Better To Build A Shelter Than Curse The Snow
IC date: Autumn 86
OOC date: 14/12/12
PCs: Zypher Rising-Chaos Ruby-blossom Windrose
NPCs: None
GM: None

Snow is hammering down on the town, the curtain of snow is surely enough to drive most ponies inside. Normally, this is true, and many residents are enjoying a nice cup of hot beverage indoors. However, not every pony is so lucky, and so something simply must be done. On the main road leading to the port, Chaos is standing in the middle of the street, overseeing as teams of workponies, all dressed up in winter clothing put together some shelter to get the homeless some relief.

Rising Chaos is wearing only her cloak, and is freezing in the snow. Unfortunately, her robe is soaking wet and would actually make it worse. Still, this needs to be done if she wants a proper lab later down the line. Her motivations are not so altruistic as some may think. So Chaos is toughing it out, barking instructions to the leaders of the three teams she's in direct charge of. Thankfully, she saves her notebook, which she consults constantly. Needless to say, she's not all that aware of her surroundings.

Zypher has money, he's rightly loaded because of his sports affiliation, but this is different, he's not really out for the weather, but he is bundled up, a bit more so than usual though. His ball can't bounce in this snow, but he's got a coloured ball this time around, bright neon green and Black, can't miss this thing in the snow. His wings aren't out, but its time to practice here in the cold.

Rising-Chaos continues to bark orders at the workponies, clearly becoming frustrated. either they aren't co-operating or Chaos just doesn't /get it/. It is probably the later. "Listen, I don't care what you have to do, just get the roofs up so some ponies can get out of the snow." She storms over to the group, hoping her mere presence will inspire them to work harder. To be fair though, they're doing well for such hard conditions.

Zypher hangs a thick 'team' jacket over an exposed post behind that of Rising-Chaos, and slips into the working group taking to the ropes, and slipping out his wings to add to the force to help out. He's clad in his own 'team jacket' its logo is plainly visible upon his back, and sides.

Rising-Chaos doesn't notice or doesn't care about Zypher joining the working ponies. She just wants the shelter finished. It nearly is, in fact, before her very eyes the last of the roof goes up. Several ponies scuttle inside at once to get out of the snow and the worst of the cold, Chaos among them. She turns back to the crew. "Alright stallions, go home for today, we'll finish this one up tomorrow." She sighs and shivers, her work here isn't done yet.

Zypher steps from the midst of the working ponies as they are dismissed and pads to stand before her, slipping his hood down so that she actually sees that its him, not some other fan of the team, like duh. "Uhh. Miss Chaos" he gulps some "Umm, there's an autographed team jacket behind ya, Its, uhh, team issue n'd fan's are never supposed to get em cause they cost so much, but uhh, Its warmer than that, er what you're wearing" he comments softly as he sees your chill is evident. He puts it bluntly this time. "Warm Jacket, for You over behind you, Its warm, and comfortable, and for you" he reiterates in case you don't understand his intentions.

Rising-Chaos raises an eyebrow, vaguely recognizing the stallion from the other day. "Well good thing I'm not a fan then," she says. She does give him a warm smile, being nice and generous can get you places. She floats the jacket over and puts it on, and is immediately warmer. "Thank you, Zephyr, was it? It helps a lot." Still, some things cannot be forgiven all at once. "I see you bothered to remember my actual name this time."

Zypher nods a little "Uhh, yeah" he nods a little "I did get it right didn't I? rrr, Rising-Chaos, yes?" he gulps and glances around while still having his head ducked under the cover of the freshly created tent. "What else needs to be done, I uhh, I've got some experience n stuff setting up tents, I uhh do it a lot for the team" he adds quietly.

Rising-Chaos smiles, letting up a bit, no reason to be rude unnecessarily. "It is correct, thank you." She looks around at the makeshift shelter, little more than basic structure and a tarp for a roof. "We just finished work for today. If you'd like to help, you can come by my house around noon tomorrow, where we'll be gathering." Any nervousness or attempts at friendship aren't noticed. Chaos never seems to quite understand these things.

Windrose idly zips through the air overhead, pushing a cloud here, nudging a cloud there. Making sure everything is in place for the night and double-checking which ones are going to need to be replaced with ones restocked with snow for tomorrow. Working on the weather team wasn't exactly the sort of navigating she had expected to get into, but hey, a job is a job. At least her skill set is still useful.

Zypher nods a little as he turns about looking around, he set it right there, (lump in snow) "I, err" he gulps big some looks around, steeples his fore hooves, "it, It was right there" he starts to get this panicked look on his muzzle, oh the snow its been just absolutely coming down outside, its already put a full coat of snow atop his soccer ball!

Rising-Chaos looks at Zypher curiously. "What was right there? What are you looking for?" She trots over and inspects the little mound of snow, digging at it with her hoof. She finally uses her magic to toss most of it aside and finds the soccer ball. She rolls her eyes. "Oh, you mean this? Have it." She tosses it Zypher's way, clearly uninterested in keeping a hold of the infernal sports thing.

Okay, looks like everything is in order here. Any clouds stray overnight and the morning shift will take care of it when they come to make the snow start. Windrose plops down on a low drifting nimbus and takes a glance over the edge of it. "Hello down there!"

Zypher watches the unicorn do her magic thing and reveal his soccer ball, then actually athletically toss it back to him which he easily bounces off his nose, taps it with his forehead, then lets it fall almost to the ground before a wing catches it and pulls it to the side, "Whew, thought I lost that for sure" he huffs, "Thanks" he looks visibly relieved or something then looks straight up, "Oh, Hey you up there" he grins to the other pegasus surprised to see more such

Rising-Chaos waves away his thanks, she just dug it out of some snow. "Don't worry about it. Just keep that thing away from me." She looks up at at her friend in the clouds and smiles wide. "Hey there Windrose, what are you doing up there? You can come down here where it's at least out of the snow.

Windrose chuckles a bit. "Because I got a job with the weather service, that's why." The pegasus practically dives off the cloud, only to come to a stop hovering just over the street. "Been watching you guys working on and off when I passed over, looks like you finally got some actual shelters going up." Even if they are just poles and tarps.

Zypher furrows his brow something fierce, "Hey, Poles n tarps are Perfectly fine I'll have you know" the star athlete practically shouts at the other pegasus, he quiets down a lot, "They're perfectly fine" he mumbles looking away from the pegasus. Woah the flyer got some 'bark to him even' that's odd for him.

Rising-Chaos looks shocked at Zypher's reaction. "Woah now colt, no need to shout. Are you okay?" She peers at him for a moment before looking back to Windrose. "Yeah, it's not easy work but I'm rather committed to the project now, I'll be coming back tomorrow to get a proper house started here, maybe set up another shelter to get ponies under cover." She casts her eye around the place, it's looking shabbier by the minute. "It's nothing special. Even if it's better than being out in the snow."

Windrose just sort of peers at the other pegasus at the outburst. "I didn't say there was anything wrong, I just said that's all it is so far." Some ponies are a little touchy, I guess. "It's suppose to snow again tomorrow, but if it starts getting in the way just give a shout and I'm sure somepony will move some clouds away from the work site for you."

Zypher just looks at his hooves in the snow, he lifts one hoof to inspect the build up of said white fluffy snow. "I'm ok" he murmurs, looking up slowly "Its very nice of you to help ponies get out from the weather, these shelters n' all" he mentions softly as evidently the subject matter is a touchy subject for the stallion. "It is better than being out in the snow" he offers and softly adds, "I know it is" he nods some.

Rising-Chaos has rehearsed this one, for just such an occasion. "It's the least I can do to help the good ponies of Horseshoe Harbour." That didn't sound memorized at all, nope. "These makeshift shelters will make way for tall, sturdy and fireproof houses." She breaks out of the pre-recorded message to nod to Windrose. "That would be very helpful, thank you."

Windrose glances up and around for a moment. "Jellybean is around here somewhere. Well, when I report in tonight before going home I'll let him now so he can keep the morning shift informed," she replies to Rising with a smile. Then reaches over to give him a light boff to the shoulder with a hoof. "And it's good to see you out helping instead of hiding in your lab all day!"

Zypher nods a little, "still its nice of you" he mentions all the same, "not just anypony sticks around in 'this weather' just to lend a hoof to those who need a helping hoof from time to time, I know My mother had to get help from time to time from helpful ponies like you" he adds, "living in a tent sucks, but its still living" the stallion blurts while blushing then kinda panics some. He has his soccer ball, so what could it be now, now, well its that the truth is out, he was one of /those/ ponies, those homeless ponies back when he was a foal or something…

Rising-Chaos blushes and looks away. "I'd prefer to be back in the lab, but this is kinda a job now…" She looks curiously at Zypher at his statement, well isn't that a thing to know. She shrugs, it's unlikely to affect her. She doesn't want to mention her real intention is only to get her proper lab set up, so she doesn't. "I'm glad I could help ponies. The town deserves to be whole again."

Windrose settles on the ground proper and folds her wings for a rest after flying around most of the day. If there's one thing she learned in Nightmare World, it's to pace herself in cold weather. "… How do you fireproof a house, anyway?"

Zypher kinda laughs softly, "don't think ya could 'fireproof something" he laughs a little, "their will just be larger parties , more booze, and bigger fires" he comments "team parties can get out of hoof easily

Rising-Chaos waves a hoof, consulting a list. "You use some stone, and the branch of a particular tree turned into a charm. Ruby showed it to me, it's very interesting. It won't make it fireproof, but fire won't spread so fast and won't do as much damage." She raises an eyebrow at Zypher, who's suddenly cracking what sounds like jokes. "I doubt the Harbour would be intimidated by a party, considering what we've dealt with."

Windrose oooooOOOOOOooooos. "So it's more fire -resistant-. Still, that's gonna be a big thing around here I'm sure." Then pfffts. "Like a party is a big deal."

A soft rumbling eludes to impeding doom - and a moment later the front flap of the tent blows open as a large snowball crashes into the make-shift domicile and collides with…Windrose; a fantastic *POOF* of white powder finds Ruby sitting atop of the a pile of snow - shaking her head. "I'll get you yet!" she calls out in a rather a sweet tone…to who though?

Zypher heh's, "Our last team party shut down most of Canterlot ! and then there were uhh, umm some issues with some statues and donuts, lots and lots of donuts" he blushes, "not gonna go into that one though!"

Rising-Chaos rolls her eyes again. "Trust me. This is no Canterlot." she yelps in surprise and dances back when Ruby makes her entrance. She flushes in frustration, checking to make sure the shelter is fine. "Ruby," she sighs, "still chasing that foal? Could you try to not crash in and destroy my stuff." She winces at the memory from back when she was fillyfied. "Again?"

If she'd still been airborne Windrose might of had a chance of evading that, but not when she's standing on the ground. She barely gets a chance to look up at the looming shadow before *POOF* it's nothing but white. A few moments later she manages to poke her head out of the snow. "Since when do I count as your stuff?" she teases. She doesn't have to look up, it's pretty much a given who would crash a giant snowball into her.

Ruby-Blossom glances down at the head between her legs and leans down to tugtug Windrose out of the snow pile and into a big hug. "Since never - You're mine. Just wait until I get Rising to give me that age reduction potion!

Rising-Chaos is left speechless at Windrose's question, and waves at the fleeing Zypher. "I meant the shelter, not you," she mumbles. She looks shocked. "Age reduction potion? I was supposed to make one? I never heard of this." In a panic Chaos starts flying through her bags, moving the team jacket she got from Zypher to get at them. She brings out a notebook and starts flipping through the pages.

Windrose just narrows her eyes a bit even as she's hugged. "You better not be thinking what I think you're thinking of thinking, you."

Ruby-Blossom giggles and nuzzles the top of Windrose's head. "Rising's so cute - she took me seriously." grinning mischievously. "I like you the way you are, Windrose - even if you've been neglecting your duty.

Rising-Chaos just doesn't even know what to say. So she doesn't say anything and just stands there, being embarrassed. She puts the notebook away and brings out another one, which she flips through for different notes.

Ruby-Blossom smiles at Rising. "You're sweetie even if you try to be a hard case." offering a broad, silly smile to the other mare.

Windrose sticks her tongue out playfully at Ruby. "Consider it revenge for all the times you snuck out and left me curled up with a pillow." Then more seriously, "I got a job on the weather team helping them keep organized and it's kinda a busy time of year with Winter being brought in and all."
Ruby-Blossom harumphs cutely despite still holding onto Windrose. "It's okay. I'll just tame that new foal.

Rising-Chaos finally catches something she can latch on to. "That's great Windrose, the weather team could use a pegasus like you helping out. I don't know what weather is like to manage but if it's anything like ponies…" She waves her notebook vaguely. She pointedly ignores Ruby's remark, she is too a hard case. She frowns, "careful with that new foal Ruby, they could be dangerous."

Windrose blinks a couple of times. "Foal?" Leans a little to try and peer back at Ruby over her shoulder. "You didn't get pregnant while we were on the other side and not tell us did you?" Yay for jumping to conclusions!

Ruby-Blossom turns intensely red "That'd require me to be with a stallion!" she blurts out while squeezing Windrose affectionately (see: firmly). "I don't think she's dangerous…every foal just needs love." her eyes turning to large hearts. "Plus it's wild - that means it's up for grabs.

Rising-Chaos chuckles at Windrose's accusation, and chuckles more at Ruby's answer. She smirks. "It's a wild one alright, you just do what you think is best." She chuckles again and explain to Windrose. "There was a little wild foal we found yesterday, she growled at and bit Ruby. I don't trust it."

Windrose laughs as she hugs Ruby back. "You see that? I actually got her to blush!" That's victory enough as far as she's concerned. At the two explanations she nods a bit. "Well, that's kinda odd. Just hope it's not a baby Big Hoof or something."

Ruby-Blossom hops to hoofs "I gotta get going." she stops to hug both "Catch you girls later.

Ruby-Blossom waves a hoof before trotting out of the tent. "Later~" she's out of the sight before the tent flap even settles - no tracks, and not hint where she went!

Rising-Chaos smirks. "Yes you did, I don't think I've ever seen that happen before." She waves at the departing Ruby. "I should be going as well, I need to get home and get warm. As well as do some planning and attend to my experiments." She'll be in the lab until midnight, at this rate. She shrugs off Zypher's coat. "I wonder if he wants this back?"

"You should probably hang onto it to give back to him later." Windrose shakes off some lingering snow, and kicks herself off into the air. "Alright then, goodnight girls! I'm gonna go report in for the night and get some sleep myself."

Rising-Chaos shrugs and puts it back on, may as well use it while she's got it. "See you then, have a nice night." She waves and leaves, eager to get home.