Bestill My Fidgeting Heart
IC date: Summer 12
OOC date: June 28
Location: Main Street
PCs: Gamble Fidget

Fidget has been surprisingly low key since she has returned to town. Then again rumor is she has been staying in the Wintersong forest maybe she has been pranking the monsters? Today she is pulling her poor hoof built and far too over loaded cart declairing brazenly on the side 'Pranks and Love advice for sale! Find your Special some pony then Prank them to show them you care!' Sounds about right for the loopy pegasus.

Gamble would sure have to admit, it's been pretty darn quiet for the past couple months. Hardly any trouble or anything! Which is probably why he's been doing the things he's doing lately. Not that too many ponies know what that /is/ exactly… Anyway! There goes the rusty pony now, ambling down the street, mulling over some detail or another in his head when he passes by a particular wagon. He almost doesn't give it much of a thought, nodding to Fidget on his way past. "Evening, Fidgie." Two steps past the cart, he stops, lifts his head, and turns around. "Oh! Hey! Fidget! Yer..back in town?"

There is a crack like lighting and a blur of a smiliarly rusty colored mare leaps into Gamble's arms. "GAAAAMBLE!" The Pegasus all but squees at the sight of you. "OhmygodOhmygodOhmygodOhmygod, Its been so LONG!" squeezing hard and just not letting go the short pony burries her face in your mane. "I missed you!" you hear a sniffle in her usually jovial voice.

Whoa! Talk about being tackled! Gamble flails at the first impact, promptly falling over into the street with the light mass of happy mare burrowed in against his rusty pelt. "Waugh!" He blinks a couple times, then blushes a color so dark even his rusty hide can't hide it, giving a couple consoling pats on the back. "Awww… I missed ya too Fidgie! Just wasn't the same tryin' ta be a teacher without you rallyin' all the kids into mischief." He grins, managing to sit up at the very least. "So where've you been? I ain't left the Harbor. Much. Since that treasure huntin' incident."

"That feels like so long ago." The pegasi chuckles meekly dispite herself, whipping a tear from her eye. "Y-you know I was way too old to be in school right?" chuckling again she glances back up at the cart giving it a proud pat with a hoof. The multi colored thing creeks ominously at the touch. "I … I decided to start a proper business. I came but up for the summer's tourist season." peeking up through her bright red mane at the larger pony catching a bit of the blush before leaning on you and looking concerned. "Incident? Are you ok?"

"I didn't know that fer a long time, if'n you remember." Gamble notes, flashing a grin despite himself. "I also seem to recall that didn't exactly stop ya from gettin' all the kids in trouble either." The cart is brought up, and he blinks up at it, rickety and everything. "H'uh! Matchmakin' and prankin'! Who'da thought you'd make a right proper business outta that." That may have been a might sarcastic, yes, but good-naturedly so!

The rusty pony waves off the concerned look, offering a friendly nuzzle! "Naw, everything's fine! Just was an adventure, s'all. You were still in town then. And now yer back! So that's pretty awesome. So uh…" He reaches for his hat, knocked off his head during the prior impact, and when he picks it up, he puts it square on a pegasus head. "…How's business?"

Fidget is a pegasus! Gigglingshe pulls the hat up so her head isn't lost in the vastness of what fits the Unicorn's huge head. Now she is blushing, first a nuzzle and now your hat? She is a lucky pony. "Well I mean, you haven't gotten out much? You where like the best hero. Better than Blackbird!" she smiles warmly exitment and something harder to read in her eyes. "You can't tell me you haven't saved any damsels in distress since!" she honestly thinks your holding back on her. Looking back to her wagon though she nods. "Not bad. Got a few saliors who where looking too keep busy on the long ride back." there is an acward pause before she adds quickly. "with pranks. They wanted to keep things interesting you know … not …" waving a hoof as if it might move her train of thought along. "Well its not the love boat is all."

Good thing there was a clarification. Gamble might have thought otherwise! There was the beginnings of a squint! But it turns into a smirk instead. "Yea…alright. I'd believe that. You ain't really changed much, have ya. At least not in the 'fun-lovin' sort of way." He brushes his mane back, "Er. No, no damsels saved. …Kinda had one save me once or twice, but that was more silly'n not. Weren't you here when we got attacked by zombies? Or that big ol' tower in the ocean thing?"

Fidget stares. She is not sure you are pulling her hoof or what. Her mouth opens then closes. Finally she shakes her head. "Buck." she says finally "I miss all the fun stuff." You have noticed something that is different. Despite her namesake she has stayed in the same spot by your side for almost a whole minute now. A WHOLE MINUTE. "I … grew up a little?" she shrugs. "But I still love fun. An't no pony gunna stop me from pranking the world, buck Celestia all that noise. Though I still want to know about all the zombies." she pokes you with her muzzle.

He wasn't exactly counting the seconds, but Gamble has noticed that the body-check hasn't exactly turned into the usual Fidget-hopping-everywhere routine. The further muzzlepoking and questions about past freaky events brings the blush back to the rusty pony's ears, too. "Erm…" He's probably doing more fidgeting than the pony named after it! "They were…zombies. Like, undead ponies. Roamin' the streets, tryin' to eat everybody. There was some kinda big rift in dimensions that let'em in and…yeah. I wouldn'ta believed it either if I weren't here to see it. Feathers was braver'n I was… Poor girl, nearly got herself fried to a crisp!" The grin returns. "Kinda wish you'd been here fer that. All the targets you could hope for to pull yer worst stuff on an' save the Harbor."

"Oh it was nothing special, just zombies, magic towers, and rifts to other worlds." The pranking pony does surprisingly well at mocking your voice before rolling her eyes. "No no, never mind the details." she feigns woundedness before leaning back on Gamble like they are magnetically attracted or some such. Smiling she nods. "No I think I could step it up a bit more than bubble gum bombs. Pink acid traps .. or maybe … are corpses effected by Poison Joke?" tapping her muzzle thoughtfully. The staying still is taking its tole on Fidget though, her wings start to buzz now and then trying to tug her away. No! She stays stalwart to her Gamble cuddling.

Gamble rubs his chin with a hoof. "Okay, so at the time it was more intense and serious and all that." he admits. "I mean, everything was kinda doom and gloom for a while there! So maybe it's good ya missed it. Obviously it didn't stick around, yeah?" He's watching those rapidly fluttering wings, almost mentally bracing himself. He can see it now, she's gonna end up lifting off, carrying him up, and accidentally dropping him down a well or something. That would be an intensely awkward time for a fear of heights to suddenly kick in! But she hasn't budged yet, and he's reluctant to move away from a mare that /wants/ to be close enough to touch. It's not helping his blushiness though. The stallion clears his throat. "So, er… Where'd ya go anyway? Do anything fun? Meet anyone interesting?"

Fidget however is mostly oblivious to Gambles worries. "At the dark times like that is when ponies need me most! I brighten up their day!" she insists putting her hoof back down. "Your lucky you all survived the somber tones! I will have to do something to make up for that. Maybe if I can find …" she trails off only to be brought back with another question. "From here to Manehatton! Las Haygus to Stalliongrad! I made sure no pony was without a woopie cusion or a bottle of my liquid courage." proudly proclaiming she hovers off the ground for half a moment before wrapping a hoof about yours. "Opp, got carried away." she chuckles forcing herself back down, she almsot looks pained, but she isn;t going to miss a moment of this! "Speaking off …" she starts to fidget in her seat a bit more. "have you met any new … um ponies." wishing she had a bottle of the courage herself at the moment.

It's Gamble's turn to be oblivious! "New ponies?" he repeats, almost getting a chance to get back to his hooves! But…not quite. He contents himself with at least using the rickety wagon as a form of back support, so long as he's got a friend nearby to chat with and all that. He does make a gesture with another hoof towards the portside of things, "New ponies comin' in all the time through there. We get more new ponies here than anything else, I swear." He can't help noticing all this new fidgiting though. She was doing so well! "You okay there..? It's alright if you need to stretch yer wings or somethin'…"

The wagon groans with stress as Gamble leans on it. A stray nail pokes into his back and its hard to tell but a board might have just fallen off. Fidget however doesn't seem to notice. "Well thats the harbor for you." chuckling weakly not sure if she is glad or not that your missed what she was asking. Giving a pained look she lets out a breath, "Sorry its been so long since I seen you and I reallyreallyreally missed you and-" she zips about in the air dartign everywhere as she talks. "AND THEN I FOUND YOU!" she gabs your muzzle and gets nose to nose as she hangs in the air. Voice getting suddenly very quiet she lets go. "And … I missed you Gamble."

The nail is quite distracting. It takes some squirming to get his back set somewhere that isn't going to give him tetanus later. By then he looks up and…MUZZLE! Suddenly nose to nose with a hovery pegasus! "Wh.. Uh.." he stammers, brightly, his ears first perking, then starting to splay. "Er I… Missed you too? It just… Wasn't the same place without ya, Fidgie. But it wasn't like…an epic quest or anything, was it?" Because that would make him feel absolutely awful if Fidget's been in town for months already and just happened to keep not being in the place she was looking. "It's okay, really! I ain't going anywhere! We got plenty of time to catch up on stuff."

"What finding you?" She tilts her head now hovering backwards and upsidedown. "I mean … my motto is- er no. I don't have a motto." she scratches her chin thinking far too hard about a simple question. "Well i wanted to run into you. But your usual bar must have burred down in the last fire and town was all funny … and I'm avoiding the school." she adds rather cryptically. "OHMYGOSH! I know we should go on an adventure to celebrate meeting again after so long. You loved adventures! Think about it treasure and action, and LOADS of danger. Not an adventure without that." she is bouncing on the street now, flying aparently totally ten seconds ago.

Gamble actually flinches at the word Danger. Flinches! Of course he's never exactly been the sort to go sticking his head into fires in the first place, so that shouldn't be so much a surprise. "Uh…" he starts again, and now with Fidget bouncing all over the place, he has a chance to get back onto his hooves! Take /that/, pokey nail! "Fidgie…" he says, rubbing his cheek as he watches the pegasus bounce around the street. Eyup. That's more like what he's used to. "…You know I never actually went /looking/ fer danger, right? That's why I was a drifter 'fore I came here. Danger happens, I run /away/. Only reason I'm still in the Harbor's cuz' I finally made a friend or two worth stickin' around for." He gets a sort of lopsided grin. "Even if one of'em decided to go take a trip around the country fer a couple months."

Fidget frowns ears drooping a bit. "Sorry … I'm not sure used to staying still myself. I'm used to being tossed out, or getting out first." rubbing the back of her mane she stops her bouncing right back at your other side where she resumes leaning against you lightly. "Well why run away from it if your always gunna get caught by it. Your a hero!" she anounces "You charge at it and bloody its muzzle with your hoofs of furry!" giving her best Hoof-decuffs and giving a playful jab at Gamble. "Or at the very least lets go help some pony?"

"Aww, nothin' to be sorry about Fidgie! You had yer reasons!" Gamble shies away from the jab, his head ducking a smidge. He turns away from the wagon. "I dunno. Heroes are overrated. I didn't do a darn thing to stop any of the disasters that happened 'round here. But…" He turns again, grinning, "I /am/ helpin' someone out with a job they need doin'. So that's somethin'. I's kind of a prank too. So maybe I can get yer help next time it comes up!"

"Your helping with a PRANK!?" Fidget about explodes with exitment. "Oooooh can I help too? I love pranks!" Hoof hitting her wagon its explodes open showing all her wears. "What kind of prank is it? Do we need fake barf?" she pulls out a container. "Oooh I have this jar that says it has springy snakes in it but it really has peanutbrittle." Its like you just made her day, twice. "What is it, tell tell tell!" unable to help herself she is bouncing all over again, causing her cart to sway danerously. How has this thing even lasted with her in it?"

"Eyup." Gamble says, crossing two hooves over the other two. "It's… Well I dunno if I can say anything." he lowers his head. "Might be trouble if I do, y'know? So if I tell ya, you gotta promise not to breathe a word of it to anyone." He eyes the bouncy pegasus. And the wagon that's threatening to completely fall apart at this point.

Nodding so hard the wagon seems to nod with her. "I can keep a secret!" a zipping motion over her mouth. "Not a souuuuuuul" smiling up at you hopefully leaning over the counter so far her wings are the only thing keeping her from tumbling forward.

Gamble eyes the eager pegasus. "…Hmmm. Alright, Fidgie, I trust ya. But I can't talk about it here. So what say you'n me talk over a dinner or somethin' tomorrow, an' I'll give ya the info then, a'right?" He grins, "Never know who's gonna be listening in."