Belated Birthday Bash For Two
IC date: Summer 6
OOC date: June 26
Location: Main Street
PCs: Dream-Daze Spearmint

A nice, kind-of-sunny-but-more-overcast summer's day! Hurrah! A little unicorn filly carrying a wrapped parcel by its strings trots along the outskirts of town, where the residential district kindasorta is. She's going to a very specific house, to visit with a very specific pony (if he's home). With a very specific purpose in mind. When she arrives to the proper address, the little unicorn trots right up to the door, gets up on her hind legs, and knocks a couple times with a hoof. Knock, knock!

The door is answered by a slim, cream-and-cinnamon unicorn, whose cutie mark is three sticks of cinnamon tied with a sprig of tiny red flowers. "Oh! Hello there, little one," she says warmly, smiling.

The little unicorn filly beams and bobs her head in greeting to the bigger pony! Dream-Daze get her little horn glowing, so she can float up a daydream-question to the adult, which pretty much just consists of Spearmint's face portrait, this house, and a question mark next to it. Is Spearmint home?

The unicorn blinks and tilts her head, but smiles. "Of course, dear. Are you one of his friends?" She steps back to let Dreamy in. The house has a somewhat… exotic-looking decor, and smells lightly of spices and incense - a mix of pretty-smelling potpourris and the remnants of what must have been a tasty lunch.

Dreamy nods with another smile, happily trotting in from the invitation. She lifts her head and gets a good sniff… Most houses don't smell /this/ interesting!

She smiled, motioning to the stairs - which had a rather conspicuous ramp-and-railing built into one side for ease of travel. "His room's at the end of the hall, on the left."

Dreamy bounces once, nodding her head in thanks, and starts up the convenient ramp! Trot, trot, trot~ All the way to the indicated room, where (whether the door's open or not) she offers a soft knocking on the door to alert its occupant of her presence.

The door is half-open, but the knock is probably appreciated! The room is simple, not very decorated - as might be expected from a pony who can't really appreciate fancy decor. The walls are beige, and the carpet is brown. What the room /is/ is soft. Soft carpet, couple beanbag chairs, some cushions, a big cushy bed with lots of pillows. The room's occupant is currently sprawled out on one of the beanbag chairs, poking a toy train along a track; he perks his ears at the knock and lifts his head. "Yeah?"

One can't deny, soft is awesome. Dreamy grins, her tail swishing happily behind her as she starts to prance into the room, and that soft carpet, shooting out a little daydream of…well, Dreamy. With the parcel! Which she's putting on one of the nearby beanbags. Hello!

Spearmint perks his ears, beaming. "Oh, hi! Hey! Uh, come on in!" He sits up, blushing faintly. "Make yourself, um… cozy. …What's up?" Is that a present? Oooh. Present. It might be a good thing he can't see, because it's rude to stare at parcels over your guest.

Dreamy hops! Hop hop! Now that she's been officially invited and all, she feels no qualms about marching right up and greeting the blind little colt with a hug! This is followed by the image of a calender, two of the dates marked with birthday cakes and little mugshots of both of the foals. And then a third day, circled, with both faces, and a birthday cake there too! It's time to celebrate two birthdays in one day! Late. But better late than never?

Spearmint blinks and flushes, but smiles sheepishly. "You… kept track of my birthday?" And then the next fact in there hits him, and he lays his ears back and flushes deeper. "I missed your birthday? I'm sorry!"

Dreamy makes a 'thppt' sound, shaking her head quickly. Then..remembering, and sending an image of her shaking her head instead! She sneaks another quick comforting hug in, then turns about to fetch the parcel, pulling the whole beanbag it's setting on over! She tugs the string, letting the paper wrapping fall open to reveal:

Two foal-serving-sized slices of two kinds of birthday cake.

A small, blue, velvet-wrapped box, hinged to let the top open, with a wind-up key.

And a couple party hats/party poppers.

The hats are quickly picked up with glowy magics, one placed on the blind colt's head, and the other upon the mute filly's noggin.

Spearmint is still blushing, but at least now he's grinning again. He slides off of his seat to sit on the carpet, chuckling. Yay, hat! "Well, okay. I guess it's more fun to celebrate together anyway!"

Beanbags double as makeshift tables pretty well long as nobody's sitting on it. Dreamy makes a breathy sort of giggle, caaaarefully letting her magic unwrap the birthday cake slices (which are, fortunately, freshly made from Carrot Corner~) and set them on two little paper plates, one pushed in front of her colt friend. Along with one of the party poppers~ The little box is set aside for the moment, because there's cake to enjoy and Dreamy has priorities.

Spearmint does not disagree with these priorities. After thanking her - because manners are important - he noms the cake happily. Yay, cake! So much better than his attempt to make himself one. (Hey it was his first try baking a cake.)

Cake-eating comes in relative silence, aside from the sounds of eating cake of course, but they're small enough pieces that it shouldn't ought to take much more than a few bites at best. Chocolate, yum~ After eating her cake, Dreamy plucks up the party popper, hovering it above her head whilst she bounces about, hooves making soft scuffy sounds on the soft, soft carpet!

Spearmint has been fiddling with his own party popper with one hoof while he ate, and scoops it up once he finishes. He's pretty well figured out what it is - context clues help! - and he is looking quite tempted to pop it. Maybe he can't fully appreciate confetti flying everywhere, but it's still satisfying to make it go POP!

Dreamy grins, bouncing over next to her friend, offering a mental image of both of them popping poppers at the same time. And a confetti shower! Sparkley confetti! This is followed by a countdown, made out of pony hooves. Three hooves! Two hooves! One hoof…


Whee! Confetti burst!

*POP!* indeed! Yay! Yes, that was definitely a satisfying pop. Spearmint gives a little giggle, brushing some confetti off his nose. "I like those things. They're loud but they're kinda neat."

Dreamy gathers up a bunch of the fallen confetti, making a pile of it. Magic is awesome sometimes~ Then she reaches for Spearmint's hooves, cups them together, and dumps the confetti pile into them. Even if he can't appreciate the sparkliness. This comes with a mental image of the colt throwing his hooves up to make confetti sprinkle about again! Though it's his choice if he wants to.

It seems like a good enough idea to him! Spearmint cheerily flings the confetti up into the air. Hey, who cares about a little sparkly mess when you can't see if your floor's dirty, right? It's a party!

Dreamy looks happy with the results! A sparkley shower of tiny sparkley sparkles of confetti! She spins in it with more glee than a foal ought to have, getting as much in her mane as there probably got on the floor. Whee~ But she's not done with it yet! Nay, the quiet little filly scoops up another hoofful of confetti, and sprinkles just a few pieces atop the blind one's nose. The rest gets sprinkled into his mane!

Spearmint giggles faintly, twitching his nose and giving a small huff. "I get the feeling I'm now sparkly."

Dreamy grins, offering up a mental 'snapshot' of how (in Dreamy-Vision) Spearmint looks now. It may be slightly embelleshed with exactly how sparkley the colt is now, but it's impressive either way! The filly 'giggles' too, in that soft breathy sound, doing a quick bit of cleanup while the mess is still small. Paper plates, some of the sparkles, both get dumped into the parcel wrapping.

Then Dreamy plucks the small velvet box off the beanbag and balances it on her nose, carefully trotting her way back to the blind colt. She presents it just in front of him, her head bowed juuuuust a bit. …Yes, she's making a game out of seeing if he'll notice, ask questions, or somehow /know/ what she's up to.

Spearmint might not be able to tell exactly what she's up to, but he can tell she's up to /something/. He blinks a few times, and tilts an ear. "Uh… Is there something in my face? You're not doing the hoof-waving thing, are you?" He can never tell! But ponies do that sometimes.

Dreamy holds mostly still! Her ears barely twitch, eyes focused intently on her 'target'. She inches her head juuuuust a bit closer, and puts forth the mental image of what she's doing, with the box on her nose. Offering it, of course.

"Oh!" Spearmint blinks and blushes a bit, sheepishly reaching out to take it. He's not so good at balancing things on his nose as Dreamy is, so he just takes the box carefully in one hoof. "…I, um… I don't have anything for you." He frowns, and ponders this conundrum for a minute. "Maybe, er… maybe I can cook you dinner? Or, um, bring you something later, if you want." Not everypony will consider a meal a present, after all!

A brief daydream of a heart manifests, filled with the image of Spearmint cooking! Surely she'll take that as a gift! Food is awesome, and she already got a pile of, like, other stuff, so… Not that she /shows/ that part, of course, being too happy with the prospect of a homecooked meal as a gift. She leans in to give the colt a soft nuzzle, then pokes the box in his hoof! The key, specifically, showing a mental thought of turning the key!

Spearmint smiles sheepishly and returns the nuzzle, looking a bit relieved. Whew! He'd hate to get caught without a present to give, even if he wasn't actually aware of the party ahead of time to plan one. You give your friends presents at their birthday parties! That's how it works! On that note, he turns his attention back to his new present, and obediently turns the key, ears perked curiously.

Dreamy sits back as the key is wound. When sufficiently wound, Dreamy reaches out to poke Spearmint's hoof, guiding it to push the box lid open.

A soft tune begins to play. Something that sounds like it could be a lullaby. It's at least interesting sounding, if nothing else. The little filly stares at the little musicbox as it plays, offering up a vision of what's inside of it: A small pony figurine in a tiny snowglobe. The pony just happens to look a lot like her.

Musicbox tune:

Spearmint twitches an ear, sitting back to listen. He seems a bit mesmerized by it, actually. Ooooh, music. He can appreciate music and interesting tunes. He bobs his head a bit in time with it, without really thinking about the movement, and waits until it's done to speak, smiling. "Wow… that's really cool. Thanks, Dreamy… I like it." He must; he's given the key another turn or two to play the tune again.

Dreamy beams~ Of course it feels good when a present is appreciated. One of her ears twitch, happily willing to sit in relative silence to let the musicbox play once or twice more, at one point getting up on her hind legs and spinning in a neat dance step. Even if it's not visible, the tune just makes her want to sway. When it's all said and over, she drops down to all fours again and trots up to give another happy nuzzle to the colt's cheek, and a mental image of Dreamy leaving the room. It's time to go home…

Spearmint blushes and nods, returning the nuzzle. "Oh, right. Um, okay. …Thanks for the party! And, um, happy birthday! I'll, er, come over later this week and make you dinner?" he offers sheepishly. "Whatever's your favourite."

Dreamy nods, the mental image coming more naturally now that she's had a bit of a habit doing so. She grabs the little parcel of garbage on her way out, trotting with a bounce in her step and a likely nod to Spearmint's parents on her way out!