IC date:
OOC date: 4/18
Location: Wasteland
PCs: Solar-Wind Overhaul Snakebite Codex

The wind comming in from the ocean blew the dust along the abondoned streets and gutted skeletons of the old world, whistling a mournfull tune as the dust of crumbling concrete, rusted steel and the ash of thousnads of ponies filtered between the walls and girders along the street. The street itself was a ofshot from one of the main thorughfares of the city, safe enough at most time while still being near the big byways for ease of movement.

The beautiful, if sad, voice of Sweetie Bell also rolled across the street, comming from the smashed up front of a small resturant that, at one point, might have been downright beautiful. Flakes of red, orange and yellow paint still clings to the wall, together with the odd smashed light fixture and burnt long-since ruined poster or painting. The only one that remains relatively unscatched is a big poster of Pinkie Pie towards the back; most of what it say is long since lost, though stare long enough at it and the bold letters of 'FOREVER' begins to appears amongst the splotches and tears. Sitting on the counter is a small radio, tuned to one of the few radio stations left in the Equestrian Wasteland, and on a stool next to it sits a grey pony, wraped in a dirty brown duster and a dirty brown hat.

"…and that was Sweetie Belle, with 'Come Home Safe', going out to all those travelers and merchants out there in the Wasteland," came a voice from the radio, a familiar voice, the voice of DJ Pon3, "for raiders, slavers and feral ghouls keep the roads as dangerous as ever. Speaking of dangers; if you're looking to ponynap yourself some lost foal, I'd suggest you stay away from Horseshoe Harbour 'cause man have they been kickin' flank as of late! Good work you ponies, make the world just a little bit safer. This one goes out to you, Smooth Tune's 'Rise Up'!"

Snakebite raised her head slightly, peering at the radio for a moment before looking back at the counter where a faded, stained map laid streatched between her forehooves. And a glass of whiskey. "Yeah, right… Safer…"

Patrol, stalk, hunt, scavenge. This is for a good cause armor, for a pegasus, or anything of use or value to make such. The hulking pegasus fireguard pokes through things, or pushes through things in his efforts. His head tracks sound, motion locking his ever-staring red eyes at a radio, focusing upon that table then hearing the news of late. His gravelly multi-layered voice echo's from the battle armor, "Seems we've been noticed by somepony" he comments over his shoulder to his companion, that of Overhaul. "Radio personality at that, that could be bad" he grumbles as he spots the dusty pony for whom the radio belongs to.

EFS has only a life indicator there, but indeterminate intentions. "Good Morning" the fireguard states as he stares with his piercing red glowing eyes through the thick visor of his permanently secured helmet.

The earpeice built into Overhaul's HUD has been tuned into the same station; the only station worth listening to in Equestria for ponies who are out for the good of ponykind. Foalnappers? Why that's exactly who should be afraid…absolutely terrified. Overhaul seems to be a force to be reckoned with on his own, and with his newfound friends it's been only getting harder for anything to stand in his way. He'll stop at nothing to save his little sister and as each day goes by,he feels that not only is time running out, but he's also getting closer to finding her.

His ears perk up as the voice of Solar echoes out, giving a nod with a somewhat pleased-sounding grunt. Good. Let them know he's coming for them. He peers at Snakebite a bit…the last time he ran into her, things weren't the most friendly and she walked away from him.

Snakebite sighed for herself. "The only reason I've not gutted you is becaus you're with him, ghoul," the mare muttered before taking a sip from her whiskey and turning around in her seat. Oh, friendly. "What do you want, to be this far out into nowhere?" The question was directed at Overhaul. "Only raiders and slavers out here. Well, and me of course," she confluded with a smirk, hoof put towards her barrel - whiskey glass still in hoof.

Solar-Wind gazes over at her and chuckles softly and gazes back to Overhaul, "Friendly sort isn't she" he comments, "Raiders and Slavers and you hmm" the pegasus guard stops where he is, "So where do you fit into this, raider, or slaver, or just some scavanger thing" the grumbles with that multi-layered voice, which likely gave him away, and the eyes.

Overhaul steps up next to Solar while shaking his head. He places a hoof on the shoulder of the Ghoul as if telling him to stand down. There aren't just Raiders and Slavers; there's other ponies too, like Codex…and Grinder…and even Solar himself doesn't fit into either of those categories. No. They're the good ponies. Regardless of their breif and shaky history, O still tries the best he can to trust Snakebite.
"No. Friend" he informs the guard.

Snakebite snorted. "Yeah, sure," she said and rolled her eye. "As for where I fit in, I trade. Healing potions - or something that passes for it at any case - and healing bandages, chems, recreational drugs when I got 'em and the odd potion and elixir when I get stuff to make the ones I know." She put a hoof out, waving at the room in general. "And picking through the mess of everything you ponies have left behind… You never answered my question, though. What are you two doing out here?"

She leaned back, against the counter, one leg propped up behind her on it. Hanging behind the stool one can see her crimson tail - set up in a tight braid - contrasting with the dusty brown of her coat. And there's a hint of steel inside it, as well.

Solar-Wind states darkly, "Scavanging for this one" he indicates with a position of his muzzle towards Overhaul, "We've seen combat lately, and he is in need of proper protection" he states, "Simply put, Armor, perferably for a pegasus to keep things lightweight and less issumatic for flight prowess" the monster pegasus offers "Know of anything in /your/ travels?"
Solar wind stands there just watching, he couldn't blink his eyes but she can't see the eyes themsleves just the red gaze that pierces from under that tinted visor.

Overhaul turns his gaze between the other two pegasi a few times. He trusts Solar quite a bit at this point and he really wants to be able to trust Snakebite. But, there's still the urge to ready his vulcans just in case things get a bit messy. It would be preferred if things didn't some how come to blows especially since he knows his target would end up being the mare.

O nods in agreement with his friend. The look on his face suggests he's not too fond of the idea of armor but in the end, logic wins. What good is he to help defend what's right in this world and help get his sister back if all it would take is a few good shots to take him out? Admitantly, he's been lucky so far. "Helped Grinder" he notates to Solar.

Snakebite shruged her wings, and great big wings they are. "I dont know. You have wings, poke your head above the clouds and hope the Pegasus Enclave won't kill you. Other than that, I don't know…" She turned halfway around, peering at the map for a moment. "Think there's suposed to be a old Solaris Inc. lab around here too…"

The mare raised the glass to her muzzle, emptying it before putting it back on the table before starting to fold up the map once more. A new song plays on the radio, a old blues track. "Other than that… I don't know, go with light leather? Won't stop a bullet but at least it offers a bit of protection in a knife fight."

Solar-Wind actually looks up as if pondering that idea that was presented, "Haven't been above the clouds since the fall of Cloudsdale" he mentions, "Don't think I saw a point after that point" the old ghoul mentions, "But that Is a fair idea" he nods. "Pegasus Enclave, we could use a tour guide, and I'd be willing to pay If you are remotely interested" he suggests while looking back to Overhaul.

Snakebite snorted. "Hah! Once you come down 'ere, you're not a pegasus any more. You wouldn't be able to convince me to go up there for all the bits in the world!"

Overhaul narrows his brow at the mention of the Enclave. After all the times he's had to defent himself against being called a member of the Enclave, he'd rather not. There's too many of them for him to take out. Knowing Snakebite is a Dashite suggest to him that she wouldn't want to return there. She confirms it.

"Just need…good metal" he suggests. He'd rather not have these two bickering over what kind of armor /he/ is going to be wearing. It's reasonable for him to pick out what he wants, right?

Solar-Wind grunts some and shrugs with his armored wings, "doubt theyve seen my kind up there before" he grumbles some and looks pointedly annoyed, he half turns and pushes through other debris, best to let the two living ponies discuss things, "the leather sounds like a good idea" he does comment, "still need something more, durable" he also adds in.

Then there's the sad sound of a thud, and breaking glass.

"Oh DARN."

The wasteland is a sad, depresing, harsh place, full of violence and harsh language, as you can tell. A certain stallion, just walking in to the diner, dicovered this the hard way. He tripped, and fell flat on his face. After struggling to get up, he eventually finds his glasses and looks at them ruefully. One lense is all cracked and broken now. "Workable, I suppose. I'm amazed it hadn't happened sooner." Apparently he hasn't noticed the three, Codex is kind of unobservant like that.

Snakebite opened her mouth to retort, or something of the sort. Then ther crash and she whip around. She'd keept an eye out on Solar and Overhaul, but she'd relaxed her guard now. She growled slightly. "What, running into somepony that gets you mauled?"

Overhaul perks his ears up at the sound of the crash and glances over. Friendly. Codex. He makes his way over to the stallion, perhaps wondering where he had come in from. It must have been the back…the front where the others are is all smashed up and easy for anypony to just walk right in. It doesn't seem to matter too much…if it were an enemy it would be his own fault for not having his EFS activated. He looks at the glasses closely. Though there are many things he can repair, glass isn't one of them. "Can't fix…" he frowns.

Solar-Wind practically swivels about in a circle, one blaster pod engaged and tracking, head low ears forward, and wings partially up, then pauses disengaging, the blaster pod is re-engaged tucking back into his armor smoothly. "Twill make for a fetching monocle" he states before continuing to rummage.

CRASH! CRUNCH! the pegasus seems to have spotted something useful right behind something formerly unmovable, or at least it used to be unmovable. He gets in and starts peeling chunks of metal away like it was simple foil, stands back redeploys that weapons pod and fires a single volley into the ground jumping back a bit at his shot, then again, and again. There's a smoldering pile of metal, for which he pulls out a literal six pack of power-cores and a first aid case from a beat to hay looking 'safe' evidently not 'safe' against determined canterlot ghoul pegasus guards.

Codex fusses about with trying to clean the now rather dirty glasses, getting remarkable success. When Overhaul suddenly appears and voices start up he almost panics, but settles down quick. "Oh, no worries O. They are quite workable, I can still see. Just requires a bit of a perseverance." He puts the glasses on and looks about. Snakebite gets a incredulous look, followed by a thoughtful one. "I do not believe I have met her, have I?" his voice (hopefully) low enough for just O to hear.

Snakebite's attention seems turned towards Solar-Wind though and she scowls at him and his glowing crater blasted into the floor. A floor safe, more specificaly. "Way to go in destroying just a bit more," she grumbled before turning back to the counter, slipping the map into her pocket. "Never mind that this place is my home. No, go shoot it up just like that! I swear, nopony even cares that there lived ponies here before…"
The mare sighed again, throwing a glance over to the rubble pile in the corner of the room… which actualy starts to resemble something completely else after a few moments. Graves and gavestones.

Overhaul ducks his head down with a wince as he hears Solar's weapon start to fire. He puts himself inbetween Codex and the blast just in case. He looks back over his shoulder at the blasted hole and sighs. Upon Snakebite's comment his ears lay down in shame. It would have been better to seek permission especially since he wants the mare to be on their side if any. He shoots a glance over to Solar that seems to say he's not too pleased with the current situation. After hanging his head low he walks over to the grave area and begins to fix the rubble pile until it's something a little more respectable for the dead.

Solar's years of being alone, on his own, has given him little reason to ask first. But on hearing the relavance of this place to this mare, he pauses, dropping those power-cores, ears flatten down and back and he shudders as if he was just kicked. He realizes too late that he's not alone, he's /with/ living breathing ponies, not trapped alone in a place like this. He gazes to the grave markers wide eyed suddenly acting as if frightened, but also there's something else about him, he looks closely at each and every grave marker.

His voice is meek, terrified sounding and /afraid/ sounding "I, Lived here before, I was the fireguard of this very town, these graves, these graves could have been of ponies I lived with, ponies I knew when I" he shudders, "The time before the war, time, time, time before I died." the pegasus guard is actually starting to sound paniced , "My wife, My wife Plot-Twist, the Town's Sherriff, is, Where is she, Is she here? Where?" He looks scared, actaully.

Codex blinks in confusion at all the explosions and panic and melancholy. He doesn't seem to quite get it. While all this is happening, he walks (carefully, now) over to Snakebite. "Hello, I hope you'll forgive me, but what is your name? Mine's Codex, historian and scholar." His eyes say very clearly 'what is happening, where am I, why am I here?'

"Snakebite. Just call me Snakebite," said the mare, glancing at Codex for a moment before fixing her attention at the rambling Solar once more. She'd not been around the surface for long, but even she had seen a rambling, shambling ghoul. It was kinda disturbing.
"Yeah well, you don't live 'round here any more. Now I do." She glanced around the ruins for a moment. "At least till I find what I came for…"

Regardless of what Solar had just done, O still feels that he has to back his friend up on at least some level. They probably get each other on much higher understanding than the others could any time soon. After he finishes cleaning up the grave area into something much more proper, he turns around and stands ground towards Snakebite. "Lives here" he states. Indeed the ghoul seems to be back in town to stay and always has a place with O and Grinder. His head tilts to the side. "Looking…for?" he asks. Perhaps he can help fix it.

Solar-Wind lays down, staring at the graves, just staring at the graves he's twitching a bit, his voice is quiet, he states then darker and deeper of a voice still multi layered, "I'm sorry for Disturbing your home" he offers, as he stares to the gravestones. He stands up and slips through the door to the street outside. The pegasus looks up and into the sky above, leans back on his hind legs, and ignites his jump jets which sent him litterally rocketing straight up, he cuts them off and he alights upon the top of the building where he lands and just stares out in no direction particularly. "I'm Sorry" he murmurs again.

Well that finally gives SOME context to the situation. Codex grins and nods. "Snakebite, pleasure to meet you. I heard you helped Grinder, for which you have my thanks." He looks around at all the devastations and Solar leaving and Overhaul being Overhaul. "Perhaps this isn't the library, I think I was looking for the library."

Snakebite stared after Solar-Wind for a moment before looking at Codex, shaking her head. "No, no it's not. It's a old resturant… As for you," she glanced at Overhaul, "it's not your concern. It's just something that belongs to me, to my family."

Solar-Wind is up on that rooftop just there gazing off into the distance, pacing still seemingly lost, confused feeling alone again, well duh, he is all alone up on the roof, who else would there be up here. The pegasus guard just paces back and forth somewhat in a frenzy or panic seemingly just lost.

Overhaul frowns as he watches Solar take off into the street and make his way upwards onto the rooftops. Codex, while a friend, doesn't seem to be the highest of priorities for him right now…he's fine. It's the two hurting pegasi that need the most help right now. His ears lay back at Snakebite in concern. "No. I'll help. Want to."
It's not even anything he needs to think about. It's who he is. He fixes things…he makes them better.

It is only just now dawning on Codex that something is wrong. "Looking for something? I'm great at finding things," says the stallion who thought he was in a library. Are there even any libraries around here? Probably not. "Of course, you could be bent on finding it yourself. Either way, feel free to ask me if you'd like help. I have records from all over, so many stories and things found and lost." He looks rather proud about that. "I'm a historian, you see."

Snakebite gave both Overhaul and Codex a flat, unamused stare. "It's a family matter, okey? I don't want you lot involved in it…" The mare's expression feel, slightly as she turned back to the counter. "Yeah, family matter… Only bloody thing I got left to do." Hoof out, hooked around the bottle, tipped back.

Overhaul lowers his brow as he takes a few steps towards Snakebite. Losing yourself in the bottom of bottle after bottle is no way to live…he's been there. He raises a hoof and the bottle shatters from the force before it even hits the ground. "No!" he pleas. Apparently, he thinks the drinking is a bad idea at the moment and makes it a bit obvious. He doesn't want to force his help onto the other pegasus, but he wants to help her no matter what she thinks.

"Please" he asks, ears lowering as he diverts his gaze to the side with a lowered head, "I help. I owe you."

Solar-Wind lays at the edge of the building just looking down, waiting to see a framiliar pony before he'd even think of going down to ground level, he can't face that pegasus mare

Obviously this is out of Codex's territory. "Very well, snakebite. I do hope you resolve it some day. We're all looking for something, it would be ncie if somepony found it." suddenly all philosophical. For a brief moment he looks stronger, more confident, then the bottle smashes. Instantly he flinches and is back to the way he was before. "I should go find the library, I heard there was a most fascinating book there. I would love to see it. It was ncie seeing you all." His nose scrunched up, as he looks at his glasses. "Insofar as possible." With that he wanders back out of the restaurant, and down the street. He'll probably find the library eventually, when he remembers that he brought a map.

Snakebite growled at Overhaul before glancing over at Codex. "Yeah… as far as it's possible…" That line was, almost guaranteed, pointed straight at Overhaul. Reaching over she flicked the switch of the radio before hauling herself to her hooves - a bit unsteadily - and trotting towards the stairs up. "Speaking of which… it's 'bout time you lot leave me alone, unless you're buying anything. In which case, buy it, then get out."

Overhaul watches the mare make her way up the stares with a good hint of sadness and hope in his eyes. It's not just an item that she needs help finding…it seems she needs help finding herself as well. But, he's not one to push boundaries when he knows the boundaries are set and as much as he'd like to follow her, he stays behind. He glances over to Codex as he leaves, perhaps a bit worried about his glasses but the stallion seems to be fine. He steps out of the half-wrecked building and spreads his wings, launching up to join Solar, "Will help…"

Solar-Wind is startled by the now approaching pegasus, coming up to meet up with him?" He pauses backsteps a few paces to give the other flyer room to land. The old ghoul has recomposed himself some, though he is still not of the most stable mental condition. He offers to Overhaul an apology as he ducks his head eyes seemingly boring into the ground before him. "I'm Sorry, I, can't explain my actions, I" he shakes his shouldsrs some, "I was confused" he admits, "Emotions and mistakes, and" *sigh*

Overhaul looks back down towards the restaurant with a certain sadness still in his eyes. "It's Okay." he ensures the Ghoul, turning around and placing a hoof on his shoulder. A sigh escapes his breath as his eyes wander down once more, ears slowly dropping. His voice changes again as his thoughts come out strangely whole for the second time since Solar's known him. "She doesn't know it…she needs our help…"

Solar-Wind sighs again and nods, "Emotions are powerful things, they can consume you, drive you, help you" he murmurs deeply, "Likely the only reason I'm still alive if you can call it that" he offers, "they make you what you are, that whom completes others, you fix more than you could ever fully understand" he intones as he actually lies down before you.

Overhaul sighs again, lying down as well. They're equals after all…no need him to be visibly standing over the Ghoul. "They're why I'm here. Why…why I hunt. Why I search…"

Solar-Wind Shakes his head some, "There's more to that though, you have something far better than mere emotions, but you have the hope to improve things, and the will to follow through" he states then looks towards the port, "we should probably consider returning, we've left the foal long enough" he states, "That bundle of trouble should be watched"

Overhaul looks off into the far distance, hoping that his little sister is out there somewhere looking at the same grey skies. Someday, there will be sunlight. Someday there will be freedom.

Perhaps he sees something in Solar that the ghoul doesn't see in himself. "You're…more than that too, you know" he says, but can't think of the words to explain how. He smiles at the mention of Grinder and nods, "Indeed."

Solar-Wind makes his way up, streaches his wings, "O, is there any chance you could perform an upgrade for me, I rather found that projector feature on your buck quite unique?" he asks, "you'd have to take my armor offline for a time to perform that, but, it would be worthwhile for me" he intones sounding quite serious about this. The pegasus launches into flight and makes for the town in the distance setting a comfortable flight pace.

Overhaul looks down at the Pipbuck on his left leg and the camera arm attached to his battle saddle. His wings spread and he bounds off the edge of the roof, catching up with the armored flyer. "Need a security bot for it" he informs. It makes sense…whats the best way to get a camera other than from a machine who's existance relies on it. He hopes that the Ghoul realizes it projects recorded images and not memories. Though…that might be an idea he'll have to work on. A memory orb projector…

Solar-Wind says "Ahh, another time, than" he suggests, "I'll have to track one down, I know the ministery mares had them" he shakes his head some and grumbles, "MoM has a research facililty I know of where we could aquire such things, likely all you'd ever need, another paradise, their door took much firepower to get through" he adds, as he powers on heading for town.

It doesn't take too long to reach town, and he comes in for an easy landing, which evidently is loud enough for there suddenly to be one Unicorn Filly. "Hey, You, BigBig Pegasus New Friend" she laughs, "I got a present for you!" she laughs some as she just grins then looks to the also landing gun-pegasus, "O, I got something for you too!" the unicorn practically prances in place!"

Overhaul gives a nod to Solar, keeping to his side as if in a basic flight formation. He makes his landing a few seconds after the other pegasus, letting the dust settle before clising his wings back up. His eyes go a little wide as he's startled by the excited unicorn fully. "Something…for me…?" he asks. He certainly wasn't expecting any sort of gift.

Grinder grins to them each, "Firstly to our new resident, I uhh, I know you don't sleep cause you er your eyes, or something, sooooo," she grins "I made this" she holds up a hood like arrangement which covers his front headvisor and clips to his ear sensor plates. "Its completely black on the inside so, its like you're in a dark room and with your eyes closed" she looks up to him exptantly as the big pegasus just stares at the hood, "That" he looks either confused, or stunned, or, well amazed actually, "That is very unique" he actually puts it on and lays down for the filly. Solar is dumbfounded, "This is very nice, I, I don't know what to say" he truely looks stunned, "Thank you" his voices mention in a voice that sounds entirely confused, but also etremely well, joyous too. Its actually hoof and magic stitched, which means that she's getting better.

"And For you big Brother" she grins, and really concentrates, really hard. and suddenly he has a very conforming vest of sorts upon his form. She shivers some at that exertion but is beaming, "Leather welders barding, and there's some uhh, stuff thats like chain mallie in there, and some flexible banding, little steel bars meshed together so thats flexable, but will still take a hit" she just bounces then runs up to him and nuzzles at him.

Overhaul gives a nod of approval at Grinder's gift to Solar. Of course…what a good idea! If he can't close his eyes to the world, at least he can now close the world to his eyes. He does what he can to help with putting the vest on. It's certainly…different from what's he's used to wearing. Then again, when you're not used to wearing armor, /anything/ will feel different. His head turns back and forth as he tries to look at it from all sides. He nuzzles the filly back and for the first time since she's known him…he smiles. "Perfect."

Solar-Wind shakes his head, "this is a very good idea!" he offers to the filly, "Thank you so much for thinking about me like this" he honestly offers, "O, what did she get you? I can't see for some reason" he laughs then rests his head, on his forehooves. with this look of enjoyment plain in the way he is spralling upon the front entry. "my EFS is still engaged so I'll still see any hostiles coming, but" he shrugs, "I love it"

Overhaul smiles towards the other pegasus, though he can't see it with that shade.