Blue Joke
IC date: Summer 56
OOC date: August 15th
PCs: Fidget
NPCs: Ooze
GM: Gamble

With all the commotion going on at the beach party, it's a wonder anypony's still on the streets!

Actually this /is/ a wonder. All the fun is being had at the beach, leaving almost none for the rest of the poor fun-deprived Harbor.

This, of course, makes it completely possible for non-pony things to appear in otherwise-quiet places. Like a small, dark blue blob of something that's just made it to the edges of the fair town. A small, quick-moving mass, that seems awful wary of anything with a pulse.

The blue /thing/, for it has no name, just lurks in a dark alleyway, watching the occasional pony trot by. It's a studious little blob. Whatever its waiting for, it's waiting very patiently…

After an encounter with chaos powers took the most natural route, and a paper mache house of horrors imploded and sent a title wave of chocolate milk into the harbor, Fidget needs to get out of the manes of everyone else. (or they might kill her) This pegasus pony trots along happily though through these streets, it was a success, she scared the horse apples out of everypony. "Heck I even got some free chocolate milk out of it. Best. Day. Ever." she squees wings a flutter!

Oho! What's this? This pony feels different than the others that have passed through. Energetic. Mischevious.

If there's one thing this particular little blobette is attracted to, it's mischief.

The oozeling watches as Fidget practically flutters about. And as it watches, its shape seems to change. A little at a time, the dark blue thing shifts from a puddle of pudding to something more…pony-shaped. Vaguely so, but passible enough as a doll perhaps. A doll with coal-black eyes…

The tiny pony-doll-thing watches. It adjusts itself to sprout a pair of wings as a final touch, then it trots itself out, attempting to time it just right so that when the pony-thing tips over in the street, and stops moving, there will be a Fidget nearby to stumble upon it…

Hop. Hop. Hop. "Oh Shiny!" The little pegasus stops. Looking down at the doll. A hoof goes out and she pokes it, seeing if its hard like plastic or soft like a stuffed animal. Hoof going over it she stops at the eye. Lifting it she pulls it in for a closer look and smiles. "You have messed up eyes just like me!" she squeals happily holding her new toy high. Eyes flashing with the swirl for a second, smile perhaps a little too wide. "A pegasus too! Way cool. I will name you … Blue … Jokes? Joke Blue?" nodding happily "I will call you Joke Blue, you are my new bestest toy!"

It's soft. Squishy, even. Like a doll filled with gel. The 'toy' is even warm to the touch! Sun-warmed, perhaps. Truely this will be an awesome toy.

Did one of its wings just flutter…?

Tossing the toy into the air she catches it on the top of her head, balancing it as she trots along. Every other bounce is punctuated with an extra high hop and carried on the flutter of her wings. All that bouncing going on it would be easy to miss something as simple as a fluttering wing, its gel after all. "So Joke, I have taken a week off of pranking to work on a huge prank and it went better than I could have imagined, buuuut I still dying for some action! What do you say we find some ponies to premo prank?"

So much bouncing, it sure would be easy to miss all the other movements the toy is making! It doesn't usually get to ride on things. So its trying to figure out the best way to..bounce. It may even seem a little odd just how easy it is to balance this toy, once it finds a good way to shift its weight around.

Pranking… Yesssss… The goo knows that word. It knows that word well. So very well… It seems to be quivering with excitement over the idea, and during one of the 'flops', conveniently flails a hoof at a passing green-colored pony. Prank target!

Wow this toy is awesome! It even stays on her head well. "I can tell your exited its like your bouncing along with me!" the young mare giggles. "Now what kind of prank should we do … aw man! I forgot my joke bag back in the haughted house … that imploded. Lame." wings droop as it seems she is low on options. "Low budget pranking I guess. Hrm …. I could get some ABC bubble gum and make ponies stick to the board walk!" she cackles in her own exited filly like ways and gets to setting up her trap!

The toy would be grinning if it had a mouth. As it is, the black coal-like eyes practically gleam. Mischief~ Pranking~ In fact, as Fidget goes about setting up her 'trap', one of the pieces of gum looks an awful lot like the same color as her new toy! But it's sticky, like gum. Almost too sticky to get off ones hooves. That's some dang sticky stuff. Yet the toy itself hasn't moved (much), just perched upon the trickster's head.

Fidget may not be an expert chemist but she knows how to mix up a few things for her pranks, and a few potions from the Wishing Pony can't hurt. Mixing all the gum she can find, (and apparently some other super sticky goo) adding a little chemical and mixes it making something slimy like gum but is easy to spread. Sticking a hole is a bag she finds she trots along the boardwalk goo falling out of her bag and along the walk. Un known to any pony even Fidget that little extra goo has perhaps made things a little sticker than intended. Ponies are getting stuck all over! Hoofs pulled up are covered in stringy sticky gum! Ew!

"Aaaahhhh ha ha ha ha! Epic! Good team up Joke Blue!" holding it up to high five.

Of course the toy can't high-hoof back. It sure does look like it tries though, what with a flailing of a leg and all.

The sticky stuff that the ponies are getting stuck on? It's making their hooves turn blue! Not only getting all over the bottom of their hooves, but it looks like it's…spreading. Next thing anypony knows, some of those ponies that got stuck to the boardwalk are also getting stuck to each other! Until suddenly there is just…a pile of stuck ponies, covered in sticky blue stuff. It's vaguely ball shaped.

Kind of like a pony gumball.

Oh look, the toy still has its hoof stuck out. Apparently it wants another high-hoof!

"Huh." Fidget is perched atop a stall looking down on what seems to be a huge mess. "Thats new …" ear twitching slightly. Eyes flashing their little chaos swirls again the little filly blinks desperately about to panic. Though she still has time to hoof her little buddy, never leave a friend hanging after all. "Did I … do that? Oh man .., not good I thought I had this under control! W-well not as bad as Hoofington." she chuckles ducking behind something to make sure she is not spotted as no doubt screams start. "Still we should book it little dude. Your too pretty for the Canterlot dungeons, trust me been there." she forces a laugh.

The toy's head tilts. Man gravity is weird sometimes. Its own black eyes just gleam in the fading sunlight.

The pony 'gumball' is definitely screaming. Struggling. Trying to figure out how to get un-stuck! It's going to take them a while to figure out how.