IC date: DATE
OOC date: 04/11
Location: Crane-Town
PCs: Clean-Sweep Grinder

Many of the town's members had seen Grinder get taken home upon the back of Overhaul, with Snakebite in tow, but mostly they didn't ask, she looked like she was alive at the very least and was being protected by that of her shadow, Overhaul. She got home under such well armed escort that the passed out filly didn't even know she had made it back. She did wake up with much fuss and annoyance at first light and nearly had a pretty good accident right off the bat. Her magic was spent and useless and even the simple act of getting dressed was impossible, Overhaul had her medicated and promptly put to bed, but now the filly is restless again, awake, but still in bed lest her guardian come for her.

Sweep is more than a little shaken. After the first shot killed the Raider the other day her gun jammed. Other ponies helped Grinder thankfully and she faded away into the darkness. She hates that she was so cowardly as to leave a foal but she didn't have a weapon what was she supposed to do? Guilt lays on her heavy all the same and she carries a bag full of cleaners and food to the fillies little hide away in crane town. With a quick knock to the door she calls. "Grinder dear? I hope I am not bothering but I brought some food to help speed your recovery."

The mare wasn't exactly up, but on hearing Clean-sweep you can hear some sounds of struggle, and then an exasperated sounding 'Come In?" she gulps, the house, her home is a bit of a mess in compared to 'Clean's standards, and the filly actually tried to magic clean, but her magic is shot completely. She can't even effect dust with her abilities so completely shot. And getting out of bed, that was a challenge too. You find her near the door laying flat more or less and looking exasperated. Not wearing anything but bandages literally lacing her body. "Clean-Sweep izzat you?"

Sweep opens the door with her magic and gasps. Not as many might at the wounds all over the filly but at the state of the house. "Ooooh no no no this will not do. No. While you are ill I will clean your house right up-oh!" she finally spots you and guilt and sadness riddles her face. "Oh love your all beat up. Here I will cook and clean and make sure you are taken care of. What ever did happen?" fretting about she starts to clean with her magic and takes out some food from her can preparing it. Deftly doing two things at once.

Sees it indeed is Clean-Sweep and she looks rather stunned and a bit puzzled, "You're here?" she gulps "I, er, I mmmm" she stammers, "I kinda got caught in some sort of slaver trap, got rescued by O, and some lady pegasus, uhh a Dashite I think O called her" she murmurs as she slowly gets herself up to her unsteady hooves "O's been treating me, w with uhh, some Painkillers, that Dashite gave me some Med-X I think and bandaged me up with these magic-laced bandages" she murmurs reeling a bit as she stands there.

Sweep squints at the medicine. "Be careful this stuff is addictive." she warns even as she starts shifting out anything that might look like junk to her, arranging it all outside for the moment to make room for the cleaning to happen. The second you set up she carefully guides you back down. "No no no. Set relax. Let me help you." Her bubbled helm nudges over a pillow for you to lay on. "I am grateful you are ok." an ernest smile spreads over her face. "Who else will let me give them a bath these days." she gives you a wink. Still though for those who know what to look for she might as well be a worried mother under that happy-go-lucky bounce she has as she cleans. "Treating you with painkillers." she mumbles. "No you heal wounds with lots of good food, and rest. Maybe a Poultice or two." from her bag she pulls out the real treat, if odd looking. A Healing Poultice at first glance but a tinge browner. Within something floats. "Old friend of mine use to make healing potions and added Fancy Buck cakes to them so they didn't taste as bad. Happens I still have one left here." she nudges it to you. "That hopefully will do wonders."

The little filly nods some, "O's been handling the dosage, I've not had much, but I do feel alot better than yesterday, I er, in the end I think I blacked out, f found myself here this morning all patched up and feeling a bit better" she murmurs as she is guided back down again, she doesn't feel right, having her guests come to her home and do things for her, she's out of sorts with herself a bit, that much is obvious. She perks at the cake and looks from it to you, "Th Thank you" she murmurs softly as she tries a bit blinks and starts to munch, she's eating like an earth pony, not even using utensils, and you might have even seen the tinniest hint of horn-glow from her, a look of pure frustration on her muzzle as she can't even pick up a fork! Makes you wonder just how she blew out her magic.
Sweep watches as you drink down the healing potion and chow down on the soggy but yummy cake floating within. You almost can't taste the bitter healing potion, almost. She has so many questions about the filly and her horn but for now she will just tend to the filly. "Sorry … sorry I wasn't able to help." Grinder might not know she was there but she still apologizes. Really she was scared to being caught again. "But i am here now Codex or not. I will take care of the both of you." she tries to nuzzle you but just bumps into your head with her suit and frowns for a moment. She never tried all this physical contact before what is wrong with her? "erm- the cleaning yes back to that …"

Grinder just looks up on finishing the cake and healing potion, she gives a little shiver as something takes hold of her from within, "ech oooh" she shakes her head a little, then looks up, "h How did you know?" she asks curiously then blushes some at the attempted closeness, it warms her heart and she slumps a little more so, resting some. "T thank you for before, the Bath n all, I" the filly actually starts to tear up, even through its evident she's desperately trying not to, she's a tough girl after-all. "the last time somepony gave me a bath, and brushed my mane out was" she gulps some, "Was my mother" she admits through a tremor of emotion "you, You really reminded me of her, and, and It really felt good" she rushes out trying to keep her voice in check, but this really was quite emotional for her

"O-oh. Um word gets about hun." Trying not to make her chuckle not sound too nervous. Not the best liar. "Besides us mothers always know." she places a hoof on her own chest and announces this proudly. "It was my pleasure. I never got the chance to be a proper mother." taking a blanket she tucks you in on your little pillowed bed. "Now you just sleep. Let me clean and when you wake up I will have something nice and warm for you to eat." a gloved hoof strokes your mane once.

The filly nods "Miss Sweep?" she murmurs looks embarrassed that she is so incapable of taking care of herself even now, "you're really nice, nicest mare since" she closes her eyes, "since My Mother" she offers softly and gives a nuzzle

Sweep about melts at the fillies words. "And never since my daughter was there a cuter filly." in a moment of pure insanity there is a slight pst-hiisss of her helmet popping off just long enough for her to plant a kiss on your cheek. Then before you know it, her helm is back on as if nothing happened. "Now get your flank to bed missy you need to get well."

Grinder is left wide eyed and absolutely stunned blinking in surprise, the filly is right dumbfounded, and at the same time overwhelmed with such emotion of joy feeling as if her mother is right here beside her she cries tears of joy openly. Mother