much only friend left in his life. "Never Back Down" he nearly growled out at the wolves as he waded into the fray almost dancing as he spun that flaming staff about keeping the wolves well away from that firey tip, and the swinging goo of that stinky skunk cabbage that clung to the other side.

Around he danced, though kept a watchful eye on Sodium-Fizz, the fire, and the other wolves. His movements were unpredictable and the wolves started to give him a wider berth than before. The pony approached the situation in the best way he knew how, look big, he winced seriously, nearly dropped, but lifted his wings in a full wide spread and continued to dance looking big, and holding that burning stick!

The mare, for her part, stuck much closer to the fire than the far more daring search-and-rescue pony, only occasionally thrusting her own flaming torch at the wolves to ward them away. The display of martial prowess, at least as far as Sodium-Fizz's untrained eye could tell, was rather impressive though she didn't have the time to take a moment and appreciate, counting away the seconds. Something that almost cost her tail as one of the wolves lounged forward, snapping at her and forcing her to skip forward, flopping belly first onto the trampled grass with a loud yelp of suprise, her stick rolling away.

This was not going particularly well…

Dustdevil i's mid spin dancing when he watches her ovestep herself, he performs a leap whilst still clutching that staff in his muzzle, aiming to be next to her in a few short bounds, if only time would slow down for him so he could just make it there in time!

Weakness! Success!!! her fire is gone, she's ALONE! She's Mine!

These thoughts spilled into the mind of a pair of the wolves as they lunged into that circle where there once was flame, now only a pony remained! The other one, too wild, too insane, sick perhaps, but this one was defenseless!

Dustdevil would never make it in time, he was opposite of her and the flames, she to one side of him, but he wouldn't just give up, as he bounded like a dusty bolt of lightening He knew he wouldn't make it for the first of the two wolves, but one, He jerked his head around using the speared skunk cabbage on one side of his staff, which he hurled the staff around until the skunk cabbage careened at the oncoming wolf aiming roughly for the wolves eyes!.

Then Dustdevil engaged his pure talent, that focal point and very reason he had his name in the first place. He engaged his Dustdevil ability while still holding his flaming staff, he twirled at a sideways angle, and RUSHED the second attacker running full tilt and using his wings to propel him even faster than any land runner could ever hope to accomplish! creating a fire charged wall of dust that aimed straight at the oncoming wolves!

Yelping loudly the two timberwolves fell back in confusion and furry. They'd been denied their pony meal! What they left behind was a rather bewildered looking Sodium-Fizz, curled up on the slick grass with Dustdevil standing above her. He'd been both sure and fast. Enough, anyway. The mare let out a gasp as she shifted, pulling one of her bleeding forelegs close to her chest. Fast enough. Glancing around with terrified eyes she turned her gaze at the cheery pots by the fire and she thrust a hoof out at them.

"Th-the illusion… Use 'em, use 'em!" she cried out and gasped in pain, "Th-throw 'em, wish… for fire… The il-illusion should…"

Dustdevil is panting deeply raspily from the mouth from holding that dang staff in his muzzle and all the exertion and speed of his flight attack. While the two wolves are indeed frightened by the sudden burst of speed and dust cloud, he spins over fizzy with the flame in muzzle, lands the staff where she can rapidly grab it in her own muzzle as he dodges back to the flames and nearly charges through the embers to grasp first a leaf of skunk cabbage, then grip that pot so as to not scald his hooves, He then performs his dustdevil trick right at the rest of the gathered wolves, it takes the smoke thats rising from behind him and funnels it straight into that mess of wolves. causing them to scatter, but making it so that he was at the center of them aswell, leaving fizzy alone more or less as the wolves had already scattered. She has a firestick now again so she can protect herself. What had started out as 7 wolves two ran off after dusty's first attack leaving the remaining five for Dustdevil to be in the midle of.

Dustdevil's talented attack left a cloud of smoke in his wake, and seriously aggravated wolves wanting only vengeance upon this bruiser of a male pony, the female was pretty much ignored even though the eyes from the edge of the forest kept a keen eye on her as well. Dustdevil landed in the center of the fray and deployed the "Illusion potion, wishing only for Fire!

It may be a goddess given talent, his true talent, and wild flight skill, but Dustdevil was using his wings with each attack he made, not to mention his strength was definitely not up to par lately, and it was really starting to show. The pony was spiraling down into exhaustion even though he was still keeping up a darn good fight!

As the liquefied tar of Fizzy's 'illusion potion' spilled on the ground in the shattered shards of the small brewing pot it shimmered for a moment before darkening. Then it sprung into brilliant life, as if Princess Luna had taken a piece of the aurora and put it right above the ground, a rolling shimmer of hazy rainbow lights flickering and rolling like flames around Dustdevil. Bright illusionary fire, together with the stallions swift strikes driving the wooden monstrosities away from them once more.

Though not nearly far enough. The ponies were hurt, fearful, running on fumes. They wouldn't last particularly long. Even the timberwolves driven away early could feel it and they issued for their own howls as they came creeping back from the treeline. There were ponies on the menu tonight!

Sodium-Fizz recoiled away from the fire-stick as Dustdevil left it, eyes trailing him as he shot across the camp and unleashing his assault on the predators. Groaning for herself she took a hold of it with her teeth and shuffled over to the flames. The rest of the pots, they were still there. They'd help. Scooping one of them up she winced, even through the protection of skunk cabbage leaves they were hot to the touch. Hearing the howls she turned around and gasped, they were coming back. With a groan she hurled the pot in her hoof.

It didn't go nearly far enough, shattering in the grass between the campfire and the returning wolves, another illusionary fire springing to life and driving back the wolves. For a moment anyway. "Dust! I… W-we…"

Dustdevil pants. "Never gonna give up," he rasps looking about wild eyed, alone in the center of the mass of confused wolves whom were only getting more angry at this pony, and his friend. The illusion keeping from harms way for right now, but not for long. He looks out at Fizzy. "Fizzy, take the last of the pots, and those last skunk cabbages, and FLY, get high up, and drop them on the wolves, all but that big one over there!" he shouts at her. His shout isn't much, you can hear a raspyness in his voice as he obviously got a good lungful of smoke as he did his last dustdevil dive trick. "Gonna make sure of things," he shouts as she's over there, he's over here. He dances about again, doing that wild dance of his keeping the wolves at bay more or less, more they get out of his way and he sings?! Wait, what, now he sings too?!

Dustdevil actually seems to be able to hold a tune actually…

~~Oh, Whats that, up, up in the skieeees?
Oh its the Wonderbolts up, up and flying so Hiiiii!

Who, Who, Who could be quicker, Certainly, never not Iiiii!
Its just the Bolts a flying really so Hiiiii!

The oddly singing Pegasus has done something odd, his happy upbeat singing has driven some confusion into the wolfpack. 'What, is he sane? He seems so upbeat, whats his scheme? he smells sickly, he's clearly exhausted, perhapes he's sicker than it seems…" his resilience confused them all, but they kept their distance now, all but the obvious Alpha of their kind, he was bigger, badder, meaner, and didn't care if his meal sang to him or not, this, was, ON!

One last maneuver, one last ditch effort, and Dustdevil performed his talent again, but with an arc, spiraling upward, then down to /CRASH/ Headfirst into that Alpha with his forehooves aiming right for the Alpha's Head!
Dustdevil sung in the same tune as Fluttershy's "Finding a pet" song.

The pegasus mare nods and throws an nervous glance at the wolves behind her, edging around the latest of the illusionary fires, before gathering up the other pots, wraping them hastily in skunk cabbage leaves. Holding the pots was tricky enough with one of her forelegs out of commision. Beating her wings she lift into the air, taking a moment to punt one of the cabbiges at the closest timberwolf before taking off into the night sky. She needed something to scare them off, something even the timberwolves were scared of, something… What was that tale she heard…? Something about star bears…

The timberwolves, on their part, didn't even pay the flying pegasus any attention. They were all staring at Dustdevil and his antics. This pony… This pony was mental. Worse, he was mental and took on the Alpha. And was more or less winning. The large wolf in question was staggering around like an drunk, his eyes all spinning in his head. Because of an singing, hurt and crazy pony of all things. They weren't sure what to do. At all.

Encouragement came from above, a trio of small clay pots fell amongst them, shattering. Then they shimmered as a new illusion sprang into the night sky, far larger than the other two. It looked like the night sky itself, taken down and wrapped around flesh and muscle. Shaped like an bear. The mad stallion had driven them to the breaking point, the illusionary Ursa Minor was the straw that broke the timberwolves' collective backs.

This just wasn't plain worth it any longer.

The wolves pretty much bugger off heeding a glance at that bear and wanting NOTHING to do with that creature, or whomever it is protecting. Oh, no, not today, not tomorrow, not ever! The alpha yips a hasty retreat and they pratcicaly fly into the woods never to lurk in this vicinity again. The alpha only makes one comment in departure to his pack. "These Ponies are CRAZY!, that one is probably rabid, and I don't want to screw with him, let them to that Ursa!" he commented to his pack mates as he rushed into the trees none too surefootedly as he was still quite dazed.

Dustdevil had made it through the lines of wolves and had made a successful attack on the Alpha, his attack was a speedy crash, literally, no bracing for impact, just all ahead full straight through that wall of illusionary fire. As a result he was pretty banged up in all senses of the word. His pelt was wet with sweat, and from any predators view, he was ripe for exhaustion and or just plain old death. Dustdevil was indeed just laying there, wings wide spread, legs wide, and keeled to one side multiple to his muzzle, forehooves, chest and shoulders, abrasions and obvious trauma from his crash into that other wild creature.

The illlusionary walls of flame still danced behind him shielding him from all in proximity, only the departing alpha could see how messed up he was, but that didn't matter to him, not one bit, Ursa on his mind was all that mattered, safety, survival, and not a care about that dinner treat!

Dustdevil may well be passed out from the shock of that impact, but its clear he's still alive, even if he did just take a header into something resembling a tree!

It takes several long moments for Sodium-Fizz to descend from on high where she dropped her payload of illusion potions, an variant of the zebra-made illusion dust. Something of a personal favorite of hers, though she'd never imagined it'd actually be useful for something. She staggered as she touched down right next to Dustdevil, her wounded leg more or less useless at the moment. She'd have to mix something up to take care of this at some point. Leaning down she buffed at him with her muzzle. "Dusty…?"

Dustdevil kinda comes out of it though isn't exactly coherent of his surroundings quite yet, he more or less acts just like he's waking up from a bad morning or something, You hear him groan, eyes still closed more or less, and you can tell he likely has a black eye to one eye, and a good bruise over the other. Head first hit literally. He kinda wakes up a little more, coughs a few times, turns then spits out blood a few times, snort snorts as he has a nose bleed going, then finally looks up at you through one eye, as the other one is pretty much closed due to the black eye and swelling. "Ooh, heya Fizzy. Hmm its quiet here, no snarls," he comments. "Errr, they're gone?!" he queries sounding oddly confused. "Last I knew I had just hit that alpha with all I had," he comments obviously having blacked out during the crash.

Sodium-Fizz let out a relieved sigh before dropping onto her hind quarters, seeming to deflate. "Thank sweet Luna you're okay… Yeah, they're gone for now… Thank you." She leaned down, placing a soft kiss on Dust's brow before sitting back up again, her bloodied leg still pressed to her chest, eyes turned skywards.

What a day. Actually, what a pair of days. Long flight, swamp crashes, panic, rescue, hoof travel, camp-making, sleeplessness, drinking, Dusty's weird picker-up thing, herb hunting, timberwolf-induced terror, and lots and lots of adrenalin. Oh, and blood loss, can't forget that. She peered down at her foreleg. It seemed to have stopped now though, the claw gashes wasn't that deep. It hurt though. Actually, it hurt a lot more now than it did before. Why so?

Oh right, that must be coming down from her current adrenalin high. Right? It made her all dizzy. "I… I think," she mumbled before sighing inwardly. Oh buck it. With that she keeled over. Unconsciousness didn't seem such a bad idea right now.

"Thank me, no, thank you without that mix, that cool magic we'd be dinner," Dustdevil murmurs lightly coming out of his daze, well somewhat, its pretty obvious he's pretty messed up too, though he is likely able to stand moreso than her, actually, though maybe not. He murmurs out as she struggles to stand without too much luck. "Goodnight Sodium-Fizz, Fizzy," he lets out softly, and while he doesn't go to bed quite right away, he does drape a hoof over his nose to stop the bleeding. He just lay there for now, sleep will get him eventually, but for now, its his 'turn' on watch so to speak, she stayed up all night last night, my turn. He hrumphs a little and just lays there content to do nothing.