IC date: Autumn 38, 1007
OOC date: October 27, 2012
PCs: Windrose, Sodium-Fizz, Solar-Wind
GM: None

The medbay has a few more beds in it now, and more tennants after last night's raid. The fighting left its mark on the normally peacefull residents of the base. At the center of the action is a mildly roughed up pegasus pony. Though he's not the one seeking the medical actions, he's administrating them. Solar is dressed dow to his field jumpsuit thats been restiched here and there to prevent it from becoming threadbare, it still bears the logos of the Royal Fireguard. While nothing here is critical, there were some broken bones, numurous scrapes, some bloody noses, and some damaged wings in that fray too. Solar is calm cool and collected totally in his element, though hasn't really cleaned himself up from last night as it is evident that he took a few good hits too, adrenaline fuels the big guy, Duty and Honor also contribute to his unwillingness to get himself some care aswell, but the other ponies come first as he has the skills!

Solar-Wind isn't the only Harbour pony helping out caring for the wounded, though Sodium-Fizz does it her way as always; by providing supplies rather than medical expertise. She done her own very brief stint in medical once they'd return, though short of a few bruises she's fit as a fiddle. At least it would appear so at first glance, a second glance might reveal her practicaly sneaking around the medical staff, droping of another few bottles of healing ointments and elixirs before turning and making her brisk retreat to the hallways once more.

And she scowls the whole time, her ears pinned back to her head.

Solar-Wind sees the fleeting passing of Sodium-Fizz, she looks off, but he can't get to her between helping the others so he dispatches his own team to reign her in back to medbay. Ice-Spiral and Polar-Breeze. Icy only got a mild beating, but is none the worse for wear, Breezy got a severe wing sprain and some scrapes here and there, she's fit for duty otherwize. Their orders are firm, and strict, "Retrieve Sodium-Fizz, don't rough her up, but make it clear she's needed to return, Understood?" he more gives it as an order to the other two from his team.

Finding Sodium-Fizz is a relatively easy thing for Ice and Breeze. After all, when you're looking for an alchemist, you go to the alchemist's laboratory! But that's the easy part, the hard part is the alchemist herself. Soodium-Fizz rounds on the two pegasi at the very doorstep of her own little sanctum, one which sounds earily silent considering for the last week she's had a pair of apprentices working for her. Apprentices nowhere to be found, at the moment.

It takes roundabout half a hour for them to actualy get the most irrate pegasus mare back with them, she have no real interest of being here. As becomes clear by the fact they practicaly have to push her across the floor to Solar-Wind, who earned himself a dirty glare. "You called…"

Solar-Wind is totally in clinical mode, he dismisses his two to guard the door for further 'issues' "Sodium-Fizz, we appreicate your efforts here, and your potions and remedies are most helpfull, however you, yes you, need to take a bed. Now" he states as he indicates a bed set aside for her. The other nurses don't cross the big guy currently, they know any objections that they may have about him won't be followed, or considered, including his own care, but they've fought him before, heck they had to strap him down once.

"Fizz, you need to have a seat, relax a moment." The big pegasus paces to one corner of the room pouring some tea, Its not blue?! but black and actually smells like tea for once! He pours something else into the tea before returning with it. Fresh, hot, and actually smelling like 'real' tea! but there's something else in there too. He eyes her and takes a little sip pondering it a moment before smling, "yes, this is just the thing, Tea, as raided from the Shadowbolts camp, in particular from that vile Will creature. I must say, its the most 'tea' like drink I've had in this place," he notes, "As for the shot of what I'd have to say is Alcohol, its an interisting brew I'll have to put it as such" he shrugs some and bows in offering.

"Solar, I don't need to have a lie down. I only have a few bruises… Hay, wasn't it you that cleared me? I'm just in a bad mood, I'll just work it off," the lite mare muttered. "Can't treat it how I usualy do…"

Sodium-Fizzs voice trails off as Solar-Wind tempts her with tea. Real tea. Real tea with a shot. "You have alcohol…?"

Solar-Wind nods, "I cleared you when you looked healthy, now, well, now you have me concerned" he states as he just offers a pile of pillows that had been vacated by one of his former pegasi patients, a comfortable nestbed style arrangement, "sit, Drink, relax" he states, "I do have some, but its for Medical needs only" he gives her a little wink, "Don't have much sadly, so I can't go giving it out much but for emergency use" he states, "it came at a very heavy cost and I had to do some serious trading with Bloodmane herself to get it" he smiles boldly to her. "best not think about it" he states once again in his full clinical EMT mode. "Its for medical use only"

Sodium-Fizz flinched, the slowly growing hopeful expression on her face crumbling in a instant. "Darn… No bottle, then?" She doesn't even wait for an answer to that. With a groan she flopped onto the offered psuedo-nest, her forehooves on her head. "I really need to find something I can distill… A bottle of wine would have been nice… or whiskey. Stupid guilt…"

Solar-Wind 's brow furrows and he sighs, "Bottle, yes" he sighs deeply, pads back slowly. pops that cork again, its a small very ornate looking bottle obvious of royal creation. He's evidently had some, at least a shot of it himself, been soooooo long evidently, "You need that much?" he asks softly "ya want to know guilt?!" he asks, "After we left the scene last night and I couldn't find those two" he looks up to his guards, Ice, and Breeze. "I was practically beside myself with guilt till they limped in. You know how I can get" he hrumphs some, "But I had this focus to keep me level" he looks around as he pads over to Ice to give him a nudge, then a quick friendly nuzzle to breeze, where he turns, "had they not gotten back I'd have been in bad places, What do you have on that Fizzy?" he asks, "I led them into battle…

"Solar… We leveled a whole camp, yesterday…" Sodium-Fizz mumbled, shooting him a glance from beneath her hooves. "Very thuroughly, I might add since I got a very good front-row view of that, what with easily burning down plenty of it myself. Then I unleashed a super-sized Winter-Solstice on the place as if it wasn't enough! I might have killed somepony with doing that… We left the unconsious Shadowbolts in the cold too, I'd be suprised if everypony were to wake up from that, too…"

Fizz sighed, looking downright misserable. "You know what the worst part is? I don't even feel guilty over that, though I know I should be…"

Solar-Wind he nods and joins her in that nestbed, or does his best to less than more, its more of a comforting jesture. "I will presume this is your first combat engagement?" he asks softly, voice loosing all edge, all gruffness that usually tinges his voice, he's calm and collected having found his element, gotten a good fight in. "I know that the bolt that attacked me from behind the interceptors that figured out our side of the battle. I know for a fact that he won't be leaving the place I took him down at. He made his move, he engaged in war, as warriors do, we fought back. I garantee he remains there in the snow for the timberwolves to take. I know where I hit him, and how hard" he murmurs, "he tested my strength, and I did feel his attack believe me, " he touches his still uncleaned off nose, and the blood stains there, and the visable bump on his head above his brow. "At times in war, and believe me this is a warzone, don't think its not, we fight for our lives always" he nods slowly, "He would have killed me or make me suffer. I did what needed to be done." he states "I didn't want to kill him, but he left me little choise. I couldn't risk him getting back to the main camp and uncovering our way in." he sighs some. "There were others while in flight, that we downed via lightening, or simply flying through the squadren of flyers and striking anything that moved. surely there were injuries, perhaps even death's falling from those heights, can be deadly." he comments softly. "war" is his only excuse

Solar lays that bottle down between the both of us. "there's not much, I, I had a shot of it myself, needed it I did" he comments dryly, then pushes the bottle your way. "Try to make it last, I don't know when we'll get the next bottle.

Sodium-Fizz scoops up the bottle and tips it back, in a non to gentle fashion, before handing it back noticably lighter. She huffs, her forelegs refolding across her chest. "It's not the first time I've faught, Solar… I know it comes down to kill or be killed at times, I learnt that in Steadfast… But… But shouldn't somepony /care/?! I mean…" She groaned for herself. "Ugh… I'm feeling guilty for not feeling guilty… How stupid is that… Hay! I had /fun/…"

Stiffled a sniffle, running a hoof across the bridge of her muzzle, "That's not something ponies should have fun doing, it's… sickening. Do you know how many times I've been to psychiatrists for this, Solar?"

Solar-Wind says "I never said war or fighting was easy, indeed some of our actions were /questionable/ and at times I too had /fun/ but its not entirely the same as our normal sort of entertainment. I had fun tallying up how many bolts wings I clipped when we cruised down from our height during the few confusion passes" he intones, "though on the other end of that spectrum, I do feel guilty for causing other ponies pain, and or death" he notes clinically still completely in his EMT mode. He takes that bottle back from her tucking it aside for now. "medical use only" he states again softly, before replacing it in a cabinet off to the side

Solar-Wind returns to his two friends at the doorway, dismissing Ice-Spiral, but asking for Polar-Breeze to remain so that she may get some rest here in the medical ward, she's had enough action lately. Solar makes his rounds before checking back in with Fizzy at her nestbed pillow pile."

Windrose drifts into the cafeteria with a wide yawn. What a night! Action, excitement, some danger, everything an adventure is suppose to have. But it really wears a pony out, especially one that hasn't done that big of weather making since her school days in Cloudsdale. She'd helped carry plunderings back to the base, but as soon as everything was inside Windrose had gone off to her bunk to collapse. And by the looks of it just got up.

To the point that she's still squinting a bit, and runs smack into the end of the table and falls back on her rump with a groan. Rubs her eyes with one forehoof and huffs. "By Celestia, this place needs a decent substitute for coffee for starting the day off."

.. Wait, this isn't even the cafeteria, is it? That's not a table, it's a bed! … Guess she's so not awake yet that despite her sense of direction she wandered into the medical ward instead of the intended cafeteria.

Not only is it a bed, but it's also occupie by Sodium-Fizz, lying on her back in a near nest-like assembly of pillows, her smiling upside-down face turned to Windrose. Only, if it's upside down, that's a frown, and there's definatly hints of tears in the corners of her eyes. "You look about as bad as I feel…" The alchemist smiled, rather thinly. It might have been partly due to the suprisingly potent alcohol.

Solar-Wind pads around seeing Windrose entry, "Windrose please take a bed" he indicates to a free space as he makes his way over to her "or one of the nestbeds" he gives her the option as well, its a pegasus thing. "How may I be of assistance?" he asks of her as he gives an initial look-over

"Well it was a long night," Windrose replies to Fizz. Then blinks blearly a few times at Solar-Wind and her offering her a bed. "Bwuh? I just got out of bed…" The pegasus rubs her eyes with her forehooves again to try and shakes the sleep out of them farther. ".. Wait, what, which room am I in again?" It's taking her a moment to realize she wandered the wrong way while still not awake fully.

"The makeshift medical one, same as me… Since Solar decided to have his goons haul me over here to try and tell me everything's fine…" Sodium-Fizz huffed, her forelegs folding across her chest as she shot Solar a somewhat unsteady glare. Apperently the alcohol and the time spent alone, however few minutes that was, seems to have landed her straight back in bad mood.

Solar-Wind hmm's some as he aproaches Windrose, "Right, Windrose with no sense of direction, right, possibile concussion, bed, now" he orders curtly as he tries to make everypony comfortable to the best of his ability. Snort, head shake, he wipes his nose with a forehoof and grumbles trotting off to dab away a little bit of blood from last night's battle. He returns thereafter, "Right, Fizzy, just RELAX, this time you're in my care, and I am trained as an EMT" he notes lightly. lay back, rest, relax," he asks/tells of Fizzy.

Windrose partially opens her mouth to object that she's just exhausted, but Solar uses -that- voice medical people use when they don't intend to fuss. So she shuts her trap again and just flits into one of the 'nest' beds. Oooh, pillows. Not quite as good as clouds, but hey, can't be choosey in this deep in cowdung world.

Sodium-Fizz muttered loudly for herself, "Easy for you to say, Mr. I Actualy Have a Conscience…" She rolled onto her belly and pouted at him.

Solar-Wind shoots Fizzy a glance, "You wouldn't feel guilt if you didn't have a conscience" he notes softly as he goes to tend to Windrose. "You returned to base, and went straight to bed yes?" he asks politely, then looks to Polar-Breeze, "Polar could you go retrieve Ice-Spiral for me please, we've got quite a crowd in here, could use a hand" he mentions to her in askance, "I don't want to strain you with this, and Icy is a bit more healthy than you are right now" The big stallion comments softly.

Long distance to Solar-Wind: Sodium-Fizz giggles, "I'm really liking how pieces of Sodium-Fizz finaly starts falling into solid place for me."

"Yeah. That's right. Really, I'm just wore out," Windrose replies. Pauses to stretch out her wings, and then huffs a wince. "Well okay, wore out and sore. I'm not use to being the one -making- the weather at high power like that, y'know." Flops back in the pillow-nestbed.

Sodium-Fizz groaned and draped her hooves over her head, her expression almost pained, indecisive. In the end she turned, giving Windrose a thin smile. "Y-yeah, I saw that one… Brillinat storm…Wasn't really certain you lot would be able to pull it of… I'm impressed."

Ice-Spiral returns to the med bay area having relieved Polar-Breeze, and comes to the side of Solar awaiting instructions. Solar gives him some instructions, then snorts and sneezes again grumbling to himself as he trots himself into a corner to deal with something.

Ice-Sprial approaches Windrose's nest bed, "Miss, could I have you extend your wings, I've got some salve that may help take that strained feeling away" he offers, "just try to keep off your wings for a bit to not stress em afterward" the young pegasi asks of her.

Solar is evidently taking care of himself over at the corner of the room

Windrose chuckles a bit at Fizz. "Trust me, as much fun as that was, and getting to zap a few jerks afterwards, I really don't want to have to do something that big for a while," she replies to both, and then nods to Spiral. "Oh, don't worry. The farthest I intend to go anywhere is maybe something to eat." She doesn't seem to be -too- bothered at being on the ground a bit, compared to some pegasi. She flops in the pillow-nest on her stomach and extends her wings out fully for the medic.

The alchemist quirked her head to the side slightly, eyeing Windrose curiously for several long moments. Apperently something Windrose said seems to have gotten Sodium-Fizz thinking. After several long moments she refolded her hooves under her chin. "You realy think that…? Last I checked we left more than one Shadowbolt to die in the cold…" She scoffed. "I guess I am the only one that feels guilty over it… And even then…"

Solar-Wind is still in the corner dealing with something evidently personal or something as he's not facing either of you. He's actually dealing with a nose bleed right now, so he's out of commisison for the time being. The big pegasus is heard snorting and coughing with an annoyed sounding grumble from time to time. then he just leans his head against the wall while he holds his nose with one broad hoof. The gathered ponies just hear him Sigh.

Ice Spiral perks up some, "Solar? That nosebleed troubling ya again?" the question is met with an annoyed snort from the big pegasus, "Right, Remember what the nurses said, to take it easy not over-do yourself, rrrright" another snort grumble, "Just fine" he glowers out annoyedly. "Just a flippin nosebleed darn Shadowbolt head butted me, right in the flippin' nose!" he grumbles out

Windrose feels like she missed part of a conversation with the way Fizz replied. "I thought most of them had run away between the storm and the giant Winter stomping about wrestling dragons. Which, by the way, was totally -awesome-." Followed by a yip and she flops back down, realizing she was probably making it harder for Spiral to apply the salve when she jostles about. "Besides, look at this place. They've had these ponies hiding in fear for too long, the jerks had some roughing up coming to them."

"I think some might have frozen to death after we left… A distinct posibility. I know Solar killed one, in self defence. Some of the more powerful lighting might have killed, if not outright when they hit the ground… I might have killed somepony in the fires." Sodium-Fizz shock her head, cracking a small, mirthless smile, "Go figure, first time I start going… weird… after almost a year I find myself in a hole in the ground with madponies as nuts as I am…"

A few moments later she turned, glaring at Solar-Wind, "And I don't want you disobeying the nurses' orders, you hear?!"

Ice-Spiral mentions, "Have you tried to tell him what to do, should know by now that doesn't get you anywhere" he laughs some, "Solar, ya should listen to her ya know. get that nose checked out, and, have you slept yet?" Icy asks perking a brow, "Ya gave me time to get rested, but did you take anytime for yourself?" Ice asks of his Captain. Solar meantime just grumbles some to himself and returns to his version of active duty "Bleeding's stopped again, I'm good, its all just fine Icy, just rememberr who's in charge here yes?" he asks/orders which gets a little laugh from Ice-Spiral, "Evidently not one's with level heads are in charge I guess" he grins, "Remember Captain, I volunteered for this duty, can back out any time" Ice-Spiral reminds Solar, which looks a little hurt for being reminded so.

Solar-Wind kinda gasps and sighs mumbling, "Sorry, I' I'll get it taken care of" he adds lightly.

Windrose huffs a little at Fizz. "…. Honestly I didn't pay attention past leaving us alone," she mutters back, abiet with a slightly dampened mood at the thought. Bah, no. "But the jerks had it coming, and this place isn't going to get better until the locals are willing to stand up for themselves. Hopefully seeing that it's -possible- will help," she rationalizes finally. Partially to herself. "That's how you deal will bullies, and that's all they are." Hunkers down in her pillows a bit more. "They're all right, Solar. You can't take care of everypony else if you get so ill you can't take care of yourself."

Sodium-Fizz nodded slowly, "I can't argue with that part, I'm just worried about myself." She shot Solar a glance. "As for this one, it's more or less impossible to make him do anything sensible… But we can no doubt deal with that. Solar, take a break and sleep, okey?"

Solar-Wind actually doesn't argue one bit. The medical staff can take up the slack, he has his friends assisting him (wait, is this the same Solar we all know?! no arguements?!) The big pony does issue a soft sigh knowing he's not going to get anywhere with this track of thinking. He's been down this road before, too many times. He is spent looking rather. The day prior, the planning for the raid, the raid itself, bringing it all back to base, and the aftermath all endured, and he's /still/ awake somehow. "Rest, yes" he comments, "Ice-Spiral, I'll leave you in charge for now, keep everyone healthy, do your best" he mumbles tiredly as he makes his way into a nestbed and flumps down tucking himself into broad wings, "Yes, Sodium-Fizz, Windrose, Ice-Spiral" he mentions before settling in for some well deserved sleep.

Whew, finally. "Rest well, big guy. You earned it." Windrose stifles a yawn herself, despite having actually gotten some sleep. Eh, she can wait a bit before going to find something to eat.

"Heh… G'night, Solar… Windrose." Sodium-Fizz can't help but smile as they both fall asleep. For her part though, she have no intension to stay here more than nececary and pulls herself from the nest-bed and leaping down to the floor, standing somewhat unsteadily. Whatever it was that Solar-Wind had found, it was good! A quick glance around the room told her one thing, she didn't recall where he'd hidden the rest of the bottle. Still… she could most likely dig it up at some other point.

For now, she just wanted to be alone with her own thoughts.