Autumn Sunset
IC date: Fall 60, 1007
OOC date: November 18, 2012
PCs: Brume, Muzaji, Queen-Pegasus, Rising-Chaos, Thunnini
NPCs: Daffodil
GM: None

It's a cool, crisp evening, the skies clear and the sun uncovered as it lowers into a dull red sunset. The docks are rather sparsely populated- most everybody has headed inside for the evening, only a few workers here and there to add an occasional raised voice or the thump of a stacked crate to the dozy lapping of the waves against the pilings below. A cool breeze rolls through, and a number of ships moored in anticipation of the winter creak in response as they bob atop the calm waves.

Brume is seated at the docks, looking out over the water. Beside him, his instrument is set up, but he's not playing it at the moment, instead watching the sunset with a contemplative air. There is no sign of his associate.

Beneath the docks, Thunnini is quietly swimming around. Sunsets might be a bit on the slow side, but they're still pretty to watch.

"That will do fine, my good fellow. A pleasure doing business with one so mellow." Muzaji gave a polite faux-salute to the stallion she had been dealing with as the zebra and the sailor parted ways. With the sailor posessing a few extra packs of… stuff we shouldn't talk about in front of fillies to help ease the vigors of life on the waves, and the trader with her pockets a bit fullier of gold bits. Needless to say the zebra is in a cheery mood as she lopes down the gangplank and back across the docks.

As she passes near, Brume glances up towards Muzaji, stirred from whatever he was considering by a familiar face. He smiles as he lifts a hoof to wave back at her. "Hail, Muzaji! What manner of illicit commodities are you passing off today, hmm?"

Thunnini's ears perk up at the sounds of conversation, and she slowly drifts out from under the docks to try to get a better view of what's going on.

Muzaji shrugs her shoulders at Brume, her smile not wavering any. "Sometimes sailors request things you cannot find on the 'normal' markets," is the only elaboration she gives on the matter, neither confirming or directly denying any sort of illicitness to the manner of dealings. The zebra looks one way, then the other, then back to the Brume. "But is this true? One wanderer instead of two?" It's the first time she's seen either of them without the other.

Brume makes a show of drawing back, touching a hoof to his chest as he pulls himself upright and looks around. "Indeed? Oh! It would seem I lost Spindrift down a bad mood," he muses with a half-smile, before shrugging and lowering his hoof back to the docks. "Oh, well. I'm sure she'll be fine down there." He looks back out over the water, then arches his eyebrows, leaning out over the railing to peer a bit more closely at the nearby waves instead of the gold-laced horizon. "Thunnini! Is that you down there?"

"Yup! Hi there, mister Brume!" Thunnini waves with a smile. Always nice to be able to say hello to those you know and consider friends - or at least friendly acquaintances.

"She has a good mood?" Muzaji replies in jest, and chuckles a bit. Then leans over the railing as well to look down to the waters. "Well if it ain't the little water spout… haven't had any of those nasty old pirates try to hit on you again have you?" Those three were a bunch of weirdos, making passes at a kid.

Suddenly foals!

One foal, anyway. One foal in addition to the lil' seapony. A sunny little yellow colt, bopping his way down the boardwalk near the docks. 'Cold' to other ponies is still pretty darn warm for him, all things considering, so Daffy's enjoying the good weather while he's still got time to enjoy it. There's rumors of a big move happening tomorrow…

There aren't a whole lot of other ponies around tonight though, so when Daffy spies a small gathering at the end of one dock, and at least one familiar face, he alters course to bop his way down the dock to say hello! "Hi!" See?

Brume flashes Thunnini a grin, and waves back. "Hello, Minnow. Still haven't tired of the seedy dockside lifestyle, have you? We'll have to petition the mayor to install canals for your sake at this rate." He draws back and looks ready to address Muzaji once more, when he spots Daffodil approaching. "Daffy! Good evening! I don't see any of the others. Do they know you're down here?"

Rising-Chaos is looking nervous as she arrives on the boardwalk. She has dinner plans tonight and is on the way to get her partner. She is looking as normal, with her cloak and saddlebags, though as a concession to dinner plans she is wearing a pair of earrings in an attempt to look nice. She's arrived slightly early so when she spots a gathering with at least one pony she recognizes she trots over. "Hello Muzaji, Brume, how are you tonight?"

Thunnini giggles at Muzaji's reaction. "I think they just didn't know that seaponies are about the same size as landponies, and that we're not smaller than landponies of the same age," she points out. Besides, the three did stop hitting on her soon after they realized her age. She then waves at Daffy and the approaching Chaos. "Heya Daffy! Heya miss Chaos!" she grins.

"Nice to see the children are out enjoying the fine autumn weather." Especially in Daffy's case. Enjoy it while you can, kid. But it's Rising's arrival that catchs Muzaji's attention. Huh. Queenie actually let her off the ship? Amazing. "Hello there! That new equipment has been working out, I hope."

"Hello and hello and hello~" Daffy chimes in rapid succession, perching himself atop one of the wooden posts that hold the dock up. Balancing is fun, after all. "Good evening and all that. Nice weather, huh? I still can't believe how warm it is here…" Brume's question earns a bright smile from the colt, spreading one arm out, "Of course! I told'em I was going to go to the farm! But then I got distracted and took a detour down a few alleys, and found a pile of boxes to kick around, so that was fun. Then I went down to that burned out part of town and drew shapes in the ash piles! Really funny faces! But then it got windy and my art disappeared, so I wandered this way."

He waves at the approaching Rising too. "Hiiii!"

Brume turns from Daffy to Rising Chaos, and his smile spreads into a slight grin. "Miss Chaos," he says, dipping into a florid bow. "You look lovely this evening." Upon drawing back upright, he leans casually against the railing, crossing one foreleg before the other, and listens to the tale of the foal's adventures with a bemused expression. "Quite a busy day. Good to know you're not letting an impending adventure weigh you down."

Queen-Pegasus 's arrival is seemingly unevent; the taller pegasi mare trotting from down the docks; single blue eye lazily wandering about the happenings of the dock as she nears. "Hmm…" eye falling to Rising a few moments later as she approaches the mare - closer and closer until she's in front of Rising. "hmm…" blue eye curiously looking at those earrings; her attention drawn away by the chatting of yokels - er locals.

Rising-Chaos blushes at the compliment, it's not every day she gets them. "Hello everypony. It's perfect, exactly what I wanted, thank you Muzaji." Any further comment is halted by Queenie's appearance. She stands her ground, but looks away. "Hello my Queen."

Thunnini swims around the posts that Daffy is balancing on, one eye on the adventurous colt and the other on Queenie. The little seafilly still doesn't trust the pirate pegasus.

Brume likewise turns to face Queenie, and though he doesn't exactly look like he's expecting a fight, he is hardly relaxed as she draws near. Still, he is smiling, and even dares to flash her a grin. "Good evening, your highness! I see the convivial air has drawn in even the lofty likes of yourself. You do us all a great honor, of course."

A single pink hoof cups Rising's chin, and tilts the mares head so she's looking up at Queen. "That's darling." she comments while staring down at Rising with that single blue eye. "This certainly gives me an idea." a grin crossing the devilish mare's face as she seemingly ignores the surrounding ponies; but don't be fooled - she's fully aware of Daffy. Brume's greeting does manage to draw that blue eye his direction. "Indeed." A hint of curiousity in her gaze before it returns to Rising. "Popular one you are tonight.

Daffy hasn't exactly had a lot of experience with Queen, so he isn't quite what all the fuss is about. But then he wasn't exactly out and about during certain recent events, so… He tilts his head, perched on his post, and smiles his best smile.

Muzaji meanwhile has stepped out of the way, watching this with a passing interest. The Queen's tendancy to shift to polar extremes at the drop of a tricorn both amused and bewitched her, because it made the pirate pegasus so hard to read. And people that were hard to read were hard to bargain with. But where a lot of traders would consider that a reason to cut short their business ventures with somepony, the zebra merely regarded it as a…. challenge.

Rising-Chaos has her head held in place and steels her gaze to meet the Queen's own, always a challenge

Rising-Chaos has her head held in place and steels her gaze to meet the Queen's own, always a challenge. Even while under pressure she tries to remain calm. "I just arrived my Queen, these fine ponies were having a conversation." She smiles nervously, not sure what sorts of 'ideas' queen could be getting.

Brume may have subtly interposed himself between Daffy and the Queen at some point, likely making it difficult for the former to continue to see the latter without leaning to the side too much. It certainly wasn't a dedicated move to protect the foal of destiny, though, that's for sure. The way Brume lifts a hoof to idly inspect its finely-manicured edge is nothing less than totally casual. He buffs it on the lapel of his cloak- he is wearing a cloak, of course, all the cool ponies do- and then turns halfway to smile to Daffy. "So! Your friends, are they well? I'd imagine Maelstrom is chomping at the bit about now."

On an idle whim, Thunnini starts spinning up a vertical current loop. You never know when a vertical jet of water might be useful, either as a way to slow a falling friend or a method of splashing someone you don't like.

The little yellow colt leeeeeans to the side as Brume steps in the way, watching Queen until the last moment when he realizes hey, he's being talked to! He snaps back upright, beaming his ever-friendly smile to the Mysterious Stallion instead, giving a couple short hops on his balancing pole. "You bet he is! If he had his way we would've charged off as soon as we got my element back!" Speaking of which, he's got it on. Because he doesn't /dare/ want to lose it again. Shiny little Element~ "But then 'Soonie said it'd be best to organize and coordinate and other things like that, cuz' there might be a /lot/ of zombies on the other side, and that's scary, so…" Bounce bounce! "But SOON we'll go back and kick flank! Cuz' that's what we're supposed to do!"

Queen-Pegasus brushes her hoof softly against Rising's cheek in a very affectionate manner not befitting somepony who throws other mares into zombie infested woods, and coats them in blood. "Indeed they are." the pegasi suddenly floating into the air with the upwards momentum; right over Brume's head before lowering so she's level with Daffy whom is balancing preciously near the edge of the dock. "Well. Hello there little one." eye curiously examining the colt and his element. "Indeed. You musn't lose things of such…importance." Her tone making her sound downright dangerous while simply speaking to the colt. "That's adorable - a little thing like you kicking flank? How sweet."

"Chipper little tyke for such a big responsibility to carry," Muzaji chimes in, keeping up with both sets of activity at once with little trouble. "But such youthful bigor should still be wary." … to which cue, Queenie decides to get a closer look at the kid. Darn pegasus and their defiance of gravity. But then again, nothing she should care about, it's not anything she's going to make business off of. Just an occasional wit of wisdom to help folster acceptance, that's all.

Brume leans to the side, peering past Daffodil towards Queenie. He is unflappable in the face of the obvious implied threat, still cool as a cucumber. "The lad does have quite the aspirational nature, doesn't he? Ahhh, to be young and headstrong." He glances sideways, towards the water, one ear flicking as he takes a quick stock of Thunnini and her conjuring, then looks back up towards the Queen with a pleasant smile.

Rising-Chaos winces as she has her cheek nuzzled. She watches the Queen depart and feels the weight of attention lifted. She moves over to the side of the docks and looks down at Thunnini swimming arround. The mention of Daffodil kicking flank reminds her of the impending return of the harbourites. You can interperet the sneer that appears on her face at the thought however you please.

Thunnini narrows her eyes as Queenie approaches Daffy. While the seafilly hasn't aimed the current of water yet, she's still watching Queenie, ready for the pirate pegasus to make a wrong move.

"Oh it's not /me/ that does all the flank-kicking. That's usually 'Strom or 'Soon! I mostly just sit on Hearth's back and cheer'em on. Maybe kick a shin." Daffy bounces again! It's amazing he's able to stay so perched! "I tackled an assassin once though! Wham boom! That was cool. But then I got dropped out of the air after that, and landed on another pony, so that was kinda embarassing." Somehow, Daffy scuffs a hoof on the post. It just works.

Queen-Pegasus hmms softly and flutters past Daffy - sorely tempted to 'nudge' the boy into the water below; too many witnesses - too much trouble. "I'll certainly keep that in mind." At least she knows who the capable ponies of their party are. The mare touching down beside Rising. "You mentioned dinner. I'm assuming you know a place that might be within respectable distance of my standards?" brushing her hoof against Rising's cheek once more. "We should send you to a stylist then get you some proper jewelery. Certainly I'm worth it?" Briefly glancing over her shoulder - sorely tempted to do harm to the little foal for multiple offenses 1) Being a foal. 2) Being happy. 3) Being important. 4) Being a good guy.

Brume is back against the railing, leaning up against it, and crossing his forelegs once more, such that the crooked leg taps the tip of its hoof against the wood with a soft *thunk.* He watches Queenie and Rising with that same lingering half-smile, though it is easy to tell that despite his casual demeanor, he's paying very close attention.

And just like that Muzaji is on the other side of Rising, grinning that charming oily salesmare grin of hers. "Mmm, maybe sapphires to match your eye, mon capitan. Or possibly topaz." She doesn't get into the affection sharing directly, she just popped over at hearing conversation shift in directions she's more interested in.

Daffy keeps his adorable smile until Queenie's no longer paying him much mind. Then he…sloooowly adopts the same posture Brume has. Because it looks cool. Nevermind that he's still doing it balanced on a post. He looks over his shoulder and into the waters. "Hey Thunni! How's the water cart treating ya? I hope we didn't break it when I got caught that one time…"

Rising-Chaos snaps out of her reverie as she is joined by the Queen once again. "oh, of course my Queen, there is a place in town that may live up to your expectations." Her ears flatten at the implied insult to her attire, this was the second nicest thing she has. Muzaji's salesmareship isn't entirely welcome either, and earns her a glare. "I've never been one for formal wear my Queen. Stylists aren't my type." She turns her gaze back to water, knowing she's throroughly outmanouvered.

Thunnini smiles up at Daffy, but doesn't break focus on the looping water current. "They actually left it intact so we could take the note back to the others. Wish I could've done more to help, but I'm still fairly slow in the cart."

Queen-Pegasus cocks her head towards Muzaji so her lone, blue eye can see the striped mare. "You belive you've jewels worthy of my Rising?" Then again Rising could wear rock-earrings were it not for the 'my' in front of Rising - things that are Queenie's are important - those that are not hers either should be or are simply not a nuisance! "What do you think, Rising? Do you think your little friend has jewels worthy of my attention?" she hmms softly at Rising's objections. "I think you look nice, and deserve to look even nicer…

Brume leans over to peer down at Thunnini, and while he keeps one ear swiveled towards the pirate and her protege, he speaks to the seafilly down below. "I thought there was a way for your kind to magic up another pair of legs," he comments, idly. "Have you given that any consideration?"

Queen-Pegasus rolls 1d10 (Oh, that itches. Buck~) — Result: 1 | Sum: 1

Muzaji idly buffs a forehoof over her own neck decor. Specifically the one nestled amongst the typical zebra hoops that has a few gemstones and engravings set upon it. Then trots partway around the researcher unicorn. "I don't know, I'm a trader not a fashionista. But I may have a friend or two that owes a favor that could theoretically provide."

Thunnini gives Brume a shrug. "That's usually for the seaponies that have earned their cutiemarks," she explains. "I'm in no hurry to earn my cutiemark, and I'll discover what I'm really good at in my own time."

"Legs? Seaponies can make…ohgosh! That's right! That other seapony did it!" Daffy bounces and peers into the water. "How do you make legs? You should totally do that, and run with us! Ooh ooh, maybe I can find a way to make a /tail/!" Then he blinks, his ears slightly drooping. "Oh, it's cutie-mark related..? Hmmm…" The yellow colt spins three times on his pole. "What if… What if we made a tail anyway? Swimming was pretty fun!"

Brume quirks an eyebrow at Thunnini, evidently amused, then looks to Daffy's interjection, his smile gradually spreading into a grin. He then looks back down to Thunnini and shrugs. "Hey, all things in good time, Minnow. Maybe you can find an obliging fish to borrow a tail from for Daffy's sake, though."

Queen-Pegasus motions over her shoulder towards Daffy. "Shiny, and beautiful - not like that gawdy, goody thing." she grins. "I'll admit her silver is quite befitting." hoof brushing against the top of Rising's head like she were a pet (she is). "You know. Something has been bothering me." she turns and promptly shoves the leaning Brume over the railing of the boardwalk - intent on seeing if her curiousity is well placed. The mare peeking over the boardwalk to watch the situation unfold - of course now is a prime time to throw a hoof around Daffy; in a friendly manner of course. "Shall we watch, little one?" Well at least Brume's encounter with water will be far more pleasent than Stormdancer's…

Well, that wasn't quite what Thunnini was expecting, but close enough - she aims the looping current of water upward as a small geyser to help slow Brume's fall. The current's not strong enough to work as a platform, but it should still slow the falling pony down.

Brume looks about ready to say something else when he finds himself being bodychecked up and over the railing. His expression is one of surprise, and though he's winded by the blow, "oof"ing gracelessly, he is NOT so out of breath that he can't manage to gasp out a quick "How rude!" as he topples towards the water. Thankfully, Thunni's water jet helps slow his descent- but it isn't enough to stop it completely, and the spindly stallion lands with a splash, a few bubbles billowing up from below.

After a few moments, he pops up with a gasp and a cough. His ponytail-bound hair and goatee hang in wet, straight lines downwards, and whip about his face as he shakes the water from his eyes. That cloak is weighing him down, but he proves excellent at treading water with ALL FOUR of his skinny legs. "Your majesty!" he calls out, up at the docks. "Long have I admired your flank, but this is not how I wished to be come acquainted with it!"

Muzaji leans a little to peer towards Daffy. Then back to Rising. "Hmm. Stylish, attractive.. but less likely to draw attention away from yourself?" You can't say the zebra doesn't pick up on other ponies' quirks with enough time. "Prehaps silver with a few settings for that extra bit of pizza—" And then the queen goes to toss mr. sauvepants over the railing. Idly she trots over to look down herself. Then up to Queenie. "Well that is certainly an amusing spot; a bit beneath your standards for trouble is it not?"

Rising-Chaos wilts steadily under the attention, wishing for the fashion tips to end. Being treated like a pet is not fun at all. Thankfully, the focus shifts to Brume being given a bath, something Queenie has a reputation of giving now. While their attention is elsewhere she furitively checks herself and attempts to fix her mane, suddenly very self-conscious of her look. "I must get a better brooch," she mutters privately.

Daffy squeaks out a noise when Brume goes tumbling! Eyes wide, watching the spindly pony's decent, he hardly notices Queen's arm suddenly around him all friendlylike. "Heeeey…" he straightens up, squinting at the bigger pegasus mare. "What'd you do that for? He's a cool pony! Oh! Wait!"

The yellow colt promptly jumps off the pier, diving into the water himself! Kersploosh! And goes about treading water as best as he can, given he just learned how to swim what, last week or so? "That's right! Swimming is awesome!"

Queen-Pegasus continues to peer over the railing and down at Brume; single blue eye focused intently on the stallion. "Well - the stallion and his little cohort are clearly hiding something. Have you ever known an earth pony whom uses magic with an affection for music?" she taps her free hoof against the railling. "Alas, it appears I was mistaken." the blue-eye fixated on Brume suggests she got the result she's expecting even if the visual confirmation isn't there - Brume may see it even if no pony else does. "Tsk tsk." she moves away from the railing and motions to Rising as she approches her. "You deserve plenty of pretty shiny things…to sparkle - like your eyes."

Thunnini yelps slightly when Daffy jumps in, but the difference between *jumping* in and being *pushed* in is such that the lack of a water brake isn't a big deal. She still swims over near Daffy just to make sure the colt doesn't run into any problems, because friends help each other.

As Queenie grins down at him, Brume meets that single-eyed stare with a sparkling grin, and waggles his eyebrows up and down. He knows she knows. She probably knows he knows she knows, although he doesn't know that himself. He reaches up to undo his cloak- soggy and wet, it's not going to do him a lot of good- and then slings it up onto the docks, where the wet length of it catches neatly on the railing. Thus unburned he's free to drift back into a lazy backstroke, then flash a smile at Thunnini and Daffodil. "That's the spirit, lad!" he says, as Daffodil resurfaces after his dive. Or flop. Or whatever it was, besides ridiculously charming. "Bit cold, but it's not bad. Muzaji? Care to join us?" Yes, this is where the COOL PEOPLE are hanging otu now.

"Bit cold, but it's not bad. Muzaji? Care to join us?" Yes, this is where the COOL PEOPLE are hanging otu now.

"… Oh," is all the normally verbose zebra has to say when Queenie indicates it wasn't -just- a mean trick. And while she has a point about the music and magic thing, what does throwing somepony into the water have to prove? Unless… But when she peers over the rail again, it's just the treading stallion calling up to them again. Casually she steps to the side to avoid being smacked by the wet cloak being tossed back onto the dock. "Thanks, but I prefer my bathing with bath salts, not sea salts."

Daffodil probably bellyflopped, but in his mind it was a graceful swan dive. Either way he's happily swimming about circles around Thunnini, those expressive eyes of his looking up towards the dock again. "Yeah! Come on in! Swimming party!"

Rising-Chaos blushes at the compliment but tried to stay cool. "Whatever you wish, my Queen." She keeps her voice level. She has no desire to join Bume in the water, so takes a few steps away from the edge of the dock. Not even the cuteness of Daffy or the always suave Brume are going to make her swim, she is a land pony through and through. She's starting to wonder if this dinner may have been a mistake.

Queen-Pegasus can't help but chuckl as she gently bumps Rising with her hip. "Muzaji - come by my ship tomorrow. Bring some lovely fabric and broaches. I'll treat my Rising to a lovely new cloak of her choosing." offering the smaller mare an amused grin. "You may not like prettying yourself up, but certainly I'd like to see it. I'm going to check out this little resturant of yours - join me once you've said goodbye to your friends." trotting off towards the only decent resutrant in town.

Muzaji titls an ear back in the direction of Queenie and Rising. "Well do, mon capitan." Sounds like she's going to pretty the unicorn up regardless if she wants to or not. Then again, could just be trying to get to her 'pet' seeing how it made her back down. Just never know for certain with that pegasus.

Thunnini is having fun with the impromptu swimming party, swimming around her friends and giving them the occasional speed boost with a well-placed current of water. Good times!

Daffy, likewise, is enjoying himself in the water! He uses a well-timed current to swoosh out of the water, then right back in with another splash! "Wheee!"

Brume backpaddles for a bit longer, watching as Queenie departs, then shifts forward into a forward paddle. Swimming is cool and all, and he enjoys a lap or two with Thunnini, but all of his things are up above. Fortunately, it's only a thirty foot swim to the nearest ladder, and though it's weather-worn and caked with barnacles at the base, Brume, and countless tipsy sailors that tried to head back to their berths at night and missed, are grateful for its presence. Soon he's back on the boardwalk and shaking himself out. The dim evening light gives his damp, seafoam green coat a slightly pearlescent quality. Just a trick of the light, though. He's smiling as he approaches Muzaji and Chaos once more. "You ladies certainly have a nuanced taste in the company you choose to keep."

Rising-Chaos flattens her ears again as the Queen leaves. She's starting to feel more like a pet than ever. She shoots Brume a glare as he comes back around. "Coming from you Brume, I'll take that as a compliment." She holds her gaze, her tone teasing. "Besides, Queenie is a useful ally, if you're careful." She examines him, starting to get an idea of what Queenie may have suspected, but nothing solid. It's hardly new for Chaos to be suspicious. She makes to move into town. "Now if you excuse me, I shouldn't keep her waiting, nice talking to you all, as always." Her tone doesnt make the compliment completely comvincing, but it's a nice thought.

Daffodil makes another pass or two past Thunnini, but eventually makes his way to the same ladder to hang off the first couple rungs. "Hey, you wanna come up too?" the yellow colt asks the seapony filly!

"Sure! Just let me get my go-cart," Thunnini calls back up. The go-cart is a bit further away, parked underneath a set of stairs that go from the beach to the boardwalk, but she does start poling her little go-cart up the stairs. Push with the forelegs, lift with the tail, reposition the pole, repeat.

Brume lifts a hoof and waves to Rising as she goes. "Have a good evening, miss Rising! Do try to enjoy your date!" He watches her go for a few moments, then clucks his tongue and turns to smile at Muzaji. "Oh, to be a fly on THAT wall."

Watching Thunnini maneuver her cart up a few stairs is awful fascinating. Daffy climbs up the ladder himself, shaking himself off once he's atop the docks again, and then trots his way out to walk alongside the go-cart. He waves at Rising while she's wandering off too! "Have a great night!"

Muzaji just shakes her head a bit. "It must certainly be…. interesting conversations, yes," she agrees with Brume.

Rising-Chaos stops in her tracks when she hears Brume call out. She whirls around, her face flushed and her expression mad. "It is not a date!" she screams. She stamps her hooves and whirls about again before anypony can react. she stomps off into town much faster than before. As she goes she grumbles to herself, what nerve they have! Chaos does not appreciate such things being said at all.

Brume lifts a hoof and smooths out his damp goatee, about to address Muzaji, when Chaos starts howling after him. He arches his eyebrows and looks across the street and towards her, nonplussed, but she's gone before he can offer a reply. With a shrug and a frown, he looks back to Muzaji. "'Meeting?' he suggests. "'Enforced Tryst?' 'Mandatory companionable congregation?'"

Daffy bounces along next to Thunnini's cart, getting back to Brume and Muzaji just in time to catch the last couple comments. So naturally he pipes up with a question. "What's a Tryst? And a..whatever that was you just said. You got a dictionary under that cloak somewhere?"

Thunnini just shrugs. "Maybe it has to do with grown-ups being weird?" she suggests to Daffy. She's not even going to try to decipher that last thing Brume said!

Brume turns and flashes a grin at Daffodil. "A secretive meeting between lovers," he says. As for his cloak, it's draped wetly over the railing… and nearby is his dulcimer, the stationary instrument still settled on its folding stand. He seats himself beside it and goes about folding the stand up and against the bottom of the box-like instrument, then retrives the cloth it's typically bound up in.

"Ohhhh." Daffy says, nodding his head slowly, though the wrinkle in his nose shows what he thinks about it. He leans closer to Thun's cart and stage-whispers, "You were right. Weird adult stuff."

Thunnini nods in agreement. "Adults can be so weird at times," she stagewhispers back to Daffy.

Brume finishes folding up his instrument and affixes the saddlebag-like bundle it makes at his side, then turns to smile to the others as he drapes his damp cloak around his withers. "Well, I suppose I'd best go make sure my associate hasn't worried herself into a coma. Miss Muzaji, Daffy, Thunnini." He bows, then turns to meander off down the boardwalk at a lazy pace.

Daffy bobs his head in kind. "Have a safe walk Mr. Brume!" the sunny colt calls out after, trotting himself out to the end of the pier to settle himself down and look out at the horizon. "I guess this isn't a bad end to the day, huh? Saw some friends, had a good swim…"

Thunnini poles her go-cart over to Daffy. "Mmhmm," she nods, enjoying the sunset from a better angle than the waterline. A good end to the day, indeed.