Beachside Birthday Date
IC date: Summer 22
OOC date: July 30, 2013
Location: Horseshoe Harbor - Portside
PCs: Carronade Seaside-Sunset

- > Horseshoe Harbor - Portside <--------

There are shops! And a pier. And a beach! And a lighthouse!

The boardwalk runs through the harbor's Portside district, along the town's many and sundry shops and restaurants. A short wall, just high enough to sit on, separates the boardwalk from the sandy beach that stretches down toward the ocean where seashells dot the shore. On one end of the boardwalk is the pier, where boats and ships come and go, including the seasonal Zebra trading caravel. A little ways off in the ocean is a little island with the town lighthouse that winks along at night.

The boardwalk leads back southeast to the town square, and stretches all the way around toward the sand that leads northeast to the residential outskirts. Directly East, along the trotting path through the fields, lie the farms. And of course, there's the ocean, stretching invitingly past the sandy beach.

The hot and humid days of summer seem to have been put on hold by a chill wind from the cloudy north.

The beach! … okay, maybe that's a little cliche for a birthday outing with a fine mare and her twin sister, but give Carronade credit for thinking of it by himself in the first place. The sun hasn't gone down just yet but the early evening shadows are starting to settle. But as usual the stallion isn't hard to follow, loud hoofsteps clunking on the boardwalk boards turning to an audible *crnch crnch* on the sand. "ALMOST there, girls. I set up to claim to spot before coming to get you!"

Sure enough, a beach umbrella can be seen propped up over a dune just ahead.

Seaside-Shimmer and Tropical-Sunset trot along beside Carronade, flanking his sides. Tropical-Sunset offers the big lug a warm, endearing smile while Seaside-Shimmer's smile is there, perhaps not as ethuastic. "This is very sweet of you." she informs Carronade. "I'll say." chimes Sunset before hopping up to plant a kiss on the big stallion's cheek.

Carronade nearly stumbles over his own hooves at the kiss, but catchs himself before he faceplants in the sand. "Aaw shucks. It's a SPECIAL DAY you two share, I COULDN'T just treat one of ya!" He stops at the side of the dune and sits, jesturing towards the front of it with his forelegs to mimic as if there was a door there to open. "AFTER YOU TWO."

The umbrella is certainly there, and a blanket has already been laid out on the sand. There's a small box sitting at the base of the umbrella that one would guess, by the dribbles of moisture down the sides, has been stuffed with ice to keep something cool. "Here WE can sit on the SEASIDE and watch the SUNSET." Because we need to get that exposition out there.

Seaside ehhs cutely and objects with a tiny whine "I'm not much for being sat on." Sunset on the other hand is quick to chime. "I don't mind a good seat, if given the right spot." batting her eye-lashes at Carronade before recieving a firm jab to the side from Seaside. Only after throwing looks at one another do the pair settle down - Seaside curiously poking at the box.

Carronade laughs loudly, taking the replies as jokes. "I'd RATHER sit and CUDDLE you both anyways." Pause, then uuums as he realizes that might of sounded a little awkward. "Well ONE of you as a CLOSE FRIEND as much as the OTHER being.. you know…" After stumbling over what he's trying to say he's fortunately distracted by Seaside poking at the box. He grabs one lid by the edge with his teeth and pulls it off, setting it aside. "Wasn't sure if you girls would want DRINKS or not, so there's both bottles of JUICE or a bottle of CHAMPAINE."

Seaside gives Carronade a little look - the kind of look that just emphasizes her lack of amusement as she suddenly feels like the third wheel. "Huh…" she glances down at the box and retrieves a bottle of juice before scootching to the very edge of the blanket and turning her back to Tropical Sunset and Carronade. Tropical Sunset on the other hand is all smiles at the moment. "Being what? Huh? What I am?" "Annoying…" "Hush you."

Carronade urfs softly as Seaside gives them the back treatment, ears splaying. "Oh darnit I put my HOOF in my MOUTH again didn't I?" He huffs out of the corner of his mouth as he pushes the box to the front of the blanket were it will be in easy reach, answering Sunset's teasing first. "SPECIAL, that's what." He sits down on the middle of the blanket and puts his foreleg around her shoulders.

And reachs over with the other to grab Seaside and pull her back over to the other side. "COME NOW, none of THAT on your birthday! I didn't MEAN that to sound like I ONLY BROUGHT you because you're HER TWIN. I just AINT GOOD with WORDS sometimes Y'KNOW."

Seaside wahs softly as she's /dragged/ back to the center of the blanket by the stallion. "Special is the right word." she mutters, still doing her best to keep her back to the pair. Tropical-Sunset reaches behind Carronade to give her sister a pat. "Daw, c'mon." "Hush you. I'm fine." Sunset leans back towards her side of Carronade. "She's fine. So tell me how and why I'm special?" Seaside grumbles. "Carronade. I appreciate the sentiment, but you really didn't have to."

Well that's better than her being mad at him, at least. "Oh, com'n, this is for BOTH of you for your BIRTHDAY. Now stop being SILLY and turn 'round to WATCH the SUNSET… and I mean the REAL THING not your sister." He pauses a moment and smirks. "PLUS I've got a SURPRISE for afterwards." But he's not going to elaborate on that just yet. He leans a little closer to Sunset. "In MORE ways than you MIGHT realize." Or probably do considering he's not the most subtle of ponies. "BUT that can wait for later, because this is a NIGHT for you girls to SHARE."

Seaside begrudgely turns a /little/ towards Sunset and Carronade, just a little. "Fine. Fine." figuring Carronade will stop paying attention if she cooperates a little. Sunset on the other hoof is gently poking at the big stallion's cheek with a hoof. "Seaside's just being a brat - she liks you too." "Hush." Seaside huffily objects. Sunset wiggles right up beside Carronade and settles in. "I like surprises. Tell me!"

"Then it WOULDN'T be a SURPRISE," Carronade replies. It does sort of work, as he lets Seaside be for the moment, using that foreleg to lean forward and reach for the ice box. "WHICH do you want to DRINK, Sunset?"

Speaking of sunsets, it's getting close to starting, just settling over the edge of the horizon, casting rippling shades of orange and amber across the waters, with nary a breeze to rustle the waters and disrupt the show. Celestia's sun setting was in top form this evening.
Sunset chimes "Bubbly~" leaning forward to watch how Carronade handles the bubbly - she's got some interest in this! Seaside settles quietly to watch the Sunset over the water, hoofs resting against her 'lap'. Sunset softly chimes. "Well, alright - I'll wait for the surprise."

Carronade takes a pair of glasses out of the ice box and the bottle of champaine, then puts the cover back on so he's got something solid to set everything on. Having been stored in the ice has left the champaine glasses nice and frosty so no need to put more ice in them!.. And the stallion enjoys popping the cork off the bottle maybe a little too much, but then again it is almost like a tiny cannon so probably no surprise there. At least he manages to handle the bottle between his big hooves to pour without spilling any. "THERE WE GO." He passes one glass to Sunset and takes the other for himself and sits back with her again. Still kind of wishes Seaside wouldn't be so moody, but at least she came with.

Admittedly Seaside is quite fine at the moment, just quietly watching the sunset over the harbor while granting Carronade and Sunset a hint of privacy with her back /slightly/ towards them. Sunset graciously takes the glass with a warm smile "Thank you, dear." a small sip entices a tiny giggle as the bubbles tickle her nose.

Carronade even remembers to sip instead of chug! The lovable lunkhead isn't hopeless. "Mmmm, bubbleiciousy~" He resumes putting his free forelimb around Sunset's shoulders and leans closer, letting his head rest against hers. "You may be my special somepony," he manages to not be any more voluminous than usual for once, "but I'll always be there for your sister too." The sun continues its descent to end the day, the sky darkening around the cascade of red orange and yellow that looks like someone smeared a giant paintbrush over everythi—wait wrong sun goddess for painting.

Carronade's romantic words make Seaside long for a drink, but not that badly. She glances over her shoulder ever so slightly before settling back in to gaze at the reach of the sunset. Sunset on the other hand is all giggles and blushes. "Oh you." she chimes while gently nudging the big lug. "So sweet. Like a candy cannon."

"… Would a candy cannon be MADE of CANDY or SHOOT CANDY?" And there a little of that thickheadedness shows up again, but that's just what makes him likable, isn't it? Right? As the sun all but fades beneath the horizon and the evening dark settles in Carronade finishes his drink and gets up. "It's SURPRISE TIME! Stay here." And trots out onto the sand.

Sunset grins mischeviously at Carronade as he asks the silly question. "I imagine it'd shoot something tasty once it goes off." Carronade's depature gives Seaside the opportunity to gently whap Sunset while the stallion is distracted. "Hush you." she hisses, prompting a raspberry from Sunset.

Once he's clear of the blanket by a safe margin Carronade looks up. Should be dark enough now, before the actual stars start showing too brightly. The stallion chuckles a bit as he pulls out his ever faithful cannon, thumps it down in the sand and gives it a nudge to point it upward. "HERE WE GO!" grabs the pullcord in his teeth and gives it a mighty yank!

There's only one *THOOM* but dozens of streaks into the air, the first few just bursting in general fireworks against the night sky. But then after that a series goes off to spell out HAPPY BIRTHDAY in bright colorful letters matched on either side by bursts that briefly take the shape of the Twins' cutie mark(s) before fizzling off.

Sunset claps her front hoofs together with joyful enthuasism. "Yaah!" seemingly easily amused by the display. Seaside looks amused enough and gives a little clap while hissing at Sunset. "I knew this is what he had planned." Sunset barks back "Hush you, enjoy it." "You'll be the one enjoying yourself tonight - I'm sure." Whap. "ow…" Seaside whines quietly.

Carronade just blushes a little at the applause, but it shows pretty well due to the base grey tone of his cheeks. After the cannon is put away he trots back to the blanket and sits down with the two mares once more. "SHOOTIN' FIREWORKS is how I LEARNED how to use a cannon," he admits, still blushing a little but clearly quite pleased that the enjoyed the little show.

Sunset quietly ponders what Carronade just said then daws loudly "Where you like a tiny colt shooting off fireworks? That's so addorable!" Quietly Seaside objects "Don't be absurd. He was never tiny." Sunset raspberries Seaside again then snugs Carronade "That was very sweet." "It was sweet, thank you."

Carronade was too!.. okay, he was always big for his age. "Aaaw, you're welcome." Despite Seaside's attempts at remaining a seperate entity for the evening he grabs both mares up in one of his big pony-bearhugs. Though at least remembers to not squeeze too tightly this time. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!"

Seaside squeeks as she's hugged, and Sunset offers a delighted giggle. "We need to do this more often!" Sunset chimes. "Birthdays are once a year, Sunset." "I know that! I meant hanging out with Carronade." "You're welcome too." "Daw, c'mon sis."

Carronade chuckles a little as he sets the two girls down. They're both in a good (more or less) mood now, which makes him feel better as well. "Just give me A MINUTE to pack everything up and we can HEAD BACK into TOWN." And he'll carry all of it himself, too. No problem, he's got a strong back, big stallion like that.

Seaside gives Carronade a little nod and a gentle pat on the side. Sunset gives him another kiss on the cheek before the pair trot a few paces away from the blanket. "You're glowing." "Hush you." "Like a firefly." "Hush." "Twinkle Twinkle." *bap*

Blanket, check. Ice box, check. Umbrella, check. Cute mares, check! Well he's not carrying the last one, but everything else is hoisted onto his back and Carronade starts tromping back for the boardwalk, rather pleased with himself with how well this turned out.