At The Sweetshop
IC date: Autumn 21
OOC date: October 10
PCs: Fidget, Rising-Chaos, Queen-Pegasus, Brume, Spindrift
NPCs: Daffodil
GM: Gamble

A full day after the rescue of two /very/ out of place ponies, excitement in the harbor has begun to dip again. It's become common knowledge that there are 'New Ponies' in the Harbor, that they're from waaaaaay out of town, and that there are new threats lurking out in the forest. What those threats are, exactly, is a topic of wild gossip.

What /is/ known, is that the new ponies are…mostly busy. Maelstrom and Monsoon have been relegated to the hospital, where Hearth and Bonfire have elected to help the local medical staff treat wounds and make sure everybody is A-OK. Spectre is…Elsewhere. Probably looking for clues as to where to begin the search for certain Missing Elements.

That leaves cute little Daffodil as the only out-of-place pony free to do what he wants. Given that he's the only foal of the group, and foals have very short attention spans, and /this/ foal in particular has very hyper moments, he's currently engaged in a timeless classic pasttime of running up and down the cobblestone streets for No Reason Whatsoever! For the pure enjoyment of feeling warm wind in his mane, sun on his back, and friendly faces everywhere! It's so…so very nice!

Rising-Chaos trots into Portside, full of smiles and goodwill. Wearing a black velvet cape and sporting a brand new leather band on her left foreleg. She is carrying a book in her telekinetic grasp, hoping to find a nice place to read. She spies Daffodil running about and gives him a little wave an a smile. Looking around, it seems her favourite spot of shade is unoccupied, right by the docks. She trots off for it, looking forward to diving into her book.

New ponies? Chaos she didn't start? Fidget really has had an off few months in the harbor. Maybe she is finally starting to level out and grow a little? Maybe it has something to do with the long trips into the forest? Perhaps not. Now she just watches from a perch atop a building down at a young colt running about like a loon up and down the street. With a flutter of her wings she lands in the street just a few paces away form the mad-colts running path. know there is way more fun things to do here than just run till your legs turn to 'scetty right?" a wide Cheshire grin spread across her face. Tail flicking back and forth with building exitment.

Said madly dashing colt skids to a stop, both to wave cheerfully at Chaos, and to peer up at the pegasus, very curiously trotting a quick path around her. "I know! But none of the other foals are available to play right now… And 'sides, I like running! I don't get to run a lot at home! There's hardly anywhere to run to, so I have to run around in circles, and get so dizzy I can't stand up straight anymore!" He bounces, "Which is /fun/, but this is different, so it's /fun/ too!"

Miss Haughty and High n' Mighty trots portside from down the way - she's feeling quite chipper considering Maddie has gone missing, and large chunks of the town have either errupted into flames or been annihilated all together. Strangely enough she's not accompanied by any of her minions! The tall, pink pegasus mare walks with a confident stride - single blue eye darting about to survey the area.

Fidget tilts her head. Sure the others would be out and- The pegasus face hooves. "Ohya school. I totally forgot it started back up. No wonder no one is out here with you. Well then want to race?" her wings hum like an insect, if he has ever heard one in a land of eternal night. "Maybe I could teach you a few good pranks!" she hums and bobs about in the air. "Maybe help me look for my toy?" glancing up she notices a fancy pony and another one going

as Rising Chaos lays down to read her book she notices Daffodil getting accosted by a stranger, and Queen Pegasus walking down the street. "Oh dear," she says to herself, "this is going to become interesting." She opens her book and begins to read, keeping an ear out for any interesting developments.

"Ohh those all sound kinda fun!" The little yellow colt shirps, hopping another circle around his newfound friend. Of course she's a friend. Who isn't this little colt's friend? Nobody, that's who. No. Body. And bad ponies don't count…

"What about a…racescavengerhuntprank?" the yellow colt suggests with wide dinner-plate eyes. "The best of all worlds!" The colt throws a wave at Queen too! Because..manners!

Queen-Pegasus casts a smile! A very devious and evil smile - features that often escape innocent foals. "Well hello there young ponies. I hope this day finds you well…" her blue eye darting from Fidget then to Daffodil. "Oh my, you must be one of our new friends from far, far away. I hear you come from a /very/ interesting place…

Fidget licks her lips and rubs her chin in consideration, mulling over the idea for a moment. "Racescavenerhuntprank huh?" Oh dear the last thing ponies need is Fidget learning new ways to prank. "Ok so first one to prank a pony and find my blue jelly toy and get back to the tree where that pony is setting wins?" a hoof is pointed towards Chaos with such determination she actually strikes a pose in mid air. A new pony walks in front of the posing pony and she glances back to Daffy with a smile. "I'm Fidget by the way, our first victum?" points back to Queen.

The yellow colt blinks. His smile only widens though, having gone from trotting in circles around Fidget to bouncing in place. "I guess you could call it interesting! I call it cold. And dark. Coldarkland." He nods. "This place is /much/ more interesting because it has a sun, and the sun is /awesome/! See? My butt even says so!" He points at the picture of the sun that represents his cutie mark on his flank!

Then Fidget suggests 'victims', and the colt blinks. "Um…" He leans closer to the filly. "…What if I don't know how to prank?"

Queen-Pegasus does her best to stiffle an evil little laugh - it escapes at an almost inaudiable level. "I'd certainly like to hear more about your little adventure - perhaps over treats? You bra…foals like treats right? Sweet things and the like?" Somepony is attempting to lure a foal!
But that's okay, cause everypony is really, really nice around here - right Daffodil?

"Those are all words that came out of your mouth but they can't be used in the same sentence!" Fidget is aghast, both hoofs flying over her muzzle. "How does a pony not know how to prank!?" she squeaks utterly confused and beside herself. "A prank is … well its tricking ponies and making everypony laugh. A good scare or a good rise, its all fun ya?" her focus wavers though the clarion call for candy. "Candy? Waaaiiiit … Blackbirdy said something about ponies offering candy…."

Daffodil blinks. He looks quite confused as to why he should know what pranking's all about! Now his eyes are wide for a different reason! There's /something/ about being a kid he doesn't /know/! Ohhhhhh… This must be fixed. Must! MUST! He starts bouncing even more hyperly, Queen's offer of sweet things momentarily forgotten! "If it makes people laugh then I gotta know how to do it! How? Huh? Huh? How??" Bounce! Hop! Hop! Bounce! And then: "Does it involve sweet things? Because she's offering sweet things and I like sweet things!"

Queen-Pegasus ohs softly? "Candy isn't good? How about cake or pie? We can find somewhere around here to buy those things, right? Yes, sweet things! We'll get you both sweet things." motioning to the wreckage of the town with one hoof. "Wherever you get sweet things around here." (Clearly that pegasus is from around here - she won't be of any use.).

The Pink Pegasus mare swallowing down her urges to silence the little twit before smiling again. "So treats for the both of you." her eye glancing towards Rising who likely catches hint of wicked grin.

Rising-Chaos chuckles seeing Queenie grin certain she's up to some sort of mischief. What is her care if some foals get in trouble, she's had enough of the little cretins anyway. The chuckle stops thoguh as she recognizes little Daffodil, hold on, That's the colt from the other side isn't it? Suddenly Chaos has cause to care for the little pony, so she closes her book and gets to her hooves. Putting on an air of non-chalance she begins to trot over.

Fidget has both hooves on the ground for a change, her wings twitch and hum absently. An eyebrow raises in sceptisisum. As a master prankster she knows when something is not on the level, and this candy stank. "I don't know what your game is miss but I know a prank when i smell one." raising her nose in the air and wraping a hoof about Daffy. "Right? She wont get the best of this master prankster and her friend. Pranking my firends is my job." sticking her tongue out at the weird mare.

Daffy, meanwhile, blinks. He's not exactly dense, but he has been known to have a naive moment or two, and so far he's seen nothing but good things from these Harbor ponies. So he has no reason to share the same suspicion! Just confusion. "Was I about to be pranked..?" he asks the filly, though his eyes blink up at Queen. "But doesn't that mean it was going to make someone laugh..? Now I'm confused."

Queen-Pegasus 's smile slowly curls into an aggitated little sneer before she manages to wrangle it into a more neutral expression. "Clearly you are far /too/ clever to be pranked - I'd be foolish to try." the taller pegasus leaning towards the foal and filly. "I'm simply curious about our visitor, and wanted to offer a treat in exchange for the little one's time. It's not a crime to be curious and friendly, now is it?"

Fidget sighs like a big sister trying to help a little brother with homework. "The point is your subposed to avoid being the prankie and only be the pranker! Now the egg is on her face for … having a bad poker face." the pegasus nods. "Now we blow raspberries and send her to the moon." turning her backside she blows raspberries again and wags her plot at the Queen, still suspended in the air on her wings. Waving a hoof she smiles at the young colt. "See! Its fun!" Hopping back onto the ground and smiling she trots about with a proud gait. "Now we all go for candy at the Carrot Corner it almost never gets blown up!"

Rising-Chaos passes by just as Queen asks her question. "Of course it isn't," she replies, her voice friendly. "I am quite interested in the little colt's stories as well, mind if I join you?" She moves near Daffodil and gives him her warmest, most friendly smile.

"O..oh!" Daffy looks pleased with this response, and naturally joins in the whole blowing of raspberries and rump-waving. Then he giggles and starts bouncing around, "Storytime! I've never been a storyteller before! But if there's candy involved, I'll tell you all the stories you want~"

Queen-Pegasus sneers as the little brats wave their flanks - tempted to lodge a musket shot in Fidget's rump. Hissing under her breath "Foul little twit - I'll have your hide." only Rising close enough to catch her nasty little hiss. The tall pink mare begins to trot after the foal and filly. "Repulsive little swamp rats, the whole lot of them." she mutters - clearly aware Rising can hear her.

Queen-Pegasus sneers as the little brats wave their flanks - tempted to lodge a musket shot in Fidget's rump. Hissing under her breath "Foul little twit - I'll have your hide." only Rising close enough to catch her nasty little hiss. The tall pink mare manages to wrangle something close enough to a smile back to her face. "Yes yes." she waves a hoof "Lets get going, candy and treats for all." (Filthy swamp rats, the whole lot of them. I'll treat some sharks to your flanks.)

Fidget smiles at Daffy's responce bouncing around some more. "There you go you got it!" she cheers, happy to see he is catching on. "Now everypony is having fun! Well exept for Pinky over there. There is always a Looser." perhaps a little too much stress on Looser, but who would notice something so subtle. "So you have stories? You mentioned your Cutie mark, did you get it just recently?"

The adorable little colt bounces! He naturally doesn't hear Queenie's threats, flashing her a brilliant little kid's grin before bouncing towards the mentioned Carrot Corner. "Oh my cutie mark? That's not much of a story… It was my first time outside, and it was snowing! A snowflake landed on my nose… And POOF!" He bounces! "Cutie mark! Just like that!"

Rising-Chaos ignores Queen's threats against the foals, and continues to smile. "let's go then, if Carrot Corner almost never blows up, that's high praise for this town." Her chuckle is noticeably forced. She winces when Fidget calls Queen a loser, patience can only be stretched so far. She shoots a glance the pegasus' way, even she can see the trouble she's having maintaining her composure. She steps in front of the foals, "come now, why don't you lead the way miss…?" She says to Fidget, meaningfully moving her head.

The pink mare - Queen Pegasus - is far from pleased, and can barely refrain from harming Fidget. The mare muttering under breathe. "I'll tar and feather your hide, you insolent whelp. I'll tan your hide and make a new purse." hissing softly as she lists the cruel things she intends to do - and she'll do them given the right opportunity. The graceful mare moving with a hint of stomping to her steps.

Fidget's ears turn to the sound of mumbles and Daffy might notice a ting of a smile, or smirk on her muzzle. "Oh? You got it in a snow storm? How did you see the sun with a snow storm we always have to cover the sky- well the weather team. I'm not aloud to work on weather no more. Cause one natural disaster and they don't let you work with clouds." she chuckles nervously aproaching the candy shop at a good pace. "Its a cool mark, whats your tallent then? Where is it you come from anyway?"

Daffy can only shrug to the questions! Some of the questions anyway. He's just following along for the ride now, trying to play up the whole 'storyteller' title. "I don't know where I'm from! I'm from here, but not here. That's the best way I can explain it." He bounces up to the candy shop doors, " I didn't see the sun. I didn't see the sun until, a couple days ago. I saw a snowflake. And the snowflake earned me a cutiemark! I don't know what it means exactly. Something about sunny disposition." He grins, "But a lot of the ponies back home call me a Chosen One or something silly like that. I don't think anything chose me though, it's just a sun!"

Mysterious Wanderers approach! Spindrift and Brume, still wearing their hooded cloaks, round yon distant bend and begin to approach. Brume is languidly gazing about at the buildings and sky; Spindrift is focusing her dagger gaze on people, studying each face before moving on. As such, it doesn't take long for her to notice Daffodil and the crowd of others surrounding him. Hastening her step, she begins to approach, still moving with that delicate, drifting gait even at a brisk speed; Brume notices somewhat belatedly and purses his lips slightly as he scrambles a bit to catch up with his focused friend.

Queen-Pegasus 's face while beautiful is full of malice and evil! The mare /follow/ing Fidget and Daffy into the candy-shop as part of some insideous plan involving sweets and stories. "That's /very/ interesting, very interesting indeed." Spindrift and Brume can't seen the evil look upon Queen's face - but surely Rising can; it couldn't be more obvious she's up to no good.

Rising-Chaos does indeed see the evil look on Queen's face, though she isn't overly bothered. She has limits that the Queen won't be allowed to cross, and they're in public, she will keep Daffodil safe. As for Fidget, well, she could really care less. "I would love to hear any stories you can tell, maybe I'll even share one or two of my own." Her voice maintaining it's pleasant tone.

Queen-Pegasus mutters to Rising. "I'll leave these twerps to you - simply come by and visit me soon." huffily turning about to retreat from the candy shop - thus leaving ponies to pay for their own sweets. That should show Fidget!

Fidget continues on into the shop even as new faces arrive and heads over to the counter. "WE are hunggery for sweets! We need large sweats for many interesting tales!" flourishing her arms about the shop. Getting a bunch of weird look she SIGHS and nods. "A cake? There is like four of us." rolling her eyes she trots triumphantly out the door. "Well we have a cake on the way. The flavor will be a mystery!" she chirps happily. "First story little Daffy! Tell us the tale of the 'Choosen One."

The little yellow colt naturally waves at the two Mysterious Strangers when they approach! And at the back of Queen's rear when she darts off. What a strange pretty pony. Ah well! He seems content to follow Fidget around, to the counter, where he gets up on his hooves to look at stuff, and then to a nearby table. "Mysterious cake flavor! Yay!"

Once he settles though, Daffy blinks. "The Choooooosen one? That's not much of a story, but okay…"

Spindrift and Brume have arrived by now, though not without a moment to watch Queenie stalk by in what probably would have been a nasty duel of glares if not for how quickly it came and went. Brume stays turned back for a long while, too, watching Queenie go, which is something he could really get used to. He is SO interested in watching her leave, he's left standing around in the street as Spindrift approaches Daffodil and the others inside the sweet shop.

She glances about them, nodding to each in turn- a bit more briskly to Fidget, since the Seap… Mysterious Wanderer does not recognize her. "Good evening, Rising Chaos, Daffodil. I see you are still well." She stares at the colt, which is apparently how she listens to stories.

Rising-Chaos waves to Queenie, her smile noticeably lessening. She turns back to the counter, with totally no lingering glances. Suddenly, she realises she's about to pay for foals to get hyper. Great, this is going to be fantastic. "One cake, please," she asks the shopkeeper, "any flavour will do." Chaos ushers the foals to a table where Spindrift joins them, uninvited and unanounced. A small frown starts to frown on her face, today seemed to be going so well.

"Sweat Two cakes!" Fidget smiles ready for the sugar to be doubled. "What? I ordered a cake and so did you!" pointing to Chaos and setting her bits onto the table and wiggles an eyebrow. She would make a comment about being small doesn't make her a foal but no pony ever needs to know that, more free ice cream for her. "Who are you?" Glancing up to Spindrift and Brime. "I haven't met you ponies before. I'm Fidget!"

For the moment it looks like Daffy doesn't have to tell his Chosen One story! But…then he realizes there's only introductions, so he speaks while he waits for cake, hoping he doesn't tred on other hooves or anything. " where I come from there's this legend about how a foal is supposed to be the Nightmare's downfall, and…and I have a sun for a cutiemark. So apparently that makes me a sunbringer." He scratches his head. "Or something."

Spindrift meets Chaos's gaze in a level fashion. Obviously Rising isn't happy to see her; obviously she isn't especially concerned with Rising's opinion. She looks away as Fidget greets her, looks about ready to say something, then pauses as Daffodil speaks, staying quiet while the foal tells his story.

As he does, Brume enters, glancing about. He offers Rising a warm smile, Daffodil a grin, and Fidget a deep, fancy bow. "Why hello, young miss," he says, as she rises, flashing the pegasus a pearly smile. "A pleasure to meet you. I see you've found yourself in the captivating company of our little otherworldly visitor as well. My name is Brume, and she is Spindrift." He gestures to his companion.

Spindrift nods curtly to Fidget before looking back to Daffodil. "Legends are rarely written without a grain of truth to them."

Rising-Chaos holds her head in her hooves after needlessly buying the cake. She gives a wave Brume's way at the sound of his voice. Daffodil's story intrigues her though, and she looks up. "The nightmare? What's that? I don't know much about your world I'm afraid." She asks, sincerely curious.

"Sun Bringer? You lost the sun? I thought that Celestia was in charge of that." A hoof rubs against her head. "I flood a town and loose my job, she looses the entire sun for a town and she still sets pretty?" there is a huff of anoyance. Rare is a pony with little love for the princess, but this seems to be one such pony … "Wait? World? Not town?" Fidget's eyes get SO LARGE you could use them as sauce pans. "Your an Alien!"

Daffodil blinks at Fidget. "I am?" He starts patting at himself! "I don't feel very alien-y… But I guess I could be! I dunno!" He bounces in his seat. Waiting for cake. He also keeps eyeing Fidget. She's been very…Mentorish. for some reason. "I didn't lose the sun! Queen Moon sealed it away! So it's always dark. All the time. Dark, and wintery!"

Spindrift turns to look at Fidget. "He's from a different version of our world in which Nightmare Moon sealed Celestia away in the sun 1007 years ago. A magical ritual intended to summon Celestia instead transported him and his five friends to our world and in the process made several ponies from our world disappear."

Brume sidles up to the counter and starts glancing about. "Ahh! Such a selection," he says, rubbing his goatee'd chin with a forehoof. "I'll take an apple fritter, please. Oh, and one of those little puff pastry things. Make that two. Do you want anything, Spindrift?"

She doesn't look back at him. "No," she says.

"She'll take one of those little mint things there, please," says Brume. "Even if she thinks she won't."

The cake comes at last. What took them so long is really a mystery. The pair of cakes are set down, one having a sun partern on white frosting and the other clearly your average chocolate cake. The server pony smiles and nods, "Something a little interesting for our guest from far away." she tussles Daffy's mane and smiles. "Its called a Sun Burst cake, full of rainbows and sunrays weatherponies caught, then we mix'em with some sugar and make a creamy filling."

Fidget takes the cake knife in her mouth (oh celestia she has a pointed object) and cuts the first piece of cake for the guest. "Don't worry Daffy you are a super cool alien from a Sunless world, it sounds like a Star Mare's comic, and I don't care what any other ponies say about you." rainbows drip from the cake like smooze and in general looks amazing. Fidget gives a look to Spindrift like she lost her marbles. "That makes no sense. Clearly he is an Alien. He didn't even know what pranking was, next he will tell me he never seen a rainbow."

Daffy seems pleased with the cake! And the idea of rainbows and sunbeams you can /eat/. "It sounds wonderful!" he says, already dipping a hoof into the frosting, even before Fidget gets a chance to cut into it! He stuffs his hoof into his mouth, listening to the ideas getting tossed around. It makes him giggle. It really does. "Well whatever I am, I'm here, and I have a sun on my butt, and cake in my mouth, so the world is great~"

Spindrift lurks nearby, watching Daffodil, but doesn't respond much to his cheer. She doesn't make for the cake, either, not that anybody offered, thank you very much. She does look out towards the street, eyeing it with a certain pensiveness. One might wonder what it is she seems preoccupied with until Brume slips past with bagged treats in tow, elbowing Spindrift on the way. "Relax, O Graceful Hero of the Trees," he says. "I doubt any assassins would have followed him this far into town. You can let your almighty guard down for just a bit."

He settles down at the table across from Fidget and Daffodil, and grins across to them. "This kid has the right idea of it, no? Make the most of things. Enjoy the trip, I say." He digs about in his saddlebags, and there's a glint of coins under his hoof as he slides them across the table and over to poor Rising.

Rising-Chaos slides them back, a warm smile on her face. "Thanks, but I don't need it, really. You can never have enough cake." She looks to Daffodil, "You can take whatever's left home if you like." She offers the foal, she's never liked cake. She eyes Spindrift warily, something in the mare's manner worries Chaos, she's resolved to keep an eye on her.

Daffy's ears perk up! "Ooh! I hear someone calling my name…" He glances, gives Fidget, Spindrift, Brume, and even Chaos a hug, because…they gave him cake, and cake deserves hugs. Then he steals a couple pieces onto a plate, balanced on his head. "I gotta go take these to my friends… I hope I see all of you later! If we don't get magically warped back home or something!"

Spindrift looks decidedly worried as Daffy makaes to skedaddle. "Of course. Be careful, Daffodil," she says.

"Indeed," agrees Brume, ruffling the colt's hair post-hug. "But be careful in a -fun- way." He pockets the coins that Rising turned aside and offers her a smile as well, then reaches out to nab a slice of cake leftover. "I suppose we'll be on our way, too." With a flash of a grin to Rising and Fidget both- a grin in no way diminished by the bat of goodies he holds by his teeth- he turns to follow Spindrift, who is already leaving. "Have a good evening, ladies. Remember to bundle up, it's getting nippy out."