Bitter Lemons Part 2
IC date: Summer 64
OOC date: August 24
NPCs: Rock'em, Sock'em
GM: None

Friday afternoon rolls into evening, and the day has been a completely different day than the previous one. A staggering difference, even! Where yesterday had almost no ponies wandering the boardwalk to shill lemonade at, and the lemonade itself tasted like polluted seawater, today has seen a great many of the Harborites wandering back and forth, enjoying the awesome weather, the great beach, and a grand amount of fresh, exceptionally tasty lemonade.

From both of the lemonade stands! For the Mad Mare, the baneful Captain of the Harbor Watch, the scourge of all things Bright and Cheerful, apparently dug into her inner filly to drudge up a lemonade recipie that not only was infinitely better than her last poor attempt, but was almost…addicting. Indeed, she's had pretty steady business all day, which has kept the frowns and scowls mostly off her features. Which, in turn, has lended itself to more business! There's been hardly any time to worry about making snide quips to her minions, or shooting dirty looks at the other (also very busy) lemonade stand.

All in all, it's been a good day!

Down the boardwalk, at the stand manned by nothing but kids, business has also been good! But then their quality's been there the whole time, and a helping hoof or two from random benefactors has gone a long ways towards refilling their treasure chest with bits to put towards the bet. It's been so busy, in fact, that the foals have had to take it in shifts just to keep the lemonade flowing. It's amazing what the threat of competition can do!

Right now the foal's group consists of one little blue unicorn filly named Dream Daze, with a couple of her friends to dish out the goods, the mute unicorn doing most of the taking of orders and getting cups work. What with her magic and all to help levitate all the lemonade cups. Makes for easy service! She's as happy as can be every time a new customer wanders up to get a cup too, naught but smiles and thank-you waves. …And the occasional mental vision for the extra-generous ponies.

Oh ho what is all this? Lemonade seems to be the trend of the times! Its a hot topic on the board walk, and everyone has to have some. Fidget eyes the crowd forming between the two stands no doubt ending up across from one another. From above its even hard to spot where one line starts and another line ends. Rubbing her chin she looks up to the little blue toy on her head. "Ok JokeBlue that is allot of ponies. I think its about time we got in on this. Should we give a helping hoof to one of these stands?" pranking her friends is one thing, but that Mad Mare still needs a pay back for what happened on the boat months ago. "I think I know just the pony too."

Siyana is amongst the group at the filly stand, scampering back and forth to try and help keep the lemonade flowing. The slightly older, blue-haired zebra is very serious about it all, and very /intense/ about this bet. "I think we should maybe ask my Dad about some local flowers," she offers to Dream. "Might make it taste even better."

Even though he's still fairly new to Horseshoe Harbor, Kludge has heard about the lemonade showdown. As a newcomer, he had decided to start off neutral by ordering a glass of lemonade from each stand, and then make up his mind by observing how things develop.
Dang, this is some good lemonade!

Spearmint is looking rather cheerful himself, mixing away at the lemonade bowls, a dash of this and a splash of that, a taste here and another dash of sugar, and perfect it goes into the cups! And then repeat. Siyana's words make his ears prick a bit. "Flowers? It's not tea." Not that tea is /bad/, just… how do you add flowers to lemonade? Drinking a petal isn't refreshing! Tasty, maybe. But not refreshing and… lemonade-y. Yeah, that's a word. Totally.

Royal wanders down to the to the walk, sporting a case of bed-mane. Travelling and the previous days events have a way of tuckering out anypony. He yawns a bit, then blinks as he sees the crowd that has gathered around the lemonade stands. Something has obviously changed since the day before.

He wanders closer to both stands, keeping an eye on the older of the stand owners.

Fidget hops down next to mad mare, tossing her messy mane out of her hair and smiling up. "Hey looks like your kinda busy Ms. Mare of Madness." rocking forward on her front hooves and into Mad Mare's personal space. "Lossing to the foals too. Tsk. Too bad you don't know the foals secret to Lemonade." giving a shrug and picks up a one of the bags of ingrediants. "Oh man your using granulated sugar … he he he." glancing up and shaking her head. "I mean not that, thats totally wrong or anything." rolling her eyes in her head and giving a smile. "Well I better get out of your mane you have a contest to loose …"

So much lemonade flowing about, Maddie and her ever-present entorage of ponygoons hardly have time to notice Fidget's sudden appearance for taunting. For that matter, even when she does start mouthing off about sugar this and contest that, mostly all it earns is a frown from the Mare, and a swat of a hoof at her when Fidget goes poking about their ingredients.

"Hush you, troublemaker. I think my lemonade's doing just fine today, thank you very much!" Maddie growls at the small pegasus, then turns an off-smile to the next customer. "Why hello there! Of course, another glass coming right up!"

Did that toy on Fidget's head just wave an arm?

Meanwhile at the foal's stand… Dreamy catches wind of Siyana's suggestion, sparing a few moments from helping customers to ponder this. She sends a little mental image to her two friends, of the leaves sitting in the lemonade bowl but not getting into the cups. Flavor is good, right? More flaver could be better!

Siyana shakes her head. "Flowers don't have to be like /tea/," she replies to Spearmint, "They can make other flavors. More…robust flavors, I guess." And when Dreamy puts in her two mental cents, she nods quickly. "Exactly! Like that! I bet we could put, like, maybe the Windigo Kiss in there or something."

Fidget takes a step back and pulls away. To most of those busy goons it might look as if she is leaving but this is far from the truth. She has some snooping to do first. "Come on little Blue we have to figure out how that dunder head manages to get so much more customers than yesterday. I bet he put something in there." giving her little toy a bounce she trots around the goons who are far too busy to pay her any heed and nose through some of the boxes.

Royal, waiting in line at the filly's stand for his turn to sample what he hopes is a better tasting brew than what was put forth the previous day, spots a filly nosing around towards the back of the proported "Mad Mare"'s stand. He raises an eyebrow at the behaviour. Is *everypony* in this town up to something? Even the fillies?

While he has no lost love for the proprieter of the establishment in question, it's still his duty to see what's going on. He moves over to the back of the stand, using the crowd to shield him a bit and heads for the filly, currently whom he finds rooting through boxes. "What exactly are you doing?" He says quietly, but channeling the his best take on his instructor at the Royal Academy.

Spearmint blinks and tilts his head. "Well… maybe." It was probably not best to admit he wasn't sure how he'd be meant to keep from scooping leaves into the cups. "But it sounds like we've got plenty of ponies… and I had a good few yesterday… we've /gotta/ be ahead."

An investigation of the…'Harbor Watch' stand's ingredients reveals LEMONS! (Dun dun dunnnnn!)

And… Sugar! And another box labelled Spices. Spicy lemonade? Apparently better than yesterday's attempt at 'Dirty Lemonade'. Maybe they actually had a good recipie, and the rum ruined everything…

At least there doesn't /seem/ to be anything foul going on. It's honest to goodness lemonade that Maddie's peddling! Having a good time doing so, at that!

Joke Blue, the little winged 'ragdoll' pegasus that it is, almost looks like it's perching on Fidget's head, looking into boxes, leaning this way and that. But only when nobody's really paying attention. Though when Royal comes to investigate, the 'toy' immediately goes limp, sprawling atop Fidget's head like so much gel-filled thing.

Dream Daze beams~ She has no idea what Wendigo's Kiss is! But it sounds okay. As good as any other flower or herb or flavoring. She has another thought too, sneaking it in between smiling her Most Adorable Smile at the customers. A picture of a cinnamon stick! Would cinnamon go well with lemonade?

"Making uncle Discord proud." Fidget hums to herself as a voice questions her from behind, being hooves deep in what ever happens to be in this particular box. The toy bobs on her head as half her focus always seems to go to her little 'lifeless' friend making sure it is situated comfortably uptop. Blinking she turns about. "Hey you don't sound like one of the goons, you sound more like one of those mean stuffy Canterlot ponies. Oooh I see Mad Mare has teemed up with evil Canterlot ponies. Evil is, as evil does put'um up!" raising her small hooves to engage in Hoofty-cuffs.

Royal cracks a smile. Not quite what he expected, but then he isn't quite sure he was thinking that far ahead. "I wasn't quite sure it would be that effective." He rolls his eyes. "And I'm not with that mare up there. I just wanted to make sure things are fair all around, if there's some bet going on."

He glances over the filly, noting her odd choice in head-wear. Barely giving thought to the attempt at a fight, he continues. "Come on, let's get back out front before somepony catches us." He trots a few steps, then half turns back. "Sound good?"

Siyana ponders. "I think there are some flowers that could give it a real mild orange flavor too, without makin' it not lemonade and stuff. I could look into it. I dunno. But we do seem to be doing good, you're right." She nods firmly to Spearmint, who of course, can't even see it.

Oh no! This stuffy Canterlot pony will mess everything up. Think Fidget think! Walking by the large mixing container she has an idea! Kicking a hoof to the wooden planks she feints a trip. "Ack!" she flails in mid air for a second before falling forard. Little Joke Blue flies with forward momentum into the mixing vat. "Ow I think I hurt my head Mr. Stuffy Canterlot pony you will have to take me to the … um doctors or something quick. I heard Maddy can smell a wounded filly for miles!"

Spearmint tilts an ear. "I dunno about cinnamon, but orange might be good. …Cinnamon might too if we put less sugar in it, let that sweeten it… hm. I'd have to taste it." So many options! And another splash of lemon juice into the bowl. "Here's more ready!"

Uh-oh! Maddie seems to be running low. There's a break in the customers, too, allowing the Mare to slump against the countertop. "Whoo! Who'da thought selling lemonade would be so…" She waves a hoof, "…Tiring? Boys, we need more drink."

Rock'em and Sock'em nod! "Yes'm!" they grunt in unison, turning about to follow orders. And…there they find Fidget, and Royal! Tripping over their ingredients!

"Hey!" Rock'em shouts, immediately bowing his head. "Get outta our stuff! This is s'posed ta be a fair contest!"

"Yeah!" Sock'em adds, all squinty-eyed. "If you've touched our stuff, we're gonna buck you into next month!"

Of course all this makes Maddie start to turn her head…but just then a customer shows up to keep her from turning her full attention to the goings on behind her.

Poor Joke Blue. Floating in the little bit of lemonade in the mixing barrel. Turning it a suspicious shade of light blue…

At the other stand, Dream Daze beams at her friends, levitating the freshly made lemonade to the counter to help another customer.. Orange-lemonade… She hadn't thought about adding /full/ flavors to them before. It makes her eyes practically gleam with the thought, and send images of 'orange-lemonade' and 'apple-lemonade' and…and…'lime-lemonade'…and maybe even 'banana-lemonade' to the other two foals!
Kludge has partially disconnected.

Siyana actually honest-to-goodness /giggles/ at that. "Banana lemonade? Oh man. That'd be weird! But maybe it'd be good! I dunno!" She helps push the new lemonade over, and then hops out front. "Come taste our /artisinal/ lemonade, hoof-made by the youth of tomorrow!" she cries.

That actually catches Kludge's attention. Doing things unconventionally is a philosophy he supports (as evident by any who have seen his crate-like wagon), and creativity like that should be supported.
Wandering over to the foal's stand, he slides over a few bits. "Special lemonade, please. Surprise me," he succinctly states with a smile.

Fidget spots the change of color and smiles. "Way to go Jokes." she whispers to herselfs. "No pony would drink lemonaid that has a toy floating in it. Who knows where its been!" rubbing her hooves together happy with her evil little- "Oh no! The Fuz!" wings humming into action as Rockem and Sockem catch onto her shenanigans. "It was him!" pointing a hoof at her Fancy companion. Without another word she launches herself into the air. "Oh no Joke!" she squeels in horror almost forgetting her little friend!

Royal runs a hoof through the back of his mane, laughing nervously. "I'd better not, last time I tried to get a doctor around here, I ended up in a storage closet somehow…" He eyes the filly. "But let's see if we can't find somepony who is not Mad to ask about it." He completely fails to notice the contaminaton to the lemonade.

When the two ponygoons turn around (exactly as he was hoping they wouldn't) he responds to their statements: "Hey there! I was just trying to make sure that there wasn't anything going on back here that could upset this bet…" He trails off into a nervous laugh. When it becomes apparent that these two ponies aren't going to see any reason, he tries a different tact.

"Look! A moose!"

While the ponies nearby are caught off guard, he scoops up the younger pony and makes a dash for the other side of the crowd.

A moose?

Rock'em and Sock'em pause, blink, and look where Royal pointed! Moose are rare! They've never seen one! …Apparently they will continue to never see one either, as it was just a /horrible distraction/. This makes both the ponygoons sulk and scuff a hoof, glaring at the spot Royal had been standing in seconds ago. "Some ponies…" "No kiddin'. Well let's get this stuff mixed."

Mix they do, too! In goes some lemons, some sugar, a dash of water, a few other…special ingredients that so far have served remarkably to keep ponies from getting sick, and keep their lemonade from sucking horribly. All of these ingredients, tossed in on top of the tiny puddle of murky blue. Mixed with a big ol' stirring stick, when the goons are done they peer into the barrel.

"Huh… Does this batch seem a little off to you?" Rock'em wonders, squinting at the faint traces of blue swirls floating to the top of the lemonade mixture.

"A little… Ya better taste it, Rocky." Sock'em notes, dipping a dipper in helpfully.

Rock'em backs away a step! "Wha? Nuh-uh! What if they went 'n poisoned it! That'd be a horribly sneaky trick!"

Sock'em rolls his eyes, setting the dipper down. "That's somethin' Boss would do, not a bunch'a kids. Worst it might be is some kinda stink-flavor. So taste it already!" The dipper is raised again! And this time Rock'em tips his ears back, but takes a sip. Hm.

"Nope. It's good. Get it to Boss." Rock'em says, turning to examine the other ingredients to make sure nothing else is tampered with. Leaving Sock'em to grumble about moving the now-heavy barrel closer to the front of the stand, where lemonade can thusly be served.

Dreamy, at the other stand, gives Kludge her biggest grin ever! New pony! She's practically wagging her tail, she's so excited, though the request of 'special lemonade' has her wondering. She blinks at Siyana, then scoops the bits up into a hoof to plunk into the chest, turning to Spearmint with a mental question, showing a picture of a glass of extra-sparkly lemonade. Do they even have 'special' lemonade?

"Uhh" Siyana pauses and blinks. She looks at the others, then back at Kludge confidently. "All our lemonade is special, sir! It's made with special ingredients! Like— love, and other crap like that." BEAM.

Spearmint blinks at the image. "Well, uh, I can't make it sparkle, but…" he blushes, sitting back on his haunches and shrugging off his saddlebag, flipping it open. …Boy it's like a spice rack in there! Aside from the salt from the night before, he's got pepper (naturally), and cinnamon sticks, and ground cinnamon! And nutmeg, and those look like bay leaves, and that's… some other kind of leaves, and that looks like grated cayenntine, and, and… /spices/! All arranged in a neat little grid seperated by thin pieces of cardboard. "I guess we could, uh, try the cinnamon?"

Kludge is impressed by the kiddos - Dreamy's energy, Siyana's confidence, and Spearmint's array of spices. "Cinnamon sounds intriguing," he admits.

Ruby-Blossom trots Portside after visiting the Main Street for some shopping; after all a girl's gotta eat. Noticing Blackbird as the stallion that was with Sadaka on the day of her arrival, she makes her way way - curious to see what's happening.

At least nothing /bad/ has happened to the foals' stand! That would be extremely disheartening. In fact, so far, this whole lemonade contest has been largely a joke with just how well the foals' stand has been doing. Dream still envisions mountains of bits. Her and her friends practically swimming in them! It's such a pleasant thought, she shares it with Siyanna and Spearmint, even as she awaits to serve Kludge their first attempt at…Cinnemon Lemonade.

Meanwhile, at Maddie's stall, the new vat of lemonade is ready, primed, and being served. "It' extra tang." Rock'em explains when Mad Mare raists an eyebrow at the little blue swirls that seem to permiate the drink.

"Long as it doesn't hurt our customers…" Maddie says with a shrug and a smile, already doling out new cups to the thirsty masses.

…When nobody's looking? A small blue 'blob' shape oozes over the edge of the lemonade keg, sliding down the side, and landing with a soft 'splat' on the ground. It shrinks back into a nearby shadow, taking a minute to form itself back into its 'pegasus ragdoll' shape, and then sneaks out behind the stall to flop 'lifelessly' where Fidget will hopefully find it. Fidget, or maybe another friendly pony~

Ruby-Blossom trots cheerfully over to the trio of fillies, only to find all but one unfamiliar. She offers a warm smile to Dream-Daze "Hello sweetie, how are things going?" she offers a smile to the other fillies "Ruby." a polite little curtsie, as she surveys the current situation; not entirely upto date on the dueling lemons situation.

"Things are going spectacularly," Siyana replies cheerily, pointing her striped hoof at the others who are tirelessly working. "I'm hawking our faaaabulous wares!"

Spearmint smiles sheepishly, carefully pulling out a stick of cinnamon, scooping a glassfull of lemonade, and sticking the cinnamon into it, stirring it a couple times. "I, uh, I've never tried this before, but… I hope it's good!"

Kludge smiles back. "At the very least, we'll know if it works!" Accepting the offered glass, he takes a drink…

Kludge nods in approval. "This tastes pretty good. Nice choice!"

Dreamy welcomes Ruby with the same innocent and horribly adorable smile she gave Kludge a moment ago. Maybe she'll buy some lemonade too! She also points at Siyana. Their resident spokezebra. When Spearmint delivers on the cinnamon lemonade idea, that gets Dream's full attention. Just to see if, y'know, he likes it or whatnow… They're definitely doing great over here!

Which is…more than can be said for the other stall. There seems to be a hitch in Maddie's business. Several of her recent customers have stopped wandering away from the stand, holding their bellies. Three of them suddenly turn a very dark shade of blue. Two more erupt into spontaneous, and horribly violent hiccups!

And Rock'em? Well, he's having a hard time staying on his hooves. Which have started acting like they've got little wheels beneath them. There's much crashing and cursing going on over there, and more than one spilled crate of lemons!

Siyana beams at Kludge. "See, sir? Delicious! Would you like to try some, miss Ruby?" she asks of the girl. Beam! "We're very successful businessponies! And twice as good as the competiti… What's going on over there?" She blinks, and points at the weirdness.

Ruby-Blossom glances the direction of Maddie's booth, and the negative results of Maddie's efforts to sell lemonade."I think she's intent on putting you out of business through bad PR." Passing ponies are bound to notice ponies getting ill from lemonade, and aren't likely to purchase after seeing such scenes. "I'll always help you girls out." Ruby offers with a genuine smile - that's right Fillies get the real thing everypony.

Spearmint blinks, perking his ears. "What, what's going on?" Well that sounds… weird. Somepony's got a bad case of the hiccups! A couple, actually, it sounds like. And… lots of crashes? "Did somepony drop something?"

Kludge looks warily at the chaos unfolding at Maddie's booth, then rubs his chin as he looks upward with a crosseyed expression. He lets out a relieved sigh, then slides over a few more bits. "Another special lemonade, please. It's safer here."

"They're all… flailing about," Siyana supplies for Spearmint. "And hiccuping and… I don't think they're doing so well. But /we/ are /spectacular/, right ladies and gents?" As Kludge puts in for another, Siyana seems very pleased, and Ruby's additional praise gets a bounce. "Thanks! How're you gonna help?"

The Mad Mare looks on in horror… Six ponies turn into twelve with mysterious effects happening to them. One or two more turn blue, to join the three that had already, each of the blue ponies seeming to have a hard time..moving very well. Like their hooves had turned into sticky gum of some sort. A few of the other ponies start sporting other issues. Stripes. Polka dots! One starts breathing fire. Another suddenly starts belching /butterflies/. And one pony in particular looks the most shocked of all, eyes wide as dinner plates moments before he spontaneously expands as though filled with helium, floating up into the sky.

"What…have you done?" The Mare whispers, glancing back at the only other 'sane' pony in her booth. Sock'em. Whom is trying to help Rock'em stay on his hooves, with very little success. "I dunno! There was a filly 'n a stallion back here, and..they..must'a messed with our stuff! I don't know what's going on!"

"And you didn't /TELL/ me!?" Maddie growls, proceeding to thunk her own head on the counter of her stand. "Why?" *thunk* "Why!?" *thunk* "WHY!?"

All the chaos out there has..slowed traffic. Which gives Dreamy a chance to peer over too. What in the hey is all that racket for? Did someone get sick..? Oh well! They're absolutely right when they say /this/ booth is safer! Dreamy's head nods with satisfaction. Only foals know how to make the /perfect/ lemonade.

A brief moment of hesitation ensues as Ruby curiously surveys the crowd who certainly is losing interest thanks to Maddie's posionus servings. She begins to sway with a little hum, and quite suddenly she breaks out into song she's got a pretty voice, shame she rarely speaks to anyone other than fillies. ~o Hey everypony step right up. For a nice cold cup; of Horseshoe Harbors best lemonade. ~o

Ruby-Blossom playfully hops forward to drawn in passing ponies and onlookers with song and sway; a shameless attempt to draw business for the fillies. ~o Sweet, and not too tart. Fresh lemons are how we start." Another hop forward. "Add a little sugar and now it's sweet. A little love and it's complete~o

Kludge raises his glass in toast. "Here's to good song and great lemonade!"

Ruby-Blossom slides in front of Maddie's booth to try and distract from the house of horrors the competition has became. She proclaims in a slower sing-song voice ~o Why you'd be silly, not buy your lemonade from a filly. A graceful bound forward landing Ruby beside a lone stallion, and she proceeds to traces a hoof along his jaw. Look at this big handsome stallion. Why, I bet he'll buy a gallon. gracefully twirling away while shooting a enticing wink the stallion's direction.

"…Huh. She must've put some bad stuff in it again. I heard it was pretty bad yesterday." Spearmint shrugged and ducked back to his mixing. Whatever's going on is probably pretty fun to watch! But he can listen and mix at the same time. So… yay?

Maddie /stares/ at Ruby. "You didn't even /drink/ my lemonade! WHY ARE YOU SINGING!" With so much chaos going on, the Mad Mare just…covers her face with her hooves. "Ugh… Okay. I think, this is a sign, that it's time to close up shop… Sock'em, grab Rock and roll him back to base, a'right?"

Sock'em salutes! Then pushes on Rock, whom does indeed seem to be rolling no matter what part of his body's contacting the ground at this point. Meanwhile, Maddie gets to packing all the ingredients, and puts a top on the Bad Lemonade barrel. "…Meh. I'll deal with it in the morning." That's right, she's just going to leave all this chaos going on!

Dreamy is horribly amused. Not so much by the chaos going on to ponies, especially the one that's just floating away, but more because of Ruby's impromptu song! She knew their lemonade was good, but she didn't know it was good enough to cause spontaneous singing! Just for Spearmint's benefit, she sneaks the blind colt a few images of what's going on… Singing and everything.

The ruby-haired mare appearing among a random of group of pirates; complete with her own eye patch and hat - where did she get those? Go on, enjoy some fresh lemonade. A sure-fire way to avoid scurvy for any knave.
Ruby-Blossom suddenly pops up next to Sock'em; handing the goon a cup of lemonade; note: lemonade and not the drain cleaner being sold by Maddie. It's guaranteed to satisfy, so step right up, and give it a try. If this still isnt enough, Ill even buy you a cup. gingerly ducking out before incurring any physical abuse from the booth's owner.

Siyana grins widely and bounces after the mare, singing along. Although she doesn't have a knack for /words/, her voice is actually…pretty good. Which surprises even her. But she manages at least to keep up with tune, even if she can't predict Ruby's lyrics.

Kludge is very impressed, and can't take his eyes off of the song-and-dance number. That doesn't stop him from sliding over a few more bits and indicating that he'd like another glass of lemonade, though.

Spearmint chuckles in amusement. Now they've got a song and dance number! They've totally won this thing. But he can't help but wonder what Maddie put in the lemonade that would make it all… well, turning ponies blue.

When Siyana goes bouncing off after Ruby, Dreamy feels the urge to join in too! But then there's Kludge, slipping a few more bits on the booth counter. She off, or she could sell another glass. Sigh. Business over pleasure! Dreamy swipes the bits, grins up at Kludge, and gets another glass with Spearmint's cinnamon added in. Those special lemonades may prove to be a good idea after all!

Speaking of the dancing. When Ruby goes involving Sock'em, it leaves Rock'em to start rolling /down the street/. Tumbling like he were a pony-shaped wheel or something. "Whoa! Rocky! Wait up!" Sock'em shouts, dashing after!

Maddie, through all this, is doing her best to stay calm. Stay positive. They made a great bit of progress. True, the other stand did too, but it's only a matter of effort before she does /more/ business. The Mare gazes out at the chaos. A total of twenty ponies having changed colors, or other..unfortunate effects.

Yep. Just a matter of effort.

Maddie's eye twitches. Purposely /ignoring/ the cheerful dance number, which she's /totally/ blaming on her own cursed lemony product, she's trotting off to go alert more Watchponies that there's a few sick ponies to take care of now. Really, really deleriously sick singing ponies, at that.
You paged Rusty-Gears with 'rusty-:thinks the doll is going to just /appear/ next to Spearmint's feet next.'.

Ruby-Blossom hopes her shameless attempts have hopefully drawn in a crowd for the fillies. She twirls around for the expected climax of the song while singing out ~o Don't give another thought. Throw in your lot; and choose Horseshoe Harbor's finest Lemonade~~~~o. The moment the song ends Ruby's planted herself gingerly beside the fillie's lemonade stand with a rather unimpressed expression on her face; trying to downplay her own embarrassment after putting on a grand little show.

Kludge applauds and raises his glass in a silent toast, a large smile on his face.

Siyana finishes with Ruby, "—aaaaaade!!" And she's looking properly exhilarated as she bounces over to give her a GREAT big hug.

Dreamy applauds with Kludge! That was a great spontaneous musical bit! It sure took all the attention away from the blue/weird/sick/floating away ponies, and back to the good ol' points of foals selling lemonade! It was like…magic. And now there's a whole bunch of ponies hovering around their booth, wanting more lovely liquid refreshment! This is great!

The singing was also great for making sure nobody noticed that the little dark blue pegasus 'plushie' is now sitting next to Spearmint's legs. (Dun dun DUNNNN!)

Ruby-Blossom is taken aback by the sudden, unexpected hug - and it's enough to melt the the unimpressed expression into a rather blissful one. A insightful onlooker might make the astute observation that Ruby likes children; althought the delighted slightly dreamy expression on her face is preeeetty obvious.

And the zebra is /just/ thrilled, hugging her so tight. "That was /awesome/, Miss Ruby! You should sing more! Maybe you can come back tomorrow!"
Kludge slides over a few more bits. "And a lemonade for the wonderful singing," he says with a smile.

Spearmint beams widely as he sets another completed bowl of lemonade out, pausing to, after a moment's thought, sprinkle some cayenntine into a cup to try. "Hm. Hey! This makes it kinda… spicy. And orange-y. …Cool!" Maybe gormet lemondade is his calling! Or, y'know, at least, something fun to do. He turns back to the bowls, blinking as his hoof bumps the doll. Hello, what's this? He leans down to sniff it. It… it's a thing!

<3 <3 <3 The turquoise pony all but melts at the super, super rare attention from a filly; it's not exactly like a career as a world renowned theif leaves surrounded adorning fillies. "huuuh…okay, sure." completely not paying attention to the request, and relishing the moment. It's a good thing no one really knows what she does, or why she does it! <3 <3 <3

Dreamy's practically bouncing. Happy foals, happy fillies, happy customers! So many happy ponies. The picture of Ruby getting hugged is too priceless to pass up! She sends Spearmint a mental image of it. Surrounded by a heart. Because this is, like, the first time she's seen Siyanna actually crack anything resembling a smile. That makes it /totally/ picture-worthy.

The thing Spearmint has found smells interesting. Kind of like plant fiber… And it's textured like cloth. And squishy like… Jello?

Scientific fact: as long as you're not a total grouch, massive amounts of happiness and cuteness will bring a smile to your face. Exhibit A: Kludge, who usually has a stoically neutral expression, has a soft, happy smile at the scene in front of him.

"Yay! And where'd you learn to sing? You're really good at it!" Siyana hops down, but sticks close to Ruby, with the glittering gaze of IDOLLLLL in her eyes.

Ruby-Blossom is still rather Dreamy, and has to forcibly restrain herself from snatching the Filly when she hops down; the euphoria fading to leave a lingering reminder that perhaps it really is to time to settle down. She certainly doesn't need to steal - why anyone familiar with her alter ego's work would certainly agree. "Ah..oh…" stumbling like a filly who just fell in love for the first time; eventually a small smile forming. "I used to sing to my 'little sister'." a certain emphasize on the last part as she tellls Siyana the truth; something no adult would be privilaged too.

Sniff sniff sniff. Hm. Poke. Poooke. Weird. Spearmint scoops up the strange clothy squishy planty thing, running a hoof over it. Oh! It's… some kind of doll? Thing. Huh. Okay. Where'd this come from? …Must be Dreamy's. Or Siyana's. …Siyana didn't strike him as the 'doll' type.

"Ooh, well you should sing more. You have a really pretty voice." Idoool~ Siyana beams, and then rears up to plant her hooves on the stand, looking up to Kludge. "A satisfied customer, huh? Tell your friends!" Beam! … After a beat though, she blinks at Spearmint. "Whatcha got there, Minty?"

The sight of Ruby waving her arms in front her in a vain attempt to re-capture Siyana; like a infant wanting it's doll - ALMOST comes to fruition. The mare restraining herself "Thank you. I'd be happy to sing for you again sometime." sliding to her hooves to trot a little closer to her new friend. She's all smiles even if she tries to hide it.

A flurry of lemonade later, and the freshly inspired crowd seems to dwindle a bit. Which isn't bad, since somewhere along the way it goot kinda late for a Friday night! Dreamy finds herself yawning despite the lingering cloud of excitement, sipping on a glass of lemonade herself, and peering at Spearmint when Siyana points out there's something new. Wha? It just looks like a little doll to her!

Spearmint blinks. "I'm… not sure. I think it's a doll. Did one of you drop it?" He holds it out in their general direction (he hopes!). "I kinda sorta almost tripped over it."

Kludge has been enjoying the lemonade, including the various spice mixtures. Some have been better than others, but none have been truly bad. (Well, other than the one with cloves and black pepper, but it sure cleared his sinuses.)

"I didn't drop it, no. It's cute though." Siyana looks up at Ruby. "Did you drop it, miss?" And to Kludge: "or you?"

Ruby-Blossom gives a small shake of her head "I don't own anything that…" silence "blue." she settles on, unsure of the little doll or it's owner.
Kludge looks at the odd "doll" and shakes his head. "Don't think I've seen it before," he admits.

Dreamy shrugs! Poor lost doll. Probably a little foal somewhere crying because they lost their bestest friend… She taps her chin, and looks around, but there's no others around now! At least, nobody that's looking for a doll.

"Well… maybe we should hang onto it til we find its owner. I bet they'll come looking for it. Anyone have any bags to put it in or something? Don't wanna lose it."

…says Siyana.

Ruby-Blossom can't help but sneak a little closer to siyana; providing the filly with an approving little pat. "That's very sweet of you, looking out for others." *beeaam*

Spearmint nods. "I guess… maybe one of the other girls came by the stand and dropped it. Sadaka or Pumpkin or someone. It's not your sister's, is it, Dream?"

Dreamy shrugs and shakes her head! Then remembers Spearmint can't see that, and sends him an image of her head shaking. Star doesn't have a doll like that! …She thinks!